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Profile for HotnHeavy (offline- last on: Sep 1, 09)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Kathleena
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Texas
About Me

Never really come on here anymore..
I'm 18 years old.. i'll be 19 in June.
I'm pregnant w/ my first child Bailey is due March 29th 2008 smile
& i'm also engaged to my handsome fiance Jonathan.
My Apps
♥ ♥ ♥
Can't live without the girls that keep me going daily.
Turn Ons
Not Given
Turn Offs
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given

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joshyewuh: hunnnny pie
xelementalityx07x: yo!
BigOutdoorsMan: I just uploaded some new pix. Check them out and leave a comment. For every pic you comment, I will comment yours. smile
rockyoursocksoff: thanks for the add. drop me a line anytime
mattxedge: that bums me out because i remember you very well. we used to talk all the time. i've had 100s of accounts on here. i don't look the same really, mainly my hair is gone. but i used to live in tennessee. i don't know how i can remind you. i believe my l
MadMonkeyBananaPants: You are very pretty.
jeffmt: you're really cute. got msn or aim or yahoo?
UnsungZeros: well hello hottie! how have you been since it's been forever!
shawn007sk: u look beautiful
FrenchyMan: beautiful eyes
chiwoj85: now you're too good to be true!
Craziibeautiiful: hah Niiiiiice.
slutboy832: You are so sexy and beautiful. You have the most amazing eyes!
nhra347: wow, very hot, yes!
dem0ralized: pretty eyes
oughtabea: fantastic features!!!!
oughtabea: fantastic features!!!!
Clinto21: wave
mars: pretty. like your eyes.
xxpskxxaol: you are absolutely gorgeous...
xxpskxxaol: you are absolutely gorgeous...
Adam16: Hey you smile
hotone4fems1: VERY BEAUTIFUL
dischord5: oh my god
spaceflower: i thought so.
demonicwolf: sexxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
crazy4you800: hey sweetie! you definitely get a yes from me...very pretty! would love for you to add me!
bballer102005: such a cutie
xxxMissIndyxxx: are you 18 or 17?
adeptxxx: cute
Adi0Sk83: I love you.
Adi0Sk83: I love you.
Adi0Sk83: I love you.
Adi0Sk83: I love you.
HotnHeavy: [color=#0099FF][/color]
mooseberry007: hey cutie, u seem cool and down to earth, u wanna chat sometime?
Player: heartthrob
Kayne985: Pure beauty!
shadowfire240: Absolutely sexy!! love the pics babe!! yes for u
shadowfire240: Absolutely sexy!! love the pics babe!! yes for u
VANQUISH: so hot babe!
SayingOOdbye: oh shit. fergie ferg!
JohnnyH: add me gorgeous?
Adi0Sk83: No I'm not.
millenkevin: sooooooooo cute!!
worst4now: hey whats up? hope to hear from u soon... its rare to find someone from houston on this site
worst4now: hey whats up? hope to hear from u soon... its rare to find someone from houston on this site
sweetlyn: yes it's major lame like superduper
sweetlyn: lol?
KoreusJaValta: wanted to send you a hello
sthird1976: very gorgeous.. can i be ya friend
SULLMAN5: mmm how do you feel about me and you and some hot kinky sex? lick
getcrXnk: omg you are so pretty. i love your freckles.
nametakenc2: omg your sooooooooooo cute! i would love to talk to you sometime! add me on msn if you want lol i hope we get to know eachother better

Love PePpeR
nametakenc2: omg your sooooooooooo cute! i would love to talk to you sometime! add me on msn if you want lol i hope we get to know eachother better

Love PePpeR
nametakenc2: omg your sooooooooooo cute! i would love to talk to you sometime! add me on msn if you want lol i hope we get to know eachother better

Love PePpeR
nametakenc2: omg your sooooooooooo cute! i would love to talk to you sometime! add me on msn if you want lol i hope we get to know eachother better

Love PePpeR
juggaloco: ur so hot and pretty
firefighterpa280: well i have too say that you are very sexy. you look amazing... so i voted yes for you and hope for one in return
mjhoot2006: oh so sexy
mjhoot2006: oh so sexy
mjhoot2006: oh so sexy
demonicwolf: i nkoww
we have to wait till next time mad
Lilyo: I'm sorry. ):
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!
xstrawberryx00: wanna add hun?
Adi0Sk83: I love you too.
mlt11x: definetly a yes beautiful, send me a friend request or a message sometime smile
Adi0Sk83: Hiiiiiiiiiii?
brett8403: sexc
paulo001: wow, looking very cute arnt we?! your body got me thinkin bout nobody but you! anyways comment me back or my photos if u want to bubbles xoxo
Fredknock87: very pretty smile
Fredknock87: very pretty smile
demigod: puffins
krazydro: WOW! You are gorgeous. For sure a yes. I hope i get the same.
Freefall1: Beautiful & Sexy Hun! Heres a Yes!smile
firefighterpa280: well i have to ay that you are very pretty and i diff. would hit i voted yes and hope for a return vote so you take care
nickUK: heyy hun, you're totally gorgeous!! definitely a yes
Ind3libl30n3: qttier
lswisaun: SEXY AS HELL!!!!
CDNcowboy09: ahhh omg top 10 winner
lol wave
caliguy6969: ur a cutie
caliguy6969: ur a cutie
jewbacca: I just want to see the chinese babies....
jordanb87: man i love it when a sexy girl calls me cute smile
demonicwolf: good! i cant wait grinlol
usmcbrian: what an absolute beauty!!
demonicwolf: youre crazyy
demonicwolf: you > me!
RAILHER: Yeah? Well thats cool.
RAILHER: Yeah? Well thats cool.
usmcbrian: just an absolute beauty!!
Matt1989: your really sexy, you definetly got my yes
RAILHER: Bad mood, toots.
RAILHER: Uh cool?
darkxilluminati: lol youre cute, one question tho haha why do ppl think youre a crackwhore
rymac182: perfect
ghengis: holy god, you look beautiful, still wink
SULLMAN5: lick
SULLMAN5: you are beautiful and anytime you want to get hot and heavy you let me know
demonicwolf: i LOVE YOUTOO CUPCAKE

feels2good2bewrong: ohhhh no!!!!! you voted me no!!!! im crushed!
drknockboootzz: whats up killer pretty girl!
joshfuckingparsons: hey i think your really hot! you should add me to your friends list on this and ill add you too mine! do u have msn? mine is if u wana add me! message me back babez peace!
joshfuckingparsons: hey i think your really hot! you should add me to your friends list on this and ill add you too mine! do u have msn? mine is if u wana add me! message me back babez peace!
FEARanLOATHINGsf: YOU are Beautiful!!!!!
aAa420aAa: all around gorgeous! dont let anyone else tell you different.
jordanb87: back at ya
HeyitsJen: welcomewelcome.
HeyitsJen: You're so qt Kat.
sexyhaley: you are just beautiful hun
davida8575: Ooh baby baby! Hot.

I have a feeling this comment will fuck yours up.

Whisper: YEAH DUDE.
You fixed it!?
Whisper: Don't you hate when comment boxes fuck up? mad2
Whisper: K that took me 2 years to type.

Sup dawg. ♥
Whisper: HyE i'M nAuT a LeZbAiN bOoT yEr PuRtY aNd StUfF yEw KnOw! EwW nO wAi NoT a LeZ.
SweetxKoupsie: Pretty!
preciousLOVER: You're gorgeous. hotstuff
xxKateexx: You're really pretty. And not in a lez way either. Lol.
Hidemyeyes: My names Benji and I think you're really cute...What's up?
thehottchick: if u ever need a closer gf smile iam willing hehe
jimbob91: hey hotty you get my yes any day :>:> if you ever want to talk mesage me or add me on msn or yahoo hit me up some time :>
joecivic: sexywink
alican: hi
how are you ?
MikeasaurusRex: I tried to add you to look at your nudes.

but I cant
MikeasaurusRex: pshhh haha

hi smile
CR25: really hot, hun, love how ya look in this pic!
whitextrash: Yes you are<3
hotone4fems1: YOUR BEAUTIFUL
whitextrash: pssh, why are you?
f8sbitch: DAMN! Those lips drive me wild! wink
RainbowWarriors: Good lord you're hot
JordanAK: amazing lips and seductive eyes = ABSOLUTELY GorGeouS
Sayingoodbye: lol i'm doing grand as well. what have you been up to
Sayingoodbye: how is kat doing?
Whisper: ♥ Thank you lovely.
Whisper: aw hey babe. It has been awhile. I miss talking to you, and that makes me giggle that it's the one I made rofl.
lovedbymurder: how are you?
sxkraver02: you re very cute hit me back maybe we could chat sometime
sxkraver02: you re very cute hit me back maybe we could chat sometime
sxkraver02: you re very cute hit me back maybe we could chat sometime
XdiesxforxloveX: lol someone me and my sister talk to before he became 'landon'
i'm not going to tell you exactly who he was because i'm not sure who you tell people thinsg to
and he asked us not to say anything , but yeah.
adi0sk83: Fuck you, don't comment me anymore.
adi0sk83: Ugh, I fucking hate you sometimes!!
surrenderxfacexbaby: YESSS FOR MODEST MOUSE QUOTE <33
talkin shit about a pretty sunset. i had that plastered everywhere.
soososos good.
hotone4fems: very beauitful
CrombIEboY17: damn ur gorgeous!
scobu5260: Mmmmmmmm......very beautiful!!!
djsin696969: wow your gorgeous smile
adi0sk83: wtf @ Jenii's comment? I don't delete any of her comments you fucking ignorant douche.
adi0sk83: Happy birthday. I love you.
iDrinkPoonJuice: happy b-day..... sis..
whitextrash: I'm leaving you a happy birthday comment here to just because, althouh it'll probably get deleted seems steph has your pw and is jealous. rolleyes Anyways come back =[
adi0sk83: Um, yeah, you're being sl's with me, not Jenii.
XdiesxforxloveX: hey kat,
remember landon?
he really was fake
i know who he really is now..
whitextrash: ♥
x0xsweetx0xkissesx0x: ur gorgeous but you know that
hotone4fems: SO BEAUITFUL
xxlillisaxx: sweety u r very beautiful
vanishingmemories: [bgcolor=#E7E7E7][color
=#FF66CC]hello my dear.<3

eek you are? i didn't even know ya'll were still together. thats awesome. how long have you been engaged. congratulations darlin. i hope ya'll are really happy. tell her i said hey. and ya'll are liv
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: ily kat
sexyshauna: You are very very pretty and so sexy a yes from me girl
GlennDM2: very pretty kathleena, you have my yes
kinkidoll: u are hot hunny
vanishingmemories: hello dollface. how have you been? i see that your engaged to who? we should start writing each other again.<3

SBbaseball: absolutely stunning....such a beauty!
Petevg: Damn girl you are really really a shame you be so mean..Pete
adi0sk83: No, not really.
adi0sk83: I wish I was as Beautiful as you are.
adi0sk83: Only I'm not.
TheTexasKid: Aww, ur gorgeous, i love your lips tongue
lswisaun: you are GORGEOUS!!!! SEXY AS HELL!!!! YUMMY!!!!
jdiddy98: cutie!smile
UC209: Hi! ur so hott! what ya doing up so late?
ghengis: lick u later
ghengis: bye
SULLMAN5: that's a hot pose wink
EngageThorns: a real cutie!
keelyteslow: Hey! Please join my new group! http://www.wouldyouhitt
bangbangxyourdead: i love youuuuuuuuuuu
whitextrash: heartthrob
Tanner1973SS: damn gurl your fine as hell
drummer420UW: fucking sexxy.
hit me up on mSn sumtime...
chelc455: wow...i doubt u could fit any more makeup on that face there...havent yea ever herd of, less is more? .. if not, u deff need to try it.
chelc455: wow...i doubt u could fit any more makeup on that face there...havent yea ever herd of, less is more? .. if not, u deff need to try it.
chelc455: wow...i doubt u could fit any more makeup on that face there...havent yea ever herd of, less is more? .. if not, u deff need to try it.
stereoradio: Nice... you and your gf are quite cute together! smile
hustlnlikenootha: ... duh.

you're gay
hustlnlikenootha: Why not? I can tuck my penis inbetween my legs and say I have a vagina. LOL
hustlnlikenootha: Damn you're pretty sexy baby. Want to cyber?
tjryman: Very very beautiful!!!! Here is a Yes for you!!!! Hopefully you will vote the same for mesmile
jonpaul20: wow.
adi0sk83: and i hate that too or when the box is like all squished together.
adi0sk83: ♥ Iloveyoukathleencochran
. ♥
adi0sk83: adi0sk83: Your comment confused me...

