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laura53: oh where oh where has my lil bitch gone?
laura53: hehehehe yay my jessy smile
Onehotlittlecupcake: how are u my dear?
angelbabycakes: Lol, I don't even know either! Hope all is well with you! smile
angelbabycakes: wave2
Onehotlittlecupcake: hey you!!!!
SexyIckleBaby: I noticed you on and thought i would say hi .. hope that wasnt a bad thing
Im good ty - how have you been?
SexyIckleBaby: wave2
lPreshuz: hey how u been?
lylmissy89: Lol thanks.
missme113: smile how are you
missme113: smile how are you
missme113: hey you
Arby11886: for sure
sjcd1212mama: ahaha, Yea smile
Dancetoit: not long i will be on later this afternoon :p
Dancetoit: hey hun not much early morning and im up .. blah. ummm
yes I am on AIm right now actually :P
sjcd1212mama: Yes, I did, Some people I take the time out to do that smile ..
NikkiStarlight: about to get dressed for the day and head out to run some errands .. u ?
NikkiStarlight: k
sjcd1212mama: No Problem Sweetie, And TY too smile ..
Ps. Whats up my man toy :P
winterslight: thanks...
MissMarlee: HAPPPY BIRTHDAY LUV!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 birthday "bumps"? haha
MissMarlee: me + you = Seeeeeexxxxxylooooove
Z0MB13BABY: Of course, sexy
kaylababy: im 18.. lol.. u gatta read
v3rysl0wbl0nd3: thats fine. send a request.
DevilishxAngel: haha thanks
tara805: awwwwe ur pretty sexy urself! Add away love and I will yes u back
camillejean92: well thanks lol and go for it
Carly12: lol
and i dont mind at all XD
Exception: Wow hey wink How did you manage to comment on my profile when my account has been closed for months?
XxLivingAngel15xX: aw thanks smile no problem.
TiniiAng: thanks haha
BLoNdeXXSkater: same same you know
Reddragnlady: I am glad you thought my profile was funny, I try.... being a smart as by nature doesn't come easy! smile)
x7a5l0e1xx: oh hey thanks
xrawrxbitchx: well thanks right back at cha add me if you like
xrawrxbitchx: well thanks right back at cha add me if you like
Ashl3ysAhottie: Thanks so much for all the BBS that was very generous of you!! I would love to make you a sign - message me if you're interested.
kinkykristi: thank you very much
Dancetoit: wave
Hows your day.?
ohhmandyx3: aw thanks! you too!
bellaxocassandra: Thanks for the yes<3
laura53: love u jess mwah
tinsleyy08: sorry :[ i wasn't trying to be mean!
tinsleyy08: i hate messengers =\
but you can message me on here if you want!
tinsleyy08: might get on cam in a few. other than that, nothing. you?
tinsleyy08: you're* D:
tinsleyy08: your'e cute. of course you get one back.
beautylikewords: J- Judicial
E- Enjoyable
S- Sexii
S- Silly
xxPASSIONxx: thanks =) so how are you doing?
carolinababy2002: Good Mornin Sexy!!
SexyIckleBaby: i still got many of your signs you made me smile
SexyIckleBaby: Hey there gorjuz Jess - hows things? Still making signs i see wink
carolinababy2002: yea i know it is.. but u know the deal....
Liz319: Youre welcome. And thank you for the yes.
beautifulbrit: thank you smile
pinkHAwttie88: ty :]
xoceleste: lol thanx
maegannicole: Your sxy too.. HAH
BlapzLeigh: no problem about the yes, how could i resist? :P lol. aw thanks, signs would be awesome! smile xx
xxsouljagirlxx: hey babes how are you?
SeXyReDhEaD33090: nothing good.
what have you been up to?
lailai1104: lol im doing good... how r u my dear? i have some new pics up... comment some plzsmile
SeXyReDhEaD33090: soo guess who is back?
that's right, its me. lol
what's up babe? I missed talking to your sweet sexy self
carolinababy2002: Heya sexi!!
SexXxyDianna: but ur soo Hot!
xtrubbledmindxss88: sorry. i just cantreally see yoru face in the picture soo i didnt giv eyou a yes. but you seem nice
Angeleyes1852: very sexy picture
DKrissy420: wave2
ontariogirl: being pissed at men lol one nice guy is all i want dam it lol
rosemarie: umm so sexy
samysalsaxx: you should let me in ur group
meshieloo: you make my mouth water... hehehe
Drag0nHeart: its great..i just got my wedding soo a new job..and noah is geting so big its amazing
Drag0nHeart: i have been engaged to chris if you didnt know.
xxbunzxx: heyy sweetie smile congrats on top 10!!
Przacpostergirl: nice body wink
CuteBlonde20: sexi hitit
Within2008Temptation: dude...i think i accidently rated u a sorry!
Moneyman4747: yea same here
and thanx
aewebbunny: you get to decide that!
aewebbunny: i really don't do bum signs anymore.. but i need a new one from you! smile.. its a NEED
LilMissMegan: Hello ^_^
dodgegirl22: i'll take any signs you wanna give me babe! you look damn good - maybe i'll make some for you! haha
ontariogirl: dam thanks for the comment i think your dam sexy
xXxdestinybabeyXxX: Jess is hawter. Lol.
shesfake: Why helllooo!
laura53: hey hun miss you
ashleysgoober: hey you like comments dso i am here commenting you lalalalllallaalllallala
i am bored out of my mind but you want some comments
horneybitch37: wat?
