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Profile for Lincey (offline- last on: Nov 12, 10)
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Name Kyle
Age 28
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Idaho
City Boise
About Me
I'm Kyle. Once upon a time I sported the uniform of a United States soldier, now I do computer stuff grinlol

Also....I have red hair. I know! Gross!

This picture interests you. Admit it.

My Apps
I spend entirely too much time playing video games and working on my computers(I have six :-P)

When i'm not doing those things, i'm probably out playing basketball or baseball....sometimes football.
Turn Ons
Eyes...Really big on pretty eyes, doesn't really matter what color though, and a nice smile. A female type that can cook and isn't more concerned with herself than anything else.

A quirky sense of humor is always awesome.

Not completely and utterly focused on their appearence to the point where they are blind to everything else (aka me)

Silly people.
Turn Offs
People who are afraid of not being politically correct



People who claim to be more mature than your average person. shut up, no you aren't. If you were, you wouldn't have to let us know.
Dick Winters
Favorite Things
TV Show Futurama, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Mail Call, Cops, American Chopper, anything on the history channel/discovery channel/animal planet.
Movies War movies
Music Turmion Kätilöt, Simon Says, PH8, Soilwork, Spineshank, Ultraspank, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Silver Chair, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, B0unc3, Element DCLXVI, Muse, Lemon Demon, Vigilante, FFmusic DJ
Book The Watchers
Quote "Independence breeds chaos. Submit and be strong." - Necrucifer

"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" - Nathan Hale
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ktbabygrl2000: super cute smile
sarasxmask: well hulllllo over there in boise. all of five minutes away :] how goes it?
Geobabe3000: merry christmas my sexy, gun loving, computer nerd grinlol x
imjustangela: no worries smile ive been good busy with school... the usual
imjustangela: you have been missing in my wyht this life lately :(
Geobabe3000: hey how you doin? smile haven't been online for a while so i keep missin you on there now x
imjustangela: hi sexy man
imjustangela: ive been wonderful and yourself sexy?
imjustangela: havent talked to you in awhile but ur still a hot shit wink
Geobabe3000: hey - long time, no speak lovely smile how did the move go in the end? x
ElIsEa7777: my ninja day's are going great. i beat up a guy walking down the street. just kidding. i'm doing the same thing you are. i'm BOARD as heck.
ElIsEa7777: my ninja day's are going great. i beat up a guy walking down the street. just kidding. i'm doing the same thing you are. i'm BOARD as heck.
ElIsEa7777: well thanks for callen me a nerd. your a nerd winkand i'm doing great. how bout yourself?
agorgeousxmistake: we should.
MissCrystalMarie87: Hey new friend! Yes for you! Don't be a stranger! smile
lethalhickeys: thanks for the yes :]
x3MaybexMemories: It has been awhile!
I've been pretty good. Graduated two weeks ago, and I'm in Florida now..but leaving tomorrow :[
How've you been?
x3MaybexMemories: :]]]
Thanks, darling
Geobabe3000: sorry just got back to college so been a bit busy - i'll try get on soon for you though smile
sheetsneyelids: you're cool.
TheHotSpot: hmm my day was good! I cant complain, I suppose
well I can, I can always complain about something, but I think this time i just choose not to
TheHotSpot: yes its a unique little place. not suprised that you never heard of it
things are good here though
how are youuu
TheHotSpot: thank you mistersmile
Geobabe3000: hey lovely!
taintedbeauty88: Nothing really being bored.
taintedbeauty88: What's up?
taintedbeauty88: I think
You are cute.
LilBSiLk: ur hot n yes I would.
PinkNoodle16: your adorable!!!!
dig'n the cowboy hat sweetie!!
bitingvixoncuddler: love the Happy Tree Friends
Geobabe3000: smile x
EroticSultry: nothing much just chillin' you?
MissTanyaRenee: aww I have always wanted a puppy, either a beagle pekingese mix, or just a pekingese.. they love to cuddle and its so cute..
MissTanyaRenee: Thank you... I like you look as well... Its also so cute that you like to watch animal planet... whats your favorite animal?
Geobabe3000: Hmm. yes. they would be extremely good lookin to say the least tongue
ConsiderThis: 3 hrs
ConsiderThis: a tattoo on monday...check it out :P
ch3vygurlsr0ck: chevys are much cooler. or gmc. or hell even a dodge is good.
meganjoy: Eh, it's not that bad actually. I just sit behind a computer and type all day, lol. I don't have to deal with any of the customers, thankfully... oh and your choice of music is kickass!! Rock on!
imthetrueshorty: nothing to much how are u
imthetrueshorty: awww thanks hun

how are u doing
imthetrueshorty: awww thanks hun

how are u doing
xOxnikitaxOx: thanks for the yes =]
BrokenxAngel: Haha
knifeparty: Not a whole lot, and yourelf? smile
Mxfx480: lmao ok fine fair enough
Mxfx480: haha that is weird, and quite possibly unhealthy lol but whatever works for yawink
Mxfx480: lol thats awesome love both of those! havent necessarily had both at the same time but...
Mxfx480: lol your soo random..however its entertaining so whateversmile
Mxfx480: you do dont even lie!!
its ok it wont kill you although denial can..
Mxfx480: you do dont even lie!!
its ok it wont kill you although denial can..
Mxfx480: haha you love it!
Mxfx480: lol you can deny all you want, i proudly admit to being irish, and i dont remember what day it was lol my days kinda blended together this week..
Mxfx480: lol nice i cant say i blame you i love trampolines!
im good just got back from mexico today so im really tired and my liver is pretty much still running on alcohol lol but thats ok it was how was ur st.pattys day?
Mxfx480: lol nice thats the fighting howve you been it feels like forever since we talked
cherryblossom444: I'm rocking out to some Beatles.
cherryblossom444: hm fun. lol, and uhm just sitting here listening to some tunes, munching on a popsicle.. YUM! smile
cherryblossom444: Hey, thanks for the yes =]
whats up!? ♥
DestiniOwns: Yes, I love it. It's my favorite. :]

But whatever I;m glad it comes on comedy central. <3
mepunkrockgirl: thanks for the yes doll
breaktheice: it's not my fault i'm slow, my mother went on a salt and pepper shaker ride when she was pregnant with me
breaktheice: okay, whats the joke
breaktheice: well it's on e! and it pretty much shows the everyday lives of hugh hefner's girlfriends and for some reason it involves alot of boobs and alot of alcohol..
breaktheice: pfft! can't the girls next door count as adult since it's hugh hefner's girlfriends + playmates with their boobs everywhere every 5 minutes?
breaktheice: excuse me. i happen to think hannah montana is pretty awesome, i'm trying to keep my youth alive >:O
dramonikita: hahaA well nothing much goes on here on a monday...just hanging out
breaktheice: well i took a pretty girls karate class, whatchu want with that?? haha i'm lame, i got that from hannah montana :(
breaktheice: you got it. i bet i'll beat you smile
dramonikita: well to be honest i don't think there is a cure, but you'll have to ask an expert in that area..sorry ..
breaktheice: i think you are :P
breaktheice: well i just happen to be the stereotypical materialistic stubborn female taurus, aren't we awesome? oh yeah, i definitely like to get feisty wink
dramonikita: wOw..are yOu really color blind?
breaktheice: taurus' rule forever! i'm pretty much the perfect taurus, i just don't have the patience part down yet :P
breaktheice: it's may 3rd smile
feckyeh: grinlol Hello. Not too much going
Katyisshadyyy: haha clever little guy
Mxfx480: lol i thought you knew...yeah i can see why hed be a little bit upset over that but then again I'm guessing you knew how he'd feel before you did it so...
Mxfx480: lol i thought you knew...yeah i can see why hed be a little bit upset over that but then again I'm guessing you knew how he'd feel before you did it so...
Geobabe3000: sorry haven't been on msn much, my msn is kinda messed up at the min sorry :( hope you're good though smile x
JudyJuicebox: lol sounds like a hella fun time
JudyJuicebox: awwwww thanks whats up
JudyJuicebox: hey hey whats up... your very hott lol
LoveMeLaLa: lmao lady face? hah well thats a 1st.
LoveMeLaLa: thx for the pic comment lol. =]
LoveMeLaLa: thx for the pic comment lol. =]
Geobabe3000: ooh i have actually seen happy tree friends once or twice on MTV smile ah true - but did you put :-P on the end of that cause u were crackin a joke about being behind me? tongue x
Geobabe3000: hey smile keep missin you online, so thought i'd just leave you a quick comment seeing how you are?
Also...I admit, that picture ^ does actually interest me tongue x
dazzlemexo: Well, thank you for noticing :]] You're gorgeous. XO--
tiredoftearz08: watching videos on youtube.
what are you doing?
tiredoftearz08: hello cute boy.
Geobabe3000: thanks tongue but despite me soundin like i think i am in other comments below - i'm really not that awesome...not as cool as you at least tongue hmm, maybe you will - i may consider it since it's you wink x
Geobabe3000: my style? what can i say? i look innocent - it's all part of the charm tongue lol nah thought i'd show a bit more than my others for obvious people like you wink not so sure private pics are my style though - at least not for everyone on here tongue x
Geobabe3000: lol well thank you very much tonguesmile see you asked me why i had that picture but still find it a good(hopefully) pic tongue x
Geobabe3000: Hadn't changed it for a bit so thought I'd put that one up that i took when i was on holiday to show off my slight tan AND spongebob obviously tongue smile x
Geobabe3000: hey - thanks for the comment tongue but yeah i'm pretty good thanks u? smile x
jenjen023: lol...lady face? whats w/ that? lol. but anyways im good. hbu???
ohthatninja: haha, pretty good. how are you?
XxHXCdinopantsXx: Oh boy that's sounds super duper neato I wish I was doing that lol.
XxHXCdinopantsXx: Lol well man face I am sitting here being cold and doing nothing how about you
XxHXCdinopantsXx: smile no problem
XxHXCdinopantsXx: Thanks for the yes!
XxHXCdinopantsXx: Thanks for the yes!
sugartootz34: Busy living life? I donno. Haha wink
iLOVEdale4EVA: Be sure to say hi for me wink
iLOVEdale4EVA: You do?
Well, that's cool.
You can have him to yourself, I don't love him anymore smile
sugartootz34: IM BACK! I remember you too love.
tiredoftearz08: strangerr.
tiredoftearz08: *poke* ^_^
tiredoftearz08: damnit! i got the wrong code. blah. oh well.
tiredoftearz08: grrr
i dont think it likes me.
tiredoftearz08: ughh..damnit
ignore that comment that i just still didnt work lol
tiredoftearz08: [img]<center><
a dpcBW = <b href="http://j u s t c o m m e n t s . c o m"><center><
;img src="http://www.justcom
dedbeb.jpg" style="border:1px solid #000000;"></cente
r></a><br /><font size="3"><a dpcBW = <b href="http://j u s t
tiredoftearz08: huh?
aZnDiSTuRBeDHeLL: thank you very much sir, it's been awhile!
x3MaybexMemories: Hahaha I hope so too!
I'm gonna be a teacher, you know, I won't exactly be makin' bank.
x3MaybexMemories: Hahaha yeah, weddings are hella expensiveee!!
x3MaybexMemories: Awww you're getting married?!
x3MaybexMemories: That was a long time ago!
I was young back then :]