"Isn't she meant to be gay tho?"

xJeNJeNzx: lol the girl in the pic with you i read her profile and it says she's gay

WhIsZkE: yes...yes...yes...
Tanner1973SS: damn gurl your fine as hell
CrombIEboY17: wow! ur super hot! hit me up sometime!
hUgSnKiSsEs4u: Aww ur really pretty! ♥ Liike innocent lookin.. i love it.
adi0sk83: You effin do something with it. I hate messing with the stupid profiles.
whitextrash: sure you do ;]
Cthulhu: thanks..
and yep, tis me
daultonas: Hey, thanks for the yes! ttyl
vanishingmemories: miss you<3
whitextrash: i lovelovelove you
markus8585: thanks smile
markus8585: very pretty smile
RAILHER: I love you more than air m'dear.
Whisper: HOT SEX.
jameskeady: wow ur soo hot id hit you all over this ite its a big yes from me babe hit me up some time sexy :>
staind420: damn
staind420: damn
adi0sk83: winner

I've had that movie for a while.
adi0sk83: Kat ftw!
adi0sk83: Good afternoon Beautiful. I love you alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot alot.
adi0sk83: Yep, you got it right on. I was sweeping. It's a hobby of mine that I like to do VERY early in the morning.
adi0sk83: My comments show up.
adi0sk83: My pussy itches, want to come scratch it with your teeth?
adi0sk83: I love you too and I couldn't sleep either and when I did go to sleep you'd call me or something and wake me back up meany.
jessesgirl: ur very pretty
bangbangxyourdead: I miss you too.
adi0sk83: Feel better baby.

adi0sk83: I love you with all my fat. LOL
adi0sk83: Golly gee norma lee stop hitting my knee.
adi0sk83: bs
adi0sk83: God you're ugly

smile i'm aware of the fact that shes fake
i really don't care bc e-relationships are mucho gay
& i don't talk to her
i think she's hot & i know someone whos friends with the real girl

smile i'm aware of the fact that shes fake
i really don't care bc e-relationships are mucho gay
& i don't talk to her
i think she's hot & i know someone whos friends with the real girl
SmokeItUp970: nice same birthday as me... happy birthdayyyyy
adi0sk83: Yeah, pretty much.

ily, Beautiful.
drknockboootzz: hi u are beautifulheartthrob
keeler: heartthrob
keeler: Plz kiss me.
keeler: U rly do?
lovesucks: =) ily2 kat

I miss youu
AussieJames: just really beautiful!!
hotforubaby3: damn ur sexy hit me up babe
Originally posted by blackshad0w
*wiggles ears at you*

discodawg: why?
KickToTheFace: Hi, Kat smile
blackshad0w: *wiggles ears at you*
RAILHER: gimme your address chump so I can send this book back to you.
adi0sk83: And there's no e in 'ho'. It's not that hard.
adi0sk83: Shouldn't you be doing something?
adi0sk83: No fucking shit. It meant stop talking to me as in like don't fucking comment me back.
adi0sk83: Don't fucking worry about what I delete or not and stop fucking talking to me.
cwayne86: wicked hot! dont change a thing doll!
adi0sk83: Did you leave me that comment before you told me you didn't want me to come anymore tonight?

tgrx: thankiesbiggrin
same to you beautifulflowers
bangbangxyourdead: smile
SimplyMax: Miss Kat, bring the baby oil for my b-day.
adi0sk83: I know this, honeycakes.
bangbangxyourdead: mad
bangbangxyourdead: ♥imissyou.ugh
colorblind: bb♥
markus8585: very cute love the pics
sthird1976: u are very gorgeous.. may i be ya friend
Single4Eva88: I like your profile u r really pretty i was hoping we could be friends smile
HeyitsJen: Ehh yeah, that went down the shitter haha.
Then I messed around with my best friend, got heart broken again.
So, I'm just being single now.
HeyitsJen: aww, well that's good.
I need to find me someone lol.
HeyitsJen: Yay for birthdays. Why are you going to Oregon?
HeyitsJen: Whats June 27th? Sorry I'm nosey smile
ipleaforpeace: very sexy message me sometime
except those pictures
good god lol
I love you, kat.
ramblinwreck3: beautiful!
adi0sk83: g you're beautiful.
adi0sk83: f
adi0sk83: e
adi0sk83: d
adi0sk83: c
adi0sk83: b
adi0sk83: a
adi0sk83: confused
btbamfan27: wow... you are very pretty wave heartthrob ya def. got my yes qt <4444
adi0sk83: Then obviously you haven't lost it.
adi0sk83: I'm talking about this part of the comment. "i already told you lose my number/name."
xbabiblueyezx: hey my sexy bitch!!! =) how u been baby??
blackshad0w: what's so funny?!?! rage
blackshad0w: confused

that was random lol
adi0sk83: lol all i did was kept calling you last night? Um, no. I told you the same too, you haven't either.
sergeantcracker: wanted a comment i just don't know what to write :( its 953 you know where your cracker is? HAPPY THURSDAY!! I LOVE FISHIES CAUSE THEIR SO DELICIOUS GOTTA GO FISHING!! I COULD EAT THEM EVERY DAY AND MY MOM SAYS THAT OKAY..GOTTA GO FI
CumHither: i've actually given more yesses than no's, but it's only you little kids that get all pissy and leave comments about it.
adi0sk83: LOL!


Like that ever stopped you before?
Nasiello: yaayy for being legal =P
blackshad0w: oh well, can't have everything. shrug
blackshad0w: a lot less silly drama now though.
blackshad0w: /wiggles ears nana
HeyitsJen: Thank you Kat. <3 ily2
bangbangxyourdead: you're beautiful. :]
adi0sk83: That's nice. You can stop talking to me now.
adi0sk83: Get over what?
Joshyewuh: mmmoh
DeutschesVerruecktes: LOL @ how I voted you "no" days after my rating had been disabled.
then00kiem0nster: beautiful smile
douglasdank: Im giving you a "yes" cuz I'm from Louisiana too, but chill with that makeup. You wear too much eye makeup. My sister wears too much eye makeup. People think she's a whore.
davidbrandi05: Your eyes... they're.... beautiful! drool
adi0sk83: I guess I'll give that ring to someone else or something.
adi0sk83: I know, right?
XxXbreakXmeXxX: Loving Your Lips, They Are Amazing
frenchhomie: nice lips
stos: beautiful eyes and lips!
adi0sk83: I just put it there because she's my sl? She doesn't really turn me on.
Perez: Umm everything but the computer lately lol. and you
Perez: Umm everything but the computer lately lol. and you
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: ur the whore u fucking ugly ass bitch
Perez: Hey stranger whats been going on? I'm sure I miss you alittle more!
adi0sk83: All that I'll ever need is in your eyes, shining at me. says:
MikeasaurusRex: Do you like chicken fried rice? smile
Youare1337: aww thanks babe
Youare1337: i am completely cool with it.
i have found someone else.
& he is really cool so far.
but idk about him JUST yet,.
Youare1337: you can ask him.
he fell for someone else.
Youare1337: heck yes
bangbangxyourdead: I WANT A LADY ON THE STREETZ
your the freak in the sheets.
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: I turn you on.
bangbangxyourdead: i love youuuuuu sexy lover
WokeUpInACar: thanx. Your a cutie as well! smile
ramblinwreck3: very beautiful!
SexyBlondie254: yes for yougrinlol
himynameisscott: Hay!
himynameisscott: Hi.
SimplyMax: Hey Sexy Mama
ghengis: i miss u :(
ghengis: =(
LiLTiTo: sexiness
HeyitsJen: Alright good deal.
My mom's best friend owns a salon here so I'm just like here do this for me Carol and it doesn't coast much so it's cool.
I got my hair entirely permed when I had long hair for like $25 I was like sweeet haha.
I don't know if
HeyitsJen: So, do it through a cap?
I hate caps but if it'll look better that way then I'll do it haha.
You are like my personal hair expert <3
HeyitsJen: Hey Katttttt, do you think it would look okay if I put dark brown highlights in my hair?
pixle: [bgcolor=#111111][color
=#F1F1F1]well to be honest at first it didn't look nasty.. but you just HAVE to point it don't you!? indifferent
I'm actually going to bed now too =o aw... we'll talk tomorrow then sweety <3 sweet dreams.
love you. <3[/color
pixle: now treat me good. <3
and stop criticising my signs you jealous girl. :l
pixle: :o
take me. <3
ssakii: Gorgeous everything but lips!
ssakii: gorgeous lips!
koebel69: im not a fake il even put in a salute
ipleaforpeace: Mirkwood Mama
Petevg: Girl you're extremely beautiful...nice pretty to me Pete
wickednotion: i think we'd get along just fine =) youre beautiful too by the way
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: sup bby
fieldhockidork: awww thank you so much! that totally just made my day. and made me smile like whoa. you are a very gorgeous girl, and i appreciate your comment. thanks again!! <3 grinlol
keeler: Ok ty.
keeler: Plz do me for just a minute.
keeler: Rascal Flatts ftw.
HXCJEW: ohhh baby! whats going on!
missbutterface: lol ya ya i get that alot....when i made the sn i thought it was jus sumthing my friends made up but then lyke every1 knos wut it means...but neway, ur kinda pretty
MXRider250f: i just relaized ur fuckign hott lol
adi0sk83: And you are simply amazing.
349 Days of love* biggrin
I've always loved you
And always will.
vanishingmemories: ily 2 lovely.<3
MXRider250f: oh really is that sooo lol
xXDieRomanticxX: no thanks
FadingDecember: hehe thats good
but im going to bed its like 4am here!!!
FadingDecember: im good
how are you? smile
SmokeItUp970: gooooooorgeous
adi0sk83: That my love left upon your life
Creating so much pain.
I tried to give a love
That was so real and true
But after all the tears you cried,
I'm sorry from my heart.
adi0sk83: For causing you so much pain.
Sorry for the changes,
And sorry for all the rain
That my love poured upon your heart
And I'm sorry for the stain
adi0sk83: Some would say I lied.
But I think that I tried
To give you what you needed,
And to save a love that died.
I'm sorry for hurting your feelings,
PleaseDontHitMe: Rascal Flatts...What Hurts The Most...
Great song. Good choice.
Helps that you're adorable, too.
MUD: wasnt talking bout E sex..was talking bout REAL SEX
MUD: you wreaked itshrug
MUD: k nevermind
MUD: with what?
MUD: Can i fuck you in the bum?
klogmonster: 3 words: mmmm mmmm mmmm
MXRider250f: hottie
adi0sk83: cl g;jkadry Sure am.
adi0sk83: I love you too
You make me want to dance.
So I believe I will.
DevilKitten: very cute smile add me hun smile
bangbangxyourdead: I MISS YOU
Petevg: Girl you're extremely to me Pete
MikeasaurusRex: my mom agrees
MikeasaurusRex: You are a pretty lady.
MikeasaurusRex: My name is Mike

I love you.
Maelstrom: Then um... Lets talk? <3

love ya.
klogmonster: 3 words: mmmm mmmm mmmm
adi0sk83: k..

hughmorris: Adorable... yeah I would hit it.
btbamfan27: wow... your drop dead gorgeous hotstuff you have my yes hun . <3
adi0sk83: Plus beau.
whitextrash: i love you
xelementalityx07x: i miss you too!frown
xoxKaleyxox: Yep... on WYHT, MySpace, Yadio, Facebook, Mooble, Site Spaces, Vein Space, MyYearBook, and others. =]
xoxKaleyxox: lol, it is funny, isn't it.
I'm a boy. eh... figures I would be.
crazywhitekid18: ok welll i lied about that... but i think your gorgeous
crazywhitekid18: huh?
crazywhitekid18: i love you
Intellect: i been pretty good,ADD ME

WEll where you been hideing
Intellect: How have you been?
Intellect: you got hotter
surrenderxfacexbaby: did you get it yet?!!!
JAC4488: you are very beautiful. congrats on makin it to the top 10.
bangbangxyourdead: damn it was goood
sunofalightbulb: [bgcolor=#000000][color
=#FF0000]what does KAT actually stand for? you may ask one day.
K stands for Killer smile, because your smile brightens days
A stands for Adventureous, because you are bold and risky
T stands for Tantilizing, because your looks
bangbangxyourdead: im in love with my best friend.
hotforubaby2: damn ur sexy id hit it any timebaby
ghengis: ok i admit it,
i love you IRL.
lol <3
merchantsofsoul: damn cute
adi0sk83: Hi Beautifulface, I hope you feel better.
TCG: WoW! You are Stunning.
btbamfan27: you are absolutely beautiful.. got my yes . <3
xbabiblueyezx: hey my sexy babe! lil mikes pic is finally up!! go check him out! he was only 1 day old in the pic!
espanol: ur so fucken hot! absolutly orgasmic babe
elizaletters: you're cute
guitarzan1143: Hmm whats the word I was looking for? Oh yeah, perfect.
SmileEmptySoulx3: thanxx for the no ugh
MikeasaurusRex: DAMN YOU'RE HOT!!

