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Originally posted by LeddRokkenstud
girls have smaller brains thats why they dont get concussions when i beat the shit out of htem but men do get concussions

Bitches, ho's, and sluts.
Turn Ons
Cooking, cleaning, doing what a woman should.
Turn Offs
Women working, voting, driving. etc. You can tell Where I think you should be.

Chris Brown. Pioneer for men everywhere....
Originally posted by LeddRokkenstud
girls have smaller brains thats why they dont get concussions when i beat the shit out of htem but men do get concussions
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Originally posted by Chuck8303
Originally posted by Kizz8
Originally posted by Chuck8303
Originally posted by Kizz8
sup i love ur face

i dub thee the smooth

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Music Hellogoodbye, boys like girls, Mae, The Starting Line, Cobra Starship, Meg & Dia, The Spilled Canvas, Paramore, Five Times August, House of Fools, The Hush Sound, Tegan and Sara, Playradioplay!, Amber Pacific, Anberlin, The Varsity, The Bravery, The Format, Daphne Loves Derby, Lillie Allen, Cute is what we aim for, Plain White T's, Scary kids scaring kids, Rookie of the Year, Kill Hannah, The Firm, New Years Day, Red Jumpsuit Apperatus, +44, Secondhand serenade, Jamestown Story, A heartwell ending, A beautiful Silence, Gym Class Heroes of 2 years ago, Too Sorry for Apologies, Making April
Originally posted by marLasinger
yes you lok okays. : )

Quote Dray says: (1:22:20 AM)
HEY Would you at least like sex me if maybe I had a bag over
[danie] lah says: (1:27:07 AM)
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xohalicia: I love it when you fucking talk to me like that.
Symbology: CHUCK grinlol
sugartootz34: wha wha wha
ZabZilka: Ahhh! Chuck! Yay it's my birthday in 2hrs 40 mins =] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ZabZilka: Ahhh! Chuck! Yay it's my birthday in 2hrs 40 mins =] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ZabZilka: Ahhh! Chuck! Yay it's my birthday in 2hrs 40 mins =] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ZabZilka: Ahhh! Chuck! Yay it's my birthday in 2hrs 40 mins =] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
ZabZilka: Ahhh! Chuck! Yay it's my birthday in 2hrs 40 mins =] WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
xoxLuvinUxox: Omg it's Chuck!!!!!
Dancetoit: you look like a teradactile
jeni08: lol it's all good smile
jeni08: lol thanks but as i can remember you hated my guts
laxdolcexvita: <3 i still heart you.
laxdolcexvita: If I remember correctly... it was because you were mad that I wasn't going to Jesse's wedding? Or something lame.
laxdolcexvita: You deleted me off's your own fault you miss me.
AngermAnAgement: I don't know what teen mom is
iheartyourguts: .....because the last I knew was that you hated me and thought I was gross :p
Exception: Did you call me a crazy bitch, chuck? Seriously. I've seen Niggers in OKC who look better than you. Remember to tell people GTers came to the old chat to drag me out to talk. I always thought GT consisted of Losers. Like u?
NOTSOBEAUTIFUL: Aww, thank you!
groovinchick20: laugh hahahaha thanks for that. she's a psycho bitch. But I'm "SO obsessed with her!"
akvolleystudd: looove you.
ahnecute: your welcome smile
trancee: who would do thatt???
TiniiAng: thanks chuck
trancee: its hot when you stalk me wink
trancee: wow, so is yours
trancee: <33
trancee: wink
trancee: omg i didn't even see the request
i'm sorry <33
i'd never leave you hangin haha
TinyBikini: haha your welcome.
kittenprincess: oh okay... *yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnz
angelbabycakes: I got that part. wink Just saying, epicness at its best needs to happen pronto. The demise of GT might just be temporary. It tends to fluctuate, but this time so many regulars have quit.
angelbabycakes: Attempting. Nothing interesting going on, lol. Something amazing needs to happen to save GT, sadly. frown
angelbabycakes: You goof, lol. I lurk on the forums. tongue
KeiseiHakanai: eh, it was more the tone that evolved from the thread after, but I'm really quite flattered smile
KeiseiHakanai: really some peoples attitudes are kinda disapointing :(
KeiseiHakanai: where'dya hear that ?
trancee: <33yw
peppercorn: oh hey.
JumperX: bitchtits mcgee lets wrestle naked
Curiouss: I enjoy you posting more and more lately <3
xxsway: i wanted to fkn talk to you and you didn't answer either of my phone calls
xxsway: i hate you
trancee: omg i'm so sorry,
that's horrible
trancee: sad, my kitty is sick at the vet
other than that i'm good
trancee: wave
xtinalOvesu: aw man i'm so sorry<3
xtinalOvesu: its just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up everything is fucked everybody sucks
xxsway: <3
trancee: wink
xtearfulletter: Well it'd be rather rude to hate me!
xtearfulletter: why?
xxsway: omg where the fuck have you been
Originally posted by Chuck8303
Mindy you're so fucking cute omg

