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Profile for hollisterhotboy6985 (offline- last on: Apr 22, 14)
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Name Dan
Age 29
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
My Apps
Not Given
Turn Ons
Attractive women who are saluted
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Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Rap, hip hop, R&B, Rock, and some Country...anything that has a good beat!
Book I don't read...
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jessicawing8: Damn boy
Lisha89: Lovin the pics
xxxMommy24xxx: Hey sexy boysmile
Jennerz1000: wow you're still around!, hey baby :P
BlissfulGoddess: another turn off should be having a slut as a sexy lover!lol
Sweetkisses23: Sexy! <3
Loochie: Why are you so adorable?
xobellalova4yaxo: SO nice to see you around still! :-)
brocha15: hello! whats up?
nice pic.. smile
if u have time to chat, just add me in my messenger babe..

sexysheena4you at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com

hey baby i want to know you.. can we chat at yahoo or msn? here is my addy... and hope we can know each other well.
loveangel: thanks for the add gorgeous smile hit me up on msn
hotstuff2008tn: i heard u got it goin on ;0)
Lesley80: yes yes yes
xOxNessa06: AWe! Thanks For The Picture Comment.! :] It's My Favorite Too! Hahaha..<3
xOxNessa06: Haha thanks for the pic comment pervvvv.! :]

