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Profile for Humingbird (offline- last on: Oct 31, 11)
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Name Andria
Age 26
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Australia
State Not Given
City Not Given
About Me

hey! im Andria

i am from Australia, i have a boyfriend who i adore! but i have been on this site for years! and itsa really hard habit to break out of, so i am not on here looking for dirty chat or anything like that. so if you send me filthy messages ill probably ignore you, no harm intended!

My Apps
i am interested in
my gorgeous man

Turn Ons

tattoed guys!
motor bikes!
bad boys!
tall dark scruffy sort of guys haha :P

Turn Offs

men who cant holda conversation
bitchy girls!!!!

YO! haha
Favorite Things
TV Show lots
Movies CANDY!
Music gyroscope
the beatles
elton john
the police
jack johnson
xavier rudd
ben harper

anything heavy, rock, indie, pop, country... i like everything..
Book Janet Evanovich
adena halpern
Quote dont have what you want , want what you have

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DOCTOR: big luscious titties
Willndowed: what an adorably cute yet extremely sexy girl you are...such a bright vivid smile and alluring eyes!
mikeb12345: hey hows it going??
metalheadrocker: Hey sexy girl.
mattmac: your pretty sexy yourself miss
BattousaiX20: No for you too, you fat ugly dike
monkey78: amazing smile
limegreen: oh mean ugh
limegreen: Oh, you wanna lick my ba-ginaaaaa?
Miss el naturalwink
Chaosnake: how you doing?
metalheadrocker: you remember me? How are you darling?
crazyboy1990: thanks for giving a yes back wink
IAmJacksColon: Oh, I'm pretty good, I'd say. No real complaints smile
Keep in touch!
IAmJacksColon: Hey there! It's been a long time... How are you?
the1bastard: pretty-qt.
shaun247: tease
SuperKal: muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur so sexiful
IAmJacksColon: Hey there! How have you been?! We haven't talked in a while...
limegreen: damn girl, ill lick urs for surewink
limegreen: lick my pussy zit
limegreen: yuh a kinky time in europe too please
limegreen: been in the bahama's for 6months now, did u come here for buttsex from me?
limegreen: haiiii prettygirl
howysrye: beautiful - simply beautiful
espanol: damn girl u r soo fuking fine! ur face is like perfect! yummi
dedalus86: beautiful!
monkey78: beautiful eyes, great smile
monkey78: beautiful eyes and smile!
spicaroo: its hummingbird
lookingforyou1083: I know what you mean about being in a relationship. I love being in a good relationship.
lookingforyou1083: I dunno, I didn't do anything wrong. She has some stuff she needs to deal with and evidently can't be with me while she figures it out. I understand and will be there for her but it still hurts.
lookingforyou1083: not too much, kinda bummed about a girl but its ok. otherwise just working hard. What about you, what you up to?
jaydot: whats up!
irishdave: Gorgeous
lookingforyou1083: hope you have a good ANZAC day. I'll drink some beers and flip a coin for you.
eddiebot: you left me a dirty comment and i just noticed it again
lookingforyou1083: absolutely awesome except my girl is gone until October :(
I miss the hell out of her but we write so it helps. I'm actually sort of planning a trip to your neck of the globe in the next year or so.
xSarahLovesYoux: i am gay dw
and ill wear my zebra number, just for you hunnywink haha
xSarahLovesYoux: i just deleted them all this afternoon because none of the pictures worked, cbf doing it again haha maybe soon
xSarahLovesYoux: VAGINA
LolKatie: I had 2 felony arrest warrants for my arrest, bth for "possesion of completed check/money order/casher check/travelors check with intent to defraud.: bs
LolKatie: ugh just got out of jail
LolKatie: More then welcome love redface
How're You?
xSarahLovesYoux: haha yay!
ill find a photo of his hot friend for you, see if u like himwink
you can be aunty andria
xSarahLovesYoux: well duh!
guess what? im seing daniel again on wed yay!
im seriously going to be so sad when he goes home :( haha will u come sit on the couch and eat icecream with me?
xSarahLovesYoux: nah its not weird, its just means now i get to be on top everytime i leave a comment..wooo!
xSarahLovesYoux: your profile tells lies, you are here for sex, dirty talking and getting naked on cam.
..or is that only for me?
xSarahLovesYoux: haha how have you pissed people off?
im not miss popularrrrrrr.
xSarahLovesYoux: since when did u have a fishie? haha
xSarahLovesYoux: haha well im glad you enjoy shitting.
i have to take fibre tablets, aparently panadeine forte makes u constipated, and i dont want that to happen haha
xSarahLovesYoux: you dont have a penis, so dont worry laugh
xSarahLovesYoux: yeah im okay, when i have lots of drugs in me. i can barely talk
xSarahLovesYoux: sarah is a sexy bitch
i love frapacino's!!! yummmmm
i like shoes!
love it.
p.s i had my tonsils out last nite, i got home from hospital today smile
Jeremy06: damn your a cutie
Jeremy06: damn your a cutie
linkinpark20: haha are u serious? wot made u call him that. hes a legend lol ill be down early this yr ill go carlton geelong and u can meet me there and well watch fev smash scarlett :P
linkinpark20: aww poor baby. noway carltons awesome. well even tho u dont like them i still love u aslong as ur not collingwood!
xSarahLovesYoux: aww what assholes!
xSarahLovesYoux: oh look who is number two!
sexy girl
n3bs: such a HOTTIE
Xdrummerboy: Top 10 :-o well done!!!
JustALilCrazy: hell yes id hit it
chiwoj85: so pretty!
osu123: beautiful!
JustMeSami: Hello girl!!! How are you? Long time no talk. Yeah my birthday was fine. Had the party a few nights early, but it was still good. You're looking pretty as always and those pix with Sarah, you girls have heaps of fun by the looks of things!
champ72397: thanx for the yes, ur a cutie
shaneptc23: you are soooooooo cute babygirl!
ozzieboi123: hey hun love your new pics, so gorgeous
lookingforyou1083: I have been wonderful as always. how about you?
snow052480: jesus those are some monster tits!
AiNoKea: You're gorgeous~!!!
Pieceman2008: Well its nice to meet ya Andria
Pieceman2008: Hi my name is Mike
xSarahLovesYoux: haha shut up miss melon jugs!
nuckerman: you mean besides the yeys, lips, smile, personality and breasts?... probably alot more which i just don't know about grinlol
nuckerman: i envy this scott, lucky bastage :P
MaGiCalMisSy18: you are so pretty!!!!!!!!
SuperKal: muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 4 u and if sarah reads this muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 4 u 2 sarah grinlol
hehe you 2 girls r the best on this site wink
SweetSmegy: aww dont say that!! im gonna stop every couple hours, goin to pet shop soon so will ask them!
mtmercydave06: Yep you got a shoutout wink
SweetSmegy: not to worry my lovely, max is stayin wit chloe as it is her cat and folopagus will be comin wit me!!!
mtmercydave06: You're the sexy one wink
g0dfather23: You look yum too wink
lookingforyou1083: going around filtering krill and being big would rock.
lookingforyou1083: I know about the fish, they have it sooooo easy too in my tanks anyway. dodging large predators doesn't seem like fun to me.
lookingforyou1083: It could work...
metalheadrocker: How's my hummingbird?
NaughtyBoy2468: such a naughty girl
BigMann6969: you are beautiful... Japanese restaurant huh??? do you speak and jap?? oname wa nan desu ka? .....
shakethatass4me: Cum Join our Group!

