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Profile for xkrucialx (offline- last on: Feb 17, 14)
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Name Andrea/Amarie
Age 28
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Nebraska
City Omaha
About Me

My Apps
they are my life, what i want to do, and what i love
i've played them my entire life & i am pretty damn good.
just call me a soup-ah-starr
yes, i love to yell at the tv.
yes, i am an obnoxious fan.
yes, i jump out of my seat all the time.
yes, i could really kick your ass in baseball ;]

UNO Mavs Hockey is my love & is my life

-:- to the boy who doesnt even know... you're the most beautiful person i've ever known-:-'s a secret...

Turn Ons
Turn Offs


Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote tell me who admires you and loves you and i will tell you who you are..

it's not that i want to have you.. all i want is to deserve you..

Originally posted by Wilikerz

So beautiful
So charming
So gentle
So Unique
So I <3 you
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mark369: You are damn cute smile Hope you're having a nice day grinlol
DOCTOR: do you still have the big tits and stuff?
giterdone2: Hey there beautiful how've you been I haven't talked to you in awhile
Undefined: Dump? why? lol
IM4U2TEASE: well ill be a mf'r!!!!!!!!!! look who is back on here!!! i havent talked to you in a long time. howya been and whats new?
Matts01ES: Hey how r u?
Nasiello: ok, what's an east coast accent? like Georgia? New York? Boston? =P
ThexJadedxSpawn: Go eat your face rofl

oh and HEY biggrin
bamaboi82: just showing yah page some luv
bamaboi82: smile
davidthompson21: hey cuteness. add me?
AdventWrath: any fuckin time
AdventWrath: dead sexy
Undefined: Hey SL wink No, do you want mine babes?
pledgeleadsinger: hi
Undefined: Yay! Best SL ever! smile
jbone2212: sooo we def used to talk on here all the time, i just re upped my account hopefully we can talk again
jbone2212: sooo we def used to talk on here all the time, i just re upped my account hopefully we can talk again
enderkensenbender: wanna cam with me? im so hard and horny
acrimony334: Haha same just bored.. watched Inglourious Basterds earlier.. relaxing now!
acrimony334: Hey there ;-) How are ya tonight?
jimpy: wink
RoughNeckF14: hey sexy lady how have you been?
DaDonJuan9: pretty =)
TJH88: my new sexy lover is sooo beautiful grinlol
TJH88: hey hun, you are a cutie... I would love to be your SL if you are willing to talk to me once and a while, mine doesnt talk. let me know grinlol
tufgi88: im splendid thanks for asking!
tufgi88: HI THERE SEXY! how have you been?
tufgi88: HI THERE SEXY! how have you been?
bamaboi82: get unsingle lol hey hun just saying hey
enderkensenbender: i fell and hurt my back now im paralyzed from the dick up
DeskRage: yo beeeeeeetch! when you gonna accept my friend request! you know you want to wink
enderkensenbender: i sent a request because you do indeed appear to have big radical tits
bamaboi82: jus showing some luv
boilergolf: very pretty, got a yes from me
ThierryHenry: lol i commented the wrong pic twice :[
Menandwomen: I dunno lol just a cute face I guess :P
Menandwomen: hii ^^
dstyle217: I've been around. Glad to hear you're doing great smile Any good news to share?
dstyle217: Oh hai wink
How are ya???
cfizzle10: heyy is it cool if i add u on yahoo ?
cfizzle10: wow ur hella pretty
RiDeReD: I haven't been keeping busy, lol. The last little while I have been trying to think of other business ventures. Is it work thats tying you up?
RiDeReD: You keeping busy?
RiDeReD: I am doing well smile Would be nice to talk to you again sometime soon..hopefully I'll see you on msn smile.
Hello stud, where have you been?
nelly043: no answer? lol
ThexJadedxSpawn: pffft that ain't fair, fork em over nana
alwayzlooknatme: hey smile
nelly043: ohhhh..... so ya have a bf?
nelly043: oh... thought the first thing you were gonna do was come see me?
nelly043: its good. i'm out in colby, ks now. so why haven't you came to visit???
bamaboi82: smile
nelly043: I've been good just working a lot. i didn't know you were goin to school? where are you at now days?
nelly043: what have you been up too?
nelly043: hi
raisedrebel: Hey there Sunshine, I miss you like crazy, but anyways i figured id leave ya a comment since i just made it back on this site, and tell ya how amazing you are but you allready knew that, well, ill tty tonight hun MUAH!!!
shener18: happy to see you in here you look so good
shener18: how are you ? wat are you doiN?do u have msn or yahoo
shener18: how are you ? wat are you doiN?do u have msn or yahoo
XFactor56: Hiya lova! hope all is good! haven't been around a comp in 2 weeks! let me know whats new with ya! hope you had a great new year!
UcantCme350: Missssss you too crazy lady! ;-)
DarknessWithin: sending you a boring message

your hot

deal with it
GQstylze: so so so hott!!! hotstuff I want your sex NOW!!!!! heartthrob
XFactor56: sounds good! there will be plenty to go around!
XFactor56: its all good! more for me!!!! grinlol
XFactor56: i sure am! i'm making ribs! they're gonna be so good, i already made some on sunday to make sure i had my marinade the way i wanted it to taste
XFactor56: lol, i'm about to be an uncle in another week, my sis ais about to pop! i'm cooking dinner for Jenn's entire family tomorrow and then xmas day is with my family, so got a cpl busy days ahead of me
XFactor56: i'll be waiting! lol so any plans for xmas
XFactor56: here & now! wink
XFactor56: you said "Fuck You", i said "You promise?" you said "yes" :P
XFactor56: MERRY XMAS TO YOU!!! hope everything is going good! flowers
thexjadedxspawn: all set for Xmas? Meh its storming here majorly, so good sex in the snow weather wink
thexjadedxspawn: u too luv, we don't talk much anymore frown but its the least I could do smile
carlito1982hbk: wow your gorgeous so how are you doing
elLAbelLAbear: you better, ill make you look sexier than you do alreadyredface
elLAbelLAbear: nope not yet, i'll be looking in the new year for a salon job
elLAbelLAbear: ive been good i finished hairstyling schoolgrinlol you should come and let me do your hair<3 lol
elLAbelLAbear: hey your hottjilloff LOL i miss you girlie!!!
RiDeReD: My Microwave is going to be toast before you come over.
PeAnuT198: Indianapolis colts
PeAnuT198: no problemo! whats your favoite NFL team? been wondering that since last night haha
PeAnuT198: i think the most exciting thing is the new xbox i get on the 22nd lol! how about you?
PeAnuT198: i think the most exciting thing is the new xbox i get on the 22nd lol! how about you?
thexjadedxspawn: Yo ummm ummmm ummmm ummmm, thats 4 ummm's, ummm oh wait 5, ummm nope 6 lol so ummmmm, nope 7....HEY wave rofl
PeAnuT198: im pretty good you know... getting ready for the Christmas buying gifts! ahh dont you love the busy time of year!..
tufgi88: are you?
tufgi88: cam?
PeAnuT198: hey beautiful how have things been? long time no talky two
JayTay: u got it goin on girl hit me up if u wanna !
borofurby7: hi, plz may i ask for a add to your friends list
borofurby7: hi, plz may i ask for a add to your friends list
RiDeReD: -:- to the boy who doesnt even know... you're the most beautiful person i've ever known-:- It's me right?
bamaboi82: it got your attenion
bamaboi82: picking at you
sididau: thanks grinlol
sididau: Very pretty smile
inEVItabLeawry: biggrin Pengin!