Sloppykisses69: boo, you wouldnt know what to do with me, lol
qtpietei: Uh oh Dan what is talkin to other bitches?! I thought I was your internet guurll?! I'm just playin fucker, you better come to the club with me on Thursday or I might have to tie you down and hurt you :0)
nOliezxjuslOve: well i could if it was spaced out over ohh...6 hours or so lol im pretty much a lightweight but i try my best! lol
nOliezxjuslOve: i love bacardi razz the best. i like 99 black cherries too. parrot bay mango is good too lol i like a little bit of everything i guess lol
nOliezxjuslOve: haha oh boy i do know how that goes. friday i was drunk as ever until i woke up the next day lol last night i was sadly sober and right now im trying to figure out whats going on for today. i love long weekends grinlol
nOliezxjuslOve: ahhhh dont talk like that! you WILL exciteee me grinlol lol
nOliezxjuslOve: do it tongue you might like it tooo much tho smile
XSpOiLeDoNeX: wow your fucking hot
Mitsui: haha thanks. it says "Alis Volat Propriis" its Latin, meaning "she flies with her own wings"
Sloppykisses69: thats ice tea, duh, im only 17 :-D
Sloppykisses69: I better k.i.t ? wtf? i speak english buddy
Sloppykisses69: Haha, you dont play :-D
xOxMiSSyLiCiOUSxOx: ty for the yess <33
xOxMiSSyLiCiOUSxOx: you are completely fucking sexy as shit!!!!!
id fuck the livin shit outta you!! wink
<333 total hottie babyyy
fr0styxxd4xxb1tch: WE Made top 10 couple in a day! Yay! lol
toxiicbarbiedawl: howd you get all the pictures on your profile. i really want to add some to mine. <3
toxiicbarbiedawl: haha thanks smile pleasee you have a great body.
toxiicbarbiedawl: haha nice. im such a picky eater. i had like 1 roll. lol. but im sure those "5" pounds wont make a difference. xo
toxiicbarbiedawl: lol hey dan. it was good. how bout yours?
KatieNicole: how are ya?
KatieNicole: hi
xxhottienessxx: hey thanks for the pic comments!
sillygurl19: what up hottie? long time no chat
aLiLbItAhEaVeN17: i miss my daaaaaaaaaan.♥ love you dearly, babe.
neverbeenLOVED669: im doing good, how have you been gorgeouss? <33
baby05phat: omg i jus saw ur are by far the best sexi lover ever ♥I'm so luckyy,...i wanna see you soonn winkxox's heartthrob
mizzAK907: ur wayyy gorgeous babe!!! how are u doing today?
angela0689: haha you know what i think? i think its jealous ppl who give me a no. bitches. lol. but thank you. i see you were in the top 10....nice smile
angela0689: thanks for the pic comments babe smile you're too sweet.
toxicating: not much
KatieNicole: wave
PoeticTradegy: you're welcome!
Fornicate: Thanks for the "yes". Peace!
KatieNicole: hope you're feelin ok. hug
SeXyMaMa738: when can you give me a nice hot yummy cum shot on cam?
EroticSultry: really? since when? lol
legallyblonde502: i yes'd you cutie :]
oxsunsetgirlxo17: lol on myspace ya!
oxsunsetgirlxo17: hey hottie. didnt know you had one of these lol.
hottygirly87: Hahaha deal !
hottygirly87: haha good to know
hottygirly87: haha I'll have to put that to the test then
beezY19: imaa vodka kinda girl =P
hottygirly87: hahaha and thats a negitive why?
beezY19: haha i think id have no problem with you, mister! ;]
hottygirly87: haha I hate my smile but thanks smile
aLiLbItAhEaVeN17: Looooved the pic comments! haha made me smile pretty damn big ;; && with me being sick, that's definitely a big plus =) loves. <33
MissBacardiLove: sexyy =]
meow88: to cute.. might even say.. ur a uber cutie wink
Christina927: haha that may be wink buy yours is sexier
Christina927: hahaha how ironic smile well thank you. yours is definatly amazing as well
Tcsgirl23: Damn you are so sexy!!! *Lick*
PlayBoy656: anytime =)
and very rough wink
CassieOdell22: This is SOOOOO look like my next boyfriend wink
iXbabIibOoXi: goodnight babey <33
Barbie904: I mean...Damn boy-You're sexy as heck!<3
Barbie904: damnit boy
nOliezxjuslOve: thank you very much smile i gave you a yes as well.
neverbeenLOVED669: haha thank you sweetheart. i dont think id ever get sick of lookin at your GoRgEOus self either.
Kelsey917: well i'd have to say that your really hot =]
halonothorns08: im in colombus alot do u live downtown?
halonothorns08: haha wow niccce pics
laura53: now thats something im willing to do yumm
laura53: i can do it in under a min
laura53: ok but if you beat my time of making me squirt you will be my god do you think your that good?
laura53: now here and as hard as you can
laura53: omg fuck me now damn
danica44240: Ok.
danica44240: Having a bad day?
danica44240: FANTASTIC!
babybear4u: we aws your dicky hahahaha she likey.. that wouldf be adrian she wants!!
Kewlchickgurl: damn babe you are way hot
AJAY144: Awww i just read your shout outs and i'm in there<<3 you've gotta be one of thee sweetiest and sexxxiest boys out there!!!! xoxox and you're all mine<3 lol Muahhhh
AJAY144: Mmmm i miss you too, Hunny<3 xoxox been thinkin about me???
OBSESSiON06: Thanks hun...But your the hottie =]
GAgirl84: thats the only way to do it! wink lol