LittleMissVixen84: Of course you are....You can't get rid of me that easy!!! wink
AngelGirl5: sweet it worked smile
AngelGirl5: ok lets see if ur comment box stopped being gay lol... You are the BEOTCH!!!!! haha
missy18: Hey Sexi..long time no talk..hey i got sum new pics on my profile if you wanna go look at them u can cutie..well hit me bak sumtime cutie..<3missy
FuckBuddy: Sign would be great....and I dig the pics you have in your profile...good collection of hot ass there... wink
FuckBuddy: Sign would be great....and I dig the pics you have in your profile...good collection of hot ass there... wink
xXxdestinybabeyXxX: OMGGG GUESS WHAT
AngelGirl5: ok yea thats pretty sweet
AngelGirl5: idk what ur talkin about, you're the beotch, anyway nothin really just been workin and hanging out with my lil cousins, what about you, you beotch lol
xXxdestinybabeyXxX: heyyyy dorkkk
AngelGirl5: excuse me, you're the beotch you beotch lol jk, so whats happening these days
xXxdestinybabeyXxX: HIYA DORKK
AngelGirl5: yo man hows it going?
limpchic4you: girls night out, beky n jen, fundraiser are new and 4th of july pix
missme113: hey you
star7827: jesse i love where youput me!!! i miss you a court!!!! :(
laura53: wanna be my sex slave hun god i would love to tie you down and have my way with you for hrs
LittleMissVixen84: Awww thank you Sweets, but nobody can compete with the comments you leave me. wink
shellbell317: lol well wtf lmao they're like all in hotels it seems..or some where else also random.

cough your car lol
LittleMissVixen84: God you are yummy....Can I keep you? wink
lailai1104: hey sexy!! can i be in ur shout outs 2smile
AngelGirl5: pretty good a little bored, still a lil tired though cuz i just woke up not too long ago
AngelGirl5: hey whats up?
destinybabey: welllllllllllllllllllll
llllllllllllllllll goooooooooooooooooooooo
a32kiwi: Miss you!! Hope your having a good time smile
SexyIckleBaby: Hey Jess.... how is China?
Umm not sure what the time diff is now - 10:15 pm here now
destinybabey: y r yooh on the computerr soo earlyy?? ohh and i got a new aim
destinybabey: what r yooh doing online silly?
destinybabey: i partied soooo it was good
SxCw0gBiAtCh69: gorgeous boy smile
shellbell317: you're a hottie too babe wink
shellbell317: hott!!!!
laura53: wow your a hottie and yes i read your profile lol
livinlovin: ok, ill do taht. could you add me as a friend babe? i wanna see what youre workin with, lol
livinlovin: hey, youre fuckin hot
hourglass87: aw my digtalcam guy is so sweet you ladies better take care of him
shawtysosweet: heyy babe. how are youu???<33
sexygothchick: Thatnk you!!
destinybabey: she just really made me sad but the ONLY reason that i really want 2 say is for court but other then that i really want 2 quit this site
destinybabey: buddy...this girl on this site is about 2 make me really said so i think im gonna quit....
doesnt10: .
hooterz013: well once i get on a computer i will put you on my profile fo sho and its all about fairy odd parents!! but yeah. . . so you havin a good day?
hooterz013: well once i get on a computer i will put you on my profile fo sho and its all about fairy odd parents!! but yeah. . . so you havin a good day?
hooterz013: dont you love all the comments that say. . . yOu R sO hOt. . . i mean i agree but id rather get one that says. . . damn baby! is that a keg on your ass? because id tap that!. . . lol. hope you're havin a great day.
destinybabey: i have 2 more too but im not putting em on here
destinybabey: WELL I FEEL REALLY SPECIAL!!!!!!!!
destinybabey: im not n the top ten couple anymore so called bf deleted his file so were not n the rankings anymore...THAT SUCKS.....WE WERE NUMBER 1 COUPLE
shawtysosweet: k your in there. and where am i in yours???
shawtysosweet: wow,your really hot. of course you can be in my shoutouts,what do you want it to say?? smile
a32kiwi: thanks for the pic comment! :-) Our bodies would look hot together for sure!!
XbeannieX: you have an amazing body...and you seem awesome <3
KatieNicole: do you like to post in groups?
sum1say3sum: thanx 4 da comments!! but ur wayyy hotter smile
bkrys84: Thanks for the pics comments =)
LilMissMegan: hey cutie
thanks for the yes
caseyelizabeth86: was told by your SL you woudl make me a sign if i asked so i had to ask ..... would you !
caseyelizabeth86: was told by your SL you woudl make me a sign if i asked so i had to ask ..... would you !
PuNkChIcK1705: hey there buddy longtime no speak! your sexy lover is pretty cool and she is really pretty hit me up Mr. i miss talking to you!
*hugs* Brandy
foxylegs101: i do, theres just usually a reason, you know if you wanna play or whatever...
BaristaBabyLV: if i didnt like you i wouldnt have written you back goof....

hugs and kisses smile
Izzy69: yes i write people hey sexy whast up?
BaristaBabyLV: haha. i only message ppl i like :-D *muah!*
STFUitzNAY: Haha hi =] lol okay I will
elenajohns: Hola corazon, how ar you?
missme113: hey you, you don't say hi no more :(
missme113: hey you
soggyinmilk: well thank ya sweetie! I'll yes you back!
foxylegs101: id love to message you, im just not gonna make you any signs. im up for sharing pics though. let me know if your interested?
countrycutie528: He is so ummmmmmm HOT! lolz!
imjocey: who wants to know??? im FROM lincoln city, but i live in mcminnville for the time being... you can have my messengers once youre on my friends list.
CassieOdell22: mmmmmmmm whats up sexy stud
imjocey: you never accepted my request, thats why i never contacted youwink
MissyTinke: wanna taste if im really yummy or not?
lilmel06: lol sorry.. im not on much you are CUTE though that a fact!! smile
xxxchanteexxx: haha cute ill levae u a comment u r cuteeee :P wats up
fayenicolebuckau: MEOW SEXY smile
PrincessJasmin: thanks hotstuff gave you a yes
BaristaBabyLV: damn!
preciousxpsycho: im really drunk.
xokimmayxo: hey sexy boy! how are you?!?!
donniesbaby: thanks for the comments i appreciate them. you are pretty hot yourself....
Twistednatalie: Your very welcome
KarmaDoll: Well just call me Captain Obviousgrinlol
GorgeousllyRandom: lol...i added that picture just for u
dirtylittlesecret88: lol we can do w.e pops into ur mind ! wink
UnDrCoVeRBeAuTy1: Welcome!
SweetLilKitty18: hey babby!!!!!!!!!