lol You know I can't resist your koolaid lol
thexjadedxspawn: 'cherry' of course twisted
thexjadedxspawn: Evan back off my koolaid mafucka lol
inEVItabLeawry: hey pretty lady! wave2
thexjadedxspawn: wank
thexjadedxspawn: don't you shrug that at me woman moon lol
thexjadedxspawn: long as it keeps you satisfied then tongue
thexjadedxspawn: uhhh curvy hooker.....yeah victory
thexjadedxspawn: tongue wrong word, but I see someone already typed hooker, so I had to add something lol
thexjadedxspawn: as if nana, ya spoiled hooker tongue
thexjadedxspawn: what a great way to start a convo tongue buttsmack
thexjadedxspawn: "hey what's up?"
"you're hott!"
"what's going on?"
"are you ticklish, and do you spank?"
DarknessWithin: well i woulda made you did mention it
CanadianCurt: sweet! and where are you now?
CanadianCurt: cools. where in Cali were you?
CanadianCurt: i've been great! what were you doing in Cali?
DarknessWithin: oh i dont make signs tongue well sometimes when people make me some
CanadianCurt: awww! thanks for the comments sweetie! how have you been?
alwayzlooknatme: mmmm yup still waiting to get on one kneww for you wink
LILTITO: oh just a knowledge I inherited lol
LILTITO: lol maybe I should call you to hear your qt voice
LILTITO: You leave a message on their VM anything random lol

Its a TBB thing
LILTITO: boredom
LILTITO: Oh living lol..Leaving VM's for ppl
LILTITO: hows you
LILTITO: Hey hooker
XFactor56: you know you wish you had it!
FatalityX963: I'll be your east coast boy wink! Thank you for bbs.
Raphaelx: Not me i just always play the patience game and i seem to get what i want
Raphaelx: Sure it is hun.
Fighting for things make you look desperate and im never desperate enough to wanna fight for it.
Raphaelx: haha i dont fight for things cause if i was to get it i shouldnt have too.
XFactor56: whoa!
Raphaelx: lol its ok that im not =]
Raphaelx: ouch maybe not lol
Raphaelx: Oh i hope so baby
CoffinDancer: Doing good for the most part...can't complain too much. Staying busy & on the go constantly, Az,Nevada,Fl & sometimes Mexico lol.
How's everything w/you Andrea hun?
CoffinDancer: Hola beautiful stranger! wave grinlol
Raphaelx: Im so gonna do you one day =]
teejhot: u r gorgeous...luv the kiss
hockeyguy913: yea i went to the wings/devils game last saturday
hockeyguy913: so we went from watching whatever games we only the ones on cable
hockeyguy913: i feel buddy used to get the NHL package...and him and i are movin in together so he didnt get the package this season on account that we didnt think it would take this long to close on the house
hockeyguy913: so how is hockey season treating you...yelling much at the tv??
theXjadedXspawn: don't you stick that out at me moon
theXjadedXspawn: moon
prodrew511: hey, you are so cute. can i please get your aim or yahoo?
jonathandb: Haven't seen you on here in a long time.
matt83: because its not my name!!! lol
penispuppet: that's wonderful! glad to hear grinlol
penispuppet: hey Andrea long time no see smile how are you?
penispuppet: wave
theXjadedXspawn: YOU missed my birthday, you must be punished twisted
HardCoreMisery: miss me yet?
RETURNofJEDIJAMES: are the privates worth bbs? jw..
Dalejrlookalike: yea its been awhile,i havent had the net!!
aceswildtru: Wow, Andrea! grinlol
Meah: We never talk anymore thats saddens me..
XFactor56: ooOOOo, what kind of beer was it? glad you made it home! hope your having a great time
theXjadedXspawn: Hooooooooter, how the hell are ya flowers
GQstylze: Andrea!! One of the hottest girls in all the world!! how have u been sexy?! i miss you
Wilikerz: When trying to describe you, words seem petty.
XFactor56: hug
hockeyguy913: oh purdy as hell
hockeyguy913: may be right...this needs to stop cutting me off so much lol
hockeyguy913: so who blocked a shot with the back of his leg and now has a horrible...yet sexy...looking bruise on the back of his thigh/hamstring...this guy!!! and still played the entire game (literally my ice time was 45 minutes) some say stud...i say they may be ri
Abe24: i am thinking of you grinlol
Abe24: hey sexy wink
chapeezious63: Just saying hello. Hope all is well!
dedalus86: beautiful!
smoothmove8: so what part of florida are u moving too gorgeous?
Abe24: you never know.. i just might grinlol
Abe24: because you are a sweetheart and beautiful
Abe24: when i think of you... i sing rascal flatts songs grinlol hahah
Abe24: there is my sexy girl grinlol
hockeyguy913: a time, place, and row...and i will be in the seat next to ya lol
Abe24: o not to bad.... how are you doing??
Abe24: o not to bad.... how are you doing??
Abe24: o not to bad.... how are you doing??
Abe24: well as long as it pays off thats all that matters
automech7053: haha ok good. Im ok... been a long day tho! So hows Nebraska treating u? :P
automech7053: Nada? lol Am i not cute or somin? lol
Abe24: ya i work the nasty third shift it sucks
thexjadedxspawn: lurker hmm whats there to find here wank rofl
Abe24: ya i am just bored waiting for work
Abe24: hey i saw you were on.. hey cutie wink
thexjadedxspawn: Hey that ain't a denial wink
thexjadedxspawn: So do you still want me to pull down on ya when you boff me lol

oh and wave grinlol
automech7053: Hey! How are ya? smile
hockeyguy913: hahaha i'll go with ya every day lol!
Abe24: haha you choose cutie
Abe24: well ya we can talk on here or you can instant message me wink
Abe24: well thats good we are on the same page grinlol
Abe24: ya so we should def. talk more often wink
Abe24: aww your a sweetheart and a cutie... great comb wink
cockybalboa2: Hiiii, you're really pretty grinlol
Abe24: thanks for the add and the complement grinlol
Molsonmike95: what's up, how areyou?
Molsonmike95: heey smile
hockeyguy913: finding a girl who appreciates the hockey player/cage fighter that i
hockeyguy913: yea...i mean it woulda been nice...but i had a lot of stuff i wanted to do...and it gave me time to focus more on training for in the end it all worked out...i still play on a team with my boys its all its just about finding
hockeyguy913: i did...i just did my own thing, i love hockey too much to sit on the bench and wait till my senior year to play more than 3 games a season...if that
hockeyguy913: I saw no point in it...I played in high school...varsity 4 years...starting goalie for 3...and only reason i wasnt a starter freshman year was because i played defense...I would have been the back-up at the college i went to...but i just felt like doin my
hockeyguy913: I am glad...always nice to be appreciated!
hockeyguy913: lol you are welcome...yea it was a a wierd statementy kinda way
hockeyguy913: So i was totally gonna leave a comment about how cool it is you are a hockey chick...and then i read you are a loud obnoxious fan....and realized i cannot say anything cooler than that fact right there...
Raphaelx: Mmm Yummy =).
Now you need to text me and all that good stuff again
Raphaelx: good now come give me some loving <3
Raphaelx: i wont so you better not either
Raphaelx: Well since you insist i wont =) <3
Raphaelx: I know I know but you better not leave me again
Raphaelx: Yeah i know tell me about it.
I used to get random phone calls and stuff from you and then you like disapeared on me.
Raphaelx: Andrea i miss you.
bamaboi82: smile
nhra347: wow, you get a yes!
RiDeReD: things are amazing smile
You should come down for a bit and hang out.
RiDeReD: I miss you too. hows things going?
littledevildog: thanks for the yes gorgeous
WoLfMaN1981: hey andrea
thexjadedxspawn: hellooooo I spread you some cheer and got nothing back....