GAgirl84: hey you. =] im doing pretty good, just got home from the beach today. how have you been doing?
neverbeenLOVED669: lol wouldnt be teasin if i were with you.
neverbeenLOVED669: ill let you do anything you want, sweetheart :]
XXgelbateXX: hey you
Shaybiatch: hi lol
candiceCHS: lol, it was really good
i didn't drink, i was a good girl =)
candiceCHS: i'm well, and how are you?
x0xLaceyx0x: thankx <333
Ulti53: <3
iXbabIibOoXi: OH BABY
lol <333333333
iXbabIibOoXi: <333333
acissej6985: whoa! your a hottt hollister boy smile
brittini: hey u r sexi!
xSweetOhioLassx: Cutie
volleyballallstar14: nice collage.
dazzlemexo: you = amazinggggg
ayrhed1: thank you!! looking good.
Brittymac: Your hot.! Love the pics. wink
Sillygurl4LIfe: iF i could rate u i wold give u a yes
takeitlikeachamp: hey baby i miss you more than you miss me:Pi <33 you!smile
takeitlikeachamp: hey well i didnt go to school unfotunately!!well i think about you all the timesmile
takeitlikeachamp: haha nice nice love the commentsmilei do take yours like a champ!!i love you baby boy<33
takeitlikeachamp: hey baby its oksmileaww yay cant wait!!i miss talkin to you:(.aww i <33 you to!
aLiLbItAhEaVeN17: You know you're the sexiest on this damn site! & I think all the females would agree completely smile hehe
takeitlikeachamp: mmm baby i <33 you cant wait to see you!!
sexyshit69: heyy thanx for the add hottie!! and its a real small town..its like 4 hours away from you.
imbringinsexybackk: hehe hey babysmilewell im going to party it up with my friends and may take more picssmilehehe i miss you oh so muchsmile<33whatcha been up to this weekend?
azbabee: fit as fuck!! yes for you babe!
imbringinsexybackk: hey baby your so adorablesmileyour mine deff now!!<33
imbringinsexybackk: hey babe i missed your goofy ass and your sexyness more than you missed my goofy ass!!hehe well we will start talkin moresmile
starkiss11: total cutie muaahh
CountryGRLgradeA: Hay~ Yeah its definately been a long time ...Ive been away for a while but Im Baaack Yippie! , thought Id drop by your page N leave sum luvin wink dont be a stranger!
skibunnyangel: thanks for the comments sexy wink
xSuzanneElainex: haha last night was pretty crazy :p
BuckeyeRissy: hey had a great time with u last night!!!! wink
aprillovesya: omgosh.. you're soo hott!
BuckeyeRissy: ur so cute! thnnx for all the love <3 <3 <3
BuckeyeRissy: have a good night at work! smile
magicalmissy18: very sexy babe glad u enjoyed my pics!! smilesmilesmile
AngelicEyes: hello there smile
stephee: I think I clicked YES so hard it broke my mouse!
caliHottie1: thanks for the yes sexy
aWifeyMateriala: sexyyyy
MiSsUDerRicK: Hey dan, Thanks for askin and yes Im doin a lot better with my back and coping with my BF's death. It'll be a year in 10 days. I wrote u on myspace so holla back at me when u read it. ttyl Take Care ~Rhonda
ali20041: Hey baby, im really good darlin *mwah* .. tired, but good smile
Hope ur doin well too gorgeous xxx
aa2006: fuk me u r so sexy xxxx
xOxUrEyEcAnDyxOx: <3 gorgeous!!!
BabyGirlDonyelle: mmm baby u kno how to please me soo good, when u commin online again, i miss u
XoBabygirl41oX: ive been good how about you?..Ah im leavin for texas for a week, so idk how often ill be on..but gosh we need to catch eachother on here more huh? lol...ttyl hun
onesexybitch0169: hey dan whats up?? not to much here.... hey havent talked to you in a while.... just seein what you were up to. get ahold of me sometime.. bye babe
XoBabygirl41oX: your just so damn cute smile
SmartNSassy2006: hey! How you been?
uKnOuWuVmE05: ♥hmm. i think we couLd put that tongue ring to work. or shouLd i say ur tongue?? either way. sexXy.
uKnOuWuVmE05: ♥hmm. i think we couLd put that tongue ring to work. or shouLd i say ur tongue?? either way. sexXy.
shaen1980: wow, hottttsmile
crymearainbow123: thanx 4 the yes darlin
luv brenn<3
crymearainbow123: oh haha sorry i didnt even no that ppl could see what u rated them lol so i just pressed any butto usually skip on everyone.. but u are perdy cute<3
luv brenn
Megalicious69: thx for the yes
Megalicious69: you're's a yes to help you out
LucyLu1: Hey hottie!! hug u KNOW ur number one in my eyes baby wink mwah xx
lailai1104: hey there! i thought u were hot and i was hoping we could talk sometime. if ud like to, feel free to IM me at lailai1104. bye!
TaySwish13: Hey, you are soooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooooooooo hottt and sexy!@!!!!!!!! get bak @ me
LucyLu1: Heeey baby!! hug I'm back for u gorgeous, missed u baby. let me show u how much wink
v3kii: ur cute.. and yeah i m in many groups lol.. i just don't have the time to post in all of them.. like i accept the groups who want me to join .. but i sumtimes don't have the time to post but thats cool.. ur in which group as me "freaky"?? lol
whatsup12345: thank you for the no
Sonnydelight: definitely a stud.<3
xplictnoise: def yes
xXxMissIndyxXx: yeah i have been good <3
Sexydana4ever: damn ur so hot, i gave u a yes and i hope itz okay if i add usmile
xXxMissIndyxXx: back in the top 10...