Hahaha how've you been?
x3MaybexMemories: Hey you :]
DanielleKay: thats actually where i am from. but basically washington is split by the cascade mountains and western washington is a lot warmer than eastern washignton because of it.
DanielleKay: not on this side of the state. but we got a lot when i was in eastern washington.
DanielleKay: cold. lol
DanielleKay: lol. not much. you?
loveangel: thanks for the yes gorgeous! hit me up sometime smile
LoveAbleBabe17: damn your hot!
S0ULJAqiRLx: Hey.
Nothing really.
KayluhMarie: iowa is good. but reaaaaally boring.
KayluhMarie: hello :]
KilledInMyOwnBlood: lol, I donnno
KilledInMyOwnBlood: reallllly?
tiredoftearz08: not much.
what about kyle?
tiredoftearz08: =]
MissAcid: its going good, i came back home for the hollidays. and been busy as hell not one day that i didn't have something to do and i love it <3 plus i missed all of my friends. but anywhoo how have you been.
TheCrazychick89: nothing
what about you?
MissAcid: nm really... i have to start walking with my grandpa so his knee will get better and your self?
ConsiderThis: haha...and that's why he's my new SL...I <3 loserface's...and
l that cuteness
ConsiderThis: haha....loserface...I MIGHT miss havin ya as my SL...but I'll manage :P
bangbangonthedoor: ohh woops. and that you will just tell me to clean and cook and make sure everything is perfect in your house. you know that type of man the sterotypical wife beater one
bangbangonthedoor: they just need me to do the whole he he woo he he woo breathing thing and pushing. ohh and you need that statisfaction feeling of sperm going into a vagina. other than that i mean psh you don't need me. okay so you might you know to push around and be li
bangbangonthedoor: Awe! Sweet! YES! and i hope our children get your sick humor and good looks and my... my.... damn they got everything they needed from you.
bangbangonthedoor: i like rootbeer and girlled cheese! grinlol
bangbangonthedoor: lol what?!
MissAcid: lol yep its a yorki-poo. i love that dog too death <3 you should message me on aim some time i would love to talk.
MissAcid: on my moms side yes and polish. and my dads side irish
Sarahbabayyy: mm getting ready to go to the mall smile so things are going good haha
and how are you handsome?
katlinisawesome: Sounds fun. and me, not much..bored waiting to leave soon =]
katlinisawesome: Hellooo.
I'm Katlin, how're you doing =]
Brandie90: ewwie bacon is gross
Brandie90: *gasp* I would eat u lol
Brandie90: awwwie thats adorable
Brandie90: Well I dont eat them and I like rubber duckies better ^_^
Brandie90: Hey
its going good
I loves that picture with the ducks its cute
smt07c: hey!

thanks for the yes:]

and i agree with you about the acronyms thing...

so annoying.
Sarahbabayyy: yesss i do. well kinda
i have green eyes, but the contacts i have have a tint around the outside of them, so they mix with my green lol
duaghterofsatan: ya well i saw your body pics and holy shit =] hehe
Sarahbabayyy: i'm freezing.
new york sucks for that, hah
how are you doing handsome boyyy?
tiredoftearz08: i will have one soon! so ha! i've got the job it's just that it's a brand new store and it's opening in a few weeks *sticks tongue out at you*
duaghterofsatan: hell ya ill join you =] hehe
duaghterofsatan: not much being bored as hell
duaghterofsatan: dayum.. your hot =] hows it going?
tiredoftearz08: boo!
ConsiderThis: lol? weirdo...
amberkitty: Howdy once again!
ConsiderThis: oh stfu you play with your gf
ConsiderThis: it's alright...and of course I still do!!! lol
tiredoftearz08: no wayy! for cereal?
tiredoftearz08: I don't wanna!
AminLalaithi: that's... ur really cute ;-P
bonitaa: Oh Im ontop of things!
ConsiderThis: haha noice...I'm doin my college essays
tiredoftearz08: moon
ConsiderThis: hey pooface....what's shakin???
ConsiderThis: I am not a pork suck..meany :P
ConsiderThis: oh stfu you looooosa....go make babies with your
ConsiderThis: what did I tell you about using me while I'm sleeping!?!?! meany...CHILD SUPPORT BIOTCH
ConsiderThis: oh no..not another breed?
ConsiderThis: lol thanks pooface
tiredoftearz08: lol yeah I have no idea what you're talking about.
oh well.


how is kyle??
tiredoftearz08: it didnt show up when I pasted it on your page :( but oh well you can just go to the link smile cause i have another one
tiredoftearz08: ughh nvm that last comment i left cause it't not showing what it's supposed to :(
Kayla1213: i think the word is mate. we shall
Kayla1213: nothing, just got back from dinner with my mom. it was yummy! now im about to start a LOOONNNG night of homework, ugh! any plans for tonight?
Kayla1213: i know, im just that damn gorgeous! haha, jk! im not conceited! what are you up to today?
Kayla1213: you know what? im so sick of you being better :( its not fair! haha! mines better because i have boobies grinlol
Kayla1213: thanks! haha, it sucks. i needed my salute, so its whatever for now. bad hair day...its humid :(
Kayla1213: GRRRR
Kayla1213: dont go there girlfriend! haha! (gosh, how many times do you get to really say that?) grinlol
Kayla1213: lmao! oh yeah, you know it *rolls eyes*
Kayla1213: i do!!!
Kayla1213: sweeet! i love utilizing the back seat!! its my favorite place....that is, to watch movies on a tiny screen of course wink
Kayla1213: oh yes i can grinlol haha! c'mon you know you want me to
Kayla1213: fine then! ill settle for borrowing it 2 days out of the week grinlol
brittuhhhhknee: Thanks
Kayla1213: maybe not overnight wink
Kayla1213: yes you are! ok ok, can i drive?? pwweease! grinlol
Kayla1213: lmao! you big bully! that is too funny
Kayla1213: yeah, no...definitely not. my friend listens to them. no way jose!
Kayla1213: yeah, i liked his old music. now i like just about everything besides metal. rock, rap, r&b, pop, country, oldies grinlol haha
Kayla1213: basically everything except death metal. i used to listen to like marilyn manson and that type of stuff, but not so much anymore.
Kayla1213: no thats ok, ill pass grinlol
Kayla1213: fine fine fine. no, im sorry, i dont :(
Kayla1213: only a B+?!?! YOU BULLY! :( im going to cry now. haha! you get an A+!
Kayla1213: good holy toleeto! grinlol i just might have done the same!
ConsiderThis: lol stfu you slut...

Kayla1213: why hello there! cant chat for long, i have to get ready for work :(
shann23: lol alright ill remember that!! avoid oklahoma... im kind of ok here or in idaho anyways... lol but thanks for that
shann23: hmmm oklahoma huh? i never been there... lol well we will see on the picture thing idk... ha maybe!
shann23: hmmm i guess we could go half way... ha ya know meet in the middle?? lol im just playin... alright i might need to get some new ones up huh?? ill get on that soon... maybe
shann23: haha oh alright... come over wink
Kayla1213: ok, 1/2 perverted, fully funny smile and i would have a sense of humor if i wasnt 1/2 asleep right now. haha! but im going to get to bed. we will definitely be talking again!
shann23: hmmm i see... you think so?
Kayla1213: haha! that was a really smooth way of pulling off a very perverted question grinlol haha, nice try
shann23: lol well umm that was for another kyle... but it can be to you too!!! wink
Kayla1213: yeah, that can be expected at times smile and yes, i like skittles, but m&m's are way better!! no i lied, SNICKERS!
shann23: but thank you for the compliments... you are one gorgeous guy!!
shann23: ha im pretty srure it said that was a good look for you... and that i felt like a dumb ass cause that comment i wrote i accidently posted it on mine instead of yours at first...
shann23: lol aww come on just a little bit!! nah thats cool fine have your beer!! yeah i lived up in the northern part of idaho sooo i dont really know what boise was like but im glad that you liked it!! lol btw im likin the "boy-cow" look (as you call it) on y
Kayla1213: aww i dont think a guy has ever asked me if i like video games. thats cute. actually, i like watching other people play them, but i get too confused when im playing. haha
Kayla1213: haha well if its crappy then stop drinking it silly!!
shann23: aww lol well thanks!! ha you just made me laugh... well sounds like you have a good time over there!! ha i miss living over that way :( i used to live in idaho till bout 2 months ago now i live here!! in hell! gay i know... i wanna move back!
Kayla1213: haha! yeah, 5''re funny. not much, major thunderstorms!!! whats new in oregon??
Kayla1213: nothing really, you?
shann23: ha not too bad... and how might it be in oregon?
ConsiderThis: lmao *hugs*
SupermansMimi: LMAO! I love that comment!!! Your fuckin funny hun!
tiredoftearz08: sweeeeeeeettttt! :]
tiredoftearz08: ohh really?!
ConsiderThis: Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Such lies...such poobrain
ConsiderThis: haha omg that's awesome
ConsiderThis:'s a good far so good...but omg!!! that's awesome!! what are you doing for your anniversary?!?!?!
ConsiderThis: sam not single it's Mike...oh dear..this wasn't supposed to happen..ugh..but he's soooo sweet and he was there for me through the whole thing..I'm retarded.I'll never learn. How are you and your girly doin?
ConsiderThis: sam be single! again...zach = mean...he went to hawaii and never told goodbyes or anything..and I was sooo fucking worried...I cried soo much..I don't need that right now...oi
ConsiderThis: poobrain!!!! how'z life in the shitter??? haha
truesexymami: smile Nice!
ConsiderThis: uhmm..uhmm...I think I just came in my pants...j/k..but yeah...tomorrow night I'm seeing my favorite band ( Hed pe) yeah...I'm going insane...oi
browneyedbeauty54: you look like my ex boyfriend lol... not a bad thing hot
x3MaybexMemories: Hahahhaha! That's cool.
I've been ok I suppose
ConsiderThis: poopsicle
SupermansMimi: God damn your a hottie!!!!
x3MaybexMemories: Hey qt.
I'm good, how're you??
ConsiderThis: hey poopie pants...what's shakin
c0urtn3ylynn3: psh please. id pwn you anyday.
sohereweare: smile Sure, you can have me.
sohereweare: Have me??
ConsiderThis: uhuh...than who is Kyle..silly goose
ConsiderThis: your name Zach???
ConsiderThis: lol aww..i'm sorry..well not really..teehhe :P
ConsiderThis: haha...nooo...only the boy gets to see those...he DOES OWN THEM!!! lmao...
ConsiderThis: psh...hugs and a partner in crime
ConsiderThis: psh..i should still get a ride...we should drive round town asking people where's Waldo
ConsiderThis: to do monopoly??? lol...stupid...don't forget your gf...and I have boy
ConsiderThis: psh...well...I am your sexy lover....does that count for anything?? *pouting*
ConsiderThis: uhmm...fuels
sohereweare: The job is decent but the admin sucks so I actually just applied for a new job today. I've worked at the place I applied before so I feel pretty confident in getting it.
ConsiderThis: haha...yeah...he originally wanted to join the national guard but my parents said they would disown didn't really have a choice :/
ConsiderThis: oooo funfun...i'm just sittin on my fatass...omg my bro finally get's home from the airforce in 5 days....hellz yeah!!!! thank god...i miss the fool..haha..yeah..rando
m outburst
ConsiderThis: hewwoz deary...what's goin on
lipsofnangel: Hi!
lipsofnangel: Hi!
sohereweare: Oo studying is exciting, I do wish you luck on that. For me, I've graduated college and am at the point where I hate my first full time job! haha And I'm finally out of the parents house.
sohereweare: smile Not alot is up currently. How are things?
ConsiderThis: haha....i wuvs my cookies..
ConsiderThis: Imma shoot bacon bits in yo face whorebag!!! is my SL this wuvly day??? *hug*
kelseababy99: hahaha.
thanks smile
skitzoism: Hot.
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: damn, havent heard from you in forever and a day. did you get your door fixed, or whatever happened to your truck when you had that little snow incident? you got your truck lifted?? PIX please. and im thinking of trading in the white truck for a new gmc s
c0urtn3ylynn3: mate lmao. nice choice of words.
ConsiderThis: heyaz..we soo should...haha...bottom or top? i mean tonight or tomorrow? lol..too bad ur so far away...grrr...u butthead..i hatez/heartz u :P
c0urtn3ylynn3: kiltaculars.
baby05phat: hey...that's cus i closed it for a few days & then reopened it. I didn't think you'd want a sl who kept doing that haha. Sometimes I jus wanna get away from wyht & all the old men, and
tiredoftearz08: the skyyy grinlol
tiredoftearz08: ahemm..
xthillx: I don't and i don't need your complaint on my decision
KaylaRAINBOW: you are beautiful =D woww <3
baby05phat: oh I know ur gangster babyy heartthrob
Geobabe3000: ahh sounds like fun :P nothin much to be honest - should be startin college soon which should be pretty cool smile how about you? x
Geobabe3000: not much - just lookin at a few websites smile you? x
baby05phat: haha I know... & now that we're sl..I guess we has to at least say hello. shrug :P
vdubb: haha
my dad was a captain in the 82nd until they were deported and he was hurt in combat
for some reason there's been a lot of paratroopers in my family,
so maybe i'll get lucky haha.
i don't really expect to survive, though.
baby05phat: haha I'd give you a nobody would notice wink
baby05phat: its superrr hot... so i was tanning all dayy, & i have 2 hard summer exams coming upp... frown
Ohh, sounds like you have a good job, im currently in university becoming a nurse, hopefully that will happen lol
baby05phat: heyy heartthrob tiired, & you?
CassieOdell22: Hey hot stuff inlove
tiredoftearz08: lol your welcome sweetie pie!
tiredoftearz08: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLEEEE!!!!!!!!! smile
tiredoftearz08: haha thats kill me kyle...your adorable smile
tiredoftearz08: you know you were scared! admit it smile
tiredoftearz08: BOO!
PeaceLoveHappiness: Nothing really, about to get ready for work...and you mister?
missstiffany: bahaha.
the pic on ur page makes me laugh.
the ducks are cute, so innocent looks.
poor ol thangs.
tiredoftearz08: lol your silly...i cant do that...your all the way over there..and im here

