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Profile for SuPeRmAnN1804 (offline- last on: Aug 19, 07)
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Name James
Age 29
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Michigan
City wyandotte
About Me
im 6"ft. 175-80. I have hazel eyes they change from green to brown. im naturally tan. Im mexican, irish and indian. im very athletic at least i use to be, I like Basketball, I realized that lifes to short to be mad, sad, angry or jealous, just live every moment like it was your last. I turned 21 on the 27th of november 06. I have a son his name is Hayden
My Apps
playing basketball, lifting weights, I was never musical in highschool but i just got into the Guitar and im pretty good at it for being just a beginner, I play some led zepplin, Tesla and staind. another big aspect of my life that I have alot of interests now is the AiRfOrCe and ive been doing alot of thinking about joining and making something out of my life.
Turn Ons
Turn Offs
liars and cheaters.... self explanotory
dwarzski04 (eh 43) $kOrTnIe$
Favorite Things
TV Show none
Movies Texas chainsaw Massacre, dawn of the dead, encino man, the CROW.
young Jeezy
velvet revolver
tesla=song and emotion-signs-paradise-its gettin better-its not what you got its what you give, love song, edisons medicine
damn yankees
def leppard=love bytes, foolin, diehard the hunter
led zepplyn stairway to heaven=to many
staind-*fade*-*outside*-its been awhile-epiphany-for you
puddle of mudd-blurry-drift and die-she fuckin hates me
pearljam-yellow bed letter=evenflow
alice in chains-down in a hole-rooster
stone temple pilots=half the man i use to be-the big empty
sound garden
hinder-lips of an angel
three days grace
breaking benjamin-diary of jane
steve ray vaughn
crossfade-so cold
lynnard skynard-simple man
linkin park
van halen
the USED
taking back sunday
hawthorne heights
Smile empty soul or empty smile soul somethin like that.
Book none
Quote GoD GaVe Me Style
live life to the fullest
dont take anything for granted
you never know what you have till its gone

if you love something then let it go
if it comes back to you then its yours
if it doesnt then it never was....DmX
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