ty chuq :3
xxsway: omg you're right! your sl must be the third most hittable person on this website!
brandiannette: haha well apparently you're hitting on me too.
&lol that's probably true i don't think everyone is like that i just don't know what to say? but its ok
brandiannette: haha first, apparently he wasn't hitting on me he just wants some artwork and second i have no idea. you're all just an intimidating bunch
sugartootz34: hiiiiiii chuck!!!!!!!!!!!
Chuck8303: lol. i need your yahoo. bc i don't know what yahoo you have. mine is chuck_is_on_myspace. there ya go.
skuter: added you on yahoo neer on aim anymore
skuter: when did i not remember you?;x
skuter: chuckkk!
calibunny: hey crazy boy!
FrenchPeach: check your email
FrenchPeach: I can take few pictures
Lets talk about it by email
email me at

and tell me how many pics and what exactly, and I'll think about it
FrenchPeach: I understand it is real money
Think about it, and tell me exactly what you want
I'll let you know if I am willing to do it or not
FrenchPeach: don't have cam, and won't do cam show
whats the least you want?
FrenchPeach: how about couple of topless pics?
Crater: Lol.
JaclynNicoleIsAWhore: bahaha was i really?
JaclynNicoleIsAWhore: how have you been??
dj1505: im starving
dj1505: im starving
dj1505: im starving
tooinnocent4you: ive heard that about him. =(
oh well, life will go on
tooinnocent4you: id hate to see the site vanish. i have fun here and allow it to occupy a majority of my freetime
tooinnocent4you: tell your friend to get the codeing issues solved here. its kinda annoying ya know. btw, ill never tell
tooinnocent4you: thats what i sad. i dont want you gettin banned
tooinnocent4you: im deletin that last comment you sent. i dont want you gettin banned hug THANK YOU
tooinnocent4you: whoa holy shit. i think i just wet myself lol. when the hell did this happen?? how did it happen??
tooinnocent4you: #1??? wtf are you talkin about?
BattyKoda: =]
CumEater: lol
xleftbehindx: lol it just comes easy to me so does science and math
xleftbehindx: thats awesome i love history
xleftbehindx: nice what do you teach?
xleftbehindx: are you a teacher?
xleftbehindx: awesome haha
so whats up?
xleftbehindx: i didn't even know i was in the top 10
xleftbehindx: thank you were you expecting me to be ugly?
melodyspice: haha ohh okay. well i'm going to give you my real AIM, unlike all the other wyhters, so feel privileged. AIM: nuclearsaturday4 (don't judge me. it's literally 7 or 8 years old) and if you prefer, MSN:
melodyspice: haha preferably AIM, but i'll take msn if you wish.
melodyspice: i don't wanna rush into things here, but i feel like we should exchange messengers? & i srsly hope that you don't just have yahoo as your profile might suggest.
caffeineobsession: okay smile nice chatting!
caffeineobsession: hahaha
abortionpotpie: thanks! smile
amburr: ew charles, don't speak like that!!!
afterxthextragedy: lol oh no problem =P
jk you don't live in the ghetto thats further south lol
afterxthextragedy: lol yeah right on nw expressway. oh well i'm sure its not a big deal.
lol well as long as you feel safe i'm sure you'll stay alive
afterxthextragedy: oh awesome, didn't someone just die there tonight? lol your in a great part of the city.
amburr: lol right
amburr: hmm i'm skeptical
afterxthextragedy: oh yeah totally lol. you live in okc huh, what part?
kscrib09: I'll cut you with a butter knife.
kscrib09: You wouldn't dare.
amburr: ya think so?
kscrib09: Wasn't an offer my friend.
kscrib09: actualllllllly. Fuck you.
sexxxysam: its not really.... my initials would be sss if it was though!
sexxxysam: yep, silly is my middle name =P
sexxxysam: for a second i thought that said "you are high, i can tell"
and i was about to be like NO I AIN'T!
hahahaha <3
sexxxysam: yay i passed something!
sexxxysam: lol so i just read your turn offs and i havea joke for you:
why cant helen keller drive a car?