tiredoftearz08: boobs there...i win! grinlol
tiredoftearz08: i sorry :(

tiredoftearz08: buttsmack
tornxapart: not much. just watching tv .. you?
tiredoftearz08: woop woop!! i was right!! haha...and yes youuuu!! smile
tiredoftearz08: you!
tiredoftearz08: nothin really...gettin ready to go with my mom and then go to my aunts to visit her and then to my best friends lol

what about you sweetie?
tiredoftearz08: KYLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! =]
LosAngelesImYours: heartthrob
nikkilove18: U dont even know how bad i want 1 of those!! LOL!
nikkilove18: lol! its good! How is west linn treating u??
HisPrincess: yes it has been a while, i hope your doing well hun.
agorgeousxmistake: awww.
makin` me blush over here.
LosAngelesImYours: <3
LosAngelesImYours: <3
bleedxyourxmascara: awww thanks sweetie! =]
ihaveissues69: I'll make an acception so long as you're not ana nnoying horny bastard.
apurplekangaroo: not a lot is up. I'm working on some writing.
LosAngelesImYours: redface! You can't be talking about little 'ole me!... Can you? grinlol
apurplekangaroo: guinea pigs! omg. that's what's up. new photos of me with guinea pigs!
apurplekangaroo: I don't think so. I think I'm somewhere in the middle.
apurplekangaroo: no. I like real duckies too. smile
apurplekangaroo: not a lot is up. if I'm a n00b does that make you 1337?

by the way... the picture does not interest me. I have a great love for rubber duckies!
amberkitty: Haha, ya, make an Office Space move!
amberkitty: Perty good, minus having to work in a few hours...
LosAngelesImYours: Haha! You should just tell her, she sounds kind of ditzy if you ask me tongue
amberkitty: Howdy pardner, how are you doing these days?
LosAngelesImYours: She sounds pretty cool. I approve of anyone who shares my name tongue
LosAngelesImYours: just school... How many girls did you pick up this week pimp?
LosAngelesImYours: Listen to you! Someone's got some major game. Have a great lunch! grinlol
LosAngelesImYours: I've been good- keeping busy so stuff is interesting, how about you?
LosAngelesImYours: oh gosh, Hiiiii! how have you been??
kastykc: Right now nothing but im workin up for a 95-98 eclipse
apurplekangaroo: yes, I got your request, and I said yes. I'm planning on going to college for Zoology and Animal Sciences.
apurplekangaroo: hell yes to the chips. I am addicted to those! My day has been alright. I'm sick of writing papers though.
apurplekangaroo: what kind of flowers are they, and what kind of lays?
apurplekangaroo: maybe. I'll think about it. My jones was probably more expensive though.
apurplekangaroo: I don't like funyuns. However, I do like cherry coke! mmm. tasty. Sure, I'll give you the Dinner roll, peas, and sweet potato sodas, and I'll take some cherry coke!
apurplekangaroo: trade what?
apurplekangaroo: it doesn't look like you got my whole comment:
I live in the hilly part of Portland.
For chrismas I got 3 boxes of Jones soda, because I like it a lot. 2 boxes of the holiday dinner set and 1 box that is all desserts. 5 different flavors of pie!
apurplekangaroo: une belle. but you were close enough. Just have to get the correct gender pronoun.
P-town is treating me pretty well, but we've had a hella lot of snow. Which is unusual for us. 4 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice. It pretty much sucked cause I live i
apurplekangaroo: apple pie is so tasty. I had an apple pie flavored jones soda. It filled me with glee.

Have a lovely day!
tyraxo: Thanks.
tyraxo: Yes it is.
Likeavirgin: cute!
tiredoftearz08: awww really??
Tawnie: haah thanks hun
Tawnie: Haha niice.
Tawnie: That sounds like fun to me, lol
Tawnie: watching a movie, and you?
sexibunni: hi i used 2 be annababe69! 4got the password now tho, so i got this 1, how 2 hear of ya soon. love ya x x x x x x
Trouble19: thanks babe smile
HunniiBunnii00: I bet you do wink
HunniiBunnii00: Aww thank you so much! You are very good lookin' yourself!
HunniiBunnii00: Pretty good hunnii! How about you?
HunniiBunnii00: Loving the Hat! You are freakin' cute!
youarestupiiid: Ah, yes... That would be much too graphic for my tastes.
youarestupiiid: Haha. That would be a nice dream. smile
youarestupiiid: You're not a fat shit smile Lol, I'm just sitting here trying not to fall asleep.
youarestupiiid: Lady face? lol. Not bad. You?
MetalValkyrie: Ty 4 the yes!
amberkitty: I'll give you that, lol
DeadlyVampiress: Skittles.
DeadlyVampiress: Decent, I guess you can say. Just really cold; seeing if I can get these pictures uploaded.
DeadlyVampiress: Not much, just online. Yourself?
DeadlyVampiress: Hey there. ^^
DeadlyVampiress: You're a cutie =]
amberkitty: Haha, nice try mister!
amberkitty: ohh the usual... school... work... goin out, that type of thing. oh ya, and trying not to freeze my little beaver ass off... stupid winter.
amberkitty: Well howdy mister, long time no chatty!
hugsandkizzs: lol yup u are...
hot02pink: how about before we do the SL date/break-up thing again, you figure out "what is going on" -- okay?
ctctrixx: hey hotness havent heard from u n a looong time
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: just got a new $1000 dollar touch screen, dvd, tv, ipod, navigation, and xm radio stearo unit. haha yesss
kaylafacee: well, i think you're a cutieface. :]
crystal505: You need to take a natural pic, and when your not possing! then it would probably look better, not to be rude.
ch0ked: i have no idea what that was
butterfliekisses: i miss you hun xoxox

i hope your having a good day

i <33 you

butterfliekisses: i miss you hun xoxox

i hope your having a good day

i <33 you

tiredoftearz08: i <3 j00 too

tiredoftearz08: smile
sergeantcracker: i got grips for my .357 gun looks sexy now.. i still want to buy my .45 though.. how was your weekend?
butterfliekisses: hehe, i made you a sign, some how i need to get it too you... *hugs*
butterfliekisses: i wants you =P
butterfliekisses: Hey hun, how are you today? Not much here, super bored. Not wanting to study, but i should... i hope your doing well hun xoxox
wowbabychica: ha its k i love tom im takento i just wanted to talk
butterfliekisses: your such a nice guy, i hope or is treating you well, i didnt like when i lived there... well hope your day goes well hun xoxox
sexyred76: hey sexy
ImUrBiggestMistake: hah, ehhhh
long time no talk smile
sergeantcracker: mine is "retired" i only crash it and thats about it..but it used to be a work truck
wowbabychica: bang me?
sergeantcracker: haha beast is an understatement..the shit that truck's been through is sad
butterfliekisses: your mr popular arent you?
Sweet4u420: Ohhkayy lol.
Sweet4u420: "grinlol
foreverrandnow: thank you.
greenhazelbaby: awwwwww thank u babe <3 thats soo sweet
xZoloftxSmilex: Wellll, you're kinda far away. But if for some odd reason we're in the same place at the same time. Then I would totally let you. IM me sometime...
xZoloftxSmilex: Well I'll agree with you there...Boobs are amazing. I play with mine all the time. lol
xZoloftxSmilex: lol Thanks, I do what I can! <3
greenhazelbaby: ur funny lol
youarestupiiid: You is stupid.

Indeed. smile
Telecastersoul: Thanks for the photocomment handsome wink
HottieDaisy: biggrin
JennMWFinDC: Very cute. Yes! smile
LittleDee: Aaww, thanks for the comment cutie.
limebaby03: thanks for the yes hottie
SinCityAngel: Thanx for the!
sweetlyn: skittles and starbursts are yummy
sweetlyn: ew no!
sweetlyn: not reallylol
One of my fish died today rofl
sweetlyn: lol really?
sweetlyn: It's your call , love. I don't mind sending them back(:
But how're you?
sweetlyn: I won't be winning it this month:x
But everything everyone sends me goes towards me winning in nov. This month I have no chance at
<3 I'll send them back if you wish
sweetlyn: lol it's original eh
JennMWFinDC: Very cute! Yes. smile
ThankYourLuckyStars: It might if I was drunk
letsgetnerdy: wowzers holy hotness batman
tiredoftearz08: Woot Woot!! Gooooo Kyle!! smile

tiredoftearz08: nuh uh...its just that everyone calls me that AAAALLLLLL the time and its gettin really old..and annoying
tiredoftearz08: hey now...lets not call me asian..please?