just like a woman, always wanting more nana
espanol: damn girl ur so fucking sexy! stunning face! perefct features yummi!! *drooolz @ screen! hola back sexy smile tc..
Celticpixiedust: hey cutie...hope all is well!
chapeezious63: lol I think thats AWESOME! smile haha
chapeezious63: haha your silly. but hey for "me"? thats perfectly fine by me! haha :P
bamaboi82: lol alrite well i dont wanna bug yah no more then i have, but ty and umm that needed to be a hint that last thing not all or the same thing haha
chapeezious63: YAY! Super awesome gift! haha smile

Your adorable. smile
bamaboi82: lol you could not have said that any betterthen you. did. sweetheart
bamaboi82: it just i heard hell about it you todl me u did not want one why you said no to me and this and that.
bamaboi82: were they on crack and yeah i just broke up with mine ahh well its a long storie but some other girls got mad at me in another grp for getting a s.l because 4 the longest time i was unvalilbel like i am now lol. and i had a s.l 4 like one day haha and tth
bamaboi82: i think i know where im move too lol haha im kiddin ty very much i dont see how youre s.l.less
bamaboi82: ahh well appricate it and yoiu are verywelcome. im p.k. nice too some what kinda meet you. smile
bamaboi82: beautiful gurl
thexjadedxspawn: buttsmack....just passing on good cheer grinlol
nelly043: haha. oh i bet some day you'll get done with the project.
nelly043: extending the time there huh? you're never comin back lol
nelly043: ic that's cool. no, i work too much to have time for dates lol you only have about a month left out there right?
nelly043: oh not too much. just workin and partying. same ole same ole. what about you? what's new there? any hot dates yet? lol
nelly043: hey hun. how've ya been?
thexjadedxspawn: think if that tweaks your beak, or melts know what lol
thexjadedxspawn: u owe me elbow signs lady nana lol
sLAmmedcivic07: no doubts.
you into the partying and what not...if you are into food i will.
sLAmmedcivic07: would i now?????
sLAmmedcivic07: haha...i am straight on the marriage part....
sLAmmedcivic07: sex them then chill...marriage later..done deal wink
sLAmmedcivic07: girls out here are me
benji6955: Hey you!! Long time no talk! I closed my account for a few months, but I'm back and I put a few new pics up. How are you?
sLAmmedcivic07: there are grungy guys a plenty too..and emo's and punk..and jocks..and so on and so forth
sLAmmedcivic07: don't u have all those hot surfer type out there
sLAmmedcivic07: down to state street or what????
how are you liking it out here...SB is gorgeous
sLAmmedcivic07: right now at my house. I am in the san fernando valley. its a bit over an hour drive
sLAmmedcivic07: oh you are going to be so pissed..i was there yesterday for a friends graduation from fire academy
sLAmmedcivic07: where for art thou?
sLAmmedcivic07: getting ready to go out for the night. exciting time serve
sLAmmedcivic07: sup you
XFactor56: soooo hot! want to touch the heiny! miss ya! wave
RockChalk: yeah, we'll have to catch up sometime grinlol
RockChalk: yeah it really has. I decided to reopen my account b/c i needed a gif that was saved on here. So figure I'll stay a while
RockChalk: lol woah! i still have my own folder
rigormortis: *onto myself for god knows how long. lol I'm about to walk the dogs and then watch the football. Hope you're good. wave2
rigormortis: and whatnot. What changed? Either way; I hope it's working well for you. Gosh. It's too hard to update someone in a tiny comment box. Do you still use this site at all? If so, I'll message you a little later, if not, let me know to save me waffling ont
rigormortis: Yeah, I'm swell thanks. I'm not online that often anymore, and hardly ever bother to login to this site - so thanks a plus. Wow. Really? What prompted a move to Cali? Sudden. Last I heard (though that was a while ago now) you had gone back to school
Wilikerz: <3
champ72397: thanx for the yes, ur a hottie
inEVItabLeawry: inlove x 2318908760972
rigormortis: Sorry for the double comment. I fail at commenting, apparently. ugh
rigormortis: Lol. ahh Hey hey my my, rock and roll will never dieeee. My my hey hey, rock and roll is here to stay. Hi. How are you? wave2

V What he said. frown

rigormortis: Lol. ahh Hey hey my my, rock and roll will never dieeee. My my hey hey, rock and roll is here to stay. Hi. How are you? wave2

V What he said. frown

bikersk8rkid: I'm not worth your time? :(
bikersk8rkid: Why?
bikersk8rkid: MySpace?
bikersk8rkid: Why not?
bikersk8rkid: [color=#FF0000][/color]