SmileEmptySoulx3: you're hot
yes from me
Did youg et mine yet?
I ♥ it!
and i love yewww!!
colorblind: kay so i love you too! <3
TooRadForYerMom: i lubb jew more lady<3
surrenderxfacexbaby: i heart you too darling.
SweetLyn: awws that was so random and swt<3
bangbangxyourdead: frown
bangbangxyourdead: i miss you, so so so so so much bby ♥
bangbangxyourdead: i love you, like.. alot
SimplyMax: Well you asked to be saved and i think Stephanie had an axe and she was after you. I was this peasant with no super powers and she was undestructable, shit yo that was some crazy scary shit.
SimplyMax: i had dream about you, i had yo save you, lol
knotthere: 1 word.... wow!<-- i think its a word LOL
adi0sk83: Excuse me? Don't get all mad about that when you have allen and mike before me in yours. Who do i have in my interest? You. Who do you have in yours? Matt. So don't even give me that shit.
keeler: Wanna touch it?
keeler: Damn YOUR HOT
ghengis: i hope u adore it as i adore you qt. smile
sexyjoe2529: your beautiful i love the way you look wow stunning
xbabiblueyezx: hey my sexy mami!! lol well i hoped u would, but like i said, i aint been on here in forever! my lil michael jr is doin good! smile he'll be a month old on monday! man, time is flyin by ALREADY!! lol ima have to write ya 'n let ya kno how thingz been goin.
xbabiblueyezx: Kat!!! Hey u sexy thang! Rememba me?? U betta! lol jp but forreal....I havent been on this site in a grip! Hit me up sumtime! *MuAh* ilu
adi0sk83: I got you a card the other day, but I guess I'll just keep it.
ghengis: not a teddy bear lovely girl,
but something like it.
qt puh 2 tee.
ghengis: well i hope u like this.
its kinda big, fuzzy, and soft.
ill ship it ASAP
i hope it makes you want to put me in your interests lol
im going to bed beautiful...ill send it within the next week <3 smile
Love ya and have a good night Beautiful.
ghengis: i am getting a box 2morrow from my work so i can fit your way late present in it :P
ghengis: i hope w3 r3ally get marri3d smile
Brokensk8crew: ur cute
adi0sk83: Sorry for being a bitch lately. ugh

I love you, Beautiful.
dlo3590: You're uber gorgeous. : )
Ikeman: damn ur hot hit me back sweet thang ur gorgeous u kno i wanna tap that ass
zeroordie42: so hot
naughtyboy198550: you are very beauitful
hckyrob: omg ur gorgeous...
fireguy63: congrats on the top 10age
discodawg: hey friend...whats good?
shawndan: Hey..nice pics..check out mine and add me back!!..shawn
LiLTiTo: OMG ur fuckin hot
DBro: im not like these other only gonna say that you are very pretty
peacer88: great body sexy love to see more of it
anfdudedcp111: yeah new found glory way to go...if only u weren't so gay as to not add me if i sent u a friend request
Raphael: Youre beautiful hun and you know one of the sweetest girls ever LISA <333
ZOFASHO: hey girlie u are beautiful hit me up with ur aim sn babe
adi0sk83: Toaster struddles > Pop tarts.

adi0sk83: No.
MatthewBryan: i need some b00bie picz first, duhhh

wtf, my penis is so hard right now, lyk omg srsly
markus8585: love your pics babe your gorgeous smile hit me up if you wanna chat or somthing some time
adi0sk83: I love you and your ravishing features.
davidbrandi05: You're very, very beautiful!! biggrin
alexandrelefou: gorgeous gorgeous
adi0sk83: I'll change it when I add stuff to my profile.
adi0sk83: I guess he's mine too.
puma69692006: HOT AND SEXY YUMMY
MatthewBryan: hungry bby hungryyyy
MatthewBryan: ily suga face, how you doing this morninginlove
lovedbymurder: Lol at your sn.
lovedbymurder: lol does cuntface have msn?
lovedbymurder: i'd rather be a loser face then a cunt face. smile hehehe
lovedbymurder: shhh it can be our dirty little e-secret.
ghengis: i am going to go eat beautiful...ill be on later Lovely<3
stay beautiful smile
btw, your hair is very gorgeous. <3
lovedbymurder: alright. i did that is.
ghengis: yep,<33.
ily tons :P
lovedbymurder: just admit it you want me too..
lovedbymurder: LOL do i get to bid on you?
ghengis: yes I am beautiful...but not close enough <3 smile
ghengis: beautiful in oklahoma now qtpie
MatthewBryan: That'd be me.

I have a hard on right now. Get me an AIM and MSN username.
GwailoDragon: Hi There, love the pic. Absolutely stunning. Most definately a yes from me smile
lovedbymurder: i like pie. i dont find it very cute though. i'm if my face was on it then it would smile
lovedbymurder: oh look at that someone found you absolutely stunning. see everyone does. tongue
lovedbymurder: pshhh i find that hard to believe.
lovedbymurder: umm Besides my mom?.
not that i know of.
you have gotten more BEAUTIFUL. has anyone beside your mom told you that?
lovedbymurder: ohh. i like how you did that whole I thing.!. i knew. it...i guess i just attract the girls named Kat.
lovedbymurder: I knew it..white girls cant resist me. lol
GwailoDragon: Hi There, love the pic. Absolutely stunning. Most definately a yes from me smile
lovedbymurder: i know my killer looks got to you. smile
lovedbymurder: it makes you look more profound.
adi0sk83: Hi.

I love you too.
adi0sk83: Hi.

I love you too.
lovedbymurder: you've re-did your hair?.
MayraJade: very pretty!smile
whitextrash: i know make a sign vid and then i have a excuse to put you in there without everyone bitching smile
whitextrash: i dont feel loved=[
whitextrash: you're profile makes me sick


keeler: cool
keeler: Thxxxxxxxxx. inlove
keeler: FUCK! plz don't tell the cops or your mom.
surrenderxfacexbaby: LOLOLOL SOUL MATES!
keeler: Can u feel that?
surrenderxfacexbaby: hah WOO.
Yesterday, we stocked up on orange juice with pulp.
I'm in heaven!
surrenderxfacexbaby: no no, im pretty sure you are the prettiest girlyy ever to grace my acquantice hah.
Its friggin cold out there
so today i'm hibernating hah
Shinobi: MUAH!!!!
surrenderxfacexbaby: haha okay.
I will try to find the prettiest stamps for the prettiest girl.
I'm sore :(
stupid gym.
surrenderxfacexbaby: dfkdsjfkljsadf
best news ever.
how many stamps did you need?
surrenderxfacexbaby: Haha I AINT NO COMMENT SLACKER.
so i found a glue stick.
now i just have to go to the post office.
/so excited.

j'adore tu
aladdinamerican: damn hun ur so hot and sexy , got the perfect body and ass ever,i'd jump on u eatin u all up right now , drop me a line sometimes if interested to talk ur so beautiful
x0finalheaven0x: inlove
bigwill: hey. you wanted comments so here is one. really dont know what to write casue im in a bad mood so yeah.
SmileEmptySoulx3: yah i read you dont like the usual comments so i decided to try sumthin a lil dif.
SimplyMax: You like being spoiled rotten? If not, i will buy you a pony grinlol
SimplyMax: I want to adopt you grinlol
SmileEmptySoulx3: ''Turn ons:

100% hotnheavy''
SmileEmptySoulx3: ''Turn ons:

100% hotnheavy
demonicwolf: happy v-day to you too.
ghengis: You too Beautiful, hope it is going well.
I am lonely. emo2 :P
keeler: FUCK you comment fast LOL.
YouStandWatching: I love you bby.
keeler: HAY.
MikeasaurusRex: put out for me plz
adi0sk83: wtf
Geaux: Hah, umm ok. I was just saying b/c I saw you talking to hannah in the forums about it.
Giveitup: Happy Valentines Day Kat. I heart choo flowers
Geaux: I'm from NEW ORLEANS..wooTwooT!!
adi0sk83: You're welcome, baby.

Gorgeous just like you.
bangbangxyourdead: happy valentines day, I love you. okay yay. you're my valentine, since i'm not anyone eleses
sunofalightbulb: happy valentines day Kat
adi0sk83: Merry Valentines Day, Beautiful. I love you.
adi0sk83: I want that effing sign.
adi0sk83: Aww that was cute. inlove
ghengis: I am glad. smile
ghengis: OMG I TURN YOU ON????????????????? lol
adi0sk83: You're my shooting star.
adi0sk83: Amo usted , bello.

ChelseeTheStudMuffin: Ur the besttt.
and wayy damn pretty
ilu ♥!
surrenderxfacexbaby: GOOD grinlol
surrenderxfacexbaby: i effin' love you too babycakes!
I am excited.
Im quite proud of my valentine, as of right now.
I will be supaaa proud when its glued
i hope you like pink and yellow
surrenderxfacexbaby: PS
surrenderxfacexbaby: your valentine is done.
i just need to glue it together and send.
Im on a mission for gluestick though..
whatyoulookingat: i saluted before i talked to you beautiful smile
s0seductive: lol yea fun fun fun
s0seductive: i know i just started really comin on here a lot more than i used to, im a head mod in a group so im on all the time haha
s0seductive: hey hun how r ya?
bangbangxyourdead: i love you too hunnybunch.
MUD: awww
io love you more
svendust99: Hey there! You are very pretty! Hope you are having a good day! Hit me back if you like : ) You get a yes!
MUD: yes iloveyou
adi0sk83: OH baby you're so FOXY!!
MUD: ily more
TCG: WoW! Foxy!!!
adi0sk83: Want to trade because I remember your's being far more sexier?
adi0sk83: Hi, I like your butt.

&& your face.
LovinSocal: i wanna come down there, would you cut my hair if i did. i could use it.....
LovinSocal: that is cool, gotta love college life. its the times in life where we let it all hang out and have a great time. what is your major?
adi0sk83: No. it can't be you because you're simple beautiful.
adi0sk83: OMG WHO iS IT?1
adi0sk83: YES!! Fill in the blanks, you know her!
adi0sk83: Woah. Hot girl at **** *** Street.
adi0sk83: Rubber ducky you're the one, you make bath time so much fun!
adi0sk83: great grandmother's uncle's ex husband, that supposibly had sex with a chicken and I don't know.
adi0sk83: fucker it cut me off.
adi0sk83: [bgcolor=#66FF00][color

So I know this one girl and she told this other girl's sister's brother's best friend's mom that she had a thing for this one guy's niece's uncle that told his wife that he was cheating on her with his gre
LovinSocal: Hi Kat, nice to meet ya. im bored, there isnt much going on right now. let me know if you wanna chat sometime.....
and you like liven in LA?
adi0sk83: hush your face, qt.
LovinSocal: just a long time wyht person, who saw you in the forums thought you were cute and wanted to say hello.
im Brett by the way....... so how are you doing?
LovinSocal: hug <33
surrenderxfacexbaby: haha yeah.
we are keeping eachother comapny on cam ♥
surrenderxfacexbaby: I BET IT IS ADORABLE
sorry about the delay in comments hah
blame MAX!
surrenderxfacexbaby: CRAYONS ARE MY FAVE
they make me feel so.. kindergarten ♥
surrenderxfacexbaby: I NEED SOME GLUE!!!!
I have everything else...
sharpie.. check
construction paper.. check
creativity.. check
glue.. UNCHECK!
surrenderxfacexbaby: Sweet!
its going to be handmade.
yayay construction paper love.
surrenderxfacexbaby: ♥
i should mail you a valentine
our date is going to rock. i friggin love stew and extra pulpy orange juice.
I'm pretty sure we're soul mates. smile
ghengis: ily2 beautiful<3
MikeasaurusRex: Roses are Red
Violets arent Green
You have the best Lips
That I've ever seen.
surrenderxfacexbaby: tee hee.
I want some orange juice with pulp :(
and i cant find my family :(
surrenderxfacexbaby: i bet you could never look bad
surrenderxfacexbaby: YAYAYA FOR HAWAII
my step-grandparents haev a cottage there, we can stay in it.
i've never been yet. ♥
I will make you sign when im showered and dont have the
"i just woke up" look hah
surrenderxfacexbaby: Sweet

we leave on our honeymoon tomorrow.
YE BOII!! hah
surrenderxfacexbaby: OMG.
Kat.. ♥
your comment made me smile.
You are one hot momma.
I want to bend you over lmao.
Marry me?!
YouStandWatching: I love you too woman...
hustlnlikenootha: omgz uz iz a qt
adi0sk83: LOL!
MikeasaurusRex: You win 3 hour sex with mike.
MikeasaurusRex: Correct


MikeasaurusRex: You meant to say love

guess that number
OhxOhGoddamnit: Not in love, darling.