tiredoftearz08: not cool...
tiredoftearz08: :(
ImUrBiggestMistake: MmmmHmmmm..... :frown
ImUrBiggestMistake: Awww you're making fun of my accent emo
ImUrBiggestMistake: hahaha no doubt eh.
ImUrBiggestMistake: hhaha tehir food is ok,...their waitresses are dumb as IQ probably dropped 8 points just sitting in there...and then I got a parking ticket out from...damn hooters bitch
ImUrBiggestMistake: I meant spicey hot cicken know the kind you can buy at Hooters.
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol record player...that is soooooo 80's omg! umm you can win a chicken wing!
ImUrBiggestMistake: hahaha oh whatever...and it's ok I can forgive you lol
ImUrBiggestMistake: lmao again you still made the comment :/
ImUrBiggestMistake: haha welll you did make the comment so you didn't refrain from it . and yes, chicken and turkey is my meat heaven!
ImUrBiggestMistake: hahaah yea, I don't even eat that stuff..i stick to whhite mean Mmmmmmmm chicken!
ImUrBiggestMistake: ewww grosss I hate crackers, and I would not like them...and yes cows scare the crap out t of me...they just sit there and stare at you....and moo and stuff haha creepy.
ImUrBiggestMistake: You mentioned cheezits I said I didn't know what they were...and those are scary!
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol wtf are those
ImUrBiggestMistake: haha yea, I say "lol" when I don;t knwo what else to say ugh I'm so illiterate. emo
ImUrBiggestMistake: okay lol that's a good thing.
ImUrBiggestMistake: lmao...ohhh lucky me.
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol woooo! aren't I lucky lol.
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol beef jerky....Skittles...tas
te the rainbow smile
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol bears!
Sambucca is alcohol that tastes like black licorish
LosAngelesImYours: rofl, she's pretty talented if you ask me. &my dad is a scorpio too, lol. oh, and just because i'm afraid this is why it's been so long since we've talked- even though i didn't go to norway, the guy we were traveling with did! hope you aren't as dis
LosAngelesImYours: it* haha
LosAngelesImYours: I didn't show up ugh
xxvicious: bahahaa
ImUrBiggestMistake: that stuff is siiiiiiick!
Although I can drink Sambucca...go figure..
ImUrBiggestMistake: reminds me of black licorish...although I hate that crap!
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol oh God no hahaha I like my hair black thanks lol
ImUrBiggestMistake: LOL ohh thanks as long as you wouldn't pee haha
ImUrBiggestMistake: Ohhh're gross lol.
ImUrBiggestMistake: Nice sock....and what's an "R. Kelly"?
ImUrBiggestMistake: NAHHH I keep people around for pure entertainment.

ImUrBiggestMistake: I am weird I knwo this...and what can I say I like the abnormal things you's slight entertainment for me.
ImUrBiggestMistake: hahaha you so weird
ImUrBiggestMistake: you said this!:
now i roll around in a fatty labia of pig water shame cock tits.

ImUrBiggestMistake: .huh....W....T....F...?!?!
ImUrBiggestMistake: Muhahaha...yea, that's how i roll!
ImUrBiggestMistake: Yea, I said it! What?!?!
ImUrBiggestMistake: LOL!
FUCK Beef jerky...and FUCK Chuck Norris!!!!!!!
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: im not sure ill have to go and check when the truck gets back from the shop.. haah dont worry, im getting duel exhaust put on it. MAGNAFLOW BABY! ad actually its from Chrono Crusade, but i do get chrono trigger alot from other people. Im not sure what tha
ImUrBiggestMistake: eek I WOULD NEVAR!

he was my friend I called him Jimbo...I miss him frown

beef jerky is sick!
ImUrBiggestMistake: oh hush you would think it was cute! the picture i have is just adorable! he was sitting on my hood eating leaves out of my wiper area lol....and they are only tiny paw prints. no biggie
ImUrBiggestMistake: [bgcolor=#FF99CC]I'm more into the monkeys because they do cuter swing off yoru car antenna, and climb all over your car and slide down yoru windows. Penguins are cute one day I will own one and name him Dirty.[/bg
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol that movie made me laugh. i like the giraffe...the dude is hilarious on frinds...the maple syrup episode...omg hahaha it killed me!
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: ok i got a picture of the front of the truck in my picture file now. its not a very good one, but it will have to go till i get my new camera!
ImUrBiggestMistake: * I can sure spell.
ImUrBiggestMistake: Leomonade leaves a weird taste in my mouth ugh
ImUrBiggestMistake: LOL you said my story was lame pretty much lol
ImUrBiggestMistake: Well geez I tried... emo
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: And by the way, i sold the mustang becuase there were alot of problems with it =[ But i got 4500 MORE than what i bought it for
knifeparty: Um..okay?
ImUrBiggestMistake: I'm off to bed, Gnight.
ImUrBiggestMistake: Something interesting Hmmm....I hit a frog the other day and it was dangling from the front grill of my car by it's foot cause it was smushed to it, and it was massive and it wouldn't come off ugh[
ImUrBiggestMistake: rofl yep, you're weird...haha beating old people isn't really that nice haha
ImUrBiggestMistake: Pee in....or pee on?!!??! hahaha I'm not sure if that was a typo or not lol.
ImUrBiggestMistake: lol you seriously make me laugh. Are you on crack, or something...because some of the things that you come up with my god lol
ImUrBiggestMistake: LMAO WTF!?!??!

you are so funny. hahaha you're weird!
ImUrBiggestMistake: Not as delish. as franks hot sauce brah
ImUrBiggestMistake: As long as it's Franks
ImUrBiggestMistake: With hot sauce?
ImUrBiggestMistake: well I guess you do have a point there...I look liek a pirate?? hahah "har har"???
youfrickinmonkey: some of my favs are Halo (duh), Katamari Damacy, an DDR. And i'm starting to get sucked back into Animal Crossing friend plays it whenever she comes over so..yeah lol.
ImUrBiggestMistake: Im a beach'd hit me you jerk. that's not very niiice.
ImUrBiggestMistake: ohhh okay that makes sense. lol oh really?
ImUrBiggestMistake: you have orange hair? interesting...
ImUrBiggestMistake: haha no doubt I would too...Clementines are the yummiest of all oranges ever grown on earth.
ImUrBiggestMistake: LOL...that's interesting. I want orange slices ugh
ImUrBiggestMistake: Ummm yea, I'm not like Einstein or anything...but I'm thinking that probably isn't a good idea.
ImUrBiggestMistake: omg meanie pet him!
aWifeyMateriala: SEXYYYYYY
ImUrBiggestMistake: Nutsack, nice. It shouldn't be too hard to tell if he's a he or not. lol. Spanky-Nuts, isn;t a boy either, so it's no biggies they love their names no matter what.
bullet4myvalentine: :]
xHypnotiic: Added wink
xHypnotiic: Hahaha probably. By the way do you have myspace I jus made a new one today
xHypnotiic: Hahah she might knock someone unconscious if her hooters are rly that big =P
FatMaejen: LOL ya know what? not yet. i've always hoped someone would, just so i could make them feel like a moron <3
xHypnotiic: Hahah pshhh you wish you have a 36DD bra =]
kajozy2387: thanks smile. you're very man-pretty
xHypnotiic: I don't have any pets =[ I feel so alone lol
xHypnotiic: Pshh well what if the stray cat runs away? Because you named him it will be harder for you =]
xHypnotiic: Haha I got attacked by a rabid racoon once.. back in April. True story wink
KweenOutcast: I tan nicely for a redhead aswell! grinlol
Telecastersoul: Thanks for the friends add handsome! smile
tiredoftearz08: YAY!!!! That's good because i <3 j00 too grinlol
vanqual: Aww. I want some. :[
vanqual: That's sad. I am so sorry.
vanqual: yes, that is EXACTLY what I meant..
wishfulthinker34: wow ur really cute <3
vanqual: Yes!
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: dude thats awesome!! and yeah, waht about your turn offs?
Zoey101: who's quote is it? cause i got it from her page. lol
lovesucks: LOL

woahhh its been foreverrrrr
tiredoftearz08: again?
greenhazelbaby: but thats too far away :( maybe one day i will make it out there
greenhazelbaby: its mine mine mine but i do miss u :(
greenhazelbaby: I MISS U </3
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: Check out my new toy!!!
daivadickweed: medford nj is the fucking shit
daivadickweed: ahahahahahahaa boobs make everything better?!? ohh man..i/m me sometime and we can play !
caityCHAOS: lol good enough.
daivadickweed: you wouldn't slaughter your super hot sexy lover would you?
caityCHAOS: you should drop the q bomb ALL THE TIME.
caityCHAOS: the q bomb is for "queer" lol
cassidyy: thxs your cute <3
caityCHAOS: lol it's all good.
and thanks!
caityCHAOS: nope, no contacts.
says in my profile.
amberloo17: suree.
daivadickweed: haha there's tons of people who still play! i'm just too cool for source [it's for n0085]
Rizzy: we should be friends...i also dont like stupid people....we should chat...and u are cute
xxownxme: of course you can have me..i am after allll..your sexy lover :O
tiredoftearz08: muahhhhhhzzz!!!!!! grinlol
xxownxme: awee heehee, thats too cute. it was a good movie :]
xxownxme: hahaha i forgot about that was cuuuute
whatwouldanado: haha thanks
i like yours too :]
whatwouldanado: haha thanks
i like yours too :]
tiredoftearz08: fair...i always wanted an older brother but that cant happen now *pouts*
tiredoftearz08: alright...when and where?
tiredoftearz08: absolutly!
xxownxme: noos!! i was saying "kitty!!!!" when that picture was takin hah hints the "kittie" caption hahahaha
xxownxme: fo sewious!? youre too cuuuute heh <3
CUMSHOT: yum. i love skittles
CUMSHOT: haha skittles?
CUMSHOT: you're really cute.
tiredoftearz08: awwwwww!!!! smile
DUHLILYCATHERINE: hah sweet yea i loveee big trucks lol sorta my weakness
DUHLILYCATHERINE: hah sweet yea i loveee big trucks lol sorta my weakness
mIxTaPeCoNfEsSiOnS: you are amazingly hansome!!
xxownxme: heh <3
LosAngelesImYours: Uhm, I was next to Norway! &the guy we kept meeting up with went there... Please don't deprive me of mosh girl!!
vejoinka: oooh:P thanks <3<3
RicePaperPrincess: yep shave those bad boys right now..joke.
sarahcism: i have some nerds i could spare. no skittles though.
sarahcism: absolutely not as delicious as skittles!
sarahcism: it was an ice block smile
RicePaperPrincess: i suppose you are right.