SweetLilKitty18: [color=#F1F1F1][/color]

Da216PiMpStReSs: Stoppin through to say Hi smile BTW--You make QT signs!
hourglass87: your such a hottie. i will give u a yes
OMFGitsASIAN: Haha thanks for letting me join your group :]
NAYMAYDUH: sign 4 sign grinlol im making some right now if you wanna make me one and ill make uzzzz one =]
dirtylittlesecret88: hey whats up ?! =P ttyl xo
Casealicious: hitit
CassieOdell22: yea i am hardly ever on messenger anymore. But maybe i'll start back up wink
xOKathleen: thanks for the cmt<3
AngelaNicole: hun can you please make me another sexy sign?? pleaseeee..... smile
xoxSmile4me: ur so sexii =]
AngelaNicole: hey hun...what's up?
XxDollyGirlxX: but not as gorgeous or amazing as you hun wink but thanks anyway hehe
softballchic5: so, i was going to think of something witty and creative that would get your attention...but then i realized everything was already i'll just be blunt, thanks for the yes, and yor hot smile
AngelaNicole: thanks hun you're the shit!!
xoxsexyladyxox: Ur effin' sexy!
Spnkmehrd02: look whos talkin wink
annababe69: yes 4 u! x x x x
f0rgottenbeauty: hot stuff...end of story<3
Casealicious: Yummy yourself! wink
ZummiBear: thanks for the invite and the add request wink
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Heya sexy.. how ya been?
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Heya sexy.. how ya been?
CanadianA: Not even....but you sure are...drool
OnlyAKitten55: I really have to say, u are like perfect from head to toe, ur privates are amazing and u seem like and amazing person. Keep in touch. MWAHz
iluvu4ever2006: well don't workin on it...
missme113: lol thank you you're pretty hot yourself
gagirl84: woah. fucking hot. definate yes! wink
BLoNdeXXSkater: hey fuck head.
sunnyxdayxbeliever: Do you have a name gorgeous boy?
sunnyxdayxbeliever: oh my god you are drop dead gorgeous hun :]
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Hey handsome.. how ya been?
iluvu4ever2006: you never might be able to get me...
Drag0nHeart: wow baby...i know that you already know that i feel this way, but you are SO hot lol...cant wait to catch you online again
sexylilangel1769: damn ur fine, thanx for the really sweet comments!!!
s8706belle: Aww thank you for the picture comment handsome!
s8706belle: Aww thank you for the picture comment handsome!
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Ok so I have tried to upload my salute three times and they keep denying it.. lol.. will try again.. anyway did u see the new pics? haha have a good day... MUAH
armygirlonthego: YAY for the kiddies. thats cute... thats cool that you had a good time. mines no
armygirlonthego: Hey there....How was your halloween? Mines totally sucked
EstrangedAngel: Hey, working on that sign for ya.. i was wondering if you could make me a sexy sign? it can say anything that you want it too ^_^
hotfawn34: thanks for the yes
armygirlonthego: Well im actually not up to much. just school and working like hows things with you?
iluvnickcannon: thanks hottie
EstrangedAngel: Hey, what do u want the sign to say? see ya later hun
lilsexione: hey we need to fuck some time!
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Ok now I need ur help.. I have new pics that I want to put on but don't have a thing to resize them on my work computer.. do U have any helpful hints Mr. Sexy? hmmm...
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: eww it didn't put my whole comment.. I think it was incredibly sexy,amazing personality and awesome sense of humor! Thank you for being my friend ! besos..
or something like that.. damn comments...=P
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: I don't think I could possibly say anything that these ladies have not already said to catch ur attention, not that anything they have said could even come close to the comment u actually deserve... However I will just say this.. not only are u incredibl
BluemtbarrelerNH: so yeah id hit that babe damn u r soo sexy!
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Good Good! At work now, how boring and wishing I was in Indy!! =P Have a great day! <3
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Hey handsome! Hope u are have a great day! <3
xSuzanneElainex: i miss talking to you!!! how have you been??
sweetmija420: Thanx for the yes smile
heavenscentgrlnxtdr: Thanks for the YES babe... U are oh soooo sexy! <3 besos
jesswilson69: hey whats going on
JustMeSami: Kissy kissy to you too *blush*
JustMeSami: Thanks, you're pretty darn cute yourself.
EstrangedAngel: mmm.. u also are quite yummy
URPERCEPTION: la la la la la get down baby!! NOW!
coofooh: Thank you so much! You're not bad yourself.
macii: And whats your name and all that good stuff mr. sexyy!!
macii: well im not a new yorker but id definately go back!! Its soooo wonderful there and i miss it soo much =/ Well . . anyways- You're a doll and thanks for joining me <3
Jessica2506: thanks for the comment sexy
iheartmymarcobish: thnx for the comment hun.. youre just oh so amazinlgy hot!
CassieOdell22: I see u and ur SL are still goin strong, thats GREAT! but yea i just wanted to stop by and say HI smile i re-opened my account
IluvCumming: lol, that's my girlfriend's 15 year old lil sister... 5'6" 106 lbs breakin into a D cup... it's just wrong...
angelaalways420: no problem sexi netime.....
Megalicious69: I'm technically in your shoutouts. That must mean you love me. smile
dirtylittlesecret88: haha n.p my love !!! umm idk what to post though so
SinCityAngel: Nice pics!
xsuzanneelainex: you are amazing smile
BabiixShortyy: aww that would be wonderful darling!
BabiixShortyy: Awwe thanks hun =D
LittleMissVixen84: Looks like I need to move to NY to find all the hott guys wink
wantmuhass: Mmmm sexyness wink
sweetie28692000: Very Hot Hun Hope You Have A Good Day
xsuzanneelainex: hey thank you smile
and damn you're fine!
xfuel31x: not bad.. AT ALL smile
mesmoreyez: hello thereee
angels: lol. heyy... nm. u? thx 4 the comment. lol
xHypnotiic: Send an invite wink
xHypnotiic: Haha awww thank you =]

Btw I don't take you off my list and then add you and all that. I just made a new account =P
imXsoXugly: Oo lol
imXsoXugly: Heyy thanx for the pic comments
Megalicious69: im making signs for signs or bbs. do you want one?
wantmuhass: marry me jesse. pls bby.
lagunagirly: Thx 4 the add sweetie. I added u to my faves too.
angelbicth: damnnnnnnnnn u are sexyy
aZOMBIE: no problem handsome wink
thanks for the photo comments,
xOKathleen: thanks for the cmts!smile
daynakay: gorgeous.