JustMeSami: ah fair enough. Good luck with the house.
JustMeSami: Yeah I've been ok. Uni was fine. Thankfully over for the year. Looks like I have heaps of work to do for next year to get better marks. Less internet maybe haha. Congrats on the house, where is it?
brodi1208: deal! sexes u up hardcore style
JustMeSami: Hello you. Haven't spoken to you in ages. How have you been?
aussieaaron: i miss u too..
xSarahLovesYoux: lol *hands u a tissue*
feel better now?
SuperKal: My stupid phone is not letting me message u :( and I'm in the shower right now :P whatcha doing?
no more bein a teenager for you :O hope you had a lovely day smile
SweetSmegy: happy birthday lovely.. thought i get u at every angle... sms, facebook and now here grinlol see how much i adore u!! hope u had a spendid day!!
AngelinCrimson: haha thats freaking sweet!
nobody111: Thanks for the comment come and chat sometime
Reaper2008: so gorgeous n amazing pics babe
AngelinCrimson: heck yeah i do. that thing is sweet!
dignam: how are ya sexy? what are u up to tonight?
danimal1024: haha tata!! smile
kirbyr: welcome gorgeous, i love all the new pics
xSarahLovesYoux: i hate loud chewing..
moaning when you eat

grrrrrr me too
lilTank: bring it on lol
lilTank: bring it on lol
sublime666: damn...youre a sexy little farm girl smile
solkid: you're such a hottie!
kidwonder4ya: you are gorgeous!
kidwonder4ya: your gorgeous! holla back
xSarahLovesYoux: haha i come on msn fo you and ur not on?
xSarahLovesYoux: i havent blocked you. im not on msn, it keeps fucking up and my antivirus is on now and it makes it uber slow. ill sign on when its done, its 95% done.
xSarahLovesYoux: hahahahahahah gaybo is a fucking funny word
i laughed out loud
xSarahLovesYoux: lesbian
got a gf?
xSarahLovesYoux: haha really?
is that so?
bdeuga: great smile!
captainzero: see good thing i was bringing my comp because i forgot my pants and had to go all the way back and get them! :P
bballer102005: you are def a cutie though
bballer102005: hmm i have no idea
SexAppeal12887: now is a wonderful time!! lol. you can add me if youd like. i have other photos
SexAppeal12887: thanks for the comment!! when you wanna take the lips for a test drive?
captainzero: i am on my way!! I just hope my computer power cord will stretch that far! :P
lookingforyou1083: that sucks you don't have any setup, this new one is still a ways out. I'm slowly retrofitting my 55gallon for it. The one I have up is just a 12, its too small :(
captainzero: look who's callin who sexy!! For a beautiful hottie like you, I'd walk to australia! :P
lookingforyou1083: I'm going with a small shoal of blue green chromis and a copper banded butterfly and maybe some kind of goby.
captainzero: thx 4 the yes hottie smile
lookingforyou1083: things are freaking awesome, I'm ass deep in a new aquarium project. you?
lookingforyou1083: you're my favorite Aussie by far.
tattooedbabe: lol thanks, your a babe hunny
xSarahLovesYoux: hahaha dont i know it.
cuffs and whips.
i know you bite and lick stuff off people haha
xSarahLovesYoux: ahaha i have a really long day tomorrow so i dont know..cbf!
xSarahLovesYoux: what?! why did u change it? looked really good!
xSarahLovesYoux: haha im not far from it, my hipbones just stick out, i dunno they are huge.
marcus messaged me..asking me to come over tomorrow nite haha
xSarahLovesYoux: *spank spank spank*
bad girl
xSarahLovesYoux: kinkyyyyyyy
spanking me
xSarahLovesYoux: o rly?
metalheadrocker: You are sexy in so many ways, but from what I read I love your mind! Thanks for taking the time to comment also.
chinaski: thanks for the yes and the add!biggrin
Nick1986: well . . . :P . . . some places are suffering from floods, like east gippsland
TravisJ: OMG It was So Awesome Talking To you Hun, Love You <3 See Ya Later
AceEnd21: Thank YOu very much.
xSarahLovesYoux: p.s aaron isnt better than me! haha he is equally as good!
xSarahLovesYoux: my pjswink ready for bed smile
im all snug in bed yay
convict10: Your getting better with age lol, hope things have been good to you, miss ya lol, but I am sure you don't miss me!!!
kirbyr: i can't help it, you're ridiculously perfect
natemish: lookin good
P3T3: sexy on the outside, beautiful on the inside, a definate yes
danimal1024: smile thanx for the photo comments! smile
oky5534: thanx fo yes honey
bigmanash: yeah.... message me.. <3
bigmanash: lol why
nawtydawwg: thanx for the vote;o)
Brokenbokken: don't play coy
you know its true
bigmanash: anjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
Brokenbokken: and you love it smile
just thinking about being a nasty lil slut for me excites you, don't lie
Brokenbokken: hows the dirty little slut been hm?
aussieaaron: we shoudl be sexy lovers then....
xSarahLovesYoux: you probably already have, you just grab what you like
xSarahLovesYoux: we make sexy time
xSarahLovesYoux: team.. my boobs are way bigger than andrias..she has nothing on me!
team: you have big boobs smile
mudvayne69: hey sexy ur a hottie
xSarahLovesYoux: Andria says:
i dont actually think thats possible

maybe she just pissed 12 times lol
dedalus86: fucking gorgeous!
xSarahLovesYoux: bring it, you, jess, me and that dildo...
xSarahLovesYoux: i want some lubed up fish, bitch!
JustALilCrazy: you better believe it!!!!! id totally HIT IT
lookingforyou1083: sweet, but lets use my place this time, your place smells of marsupials.
webb88: Hi Andria smile
xSarahLovesYoux: Hey thanks for the message, im okay, its been a hard few days, ive been really upset, im taking my second test tomorrow. ill wait and see how it goes, speak soon xx
automech7053: Thanks for the add!
bigmanash: its me.. grinlol
TravisJ: Really Gonna Miss Youuuuuuuuuu
TravisJ: I'll miss you my buddy
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end
TravisJ: Really gonna miss you
I know your going to that magic place
Singing you a brand new song
TravisJ: Really gonna miss you
Everything about you your smiling face
I know you want us all to be strong
TravisJ: In your finest hour I was there with you
And without you things wont be the same
But there's a higher power that we answer to
And you heard him calling your name
TravisJ: I Think Of This Song Everytime I Say Goodbye To You

Gonna be thinking about you (yes I am)

I'll miss you my buddy
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end
TravisJ: I Think About This Song EveryTime I Said Goodnight

Gonna be thinking about you (yes I am)