RicePaperPrincess: you change my stat because i said no to you :( how very sad.
L0VExM3: hey..not much you?
x0xCrystalx0x: yea i like a little need for speed every now and then any sort of car game or ghost recon thats a good game too
tiredoftearz08: haha damn right smile
tiredoftearz08: well of course
x0xCrystalx0x: life just isnt fun without paintballing!!!! now ill bring the paintball gun you bring the hat?
x0xCrystalx0x: i love the cowbot hat its HOTT! *MuAh*
britty14: THanx i just got it done too!!
Fadedlonely1: hey you!..i miss you...i wanna see you..right you should im me!<33Meegz
tiredoftearz08: YOU........are such a cutie smile

just thought i should tell you that <3
tiredoftearz08: hehe what babies silly?
tiredoftearz08: haha whts new....everyone is
tiredoftearz08: i <3 youuuuuuuu smile
LosAngelesImYours: greater than mosh girl?! something that good couldn't be denied- of course laugh
babealicious: Ouch. That sucks.
babealicious: I can cook.
babealicious: Never!
babealicious: i don't have a truck. hahahahha. i do have a honda though
babealicious: killer would be chomped to pieces by my bunnies cute little teeth. and we'll go mudding in our big trucks.
LosAngelesImYours: you have my permission to spam in my comment box if your posts are always of mosh girl tongue
funkyxxfresh: um, correction. my baby is the best. even tho i fell in love with a year and a half old boston terrier mix today who had been shot. i tried to convince my parents to adopt him and ditch the bitch, my other dog. haha.
Kittypaw: vERY Goodlooking XOXOXOX
lilibaby: nm sexy boy. how you doin? <3 =]
lilibaby: nm sexy boy. how you doin? <3 =]
lilibaby: haha thanks cutie. you're very sweet. im me. do you have a myspace?
lilibaby: haha im retarded. jk. <3 sup?
lilibaby: very cute. wats up?
tiredoftearz08: just sitting here...watching Boy Meets World....and doing absolutly nothing.....yeah i fun haha
tiredoftearz08: whats up hun?
tiredoftearz08: MWAH!! smile
DreamsofDemise: nice like..very handsome, very sexy
DreamsofDemise: nice
tiredoftearz08: oh not a cousin graduates from high school today and im going to her grad party tomorrow and im officially a junior now! smile lol whats up with you?
tiredoftearz08: well hellooooooo there sweets! smile
ilovedale4eva: Yeah! Major Payne is awesome!
HannahBanana90: Hey babez... how are you?
HannahBanana90: My sexy lover doesn't leave me messages any more =[ what about yours? I think I miss mine, and all the funny comments he left me <33
SmartNSassy2006: thats so cool smile
SmartNSassy2006: thats so cool smile
HannahBanana90: Noob? interesting!!
HannahBanana90: My sexy lover hasn't talked to me in awhile <333 but I still have to say he is the best!!
phipdawg: Happy Bday...I know I'm a little late, but the thought is still there! smile
HannahBanana90: What is the hottest sexy lover up to right about now?! <333
tiredoftearz08: HAPPY BDAY!! smile
Milf2004: well what was it sposed to mean? u have a big well um u know...:P
danielerocks: I was thinking pizza myself.
Milf2004: um..... was that your way of telling me i look bad?
knifeparty: Uh...? okk..?
HannahBanana90: Yes I want to eat you! Mmm!! =]
imthetrueshorty: haha wow loved the comment thats as funny!!!
HannahBanana90: <33 good thing you try... cuz trying does it for you! =] your good. ha.
iLoveBambi: You are tooo cute... lol... I like you smile
alwaysherebefore: You make me smile!
HannahBanana90: Haha thanks <33 your silly.
tiredoftearz08: goodnight babe! smile
danielerocks: yeah yeah, if you insist
danielerocks: lets have some hot sex
HannahBanana90: I don't want you camera silly! I want my own! smile but thanks anyways.
tiredoftearz08: nada....just chillin ....being bored as hell though

whats up with you sweetie?
HannahBanana90: Yeah, I have to go buy a new camera phone or a digital camera because my camera phone split in half! haha. <33
tiredoftearz08: hey you
HannahBanana90: <33 your sexy lover made it to the top in bangability!! woop woop. lucky guyy!! smile
HannahBanana90: tits? what?
HannahBanana90: Haha once I get a new camera phone then I will <33 because mine just broke! ahh pooey! but soon... reall soon!
HannahBanana90: Hahaha sooo um is it all mine??
HannahBanana90: Oh awesome, I want it smile ha.
HannahBanana90: Nope, not fat. Hot as hell. And if you are full of chocolate... how do I get some of that chocolate?? lol
hot02pink: so if you must keep one, to keep from getting bugged about it, then why not re-ask the best (and hottest?) one you ever had? smile~
HannahBanana90: nothing much, what about you?
hot02pink: hey - ex sexy lover, looks like you got a new sexy lover who doesnt look like your girlfriend used to smile~
oh well...anywayz, thanks for the comments. ttyl
HannahBanana90: Omg. haha you make me laugh, your so funny.
deadkennedy: freaky, which is grrrreat
deadkennedy: ahh yeah, circus peanuts are the best, don't you agree? see, we have three different types of peanuts. ground nuts, circus nuts, and airplane nuts. circus nuts are the best. airplane nuts are too salty, and ground nuts are much too dirty. circus nuts are
deadkennedy: whoa whoa whoa bubb. u better be talking about my dead stuffed rooster.
deadkennedy: ohhhh ur talking about good old stiffy (no pun intended) he's stuffed. sorry if u thought he was alive. but if it makes u feel any better he always wanted to be named albert, after his great grand uncle's step brother
HannahBanana90: You just gotta get to know the person... you never know... they could just say that so umm a bunch of people dont ask like that they talk dirty?? haha
HannahBanana90: Yeah I think I would do him too. =]
deadkennedy: I didn't even know I had a farm!! crazy shit
deadkennedy: when did I give you a rooster?
tiredoftearz08: haha thats hilarious! i love it lol
HannahBanana90: Haha NO my sexy lover is SO HOT... and I dont care what you say!! and I am not going to get a new one because... umm no just not happenin!! =] haha.
HannahBanana90: Haha your funny. Nothing you??
HannahBanana90: Nothing much here. What about you babe?
ShRyDuGirl: Thanks _Kayz_
ShRyDuGirl: Thanks _Kayz_
Alycia: thats crazy, whatever modeling agency wont hire you is CrAzY! weelllll you do what you do best smile
Curlyfryy: haha since it didnt work i was trying to copy that into the url thing...looking forward to it and then i saw what u were trying to send! silly
Curlyfryy: yea for a small price :-P jk
Alycia: Noooot much, just had prom and starting to get into modeling, you?
HannahBanana90: Thanks =]
SmartNSassy2006: nothng much you?
Alycia: hey hun, pretty good and yourself?
LosAngelesImYours: lol you have a girlie mister- so what do you think?
LosAngelesImYours: youll see.
LosAngelesImYours: it wont be better than the one im making you. <3
LosAngelesImYours: &you give me this
Andie09: thanks for the compliment. smile
Frenchie2506: You are the best looking person I have seen by far. :P
deadkennedy: oh, and we can like totally scope out some cuties down by the bay... and pick lemons... and buy matching girtles and all those fun things!!
amazinglybeautiful: excuse me?
minnesotachick1415: hahaha and if a guy likes a guy....then there is something terribly wrong lol
minnesotachick1415: lol well most guys do like them! unless something is terribly wrong with the guy
minnesotachick1415: hahaha waht's with you and pie? rofl..
minnesotachick1415: oh and i love your hats wink
minnesotachick1415: hey you're cute. Thanks for the comment smile
deadkennedy: napalm huh? ...sounds like a recipe to me!! our next sister/sister day is gonna be just swell grinlol
deadkennedy: oh geeze, I was gonna say that we could also made some homemade pies to go with those homemade bombs, but gosh darn, I just ran out of cyanide... so much for that, big sister.. I guess I'll have to run to the alley on 31st street and get some more.
tiredoftearz08: im bored...
amyx3: umm. i try to be different from most people. try to be my own person, etc etc.
tiredoftearz08: lol anytime sweetie! i mean u did say it to me on my birthday so im sayin it to u smile but its technically not ur bday yet so yeah lol
tiredoftearz08: or i have better bout i dont and just say HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY and then on ur bday i'll say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE!!
amyx3: ummmmm.... theres nothing interesting about me haha
tiredoftearz08: lol ok if u say so haha
tiredoftearz08: haha and srry to say but ur not gonna see them lol
Geobabe3000: no problem! thanks smile
tiredoftearz08: oh more thn u can
tiredoftearz08: of course i do! smile u should no tht lol
amyx3: haha nah, your not.
tiredoftearz08: well of course it does u silly! how could i resist the fact tht u love me? hehe smile
tiredoftearz08: lol yeah but i had a not so good nite last nite and its a looooooong story.....but to make it short: i dont think im gonna get to see my best friend again :(
amyx3: yes i forgive you. =p haha i dont even care.
amyx3: hahah. nice.
amyx3: haha no it doesnt work.
tiredoftearz08: not a headache but thts not tht bad lol wuts up with u?
x0finalheaven0x: oh yes, real suave..
tiredoftearz08: hey sweetie!!! smile
x0finalheaven0x: nope :]
deadkennedy: OH... MY... GOD... you are telling me that u like dr.pepper too? screw being cousins, we could be SISTERS!!
tiredoftearz08: aww well thanks sweetie..that makes me feel better considering the nite i had last nite....but ur good looking-er and awesome-er lol smile
amyx3: haha alright.
amyx3: ummm nothing really you??
amyx3: aw. okay, thanks. i might. lol its not something i usually talk about though. =/
amyx3: umm today just hasnt been a good day. long story really..
amyx3: lol hey. im okay, could be better though. what about you?
bumshit: oh & ur bday is the same day as my prom.
have a greeeeeeat bday hunn! =) toodles
EroticSultry: americanized? sorry i rather stay european, BUT however we can still mingle heheh...euro invasion....
bumshit: hey ! thank you! gave u a yesss
EroticSultry: yes soo lets do it like they do it on discovery channel
ohitsjen: that makes me sleepy
ohitsjen: no!
ohitsjen: keylime pie is some much better
ohitsjen: rofl
ohitsjen: why you dont like em? :(
ohitsjen: grinlol
ohitsjen: wave
tiredoftearz08: lol why do u want me?
tiredoftearz08: haha is that so?
badassbarbie: im really really silly
LosAngelesImYours: Hey SL! i just woke up- how's your weekend going??
LosAngelesImYours: you're definitely the bestest SL ever! heartthrob that's my favorite post!! hahaha
LosAngelesImYours: hehe well something worked for you to get that pretty girlfriend of yours hun smile
LosAngelesImYours: It was Mosh Girl who won me over.. but you're cute too tongue
ChelseaN: I like that picture like a fat kid loves cake. XD
wantmuhass: or maybe im just ment to take you dowwwwwn

and then stomp on your balls =]
wantmuhass: im 5'9, youre 6'3...we're practically ment to get married
Triciaisme: Where?
Triciaisme: Oh yeah I know it will be good
Triciaisme: As soon as we can and just so you and dad won't miss you for tht couple of weeks...hehe
I'll take very GOOD care of you!
Triciaisme: Well start preparing because you are going to be a VERY busy man!
Triciaisme: Oh babe I have soooo much faith in you.....
Triciaisme: Maybe we should but hmmm will they ever disattach themselves.....NOT!
Triciaisme: Sandwich?????
I'm talkin Kyle naked and you're talkin sandwich????????
Triciaisme: I mean after all we are a HOTT couple now...
Don't be shy....
lorraine: hey thanks for the yes your really cute
Triciaisme: of course that does mean Kyle has to be naked.....
Triciaisme: Show me what you have...hehehe
Triciaisme: Will this be a case of Kyle going WILD??????
Oh plz do!
Triciaisme: Well i will DEF have to work on those Kyle exclusives...hehe
Triciaisme: Hello there SEXY man!
lorraine: damn ur hot
smushy: biggrin <3
youarestupiiid: I'm way boring to talk to, lol. You have aim... so if you want to talk on there, my sn is error error x
youarestupiiid: MSN won't let me sign on for some reason... so idk when I'll be on.
youarestupiiid: There's not much to elaborate on... I'm just a pervert, lol.
youarestupiiid: Don't feel like elaborating smile A lot of guys message me telling me all of this shit they would do to me and it's kinda gross... so yeah.
youarestupiiid: My great grandma thinks I'm 6 and my name is Debbie =) I don't mind it... You're not as bad as most of the people on here, lol. and I'm sort of a pervert myself... but shhh.
youarestupiiid: I don't think there is a way to say that without sounding perverted, lol smile Nothing's new; my life is very boring. Anything new with you?
youarestupiiid: lol, hey smile Nothing really, I'm pretty bored. You?
Triciaisme: I dunno...then there's the guy...he's pretty hot....i may just have to well.....
Triciaisme: holy crap?
what kind of response is that from the other half of this hot couple?
Triciaisme: Well...ok...when you are not around who am i gonna pick on and my bed is here...where are you?????
Triciaisme: Where have you been and i am soooo glad you do.....hehe
Triciaisme: Clothing optional huh?