bahaha, i am obviously not a feminist.
sexxxysam: thanks! you're a pretty cute half man half dinosaur type thing =P
sexxxysam: hahaha no problem =P
RizzleRazzleMachine: Hello there, how are you?
Just popping in to say hey ^.^
tobleedice: http://www.wouldyouhitt
xohalicia: You must be talking about my tits.
xohalicia: Oh LOL I thought you were just kidding. I don't know. I'll be off tomorrow. Usually 98.9+ stays on. shrug
xohalicia: I'm popular.
crystalmarie9224: Yes, and people who make assumptive attempts at insults instead of educated ones are just dumbasses who frequently make fools of themselves.
crystalmarie9224: ORR you should not make stupid comments without any idea what you're talking about... huge difference.
crystalmarie9224: Apparently, once again, you can't read... He laughed because I put the word "buttsex" in my Turn-Offs section. Dumbass.
crystalmarie9224: Wow your stupidity amazes me!!! Do you know the definition of the word ALSO?
crystalmarie9224: Actually there is, there's also lots of things to do in REAL LIFE. smile
crystalmarie9224: Right. Because it means so much to you that you have to have the last word, right? Have fun with this.
crystalmarie9224: I'm sure it will.
crystalmarie9224: oh, so clever :insert eyes rolling here: I know you're not so stupid that you didn't know what I was implying. But just in case, to make it more clear lets try - shut the fuck up.
crystalmarie9224: If you're wasting a gift why don't you stop fucking talking?
crystalmarie9224: 5
crystalmarie9224: 4
crystalmarie9224: 3
crystalmarie9224: 2
crystalmarie9224: 1
crystalmarie9224: That would be awesome if I gave a shit about you.
The argument was fun but I realize now that you really don't have any intellect to carry on an argument. Now you're just annoying.
crystalmarie9224: It must be, considering you obviously just can't read, I think it was pretty accurate. But basically, I just rolled my eyes in response to that one.
crystalmarie9224: Obviously, I can push your buttons because you apparently just can't get enough.
crystalmarie9224: Like I said, as an ALTERNATIVE TO my better things to do, I enjoy arguing with you. wow you really are special ed, huh?
crystalmarie9224: Okay. I'll just take that. I'm not really concerned about your opinion anyway, I just find arguing about it entertaining, although I have much better things to do, I like an argument or two. Thanks for that
crystalmarie9224: You're not fat. So I'm not going to say that. Fact. I'm not fat. Fact. Maybe I'm not skinny. Fact. But not fat. lol you're not very smart.
crystalmarie9224: Opinion is you dont find me attractive. Fine. I don't care. My opinion is youre not attractive. Awesome. Someone else in the world probably does find you attractive. opinion.
crystalmarie9224: well there's a difference between opinion and fact. Apparently you don't grasp that concept.
crystalmarie9224: welcome. Again. Life. Get one. And by the way, I'm not really even fat? I'm just not bone thin. lol You're a joke.
crystalmarie9224: you obviously need to retaliate, right? Yeah, you look real cool.
crystalmarie9224: I have better things to do than spend all my time wyht comment arguing with you. So keep it up. Just post those comments on this site that you don't give a shit about anyone's opinion or mine, because since you don't, you obviously need to retaliate, righ
crystalmarie9224: Also funny, many of them are leagues more attractive than you. And yes, I gave you a no. I gave you a no because you're not attractive at all. Maybe you shouldn't underestimate the power of the desperate? Anyhow, unlike you, I have better things to do tha
crystalmarie9224: If you don't think anything on this site is a big deal, then why are you taking everything so seriously? haha you're definitely a loser. And I'm sure these "desperate people" on here are just dying to get attention by voting me a yes. Also funny, many of
crystalmarie9224: haha thanks for that, but I guess the rest of WYHT disagree. But glad we see eye to eye because I find you rather ugly smile We all have opinions and that's why we're here. have a nice day Dumbo. smile
xPunishMex: HIIIIIII
uh420enoughsaid: thank you =]
EnchantedKiwi: not a hell of alot, just laxing, what else is there to do on a sunday night? what you up to?
EnchantedKiwi: for now.............?
EnchantedKiwi: ok ill stop bye
EnchantedKiwi: ahh
EnchantedKiwi: of course of course, i always do, i am thinking bout going to bed soon tho, wheres all the entertainment tonight
EnchantedKiwi: wave2
EnchantedKiwi: If you are on when the site goes back up i will be sure to say wave2
EnchantedKiwi: rofl i can imagine, nz vs oz ver competitive, kinda like america vs canada ya know, anyways this site is gunna die in 5mins - nice chatting to you hottie hotstuff
EnchantedKiwi: it really is, and our national flag is one star different laugh
EnchantedKiwi: Quick question?
Do you think im australian? huh
EnchantedKiwi: Ummmmm good luck with that, You will need to purchase a plane ticket huh
EnchantedKiwi: You dont know what beer is untill you try Speights or Tui
EnchantedKiwi: never heard of it, SPEAK english
EnchantedKiwi: Agreed - Speights is so much better
cljxoxox: no problem =]
x1fifty800: we poastin old pics of fresca? i can play that game
emmmyy: i didnt even know i was in it
TheCakeIsALie: ew
gidgie: i think you had something to say?
melodyspice: ugh don't stop. don't you know that girls never say what they mean?
melodyspice: aww quit it. you flatter me.
YessAva: no. its not gravy. its samurai.. sorry.
YessAva: is it??

okay. im sorry. i am the most complicated woman on this earth.. but the sweetest too.=]
YessAva: I get that alot. I understand how..