I'll miss you my buddy
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end

ozzieboi123: hey sexy 1, come on msn?
ThexJadedxSpawn: I'm leaving in a little bit to go up there Andi....hug
Thanx for being there for me smile
juggalohomie420: Your pretty hot.
neonrider: you are gorgeous and sexy
TravisJ: i really really enjoyed talking to you andria, your an awesome girl smile
lookingforyou1083: haha riiiiiight I'll get right on it after I'm done smuggling cocaine in from Mexico.
xSarahLovesYoux: haha yeah we were pretty drunk, i still have two drink cards at home..hrmm i dont remember, but it was oldish but good!
TravisJ: Wow Shes Gorgeous
lookingforyou1083: yeah sure, I'll just mail you a whole bunch of untaxed illegal liquor lol.
lookingforyou1083: moonshine is any homemade untaxed illegal liquor, its known for being really strong, I love it.
lookingforyou1083: camping rocks, that and I killed a fifth of moonshine on my own......
ThexJadedxSpawn: gnoc grinlol
ozzieboi123: i live in syd hey, thanks for the vote hun u look really sexy
do u have yahoo or msn?
lookingforyou1083: thats incredible, I'm very happy for you. I hope you get to save all kinds of furry animals.
ThexJadedxSpawn: moon was I in yours nooooooooo
lookingforyou1083: I'm not allowed to tell you half of what I have been doing, lol. I'm am doing great, how have you been?
ozzieboi123: hey how r ya?
love ur pics
where abouts in oz r u?
xSarahLovesYoux: BUSHINA....el naturale.
those big pom poms are just your pubes bursting out from your underpants haha
xSarahLovesYoux: ill have more photos when you send me the ones from that weekend with jess.
stabbedbygrace: your and funny.........great combo
xSarahLovesYoux: haha yeah shame about the hot accent! bastards.
ThexJadedxSpawn: victory Thats what you told me the other night pimp
ThexJadedxSpawn: Oh look who's online moon lol
ttpzjackson: you are very cute..
bigmanash: you are truly.. the most amazing girl ever.. smile
Think you better up date your profile, it still says you live with me and I'm still in your turn ons. I wish it was still true.
KillaCityKlown: ur hella sexy wuts up hit me back
lookingforyou1083: it has been gorgeous here as well
Shuaz: Oh wow, thanks for brightening my evening with such a gorgeous pic =), you're really beautiful
Shuaz: Oh wow, thanks for brightening my evening with such a gorgeous pic =), you're really
lookingforyou1083: I'm doing fabulous. how are you? what are you up too? I've been busy as hell.
lookingforyou1083: heya hot lips, whats cracking?
XSarahLovesYouX: hey pretty girl, tell me about your weekend. write to me smile
tHExjaDEDxspawn: moon...thats right, you've been mooned grinlol grinlol
sydneyguy1982: Hello there gorgeous Andria I just thought i would say hello and see how you are? Happy Easter smile
nine9inch: YES i would! what a beauty, you look incredible baby xox
chrisc4199: you have beautiful boobs. and i would like to touch them. alot.

FuckBuddy: total cutie
Xdrummerboy: get ur ass on msn??????!?!?!?!?!??!?!
hedlikeahole: wow
tj48066: hey gorgous i havent spoke to u in forever how have u been hun
KrAzYgUy: omg...australian women are so sexi

tj48066: hey sweetheart i miss u we dont talk anymore
ThexJadedxSpawn: You own me, I own you....
What an age we live in dance
jh82989: um i just think usin the messenger its easier but its koo and u look good by the way
blackheart16: im fine, thanks. smile
blackheart16: you're beautiful, how are you? grinlol
ThexJadedxSpawn: [bgcolor=#330066]
I am now owned by you...well you bought quality. grinlol
For you Andria..thanx hun..

Bor: im still here smile how are you dall?
Bor: ha dall got your comment thanks, sorry iv been on random hoildays and been hanging out with lots of crazy candians ... its been choice, Hope your well smile
Adevace: Thick Chicks are SEXZAY
GiovanniBoss1976: Congrats on the top 10 hug

I soooooooooooo would drool
lswisaun: You are SO SEXY!!!!!!
SweetSmegy: ya welcome, thank u grinlol
rayneinblood: thanks sweety, so are you smile
rayneinblood: your very beautiful
ThexJadedxSpawn: But I got word, he's not really gone...if he EVER comes back, you'd best bet he won't get near have my word...bringit
ThexJadedxSpawn: rAPtUrE1977: Damn Aussie has some tasty treats....oh and good food I'm sure...twisted