Onehotlittlecupcake: HEy sexy what is your yahoo messager? You should IM me on mine Onehotlittlecupcake
MORExSWEETxSOUL: thanks so much for my picture comments! i love getting them!! :]
da216pimpstress: Got your message...Which group you want me to join hun?
chelseaisprettyidk: I WANT YOU jackoff
MORExSWEETxSOUL: yup yup yuppers!! im the green one!
MORExSWEETxSOUL: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :]
how are you??
MORExSWEETxSOUL: thanks you're really hot too! nice body!!
Lovetothee: thx you too
hottSarah19: hmmm ur fuckin hottttt!
aangel11: hey if you make me a sign ill give ya 200 bang bucks
snugglebum44: I would hit you in a heartbeat I hope older women are not a problem!
snugglebum44: Can I have fun with you!
Drag0nHeart: lovin YOU!!! lol thanks for the pic comments
ashleyann: damnn....nice body hit me up some time babe.
nikkigirl853: HELLLLLLLLLL YES
chelseaisprettyidk: think u the only one that has a hot bod take a look at mine lol

Jp mines alright
qtcherry2003: Those are the best ever!!! How would I be so lucky to get a shout out on those signs baby?!
missheather: so friggin hot amazing abs what a hottie!
BLoNdeXXSkater: ....dammmn sexxxy abs!!!
mesmoreyez: whats goin onnnn!
xximalluneed09xx: you're gorgeous!!!! :]
xximalluneed09xx: you're gorgeous!!!! :]
Ashlie777: thanks for the comment babe! & u are quite amazing yourself. smile
mesmoreyez: hey where have u been!
TotallyKissable05: aww thank you
Nitroglycerin: Nice body!
hottiedaisy: hey you!! smile
sexysweetpea11: Ah thanks for the comments your a sweetheart and a cutie!!
kati3: amazingly hawt! yes'd
HartsXpolkadotXdeath: Thanks for your yes. heartthrob
HartsXpolkadotXdeath: Thanks for your yes. heartthrob
Drag0nHeart: so hot...i cant get over it!!! lol
xxgcxgirlxx: Hey hun whats up heartthrob
NotSoInnocent16: thanxs for the comments ur really cute
Drag0nHeart: you get a yes!!!
uKnOuWuVmE05: ♥omggg.
uKnOuWuVmE05: ♥omggg.
babygrlnikki09: well you never talk to me anymore :(
babygrlnikki09: well you never talk to me anymore :(
babygrlnikki09: well you never talk to me anymore :(
babygrlnikki09: well you never talk to me anymore :(
babygrlnikki09: Did you forget about me :(
I miss you.
Megalicious69: how is sexi jesse today? smile
shortangel07: Your really HOT babe
xoxAliciAxox: Whyyy thank you!! smile
AussieBaabe: hey.. your really hott! smile thought id let ya know.. lol :P
ShortyBaby04: yea we found another site this morning with my pics on it...she says shes 26! i dont look anywhere close to 26 but whatever works for her...some ppl are stupid lol
ClassyTease: well I do love it.. so do it!
ShortyBaby04: yea it sux...ive started watermarking all my new pics tho. on here and on myspace
Chickypoo: cant really see you but from your body I would say for sure lol milk has done your body goooooood =o)
ThankYourLuckyStars: Aww thank you..
chicho4955: Haha.. why thank you! So are you wink
chicho4955: Thanks for the Yes smile
shaen1980: damn, i love your pics smile
Aznpunkbabe: sooooo hot
Aznpunkbabe: sooooo hot
SoSeDuCt1VeX21X: OMG Your Single </333
SoSeDuCt1VeX21X: I wish It Was You That Came All Over Me?
hottiedaisy: y thank you again..ur pretty amazing urself
hottiedaisy: thank you
MESOSEXI: soo hottt
tabitha6969: omfg!! you are gorgeous.......mmmmmmm.
TaylorsInnocent: OMG..Now this man has it all going on...
sweetnsassygirl: you so get my YES!!!
KENNEDY: hey J man ya doin my sweet sweet boy? i miss ya...just been busy..we need to make time to talk soon grinlol
WildChild469: should I be another girl to drool over your body or something? Naww you know you have it and thats all that matters, but it is nice to hear things like that soooooooo Im not have a great day / weekend
sarabara1122: hey sexy just thought id drop you a line heartthrob
ImportChick07: thanks for the comment and yes she is cool
FlippinBC1220: you're gorgeous! we should talk sometime...MSg me wink
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: i luvs usmile
Lindsey16046: thanks for the comments smile
sonnierocks: thanks
ur a hottie<3
spiritsgurl: Thanx for the comment sexy!!! wink
subl1nk182: sweety your the hot one ;]
supremelegacy22: awwwwww arent you sweet??
sjcowgirl36: lol
I don't believe forced compliments,thanks though sweetie
Tell Annie Kay says she's going down =]
sjcowgirl36: You shouldn't do everything Annie says, I fear she is disillusional today
babiigrl0722: dayum..ur so sexcii =]
ClassyTease: lol what?
em0sexual: Jesse re-vote for meh <3
zroomgiveittome: Thank you. I gave you a yes in return. And you luf my sl so I luf u.
SoSeDuCt1VeX21X: i Luf U
kasey0581: damn your fine babes~!~
SexyIckleBaby: Just dropping by to say Hello - hope you had a great weekend smile Behave Sweetie wink
eclipsedream: awwww you left me a whole bunch of flowers, sooo sweet :heartthrob iloveyou smile
eclipsedream: flowers wave2 heartthrob
Megalicious69: you are so freakin hot its nuts! i drool just looking at you!
shymija3O3: thanks for the compliment! yes'd ya
Rebelicous: HAVE A GREAT DAY!
neener ~ neener ~ neener
tacotimewannataco: wanna b my friend?
xisntlifejuicy69: sOOOO Effing hOTTT <333
fobplkw2027: Hey thanks for the comment, you really hott.