I find myself so simple.
YessAva: lol im sowwie D:
YessAva: dont like that pic that much shrug
YessAva: ya. no.
bellaalleb: And I love every line you wrote! smile It was absolutely wonderful.
bellaalleb: lol! F U for putting that shit on my page.
bebexjekka: im pretty sure your pooping took to long im laying down
naturalbby12: hullo.
DoodleHead: Lol, yeti!
tRAVEsuda: you make my day just that much more entertaining.
JackSpratt: That picture just gave me a boner.
JackSpratt: I always look 15. And yes. I do.
tRAVEsuda: [bgcolor=#FF0066]lol. i know its just a website. i barely even get on. i didnt even know i was on the top ten. doesnt really matter to me honestly. im on here for the friends i already talk to. not for assholes like you.[/bgco
tRAVEsuda: lol. i dont care either. the fact that you just decided to say no to get me off the top ten is just an asshole move.
tRAVEsuda: i am assuming that i voted yes on you a long time ago because you must have said yes on me. lol.

thanks for changing your vote, asshole.
cofFEELove: i lost your number, bitchhh.
hillbillymeg: you really don't wanna know about it.
xRawrrxBabiiix: are yu callin me ugly basically? lmao
AbortionsTickle: Back dat ass up
pukingina15: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
KAyLUHH: lets do ittt.wave
RizzleRazzleMachine: Sunburn eh? I try to stay out of the sun, I don't like to tan. Does it feel as though your skin has been slapped about 50 times, to the point of you looking like a tomato?
RizzleRazzleMachine: Very much, sir. Thank you ^.^
How are you today?
RizzleRazzleMachine: Being the e-stalker that I am, I saw you posting and wanted to say hi wave2
KAyLUHH: aw e-husbund
JumperX: I am not a badass, I am actually pretty innocent :P
JumperX: I told my friend to find me one with big tits cause I was to scared to talk to them myself.... the one that I got had nice boobs but they werent big. I am going to go back and find one with BIG boobs.
JumperX: really? did she have nice tits?
JumperX: haha cheers to that! I went and saw strippers for the first time on saturday, I was pretty freaking excited. I can offically say I spent my last $20 on a lapdance
JumperX: We will pretty much use any excuse to drink
JumperX: I never really understood why they called it May 24... I think it's cause basically everyone just drinks all weekend. So like a 24 of beer. LOL the radio stations are like this weekend is to celebrate the Canadian winter being over and all the ice and slu
JumperX: lol its may 24, I had to go out in style. But you are from the States so I don't think you guys celebrate it.
JumperX: sorry about last night, I think I had to much to drink.... but hey, I am Amy lol lets be e-friends
Hillargh: So why bother? You have one, you should have reasons XD
Hillargh: What's the point of having a sexy lover? o.O
Hillargh: ./END CAPSLOCK

Hillargh: I know smile I just found it funny.
Hillargh: Haha, thanks I guess xP
Hillargh: @ your comment: LOL, you sound pretty surprised o.o
Kizz8: <-- worthy
JumperX: oh, you are chuck

icic. that kind of makes me think of puke and I really dont wanna think of puke atm because shit it kind of spinning. but I smell like fire so its all good.

smile i really fucking love long weekends. even though they really arent al
JumperX: I dont know who you are

BettySunglasses: kittay
stiiicky: miss you chuck0rz
xxlivingangel15xx: canada does not suck
sugartootz34: I miss youuuuuu. lots and lots and lots.
inxdisarray: what are you talking about?
xSuicidexSlutx: I haven't talked to you in awhile wave
Witchstook: pwt
BloodyKisses: /pees everywhere
xohalicia: Stop ignoring me, you cunt.
portgirlcool21: im looking for the right guy... and maybe have some fun sometime its depend in person.. if you want to chat add me to my contact.... see you there ...
XXbabigurlXx: bahahahahahahahahahahah
a im a loser and i have no life or no friends. :(
the1bastard: punk
Mrblackpuertorican: you look like poor white trash
sugartootz34: I want waffles...