I mean c'mon who leaves comments like that..can't they throw people like him off..rofl
MikeRocksYouHardcore: That it does! I kind've want you in more ways than missionary!redface
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Makes me think of naughty things!!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Nice body bbygrinlol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Thanks for the add sweetheart
thenameisscot: Thanks for the yes beautiful!
nbaumgar: I miss talking to you! It's been ages! My MSN doesn't work on this somputer and my laptop is being fixed now! How have you been?? Do you happen to have aim??
nbaumgar: Hello pretty lady!smile
tj48066: im ok i suppose stressin about a speeding ticket and what not lol. but other then im ok. good im glad u too are doin alright. dont u still owe me some pictures just messing around but whats new though sweety?
rAPtUrE1977: Ahhh stop it, you're making me blush. Then again there's a lot of "body" functions you make me capable of...rofl
rAPtUrE1977: Damn Aussie has some tasty treats....oh and good food I'm sure...twisted
tj48066: hey sweetheart i havent talked to u in forever. how r u doing? what u been up too? how are u and that one guy?
lookingforyou1083: I know, I rock hard.
lookingforyou1083: This girl is the coolest Aussie ever.
webb88: Not really. hahaha How about you?
webb88: Shelby and I have been very good too!!! smile
webb88: How have you been?
JustMeSami: lol I don't look like shit either. OK I did today coz of the weather, but hey no pointing it out <3
JustMeSami: No my hair is naturally straight. I'm not lying.
ragingriver: hi baby you are such a hotty! just figured out how to use this site - and i can't wait till we meet up! xxx
webb88: Happy New Year to you, too!
buffdaddyy20: very sexy!!!
JustMeSami: Happy New Year babe <3
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
brunnyboy: Hey you! Smile! even if I'm not smiling right now I'm so happy! You have no idea how much you mean to me. Thank you so much for everything, I promise I will always be here for you.
brunnyboy: I miss you!!!!
redcorn71: wow - nice!
Volcomskater43: Whats up grinlol
ktm125: dam girl your fine
rAPtUrE1977: Check it out...someone's in the top 10...bow
Volcomskater43: Hey wave2
Brokenbokken: oh you love it
just keep being a dirty little slut for me
Brokenbokken: I own this naughty lil girl
onehotbitch69: hey hun i am lookin 4 new freinds would u want to yes 4 yes and add 4 add
HardcoreSteve79: just saying hi gorgeous
tj48066: wait what??? u didnt really finish what u where saying lol. so what u doing now?
tj48066: im sad u havent message me back or came back to talk to me..*sniff sniff*
lookingforyou1083: you're overshooting me by a little. I hope you're learning dutch....
lookingforyou1083: Sweet, so yeah better get moving North Carolina is a long way away.
Raphaelx: hehe well let me know if you do <3
tj48066: pssssh u think u can keep up with me?? good luck lol
Raphaelx: It was so amazing i hope ihave another one tonight hehe
Raphaelx: I sure did =D and it was amazing hehe
Raphaelx: So i just wanted to say i had some very nice dreams about you when i went to bed last night <3
Raphaelx: hehe and i like you too youre just to loveable not to like
Raphaelx: hehe id definatly cuddle with you and make you all mine =D
Raphaelx: hehe yes baby thats what im talking about..You know im loving every minute of this hehe <3..Gosh do i want you in more ways then one.
Raphaelx: Oh baby i love the way you move your hips now move up and do that on my face
Raphaelx: hehe sounds kinky and i like it..Lets get busy right now =D
Raphaelx: Oh i wouldnt wanna escape sexy trust me id be willing to stay in bed with you 24/7 <33
Raphaelx: hehe what can i say love i love when a girl rides my face =D..And come over and you can have me anytime you want me <3
Raphaelx: hehe well of course i am cause i know after i let you sit on my face youd be dying to do it again hehe
Raphaelx: Youre definatly right about that love but hey id be pleased and waiting for you to rock my world again..or you could lose cause of what i just did to you and how much im teasing you during our gameplay
Raphaelx: Sounds good to me hun but i say how about we just sex before we play and then after we play so that way either way we both win <3
Deaner17: thanks for the comment are lookin hot...we really need to talk some more...give me a shout back...ttyl babe...
Raphaelx: Oh and what would you like to bet on it?
Raphaelx: Oh wow it looks pink in the pic but i still wanna play it =D or better yet ill buy one too and we can play ours together =D <3
JustMeSami: Yay thank you for the sign. So awesome.
Deaner17: oooohhhh yeah are hot as hell...i usually dont leave people comments but i seen you and i had to leave you a babe after you read this you should check out my pro and tell me what you think of me...bye beautiful, jason
Raphaelx: Youre absolutly adorable hun and i wanna play your pink psp =D
webb88: I definitely dont know I am hot. Thanks though!!! :P
webb88: Thank you for the comment! :P I actually like that pic too, which is rare for me to admit about myself.
HardcoreSteve79: specifics please (lol)
HardcoreSteve79: oh i'm def fun. the question is whatcha want me to do to you?
HardcoreSteve79: you can join me and the g/f anyday
brunnyboy: I adore you, you make me smile so much! You mean the world to me my baby.
Brokenbokken: oh you will huh? And what exactly do you think you're going to taste hm?
Brokenbokken: Sweet? How would you know?
You havn't tasted me yet smile
Brokenbokken: maybe, but you got me beat smile
Brokenbokken: cute smile
JRP01980: tiphat You are very welcome! I hope you feel better and your icon will change! smile
JRP01980: tiphat Thank you for the "YES" vote! You are Very Beautiful!
hollowpomp: there might be.,. just not where you can see it :P haha
JustMeSami: hahaha you silly goose. Thanks for the piccie <3
HardcoreSteve79: thanks for the add cutie pie
JungEFungFung: I know
brunnyboy: My god! So sexy! I think I want you to be mine forever
GlendaleBear34: ummm..can i see you on cam?
GlendaleBear34: can i call you sexy too?
Bor: smileplease be happy dal smile
krazydro: wow you are gorgeous
nbaumgar: Hey hey hey!
kirbyr: that's awsome, because you are perfection
kirbyr: i like u too, an really wish u were mine
kirbyr: you are the hottest and most perfect girl ever
XSarahLovesYouX: haha lil miss mullet, thats mesmile
brunnyboy: Babe I love you so much! Hope your day gets better! I'll talk to you tonight. Wish me luck too
dedalus86: gorgeous!
tj48066: mmmmm no way your sexy
touchmywhat: lol suuuuure i belive the naughty magazine thing but thats about it :P
touchmywhat: lmao @ the lotr thingy in ur profile and no one is as messy as me bwahahaha i have a skill for making my eyes follow ppl in photos aswell hehehe
touchmywhat: ty for the MMMmmmMMM here is one back wink MMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm
tj48066: hey andria whats up... how u been cutie?? give me a shout out girl i miss ya
nbaumgar: Hey hey hey!!
brunnyboy: Hey Bub just letting you know I have the Net working in my room. I'm on a break now, had a good Morning/Afternoon session. Most of all I wanted to tell you I adore you and love you more than anything! Talk to you later babe I miss you. Hope your having a
JohnnyBoy1019: thanks for the comment, beautiful....i wish i wasnt poor and had a cam so i could add more :(
eddiebot: sounds good biggrin
now that you mention it....i believe i made my 20 posts didnt i?
eddiebot: hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
nbaumgar: It's true! Although, the sting rays in the tank were pretty f'in cool too!!
nbaumgar: I saw that you want to be a marine biologist. I just went to the zoo today. At this one they have a killer shark tanksmile I took some fun picturessmile
oughtabea: YOu are fantastic to look at!
brunnyboy: Your Perfect! I adore you but you already know that! I'll miss you so much but I'll see you very soon after I'm back from NZ
brunnyboy: I squirted on you?? Can't wait until you do that back to me!!
nbaumgar: What are you up to!?
nbaumgar: What are you up to!?
nbaumgar: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy
CaNdifLiPpIN: i think ill buy some too...
JohnnyBoy1019: thanks beautiful smile
Adam222: hey whats up msg me if you wanna chat
Bor: look whos gourgess then smile
nbaumgar: Hey!
firesquad911: whats up, i have tooo say you are amazing. your beuty is like heavin sent. you take amazing pics. i hope you have a happy and safe holiday
nbaumgar: :P
crackedpelican: Fantastic pictures you have!
youprettything: thanks so much for the commentsgrinlol
Bor: i dont think there is anyone hottier than andria smile
munchy1981: hey whats up i just signed up for this thing soo just looking for friends on here soo feel free to add me
nbaumgar: Fun stuff. I'm just about to go to bed...I'm sleeeeepy. By the way, thanks for the addsmile I'm sorry I don't have a salute. If you doubt my "realness" i can show it to you on my webcam thingy...but it stays g-rated!:P Anyhoo. I'm off. GOod nigh
nbaumgar: What are you up to tonight?
nbaumgar: ha ha ha! I love your LotR "movie"!!!
bizley: sonic youth??i love them
VivaHate: yoooooooure beautiful smile
Bor: YEAH Go MY Sexxy LOver smile
kasperflipped: your fucking hot, simpel as that
speedy36: thks for the add! did u get the bbs? i would send more but i am new to this site!
sexymissyloveyou: are u fat u look it
agent1: wow!!! you look great!! so prettygrinlolgrinlol damn sexy hehe got my yes (you know that already hehe) wanna talk? msn? yahoo??
borntoride: hello there want to chat or send me your username on msn or yahoo hope we can chat soon xx
cleptoe1: very fine!!!
cleptoe1: very fine!!!
kasperflipped: HAHAH that lord of the rings thing is teh best thing i have ever seen!!
BrunnyJ: How did you get so lucky??? It's not luck, this is fate. Your everything I've ever asked for! I get the feeling I get granted a wish and you magically popped up.
junski6: Wow, you have sexy eyes and a great smile. You are like an ANGEL from HEAVEN... You have my vote.
BrunnyJ: Thank you so much my girl!! I had a spring in my strp today because of you and your towel!! I think your so beautiful and sexy, not sure how you have made me want you so bad but I like it!! Your what i think about 99% of the time, the other 1% is about wh
JustMeSami: hahaha how did you know we were a match though? =P
JustMeSami: ahhh little Miss Matchmaker are ya? awwww thanks cutie. Appreciate it!
JustMeSami: You and Jamie already seem like a couple, it's so cute. haha me and Andy, I totally wasn't expecting that. I got a message that someone wants me and I blushed. It was too cute. He's too cute. awwww. Shut up Sami lol.
Musictothemike: wink
JustMeSami: hahahaha yeah that was heaps fun. My sleep was great thanks! We should do that again. And I honestly didn't care what Jamie said, it was all in fun. And he's cute haha.
Musictothemike: Well hello gorgeous smile
webb88: Thanks for the comments.
mrdouchebag: No worries babe. Thanks though .wink
Xdrummerboy: missing you