I will get some but something tells me i have to get a digital camera first since i don't have one.
Triciaisme: Well why not let them take over once in a while...whats the problem?
Triciaisme: You said never! being lol..ok you keep saying never!
Triciaisme: Never say Never because about the time you do guess what????
Triciaisme: Well try the submissive might like...well once in a while...
Triciaisme: Why so obvious?
You have me curious now.
Triciaisme: Oh plz i always leave that up to the man...
Triciaisme: Well..... then we have to do what we have to do..
Triciaisme: What I can't wink and flirt with you?

You want me right now?
Triciaisme: You have an upgraded account...your new toy...I'm jealous !

Triciaisme: typed the response in your comment thing...oh yeah Lincey has a new toy
Triciaisme: You crazy at that pic in your profile...and what are you going to do about that problem you have?
Triciaisme: Cool and did that rawr you gave me mean Lincey has gone WILD???????
Triciaisme: Yea whateva is right...Rawwwrrrrrrrr..
Triciaisme: meow...
Triciaisme: All I can say is wow...maybe just a hundred miles farther...but have to give it to you, you were definitely close in your estimation
Triciaisme: Well I may live far but not that far...
Triciaisme: Well I highly doubt that will always be the case...but I can see that happening, some women being the way they are...does not mean thats always going to be the
Triciaisme: Well...disagreement right here...i doubt you have to " conive " women to like you !!!!!
Triciaisme: Something tells me you probably do.
Triciaisme: Comment rape me????
But I might like that too much...hehe

Triciaisme: I'm going toooo !
Triciaisme: Perfect sense...cuz i bet you do !
Triciaisme: Maybe you should bring your sweet self here and find out hmmmmmm???????
Triciaisme: Hey never know it could be
BrutalxxHonesty: uh...wait what? im gangster? lol where does that come from?
BrutalxxHonesty: uh...wait what? im gangster? lol where does that come from?
FatMaejen: haha no, it doesn't work.
x3MaybexMemories: Hahahahha
x3MaybexMemories: Hahah well that's exciting!
x3MaybexMemories: Blahhh. Just sitting. Hahah you?
x3MaybexMemories: Hahah aww. Hey :]
Milf2004: lol your
devonrocks: what would you like<3
Triciaisme: maybe we can wait until next winter for the dog sledding... as long as you keep me warm...and start the frolicking now?
killin4kisses: its the same sn as my sn on here so whenever you go on add me!
killin4kisses: god i keep forgetting.. im going right now!!!!!
tinagirl32: ohhhh no.
i disagree.
tinagirl32: There is no king of gods.

Come here!!
tinagirl32: king?
My vagina is god.
Come here.
tinagirl32: ohh no.
you have to bring the penis here.
tinagirl32: I think that sounds like a brilliant idea. <3
Triciaisme: Maybe we can take a moonlit walk?
Triciaisme: Good LIKE !
Triciaisme: Hmmmm what do you think you deserve?
devonrocks: rape you? wink
Triciaisme: Well this young lady tricia thinks ur a real cutie !!!!
Triciaisme: Yes i <3 dogs...and yours are adorable...but ur better...hehe
devonrocks: haha. okay.

devonrocks: eek i do have boobies and a vagina eek
xYouCantSaveMex3: Hah, alright. <3
devonrocks: in my bed.
devonrocks: k.
devonrocks: lets do it?
devonrocks: lol<3 thanks.
ur a hottie.
BeautifulWhore: damn i like how that sounds
BeautifulWhore: haha i dont got my camers right now you gonna have to wait
xYouCantSaveMex3: Lol okay. Mine little animal's not furry though :P.
BeautifulWhore: u can ride me all night long
xoxoBellaBarbieoxox: well thank you considerably your very sweet
britn09: thank you <3
xoxoBellaBarbieoxox: awwl well thank you but i hate them:(
teigha24: lol....luv u 2....but i never left!!!<3
xoxoBellaBarbieoxox: nope i wish i did cause i hate my eye color
tinagirl32: your penis loves me?

Well.. my vagina loves your penis.
killin4kisses: ok ill get that aim express thingy, how do i do it? & thanx for the sign, i officially will love you forever now!
Boks: haha :d thank god for vikings !
Boks: hmm i just saw it's one of YOUR turn offs wink bad thing haha xx
Boks: not much kyle, what's up w/u ?? xoxox
forget2breathe: heartthrob
i'm going to bed
g'night qt
killin4kisses: none went through.. hm.. well i dont have any messengers installed on here.. so yea.. ill send you a message & you can just respond
killin4kisses: i will, i feel retarded though, ive been on here for like 2 weeks & im still single lol
killin4kisses: lol, your so sexy!
killin4kisses: we're chums ya, but i do dig you as in want to date you or sex you wink lol
killin4kisses: how retareded am i to let a guy off the net get me to blush!!!
killin4kisses: well you tell the truth in a big flirty way!
killin4kisses: you really are the biggest flirt, i love it!
killin4kisses: lol, i got my moms eyes, & my dads nose(ewwe) but i dont think they are all that cute lol
killin4kisses: i have in other groups, but the owner wont like let anyone get rude, this guy got an attitude with me & i messaged her & she was like dont worry about it, i didn know what she meant, but a little later he was out of the group & his posts were gone too
XxXlydiaXxX: hey wats up
killin4kisses: The Addiction
killin4kisses: haha, are you in my group?? well its not really my group, but its my fave one, you should so join!
killin4kisses: i dont even have a cam, which is why i dont have pics of me just taken them of myself & what not lol, my dad does, but i live with my mom about 2 hours away so i only see him for holidays & whatnot
greenhazelbaby: im just fucking with u lol an yes does make u seem like a dick... u shoud messge me more smile hehe soo wht u doing
Fadedlonely1: hehe u can have any part of me in your sexy smile
greenhazelbaby: oo really wel barly talk an when i give u a message with the added stuff u say we should have more convos like that hmmm weird
killin4kisses: no much lol, its been a while, how are you?
greenhazelbaby: i know im srry :( idk wht happen it died :(

nutting much here u
kennalynzi09: Aww.Whats your MSN?
kennalynzi09: Thanks for the yes =)
Rach620: hey... awww thanks.ur sweetsmile im loving that picture of u with the cowboy hat... i have a thing for cowboys lol hehe smile
laxordie: Halo being my ultra fav =).. I also like Dragon Warrior and Contra on NES.. you?
babaygurl125: jus idk we jus don't have things in common..
babaygurl125: hey im sorry don't be mad...ur jus not my type!
Sweetcakes: very cute!
xHighRo0oller420: no, they're my real eyes.
emmmyy: nopee
alwaysherebefore: Hey you...check out my new pics! wink
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: hey! so what became of that truck?!
killin4kisses: your prize = e-love from me!
abbany: thanks for the add too! grinlol

abbany: thanks for the yes babe!! wink

killin4kisses: i guess you win!
lovesucks: ohh yes they would
killin4kisses: lol, what are you up to?
killin4kisses: oh yea you know me, strait thugin homey
lovesucks: haha
im sure you can find others that will show.
lovesucks: haha
what a bitch
lovesucks: looks as if you think quite highly of her
lovesucks: ohh geez shes a short ass
lovesucks: pssh. dont mistaken yourself for me
lovesucks: haha
eww krista.
lovesucks: does beef jerkey help?
lovesucks: hahah
well... I dont want you to suffer
but i dont really wanna take pics
MissHannaBeth: thnks for the comments

:]] ur so cute :]]
killin4kisses: deff. keepen it real lmao, where did that come from?
tinagirl32: Almost.
I thought it was nice that you commented on my hair and stuff. smile
killin4kisses: haha, or your just a big internet flirt?
tinagirl32: Thanks for the picture comment hun. <3
LTown: well good luck with that!
killin4kisses: lol, you talk to a lot of girls!
LTown: ah thanks for all the nice compliments.
LTown: well my quiktime it's workig too well, but what i heard of it so far, it didnt sound bad at all! keep making music! ahah
LTown: you make your own techno? awesome i wanna hear it!
LTown: ah man i love techno. i'm obsessed. i love benny benassi. he be good yo
LTown: your like the second person from oregon i've seen on here...crazy
LTown: hahah thanks.well theres a lot of pervs on here and they are like "i wanna see your naked pics" and its just ewww nasty. you're pretty cute yourself!
tinagirl32: Haha.. that's cute. smile
lovesucks: rofl
is that so?
lovesucks: of corse I do
lovesucks: of corse
I alway keep it real

are you?
tinagirl32: Hmm.. That could work. smile
tinagirl32: It's better when you mention that it's deer jerkey. lol
x3MaybexMemories: Hahaha.
Well, boobs is a good line.
tinagirl32: I personally liked all of it.. but the "Interests" may have been my favorite part.
budgirl: hey your adorable thank you for the yes have a good one cutie *hugs*
tinagirl32: Okay.
I just read your entire profile. I like it. . A lot.
tinagirl32: Hmm. So I hadn't really read your profile until now.. And actually I didn't read the whole thing, just a coupld parts..
But it made me laugh.
tinagirl32: Lol.. I get that a lot. and.. No, it doesnt work. smile
x3MaybexMemories: Those lines are the ones that tempt me :]
killin4kisses: it was actually pretty good!
teigha24: things cost money....and i dont have ne at the moment!
teigha24: sry babe.....would if i culd~!!! <3
killin4kisses: not much at all, im about to go watch a movie though lol, cinderella man but ill talk to you when i get back grinlol
phipdawg: hahaha, your comments always crack me up/ make my day. girls, are you ready to look, "SOOOOO GOOD?!"
knifeparty: You do do you? wink That's kinda hot.
killin4kisses: well call it confidence lol
killin4kisses: lol, thanks, comment rape lol... yea i should be adding some soon!
killin4kisses: lol, so what are you up to?
killin4kisses: well your nice to me! & your cute too, and you are really tall! lol!
killin4kisses: hmm, how tall lol, yea, but you seem really nice!
killin4kisses: not much, just checking things out lol, whats up with you?
CraziWhiskeyChica: well t hank you very much hun grinlol
gothic0sk8ter0chick: hmmmmmmm...i didnt get what u meant about the redhead thing...lolz...but i think youre a hottie so ya!...grinlol
killin4kisses: awwe thank you, your really nice
WhitneyG86: what do you mean, 'really'? Really what?
gothic0sk8ter0chick: tehe...^.^...itz all good...hug...and im glad to know u think my body iz beautiful...heartthrob
gothic0sk8ter0chick: i meant for someone to make me a nude sign...loz...not me making them one
crysss: awh thanks. yr cute.<3
SailingAway: Beef jerky? Sounds delicious.
Well I ate some soy burgers and carrot sticks this afternoon. And personally, I think my carrot sticks could take on your beef jerky and win anyday. peace<3<3
sexyherr420: yes i would wut?
sadia: cute pic.. I have the same hat as your :P that just makes u even cuter!!
Fadedlonely1: adorable!
JoelinnToria: lol Thanks for the complimentswink You seem very.. hmm i cant even think of the word. lol. You say you dont like people who are stupid! lol well.. Im not stupid.. just blonde. haha but anyways your pretty sexy. talk to yah later
SailingAway: Even though I didn't like your vegan comment (I am certainly not pale and I'm not going to keel over and die), You still seem like a pretty rad guy and you're attractive. You got my vote.
fobplkw2027: Hiya, Thanks for the comment you are a hottie love you talk sometime MUAH!-Brittany
xobellalova4yaxo: thanks for the comment hun
i added you!
lilcookeemnstr7: i have a 57 undead mage named magdalain on khadgar and i have an awesome guild called dark pact...u should make a new char on my server and lvl up with one of my alts
lilcookeemnstr7: horde
VivaLaHam: thanks! i like your puppies lol aww
jenny626: you are absolutely gorgeous!
SkittlesDaLette: yummy your one sexy bitch lol i kid i was kidding with the bitch thing lol
herconviction: YESYESYES!
gothic0sk8ter0chick: tehe...*blushes*...well
u seem pretty perfect to me also...wink
gothic0sk8ter0chick: hey babe...thanx for the yes sexy...drool
ChelseaN: Thank you for the comment it was greatly appreciated and might I add that you are gorgeous yourself (In a manly sort of way). Your puppy is so adorable! I have a kitten myself and it is a little terror. I can only imagine what a tiny puppy must be like
comando: lol as do i!!
VikkiLikeWoah: whats really scary right now is that ur rating thing say 66.6 % hah creepy.... even tho it should be like 99.9% mmmhmm <3
hurleybebe: ahh not to much ... and urself?? n yah are names are pretty damn close :P
alwaysherebefore: ...and you are my (wyht) maaaaaaaaan!
LeahCampbell: Hey Sexy! thanks for the comments, your sound like a really neat guy
LeahCampbell: Hey Sexy! thanks for the comments, your sound like a really neat guy
breakthecookie: haha lamestuff
breakthecookie: do vegans swallow?
XXpinkforeverXX: your hella hot hun thanks for the comment
ctctrixx: I'm sooo exhausted right now so i think im gonna go catch up on some beauty sllep now! ttyl goodnight
ctctrixx: cuz my computer is ultra-lame (parental controls)
ctctrixx: OMG!!!
umm... i have the right to remain silent... (im goin w/ that!)
ctctrixx: how do u go from vagina to video games???lol oh well they do both start w/ a V.. um yeah i dunno...
ctctrixx: oh shut up... lol.. u can dream... lol...