KENNEDY: get down there and give me 20 wink
MeltInMyMouth: thank you.
peaches6421: hey seXY give me a shoutwink:P
kgoulet: heey, thanks for the comment.. your fucking gorgeousS!:O
KENNEDY: hehe all for you Jess

kgoulet: heey, hows it goiin?
toohot2handleXXX: * Thanks for the YES baby, I gave you one back...Ur just sooo hot!!biggrin *
skandilusxx: =) <33
skandilusxx: I should be the one drooling sweetheart. =) <3
skandilusxx: wow, <3.
! :P haha Luv you!!! <3
mich018: i'm actually just heading out for dinner.. be sure to write back or something.. and ill definately get back to ya. take care!
mich018: hey babe! im good, how u doin? cool
MissMarlee: MmmMm Jess ur so fuckin' sexy, n sweet, n cute, i could go on and on :P LUV YOUU!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOX
sexymomma4j: thanks for the pic comments hun!!!! xoxo melody
KENNEDY: :P well hi there gorgeous boy...hows my favorite camboy doin?
Stewchunk13: Thanks for the yes! <33 Very Hot!!
prtygrl07: thanks for the comment smile
sexymomma4j: thanks for the yes!!! and the comment gorgeous! xoxo melody
fr0zenkiss: :-P thankkks
KENNEDY: man i miss you where are you?!~
KENNEDY: hahaha you fuckin rock babe! sucha sweetheart muahaaaaa
ALiLnAuGhTy17: *thanks =)..I tried..hehe
KENNEDY: hey ya gorgeous come talk to me tonite..i got LOTS of sleep lol
TwistedLover: <3 i luv this guy smile
charlotteonwyht: what's up you sexy biatchh!! you have a fuckin great day now alright!!!
xXxSeXiBaBi08xXx: hey thx for da comment!!
cCbBabYy: u like ur stoach alot eywink lol dont woorry its not a bad thing<3
NO hello today totally heart is aching now
SoSeDuCt1VeX21X: H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E S D A Y XOXO I <3 U Baby
stephee: heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob
Rebelicous: Thank you darlin'!
vpanos1787: HOT HOT HOT....hit me back
sweet4u420: Make me a sign!!!!!!
paulmiller2k: hey thanks for the yes -> a (+) is a (+)... can't complain - yes'd you back
DPfootball: Jacked dude, very nice.
countrycutie528: you are THE sexiest guy ever....and alllllllllll all all mine !!!
Socalsparkle: dam ur gorgeous! heartthrob LOVE ur arms!!
xslammy228x: nice body :p
BaBiiCaKeS: Lol-u-have-lyke
DChottie: you have a hot ass lol i usually dont leave comments like that so... yeah
PuReLoVe6d9: hey sweety ur such a i gave u a yes smile
ToxicAngel: I have only one thing to say. Your hot!
aShLeYnIcOLex3: h0Tt!
countrycutie528: my sexy lover....its been 4 months and youre still HOTTTTTTTTT as ever and well theres things i know that ummm make u even more sizzlin.......muawwwwww
XcanadiencutttieX: very hot
speedwaygirl3820: damn you are fine! i would hit that in a heartbeat!!!
SexyDevil2442: wow ur gorgeous
lovincali: HOT
enforcer2449: ur hott
XXjessicaXX: oh yea whatta hottie
Whitey330420: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey SEXI!!!!! <3<3 hitit
EyeCandyMandy: Mhm so fuckign sexy!!
babeegurrl4u2: OMG!!!! *picks jaw up off the floor* me hot??????? hmmmm your totally gorgeous,, very bangable hitit
XoXiwuvkissesXoX: damn ur hott!!!!!!! grrr
AmericanOEagleOBabii: Damn I wish you were mine...Wanna add 4 add?
xThexExiesx: Ohh Such a cutie.. Damn! *Meo0oooow To That!!* ^_^
vanessauk: DAMN ... Your Hot **BlusH** <3 x
heavenlyangel666: very do ya
jessie21lyn: damn you got a nice body!smile
SeXxYdAnCeR: heartthrob hottie heartthrob
countrycutie528: thank u and YES i like what i see also...yummy
angiesimones: wow yeah i like your drop dead sexy..
hopelesslyinlove89: You are sooo gorgeous <3 lets hug hug lol grinlol u rock!!!
angelina12589: thx hun
hopelessly: aww ty<3
Hot Damn!! very sexay but i wish i could see you face ^_~

allithemidget: wanna add4add and chat sometime??? hotstuff you are HOTT holy shit boi you got it going on hug hitit
xTigerbabe101x: MMMMM very hott! Id hit cha...over and over!!! heartthrob
Buttrfly12703: Hey ur body is nice but hows the personality? maybe a picture with a face? get at me with them...*muah*
alaskanh0ttie69: dayum.. nice bod.. i'd hit it anytime any place ;-)
tickledxpink: Thanks so much for the comment 8) Your a sweetheart! <3
hopelesslyinlove89: You are a super doper HOTTIE heartthrob
Lets hug hug
lmshottie151: hey hun. youre not too bad yourself. hope to talk to you later. bye babe!
blueh2o78: hot as hell.. i would def. hit thatwink
deapthroater: Hey hun thx for the comment ur hot too
mesmoreyez: wow thats hot
WildFire15: Very nice stomach babe.. but i'd prefer to at least see your face
abrakadabra: omg :P lol u hav a good body!! thnx for the comment btw..
xXBlondBabiiiiXx001: mmmmm sexy heartthrob hotstuff hehe thanks for the comment wink
addicted2349: hott bod. wow. definate yes
toprox77: hot body... i wouln't mind licking
RedneckQT: looks like you got a nice body, but i cant see your face, so i dunno......but yea...nice tummy
bryansbaby: damn!! that's one hot body! definate yes right here...
AlliLuvsU69: soo! fuckin sexy hotstuff you have a very sexy body! I'd definatly hit it!