remember me babe?
Lucy01: hey babe, jus sending u a hug cos i cant be there with u tonite. hope ur ok babe, much love xx
sexycowgirl6969: U can add me to your friends list and to yahoo messenger if u want sexy_cowgirl6920 did u look at my pics
Lucy01: missed u today hottie .... was thinkin bout u last nite wink
cutie69patutie: HIT ME BACK!
cutie69patutie: definitly SEXY!!
XxPLAYBOY6969xX: Danasaurus.
Lucy01: been really good thanx babe, missed talkin to u 2. wish u were on here more often
Lucy01: hey gorgeous!! long time no speak, how have u been?
Brittni07: hi!
babe4u419: hey there stud ur hott lets chat on here ok please message me or give me ur later
onesexybitch0169: hey babe your so cuite!! thanks for the comment and i miss you too!! glad to be your girl! bye babe
hollyy69: damnn boiiwink hit me up sometimewink
JesticaTheBestica: Hey sexy smile lookin' good!
JesticaTheBestica: Hey sexy smile lookin' good!
blowbabe42o: hey there sexy
xoxoxSexcxoxox: heii thought i wud just send u a msg to let u kno i think u r a complete spunk.. xox mwahz
princez: yea yea yea.. here you go cause i luv ya lol you are pretty damn hot though if i must say so and you are such a sweetie! muah! get at me babe!
xxASHTONxx: oo oo sexxyy!!!!!
playl3oyl3unnie: wow
FlippinBC1220: WoW...ure wicked hott...u def got my yes, msg me sumtime!!
x3inyourdreamsx3: your hot!
felicialoveschris: hottie
cutiewifbooty: Dayum, so sexy as hell
ex0h: ok so yah ur hott.
xXxMissIndyxXx: w00t... my gif is in here wooohooo
hahaha love u baby xx, u gota make me one of those
sexyitalianchick: hmmm verysexy immagiv ya yes wink*
xXxMissIndyxXx: want* to make love to. I'm missing you and thinking about you constantly. xxx
xXxMissIndyxXx: Baby I love you, we so deserve each other and we know it!! hehe... Like we promised each other, we'll always be Sexy Lovers, cause you mean alot more to me than that. Your my best friend as well as the person who i admire and think is totally hott and wa
girlgonewilder: sexy!
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: **i want u**
xXxMissIndyxXx: Please Babe :(
JeSsIe1979: what a hottie!
Lucy01: ur soooo gorgeous dan!! i know where i want ur tongue ring wink
xXxMissIndyxXx: hey baby xx
urwifey15215: wat it is sexi? cant wait till u come and make out wit me lol holla at ca girl
SpAnKeY3696: MMMmmmMMM good <3 lol
SexyIckleBaby: hello wave