We are love.<33
OhxOhGoddamnit: ♥ We are tough.
Msn K go.
Rinaw bitch. ♥
YouStandWatching: Dude.
Miss you.
germz: ask carolynn to then.
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: Hey kat
I wish I had a kitty
but then i'd have to pick up kitty poop
and nobody wants to do that
you think you could get me a kitty that doesn't poop?
ty bby
germz: well that butt sign about sucked.
germz: and thats when?
germz: but the question is when?
germz: or not.
germz: thanks kitty

make me a butt sign now.
letdown: i love you. and your noodz.
xOxKINKIIBYTCHxOx: Hi I'm Paige and I think Kats adorable,and envy her.
MikeasaurusRex: YES PLZ
MikeasaurusRex: send me nudes on msn :o
I think you're extremely fucking pretty.
bangbangxyourdead: I love you redface
YouStandWatching: LMFAO @ HOW YOU SPELLED MY NAME. rofl
Ihatepeople: OH sorry bitch i must have missunderstood the meaning of "lesbians 4life" I thought that meant you were a lesbian i apologise. You
Ihatepeople: cunt rag so that is why i am informing you of that. GROUP STFU
Ihatepeople: very originaly you stupid dumbass whore. Come up with something better. Fuck, your not even trying. I mena here i am not trying but ia m not caling you a dike. am I no becuase that is retarded. You know your a dike. Now you may not know you are a bl
Ihatepeople: that was an incredibly retarded comment. You will definately need to work on those. Really that was lame. I am fucking ugly. Oh no. hello read the comments on my profile jackass. Ther are a million people that have said that. NOt
lovedbymurder: Oh yea. because you can either do it black style or white got some skillz going on there
lovedbymurder: oh man this means you suck in bed.! suck as in not good gees.
lovedbymurder: whoa are you sure you arent black?. i think you are.
lovedbymurder: to white nah. i wouldnt say that. to intelligent. oh yea.!
lovedbymurder: F'nA. i must work on it then. fuck i knew i was just to white. :(
lovedbymurder: i almost shit myself when i saw that smily it scurred me...see as you can tell i am working i my black ness talk..or gangsta talk
lovedbymurder: fuck yes. where else are you suppose to think of these things. and what else are you suppose to to sitting there for that long period of time?. so i thought about how famous of a white rapper i am goin gto be
lovedbymurder: gangstar as i see. so are you up for the chanllenge?
lovedbymurder: dude so i was sitting on the john and thought that i should be like eminem and make a song talking about banana's and strawberrys. but then i thought i needed some black dudes to sing with me. so i thought that i should ask and since your the closest to
cartmanwifey1: pssh.
your prettiest.
lovedbymurder: Nanners!...peaches and cream? i think that is close enough to bananas and strawberrys.
lovedbymurder: i like apples and banana's.
lovedbymurder: nah i didnt but you have been even happier if i had seen would have made you the happiest person ever. i would have been as happy as a porn star when making a movie.
lovedbymurder: I saw your nudes.! eek ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. that toe is quite sexy.!
lovedbymurder: YOU KNOW WHAT
SimplyMax: lol, you are welcome smile
ghengis: <3
ghengis: <3 ily 2 beautiful <3
thanks smile
ghengis: im not a true friend :(
MikeasaurusRex: lets a get hot and heavy plz.
colorblind: ♥ Kristi << that's cute okay. OKAY. ily!
blackshad0w: I took you off my msn and I forget what it is now >_<

g'night though.
Joshyewuh: who is that beautiful perfect woman in your profile? gimme her digits
demonicwolf: rofl
Giveitup: I LOVE YOU
MikeasaurusRex: I LOVE YOU BACK

8 times cause im lazy.
SweetLyn: I'll add you when my MSN isn't being a total fgt
ya she's a retarded bitch
SweetLyn: That bitch pisses me off. I remember why we got into it. You're brother was talking about 'stephanie' and I said 'don't bring that name up' or something, and then you threw a bitch fit lols
SweetLyn: Dood fix your codes in your pro homie.
LOL I don't remember why we bitched but you still have my aim<3
bangbangxyourdead: Forever<3
surrenderxfacexbaby: ilu2
UberHawtSexKitty: Oh wow, really?.. that does sound like fun.. sure we can meet up somewhere for mardi gras.. I'll probably bring a friend too.

<3 Dani (May I add you to my friends list?)
UberHawtSexKitty: Oh cool.. yeah, it's been really dead around this way.. only thing to really do is play pool ( Which I love) I kinda still suck at it, but I'm getting better.. just hard to find anyone to hangout with now, most people have left for good.

<3 Dani
UberHawtSexKitty: Oh hey.. you live in Louisiana too.. what part(If you don't mind) and found anything left to do around here??

<3 dani
YouStandWatching: <33
cartmanwifey1: seriously.
your rly pretty.
ryetoast5: really beautiful...amazing...g
orgeous eyes...comment back if it is cool with u
bangbangxyourdead: aweee cute babies.
bangbangxyourdead: well that's good :]
does she live with you or something lol.
bangbangxyourdead: i hope everythings okay at home.
i ♥ you so much <3
bangbangxyourdead: better never forget that i love you either.
demonicwolf: hello <3
bangbangxyourdead: ilovekatmorethanalotoft
lovedbymurder: haha is this so called 'blanky' you have you had since you were little?.. lol nah the coldness isnt that bad once you get use to it. and just have fun. in a non durty way. lol you'll forget all about it
lovedbymurder: you've never seen snow?. well your not missing anything. but the snowboarding experience.
lovedbymurder: your a partyer now?. lol. i've been so busy with school and now being soccer its unreal. i try to have some 'fun' in my spare time...have you got any snow down there?
lovedbymurder: how is it going down in LA?
lovedbymurder: Hello....whats up.
SimplyMax: So Kat is grounded, good thing my parents dont know what grounding is haha
demonicwolf: elllo ♥ <3 <3
BoricuaStud69: Np u a hott mami smile
BoricuaStud69: hey srry to bother u butt somone ahs anothe rprofile who looks like u
whitextrash: ily2
Giveitup: I been waiting on you to become single <3

adi0sk83: rofl. Nasty Whore.
rockon28: Very Hott!!!
bangbangxyourdead: you are my best friend babyyy
i love you with all my heartttt. ♥!
btbamfan27: yes'd
ttpzjackson: you are very cute..
ghengis: iloveu2 babysmile
ill get on aim 2night grinlol
i have to go to my uncles right now and fix his computer<3 love yaz
ghengis: dance
ghengis: <3
bangbangxyourdead: YEAH.

we stole your boyfriend, BITCH. rofl

trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would say no to someone as hot and as sexy as you are. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back
stephanie469: and i'd like to be on your friends list...add4add, please?
stephanie469: so pretty and so sexy!!! you got my 'yes'
CyberRob: cute
TiburonX23: ZoMG - I yes'd you cause your Hot!!!
aladdinamerican: Damn babe ur so freakin sexy !! u've got the perfect body ever i'd jump on u eatin u all up right now !! check me out babe and Msg me if interested , Defently a YES !
adi0sk83: No, not really

adi0sk83: lmao i laughed when i read that other comment.
adi0sk83: Hush, old grasshopper.
adi0sk83: No, not about that.
adi0sk83: You know what's weird? I went to google and typed in "the perfect girl" and it gave me this picture.
bangbangxyourdead: i fucking miss you.
im ONLINEEE, so like message me on msn.
we have to talk
coolcat654: you're really hott and you should write me back sometime smile
JustBeingJustin: heartthrob
JustBeingJustin: drool So sexy
guitarsrock06: Great body.. sexy eyes wink definately a yes
teero50: Lets make out!
deathxr0se: okay, well i dont have AIM on here.
& thats my homie harvey lol
deathxr0se: hi kat.
so i guess you like landon too, but it's all good. i basically told him to stay out of my life. so you can have him, dear.
himynameisscott: This is spam, this is what I do to people I likes comment boxes.
himynameisscott: This is spam, this is what I do to people I likes comment boxes.
himynameisscott: This is spam, this is what I do to people I likes comment boxes.
himynameisscott: This is spam, this is what I do to people I likes comment boxes.
himynameisscott: This is spam, this is what I do to people I likes comment boxes.
himynameisscott: This is spam, this is what I do to people I likes comment boxes.
LoveLetter: ilyt
SimplyMax: im not telling inlove
LoveLetter: SEx
SimplyMax: but guess what smile
SimplyMax: i bet you wanna know
SimplyMax: you are simply
SimplyMax: Guess what?
SimplyMax: mahahahah Miss Kitty Kat
Youare1337: lol oh I don't remember.
Youare1337: yeah you did not seem very happy with me that one night lol
Youare1337: aw you still luff me?
Youare1337: lets play
Youare1337: lets play
SoundOfSulfur: no k thanks <3
sunofalightbulb: i love the new hair Kat. inlove smile
deathxr0se: pics
deathxr0se: how are you lovely?
LimbNursery: babe you are HOT!
ghengis: i love you 2 <3<3
deathxr0se: <3
OhxOhGoddamnit: haha cute.
we're pretty rad.♥
sjbihunny4u: you are gorgeous!
OhxOhGoddamnit: eek my sexy lover is the cutest.

mrhumpy: beautiful
SimplyMax: Hello Im Max, We Never Met, Thank You For the yes and i have a secret
misslovtolic: i voted yes
Chase: [bgcolor=#C1C1C1][color
funny how intelligence makes people ugly.

you know nothing of my personality, and it is a free country, free enough were i can make fun of people in a coma and not get in trouble

my rating really doesn
Chase: i didnt make it, they are all pictures from a thread in General Talk.

ps. if you dont like it dont look, and dont waste your time commenting
fiasco167: absolutely beautiful u get a yes from me
shagadelic: I missed you. You're such a sweet girl.

I'm sorry things didn't work out with whatshisface.
You can always come here and know. wink

deathxr0se: Nope. LoL.
deathxr0se: [bgcolor=#000000][color
=#FF0000]I didn't get a chance to tell you on AIM because I dont have it on here but please forgive me for dumping you. Landon asked me to be his and I hope that's okay love. I love you Kat. inlove You're still in my profile .
smokinhottie: no we havent...i was curious because i have a friend in the army stationed down there in lousisana at fort polk or something like that
smokinhottie: where you from in louisiana hun?
bangbangxyourdead: I love you.
reconbyforce: your cute wish we had girls like you in korea, hit me up sometime.

sherrif: dont comment me again slut
Bl4ckBr4ndon: so beautiful.. your lipz r so sexy...drool yummy mami
ghengis: ily smile
ghengis: Haha.
Yeah, I became a mod yesterday. <3
sunofalightbulb: psst. you gotta come over if you want your 20 licks. wink lol
himynameisscott: GOT AIM/MSN?!?!
TexasTakeover: wow, you look amazing, you got my yes
TexasTakeover: wow, you look amazing, you got my yes
Perez: Good and you
skaterdude120: damn your beautiful<333
XGrayScaleX: psh i kid you not its a true story.
OhxOhGoddamnit: nothing at all, are you on aim? talk to me <33
OhxOhGoddamnit: we havent talked in forever. i miss you!! <3 hug
XGrayScaleX: someones gorgeous and oh my its you.
KrAzYgUy: ty....c is that hard to be alittle nice to guys who are not up to ur standards
lol...take care sweetie....NIck
KrAzYgUy: fuck....atleast give me a yes sweetie
KrAzYgUy: sweet u are......damn..bitches these
KrAzYgUy: damn.....ur absolutely gorgeous....i know i dont ever have a chance to get to know u...but...i do hope u find my friends request i sent ya...hehe.....i gave u a yes as well!!! stay amaizng babe
FuneralForAFriend: hey your cute how about a yes for a yes babe?
Perez: Whats good?
keeler: bs.
keeler: YOU
BaconButtie: ;o i have a pic of me holdin up a peice of paper saying I am paige..
BaconButtie: Erm, No my names paige. LOL
EmoLoserBoy: woww youre so damn hawt! im definately giving you my YES VOTE!! i hope you return the favour sweetie <33 =D
KrazieKelsi: i swear u did or someone on ur name did, bc as soon as i got my account it popped up there and said it i deleted it or id show u
KrazieKelsi: i swear 2 god u did last night. on my comments.
KrazieKelsi: you called me a fuckin bitch?
KrazieKelsi: whats your deal
bangbangxyourdead: i'm sorry. fuck.
ill call you and we'll talk
i cant stand this
i love you
KrazieKelsi: what the heck
sunofalightbulb: hey there cute voice! grinlol we'll have to talk again soon, kgo. <3
DjZacImpact02: you got my yes on and u are Absolutly Gorgeous
Mave: wow SEXY of course u get a YES! u r damn Hawt !check out my pro and if u like my pics ask to add for friends sweety there r much more to see for u sign trading would be cool too
bangbangxyourdead: " Bethy is the greatest on here. yes we fight but that is what best friends do. they fight ♥"

I miss you.. & i'm sorry. ugh
OhxOhGoddamnit: I don't hate you at all. *tackles with huge hugs*
We just haven't talked in forever, but I don't hate you lol.
I'm sorry you think so :( <33
BeerIsGood4theSoul: def hot! u got my yes too...
colorblind: <333 biggrin <33
CDNcowboy09: I wish I lived in Louisiana, and had a chance!
SimplyMax: So does the Ben fella like cheese?
deathxr0se: aww. I love you very much so! G'night beautiful & sweet dreams.
deathxr0se: inlove You're wonderful.
ramblinwreck3: very beautiful, wish there was a chance of getting to know you
deathxr0se: I love you a lot nigga. haha. ♥
FujiBoy: eat shit...whore-)!!!
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back
pimpin4life693: hey sexy whats up smile
Maelstrom: Merry Christmas! biggrin
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: Merry Christmas Kat heartthrobtoast
LoveLetter: imu merry christmas<3
bangbangxyourdead: MERRY CHRISTMAS <3333 inlove
bangbangxyourdead: hey i would bang you.

cam2cam bffff babeh k bye.
thebigpapa69: hey i would bang ya..
thebigpapa69: hey sexy...
marte: grinlol me likey..

