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Profile for TuckyBabii2007 (offline- last on: May 15, 06)
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Name *ThE 2 EC DyMes Jessica and Corena!* On DA 3IghT!
Age 25
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Kentucky
City Brownsville
About Me
i have MORE pictures<<ask and u may C>>

**Dont i Have the Prettiest LIPS**???? tell me what ya think!

~>oN da 3iGht hoEs on PoEs fo ShA!<~

*Me and Jessica are EC DyMEs!!!! <~ we tha BadDest RePPin 4 ThA bEsT EC HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* on Da EiGHt....hOeS oN PoEs!!!!!!!
My Apps
hott guys* partys*-dancing*-cheerleading*-swimming*-modeling*-shopping*
-spending LOTSA MONEY*-hanging wit my friends!*- i luv everyone of yall! muahz!

i gotsa cute face lil waist and a big behIND!!!<~ honKy TonK BAnDonKii DONK!!
Turn Ons
I like guys that have pretty white, straight teeth! Looks, personality, smells good! um dresses nice....not skanky or freaky like gothic because im not into that kinda guy! sorry!i like Guys who act and dress preppY!

Jessica and Corena ((ec dymes)) bf4L
Turn Offs
mezzed up grill(teeth), dresses skanky, and stinks! and acts IMMATURE and RUNS THEIR MOUTH! if u dont like the way u look and act, then i dont like you! lol o and i dont like guys that wear flipflops! but i can get over it i guess!

*Katelyn Davila*<~ this is for u-u nasty bitch!....u better be watchin out because ur about to catch an ass whoopin because u kno us EC girls dont like skanky girls who think they got game...stay the fuck away from corey or i swear girl ur mine!!!!!!!! <~~ skanky ass bitch!!!!!<333 corena marie

*All my EC Friends* my family *and friends on WYHT!* *MUahZ*
Favorite Things
TV Show i like watching Degrassi and Real World and MTV!! lol
Movies i go to the movies a lot but i dont know nothing about them.....i cant get movies thru my head like sum definitely NOT a movie BUFF! lol
Music i like rap-pop-hip/hop-and country!
Book i dont read lol unless its magazines like seventeen and cosmogirl!
Quote *smooches 2 tyler* :( <~ tyler whitney, i love you more than anything, but something is stopping us from being together, but we both know we wanna be! cuz we belong together! i luv u baby dont ever change, and stay the tyler i fell in love with in 2004! Muah
..:*:..Corena Webb n NO ONE!..:*:..
sean clark...ur my boi!

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rouse55: nice cheerleader
cbwgaboy: WUZ UP
bking: hey beautiful
Bananalover04: That's a huge nose!
lightblade244: ~looking good~
TexasTakeover: hey, you look really good, Send me a message sometime if you feel like talking,