Lizness83: come here now??? k thx
aewebbunny: YES! its been forever!! my little sign whore smile!!!!!! i miss you and your sexy body!-- i would love to have that body next to me everynight!!!
softlikecottoncandy: hey babee .... i think i wanna see the naughty ones of your sexy self hehe xoxoxox
MissEmo: super hot thanks for the sign!heartthrob
crunkjuice7258: wowza thx for the comment ur freakin fine!
sexysamm: Woow ur as hott as fuck! i'd hit that anyday of da week gorgeous!!!!!!!! inlove ur bodys amazing love to hit dat thang! heartthrob
lilQT: hey hottie you can holla at cha gurl if you wantta...just message me!!
eclipsedream: def. got my yes smile
sarahbeth17: damn ur blazin
RedheadsLikeItHot: DAMN! Can I Keep You? lol
tosweettomiss: All I can say is OMG hell ya I would hit it....add me and lets chat sometime!
blondebomshell: Hey I would hit it! Add for add? w/e I added you already love the abbs *drool* ~Teri~
xxplicitmagikxx: oh my gosh can i touch you? no really, can i? *drools* heartthrob
TearsOfPain: you are really hothotstuff
SeXxYdAnCeR: ur' finer than hell boy wink hit me up sometime *rawrr*
sillyme173: soo yea uhh awesome effin body
cOoKiiEdOuGh: *Hey your way to old .. considering Im only 16 ! But I have to say your GORGEOUS !!! I love your body !! Maybe we can talk hope your personality is as great as your looks *Mwah bye ~
Chrr474: ur a hottie
sexcibytch: Hey sexcismile
Just thought Id let you know, even though Im sure you already are fiiiinesmile sexy sexy boi :Psmile
ASEXISHORTY: damn ur soo sexy,, nice tummy,, im a sucker for tummys babysmile
ASEXISHORTY: ir sooo sexy babysmile
EroticSultry: oh god u r sooo damn hot
xyourautux: You voted yes on me... So I voted yes on you. You're not that bad. =]
sweetlildevil: yeah yeah yeah he is so sexy hmmm do i still get a chance with that body? pwease you know we should be together wink
shannybaby4u: sexy ;-)
yummytummy: nice tone and muscles... smile you've got my vote
xjennax: awwww ur sooo sweeet...thz ur hot as hell!! <333
mandycole: Wow your just too gorgeous!
txchelle: im sorry u got ur wisdom teeth out babe. and i know u hit the yes button.....hehehe...i did the same
Brittknee2: hey are just absolutely gorgeous...
ashleexnicole: so sexy. wink
XxHotRacinGirlxX: Add for add babe?
xoxRoxannexox: ♥ Yummy.
XxBaByLiCiOuSxX: Hey baby! I just noticed that you signed my COmment thing.. lol.. sorry it took soooo long to get back at you!!! Hell i forgot i was on this site!! but yah just hit me up on aim my s/n is Mizzfreakything6 cant wait to hear from yah :-* *steph*
SparklKae: wow... u r sooo fuckin hott... omg... im speechless.... .::.~*Kaela*~.::.
mandi: aww your such a cutie! thanks for the comment!
shypsychochik: haha daaaaaamn ur friggin gorgeous! yum..yep someone would have to pull me off uhug
kyELLEb: of course smile
runwayangel: Ohhh My! The things i would do to you!
kyELLEb: wow..
capri: well hello hot stuff
Babiigangsta91787: U are bangable holla nice body sweetii
chloe1604: hi baby....send me a message sometime
txchelle: hey jess!!!!!!!! whats up?!?!? long time no talk too...
angelplaya17j: your hot too
shypsychochik: haha uuuuuuum thanxs...*droools*wow nice um bod therehug
dacotadacus: Hey... You commented me.. So I decided to check out what you look like... You should have more pictures of your face all i really saw was your body but your hella hot... Obviously you know how to hit me up so dooo it!!
Naughtycarebear6: Nice... can i have a taste?wink Ooooo ur so finehotstuff
SeXiLeXi605: u look a little conceited to me, not tryin to b rude, but all of ur pictures r of ur body
rosefeb14: hey,can i view ur cam on yahoo messenger?whats ur yahoo ID?
DramaQueen10: like omg stop wasting my comments i know im hott!
Jess06: Awww. . . thanks for the yes! smile
R0x4nn4: awies thanks~! I love yer bod~! ^_^
runwaybeauty: damn...i must say...u are H-O-T-T!
rosefeb14: hi,ur u mind chatting to an asian woman?
DramaQueen10: your like ok, not hott, but ok. and thanx i know im hott.
Cheerfreak: wow!!!
californialove: wassup boo...check me out...i wanna be friends, okae holla back!
Nikki15: do u take sturoids
Nikki15: do u take sturoids
hilary: soooo gorgeous...*droolz*
thankies for my sign..i love itheartthrob
txchelle: hey comment was different...anyway...he
y jess!!! thanks for the comment....when can i see u on cam again..hehehe ur too damn HOT!!! xoxoxox
nofxgirlie666: you need a better profile... sigh. now all i know is that you are hot.. oh well. that works enough or soemthing
nofxgirlie666: you need a better profile... sigh. now all i know is that you are hot.. oh well. that works enough or soemthing
rockafeLLaSkank: nice wash board .... i mean stomach
xobeck033ox: Hey hun! def would hit that thanks for the comment...LOVE THE BODY!
Blondeplaya: thanks for the comment....ur fine!
Alycia: Thanks so much pretty damn hot yourself
Sweetness85: Thank you! You're pretty hot yourself!
XoOnlyYoursoX: nice abs but it would be nice to see your face
BrittyBaby1814: ur hawt heartthrob
katsavestheday: Thanks, you're hot too
anXa: and u`r added in my friend list backwink
angel20: thanks
Blondeplaya: hott!!! nice bod
anXa: thanks hottie..ur sexy as hell alsowink
liababyxox: major hottie wink id def. hit it
blondiebabe11404: gorgeous! i luv ur body wink <33
Frostybabe6996: hay, thx for the comment, ur pritty fine ya self..l8a
janerulez: nice cock wink
stealmypain: oh my..
sweetascandi: UMMM F-IN ((*RAPE*))
lilyoungen125: i DEFINITELY want that!
sExmEuPbAbY: kutie =)
BoyCrazyChik17: Thanks for the comment. Your really hott too...Nice abs..