Just thought you should know.
sugartootz34: I miss your ridiculousness.
sugartootz34: Sup baby...
xxlivingangel15xx: omg...omg. HI !
hockeybb16: i diiiid for a LONG time.
thesasha08: haha anytime you seem like a fun person =D
tooqt2binsane: chuuuuuuuuuck... i misses you. <3
tooqt2binsane: chuuuuuuuuuck... i misses you. <3
FreakyXhotXmami: Thanks sweetie xox
hospitalbed: i fear i would have been laughed at i was kinda anxious to draft elton brand if given the chance.
hospitalbed: yeah spittle sent me an invite but at the time i was thinking i would be too busy to bother with it. now i kinda wish i'd gotten in on it. shit got popular fast though
hospitalbed: did you get in on fantasy basketball?
boomers: bagels.
akvolleystudd: <3333
radri0tsconfessions: inlove
shakedowntonight: o wtf
BlapzLeigh: No problem!!grinlol
ZabZilka: hey you're a douche bag! =]
loveherandsuffer: douchebag
DBeck: thnx chuck.
yaperstar: damn.
well they don't have to know?
yaperstar: can't wait.
it will be a date. haha. =]
yaperstar: dooo it.
i'll take your bitch ass out.
yaperstar: shiiiit son.
you wish lol.
yaperstar: uhm, loooser.
jk. you're kinda cool.
only kinda tho. fo sho.
emergencyx: ugh
emergencyx: LOL I WAS KIDDING.
hockeybb16: i know. its reaccuring too.
emergencyx: fuck you chuckerz
kait: hey you, hope youre doing well.....
hockeybb16: oh rly, why was i up late mister?
hockeybb16: no prob, wear a clown outfit. i only like guys with multicoloured afros and red noses.
hockeybb16: pick me up at 6?
hockeybb16: do i know youu?
sarahooty: awe upchuck, i still <3 you!
sarahooty: I GOT YOUR BACK NIG
whisper: you should, considering i have a webcam and you know me.
whisper: haha shut up i don't feel like it .
hockeybb16: who knows, im starting off with a hott movie date with dianne, & we'll go from therewink
hockeybb16: going to curl my hair so i can look pretty for tonightt.
hockeybb16: OH lucky bum.
hockeybb16: yeah, baby sitter, nanny, sexy ass it's all the same smile
hockeybb16: alright nanny. whatever you say.
KandiKlown: Chuck Norrisssss! Hiiii! <3<3
hockeybb16: hey martial arts expert of reptar land, who spends 30 mins @ wal-mart.
hockeybb16: alright but that checklist only pertains ifl.
whisper: OH HAY
bebexjekka: HAHAHHAA lol you love me.
Bellus: yeah but have you seen some of the others up there? it's scary. i don't think top 10 @ wyht is a positive thing anymore.
bebexjekka: fine no more compliments for you lol
bebexjekka: hey tongiht will be the night that i will fall for you over and over again inlove
Bellus: hahah very nice.
Bellus: alis volat propiis... latin for "she flies with her own wings"
Bellus: smile add me and go look at my tattoo. i got it three days ago.
Bellus: i like to keep people on their toes.
monothelisagapi: you're cute :]
HonEYBaBY62: Yeah it's a good thing I have a high metabolism or I would be barfing all over the place, man.
grinlol hahaha
bebexjekka: lol nice i found out it.
amandalicious: hot!
Greddycivic98: im off bro, ill catch you later
Greddycivic98: i hear ya bro, i just started full time at school and its kickin my ass....alright ill leave jess alone, i wont hit on her as much as im going to hit on you chuck heartthrob
Greddycivic98: yeah its been a looooong time for me man....GT has gone gay i see, but i can see myself getting back in the WYHT grove soon, newly seperated from my wife.....GAME ON haha
Greddycivic98: lol yeah thats why i was "haha" at first when i saw that you where her sxy lover i giggled a you been bro?
Greddycivic98: haha whats up chuck....long time bro
PreK: hey, i switched it now didn't i? and you said no too. id give you an 8 so don't hate. smile lol
PreK: lol, i wouldn't go as far as calling you a hottie, but your not ugly thats for sure haha
PreK: definitely nott haha.. i just fixed that.
PreK: then i'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. my fault.
PreK: my b, it seemed like you were implying it.
PreK: thanks for calling me dirty.
internetfamous: i like you. grinlol
SexyxPunk: my picture has nothin to do with how you talk to me.. grow up and have some respect.. youre 24 ffs
SexyxPunk: don't msg me with stuff like that
marLasinger: good!
marLasinger: hahaha. :P
marLasinger: florida wut
MaGiCalMisSy18: hahah i like her music
and shes sexy
MaGiCalMisSy18: awhh i love britney!!!! shes hott and sexy
MaGiCalMisSy18: awhh i love britney!!!! shes hott and sexy
MaGiCalMisSy18: hehe your dude is dancing on beat to my britney spears. "gimmie gimmie gimmie more"!

headbang dance
MaGiCalMisSy18: you make it through those storms from the other day

MaGiCalMisSy18: hehe niiice smile

MaGiCalMisSy18: i love your dancer person on ur pro.