haha; very pretty
defanitally a yes
pokesomesmot: your welcome hun<33
pokesomesmot: goes it hun? you seem cool <3
IndianaGrl20: Wow, your a very pretty girl. Get back with me.
keeler: grinlolgrinlolgrinlol!
Maelstrom: Yes please, I want to see ur n00DZ!
OhxOhGoddamnit: hi sweets ♥
xXkissmeplzXx: lol well he hasn't talke dto me in a really long time

plus i'm waiting to get my webcam bak i want it bak so bad!
xXkissmeplzXx: Judd's ex-gf Brittany
xXkissmeplzXx: u got alot prettier after you left smile
deathxr0se: kay look nowsmile
deathxr0se: aww.
give me about five. & then look at mine mmkay? grinlol
deathxr0se: inlove
I love youuuu.
deathxr0se: Okay. So
I requested you, loverface inlove
colorblind: aw bebe!! <33 ily2.
deathxr0se: hi,
BADxLiLxBiTCH: fuck u u ugly bitch dats y u aint got shit on my girl ...
VanillaPepsi: Rofl at the girl above me. I love your milky white ass <3 Atleast you know you're white. Ily♥
BADxLiLxBiTCH: i dont like haters so u deserve no spcae in my comments so stop bein fuckin childish n let it go cuz u kno damn well u started this n ur a fuckin bitch... straight up ..
BADxLiLxBiTCH: kay bitch...ur hatin ..wut can i say jealousy is a disease .. getwell soon bitch smile
BADxLiLxBiTCH: i did read it dumbass ... i fuckin wrote it .. well stop hatin n get off me ...
stealthninja: Hello sweets
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back
BADxLiLxBiTCH: well i just dont like u n ur just gunna randomly be like i dont like ur attitude well fuck u n i could probably careless ...
Maelstrom: Oh man you're way too kind to me! WHat is with you giving me sooooo much credit, sheesh! heartthrob
bangbangxyourdead: I love you more, Kat.
lifeinblacknwhite: http://www.wouldyouhitt
SimplyMax: i adore that pic woman grinlol
SimplyMax: im in your pro dance
AmrZaki: nice eyes! wud hit that! hit me back babes
AintLoveShit: haha thank you?<3
VanillaPepsi: So there is this girl named Kat, you know her right? Yea shes a real pretty slutbag. I adore her. But I have to tell you something, I think I have a crush on her eek Yea I know crazy.
LoveLetter: Hi kat i love you so much and you are beautiful thats all
bangbangxyourdead: ilu so much.
Perez: I would make you them right now but moms has the camera right now :(
Perez: i♥u MORE
stealthninja: hey baby
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: This is what mine and Kat's baby will look like
gorgeous eh? inlove
Damiennn: hii theresmile thanks.. whats happening?
gecko793: ya know i was such an asshole the first time i talked to you and i shouldnt have been, ur really cute and u seem cool and u have a good personality, good shit in my book
puredem0cracy: good thing your not shady

unlike 95% of WYHT
puredem0cracy: I was going too add.: Thanks for actually reading my profile smile
puredem0cracy: it was for Life Science rolleyes
puredem0cracy: your Prettty
SimplyMax: tiphat
bangbangxyourdead: My bestfriends are Bethy Lynn
&& Joshua Alexander. Of course they are together.
I guess you can say im jealous of them because
they have found true love.

you can take that out now..
Giveitup: Don't know you that well but after the forums tonite I had to rate you!! Love your attitude, and your very pretty smile
LoveLetter: </3
TheBigShow: what.a.cutie. smile keep it real gurl
HateRabbit: Very pretty smile
guero789: ur eyes
ChelseeTheStudMuffin: Kat raped me last night
I loved it of course it was quite pleasurable smile
but now i have this chlamydia to deal with ugh
ducktapel0vex: i love you too hunni.
i miss you likewhoa</3
Agirlnamedchelsxxoo: wtf. you`re gorgeous. lol

Prettypimpinperez: yeah
Prettypimpinperez: Lol you better not be like that or im gonna be pissed
Prettypimpinperez: I am a sex addict but i'll only
do you if i think your good enough for me.
One night stands or 1 week stands are
good enough for me.
oh yea and i love AARON because he's above greatest
GoodBye .....You respect you
Prettypimpinperez: Okay good tell him im going to beat it up so bad lol
Prettypimpinperez: rofl lol Funny but really come over now you dont have to tell ryan lol
Prettypimpinperez: COME DOWN HERE AND BE A SLUT ON ME smile. You dirty dirty whore lol
Prettypimpinperez: Lol shit who would rape you(OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH
HH DAMN NIKKA GOT DISSED) Lol I dont have baby nipples :(
Prettypimpinperez: Lol you dirty dirty whore lol! I am a sex addict but i'll only
do you if i think your good enough for me.
One night stands or 1 week stands are
good enough for me.
GoodBye you sound like a slut lol
Prettypimpinperez: Lmao he did fer real thats funny well ride one down here nikka. Dont make fun of my nipples nikka lol
Prettypimpinperez: You went and picked up ryan and you cant come and see me?
Prettypimpinperez: yeah i go shopping for everyone else like a week before or the day before lol when you going to come down here
Prettypimpinperez: Lol tight tight. umm i havent shopped for anyone yet lol kind of sad i guess but i bought 2 new pairs of shows saturday
Prettypimpinperez: Hell yeah it sucks! So what have you been up to?
Prettypimpinperez: Oh i got you. Well is he still living with you? Im alright i guess still kinda sick
VanillaPepsi: So you're single now <_<

Prettypimpinperez: i♥u MORE why did you and ryan break up?
bangbangxyourdead: I love you!!!!
blackshad0w: BOO!!!

HI. wave
cutecanehdiangirl: he had a urinary tract infection that shut down his organs
iwantpaul: you're really pretty smile
LoveLetter: omg I love you soo
/ sticks it in your butt
bangbangxyourdead: ilylots. <3
Joshyewuh: hiii kat ily2 how's that muffin arse of yours doing?
bangbangxyourdead: k ilu bff.
Iplay6uitaR: very prettyhotstuff
mrspanky2001: yes from me
bangbangxyourdead: I miss you, I guess I really wanna talk to you. Lots of stuff is happening, I need to talk to you, I love you.
blackshad0w: hug!
LoveLetter: here is your comment now stfu
lol i love you
stefanie4789: youre really pretty
svendust99: hey hey! you are a cutie! I gave you a yes : )
colorblind: tybaby!!! ♥
peacer88: great body sexy love to see more of it
i love you baby! ♥
colorblind: oh heck yes. ♥ ly2baybeh.
cheesy2052: damnnnn u r beautiful!!!
Krissenko: Damn girl very sexy nice body hit me up sometime
SXIxLILxFUK: lol n u was takin da mik out of da way i luk! lol luk at yaself!
smokinhottie: do you know where fort polk is?
Prettypimpinperez: Sexy thanks babe ima make yours here in a little bit if you cool witht that.
smokinhottie: my friend on here his name is paratrooper1 is in the army in louisiana i think its fort polk
smokinhottie: where you from in louisiana??
Prettypimpinperez: No one will find out! lol
Prettypimpinperez: Can I put it in your butt?
bangbangxyourdead: ilysm.
xbeccax: rofl had a head fit in your comment box. I apologise haha
xbeccax: SEXY
Suicidalmosher: woohoo, EMO SUX! :p
Nice pics ^^
Prettypimpinperez: Lol what?
blackshad0w: feeeeeeeeeeeeel better! flowers
OutLawxTorn: Aw. You're Gorgeous
Prettypimpinperez: PM me and tell me
Prettypimpinperez: Okay i guess your right. Has your bf ryan gained wait not trying to be mean
Prettypimpinperez: Yeah i know its shitty. if you werent so mean to me now i would talk to you more
deathxr0se: kat, you're beautiful. ily. <3
Prettypimpinperez: Chillin and you?
sinnis: hottttt
SimplyMax: kat dont cut your hair anymore, ill get a haircut and shave if you wont, lol. Still looking beautiful.
adi0sk83: Baby ily.
RockChalk: yeah same, i'm about to do some homework now.
Teona: thats a yes vote that i gave you just so you know, please dont vote me a no
Teona: thanks for the add, and i just figured out what a salute is. i will try to get it done next time im with my friends since i only take pics on a digital
GoInsideU: yvw
SingleBladedRonin: love your eyes. Beautiful
RockChalk: K good, so anything new with you?
I'm hardly on here anymore and dont post in the forums either
RockChalk: awww well what if it inst?
would you still like me?
RockChalk: awww i miss u kat
and taht thing is way bigger than me
hollyny: i wouldnt mind getting hot and heavy with you
GoInsideU: beautiful
manoncam8: <3 <3
blackshad0w: woo I'm on your top 10 winner
lildestiny1979: no im not
bangbangxyourdead: ily my bald nigger chinese babie inlove!
blackshad0w: cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr
rrrrrr up! hugheartthrobflowers
colorblind: sugar pie honey bunch. you know that I love you. and I can't help myself. love you and nobody else. ♥ cheer up love.
colorblind: hey hott shtuff can I thtick it in your butt.
PENISJUNKK: You're Wayy Too Gorgeous. .Awesome Profile Too. .<33
clyssa33: has anyone ever told u that?
clyssa33: u look just like the girl from the show degrassi u r so beautifulsmile
LoveLetter: lol i love you
LoveLetter: you have the biggest profile and I just don't feel the love when I see it
bangbangxyourdead: Kat, Ily. inlove
IslandDreamz: Damn Kat very cute indeed!!!wink
soregonmale: Beautiful!! Great Pics!! grinlol
peacer88: great body sexy love to see more of it
blackshad0w: I still haven't made you a sign eek
blackshad0w: fine shrug

kinda bored. lol
andonwho: Comments you...
blackshad0w: how's it going? hug
blackshad0w: morning! grinlol
Joshyewuh: I know kat ily too
if anyone tries to be mean to you i'll have to have some wyht drama don't want no wyht drama no no drama
bangbangxyourdead: if josh doesn't go on the scary rides.
we will shave his head @ night.

but i wouldn't do that to you, you're hair is too pretty.
bangbangxyourdead: lmfao never have a sleep over with me.
ima shave your head.
i'll take out my anger on you, that those bitches gave me a bowl cut.
bangbangxyourdead: rofl
i could imagine you with a bowl cut.
and no bangs.
rofl rofl!!!
or bald.
bangbangxyourdead: kat; hi my name is bethy and i have a bowl cut and no bangs.
bethy; hi my name is kat and i make fun of bethys bowl cut.
blackshad0w: OMGHI2U♥
bangbangxyourdead: ♥ <3
bangbangxyourdead: ily. nothing will ever change that ♥ even if we are fighting, i love you to death inlove!!
Prettypimpinperez: Chillin
Prettypimpinperez: Yeah. Whats good
MXRider250f: thanxs for the comments gorgious
MUD: :brokenheart:
cumANDgetME69: gorgeous! wow!
manoncam8: yeah you'd make any guy wanna be a pedo
Terror: very kissable looking lips smile
bangbangxyourdead: ILOVEYOU.<3
DaSpanksters: Don't play so hard to get
DaSpanksters: Lol, Stop hitting on me through my comment box.
DaSpanksters: I'll comment your box anyday.
BritneystheBitch: Sry for all the shit today.....
colorblind: ILL PUT YOU IN MY SHOUTS. <3
colorblind: that chick. she has one boob bigger than the other.
SimplyMax: big boobs, pedo material eek
xbeccax: i miss you too<3
lordrazo1: damn you are sooo beautiful the hottest girl on here

I was bored. K, there grinlol
zachrob6: thanks. so what u up to this weekend? anything fun?
zachrob6: yum. you gotta love this smokin hot beauty.
blackshad0w: I don't know, who is Mike Jones? scared
blackshad0w: rofl you crack me up. ♥
blackshad0w: oh my. you made me blush redface
colorblind: IM IN YOUR PRO!!! ♥
xNumbxRomanticx: ieffinly woman.
bangbangxyourdead: best friends forever <3
bangbangxyourdead: i love you miss <3
sherrif: fuck off u clueless slut u wouldn't know
sherrif: bitch are u retarded?
TheBigShow: lookin good gurl smile
bzk04: HI NEW FRIEND! grinlol
sunofalightbulb: just now woke up. saturdays are the best. smile how are you?
sunofalightbulb: heartthrob howdy there smartie. wink
SimplyMax: rawr grinlol
AlabamaFan1983: I aint no god damn pedo FUCK YOU AND UR GROUP!!
SimplyMax: my pedo queen bow
bzk04: hehe they're cute and they make you unique. tiphat
bzk04: hewwo fweckles.

manoncam8: smart girls are intellectually sexy. you are in more ways than that.
Joshyewuh: Hello sexy penguin 4 me,
I love you let's be friends forever when we meet let's go work out and do jumping jacks
ily kat, so much inlove
assenvy: cute smile
springs719guy: You are so Very Beautiful...
LiLTiTo: i could get hot and heavy with you!!
alabama344: LOL Well, you know I just want to watch you breathe, but ya'll are cool and I look forward to talking to both of ya when I get the chance to log on =)
I love you miss, I can't wait for the summer. I'm going to like give you the biggest hug, and like cry like a little bitch. Rofl inlove
ILY with all my heart & soul. thanks for being there for me <3
bangbangxyourdead: rofl, i'm such a dummy.