will be home soon

im know you wont be waiting but i still love you
SuperStaticAddict: MY
SuperStaticAddict: SUck
SuperStaticAddict: cuz ur bein mean
SuperStaticAddict: u never wanna talk anymore, not my fault
SuperStaticAddict: sure, take me outta your shout outs, i see how it is girl
JustMeSami: Mine hides them in the backyard and if you get close you'll know. She's evil that way.
JustMeSami: haha thanks for the photo comment. Yeah she's been a terror the last couple of days thanks to her new bone.
kasperflipped: hey andria, im bored, your looking good
menace2006: absolutely gorgous
GlendaleBear34: im not too bad..u have any messenegers?
GlendaleBear34: hey gorgeouss..whats goin onnn???gonna hit me backk righttt..ill be waiting smile
XSarahLovesYouX: LOL i should change the title of the photo to chloe then everyone will look stupid haha! i swear that comment about the fish cracked me up so much!
XSarahLovesYouX: lol she is a girl and her name is chloe but everyones calling it a boy haha
XSarahLovesYouX: aaaaaaaaaahahahahaha that comment about my puppy seing a fish cracked me up!
thebluemongoose: so sexy!!
Rapture1977: From us at ^^THe Harem Haven^^ happy birthday!
XSarahLovesYouX: hopefully you come on, on sunday..
Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl!
dedalus86: gorgeous!
Cillian: you're very sexy and i love your taste in music
kasperflipped: hey woman, its nearly november yay, i think i should be in your turn ons list BAHAHHAHA, have a great day
howaboutyou2: pretty smile
Bor: BOOsmile

Hi sexxy smile
cmoney2k6: u def. got me humming
byanymeans: you are by far one of the sexiest girls on here
brett8403: sexc
HateRabbit: pretty smile thanks for the yes
xXGINGERXx: You are such a doll, an absolute sweetheart. Your babies are precious!
jayjay1973: im curvy, pick me, pick me .lol thx 4 ur vote sweetie. mwah
mark17: hey thanx for the yes, wow your really hot!
stdsROCK: bahaha
im not really a farmer
i just love my bummy flanny!
XSarahLovesYouX: haha your awesome.
XSarahLovesYouX: LOL your from switzerland? fancy stuff.
Scottman00: Wow you are amazingly beautiful! Your so pretty its crazy. Anyways Im sure you get that everyday. I would love to chat though can I have your msn or yahoo?? Thanks in advance smile
Creampuff007: Aww thank you. smile
You're very prett yourself, plus I love your profile!
I love animals, and all that. smile They're my life. smilesmile
sleepyhead246: a no?!

look in the mirror love
XSarahLovesYouX: still cant :( haha awww
XSarahLovesYouX: i didnt see the photo hehe
brett8403: sexc
dedalus86: gorgeous!
gman99: thanks for the picture comment
SuperStaticAddict: how did u rrating get so high babbbbbbbby
SuperStaticAddict: cuervo, i wasnt yelling i was highliting boo
SuperStaticAddict: yeah ive drank some ez street from my HOME city, and some tequila and PEPSI JOSE CUREVO BABE
SuperStaticAddict: u gotta 100 percennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
nnnt im drunkkkkkkkk and i wanted 2 show some love, playgirl
roadvirus67: definately!
roadvirus67: haha but what about your boyfriend?
roadvirus67: heck yes you can be my servant. what wont you do is all i need too know. <3
roadvirus67: heck yes you can be my servant. what wont you do is all i need too know. <3
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
jason05: YES I WILL
jason05: YES I WILL
lilfucker: haha thnx and np babe
lilfucker: yay! lol your cute and um..nice rack:P
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: that is def a gorgous smile and a sexy body!
brett8403: sexc
XSarahLovesYouX: yay, im pumped smile
XSarahLovesYouX: haha he can just be a fart. miss 100% of hotness smile nice workwink
XSarahLovesYouX: yay, dont worry, not long till your and old fart too hunny bunny.
XSarahLovesYouX: haha your so cute smile
sergeantcracker: if they do then they don't say anything haha weee..bah im tired i should be sleeping
sergeantcracker: haha well @ least someone likes them smile
sergeantcracker: haha thanks smile. i try. what are you up to?
kasperflipped: im insanely bored, entertain me PLEASSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
jagpete: thanks gorgous i YESed you cos i love your pics n profile
x pete
StupidEmoSkaterKid: boobs sorry tho, i had to.
Mikeeeee: Haha, you got msn?
Mikeeeee: do me.
KingSlacker: Whee! Thx for the yes. smile
Mikeeeee: nothing really, getting ready for work =/ haha
Mikeeeee: def cute. smile
SuperStaticAddict: why do you ignor me?
miCHeAnae: Kay sweetie! :]
com. :P
miCHeAnae: Well he was threatening me with that gay "If you break up with me then I may not be here anymore..I might hurt myself" crap so yeah lol. Do you have msn?
miCHeAnae: Awe, you're so sweet, hun. :] But you're way prettier. <33 I'm great except for the fallout that I had w/ the bf but I think it's okay now so I'll live. :]] xoxo
CrombIEboY17: hey thanks for the yes!
miCHeAnae: Hey gorgeous girrrrl.
How're you?
teadybearofthenation: ty for the yes sweetie
aceswildtru: Thanks for the photo comment, hot stuff! smile
sergeantcracker: thanks for the add Andria smile
caomhin2: thankyou for the yes grinlol gave you one back gorgeous. xxx
JJizzle: u r damn sexy babe
sergeantcracker: Thanks for the vote Andria hope you're doing well this morning have a great day
howysrye: very pretty
frenchkid: aww im i to late to say your a godess
Baseball247: damn you are lookin sexy!!!
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha vote grinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlol<3
touchmywhat: hey thanks for the comments
mpower1506: thx 4 the yes hottie grinlol love yr smile grinlol
destinedsuccess: that's way depressing, i'm so sorry, if you come stay the night with me i'll give you some
destinedsuccess: you have no dr. pepper?!
EgYptSHUNBrwNEyes: hey lovin ya pics ma, cute lil ausie girl ;-) thnx for the yes too, stay cool Pe@cE
collegeguy84: you are so sexy
HawthorneHornet: thanks for the yes pretty miss
AussieBloke: well lets meet up and shag haha
hckyrob: ur cute!!
kasperflipped: hi um bye, hot hot hot
sweetnyss79: Ain't nothin wrong with being and feeling sexy girl! WORK IT!!
greeko2000: thanx for the vote sexxy
giggles21: t/y for the yes babe wink
Xdrummerboy: hahah thought you had a comment from some1 special didnt ya!!
webb88: Naughty? Me? Naaaaaaaaah. I dont know what you are talking about. :P haha
sydneyguy1982: Aww thank you very much for the yes flowers you sound like one very sweet lady who loves to have fun and I see you are from Aus as well so you definetly receive a YES from me Andria smile
roadvirus67: np about the yes. i meant it!
WhatWishesAreMadeOf: yw
firefighterpa280: hello i was just going threw these pics and came accross yours.. i have too say you are very pretty.. you look amazing so i voted yes and hope for the same.. you take care
brett8403: sexc
NaughtyAndNice: you're quite welcome..and thank you too biggrin
lookingforyou1083: oh well dark red I can deal with, black is eh.
MoOre1966: yup
Kayne985: So beautiful!!!
mindlessidiot314: thanks so are you
GunslingerOH8: Darn cute and a great smile
nem01: thnks for the yess. grinlol same too u grinlol
forevereverlasting: yes they do
lookingforyou1083: you're awesome, I love talking to you.
XSarahLovesYouX: i just read your whole profile.
its long.
but interesting.
xbigdx: lifes been a roller coaster but i love rollercoasters so pretty good
xbigdx: hey long time no talk to
Xdrummerboy: hehe cant wait too.. im gonna wash my head so hard so its not smelly :P then no more smelly head :( :P
lookingforyou1083: you're my favorite person on here to talk to. Just thought I'd let you know, you rock.
Kcin75: Hey babe thanx for the're pretty sexy yourself!
lookingforyou1083: good thing they weren't hurt but I would have killed to see that
lookingforyou1083: sweet, so have you ever seen a dog unlatch and open a door before. I have it was the coolest thingI have ever seen.
lookingforyou1083: only if you promise to giggle like a school girl when I do charm you.
lookingforyou1083: thankyou thankyou, for my next trick I plan on charming you with witty conversation.
lookingforyou1083: oh don't worry I'm awesome.
jamesk: thanx for the yes
notyourstarxxx: well thank you smile and you're welcome
webb88: As I was scrolling down through your comments here, I noticed that not only did you spice up my comment section, but you also did your own! *impressed* You never cease to amaze me, hun. hehehe
webb88: I resent that comment on your profile about there being no nice guys!!! :P
ShadowPrince: well how could i give a no to such a gorgeous girl like urself? wink
ShadowPrince: well how could i give a no to such a gorgeous girl like urself? wink
ByondParadise21: thanx for the yes pretty girl...I love your smile smile
kasperflipped: hi there stranger danger, whats been happening?!?! anyways have a rad day
trent smile add me to msn if youve got it smilesmile kasperflipped@hotmail.c
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
Quvack: awwww thnx for ur comment grinlol mwah! how are u?
rofflecopter: i miss you.
Humingbird: wow
Xdrummerboy: so yeah
sugab29: How was youre weekend sexy?
sugab29: How are you doing sexy?
sugab29: how are you doing?
travis279: hey addme to msn we can have some fun smile
BrokenANGEL05: hey love!!! iloveyou lol *muah*
theboogieman316: wow you are very sexy here is a yes for you
Anything2PleaseU: Wow, your a very pretty girl! I would love to Yes4Yes?
Xdrummerboy: taken the pics down smile
Hit Me Back Whenever You Can Girl!!!!
xXTaraxX: i miss you ugh
bassplayer: A VERY MERY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! i hope all has been well for you lately! have fun!
Xdrummerboy: missin you babe!!!!!! im so jealous you got to go to greenday but i love ya so its ok :P hope u can get on soon
mickens10: drummerboy needs to back off cause im gonna end up marrying this girls some day!!
xXTaraxX: mmk.. so im not good at doing this.. but ima give it my best go..
I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU... n ima die with out you.. your my main gurl.. you should know this.. im sick, and i was angry to hear that you didnt come to me when you where upset about som
DopeyJaz69: Mmmmmmm ur really sooo sexy as smokin Mmmmmm wut a nice pics hunn
Undefined: i want this girls pussy
mrpickle: if you message me with your MSN or yahoo name, we can chat more. grinlol
mrpickle: thanks! smile care to chat sometime? i promise to behave...unless you ask me to be naughty. wink
mrpickle: you're so beautiful! biggrin never hesitate to stop by my profile and say hi sometime. wave2
steelerjoe: what's your yahoo screenname love
Hey sweety, i love the new defult!! Im so glad you n Craig are gettin along well wink ill see you around the fourms mmk hug
Wherearemyshoes: Luvin the new defalt! Very Hot!
stephanie469: very cute and got my yes----add me please
steelerjoe: hey hun, it's joe
rofflecopter: i love you
JVSocclax: Can't wait until you had pics smile
aslanthelion: wow!! you just keep gettin sexier and sexier... keep it up babe! drool
rofflecopter: i like your new picture its very hot baby, love you.
steelerjoe: you are soooooo hot!!!!
sirbustalot: how that sound sexy
sirbustalot: that is prefect for me sexy i will do what ever u want sexy
phillycityboy: love what your wearing, so sexy and hot