ShatterdDreams00: email chuck =] ?
emergencyx: frown!
amishgirl: i suck a lot of dick, but i am not a slut
akvolleystudd: <3
ShaeN1980: what the fuck is what????
xXurangel4everXx: haha phat ass... thats something that you cant handle! and if i was a "slut" there wud be pics of my pussy. but theres not. and listen hunni, jst be careful wat u say to me. im not usually a bitch... but if u wanna see one ur more than welcome to meet t
xXurangel4everXx: ummm... not a slut. thanks
Sinfullcandeex0x: <3 duh obvi
bebexjekka: inlove
barbie102: i wont, goodnightt smile
good luck tomorrow
barbie102: haha thats pretty much what i aim for lol
barbie102: naw, im smart about some things, like the importnat shit. other than gonee
barbie102: well thats good, thank god i dont have a job lol i would be so screwed shit no one would hire me wither haha they would be like uhm your too dumb haha smile no joke
barbie102: yeah well constant ringing never does my hangoevers any good lol
barbie102: oooooooo :/
thats not going to be fun
barbie102: awe damn, thats definantly the worst part
barbie102: lol yeah pretty much, so how is your night goin?
barbie102: wel thats very sweet of you, yeah i noticed some people being pretty rude. not to me but like other people
barbie102: alright, sweet ill proabibly need it cus this is confusing haha
barbie102: lol, well thanks for the warning smile
barbie102: yeah, i just got one like a hour or so ago
barbie102: lol its all good, thanks you are too
barbie102: uhmm thanks lol
bebexjekka: you are bad.
bebexjekka: you like me the best, you know this.
DestiniOwns: Haha, i'm glad you're enjoying it.
DestiniOwns: OoO. Sounds amaazzzing. ;]
DestiniOwns: no problem, what's up?
marLasinger: woo. i win.
bebexjekka: dude im not even ON YOUR shout outs. feel specail LOL.
akvolleystudd: redface
PRESSURE: Not over here, duh.
PRESSURE: Chuck, lets go sledding.
PRESSURE: Lol. i saw your little "voted pressure" don't make me backhand that ass chuck! jk jk i could never hurt you :/
PRESSURE: :/, /poke
katiebabye: um fuck you.
katiebabye: um fuck you.
XBeachBabyyX: haha that litle shit! lol that explains a lot. lol
XBeachBabyyX: haha i dont really have AIDS. lol. that was just my friend ben fuckin around. i didnt think that people actually looked at the comments but now that i know they do i have to delete his and yours. lol.
disgruntleddork22: That's my "i r srs in need of head" face
ksnjlove: that would be sweet! I wonder why they haven't came up with that yet.
ksnjlove: yeah, you could say it's pretty big. still working on it, to be honest.
angelbabycakes: smile

You're awesome!
calibunny: man, I'm already sore from getting pounded by Mr. Pickle.
How are you and your sexy accent?
KTxHOE1: wave
imcutex3: what did you hit?
imcutex3: no i got into a car accident
imcutex3: my black eye....
oasis: WOOOOO! dance
bebexjekka: February 04, 2008: Chuck8303 dumped you with the message, "You were the best Myaiki SL I've had!".

confused ?
bebexjekka: February 04, 2008: Chuck8303 dumped you with the message, "You were the best Myaiki SL I've had!".

confused ?
hospitalbed: that album has been at 202 for awhile now. step it up!
Chldrnofbodm: test2
Chuck8303: test
radri0tsconfessions: wave2
PepSiXtreme: well, i went through work today thinking about it all day
now i can at least have peace with myself
PepSiXtreme: did you ever do my rating in that thread? i need it.
xkrucialx: np i love it.
bebexjekka: chuq. i should be in ur mini city.
bebexjekka: crossing fingers. IK.
bebexjekka: lol
bebexjekka: chuck youd dump me in a day and a half.
bebexjekka: okie city here i come
bebexjekka: chuck i love you. and your penis.
not a lesbain.
taintedbeauty88: I sent my message to you on msn.
Peterson19: wow hah i honestly dont give a fuck what my guy votes r at cause u know i like girls
Peterson19: haha i gave u a no
Peterson19: u callin me a fag and given me a yes i dont think im the fag between the both of us
KatieNicole: i finally figured out the city thing

Help my cute little city grow, just click the link:
bikersk8rkid: nono
bikersk8rkid: You really are a queer. nono

BellaLaLa: men. so indecisive.

aboutlastnight: lawl,n
skuter: blah i miss yew homo!
aboutlastnight: si, got bored.
waiting on my date.
trancee: it was ok, was with family and stuff.
i was sick though.

what about you??
trancee: yeah i have to work in the morning,
so i'll be sleeping soon.