I love you miss ♥
You're my best friend.
screaming4something: im sorry.
screaming4something: ive been here the wholetime. ugh
d0rkyfresh: that your baby?
d0rkyfresh: hey lovely lady, how u doin'?
ZooYorkRyder181: bestest person i kno
xzibited4life: you're gorgeous hun, and you have beautiful lips!
skaterdude120: Damn your gorgeous <3333
blair1989v2: Looking good there, Cutie!
bangbangxyourdead: it's my birthday for you.
i love you. ♥
bangbangxyourdead: it's my birthday for you.
i love you. ♥
bangbangxyourdead: it's my birthday for you.
i love you. ♥
bangbangxyourdead: it's my birthday for you.
i love you. ♥
bangbangxyourdead: it's my birthday for you.
i love you. ♥
bangbangxyourdead: it's my birthday for you.
i love you. ♥
SimplyMax: you've never seen the breakfast club? she was a popular cheerleader type in detention in that movie on a saturday, lol
SimplyMax: you have a hint of Molly Ringwald in you when she was young and beautifull and in Breakfast Club eek
LoveLetter: eek so are you
i love you katy poo
xelementalityx07x: what's crackin nig,anytime you wanna chat just im me on aim
d0rkyfresh: it's cuz u are duh! hehe.....ryan's a lucky dude.
d0rkyfresh: good lord...i can stare at your pictures all day!
Prettypimpinperez: Okay whatever i dont give a fuck anymore
Prettypimpinperez: Then why did you hook up with him over me?
Prettypimpinperez: How is Talon or whatever
Gravedigger: lmao @ the drugs or else thing. that kid is a dumbass laugh rofl
ryanrenia: hotstuff
heatherp: I LOVE KAT lalalala
I LOVE KAT lalalala
I LOVE KAT lalalala
RockChalk: Kat i tottally love you more and all your pics
Prettypimpinperez: will you really?
Beavo311: your very cute =)
laTeRegistration: well i know id love to see smile
ZooYorkRyder181: really hott smile
Prettypimpinperez: Will you E-marry me?
myfavoritemistake: and you think I care because?
Prettypimpinperez: Thanks babe, Ditto. E-crush shit more like E-love soon to be E-marrage smile

bangbangxyourdead: lol
so what are you doing.
YOU should get msn.
aim is an asshole ugh
bangbangxyourdead: -kisses-
shh don't tell josh. inlove
bangbangxyourdead: nono
stop it.
you are the most gorgeous girl ever
and i love your lips.
damn you ugh
bangbangxyourdead: rofl
no way hosay.
you are the gorgeous one. <333

NickDoc: this girl seems like a total fucking bitch frmo what i see people have said....and i bet you are a total bitch with no respect for others
bangbangxyourdead: i love kat ♥

how are you babeh.
MUD: ILY2! yer ass is mine when u r 18
bangbangxyourdead: http://www.wouldyouhitt
bangbangxyourdead: and. she copyed this out of my profile. and put this in hers
I hate hate sluts and DRAMA QUEENS
but i'm not pointing any fingers.
sweetie you shouldn't hate yourself! Poor thing

bangbangxyourdead: She even posted it in a fourm.
the yes4yes.
and i was like she hates me because i got what she cant have.
and shes like oh i could if i wanted too.
and she told me to die ugh
Prettypimpinperez: Good deal! ILY
bangbangxyourdead: lydia, told me. that if she didnt have mishel. josh would be with her, and i'm freaking upset. and, i dont know what to do. :(
bangbangxyourdead: hey ugh
Prettypimpinperez: Kinda dark sorry
Prettypimpinperez: Lol only if that was true
Prettypimpinperez: ILY MORE! Making the sign right now i looks like shit had a long night last night
Joshyewuh: Did you rent the movie?
Joshyewuh: Whore get on aim and go rent that movie now
bangbangxyourdead: i have a cam now.
so, tommorow.
Prettypimpinperez: Gosh im no where to be found on your profile :(
Prettypimpinperez: Sounds good babe
Prettypimpinperez: Love it ill make you one when i get home here later tonight or tomorrow
Prettypimpinperez: Okay
Prettypimpinperez: Loves you
Prettypimpinperez: How, Be mines sl smile
Prettypimpinperez: Your everything i want thats why
bangbangxyourdead: ROFL.
they may have there own little session too..
and we all come back, all silent. because we all phone sexed dance

bangbangxyourdead: maybe if you're lucky i'll even pick my nose in the sign picture eek

phone sex tonight, i wanna see these skills. kthanx dance
Prettypimpinperez: YES!
Prettypimpinperez: BE MINE!
bangbangxyourdead: dance dance
i'll go to either my best friends house, and take pictures & you, my dear. will be the first to get a sign.
and if i cant go there, ill go to an internet cafe cool
Prettypimpinperez: lol fer real
bangbangxyourdead: kay, i have to get some beans.
what was that present thing you were talking about.
Prettypimpinperez: Oh you better beleave it, So gimme some time and ill come i swear you better be waiting
bangbangxyourdead: rofl me too. and we can eat beans or something, and fart alot. lol
bangbangxyourdead: a present. eek
i know, i love when we pick our noses together.
next time, we have to fart or something.
roar. wink
bangbangxyourdead: kat dance
i love you! <3
Prettypimpinperez: Im going to come there and sweap you away and we will live happy ever after
Prettypimpinperez: Good shit, Yeah i plan on being in the rangers fer the rest of my life but i dont know, i might just go fer 4 years to get paid for college
Prettypimpinperez: LMAFO silly silly me, So how is life anyway and did you learn anything from boot camp, im going to traing camp this summer for 6 weeks for the Rangers so thats going to be a blast lol im trying to get in shape running 2 miles everyday its a bitch lol.

Prettypimpinperez: Ily more? wtf does that mean lol
Prettypimpinperez: Glad to hear that. How long have you guys been together now? A LONG ASS TIME LOL! But yeah i do to and you know it
Prettypimpinperez: So you and Ryan are still together then? Lol I loves you more!
Prettypimpinperez: It's all good you know i still love you. What happened to you and Ryan or whatever his name is? Gosh have i missed you!
Prettypimpinperez: Well you never write me anymore. GOSH!
Prettypimpinperez: <---Miss's you
blankstare: hello cutie<3 love the line "shit my britches"rofl
xosnugglesox: ur gorgeous hun <3
Joshyewuh: And we can feed eachother jello and peas and carrots ♥;;;;;
Joshyewuh: I love you too
and we've been friends for 8 months i'm so excited 20498239 to go we can even live in the same old people house and play checkers together inlove
sunofalightbulb: beautiful! a yes awaits you!
Imurfantasy: Gorgeous!
hughmorris: You're mad cute... and yes I would most def. hit it!
bangbangxyourdead: you should let me add you to aim. smile
bangbangxyourdead: that's so gay..
camaroguy6997: damn your sexy..........deff. a yes...hit me back
xSuperman: sluttt
colorblind: ♥ <33333 biggrin you and me baybeh. dance
colorblind: wyht needs to think about a kissing face. yup
Maelstrom: Awwww you're so sweet redface thank you for that.
colorblind: twice.please&thankyou.
ca86: Very pretty
JeNiiBaBii: are you like back to stay now?
abercrombie58: gimmie y0 number biattttchhhh winkI will for sure be able to find a ride to like the mall or wherever we go for sure. smile
abercrombie58: oh okay do you have a cell, but just call me?
i lost my car for like ever because yeah long story :'(
abercrombie58: i am counting down the days babyyyyy
abercrombie58: i am counting down the days babyyyyy
abercrombie58: i am counting down the days babyyyyy
trip247: your very cute. YOu have amazing eyes and a very sleek, sexy body. I love how your smile n your eyes bring out your face.. Very hot n sexy
TooRadForYerMom: inlove ily more. duhrr
dchelot: Absolutely Gorgeous!
Joshyewuh: Keep them
my boxers give me rashes in my crotch because they ride up my jeans
PrincessXJazmin: wow your reallllyyy pretty! x0x0 yes4yes?
xbeccax: sup SL wink i love you <33
tifferz30: pretty!!
xNumbxRomanticx: Aww Yay..
xNumbxRomanticx: I wish♥smile

xNumbxRomanticx: [[-Still so sex-ii I see. wink-]]
ily2. <3
Sequencial1: Very cute..
lovesucks: thank you beauty <3
youre the best... I adore you
TexasTakeover: You're gorgeous, i give you a Hell yes
demonicwolf: gets happy =]
XdiesxforxloveX: thats cool i guess?
demonicwolf: nothing. im kinda mad at her right now..she aint answering my calls and she disappeared offline..=/ sup with you
demonicwolf: HI RYANS GF =]
alear1981: beautifull eyes
derailed: very sexy...
MooreCherryz: hiya i hit ya with my yes!
Prettypimpinperez: Yeah iv been busy lately
Prettypimpinperez: Good its been a minute what have you been up to
Prettypimpinperez: Yo yo stranger how you doin
Joshyewuh: Fat ass smell my cunt
cloudstrife48: redface ahhh... thank you bow I try i try wink
dave420goth: Hey sexi you get a yes..... Hit me back sometime.....jackoff
TallyHosFinest850: Wow...Your beautiful =)
Zemus: cute picz hun, very beautifull lips you have grinlol
DutchMasta420: lookin good girl, i seen u were on.......lemme know if u interested in talkin sometime
s0seductive: katttt<3333
HeyitsJen: That really is fucked up.
Do you have AIM?
HeyitsJen: Oh wow, and she meant it?
HeyitsJen: ilyXcore: and you know what, you dont deserve Ryan, hes too sweet and you seem to not give a fuck about his feelings.

Did she really say that? rofl nono
cloudstrife48: wink
letdown: <333
omgzspankme: ah, don't leave meeee.
deathxr0se: I love you!! inlove I've missed you <3
MUD: yes, i forget me all the time biggrin
omgzspankme: lets do it like they do on the discovery channel <3
coolbeans3: I missed you and your pretty face <3
ily <3
dirtbikeracer: pretty! smile
MUD: aww u remember me!
Mixinluv2u4eva: KAT! <3
Missed you too
"Head" doesnt mean cracking the cock against your forehead :o
thechoppshop: OMG!!! i love you sooo much. lets make babies.
BabyGirlTay69: Things have changed so much through-out the days, but maybe one day things will change back to the way they use to be shrug Miss you
FalseAffection: lovargirl, im re-doing my profile, it should be done tonight smile
hesmyobsession: guilt comment *cough* lol
bvalks: i've missed you too Kat.
DriftAway: well in that case...i love you too woman♥!
bvalks: eek KAT!!! inlove
FalseAffection: my Estrella oh how I love you. ♥♥♥
DriftAway: IS YOU HOME
Prettypimpinperez: Awesome welcome back. how was your boot camp :(
hesmyobsession: lol thanks for missin me too grinlol meanface
hesmyobsession: no shout out wtf is that rofl i missed you
Joshyewuh: Omg Ilyilylilyily
I missed you too
lol i know we gotta do prank calls curly <3
JeNiiBaBii: I miss you
omgzspankme: i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you...

FalseAffection: I miss you baby.
chancenc: hey babe very sexy
chancenc: hey babe very sexy
doubleitup: You are hot. . nuff said.

xbabiblueyezx: Kat I miss you soooo much!!! when you get back you gotta promise me you'll write!! Looks like everyone on here is missin ya! :'( *MuAh* Take care hunni ily!
Prettypimpinperez: Where did she go?
hesmyobsession: Lydia heartthrob's Kat I miss you!
Prettypimpinperez: I MISS YOU
ardy: hey there, not only are oyu hot but I do believe you could help me. I am trying to figure out how to post comments in sites. im lost and need your help. pleeeeeeeeeease........
i wrote you, i just have to send it smile
ily&imy tons&tons
destroyeraseimprove: i want your lips.......... there real big.. i like them
xelementalityx07x: eekkat how are you on here?through a cell?frownmy letter to you keeps on getting delayed for stupid reasons i'll send one thoughsmilehow's life?
hated99: ur hot
BloSSoM2008: you are gorgeous!
ZachRobb: yum. u gotta love this absolutely smokin hot beauty. stunning.
hesmyobsession: I miss you already too :'( </3
omgzspankme: i just got new PICS <3
ghengis: awwz i love u 2 and ill miss u like crazy ugh
xelementalityx07x: kat if you wanna chat one last time before you go that'd be cool just im me or email me
JackSparrow69: iloveyou
lovedbymurder: Kat you wont believe what my little sister named it....haha
xelementalityx07x: kat i hope you have a good life and good luck that is all:smilebye
DriftAway: xD
i'll write to you ho
just send me your address =]
DriftAway: gahhhhhh i lovers you kat x's 10 frown
i'll e-miss you tons and tons and tons
hesmyobsession: nasty lol u like buttholes period tho and period thats rlly gross lol i make myself sick I am gonna miss you!! you're the coolest <3333
spenjamin: thx ur pretty
hesmyobsession: I love you kat jus thought I'd let ya kno even if you do eat old ladies' cum bubbles <3 hehehe giggle lmao eww
FalseAffection: inlove x a bajillion

I love you babydoll.
LADIESMAN101: wuz up gurl ur beautiful !!!!! like to holla at u 1 day
deathxr0se: Here's your love, damn it.