bikersk8rkid: How you doing?
bikersk8rkid: You never wave to me, psh. :(
nelly043: shouldn't I be prettymuch your number one favorite?? smile
phatmatt690: HEYYYYYY grinlol
Arsehole: stop walking in front of me all the time then :p
Arsehole: lmao so romantic
fiend138: lol come on, that's all you'll give me. Don't be shy child, fork over a SN and we'll have a good linguistic romp.
fiend138: Hey you're kind of cute - just wondering if you would be interested in talking on a messenger. I wouldn't mind talking with you at all.
TravisJames: never hear from u on here ne more frown
dstyle217: (cont) It's retarded when the neighbors walk over to check if the garage is open cause there are like 10 cars parked outside and they see people sleeping in the garage. Josh fits in the trunk pretty comfortably apparently. Shame I'm taking it out. LOL
dstyle217: Did ya get to see them? We've been kinda busy here lately! In the last week I think I fell asleep in the garage 3 the car, on a creeper under it, in a racing seat just laying around.
AngelinCrimson: indeed
GiovanniBoss1976: I miss you Andrea .. I hope life is good in Cali. heartthrob
dstyle217: It's a shame you're not on MySpace, you could see all the new pics I've uploaded today and last night! ahh
AngelinCrimson: hmmm pretty much just the conclusion ive come to that negative people are unattractive in many ways. friends or otherwise
AngelinCrimson: haha for the best reason of all; i decided to be :]
AngelinCrimson: oh you know, im absolutely wonderful!
AngelinCrimson: hows you doin?
AngelinCrimson: hello :]
TravisJames: your something worth fighting for I MISS YOU ANDREA
Djlarose: Do you ever travel much? lol
Djlarose: Come on over and I will wink
dstyle217: Nah. Samurais are cool. The LORD of samurais is even cooler. LOL....I relate it more to "dame" since its "dame-e-oh". Lol.
dstyle217: Yeah, we were talking about renaming the team, so I was pushing the idea of it, it's neat to see how different cultures measure different things. (Daimyo is the lord of many Samurai, but what you have to have to be a daimyo is interesting
AbbyRayne: lol yes it does
AbbyRayne: ehhh just stayin away from the drama 4 a bit......but im around a lil more now
dstyle217: Normally I'm a ninja, but today I was a pirate. I had a ship and everything. Tomorrow, I shall be a Samurai.
ThExJadeDxSpawN: Thats the reply I get, damn woman, where's your spunk tongue
ThExJadeDxSpawN: Since you're in the warm California sun...does that mean your nipps will be easier to tan? lol
dstyle217: Yar, I'm a pirate!
AbbyRayne: im good thanx...california wow not around much either right now
saxxxy: hmmm maybe that's why you jumped out at me. I love your quote btw grinlol
AbbyRayne: just stoppin by 2 say hello wave2
Marienman: that's cool you should probably get some sleep i work at the juvenile detention center as a corection officer i use to be in the marine corps but i had to get out that's kinda a long story but my job is ok i like to work with the kids ya know
Marienman: not to much same as you i just got home from work and i'm chilling now i went out with my dude from work and had a couple beers but that's about it why you gotta get up early
Marienman: what's up cutie
DiViUs: hey how r u .. u got msn hun
DiViUs: hey how r u .. u got msn hun
TravisJames: im missin you frown
Ssakii: Excited? Scared? :]
TravisJames: yea imma dork but you love it!!!! what can i say
inEVItabLeawry: Thank you babe. And for the card, it was awesome! Now, when do I get my wish?! grinlol
Ssakii: Not much, work work work. Sleepy :X
TravisJames: i know the guy is posta rescue the girl but ... come save me
SLAMMEDcivic07: oh wow eek
SLAMMEDcivic07: sweet...when is this all transpiring
SLAMMEDcivic07: Going to UCSB?
Ssakii: wave hiiiiiiiiiii im worn out and in need of a massage :[
SLAMMEDcivic07: So Cal..not too far from L.A.
TravisJames: can you say ... simply amazing biggrin
dreddlokdave: thanks loads for the yes vote. you've just made my day smile
dstyle217: Its summer yo! I'm in high demand around here, socially! When I find time for least. Been remodelling my house, working and pursuing that degree! Bleh. Find a home yet?
RiDeReD: [bgcolor=#000000][color
=#F1F1F1]I still haven't made it out to see Ella yet, but things are coming along pretty good. I have a huge amount of money on its way to me, and my driving ticket is being taken care of real soon. I could just get car insur
TravisJames: lol in your shout outs =)
TravisJames: i do believe i should be aknowledge somewhere on here cuz im cool like that
dacubbies2005: there's my wonder woman hehe
TravisJames: you gotta point theres no contest there ... hmm i'll think about it till then prove yourself worthy
nelly043: beautiful!!! You are, I'm serious!
Brakoo: Are you sure you don't need my help with your homework ?
alwayzlooknatme: hope ur day is going well smile
Brakoo: I will try my best, those aren't fun unless I'm with a pretty hot girl. :-P
Brakoo: Anyway it was a lot of fun, the rollerblade ride that is...... hence why I need a shower right now. :-o
Brakoo: HAha, good and well I won't tell you what kind of things will cross my mind while I do so :-o
Brakoo: Ok ok, it makes sense then. Anyway while you're at work I'll look at you all I want. :-P
Brakoo: Haha, oh yeah. Are you saying my pictures are not safe for work ? :-o
Brakoo: HAha, well it seems like you're not asking for much then. I'm glad I can provide you with all you need ! What about my comments now ? :-P
Brakoo: It better be good, it's all I can provide anyway. :-P
Brakoo: I wouldn't call myself creative, more like plain silly.
Brakoo: I would like you to join me too. It's getting to me because it's driving me wild. :-P You should leave me some comments too, I always find those entertaining. wink
Brakoo: Haha, very hot ok.... I liked it a lot. I'm pretty sure you could do good, so why don't you come here and join me for a ride ? smile
Brakoo: Wow, you need to work on that please. I figured you would be an athlete on skates but now I'm a bit disappointed in this whole situation. wink
Brakoo: Glad to hear it, I'm doing good. Still not 100% back from this cold but I'm working on it, I might end up go rollerblade today even though there is still snow covering the backyard the street looks good enough for me. wink
Brakoo: Good afternoon to you miss Andrea ! How is you day so far ?
dstyle217: Correction: Been there yet wink
dstyle217: Haha, that's the last thing they want, I'm sure of it...anyone who wants that is absolutely retarded rofl
kingofhearts05: well hun sweet dreams...and u should listen to travis bout the hig and kiss ..but just dont slap me too hard:-p g'night
TravisJames: well im headin to bed have a job interview tomorrow morning ... give bry a hug n kiss then slap him n call him dirty lol g'night
TravisJames: lol its aight bryan is in trouble in a month or 2 tho cuz ill be out his way ... he knows wuts goin to happen
TravisJames: me??? nooo!!!! never, just bad timeing
TravisJames: im def. not a poolie lol i have my teeth and i dont have sex w/ my cousin, sister or my mother or any relatives of mine haha and i din go to Towanda school and its cuz of leagal issues :-/
TravisJames: im not allowed to leave my house haha
TravisJames: he'll be waiting a while
TravisJames: tell him to drop his pants once
TravisJames: i alway knew he could never lie .... thats one honest man right there bout him bein the bitch that is
TravisJames: no no no no thats how bryan stays in shape due to his high protien diet
TravisJames: nawww i din take that the wrong way .... lol
TravisJames: i don't think you have what it takes to make it hard for me :-D
TravisJames: ill try n make it easy for ya then lol
TravisJames: haha harassment is much encouraged
dstyle217: It's too far north NOT to be! I bet you they say "eh?" there too! rofl
dstyle217: Er...Wisconsin? I can't remember, it's some hella-north, wanna-be Canadian state? rofl
dstyle217: I'll be on one when we go to Florida this year, and Michigan! dance
dstyle217: Yeah...that would be nice. I ever tell you I've never been on vacation?
dstyle217: outta work, and went straight to school for admin crap. BLEH. Was free, but had obligations :(
dstyle217: Ms I don't reply to text messages today. tongue
UC209: thanx! add'd
UC209: hi sxy! yes'd
Kort2005: beatdown bringit
GQstylze: lets have hott sex eek
dstyle217: Uh-huh...yuuuup...suuuu
rrrreeee! God I wanna go back to bed.
Mic66588: lol...You badass tongue Ok... you have a goodnight too!!
ThexJadedxSpawn: rofl that was your comeback....right on headbang
Mic66588: Not sure if you were cut off or not on your comment. LOL. You're going to have a blazin challenge to see who can hack the heat?!
ThexJadedxSpawn: Nah cuz I have heavenly breath, your reminded me of onions with melted cheese mixed in with clam sauce lol
ThexJadedxSpawn: Well I saw an afro and I drove by a manure field and thought of your cooch and your breath nana
ThexJadedxSpawn: I saw an afro earlier today, it made me remember your cooch. I mean talk about an eerie similarity lol
Mic66588: lol HECK NO! I'm a wussy. I get like mild. Oh i like the garlic ones too. lol. Do you get the super hot ones?
Mic66588: Yeah drool I've been excited ever since I woke up this morning for the wings. lol
Mic66588: lol. I'm at work, then going to meet up at BDUBS! for wings, then going home to sleep. grinlol I want you to join my group damnit. lol
Mic66588: ahh What the heck are you doing today?!
dstyle217: You say that cause you know I'm in bed right now wink
dstyle217: Mmmmmm I could be your homework wink
Alexander666: you are
hospitalbed: yeah getting my 40 hours a week of work in. that's about it though. i've been out of school for years now woman i'm an old man!
streetracer2117: Good good... only work.. and school started back up here .. soo ehhh.. You only get excitement .. if you give it :P
dstyle217: This isn't anatomy class Nurse Andrea!
dstyle217: Hehe that's right, and that's why I can't, I'm too distracting! redface
It's flattering though, in ways I can't explain!
dstyle217: I can't frown
I'm too busy distracting you wink wink lol
dstyle217: Alli Alli makes me think of the Will Smith movie, Ali.
You're in bed and I know what you'er wearing! redface
dstyle217: A continuación, obtenga más de aquí ya!
dstyle217: Poi vieni e dammi un bacio! eek ahh
dstyle217: I'll give you that I suppose!!
Vos es meus diligo.
dstyle217: You don't need an excuse for anything with me, you know that silly tongue
dstyle217: Haha, yeah, well as long as you don't jump into me while doing it! If no one's around you might start a new game then wink
kingofhearts05: hello love...i gotta admit i cant get enough of ya..its always good to hear from got me all crazy bout ya lol..and the funny thing loving every minute of it..mmmwwah
dstyle217: lol you sound like my brother. When he plays racing games he leans and shit, so I always push him so he falls over. rofl
penispuppet: oo i was playing some video games i'm at work now ;P
benji6955: Hey cutie!! Grrr....we need to chat soon! I promise I'm not ignoring you, I have just been crazy busy with a research paper, and I will be at least until Monday. Hope you are having an awesome week tho!!! smile (L)
hospitalbed: yeah everyone kinda hits that age where they just keep going through the drill. welcome!
dstyle217: Haha, that's why I recommended that one, so you could run around the living room swinging your sword and shield rofl
kingofhearts05: heyy beautiful...just wanted to tell ya how amazing ya are..keep smiling and keep me smiling...mwah
gotillskills: Thanks 4 the add.If your bored and not doing anything feel free to leave me some pic comments in a few of my albums. Ill return the favor or send bbs if u want em.
hospitalbed: i wish i could be interesting and say tons of stuff. but basically everything is status quo. just a little older lol. how's about you?
DSGB69: thanks beautiful
RoughNeckF14: Maybe ill have to drag my ass up to Omaha! You look like you're worth it!
hospitalbed: come on now, who DOESN'T remember andrea?!?!
streetracer2117: hey babe.. what you been up to? :P
streetracer2117: hey babe.. what you been up to? :P
penispuppet: hey Andrea grinlol what's shakin'?