&&i'm trying not to.
trancee: (: saw you're cute new default


whats upp?
i'm just sittin in bed, my stomach hurts ):
trancee: <3
xcheer4kellyx: thank you hottie
rickrick1: i want to rub home made ranch dressing on your face
pompoms6921: aw i sorry babe things have been so crazy around here!
pompoms6921: aw i love you too! hehe
HonEYBaBY62: I go snoo snoo now bye qt!
the1bastard: happy new year!
skittlekisses28: haydewd.
Valentine666: I don't care, you and all of your friends are a bunch of losers anyway. "I" at least have class. Unlike you, I doubt if you have any honor or dignity at all.
Valentine666: I'm staying with my boyfriend this weekend. I only go out and look for jobs during the weekdays because thats when the managers are in the stores. Pluse its a small town, with way to many people and not enough jobs. I fill out 15 job applications a week
Valentine666: My friends have to give me their diapers cause no place in my town is hireing and I can't even afford those. I'm sure you think this is amusing. But think about the lowest point in your life... How would you feel, and what would you do to survive.
Valentine666: My daughter was born 3 months early at 27 weeks gestation. She was only 2lbs 2ozs. Her father dosen't help me with her at all because he is a coward and lets his girlfriend control him. He dosen't pay any child support.
Valentine666: Yeah I am that poor, as you say it. I have no job, I have to take care of my mom and my 10 month old premiee daughter by myself. We are on assistance through our township to have our rent paid. We are curently $85 behind on our rent.
Valentine666: Leave all the nasty little comments you want, it don't fucking matter. blahblah
laura53: sry no nudes here
laura53: wow its funny how you call me a whore and you have no clue who i am
NayyOWNSYou: O_O
tearyeyed: I♥chuck.
koSETHko: WOW, u listen to alot of gay bands, FAGGOT!
JustMeSami: Boo!
trancee: No ):
Did you?
trancee: ok qt.
trancee: mhm sure (:
i'm jealous of yours.
trancee: yeah meany (: j/k
it's ok loverr<33
trancee: sorry<3 i suck at remembering numbers and it got deleted somehow
i'll never forget you (:
trancee: ha, good timing.
trancee: <3 i knoww
trancee: ily. <3
eckogurlie12: Oh, well then. Thanks =]
eckogurlie12: You probably won't give me a yes back, but you seem fun, annd you are totally adorable. =] Have a good turkey day.
EmeraldFire: haha is that so?
EmeraldFire: lmao damn that must be a record we've been talking for what 10 mins and you already got me preg? haha and im having it tomarrow snap
EmeraldFire: your gonna be a daddy? congrats <3
EmeraldFire: your baby huh?
EmeraldFire: :( SMILE! tomarrow is another day smile
EmeraldFire: and then your entire day gets wasted thats beat >_< id be extremely pissed
EmeraldFire: ugh i hate when people do that!! its like at least have the curtisy to tell me your not coming so i dont sit here wating
EmeraldFire: aww by who
EmeraldFire: thats good hows your night going?
EmeraldFire: hey how have you been?
AnastaziaCecilia: hey we should talk
loveleekristen: Hey how have you been?
trancee: sexy.
falonrochel33: hah yess smile
falonrochel33: haha smile
falonrochel33: aw. so are you smile
XXbabigurlXx: a2m4ubby
lacey426: sup sexi?
the1bastard: Happy Halloweengrinlol
radri0tsconfessions: Hey, call me.
radri0tsconfessions: Fag. ugh
ItsJustLaceyMae: no problem =)
LiquidSex: Mmm, likewise - stranger.
loveleekristen: No, I'm getting naked with you.
loveleekristen: It's getting hot in here. Time for super uber cool nakedness.
loveleekristen: Maybe I don't believe you. Your dad says you are a stinky cuntface.
loveleekristen: How smooth are you?
loveleekristen: are you saying you're smooth?
loveleekristen: I usually don't but your daddy promised me that if I took the candy he'd put in a good word for me. Little did I know he hadn't talked to you in like years. Oh man...I've got to learn not to trust people.
loveleekristen: I do know your dad. He stuck a roofie in a candy and gave it to me. It was such a sad day.
loveleekristen: No, but I do hear that your dad likes to wear women's lingerie and high heels.
loveleekristen: I am not calling your mom a hooker....but if I was...I'd say it a better way.
loveleekristen: If I ever see her on the street I will definately thank her.
loveleekristen: hahaha thanks you're a sweetheart!
AberCrombieBlondE: i guesss so
AberCrombieBlondE: mhmm
AberCrombieBlondE: awww thank you!
whisper: hey buddy.
extraextra10405: ah, all right. give me your aim name and i'll download it soon. probably not tonight, but maybe tomorrow and we can definitely chat then.
extraextra10405: i have aim, but i haven't been on in years. i will definitely make a new one for you though. and as for msn, i've never used it a day in my life. let me know if you'd like me to make a new aim s/n and i'll get right on it! grinlol
extraextra10405: lol. you are way too adorable! i'd totally kiss your face off if i could. =P
extraextra10405: thanks babe. you're pretty handsome. ;]
liltoyangl: 27/female/ohio...LMAO!!
skittlekisses28: okay then. =]
skittlekisses28: thats a nice picture of me in your turn ons.
trancee: Finally (:
KaylasKeyMaster: Thanks man. I noticed. That dude isn't worth any response from me. Not going to go down to his level.
xohalicia: GOD FUCKING FINE.
liltoyangl: so hows life with chuck??
skittlekisses28: inlove
grrrrface: lol iight
grrrrface: lol yeah me too...
so do u have myspace?
grrrrface: so wutcha up to?
grrrrface: hey hun
thankz for the yes
ur a cutie:]
RdnckWoman: haha yeah me either.
RdnckWoman: haha indeed. how are you?
AsianCherry: wave2
radri0tsconfessions: wave2
akvolleystudd: your a frickin qt smile
Mrblackpuertorican: Hey Timmy
RADri0tSconfessionS: hey fgt.
mulacravnhussy: thats slightly disturbing.
RADri0tSconfessionS: CHUCK.
What is with you and sending me text messages at like 4 in the morning? ugh
KilledInMyOwnBlood: I didn't. I was just being polite.
KilledInMyOwnBlood: Thanks smile
BettySunglasses: raaape!!!!
bangbangxyourdead: NO IM NOT, BUT THX
amberrrr: Ohh thank youu
HOTpieceofASHx3: mmkay.
HOTpieceofASHx3: aww are you a hater too?? smile
HOTpieceofASHx3: ! to you too haha.
RADri0tSconfessionS: You're too good.
RADri0tSconfessionS: I'm joking. You can if you want. wink
RADri0tSconfessionS: gnoc.
xohalicia: =]
RADri0tSconfessionS: Hey bby. I'll ADD4ADD wit chuuu.
XXbabigurlXx: hoe.
xohalicia: I guess so.
xohalicia: zomg. I'm talking to you on em ess em.
Shaybiatch: I love toy story wave2
laaaaaauren: weirdo smile
loveXdemure: yeah because thats not freaky at all or anything
thisisjenni: hahahahhahahah