sirbustalot: when can i hit that u sexy ass hit me back asap
xbigdx: the pics are tyte smile keep it real
mebrown32003: Thanx for the yes I love your smile
duffmanabk: mmmm damn i love red head would love to see more hun
bigjohn37813: you are very welcome.. and thanks for the wonderful comment... made my day
bigjohn37813: you are very pretty. thanks for the add!
InternetBummer: You're extremely sexy! You should hit me up on AIM at InternetBummer. Hope to talk to you soon! : )
forphuxake: aww thnx u hav an awesum smile 2!
msu5moose: Smokin' Hot
norcalesm: gorgeous,
trickynicki: thank you for the yes. youre a very pretty girl and your smile is just awesome. smile have a good day
JustOneLife: wanna watch me on cam
schmevie: thanks for the yes smile
Undefined: yeah i have a spot for it, right in your ass
peacer88: great body sexy love to see more of it
kasperflipped: Ahoy there fellow aussie, your quite the cutie!! Keep the pics coming they made my crappy work day much more bearable smilesmile
rofflecopter: eh computer problems :(
monkey78: WOW! and an awesome smile as well!
charlestonartboy: thank you for the anatomical comp. ;-) when you're ready to send a few topless pix, my email is: artboyincharleston@yaho *slaps self, so you don't have to* :-P
BboiELIte: wow girl, u have such a beautiful face.
JoannaMignon: i have no idea who you are....but i take my corgi EVERYWHERE too! lol. they are the best dogs ever...hands down.
mindsXcure: so youre the chick staying at keiths eh. hope youre lookin after him real good wink
charlestonartboy: *VERY* yes. grinlol
spanky857: very attractive! killer persoanlity! unique! and confedence is always a + in my book, great taste in music ya got my vote for sure
Xdrummerboy: good you stupid little bitch
aussiesexgod: very beautiful.
robbieaussie: hey thanx for the yes! can i add u on msn is that alright??
Jigger: sexy .. n from aus! rate us sum time gorjuz! ciao
a32154: So then cum do things SEXY!
bigddiper5: hey sexy wow ur soo gorgeous!! im matt im 17 i skate,surf,snowboard and LOVE giving girls pleasure rate me baby n hit me bac so we can get to no eachother betterwink
rofflecopter: hottie mchotterson!
rofflecopter: that works why don't you say hi on msn
rofflecopter: come give me a hug?
voodoochickness: VERY PRETTY XOXOXOX
sirlaidalot: im good hun what are you up to today?
salaso: hey pretty, how r usmile
sirlaidalot: hey sexy how are you?
steponmyknee2244: Your pup is soo cute
steponmyknee2244: Your pup is soo cute
Xdrummerboy: your so sexy drool
mruneek: ty for the yes.. and you are hot.too...
TexasTakeover: You look amazing, id definately hit it, i gave you a yes