XoPartyGurlXo: hey! aww thnx!! lol ur hot too
oOCherrieoO: Thx for the comments baby tongue
PiNkiSpiMp69: thank yas =-)

You leave all the girls the same comment 'damn u are one of the finest on the site'. haha thats hilarious.

but anyways, thank you for the yes, so you get one back.
sportychica619: your really hott but crazy and thanx for the comment
t0rntearsx: aww thanks.. you're pretty hottttttttt <3
Jen4831: VERY sexy! Damn! wink
crzywhtgurl143: damn!!! ur so hot! i would hit that anytime of the day!
caitlyn0803: good lord, that is one sexy body you got there...very hot
xspitzx: awe!.. thank you verry much for the comment.. your pretty hott yerself..
xo. Katie
hotNspicey216: Yummy Tummy!
sexyvixon84: well thank you for the compliment you are very sexy your self!! And I think any one that would not hit that is gay!!!!
sexyvixon84: well thank you for the compliment you are very sexy your self!! And I think any one that would not hit that is gay!!!!
sketchartist: YOU FLAMER!
XxDreamcasterxX: i voted yes cause I am jade's friend.
Blayzincutemami: hey hunn.... your very sexii.....come take a look at my pic and tell me what you think..
Milkshake69: Thanks for the sign!! AWESOME BODY BABE! lol and you can have my milkshake whenever you want!
pinkfish0069: ooo very VERY sexy! can I see your private pics please?!?
teezangl: NICE!!...can i pet u??:OP
VeronicaJade: your sexy....
littlekristen7: thanks for the comment
kinkymonkey: dayum babe!! sexxxay as hell!! wink
AbortionsTickle: Youre hot too. Nice body, really really nice body *yes*
cherrytatz: Thx doll, so are U!!!!!!!!.. MUAH!
AppleShampoo82: thanks for the comment. your pretty cute, too bad u only have 1 face pic :-( but your body is bangin!!
chelspels: thx for the comment
italianchicky6918: omg u say im hella hot look at u damn............omg i dont give u a ya i give u a HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deztiny: *lix* eek
babyvirgo89: thanks for the comment!you are very hot too!
babyxboo: O_O u`re sooo hot! =D
LickableSaRa: aww thanx..but no im not:( if i was my rating would have been better then a 94:(*sniff sniff*
lunchboxhero: haha thanks doll <33
LickableSaRa: aww thanx babe <3 *Kisses*
MestNoFxMxPx: thank you :biggin:
britney07toxic: thanks for sayin im youre sexy!! LoL xoxox babe
lunchboxhero: thats so sweet <33 thanks doll
imaplasticprincess: oh thanx
LookItsMesGrrrL: wow look @ you! sexiness wink
xplictnoise: lookin good great stomach
XsweetNluciousx: wtf r u talking about ... *drools* ...
asherz: yummieness heartthrob
champagne720: fanx
LickableSaRa: aww thanx for da comment hun*Muah*<3
imaplasticprincess: wow thanx. your super hot.
blacKnaiLpolisH: hott...thanks fer teh comment <3
asherz: yummie.. lovin the abs wink
deztiny: eekhot!
Ash5: thank ya thank ya ur cute too.
lunchboxhero: thanks doll <3 you are reall hot
notcoolpunk: damn boy! ever hot.
xxbabigurlxx: Thanks..nice body, but I wish I could see your face...
oxashleexo: hey ... thanks for the comment, your a hottie .. will you add me to your friends?
EviLGirL: thank ya smile
ShootingStar64: ur a hottie smile x0x0
Devon79: thanks you too!!!!!!!
Amorous1: Thanks for the comment smile You're hotter than I am though. - Danielle
sexaayyladaayy: thanks for commenting ;D!
sexaayyladaayy: you are so sexxyyy .. nice ABS omfg <33
babygurl086: damn!! long time no talk hungrinlol miss ya much!!*kIsSeS*
SmileEmptySoulLoft: whoa...nice body!
angel4u: mmmm i wanna lick you all over hehe *muah*
DrummerGirl: cute
whitney: hey sweetie u r so cute hit me up xoxo
sugarpllumm: DAMn Nice @SS
heavenlyangel811: You're a total hottie!! And nice body!! smile
hotbytch: wow, so hot!
abercrombie87: nice picssmile
Em6969: DAMN!!! YUMMMMMMY! wink
So0thinG21: Damn.. nice body!
harliejamie: Omg you definatly should be number one??? Hit me with some messages!!
xxleavemealonexx: thanksss babe! u're really sexy, id bang u.. smile
trish71: too sexy for your shirt :P
crazyme87: white buttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
seductionsdaydream: erm did u post me i think????
TaPMyAsS: and any bro of ace's is mine to so looks like we are one big family ..
btw nice bod lol
apolarisb: w3rd bro you rawk
xliltraceyx: aww thanx... lol
Noxlupi: no you da man!
sofine: thank ya cutie
piecesofmyheart: damn. PLEASE hit me. PLEASE. godddd..*drools*
sofine: thank you so much and right back at cha!
sofine: hey cutie!
Kawt: Thanks, your body is kickin too
sweetcheeks0880: damn boy your fine id do you
MestNoFxMxPx: hah thanks babe, nice abs wink
trish71: where u from?
innocentandswee8877: nice body but i wouldnt screw you
ToTheFloor: hey. nice bod!!
babygurl086: baby ya no i would definetly hit that!
mizzmccarthy: Right back at ya hottie! winkmizzmccarthy aim
JesikaRocks: nice abs- but u know that already
xxsickenedxx: Ok're yummy. Feel free to message me sometime. wink
oxmadeofglassxo: Thanks you're sweet. You're not too bad yourself wink - Rora
beat6your9meat: you wanna lick who's abs..????? pls.. tell me. cheers for the message wink
amyissexy152007: ha thanks
NaughtyChikInBama: I'd like to lick you all over!!! what does a girl have to do to see ur private pics?