that's the sexiest thing i've ever heard.
alexisclark11: creepy.
oOoMeganoOo: aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! lol w.e
xBADKittenx: LOL alrighty then
MyFinalxGoodbyex: Haha yeahh. And I just signed up like 2 days ago. You and your fiance are cute together btw. :]
MyFinalxGoodbyex: Lol I didn't even think that was a joke because of all the creepy people on here. You should see some of the messages I get.. Eep.
MyFinalxGoodbyex: Haha uh.. I don't even know what to say to that :P.
PawleysGirl: Thanks for the yes, oh and you like some Awesome music.
Av0idTheCliche: lols bff.
Av0idTheCliche: well it is a very nice pp.
Av0idTheCliche: just blunt! ;O
XxLaLaxX: as are you! =] very sexy i say
LilMissPlayful69: [bgcolor=#FF6600][color
=#FFFF33]yea but i still never got a message from you?
I dont think... I got one a few weeks back asking if I'm supporting Lyn or something? I dont remember... is that what you were talking about? I can't check my comments on my
LilMissPlayful69: Reply to what message? I've got nada from you =/
emergencyx: redface
emergencyx: I'm sure you thought I was fat,
just as everyone else did.
emergencyx: that's fine. smile
barracuda: wave2lick
Sweet4u420: Really? ur not fuckin around again? smile
xohalicia: Yes, please.
Mrblackpuertorican: Im sorry chuck!
Mrblackpuertorican: faggott
ShaylaRae: Thaanks =]
you're pretty hot yourself
euphoriaa: you = cute
Schmetterling: how are you smile?
Schmetterling: hi
loveforliz: hello <3
dayzielynnjensen: hah ok than babe
kt44: yer welocme
kt44: yer a cutie =D
omgamandaa: youre cute bby
carreycrzy: zomg no waiii
freakxSHOW420: put my new salute in your album.
its much qter.
hoodratholler: lol, hokai
hoodratholler: oh weird.
hoodratholler: lol, wut happened to shelby?
hoodratholler: lolllll
everythingness: redface you're so sweet
SoSugarSweet: hi bby
Mrblackpuertorican: Stay out of my state
trancee: can't rape the willing.
SweetSuffering: sup babylick did you see i set you as my wallpaperredface
brittmichellex3: very cute =]
breakBEAUTYdown: Thanks Chucky. But that picture looks bad as a thumbnail.
Annaclause: lmao thanks
breakBEAUTYdown: That's a stupid question, Chuck.
"Would you hit this?"
laurzt: v/c wink
missjess: <3
babygirl6907: well im not
babygirl6907: u seem sweet
KTxHOE1: you suck.
missjess: no stalker here bitch. wink
missjess: aw HI BABY
shnookums77: hahah shush! im serious these balding nasty old men leave me some creepy email to look forward to lOl :| but aw shucks, thanx ^_^
Schmetterling: ahh smile
Charise81: Man, I could have used that thing! lol. My friend and I were hoping to annoy everyone in the bar with those. But no such luck. We DID wear mustouche's though. smile
Charise81: It neighed? Sweet!!
sugA581: What was that all about?
sugA581: eek Are you paying?! I'm fresh out of BBS ugh
sugA581: ILY. OTI DATE??! ahh

abouTlastnIGHT: asdf!
missjess: missyou.
fresca: i was wondering why i was getting so many messages! i thought my rating was disabled
BelAmour: yeah it's meee. =]
trancee: no way. i could so kick your ass.
& some guy sent me a msg and said you better watch out bc your sl is probably going to dump you bc he says your his 100th and he want to get more. ha
AiReeCa: Chuck...will you be my mother?
AiReeCa: G-damnit Chuck...Lauren is mine...back off.
marthawashington: ILY
SoSugarSweet: I love you, too, Dear.
SoSugarSweet: I love you, too, Dear.
spicaroo: oh. i wasn't around. <;O
spicaroo: why are you one?
spicaroo: i hear you're a legend.
abercrombie58: I have beef burritos in my fridge.
JimmyGoesToTheNavy: The novel Moby Dick was the sixth novel published by Herman Melville, a landmark of American literature that mixed a number of literary styles including a fictional adventure story, historical detail and even scientific discussion.
lauren666: I <3 you, Chuckles.
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