My heart beats for you
Mathew4444: ahh I just saw the dog in your profile .. Made me laugh.. I like that. There is a code in my profile you might like. its for coler. Its were my yahoo name should be.. just copy it and paste it in your profile make sure you take out the (.) they are just t
Good Morning.
Xdrummerboy: no wonder my heart has never felt
as safe as it can be
Oh humingbird humingbird
i wish you could see
that i will always be here for you
from now till eternity
Xdrummerboy: hehe that is so cute babe,,,, i wrote u a poem
Oh humingbird humingbird
ur a crystal in the sea
when sunlight hits ur face
you sparkle from there to me
Oh humingbird humingbird
ur so sweet as can be
no wonder my heart has never felt
as safe as it
dcxskater02: wink welcome babe
dcxskater02: hey there,...very hotsmile
Xdrummerboy: you are the strength
that keeps me walking
you are the hope
that keeps me trusting
you are the life
to my soul
you are my purpose
you're everything
Xdrummerboy: goodnight beautiful.. hope ur having the most sweetest dreams ever......of me grinlol i luv you
Xdrummerboy: i luv you for you too baby... u are amazing im so happy being yours
nick06: hey thanks, yes'd and added, where bout in aus u from, melb here...
Mathew4444: Thank You
Xdrummerboy: i missed u so much babe.. hope u feel rested up cause im gonna tackle ya when i get there :P i wuv you!!
SniprKlr: lol glad you like it :P thanks hehe.. I was trying for the lewest rating but I seemed to have failed lol :P Rockon girl! :P
troublewitboyz05: Thanx for the comment! You are super pretty
bourbondownunderman: hey there..thanx 4 the yes...feel free 2 send me a msg anytime
Xdrummerboy: i'll take care of your heart with special care, like a flower on a windy day i will sheild u from all.. i love you
Xdrummerboy: your my number 1 my heart n soul my everything.. miss u baby ......luv from ur Sticky Dick
Fancytoad444: Thank You sweet heart
Fancytoad444: This is my new profile would you be a sweety and rate me.. I give you a "Hell Yes" You are very pretty
Xdrummerboy: hehe i miss you too honeybutt.. more than u know smile wuv u lots ur sticky dick
Xdrummerboy: just wanted to leave a comment to make you smile grinlol i hope it worked!! if not.. then i'll go live with the animals in the wild in shame :P
Xdrummerboy: aww baby you blow my mind too, im so glad to have met such a beautiful sexy person like you.. hehe i cant wait either, the puppy can be our love child lol i luv u honeybutt 4ever n always ur stickydick <3
Xdrummerboy: Goodmorning Honeybutt!!! days are so much better when i have u to start the day with xoxo

Brent1981: ur a damn hottie I'd lick you from head to toe like a lollipop
GiantJay: Man, you're quick! I just posted those. By the way, you're freaking HOT! I love your smile!
kinkaliciousk869: aw thanks but ur very gorgeouS!
kinkaliciousk869: aw hun thanks for tha yes! i think ur pritty cute!! redheads r hot:P
aceswildtru: Nice pictures, you look great! grinlol
Xdrummerboy: ahhhhhhh i miss you!!!! <3!!!

dyslexic: hey sexy
Kcin75: your looking damn good yourself sweetheart!
rofflecopter: you rock baby.
Xdrummerboy: hehehe u dont have to rephrase that honeybutt, i liked the sound of that :P
Xdrummerboy: hehe hey honeybutt.. ur so freakin sexy :P
Xdrummerboy: hehe i think ur right... he reckons he aint gay but i can smell it from here lol... mwaaaaaaaaaaaa hope u have a great day.. Stickydick <3
LittleD82: Thank you very much sweetie-you're AMAZING yourself!
rofflecopter: hey good looking what you got cooking! hope you enjoyed earlier!
ShelbyZ: Thanks for the yes!!!!!!!!!!!
repoman42003: Thanks for the yes Gorgeous!!!! Comment me back sometime
CannonCrew: lol,nah im just kiddin.if i actually had that much bad luck,id never get a girl,heh is it true what they say bout natural blondes ?...=)
CannonCrew: yeah o.k.,wutch you've been smokin ? heh heh,jk.please tell me you werent blonde either,got even worse luck with 'em,lol...=)
Xdrummerboy: honeybutt... ur so sexy!! *LICKS*
kySlippery: On of the most truly sweet, funny, sexy girls out there. The complete package, and so fun to talk to. This one should get everyone's yes.
kaosfallenangel: you my dear are very beautiful and your welcome for the yes ttys muah.......
CannonCrew: something like that.i think your beautiful,just got bad luck with how yuh doin ?
Xdrummerboy: Your most welcome honeybutt!! :P thats ur new nick name if u dont mind :P
troublewitboyz05: You are really pretty! Thanx for the yes right back at ya
CannonCrew: Hey,how yuh doin ? Red head,huh,heh heh.later...=)
Xdrummerboy: thanks for the yes grinlol Your gorgeous, best smile on wyht!
Caustic16zMami: you are very welcome and thank you as well *muahz* keep stayin beautiful wink
-hugs and kisses-
nanner8bubblez: awww your so pretty smile thanks for the yes hun!
MooreCherryz: hiya my yes for ya!
thereaperdeath: great smile!
thereaperdeath: great smile!
kySlippery: Simply beautiful, thanks for the yes hun, stay cute.
roryx: u r gr8, you welcum.!!
aslanthelion: thanks for the yes sexy! mind if i add you to msn?
Morphieshobbit: Thanks for the vote, right back at you
johnnylegend: pretty smile
rofflecopter: aww your cute
MrBad: nice pics.. nice sile.. im sayin yes smile
Josh13: WOW!! your really hot your self... you should add me to msn....
licketyspank: thanks ur pretty fuckin hot urself

Thank You Alea You are the best
Undefined: you make me sweat, you make me hard, you make my knees weak, you make me wanna jerk
AFIGENE: Of course I'd vote yes for you! You're amazing! Check my pics and profile out and I'd hope you'd vote the same! *kiss*
SULLMAN5: you're beautiful, don't have sex until you're married
soregonmale: Just one word... Beautiful!!! grinlol
EightBallManager: Alea!hugflowers
webb88: You may get the car, but it'll be worth it. And just for the record, I am always lucky. haha
webb88: Or maybe one of the other things we talked about. tongue
webb88: You can have my car, but its gonna cost ya! wink haha
Undefined: i'll rock u that way and then the other way, sound good?
crifer: damn ur hott?
crifer: damn ur hott?
BrokenANGEL05: aww thanks alea iloveyou hehe
vincent: You're really pretty! Nice smile!
gottico2: gorgeous smile..its totally captivating
punkmonk3y: **tongues you** andria can i eat you? haha xx
plumfierce69: you are only across the ocean from me...maybe i come there sometime i get leave...i was planning a trip this year
plumfierce69: yeah i could use one right now...i got some pent up aggression i need to take out
plumfierce69: my job doesnt allow me to have time for women
plumfierce69: that i am..very single..havent had a gf in like 2 years
plumfierce69: just know i can do magical things with my tounge and
plumfierce69: a should see what else i
plumfierce69: no problem...i always like adding sexy girls
ruckingfetard: Thanx for the nice words but like I said, I don't put too much stock in this place. I just put my pic up so I could make comments (not nasty ones, well maybe some).
ruckingfetard: BTW; funny emoticons.
ruckingfetard: Okay; I apologize for my venom too. I did get pissed by your friend's attitude tho'. I got 24%; am I bitching about it? It's not any kind of deal but it's sad how some people take it to heart.
ruckingfetard: Cute but I see you're another shithead too. Enjoy my ignore, ass.
mauler1: pretty damn hot!!!
Heithotto: you are domn hott too gurl!! thanks for the comment!!
icopeandrew: Sexy by far and Australia is so cool. Wish I was in Australia
eduardo83: god damn ur beautiful girl
have a nice day
ironside: hi sexy cant wait to spank your ass lol you been a bad lil girl
Reedkenn: interesting!
BornLikeThis: hey smile i've been fine...just working early so i just plain never see you online anymore! miss talking to you xoxo
markr1981: i got just one word YUM
mantastic: thanks for the comment baby, youre pretty hot yourself!! wink hope you have a good day, ill talk to you later sweetheart
zachrob6: ok i added u sexy. love your profile.
zachrob6: yum. you gotta love this smokin hot beauty.
imthebigdoggnow: ty for the yes and the add sexy
MoonMist: ur totally hott.. <3
neogeo: hey thanks alot for the comment, you are absolutely gorgeous. feel free to add me on msn or yahoo if you have it
jlbj1979: thanks for the vote ,very extremely cute girl ,hit me up
EightBallManager: Aleaflowers
EightBallManager: Thanks Fah Tha Comment Sweetiehug
imjoshNya: just got ur comment, ur lookin pretty hot urself!!!
Asylamer: You're a cutie, don't let that ^ chick bother ya!
McZman9: Hey americanbiotch420, you call Alea fat????? Dude i'm fat and you need to eat. She's a sexy sweetheart and you look like a fucking skank crackhead. puke LMAO
americanhottie420: oh really bitch and what thats saposed to mean and ye amaybe i do hate myself but its ok cuz i can acually get a bf un like u. no guys ganna even look at u cuz ur so fat. and 2nd if they do like u its probly b/c there eather fat ot ugly as hell and thats
americanhottie420: i dont see y anyone would want to give u a yes ur fucking fat and ugly U FUCKING PENNY WHORE!!!
sunnyd: well thank you hunny, you're a sexy lady yourself!
orangedrink: lovely smile Alea
BornLikeThis: haha we can fuk anytime you like! So long as you bring some smokes for after wink
BamaBabie: you are so0o effin awsome! and not to mention georgous! xoxo
mufan: thanks - you are awesomesmile
BornLikeThis: hey sexy lover! hows life?? wink
slutvomit: Awwe thank you. Your are prettiful lol Amazing eyes smile
BrokenANGEL05: thank you beautiful!!! heartthrobxxx