ok...uh... subject change?
ctctrixx: yes u r!!! dont argue w/ me!! cuz u will LOSE!!! ha ha ha.. and yes i kno i may be a tease... but i'm also classy... and no matter how much guyz beg... i will NEVER do a completely nude pic smile
ctctrixx: whatever u crazy viking.. at least im a ninja... someone has to keep u in aww.. i luv ya! ur just sooo effin cute!
ctctrixx: i was bored w/
as 4 the clothes part...hmmm...
ctctrixx: oh really? then if ur not gonna "explode".. i should be keepin my clothes on... lol
ctctrixx: ha ha... my bad
Kbaby15: hey whats up your cute! get at me!
Purified08: havent talked to you n a while and just wanted to say hey and your still looking HAWT and wanted to c what was up so talk to ya l8r PeacXxX>3skittles
IIhoneyII: lmao cant do all that now sorrys
hottsoccerbabe14: hes mine <333 not yours. lol gimme him now.
IIhoneyII: theres an easy solution for this though ...stop looking lma oits not that hard to do is ot haha
IIhoneyII: lmao i so dident do anything and havent you heard im innocent until proven guilty haha snap snap lol, but yeah im bored to just chillen
IIhoneyII: cause i can lmao j/p hows you
babiegirlnj4100: awww. ty cutie smile
alwaysherebefore: Hey, I was just thinking of you, hope all is well!
VoDKAmMm: wow! your so sexy your makin my smile. very cute pics hun!! smile
xsexiebeckiex: hey cutie whats up?
terraloves: not much, and thanks for the compliment
lovesucks: hahaha <3
lovesucks: nothing really and you?
lovesucks: why hello there
felicialoveschris: Hottie
AngelxX: heck yes it is. i do it atleast once a week, to show the little kids.
AngelxX: oh your smart! maybe i should try that some day.
alwaysherebefore: Hey! Hope you had a good weekend!
sassbrattangl: hey, thanks for the pic comment!
knifeparty: :O I want to go to sleep. :( But I can't
knifeparty: smile <3
LucifersAngel: *poke* wink
GuNSaReLiKEWoaHH: haha thank you=]
Alycia: I'm pretty damn good, packing muh bags for the weekend, and yourself?
ctctrixx: yeah yeah lol
knifeparty: A little bit. wink
knifeparty: Pfft, yeah you are. Not too much, taking it easy. I'm not feeling all that great today.
knifeparty: You're too cute. smile <3
alwaysherebefore: Yes, sex only for the purpose of procreation, however if it also happens to be enjoyable, so be it.
coffeejunkeeliz: you have a really sexy nose
GuNSaReLiKEWoaHH: hah thanks hun but its nothing special:P
alwaysherebefore: Ha! Yay for Leet! I kinda sorta can read it!
Alycia: sounds goooood to me smile
Alycia: a way to take out my anger and agression? sounds too good to be in
Alycia: of course, i have the little short skirt and tight shirt im set and ready, im all yours. lol smile
Alycia: lol ooh how fun
Alycia: gosh, what are we supposed to do with them? i swear sometimes.
Alycia: not much, trying to get some work done, and yourself?
comando: lol ur hilarious!!
comando: yah that's always good, and my "shirt" is the hemmings of one of my dresses! lol *weird*
comando: lol not much is up in canada, same old same old, and no thank YOU for the comments!!
IIhoneyII: AWWWWWWW that kicksass dude smile
ctctrixx: yes oh great one... ha ha ha... lead the way!!!
ctctrixx: ha ha ha.... but they have good food... ya kno- french bread, french fries, french vanilla cappachino
ctctrixx: cuz i picked it duh... but fine- have it ur way- lol
IIhoneyII: aw hey not much back to tha boredom it seems sup wit you
XxLuckyGirlxX: you are 100% HOTT and sweet <3
AlmostPerfect077: sweet deal, well have a good one, i'm out to visit with my parents. see ya cutie!
AlmostPerfect077: Your a very random person. haha I love it! You got aim or nething?
AlmostPerfect077: Why thank ya cutie? That kinda juice f*ckin rocks!
AlmostPerfect077: I'm very glad you liked it wink
AlmostPerfect077: haha, i like the head shaved look smile I'm tryin to grow my hair out long. pain in the ass.
AlmostPerfect077: I like you hair smile its cute ur very good looking
AlmostPerfect077: Just wanted to tell you I love your turn off section. haha made me laugh, but ur completely right on it. smile Hit me back
AlmostPerfect077: hey cutie, wuts up?
ctctrixx: i wanna learn sooo bad!!!!

*we get 2 attack denver next*
ctctrixx: it would rock if potatoes could play the guitar!!!! YYYYEEEEEAAAAAUUUUHHHHH
!!!! ha ha ha... i have no idea..
DanceSkins06: They're going great, how about you? I have to download the Sims again! :(
ctctrixx: SWEET!!! that would rock!
ctctrixx: ha ha ha *stomps on buildings* *breathes fire* wait then that makes me GODZILLA RAAAAWWWWRRR!!! lol
IIhoneyII: lol i couldent help but aww at him hes adorable
ctctrixx: nada man... whats strappalattin in the hizzood ninja? ha ha ha... we all dont talk like that... grinlol
greenhazelbaby: ok then we will call it a hat smile
but i want a green hat lol
greenhazelbaby: lol well the skaters here r nice an aint assholes soo yea lol but if u dont want me tocall it a skater hate then we can call it a beanie smile
greenhazelbaby: haha lol ok in one of ur pics the skater kids here call ita skater hat soo yea i will leavea comment on the pic thats a skater hat lol
greenhazelbaby: all have it in a green skater hat is that ok
greenhazelbaby: omg yes we should we should do it NOW RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW
greenhazelbaby: aww that sucks... im gon to cry but im goin to be happy cuzz i like green an like u like it too so its like awsome an it makes up for ur bad personality which i dont think u have a bad personality soo yea smile
greenhazelbaby: thanks for the yes babe hit me up sometime if u want
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: FUCK! i kno!!
but it had the little guy where his eyes were all shift and shit! so i didnt kno wat u voted me!! SORRY!!!!
HealMyBleedingHeart: Ew...Cousins?
Not cool
HealMyBleedingHeart: You said the words "whiggedy whack" Thats so freakin cool!
I like you
HealMyBleedingHeart: Huh? Im sure I said yes to you.. *scratches head* I may have clicked the wrong thing. Sorry! Your a cutie, I <3 redheads
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: Dude.
i took like 10 pictures today of my truck cuz i washed it and it was sooo clean.
i cant upload them right now, but im gonna get um up asap!
hmm that smoke color is nice looking when its all clean...
x1xLiLsHaWtiEx8x: THanx f0r the yes
whipstickagostopx: Haha, my boyfriend is a redhead, I meant orange on anything else smile thanks for the yes!
Alycia: lol Alrighty then, have a wonderful night hun
Alycia: LOL May be a while, I like taking pictures, I hope to get into photography, I don't want to be IN the pictures lol but we'll see. You never ever know
Alycia: Would love too, but theres OOOONE small problem, you're 14 hours away. Sorry babe
Alycia: My guess is that you're either hungry or horny....or maybe both? Eh who knows..wait, maybe you??
Alycia: lol you may not have known what you were saying but it was QUITE entertaining, biggrin thanks for that
Alycia: I'm so honored biggrin , I'll never say "i'm honored" for being raped EVER again. Yep yep, the kids would be perfect, sounds goooood to me.
Alycia: lol yes you did, I feel so special biggrin
Alycia: lol thats a compliment, i mean how do you tell a guy how cute he is? handsome? I'm not so sure about it, but I tried. "we can make uber-spawn" lol THATS what I meant but I'd have to agree the process would pretty much rule.
Alycia: you as well, scares me a little. too gorgeous to be a guy..hhmmm. and YES i am sure the outcome of our "purely friendly encounter" would be pretty damn cute
Alycia: Sounds good to me, i love food so anything is good but i can go for beef jerky
Alycia: lol doesn't matter, a man in anything that resembles a uniform is hot, and the beanie soooo works for you. aw its ok cry all you want lol smile
Alycia: Truly, I'm going to Italy in 2 years, who knows I might love it enough to move there. You never know though, go and find out....hopefully not the hard way.
Alycia: That sounds quite exciting! Good to know you dont have to lower yourself to force, consensual is always a good thing. Sounds like we both share pride for our countries, thats a wonderful thing. smile
Alycia: pretty damn good, and the whole norwegian thing?
knifeparty: I sure did. I think I asked you for it before. So either way. I still added you. smile
SparrowsN3V3Rpart: OUCH! 7 weeks!? Well at least ur getting it!! Wat color?
Umm yah actually! Our damn trash cans!!
sergeantcracker: i have a 1973 c10 custom deluxe. dad has a 2001 Silverado 2500HD, and grams has a 2006 Silverado 2500HD
knifeparty: smile You could...just call me Colby. you have msn, it would be alot easier to talk on there.
x0soXthisXisXlovex0: thx for the comment smile
x0soXthisXisXlovex0: thx for the comment smile
sergeantcracker: haha no this cracker doesnt kill anyone unless they try to steal his truck or if they come in my house
Alycia: AW I'm sorry, I dont have work till 3pm tomorrow THANK GOD. I'm not up to much, relaxing, you??
hot02pink: awwwwwwww well if it isnt my wyht ex-bf. i added some new pix you should check out babe, and thanks your rather sexy yourself smile
knifeparty: Hey you. What's up? wink
Alycia: hey sweety how are you?
hottieWitaBodyx3: wow smart blunt and attractive can you get much better lol
breakthecookie: mm sour cream and onion yes
can we get smoothies too??
sergeantcracker: they were decomissioned and had the firing pins melted basically just had to replace firing pins and mmm lets get to buddy went through the first 6 weeks of Marine OCS..80lb packs plus he was the MG...poor bastard
sergeantcracker: famas's have an INSANE RPM!!! and yeah the m14 was awesome until you started spinning it..or having to run around the bus loop w/ it over your head..or holding it @ arms length by the muzzle break...13 lbs gets heavy real fast
sergeantcracker: i want an m14 b/c thats what i used to drill with in MCJROTC in high "7.62 millimeters, Full Metal Jacket" ahahahahaha weeeeee
sergeantcracker: lol sadly i think the only picture of a gun i own would be the lever action .357 carbine..the rest are my buddy's dad's..couple of which are police issue lol weee..but yeah..when i turn 21 i'm getting a .45 and dad's giving me the .357 magnum that us
lovesucks: if you find something exciting to do, please tell.. i need something to do as well
hmm i dont know the name of it.
lovesucks: Im sorry.. my msn was being stupid.