IlikeTHEwayYOUlook: aww thanks for the comment. screeeeenname? for anything lol
RiDeReD: I've been great smile. How have you been doing?
RiDeReD: Andrea smile
RoughNeckF14: I better be!!!
RoughNeckF14: I better be!!!
SLAMMEDcivic07: Bahamas?
SLAMMEDcivic07: Where ever is clever
SLAMMEDcivic07: Still trying to figure that all out..wanna take me out redface
SLAMMEDcivic07: Same here...laaaame..well tomorrow is Friday!!!!!
SLAMMEDcivic07: Sup =)
ihitgspots: exceptional
dstyle217: Haha, well practice makes perfect! That's what I love about video games. If they taught me anything "logical", they taught me to learn from my mistakes, and not to get frustrated with myself. Amongst other things people would normally write off though
dstyle217: my kinda games are. heartthrob
Plus then I could be insanely jealous of you. Like ridiculously jealous. Like, crying jealous. OMFG WAIT DONT DO IT. lol nawwww you should experience the awesome.
dstyle217: I don't think I'd go out. I dunno what I'd do. Probably play more games. Cook and clean too. Depends on what my next shift was, days/nights.
I have an idea. Go buy Zelda for the Wii and play it and find out how awesome
dstyle217: And it's important so important people like you can "keep better track of me" wink I wanna test out some new software. I'm trying to get them to allow calendar integration, which, if they do, will be fucking PHENOMINAL.
dstyle217: Ohhhhhh I'd motivate you, that's for sure!
Yeah, it's nice to have a break for once. I hinted at my boss that she should give me Friday off (that's when our weeks start) so I have a "3 day weekend". If I have that day off, OMFG idk what I'll do.
dstyle217: (cont) cleaning it up some, etc etc.
If you want help, I can come over too though and get ya through the tough stuff grinlol
dstyle217: I have absolutely nothing going on tonight, that's why I'm going to lay down in like 30 minutes. Wake up early, go to work, get my check, see when I work next, and then probably get "important stuff" putting my calendar on MySpace, cleani
dstyle217: about 2 weeks I'm hoping to end up with something somewhat regular, at least for me.
And I know you could if you really wanted to wink Especially with those cold hands! eek
dstyle217: Haha, I do lately don't I? I think it's cause I don't get regular sleep frown
Just nudge me harder dammit tongue
dstyle217: lol phone died. Guess I'll talk to ya soon as you finish the drive to work! wink
dstyle217: It's alright, I'm sure with our conflicting schedules you roll over to find me asleep plenty often, that we're even! heartthrob I just like it when you wake me up redface
GiovanniBoss1976: you can have me any time any day Andrea hug
dstyle217: lol then you might not have fallen asleep on me! wink tongue
dstyle217: Haha I tried, but you didn't persuade well! LOL heartthrob
dstyle217: Haha I tried, but you didn't persuade well! LOL heartthrob
Mic66588: wave Hey there sweetie! grinlol Hope all is well with your hot self grinlol
dstyle217: Told ya...coulda called in, come over and helped me interior design and go on the boat! Then sleep some all cuddlywuddly like and stuff!! Lol
dstyle217: Haha I sent that comment about 5-8 minutes ago. Definitely before the text. I sent the text cause I was confused, which means I was impatient too. lol I'll include that part of me in the story heartthrob
dstyle217: Yeah, there will definitely be more. But we have forever wink
And dammit woman, what story?!
dstyle217: I have a handful. I haven't had an opportunity to think. I'm getting shit on at work so I don't get to have much fun there anymore. frown And what story? I remember you having one, and telling me to return one, but idk what about?
dstyle217: I also can't wait till we do those questions!!!
dstyle217: You know what I love about us? Waking up to you, and going to sleep to you. heartthrob
Then again, we've been like that from day one wink
ThexJadedxSpawn: I'm sure you're laughing, or maybe sharpening the razor, cuz it would be mad dull from all that tongue
ThexJadedxSpawn: 22 year old afro cooch they make hairnets that big nana
ThexJadedxSpawn: It was cooch hair, just admit it.
Scratch that. it was RETRO cooch hair cuz it looked like an afro lol
RoughNeckF14: Oh but I think I am!
dstyle217: Haha, I do it to mom all the time. I just didn't do it in the pic rofl
She sometimes treats me like I'm 8 still, so sometimes I act like it dammit! I'll get away with what I can rofl I DONT WANNA GROW UP!
dstyle217: lol I see my cutoff now. Nah, no fart noises, but I made the blowfish face cause I think kissy faces look kinda retarded half the time, ESPEIALLY for guys. LMAO
dstyle217: Yes, we have tons of those things right now <3
And lol...she'
ial. In a crazy kinda way. omg....sometimes I wanna grab her, shake her and go "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN?!" and then give her a big hug.
The one where I look lik
dstyle217: Haha, Jake knows about you, and about us. He just didn't know a few quirks about us that get to us both!!
Yeah, he's probably the one to go to. Or my mom. She's fucking devious sometimes when she thinks it's sweet.
dstyle217: Oh, and Jake may know everything, but he'd have to be more educated on our situation to tell you what it was.
Well, he could probably take a few looks, ask 1 or 2 Q's and go "Yeah, that sounds like the bastard."
dstyle217: Haha, I figured you would!
When I logged on just now looking for you I went...
"Fuck me. Oh I could do this. OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!"
dstyle217: Haha, well you could apply a theory in that from zombie military tactics into my goal, I suppose.....
What do you always see zombies do?! ahh ahh
Only hint you get. Ha! tongue
RoughNeckF14: But then how would we be able to talk to each other??? Wait I've got it! We should be in the same bed when sleep, that will solve everything lol
dstyle217: Awesome. I'm getting on there now.
So I have this new goal.
Can you guess what it is lover? heartthrob
dstyle217: Hey you, saw you were on and dropping you a line. idk if you're on MSN at work, but my phone is dead and I'm wayyyy too lazy to get the charger from upstairs. Especially when I'll be going up there to sleep in an hour or so anyway. Maybe. LOL
RoughNeckF14: Well it may be the fact that we only got about 3 or 4 hours of sleep... That muhy have something to do with it.
RoughNeckF14: Oh no ma'am there is no guessing! I said it so you know its the truth! So I woke up this morning and it felt like Monday... This was not pleasing to the soul lol
Ssakii: Np dont think compliments would get old =]
RoughNeckF14: That's me babe I'm just a sweet kinda guy and well let's be honest it comes easy when im talking to someone as beautiful as you!
RoughNeckF14: Laying on the couch playing boxing about to pass out lol have told you how sexy you are today?
ThexJadedxSpawn: is that 1/4 a 1/4th shot of tequila nana
RoughNeckF14: Well ill see what I can do lol so what you doing?
ThexJadedxSpawn: learn what..oh lets have your ancient mind answer this one lol
ThexJadedxSpawn: I'm not old, I'm experienced
MUCH different that you, ya old fart nana
RoughNeckF14: Well damn that kinda sucks for me cause I'm not ripped like all the other lil guys on here I'm big and cut but I don't have a 6 pack... I'm just cute with a big dick lol that's my money maker... Hmmm ill have to come up with a new approach... Lol
ThexJadedxSpawn: Age 22
getting up there nana
RoughNeckF14: Oh ok something tasteful lol I see I see! Lol
RoughNeckF14: What??? I was just checking! Lol
RoughNeckF14: Wait! Should I be naked??? Lololol
RoughNeckF14: You're welcome beautiful! So what are you up to?
RoughNeckF14: You're welcome beautiful! So what are you up to?
RoughNeckF14: I'm going to make you a happy birthday sign! It'll probably be 2night or 2moro though...
RoughNeckF14: Happy Birthday beatiful I hope it was a great one!!!
CountryRocker: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
AngeLfire2: Happy Birthday
dstyle217: I just wished you happy birthday on the phone...dunno why I'm doing it here too! Guess I didn't wanna be too far behind all the flirts below! eek
SexyIckleBaby: I would soooooo be there and go out with you - im sure it would be a great night out dance
SexyIckleBaby: I believe that title is Yours - you're the one that is the sweetest one on this site - i am now a Bitch wink
Save me a piece of cake tongue
SexyIckleBaby: You're welcome Hunni - i hope you have a great Birthday hug
MasterOfTheUniverse: Andrea <3
Miss ya too
GiovanniBoss1976: birthday Andrea all the best on your day hug 's n kisses tongue
logan23: my pleasure hun smile
GQstylze: i'll just have to show u one day instead wink
GQstylze: idk if u'd be able to handle me telling u eek
GQstylze: u can't imagine the things i want to do to u eek
GiovanniBoss1976: mmmm Andrea drool you make me wanna ... I better not finish this one grinlol
HurlEyPreP219: haha.. no prob beautiful :P
dstyle217: **write more ideas down.
They're all gonna go to waste. I can't wait for Jake to get home so we can finish off our novels. frown
dstyle217: Haha, yeah, he's a looker, that's for sure!
I also sent a message with goodies on youtube if you have speakers smile Took me awhile to find an English version of the game video I wanted to share redface It's pretty sweet. God, I need to write more i
dstyle217: Yeah. I'm so gay...what am I jamming to? Darren Hayes.
"When do you finish coming out of the closet? When you're buying flowers and they say 'Oh, for your girlfriend?' do you go 'No, actually I'm gay.'" rofl I replied btw. heartthrob
dstyle217: Haha, Sidekick just died.
No one is home so I fuckin' cranked the stereo and am about to dive into the novel you wrote me...reply...then crash hardcore. I'm riding on fumes, but the music really helps. It's been so long since I got to freakin' JAM
travisty: so how have things been elsewise? hows school?
Brakoo: I'm good, seeing how you're online now and hopefuly I'll get to talk to you I can't be anything else but good.
travisty: well thank you gorgeous hug heartthrob
CoffinDancer: I was just saying that she only lives about 8 houses down from me, so you now how that goeslol
And she's an AMAZING woman w/out a doubt winner
How's life w/you hun?
Brakoo: Hello there pretty miss Andrea ! How have you been ? smile
CoffinDancer: [bgcolor=#717171][color
=#FF3300]the job is great, just really long hours some nights, but overall, the job is pretty damn fun.
I wouldn't really call her my gf, but we've been seeing/dating each other for a few weeks & she lives not even 8 or so
travisty: yah i am happy grinlol the sad faces are just for retarded things that really dont bother me that much wink
travisty: if i moved it was pretty much the same distance to either or .. just one is on 275 and the other is 19 LOL, i have a bike, and a car just no license hun ugh which that is getting fixed atm, just got to get some money and go down to the dmv
travisty: yes so close ugh that would be cool, i would definately show you around to some good places, i may not sure be moving out to holiday which is north of st. pete on 19 ..but not sure when it will happen =/
travisty: o yah and i been doing ok thanks for asking love grinlol hug
travisty: when are you coming back, we better since you drove by last time and couldnt even say hi ugh i have still yet to get another phone but i got the house phone so that works i guess
SLAMMEDcivic07: feck yeh
SLAMMEDcivic07: ouch my used is better than sitting on the shelf touch on
SLAMMEDcivic07: Let me know when you are really gonna go with a little advance notice and i am there..with friends and we will do it B I G
SLAMMEDcivic07: kinda short notice..but if i really wanted i could make it..we should def do it big when we do
SLAMMEDcivic07: Are you serious about Vegas sunday?
SLAMMEDcivic07: You tell me a date and i am sho
SLAMMEDcivic07: i was gonna say the bedroom but wanted to take it slow...lmao
SLAMMEDcivic07: The beach?
where ever is clever bby
SLAMMEDcivic07: I love me some crazy
SLAMMEDcivic07: sure you want that? my surprises usually involve
travisty: i miss you too babydoll how have you been hug
SLAMMEDcivic07: where do you wanna go? lol
SLAMMEDcivic07: I am good. doing the work