checked out your piks - you deserved to be in that top 10 wink
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: ur soo hott babysmile
shrtsexy862: Damn boy!
ThaBaddestBitch: hey wuddup thanx for the yes :P
danielle6916: hey thanks for the're hella sexy!

SwEeTaScAnDy21: HOLY SHiT! your so fucking hot
OHxEMxGee: <3 you are cute. yes'd.
mcrlover06: and WOOT...i'm also an Ohioain *wink wink*
mcrlover06: HOLY SHIT...WOW...i think ur like the hottest guy i've EVER seen in my entire lifetime grinlol...
aaaaaaabbbadc: damnnnnn ur hot!
x0xJessx0x: your soo hott!!
miishababie: hey can u halla back at me...u r so hott
xXxMissIndyxXx: jackoff How sexy is MY man winkheartthrob hehe Hottie as! x
l3abyl3rit: Def. Sexy got my yes
XxXshortycourtyXxX: You're gorgeous! <3
lover1000: HOTTIE!
Emza223: veyr cute =)
volcomhottie7: i thought i was the only one that watched blinddate lol. ur so cute! love the eyes wink <3
DEBBIEISME1974: Hell yeah!
danielle6916: hey wow you're super sexi!!! check me pics are on my..message me sometime..ttyl hottie

chillechelsey: hey baby your really fine hit me up sometime i'd like to get to know you better.

lovernotahater: ur sexay!
ajeepgirl0523: damn your sexy!message me back!
JaCLyNn1107: hey... ur really hott and seem like a down to earth guy!! hit me up sometime so we can talk!! later
aaaSEXIGURLaaa: damn baby ur soo hottsmile
Kels02008: F*ck me!wink
babichan69: has anyone ever told you that you are fukn sexxyyy?!?!?!
Kels02008: your gorgious *licks lipswink* i want you(K)..<3KeLs<3
Chantal210: WOW your super HOT!!!
Kourtney69: wow u r hot hit me back sometime
beelicious87: just wanted to say hey!!
babichan69: yeah..u are fukn hott!!!
sumthinyucanthave: hot hot hot heartthrob
whitephantom420: WOW!!!!!
crazychick2345: ~CUTE~Definately holler at me!~heartthrob
sWeeTLoVah: gorgeous.. smile
sweetxkisses: omg fuck me lol
onehawtmama: U R *very* Sexxxi!
SxCaNgEl69: omg ur sooo gorjuzz lik srsly woooww
xamba669: wooo wee! you are hot as helll ♥ message me if you want
blondesdoitbeta: you are def. QT Great smile. I'd Hit it. Hit me up sometime~!
HeartlessSoul: Hot! droolhotstuff
angelgoddess429: you are incredibly gorgeous...marry me lol *S*
x0lostdreamsx0: mmmm
XxPLAYBOY6969xX: VERY Sexi..... ur comin home with me smile n i think u should give me ur s/n
crazychick2345: ~CUTE~Holler at me sometime!~heartthrob
smashalii: u r so fine hit me up hun
rosebud88: ur so hot
UlOvE2BmEeE: very nice!
carlylvsbobmrley: hott
BloSSoM2008: You are gorgeous.
sarahchic: your Sexy!!!
justice101: can you rate me?
lovelessxwrists: a hot ohio boy =)
wildgirl: hey hottie hit me back maybe we chat...your eyes and body are really sexy
TwizzlersGurl: damn boy ur fyne
honeybear87: nice pics dan
DriftAway: eek !!!!!!!!111one!@1

sugarRush: hey hows it goin?
LizMizPlayette: ~~Very hott, u've got my yes!!~~
kutcherlover15: wow very hot
Amanderz08: omg ur s0o .:.Hott.:. *hit me up*

crzynlve69: ur hott
XBaBiExABX: you are gorgeous!! i didnt know they had sexy guys like you in cbus!!! hit me up u hottie!
s0seductive: hey sexi
xOxKINKIIBYTCHxOx: you have the most gorgeous eyes & body <3 your hott!
swtswtdancer: thanks for the comment sweetie smile
InsertTitleHere: hott
Hollisterbaby69: your really hott!
swtswtdancer: wow, definitely a hottie! lovin the hollister style sweetie!
katt: hey gorgeouswink
Macey1536: hottie!!
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