I gave you a yes
meganismyname: your pretty
EcstacyOverdose: you are beautiful!!!
lilpimp123: hey baby you should hit me up some time
MissVanity: it's good to find someone else as full of themselves as me... that's meant in a good way :P your pretty too!
Spartacus859: very sexy, always love a Kentucky girlwink
phillycheesesteak03: hey whats up? your beautiful.. id hit it for sure.. add4add?
creativeman: wow your a pretty lady !! i hope we get to chat sometimes
cya !
scarlemz10pidgeon: yepp, u def. do have the greatest lips....lolol wat can i do for an add...and for these more pics??? hit me backk...allready ggave u a yess
desfinest11: your sexy girl
desfinest11: your sexy girl
i69allthedamntime: you are so totally hottl
wvufreek: you are such the lil hotty i just wana cum all over your face i mean hi wink
jadedheart: so pretty.
BeerIsGood4theSoul: u r hawt as hell gurl...dayum...i want one of u for xmas...
TuckyBabii2007: * i kno i look good... but dang!*<3333 all yall even yall stupid hatin bitches!*
davesmith87: yes we have been going on for almost 5 months lol
derailed: definitely sexy
marlboromansmokedout: looken good in that cheerleader outfit looked dam sexy
i69allthedamntime: too bad u said no because u r soo hott
Jerseyboy19: Hey your hot hit me back
southernbabi: thanks, you're pretty too..yeah hustin and i are now but he is like NEVER it kinda sucks
bigdaddy2973: no i woodint hit
pandora: pusta dziewczynka:P poczytaj troche, moze sie to zmieni:>
TerrelC: such a cutie!!! i luv it when grls have braces
uga: jackoff
aceswildtru: Very cute...would love to see more pictures! smile
xspeedrcrx: OMG....OMG...OMG you're incredible!!!!! got my vote!!!
zachrob6: yum. you gotta love this smokin hot beauty.
BlackAcydRayne: Hey shorty, you look so damn good lol grinlol signed Holla back!
mikey5895: so r u an ethan gona like do it
xXxBlisSfuLKcxXx: no, i don't like your lips.
Shaterddream: id appreciate it if you didnt leave rude comments on my page, if you dont like look at me SKIP ME or just push the NO button k? thanx.
gamehawk101: hi hotty
ca86: Very Pretty.
ButterflyGirl: I wish I could. I'm grounded. Lol
xxxbootybouncexxx: hey hun ..thx for the comment ....ur very pretty too..have a good one ~bo0~
sweetthang001: your a arent very pretty yourself..l.thanks for the confidence man..i decided i would give you the same back!
redrum420: Well hello there Beautiful. Hit me up sometime. ADD4ADD
purdybarbie: ok miss..bitch go the fuck away!!go suck ur bf cock!!ok soo bye dotn come back!! FUCK YOU!!u r a fat whore with no ass its all FAT thats y i call u a fat ass!!kk u need to back off!!
lilpimp123: hey thanks for your vote you got mine hit me up some time
getserdunn: hellllllll yes
SkuxDeluxe: Wow.. Damn girl, you sure are fuckin sexy! Yes, I would hit it.. Definetly!
theman1973: hitit Very nice!!
blake304: can i have you? can i take you home with me? lol
Mac10: fuc a bitch
TuckyBabii2007: hey guys sorry but im taken by Dave....he is MINE forever no one elses! lol i luv u dave *muah*
chon4186: plz dont vote me you're like 12 years old
wtfpimpit: i kno im not the greatest lookin mother fucker but for a ugly bitch to think shes hott is ludacris n really fuckin annoying. i would never hit it, never wanted to, n never will. for being rich u look like a peasant bitch.
wtfpimpit: give me a S give me a T give me a U gime a C give me a K give me a U give me a P. wat does that spell conceded bitch. n the sad thing is ur not hott
GCsk8er08: damn that a$$ gets better every tyme i see it
utvol26: thanx for the no... lol. ur lookin damn good though.
SouthernJunkee: Oh goodness!! So beautiful!! You got an amazing booty!!
Nono926: damn girl....u are too sexy. holla at me if u get a chance!!
metalhead33: Definately some sexy lips... along with everything else!
saraannsmith: no and no
jayson00: just wanted you to know. later
tommytunes: such a beautifull girl !!
SweetiePie2009: whatever bitch whatever
SweetiePie2009: FCK U! bf thinks im hot n he thinks u need a damn eye doc check up! so fuck u bitch
SweetiePie2009: u better keep ur big ass mouth shut b4 something happens iight! stay away from my bf k he loves me n he said u was a fuckin blind bitch
SweetiePie2009: ya know what
SweetiePie2009: ohh so u came after me cuz of my bf! bitch u bother my bf n ur ass will b kicked..dont fuckin mess w/ my bf or ur goina b in a hospital hurtin
swishnyc: cute pics. :-)
LetsGoMets04: Hey babe...I added you to my friends list...Message me and I'll give you my AIM screen name
puppethead: wow, very pretty
GCsk8er08: Damn Cutie. Check me Out. Tell me Whatcha think. If you like then add me. Please? Thanks Sexy!
hxlongbeachxc: beautiful smile gave you a yes
DJinthedesert: next time hit skip...i just love all these little kids on this site
pimponwheels2000: Hey, thanks for the vote. Get back to me some time. See ya later
SmokyMcPots: very cute!
davesmith87: hottie
DHSkeeper01: Hey what up you are absolutely beautiful msg me sometime
JohnVanSpronsen: your sexy
pimpinseb863: hey i think ur really hott..and u have really sexy lips i hope u add me..and can i see some more pics too??
Owen89: wow verrrry pretty!
jarekhalat: hey, dang, ur sexy, too bad you live all the way in kentucky
tmv486: good stuff
TuckyBabii2007: *-*I love tyler whitney for ever and always*-*
foshizzle0099: hell yes!!! damn fine, can i kiss those hot lipsgrinlol
pimpofthenation87: Damn Girl Your Fine As Hell Holla Back!!!
Ruderthanyou3: thanks a bunch for the comment babe! youre quite the smokin hot, amazingly beautiful, doubly sexy babe! message me sometime
FireSoul371: hey thanks for the comment. Your not so bad yourself. my aim SN is FireSoul371 or my yahoo SN is Trentsta2005 if you want to talk on 1 of those sometime
blueeyedmatt: mmmmm, yes I would. you are absolutely adorable...very nice smile
getserdunn: ur like omg hot lol
JTmoney26: hey thanks for the comment
TuckyBabii2007: i dont have msn! sorry! Yahoo~Blondie_wit_madbo
drummerboy2605: hey whats your msn>?
GT926: thanks go on yahoo
Bro19: Gotta love that booty
tpuhalla23: nice ass :P
YouWannaBeLikeMe: so r u
kdub33: ur prety hot...can u add me to ur friends list?
btownballer07: hot hun you got my yes add4add?
fastfurious416: hey thanks wanna add for add or just leave me one of your sn's
Ranna: hey no i didnt tell brandon not to flirt with you i dont care hes in nc i really could care less lol did you guys figure out whos callin courtney?
aloneintheworld840: AW... THANKS ...! do you have AIM?
love2smileqb12: very gorgeous! you do have "mad" booty! grinlol heartthrob
hollister19696969: very hot
skin88: You are too hot hun, would love to add each other as friends if u want smile
GCboy: you are really really beautiful babe
DJhothands420: thanks but your damn fine
skittlz: o thanx for the comment asshole
mikey5895: hey corena ur a dork lol
p.s. lets do j/k or am i lol ttyl
Daffy4jr: your cute too! Thanks for the comment
socalgirl: hottie
youwantthis: wow your gorgeous hit me up if ya wanna
ALERT1: come watch me play with my nice cock
kropes: U R Gorgeous
SheDoneBitMe: very beautiful, i would like to see more pictures.
Easy2Find: i'd hit it,got my yes for sure
antihero43: oh wow be mine
fainer54: cute. hit me up sometime
CyberRob: really cute smile, Love your eyes, really cute too
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