BrokenANGEL05: awww alea i think you are absolutely gorgeous and any person would be so lucky to have you!!! <333 i added you love hope you do the same
KingDingo212: thanks hun... you too! =P
triggs: mmmm mmmmm mmmmm that smile will make a man..... i think everyone knows
ShtHappens11: sexyyy mama
Humingbird: ^^^^woohoo^^^^
IM4U2TEASE: i am on cam
IM4U2TEASE: im not teasin...... i really am naked
IM4U2TEASE: my pants are off now......... iim completely naked. im waiting for you
Dargo: You are adorable and a sweetheart! Gorgeous smile, just dont smile when spanking me mistress humingbird wink
Calicajun22: SEXY!!!!!!! I wanna go down under..
penguinbaby2004: hey, sweetie! you seem like a really great girl too.. and i can see we share love for jamie.. see you in the group sweetie
Humingbird: i saw the upper hand live last nyt with von hider and first time hookers ne1 from aus plz support these guys there unreal xoxoxoxo

BornLikeThis: thanks very much! talk to ya later smile xx
danielslostsoul: pretty good.. and you?
Sk8rPunk16: My rating sucks .... im ugly ... thats why ... grrrrr!!
Sk8rPunk16: No no no .. im not gorgeouse .. i dont even know why im up on this site ... im ugly like shit.
shadowman: sexy mamma
dyslexic: o boy i want to c so bad
dyslexic: ur hottie ur such a beutifal girl do u have aim, and do u have a web cam
dyslexic: hye hottie
tinagirl32: aww that's so sweet! thanks hun! <3
BrokenANGEL05: awww that was so are the sexy one i'm afraid hotstuff
Nothingman: Damm darling u are too fine!
Fortius189: hitit
Brittafly: Thanks for the comment Sweetie!Your so sweet!!!smile
dwhitrow: u pretty dam sexy yerself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thegreattacoman: hey thanks for the vote, your drop dead sexy too..........
if u were here i think you'd be like uh we just got done 15 min ago enough all ready lol....
tee4: i would definatly hit it with u anytime. ur hot as
dyslexic: thanks hottie have a good night of sleep
dyslexic: thanks baby we should chat sometime u have a web cam? will u add me
dyslexic: hey gergous
jesterz84: your so hot i would hit it when ever i had the chance
Dalejrlookalike: thx for the comment!!u seem 2 be funny and sweet and thats a plus and ur hella cute!!!smile
mrmicah: soo hot you get me the way...thanks for last night wink
christie079: very welcome, you are very beautiful! *muah!*
NoFriends69: damn u r so sexy girl...i jus wana take u 2 bed n give u wat i was meant 2 give u...
ginuwine4real99: Thats whats up.Your so welcome, thanks for the luv and compliemnts your hella sexii to.
SexyMe420XXX: awww thanks babe your sexy too!
BornLikeThis: VERY HOT! smile
mhatty: cheers smile
shawny: gidday lov damm ur r fine! u no u should cum 2 New Zealand n stay wif me! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
yippyio312: hey u r really cute smile
yippyio312: hey u r really cute smile
aussiechick1987: Very beautiful.
voodoochickness: A REAL STUNNING ANGEL XOXOXOXOXOXOX you are breathtaking XOXOXOXOXOX
cowgirl87: real Hott!
thanks for the comment sweetheart! *muah*
blueeyedmatt: mmmmm, yes I would. you are amazing...very nice smile
nakdmoose: hi beautiful. You're as sweet as you are gorgeous. Come on over for a visit anytime :-)
supergee19: Hot Mama Sita
LordKapshaw: yeah that's right i'm the biggest snob on this site.
LordKapshaw: i try to keep things lite. still don't quite understand how you know me? do you know mr gerchov?
LordKapshaw: yo! i know i'm funny as hell. how did you find out about me??? i know i'm quite the lady's man but i really don't remember you.
HottieDude: hey baby its been great talking to u
Raaz: Thanks for the awesome comment, lookin good yourself :P
Humingbird: thanku hehe mwa kisez oxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox
funkycoffee: Hey, you are sexy as hell, one of the best here.
fitzy: like the last half of your turn ons wink
Pogwaq: Yeah, kinda didn't know what to write there. Thanks for the compliment by the way. smile You're cute, love your smile.
MattShadows: sexy
AussieJoel: thanks for the comment beautiful
PoopOfDoom: thank you.
AmerikanIdiot: Thank you for your comment, Cutie. wink smile
shawny: 2 answer ur question. i will b havn twinz, grandma died so yea!
ItchinMyBallz420: thanks for popping my coment cherry... your prety cute
shawny: dammm gurl u no ur fine! wink
shawny: dammmm girl u no ur fine!!! wink
cheapbikerider: lol good comment. thank you. you look pretty grinlol
hopelessromantic87: thanks =)
blam: Great pics. I'd hit it!
Humingbird: that rainbow is pretty lol
SalaciousGrandma: LOOKATTHERAINBOW!!!heartthrob
danielslostsoul: hehe *hugs*
c0mfrtablynumb: Thanks for the comment..right back atcha hotstuff <3
burtmuh: hey, you're a hottie! take care
clbjames: your still a cutie
hellboundslayer5150: lol cute
yea it is
Humingbird: hahaha thanks guys ur sweet that made me smile mmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwwwwaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaa hehe
ego: i agree.. ur a babe..
take care
danielslostsoul: lol.. to late, i rated you!. Your beautiful!!
HOTMAN4U: Sexy mama!
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