I had a great past weekend and looking forward to the next one wink how about you?
SLAMMEDcivic07: Gooood morning be you?
CoffinDancer: Hi qt. I know right? =[
Work keeps me pretty busy along w/the gf in my spare time, so I haven't really been on much lately. Just to check messages & pony really lol
alwayzlooknatme: i wanna see you go-go :p
HardCoreMisery: ya i know, i been super busy with homework and shit

i do miss you though
rutherkj: anytime ur very sexy sexy girl!
CanadianCurt: heartthrob
CanadianCurt: and you are BEYOND sweet! <333
HardCoreMisery: you too babes
xxxxxdirtysouthxxxxx: thanx for the add sweetie
GQstylze: I wish i could do the "motorboat" on andrea's boobies eek
twentyfoursomething: your welcome smile is it ok if i add you to my friends list?smile
thexJADEdxspawn: jackoff don't tempt me lol
Nick13Fury: You are absolutely welcome beautiful...happy bunny day
thexJADEdxspawn: BOOB sign, there lol
thexJADEdxspawn: Elbow sign, come on it's Easter nana
RiDeReD: Oh your welcome smile Merry Easter
Kingofthecourt: what are your thoughts?
Kingofthecourt: any ideas? i have a cam 2...and um...I want you smile
Kingofthecourt: how do I "motivate" you into giving me your msn name?
GiovanniBoss1976: yeah baby lick you're effn hott Andrea .. just to let you know wink
kort2005: how's you today?
kort2005: whats up girlie lick
XFactor56: wank
kort2005: beatdown
RoughNeckF14: Hmm buy you a ticket??? Let's see let me think about it??? Lol well I looked them up a couple months ago and they se $1500.00 a piece so I dunno you would have to give me a big hug and possibly a kiss for me to do something that nice lolol
RoughNeckF14: I dunno yet when is it you are wanting to go
elLAbelLAbear: i miss you too lover
dstyle217: So yeah. I'm not avoiding your message, but yesterday was all homework, and I went to bed at 5am. Woke up, ran to school, then old house, back home to finish my presentation in under 2 hours. ahh Will get to it later tonight grinlol
inEVItabLeawry: crazy! no she wasnt naked lol I could have pics like that of you am me, but you would never cam with me :(
RoughNeckF14: tired of stupid people thats how i am lol... i dunno im doing pretty good. so you like hockey huh?
RoughNeckF14: how are you?
RoughNeckF14: The glasses are oh so sexy!!! YES lol
RiDeReD: YES!!!! rofl
inEVItabLeawry: hola love wave
trav279: message me ur email smile
trav279: ohh im doin well. just woke up. u got msn?? makes this easier..
trav279: noo problemo cute face smile
hows life??
trav279: ya ur way cute smile
expoken: Thanks for the yes! smile
thexJADEdxspawn: that ain't a denial buttsmack
thexJADEdxspawn: [color=#CCFF00][/color]