QtWitABooty8: thanks for the compliment!grinlol
CUNTMUFFIN: not as yummy as u heheheh
BreeIce: Growl! Lol Puuuuuuuuuur babY!
XoXjadynXoX: Wicked hott...enuff said! ttyl hun*
vampiraeva: lol wink
plaidfae: hell yea!!
ashicle: so hot!
mishimish3: i'm voting yes, but you show alot of your stomach.. move on to bigger and better things. LoL-michelle
babygurl086: hey babez! still hotter than ever i must say!wink*wink**kisses*
adidascowgirl: Damn, best lookin body i've seen all day. And you've got one hell of a handsome face to go with tha body too.... very nice. very nice.
Zing: such a sexy guy smile lol hey digital. whoever votes no for this guy is like, blind or something.
ella: you look so very sexy. damn hott
SexyLizzie22: hot
iamhoturawhore: Nice body
Jadey: pretty damn fine
ShakinIt: hmm ... nice body! ;-)
ColdHeartedChik: damn..hate to think i wouldn't hit it!!!!
bitespankhandcuffme: can i lick you all over with ice and my two tongue rings?
CollegeCutie21: damn damn damn your blessed
sexybabe4u: thanks and very nice wink
CrestaShine65: hehe smile i'd definitely hit it ! i would be your slave and do whatever you wanted me to for hours wink
Babes: WOW... i love the body!! i would hit it anytime, day, or place!
treadwater: GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!
CrestaShine65: Wow!! Your one of the hottest guys on this site. *lick* smile
Mely: ouhh nice!!..hehe =oP
Amiquita: thanks for the comment you're are very cute yourself
eyezthahypnotize: wow hunny i love ur new pics! Just remember who owns that!;-) lol
TotalSpaz69: YOU got a sexy ass body a total hottie
stpthevoicesplz: too ^_^
beachbunny06: your hot!
sazzyuk: grinlol v. nice huni!
SthrnSweetie87: i love this guy, he's everything i've been lookin' for ;-) hehhehe SOOOOO SSSSSEEEEEXXXXYYY!!!!
CAROLiNE88: i was in the top 10?! lol cooool! youre cute.. i gave you a yes =)
xXTCeLiCaXx: wow! Speechless! (literally....everyone said what i was gonna say!!) smile
virtualkissess: *lix*
angelbabycakes: There's my hottie! =o) Hehe, still as sexy as ever...YUMMY! =oP~
spaceytracey911: HEY BABICAKES
Klutz21485: NICE!
PunkR0ckGrrlE: man what a pimp.
kissthis69: holy shit ur abs are NICE!!!!!!!!
redlightspecial: hehe're a hottie too...feel free to message me sometime!
babiixchica69: damn!
Nonesexi: muwah
Nonesexi: You are really hot :-p miilkshakequeen on aim but there are two "ii"'s i can send u more pics cuz the one on here is horrable!!!
stoneEaglezwing4life: thanks fer the compliment. ur cute urself:-D
hottie202: boy, you know ur hott wink
hypnotiq: cuteeee thanks for the comment.
ambernicole: hey hunnie thankz for the comment! Your adorablewink
bROkENPROMiSE: yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
crazycutie: Hey thnx fer the comment, u look like u've got a great body! wink
mehgluvzyoo: Seksi Seksi!;-)
spaceytracey911: hey sexy
Reen: niiiiice
RoxyGirl: aw you get a yes from me too, hottie with a bangin body smile
Babes: you are deffinetely a 10 in my books!!!! let me some more of that suga!
CanEHdianAngel: Yum very sexy, Nice hot body yummy!!!
carreycrzy: wow nice tummy!
xxmego6090xx: wow think i just might have to let ya wink
kissmecuzimlizz: hot!
romeosgirlbp: sexy =)
italianmidget313: ~hOt~
sexilexi: you're really hot babe and you have a sick body...thanks for voting me a "yes" that mean a lot too smile
seccblueyez: your body is perfect also sexy!
chanel5: ur stomach is a gift from God!
sinderhella: holy fuck
brittanylynn: wow so are you =]
countrystalla: VERY CUTE!!!! nice tummy!!
Lovebug: you face is cute and your body is beautiful. id hit that too!!
abovetheavenue3: : ) great body.
OhitsTara4sho: nice body smile
SexyAmanda: DAYYYUUUMMM..Nice abs, babi..You looking good XOXO smile smile
tooprecious2u77: Thank you.You are'nt so bad yourself.
AniceGURLgoneBAD: thnx sweety!!! **MUAH**
perks4002: Wow, you are hot!! Check me out some time. :-)
xxeastangelxx: couldnt see the face real well, nice body.
amyissexy152007: hell ya id hit ya my msn is little_sweet_girl2007@h and my yahoo ilittle_sweet_girl2007 also tell me what urs is bye sexy
angel4u2love19: Very sexy!
AniceGURLgoneBAD: might I just say........YUMMY!!!!!!!
piggywiggy18: Well, we all know your woman doesnt need to go buy a Washboard with a tummy like that ;-)
tsunamibomb2: yes definately!
blueyedcutiexc: hey hun... u know i'd hit that! hehehe.... i love you hun!
ruthless: yer cute and you have great abes. ;o)
kr4z13a13ygurl: very hott!!!
mandi: hey...if you wanna chat just add me on something..all my messengers are on my profile..your a cutie by the way
icateyesi: berry cutewink
kittycollar: Hmm.. I usually like skinny guys, but for some reason you just do it for me. ;o
xoabbyox: oh shit nice body hit me up sometime
iwannabebarbie: yes
twizzler: cute
babygirlkelly89: wow ur a hottie
eyezthahypnotize: damn! wow very hott!
CelicaChic411: ur a Get back @ me if u wanna
txchelle: very the stomach!!
runwayangel: Wow Ur sexi... Nice body! I'd hit that!
stacy: Nice!
OxMandiLynnxO: Damn!!!!! :-)
playboyhunniluva: omfg...u should be #1!!!u r s0o0o0o HOT as hell!!!talk at me on yahoo or aim if u wantsmile
satanicangel: omg hun you are gorgeous!
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