nothing I just got done watching a movie.. and you?
xsweetxbabeex: are too! im not doing much..just being bored you
xsweetxbabeex: lol your funny...
xsweetxbabeex: oh are you gonna go cut and cry now ? emo lol are ya today?
breakthecookie: for sure we'll take your truck
we can store an extra lot of snacks in there tooo
of course juice
what kind of juice?
I want chips now jeez
xsweetxbabeex: lol! sorry ...
breakthecookie: dude
road trip
not on a road
fershur I'll bring snacks
evildarkness6six6: hey thanks for all the commentssmile
lovesucks: HAHAHA

well i never have before..
LifeAndDeath: oh thats gotta suck.. the winds annoying. 10 in the morning...
lovesucks: mmmmm okay. because im obsessed with subway
LifeAndDeath: yeah its 10am, i got up alittle while ago. Its nice and sunny today, im loving it.
LifeAndDeath: haha sounds like good fun.. my day just began so im cleaning the house.. got some people coming over to stay
lovesucks: no fair... I want subway
LifeAndDeath: Thanx for the comment. Im good how about u?
WYHTSlut: umm..ok
Grnsmurf01: nothing much, how are you doing?
lovesucks: oh well then i hope she does<3
lovesucks: you know, I havent
but I did have a peanutbutter samwhich and an apple for lunch today
lovesucks: haha youre so randomsmile

and yeah apple pie is good
lovesucks: I cant say that i have ever tryed it
tinagirl32: I think...
you've thought entirely too mucb about this. smile
tinagirl32: lol.. thanks
audrey472: Hey, thanks. Not too much is going on. Just doing the whole college thing. Splendid really, haha.
tinagirl32: hi smile
Purified08: yea oklahoma im not to far from lawton lol its treating me ok! lol
Purified08: heyhey!! sexy!! whats up!!!??
Purified08: your cute!!PeacxxX>3steve
badgirll77: hey sexy how r u??
Purified08: thnx 4 tha comment! whats uP!PEacxxx>3stevette
IIhoneyII: hey not much really same ol l being bored n you
Purified08: Gorgeous!PeaCxXx>3st
ch0ked: So if i did
ch0ked: :( Suck me off
ch0ked: NO
ch0ked: Hmm
And pirates!
Boks: OMg ur so right! i forgot about vikings!! grinlol they're hot too!
ULTRAxxxFAG: hahahaha
ULTRAxxxFAG: aww thank you!
DeLiCiOuS941N248: i said yes!!
DeLiCiOuS941N248: I'm sorry...dry those tears.
ch0ked: aw my joke
my dogs a girl
they couldnt mate lol
ch0ked: Ohhhhhhh

lol i got it shrug
ch0ked: i'm not a bimbo lol

thanks cutie <3
ch0ked: you'd piss on my face?
IIhoneyII: lol yeah i love that part of the movie that n the boobie accedent lol but not up to much my mans sleeping as well so just on here to help the boredom
IIhoneyII: aww hey not much just relaxin being bored n you
hotchik69: LOL, that's awesome!
hotchik69: *~* Kewl beanz! Johnny Knoxville is lyke sooo secksi! I'd marry him LOL ♥ ... *~*
collapsedkisses: hehe.

well. sorry. i dont even remember voting for you... /-:

sexypartyinbitch2004: thanks for the comments and stuff your hella hot btw im getting off of here tho if you wanna talk add me to msn
m latta sexC
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: yayy!! i added u .. <333
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: you too love.. if u have aim .. talk to me on there some time... KissAssXxx
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: its a yes.. but for another night though ..
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: haha yea i guess that would be kinda awsome! lol
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: haha .. how would it be awesome?? hahah
creeper8: cool
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: eep! hehe .. i would love to have u all over me .. lol... and i dont know about the boob thing .. well @ least not tonight.. cuz im goin to bed soon ..
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: sorry hun .. but no .. i dont take pix like that.. but if u were here .. then o boy! yes u could .. hehehe
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: hehehe .. is that a bad thing?
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: people never call me that.. but they ask about it all the time .. heheh .. i dont think mine is really "fire" but ehh .. lol hehehe i shave it all off .. soo it dont matter.. hahah
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: my natural color is red.. but not this red... in the old days pix.. thats my natural red hair color... but yea.. red is the natural color.. heheh
creeper8: wicked
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: hehe i love ur comments!
creeper8: lol in flames are awesome never actually heard anything from soil work, i shall check them out
creeper8: yeh which i spose isnt good unless your an extremely lazy person with not life
phipdawg: You like homestarrunner...*sighs
*...and you don't live in Canada because...? :( haha
creeper8: lol absolutely nothing grinlol ...
creeper8: lol it sounds like loads of fun
XoxBrokenLUvXOX: oo ur welcome.. thanx for all mine <333
creeper8: haha thats what i usually say about sleep i havnt been you to much just sitting around mainly hanging out with friends
creeper8: Hey pretty good and yourself?
collapsedkisses: hmm.

well i'm sorry. i dont even remember rating you!!!!

lets see. i'll go back and make it better. i'll give you a yes.

hows that sound?

im not sure if that works or not...but i'll atleast try (:
collapsedkisses: emo trear?

your callin me emo boy?

dsflghsdlfgsdfh. hm.
ahhSAmmi284: Ellloo Sexxi boi!! wink
knifeparty: It's good. Not really no. I was at a funeral today..
knifeparty: Yea, of course they are. You have nothing to be confused about. smile
knifeparty: For the picture comment..
knifeparty: redface smile
sugartootz34: I figured Id stop bye and say whoa baby your sexy LOL
phipdawg: You are inappropriately good looking. wink
creeper8: i do both .. well if i have the time i go and rate people but i usually only rate people a yes or skip them but if they rate me and they have nothign written in their profile they get a no
poprockskiss: Thanks for the comment! You're definetly a cutie ^.^
creeper8: yeh its really annoying when people have absolutely nothing written in their profiles and they somehow expect me to rate them a yes, so when i rate them i a no they go and have a sad and shit and ask why and i simple say if you read my profile you should
creeper8: thankyou for the picture comment grinlol
ImBetterthanyou10xxx: lolup she has fake body pics on here and myspace
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: good babe and u?
ki00um: hey hot stuff!
TiMmAh: lets do it....although i think we should attack never hear about them so i think it would be perfect
tinagirl32: thanks for the picture comment hun smile
BrutalxxHonesty: hmm well how about 1/3 cowboy 2/3 viking hmm?
BrutalxxHonesty: save a horse and ride you hmm...YES so what you're my new cowboy? yeah well you're pretty hot there sexy gorgeous you name're probably it...except those negative things like ugly n fat
ttyl sexi cowboy
deadkennedy: haha, that's cool. I just really wanna see the road to europe, I believe that's in the third season. oh and freak'n stuck together torn apart where stewie and brian's hands get super glued together. yeah haha good stuff
deadkennedy: haha, that's cool. I just really wanna see the road to europe, I believe that's in the third season. oh and freak'n stuck together torn apart where stewie and brian's hands get super slued together. yeah haha good stuff
Sexycubana55: Thanx for the yes!
deadkennedy: yeah, those shows are pretty badass. I actually haven't watched family guy in a while. son of a bitch, I need to watch it.
deadkennedy: haha smile hey how's it going? I'm alright
kasey14: lol okie
kasey14: um alright then what do they do? ( i always tho they where black but maybe not) lol
kasey14: lol sweet, im bored how about you
knifeparty: Aw, well thank you very much. smile
PunkRckPrnces17: whats more fun? messing around on wyht or swapping comments with me wink
JadeLeigh: yay!! Favorite person biggrin
PunkRckPrnces17: not to much how aobut yourself sweetheart?
EmotionsOnARazor: aw. thanks sweetheart! *
Rothica: wow... you're not very confident... and i dont think redheads are funny looking!?

dont let the red hair wear you.. YOU have to wear the red hair!
Rothica: hahha.. i thought you were blond!? hahah.. wow.. your a red head... hmm.. some red heads are very good looking.. i think your on the top of that list!
Rothica: thanks for the comment... pretty sure im a sucker for blondes! haha watch out!
Jenn17: nice boobs behind your head :P hehe, youre very cute luv the bald headsmile
xYouCantSaveMex3: Haha yess.
xYouCantSaveMex3: Hah, good idea. Although I have to admit.. some of them can be pretty funny sometimes. So at least they're good for entertaining me.
xYouCantSaveMex3: Yes, and the turnoffs.. Stupid people make me mad. They should all just die :P.
xYouCantSaveMex3: Aw, thank you.
x3MaybexMemories: Hahah I suck =[
PunkRckPrnces17: you're hott i would defintely hit that...
Gbaby20: you're really cute too thanks for the compliment on my eyes!
x3MaybexMemories: I'm good at Sega =] Yay. But nothing else.
x3MaybexMemories: Ok, well I'm not that good.
x3MaybexMemories: Well that's no fun =[
x3MaybexMemories: No school until Thursday smile
RoxyBabe7: Hi there! smile
RoxyBabe7: Hi there! smile
x3MaybexMemories: Oh no, today was extremely BORING. Like whoa =[
x3MaybexMemories: It goes just fine. It's kind of cold. And today was boring. How're you?
x3MaybexMemories: Haha well hey =]
SecretCrush008: hey there cutie =)*
thedeviliswaiting: lol
thedeviliswaiting: u being a chump lol... im just sitten here talkin to people
thedeviliswaiting: hey whats up?
babygurl49525: not bad here in michigan, just sick cause of this horible weather ya know....
babygurl49525: hey sexy!!!
BYOBMuthaFuckas: thanks
secretagentman: I don't vote on males
BYOBMuthaFuckas: your hott.
ijustbrokedown: and i fricken love the pictures with the
ijustbrokedown: hey babe....thanks for the comment...ur a</3 brooke
TheStalkuh: hell yea ph8's the shit... i was just wondering how you knew about them since you dont live very close to arizona
TheStalkuh: hey - how do you kno about Ph8...just wondering... k later
x3MaybexMemories: Thanks <3
x3MaybexMemories: Haha aww thanks <3
GhEtToBoOtY: aww... thanx.. hehe your not too bad yourself...
SweetLindsay: you are sooo sexy......i want you!
freeland2307: hott
Margarita88: SeXxiewink
crzynlve69: wow you are really cute
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