thexJADEdxspawn: either way, you wanna be spanked buttsmack nana
thexJADEdxspawn: lol oh you wanna bark now tongue
thexJADEdxspawn: pfffft make a spelling sign nana
thexJADEdxspawn: Elbow sign, k go lol
SPanKy69XxX2: You should stop by next month
SPanKy69XxX2: Yeah the only reason i stay there is because there hot tub is awesome lmao
SPanKy69XxX2: I cant remember where it is but its like right off the highway lol
SPanKy69XxX2: Its the one right down the street from the walmart
SPanKy69XxX2: I work down there ever month, im a landscaper, i stay at the travel lodge smile
SPanKy69XxX2: Oh and im in omaha nebraska once a month
SPanKy69XxX2: Please please

use eric not my sn as well
SPanKy69XxX2: Well i like tummy's and your extremely hot
SPanKy69XxX2: Make me a tummy sign?
dstyle217: Ohhh, sneaky wink Miss you too heartthrob Now time for work!
oughtabea: you are fantastic
WhitfieldToon: You're welcome for the coment babe!! .. hope you're having a good weekend smile
GQstylze: oh u don't even know the half of it wink
GQstylze: Andrea! I want to SEX you so bad wink eek
thexJADEdxspawn: So yeah I got my phone bill charges from you though..pimp
grinlol lol
kort2005: beatdown finger

rofl hug
dstyle217: Fire is fun XD
dstyle217: I like running in the circle and loooking for a bonfire to make smores and dance in XD
dstyle217: The internet is so fun, yet idk. It's nuts.
dstyle217: Meh, that's what happens when drama goes down I guess! rofl Whatever. IRL is what matters anyway, and people seem to forget that online.
dstyle217: I gotta redo my profile since I let Dani write it back in the day, and we're no longer talking it's kinda pointless to have it up there LOL And I realized my shoutouts are missing you <3
dstyle217: I'm actually working on the picture (not now, but over the past few days) that I'll put in my shoutout box for you eek
dstyle217: lol I know how that is, I hate loading pictures on this site. And I don't make signs anymore rofl I look stupid in them. We can make some soon though together tongue
dstyle217: I just realized I don't have an album amungst all your boytoys! rofl That made me giggle. And why is Florida empty? LOL
dstyle217: Yeah but if it wasn't him driving when that happened, everyone is sure the car would've gone the other way off a small dive into some trees and killed them lol HE IS THE SPLITSECOND GENIUS!
dstyle217: lol crazy for what?! XD
dstyle217: lol oddly he's one of the only drivers I trust too!
Come home to me. Now. I'll leave the door unlocked <3
dstyle217: He was taking on somewhat of a double-S turn at a high speed...he realized afterwards that his tire pressure wasn't correct which is what he thinks caused him to slide out like a freak rofl
Hey, my boobs were toilet-paper branded thank you! LMAO
dstyle217: There's actually a chance he did enough damage to the body to total it out rofl even the ROOF has dents from the fence flipping around and shattering rofl
Then there are the pics from when I dressed up liek a girl XD
dstyle217: I'm still waiting for Greg to send me the pics from when he took out like 200 foot of that fence the other night with the ass of his car. Seriously, then you'll know why I jumped on the hood and went "OMG YOURE A FUCKING RAWKSTAR!"
dstyle217: lol me too. It's fun to tell stories! God I have sooo many too ahh
dstyle217: wave inlove
We have uber-long messages going back and forth now, OMFG
had a rough day but i'm chillin cool
how's your day going?

hi sweetpea! how are you?!
dacubbies2005: awesome i work in the produce department at a grocery so yes i do work with fruits and veggies lol
dacubbies2005: i just have classes today at the college wat u do for work
dacubbies2005: lol haha ur just a fabulous girl wiht a stunning smile, sooo wat you doing for ur day
dacubbies2005: tired lol woke up too early this morning lol and y u so fabulous
bsbllplay: no problem sexy. you deserve them.
dacubbies2005: you're very welcome sweetie, so how are you this morning
wolverine: hey there beautiful how are you doing hun?
RiDeReD: okay, but you have to be on :P
Duffmandan: well i think your crazy, but atleast we have a mutual understanding at that, and can agree we are both crazy lol
Duffmandan: nope nope nope. all lies. yours are much more mesmerizing.
Duffmandan: thank you for the comment, darling! but your eyes are MUCH better then mine
Dirtyguy33: very welcum hun wink
Dirtyguy33: sexc
dstyle217: It's a surprise babydoll! <3
dstyle217: Never will. Btw when you get home go straight to your room and toss on a lil' black dress, I'm making dinner and candles! wink
dstyle217: People might get jealous and try to ruin it! eek ahh
dstyle217: We are wink
dstyle217: Basement, nice yard, long staircase wink Stuff like that. lol
dstyle217: Will you be my plan? <3
dstyle217: Well we'll make sure that we go early in the day so it's not closed rofl heartthrob
dstyle217: You just wanna sneak inside...the coliseum wink
dstyle217: Rome <3
dstyle217: Fly on me! grinlol
dstyle217: I'm just yours silly heartthrob
dstyle217: I could tell it was meant to be when you added me...everyday just proves it inlove
dstyle217: Silly...I can't help but care about you! inlove
BTW: Sprite and crackers! Sprite and crackers! XD
dstyle217: That's what I figured baby, but it made me happy to know you were gettin' some rest! heartthrob
travisty: i have tried and it cut me off, the dream was of him in the hospital, anyway i have called him like twice everyday and i called his girlfriend three times yesterday
travisty: meh just been sitting on my ass really, im really kinda pissed my friend has all the stuff i need for dui class monday in his jeep, and i usually talk to him everyday, and i havent talked to him in like a week =/ and i have had a dream two nights in a row
travisty: so how goes it hun? anything fun and exciting? did you ever try for the job in tampa?
travisty: thats always good grinlol
travisty: im doing allright nothing special, how about you?
CoffinDancer: doing good here. finally went back into the bar & rest. industry about 2 weeks ago down near the coast grinlol
other than that, it's the same old same old bored
inEVItabLeawry: its up on ebay right now lol
dstyle217: Awww you didn't add any pics of YOU </3 lol
travisty: andrea wave
CoffinDancer: hola Ms. caliente' grinlol
how's everything going Andrea hun? Still @ the same job or did you finally get tired of it & find a better one?
inEVItabLeawry: Aww, well I hope you feel better. Works going well. I won one of the new smoothing irons that about to go to retail in our meeting this monday lol
inEVItabLeawry: I'm good beautiful, how are you doing?
inEVItabLeawry: hey lover! heartthrob
dlicious1060: I still have it somewherelol
dlicious1060: I paid good fake money for that sign
dlicious1060: Where's my sign?
dstyle217: hehe <3
dstyle217: lol the last comment you left ROCKS <3
dstyle217: I missed you mostest <3
dstyle217: I miss you already <3
GQstylze: Andrea Your So Sexy!!! Have My Babies!!! tongue
HardCoreMisery: yes i am