XThatsHotX: Josh:My mom just died
Tiff:You're such a actor
Kat to ryan on aim: OMG my eyes are tearing
<3 sexy penguin
PurringCat: my god girl you have some lips on ya! very captivating girl!
LostxDreams: hey your purdy too i love your brother sooo much!!!
xbabiblueyezx: Hey gorgeous! I missed talkin to ya!! An Ima miss you while youre @ boot camp! :'( But I still love you tho!! *MUAH*
hesmyobsession: damn how many people did you marry lol
TooRadForYerMom: your gorgeous, chick. <3
vanishingmemories: ILY too my gorgeous wifeheartthrob
now lets make hot lovinlol <3
hesmyobsession: I wish you didnt hate me :(
omgzspankme: yay a free invitation to your bed. <3
DarkerShadeOfRed: wifey inlove ily
omgzspankme: sweeeeeet.

so where should we meet?
omgzspankme: lolz lets do it.
and then after i see you boobs.
& you see mine.
i think i should do your brother.
cause he's super hot.
somethingxofxvalue: thanks for the comment - you're purrty too <3
FalseAffection: youre purrrrrdy.
obscenities: ugh you're pretty. ugh you're pretty. ugh you're pretty.
ugh you're pretty. ugh you're pretty. ugh you're pretty.
ugh you're pretty. ugh you're pretty. ugh you're pretty.

i dont know what else to say. shrug
deathxr0se: I love you! [damn thing cut me off]
♥ Always, Tiffiany
deathxr0se: Dear Kat ♥ ;;
I'm going to miss you like insanely. :[ It's going to be really hard. But maybe we can talk sometime while you are away.You, my dear, are the beautiful one & if ever someone tells you different, i'll murder them as well. ♥
Kourtneyx3: Kattttttt you are gorgeous and i luff you very much. The end hug <3
omgzspankme: yay. besides jenii and rheanna and hilary your the only girl i like on here. like seriously <3 i love you on webcam. heh. boooobz.
tegusta1234: hey beutiful just writing to tell u good luck in bootcamp its hard i been there. bye..
deathxr0se: Dear Kat ;;
Don't ever change because you fucking rawk my socks off. headbang Haha, I love you! & Guess what? We are so damn strange I MEAN cool lol.

xelementalityx07x: oh my i'm laughing now though o well anythings's better then you being saddance
xelementalityx07x: your ughmood makes me sad cheer up kat dance like this guydance
vanishingmemories: NO
I ♥ you MORE!!!
vanishingmemories: KATheartthrob
i haven't talked to you in a hundred years..
I heart youhug
xbloodyxblissx: Hey your beautiful ima givin ya a yes and wondering if you could return the favor... wanna add4add
Mixinluv2u4eva: $$$$
DiamondBaby09: Damn...I wish I was blessed with your beautifulness though. ugh
YourSoSexyy: aw thanks hun, you have NOTHING to be jealous of, if anything I should be the jealous one. your absoutly gorgeous heartthrob thanks for the comment sweetie<3alex
MrRight22: hey beautiful I saw u in the dirty south club Im from louisana also halla back
hesmyobsession: I love you!! I'll miss you this weeknd <3 talk to ya tuesday!!
gibilini: you are really pretty!
JeNiiBaBii: I love you and will miss you moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
brittbaby21: sexy <3 wish i could see more tho
x3MaybexMemories: Yeah my AIM is x3maybexmemories
x3MaybexMemories: Why thank you very much <3
x3MaybexMemories: Purrrdy girl ♥
ghengis: you are added baby ...hug ...i love you hug
ghengis: adding you now baby .....i saw u added me to ur shoutouts.....ur gettin added to my TURN ons wink wink ...hug
ghengis: your so beautiful smile
hesmyobsession: I love you sexy wife lol
NymphoForMatt: very pretty great profile. and ia dded ya hope thats okies!?
Prettypimpinperez: Great of course grinlol
Prettypimpinperez: Didnt mean to sound mean just glad to talk to you again grinlol so how is life treating you?
Prettypimpinperez: Im BACK bitchs..... Kat that hurts me tat you took me of your friend lost? HAPPY MOTHA FUCKIN BIRTH DAY... My best friends birth day is today! Hit me back up.
DriftAway: well thank you kat smile
hesmyobsession: have i told u lately that ur hot :-D
youwish: birthday hott azz
hesmyobsession: p.s. you're smokin'! lol
hesmyobsession: happy bday sexi mama :-D
hollowwound: smilethanks
hollowwound: ur prettyhitit
xelementalityx07x: you're 16 now and it's confusing because ur pros say 17 but um enjoy driving?!?!grinlol
ShaunieBoy: real sexy!
ghengis: happy sweet 16 u hott girl u ...i love you grinlol hug make the sweet 16 day a good day to remember smile
XThatsHotX: Oh yes and thanks for driving me to fat camp I broke 6 chairs in a week
XThatsHotX: Kat thank you for the gift certifercate for lipo
I love you for it
MissEmo: omgzz! Such a lie!

miss cupcake is TEH sex!! wink lol
bvalks: Kat>me.

true story.
RandsomBoy: haha how did you it means perfect dick sucking you were close!
RandsomBoy: you know what i just found out about you! have PDSL!...and thats A GOOD THING!! for sure!..LOL
lalo83: HEY GIRL...!!
JUST WANT TO TELL U I THINK UR SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hit me back if u wanna!!!
ShaunieBoy: really sexy!
hesmyobsession: lol
ThrillaFromManilla: So this is what perfection looks like, Me likes smile
RandsomBoy: haha i knew that i know.."TESTING" you!...
RandsomBoy: hawt=hot right!?? if so..well thanx..i could say the same about you...but...well you are hot too!..
RandsomBoy: hey i just tell the truth no need to thank me..
RandsomBoy: wow you are amazingly beautiful...!! eek
XThatsHotX: Oh my god I love you so fucking much you beast
aussiechick1987: So pretty.
hesmyobsession: ouch :'(
hornyparamedic: your a hottie thnx for popping my comment cherry!!!
hesmyobsession: ur beautiful kat the sexiest sexy lover around lol
deathxr0se: i love you beautiful heartthrob
ScrumpyJr: listen if u wanna be a bitch about it, be my guest, i didnt send you that, a girl on my sn (cocofudge) to be exact, got on n said shit to ppl not me.... so damn
blueeyeddevil: ryan is sexy and so r u ....
blueeyeddevil: ryan is sexy and so r u ....
ScrumpyJr: SLUT....
FuelForHatred: inlove
FuelForHatred: yes way heartthrob!
FuelForHatred: eek
no of you lover
FuelForHatred: nah babe shes just extremely jealous
FuelForHatred: lmfao, i completely agree with you. she's just retarded, she didn't have much more to say about me shrug && she didnt know shit about you, so thats the best she could do.
FuelForHatred: Anytime. That girl fuckyea00 is a total bitch lol
FuelForHatred: you're extremely georgous, hun
MUD: My Penis is, when i look at you lick
freestylesz609: yes,kenny is sexy

but so are you
LadyTiburon06: lol, awww... its all good! i been a lil busy all day anyways
LadyTiburon06: n2m... how are ya!?
LadyTiburon06: HEY KAT!!! <3
Jesse69: Kat i have 210 bang bucks if you want me to send them your way then just tell me!...
Ah0tGirLnAmEdRoByN: your soo effin pretty and skinny! soo lucky♥
leftbehind: yes i am gay oh no what a huge diss. so i josh- haha jokes on your best little cyber friend. message jake, post my pics, suck my dick
RyanAndreW: Hook me up with ur sister
xSugarxSw33tx: sorry chick
Jesse69: Kat your PICS ARE AWESOME!!!!......for sure...i learned some new words while you were gone kat!
brettdawson: wow...very hot
Rymturna: props. hot. YES! ~Joshua
DAMAN88: ur hot
vanishingmemories: your the hott sex..and i heart you already...YOU RULE!!!

eek i used to live in Louisiana for a fort polklol
and your toaster makes me feel happy inside new friend:]
Player: oh yeah! btw love the eyes
vanishingmemories: your so adorable..

p.s. i like your bright shiny toasterlolrofl
DnBKiD84: i read your profile and WOOOOOaaaaaHHHH! ur DEEP!!!! i love freckles so i guess you get a yes!!!!
Jesse69: KAT I have a gift for you...well a couple maybe two or three!! but....
babiegurlie: THANKS 4 SAYING NO
babyboomerrang: lovely.
hottywitdabodyy: this girl is fuckin cool and sexy as hell...I love ya hun
hottywitdabodyy: of course I gotta shout out to also on my friends list and shit too
thechoppshop: u have been e-raped.
thechoppshop: yo i got 2 of the same comment. booya
thechoppshop: kisses
XThatsHotX: asaeshhdahdshghdsahhsad
hgsdsgds moo
lilsweeetchicka: Hey kat! Thought I'd say hey and you seem real cool. Your also pretty. smile (I also think Ryan and You are the cutest couple ever! So much love, and I do think ya'll will marry and last! Best of luck! <3 )
hesmyobsession: girl you are so gorgeous!
xxGiaxx: You are beautiful!!!!!
CrazedKitten: You're absolutely beautiful! Let's get to work on that tape wink
pimp2pimp: So are you highfive
xelementalityx07x: grinlolI know you are but what am i
mikecraphone81: gorgeous eyes! I'd hit that..
xSugarxSw33tx: why'd you leave a comment in my thing then??????
xSugarxSw33tx: ?
xSugarxSw33tx: yea u too
BarbiexLove: You're so beautiful!
PolkAudio85: you so effin hot
xMyHeartBleedsx: you are sooo gorgeous <3 inlove
actually ur hawt biggrin redface
i love your pics lovey<3
heartthrob Ash.
XThatsHotX: i love you too.....ryknown
mellykixass: puuurrtyyy<3
XThatsHotX: si, so anyway im put under a spell now
XThatsHotX: lol can you come and shave me? thank you lol
xelementalityx07x: ughi'm not an awesome chick?lol
Justyn725: or make it bold or
Justyn725: idk how to change the color of my font...damn it
Justyn725: i love u
Justyn725: running outta comment
Justyn725: u know i luv ya... hug
Justyn725: damn...why u live so far away?
Justyn725: OMG...ur so HAWT
Justyn725: i want u bad...
Justyn725: lick
Justyn725: wank
Justyn725: iloveyou
Justyn725: u should never quit this site...
Justyn725: ur jaw droppingly stunning
Justyn725: wow...ur hott
Justyn725: hug
thechoppshop: lol
thechoppshop: psh. hugs
thechoppshop: i love you x infinity
thechoppshop: i love you more.
omf: why thank you darlin.

youre gorgeous
holdem: which one do you use more? and then what's your SN for it?
holdem: Hey there,
I saw your profile, you seem pretty cool, i added ya to my friends list. Do you have msn? You should add me to your friends list on here!
BrEaKiNgHeArTs36: aww thanks hun! You are gorgeous yourself! You have yourself a sweet brother - im a lucky girl!
xxxadioskaterxxx: KAT LOOK AT MY SL!
XThatsHotX: heres your comment

XThatsHotX: um biatch plz our time zones are different so it was a random comment at 7:26 lol
XThatsHotX: Ok everyone leaving Kat comments if you don't like her...

you're one fucked up individual.

ItsYaBabiGrlDee16: hey ma baby girl! i miss ya! love ya n cant wait to see ya!
xbabiblueyezx: Hey beautiful!!! Just wanted to come by 'n tell ya I love you!!! *MuAh*
bigurlie61920: Fuck Ya I Would!
Jesse69: Kat you need to fix your shout out you have some spelling problems in there...haha but any ways I just want you to know that you still are a great person and I dont care what Tay said cuz its what I believe is true!!...*much love* Jesse
Calicajun22: HOTT!!!!!
xNumbxRomanticx: Kat. The Sexiest Ever!♥ I Heart your voice.
XThatsHotX: lol kat my jigga boo ♥
mizzamanda: kat you are really pretty
bvalks: hi Kat! just chillin'. you're looking as good as always! how you doin'?
K9LCC4LIFE: holla at me shorty
DeusExMachina: Great eyes!
Jesse69: Kat do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again!!...HAHA you love the cornyness!
cutie28: hey i have a question, how do u make a forum signature?
XThatsHotX: lmao ryan
Jesse69: Kat get on messanger I am going to send you something!
Jesse69: Man...kat do you want to know what my hand saids!?? do you not like talkin with me on the phone?
Jesse69: haha much better...but I know that you are still on the phone!..
Jesse69: Well tell me something new besides on the phone!?? LOL
well I am glad that you dont hang!...
Jesse69: What the FUCK is up Kat!?? How is it hanging!?? you know me its a little to the right!? LOL so whats with mu B-U-D-D-Y to day!?
KYSCOTT: Funny Kat how you blame me for everything these days. hard for me to boot you on yahoo when i don't even know your screen name is it?
o0oCrazehLadyo0o: o0o Your sooooo Beautiful <33
adiosk83: Umm yeah Im not even gonna try to do that. But you're waaaaaaaaaayyyy sexier then i'll ever be. If you break up with me I'm like gonna turn gay and go out with Josh. lol
MUD: iloveyou
faceofmurder: pretty.
you're prettier. <3
Jesse69: Me sweet!??
Glad you met me??
OH boy! *blushes*
well Kat I am oh so honored to have meet you too!...
Jesse69: *gets down on one knee*
Kat you are my everything!
Without you there is no me!
You mean the world to me Kat!
Your so beautiful and goregous!
The moment i saw you it was a beautiful feeling to me!
Jesse69: What is there to say about this beautiful lady!! well...her dimples do get me! man are they AWESOME!! but thats not all that gets me!...
blue0eyes: omg sweety your gorgeousss
JeNiiBaBii: Sexfaceheartthrob
Nana: kat <3
Easy2Find: wink
Easy2Find: def. hott
campbellsoup: You are just gorgeous!! got my yes!!!
HeartOfGlass: thanks so are you thats why i gave you a yes :]
YouKnoYouLuvMe: Pft. I think you jus called me beautiful. What are you on and where can I get some?! Hehehe you're gorgeous babe <333
RoxyBabe7: Aww thanks for the comment, you're pretty too!
ASEXICAJUN: ur soo prettismile
Nana: AHHHH you havent deleted it yet!!! delete delete delete!! lol go go go!!! hurry <3
lol there rofl
Nana: opps lol delete that thats so the wrong pic rofl
had ta do it lol <33
Nana: LMAO bahahahahah thats so friggin funny!!! you guys are crrrazy!! I dont know how you dont start laughing! hahaahah....but yea.... you guys should call me sometime grinlol
Nana: hey kat smile i'm doing nothing...its hella boring tonight!!
what are YOUUU doing Lovely lol <333

lol shrug
Jesse69: Kat if you dont want me to close then get on messenger
Jesse69: I said it in the thread!...
Jesse69: well Kat I have made me choice and I am going to close the account!..
gReeKpLaYb0yBuNNii69: signed
gReeKpLaYb0yBuNNii69: omg bella ure beautiful and i heartthrob ure eyezhotstuff-
Jesse69: I think that you are!!... but thats just me!..if your not then thats cool!..
Jesse69: Kat I know that you are mad at me and I am sorry for what ever i did!! :(
Jesse69: Kat I am upset I am crushed!!...and I dont know why!
Jesse69: Kat I dont like you no more!! GOD!! so mean!! LOL
G4L: damn ur fucking gorgeous
lildeebaby5: that is soo cute~ i think ive found my LOVERRRR haha hes such a bad kid but i am in love with him!!! AHH He makes me so happy everytime i see him i just wanna die lol AHHHHH im so happy you found someone too! wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
y cute! i could never s
lildeebaby5: lol hey hun!!! you're so damn gorgeous!!! have fun with him lol y'all are just wayy too cute!
phillipcraig: You are very Sexy!!!
socalgirl: sexy!!!
Jesse69: your kitty kat!... eek of course I love you!!
Jesse69: haah i know i am such a bastard!!!
Jesse69: umm...its a secret Kat I cant tell you what I want to do!...
NaughtyAndNice: yw cutie
Jesse69: I was thinkin of a different way that both of us could well be queit...and that was umm...well...
Jesse69: See I told you that you were a BITCH!! there is only one way we can settle this!!...and that would be...
Jesse69: Dman it Kat!! I hate you!! your such a BITCH!!...

FUCK ME NOW!...haha just playin KAt I could never be mad at you!!
NaughtyAndNice: gorgeous
hornyparamedic: so can i have your yahoo id???
Jesse69: Kat your voice is like WHOA!!...aww she loves Ryan too!! oh boy!
xbabiblueyezx: Kat!! Hey sexxy!! *MuAh* Just had to come say hi to my girlfriend before I leave for the weekend...Im so happy, I have Monday off! yay! lol I'll ttyl gorgeous!
sixpack101: hey baby u fine
adiosk83: Oh yeah i love you too baby
Jesse69: Never mind Kat dont get on I am going!...but talk with you later though B*TCH!! haah *much love*
Jesse69: Jesse who!?? *looks around* BITCH PLEASE just get on your knees!! hey I just rymed...Kat get on messenger now...*****
sixpack101: oh u do kewl come over baby u fine hit me chu boy bak
Nana: Ur way pretty! you seem really sweet too winkand i love ur hair lol<3 tongue
thebigfatshow: Yummy
skaterdude16: super cute inlove
MUD: lick
ProStringstrummer: that's hot wink like yourself... doyou ahve msn?
ProStringstrummer: how's it goin smile
ProStringstrummer: hey there beautiful wink waht's up smile
Jesse69: Kat is oh so HOT/SEXY/BEAUTIFUL/ so many words that describe her!! oh BOY!! too many!!
Prettypimpinperez: Lol okay whatever
Prettypimpinperez: Why does it matter?
Prettypimpinperez: You should prolly stop talking to me Ryan doesnt want you to talk to me...
xxxadioskaterxxx: god kat,why be gay! ur lil bro JuDD
XThatsHotX: aw ty kat...ur one of the coolest/hottest people i know and ur awesome so yea
Prettypimpinperez: I LOVE THIS LADY.....SHE'S THE ONE FOR ME grinlol.... SORRY RYAN LOL
AraghorN: *muah* hotstuff
G4L: damn ur gorgeous
Prettypimpinperez: Thanks Kat i love you to grinlol.....I gave Ryan some shit last night was pulling his chain...But i told him i was jokin.....Thats prolly what his comment was about lmao.

Take care beautiful Love ya
JeNiiBaBii: Don't lielol you sexy bitch
DriftAway: kat, you're amazing, no i use that word too're incredible no joke, pretty much the coolest girl on here hug
hollaatyaboyz: add me sexy i'll be ya friend wink
MrBrightside29: You gorgeous fuck! Fuck me baby<3
firefighter101: im hot as hell have you looked at you your fucking the beautiful one btw me and you i wish that i had you i would be so happy it wouldnt be funny
Prettypimpinperez: Thanks alot mama... Wow your very very attractive hit me up some time add4add or if you just wanna chat dont be shy hit me back up...
Take care
SexyBoiMike: hitit Hard and Fast
hollaatyaboyz: god your fucking hot, looks real to me damn gorgeous
xbabiblueyezx: inlove Thank you baby gurl!! I love you Kat!!! **mUahHhh**
s0seductive: yes u do, you own meeeee
XThatsHotX: lol i would but ryans not suspended and hes one lucky bastard lol
XThatsHotX: kat..u have amazing plz? lol
adiosk83: Baby i would love to marry you!!I love you soo much!<33
xbabiblueyezx: Awww I feel soOooOOo special!! Kat loves me! *MuAh**MuAh**MuAh**MuAh
I LoOoOVe you BabY guRL!
xbabiblueyezx: Hey baby! I love your new pics...youre lookin so sexxy in em! mmm! hehe.

'n wtf is this bitches problem up there???
LilSexiItalian05: stfu you ugly bitch she is a fatass, and i know i look good and i dont need some low life scum to tell me any different. especially those who dont have balls to call me. i even have a sexy ass voice.
xbabiblueyezx: ahahah! oook...whateva. but i love you too baby!! inlove
xbabiblueyezx: Yea, right...whateva! Dont lie! lol *MuAh*
heathook: awww.. thanks.. you r rather cute yourself
lilcookeemnstr7: wow ur beautiful
Jesse69: OH BOY KAT just blew me a kiss!! *jumps up and down*

this ones a keeper!! *puts kiss in pocket*
Whats a happen beautiful?
MrBrightside29: Kat your soOOOo Hott!!<3 i love you too
Katiekate: Aww thank you..but so are you!! smile
bvalks: not possible.. you're the most adorable, so by definition i can't be more adorable than you!
bvalks: you're more adorable! <3
yourcrazy: ur also cute, and also added
amihott: ur added sexy!!!!!!!!!! hititlick
SexyBoiMike: cool You Are Sexy Too, Lets Make Babies wink
x0Kerri0x: rawr! thank ya beautiful!! love your pics grinlol headbang
xbabiblueyezx: Hey baby gurl! I finally got to listen to your sexxy! I like that pic...that kiss should have been for me!! heheh! *muah*
SouthernBabyAngel: thanks for the comment. you have the sweetest face i have ever seen. so innocent looking..yet so exotic!
radicallydope: thabnks
Hockey4Life99: thanks are beautiful!
Jesse69: Kat goober is in the sponge bob movie!! DUH
Jesse69: Kat i am not in a goober mood!!...haha
w0rd: soo stunning, mmmmhmmmm yum :p
Jesse69: Kat get online!! now bitch!! ahah just playin
letsgetrowdy: Falls out of Chair!!!!! Girl, you are so Beautiful. WOW. Good luck fighting off all the boys. Have a good one. Hit me up if you would hit it, i definitly would.
Jesse69: hey i am going to go i am too sick to be on here
if i feel better i will talk with you later
Jesse69: haah you sure do!!
Jesse69: haha super duper!! your so fly!! oh oh oh
Jesse69: haah no way its like! HOLY SHIT nice!! so FINE!
Jesse69: OH but Kat i cant help myself !!
i couldnt ever resist it!
Jesse69: haha no way! i think you are the one that has the sexy ass cuz i say it in hawties forum oh boy was it lovely too!!
Jesse69: haha the amazing beauty that you blinded me with DUH!!
Jesse69: haha Kat i think that you have blinded me with your beauty!! i cant see now!

oh me likey!
ALERT1: i wanna lick your pussy
schuey: yea u should really do that.. if he wasnt ur real life one i would say fuck him.. but thats cool but u should def get with me if thing do go all fairytale
schuey: shit im hot.. hah ur gorgeous if u didnt have a SL already, i would make u mine
s0seductive: haha kat you're amazingly sexi as ya sweety<3
Just2Sexy: u have the most beautiful eyes hun .. ur amazing.
XPunkPlayBoyBunnyX: wow ur beautiful!wink
JeNiiBaBii: eek You hot too and i lovers youeek
Bro19: Gotta love these eyes
hottywitdabodyy: kat you are sexy and your voice is divine...I think we could definitly show eachother a good time but yeah you would know what fuckin hot is cuz you look at yourself in the mirror everyday
s0seductive: awww kat YOU'RE beautiful tooo! love ya heartthrob
HoneyBaby62: Hey you are gorgeous and i want your lips!! lol GIVE THEM TO ME lol
xbabiblueyezx: I looooooooooooove you too baby!!! *MuAh* inlove
Bro19: That is pure hotness
BabyGirlTay69: Kattttttttttttt hug I love you hug
BabyGirlTay69: Hey Kat <3 Im adding you. Your gorgeous and Im also giving you a yes. Lata Girl <3
davekane007: mmmm you are delicious.. and I am hungry...
JeNiiBaBii: Anytimesmile
JeNiiBaBii: Pretty ♥
RedWarrior: ill also fuck you if you want
hot4life: to cought up in my self srry but im not stuck on my self if thats wut ur thinking
xplaygirl69x: dad jus got a flat screen!:o *jealousy*..lolz..u r very pretty 2!wink
xplaygirl69x: brother jus got a new one..and his is soo cool! a nerd~
xplaygirl69x: and why do u hate this one?
xplaygirl69x: lolz..dont worry i hate minez too! :P..
xplaygirl69x: lolz.. i was lookin at ur pics! and we have the same computers..! *rawk on*
MaxMontana: Hello cutie
FastFuriousRider: thanks for the comment! grinlol your a cutie yourself
JeNiiBaBii: Thanks
Your Gourgeous
ItsYaBabiGrlDee16: wats up babe...luv talkin to ya want me to mail ya them batteries? luv ya girl cant wait to hook up with ya!
xbabiblueyezx: Hey everyone...Kat is MY girlfriend!! heheh! heartthrob XoXoX
allithemidget: im not a midget just short.......but thanks
xbabiblueyezx: lmaooo! Whats this chick talkin shit on my gurl for her friend for?? She aint got nothin betta to do? Shiit, LilMisSlut is ugly...'n look at her name anyway...hmmm...rofl
mrns738: lets go do it
aussiechick1987: Really prettyful.
LizMizPlayette: ~~Why you gotta be hatin on my gurl for?!?! (LilMizSlut) You think yer ass is any fucking prettier?? Loox like you mighta slept with a few ppl to get teh rating you have, or are you just pissed off b/c she voted a NO for you?!?!?~~
Babygirl89: im not into girls but ur really pretty!!! grinlol <3 luv peta xxx
Hopkins: stunning! B-E-A-UTIFUL grinlol
xbabiblueyezx: Kats my sexy bitch!! inlove
iTsHaMmErTiMe42o: hey.. i'm not into chicks or anything but just wanted to tell you that you're really gorgeous =)
goddess82: wow you are so sexy
inthedark: your totally fantabulous! hows it goin?! wb:P
BoomerSoonerin05: amazing your hot!!!
fashizzlemynizzle69: thanks, you're hott!
ridegnu: hey whast up sweetie thanks for the comment total hottie tottie and you RUCKING FOCK lol bye
shockerr: ur lookin hot Kat! i hope you feel better!! there's a comment for ya wink and you get a yes!!
xwarrior44x: GORGEOUS!! hit me back if you'd like grinlol
skippy8984: Absolutly Gorgeous! wink
hockeydude62000: dam hott seem cool based on pro hit me up some time
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