HardCoreMisery: [IMG]http://i19.photobu
AngeLfire2: ugh i think you should send me those things you promised, or are you to busy to once in a while say hello too
CheUnit07: aw thanks your a cutie yourself wink
XFactor56: lick
dstyle217: I say....banana! XD
dstyle217: lol the opening for it was so beautiful and perfectly made though XD It was sch-weeeeeet! dance
dstyle217: You just want my banana XD lol omg that was too sweet.
dstyle217: Then you must love my o-face too XD I look like a monkey then too!
Actually, I'm quite primate in my looks rofl
dstyle217: lol you're silly, I looked like a monkey in that pic XD
thexJADEdxspawn: oh no you ain't going there krusty
thexJADEdxspawn: Clip your toenails lol
dstyle217: I'm glad inlove
dstyle217: So close soon though wink
SexyIckleBaby: nah its sunday here and usually the day i have to do my washing.... sux but then the BF was working sooo nothing else to do
SexyIckleBaby: meh been better - been out tonight??
SexyIckleBaby: Sorry i didnt see you message in amongst all the comments from my Stalker
how are you Andrea?
dstyle217: chicka chicka bow wow yo doodle turtle? XD
dstyle217: I like how close we are right now btw heartthrob
dstyle217: I learned from the best wink
dstyle217: Insert comment about being behind you being one of my favourite things wink
dstyle217: I tend to walk into pits full of lava, and enemy bases full of hostile targets though :( Maybe you shouldn't rofl
dstyle217: If you'll let me, I'll follow you anywhere smile
dstyle217: To the moon and back! wink
dstyle217: We did! I prayed before we climbed on the hood of the car! Hmm...marriage...pretty
serious. We're not even on our 3rd official date yet! ahh But what the hell, yes! grinlol
dstyle217: Well you ARE the only girl I've slept with in a LONG time baby....
dstyle217: I think I'm pregnant eek ahh
dstyle217: Hey baby...I have some news...
monkey78: nice lips and eyes
dstyle217: I can't sleep anymore...this is BAD.
dstyle217: The internet makes people mean! omg! eek I'm glad we've got more than that. dance
dstyle217: Sneak home and do more than that to me wink
dstyle217: Hey, tell your boss that you jsut found out you have a kid and he's sick and gotta go home wink
dstyle217: Oh I know you do wink eek
dstyle217: PS what you do to me should be illegal tongue
Ronyd: very cute
PeAnuT198: lol no problem i was bored and thought i should return the favor cause your so darn nice.. but i hope you have a wonderful day. i should prob go to bed ttyl cutie!
PeAnuT198: hey thanx for all the love with the picture comments babe! i enjoyed them very much!
dstyle217: inlove You just poked me under the sheets! ahh
dstyle217: ahh
dstyle217: You're trying to seduce me again! eek
penispuppet: wow you're naked
dstyle217: You know they're my favourite ahh
dstyle217: inlove I love your pajamas tonight! inlove
dstyle217: Too cute! :inl**e: inlove
dstyle217: That's the face I needed! eek
dstyle217: You made me sweat before I went to sleep, plus they don't have a :O face :(
dstyle217: ahh
justin7: if i were to ask you for a min of your time what would you say.
XFactor56: dance
dstyle217: I still haven't picked out PJs yet, so I made breakfast wearing just my socks grinlol
dstyle217: Don't tease wink I'll have it all warm and ready for you though...just gotta pick out the PJs I wanna wear....
dstyle217: So come home and straight to bed, I'll be waiting for you <3
dstyle217: I don't like sleeping when you're not in bed with me, so I just won't sleep till you're off work smile
dstyle217: So I made this decision...
dstyle217: Mmmmhmmmm. I'm needing you, Krucially grinlol
dstyle217: Speaking of that, I need to see you soon. redface
dstyle217: Ah...if only you, oh wait, you know better than anyone else wink wink
dstyle217: Well I figured someone should be honest in that thread wink
dstyle217: PS: the whole world knows we shack up every now and then wink
Demon77: thank you for the vote gorgeous.
dstyle217: You're crazy!
AngeLfire2: well just msg me when u get on..
AngeLfire2: can u send me those things you made for meplease
XFactor56: your a goofball!
dstyle217: Can I just sum it up with one word? If I could, I'd just say "you". But I could get specific wink
dstyle217: wishes do come true??
SLAMMEDcivic07: wave2
dstyle217: I just wanted to message you and tell you that you're beautiful. Oh, wait, no I didn't. I wanted to tell you that I'm headed to work, so text me. wink
RiDeReD: right on, I am on there.
RiDeReD: awesome! Why aren't you on msn?
MasterOfTheUniverse: happy late valentines to you too andrea <3
RiDeReD: I'm not really your average person I suppose smile
I guess I just like motivational quotes......and feng shui, reiki, and live my life by "the secret" if you haven't seen it, watch it smile
RiDeReD: kinda nifty eh smile
CanadianCurt: thanks for the comments you sexy lil thing! <333
dstyle217: No such thing as 'too nice' long as you've got the right people around you wink
I'm surrounded by 'too bitchy', 'too superficial', 'too full of myself' and 'too much thinking my shit don't stink'. 'Too nice' sounds kinda refreshing!
dstyle217: PS
Profile says tired of being second best? Who could you possibly be second to...? o.O
dstyle217: Haha, well the only way it should be done. And thank you...adding me and bringing that dream to a my attention wink
dstyle217: Cute and saluted? How rare... ahh
RiDeReD: nuh uh! You're cute stuff smile
AngeLfire2: userwave
penispuppet: hey partna =]
i'll probably make u signs this weekend <3
EllaBellaBear: redface
EllaBellaBear: you make me wanna do naughty thingsredface
EllaBellaBear: jilloff thats soo hot behbehwink
EllaBellaBear: gnoc 4 gnoc behbehwink
EllaBellaBear: thats like me too haha
EllaBellaBear: why dont we have eachother on msn

add me!

EllaBellaBear: oh you know itwink
EllaBellaBear: you need to come hang out with me and then we can make dave & kris VERY jealouswink
bsbllplay: anytime, a hottie like you deserves compliments.
LiLTiTo: Still haven't gnoc whats the hold up
jucketjam2k7: you're quite welcome love smile
and thank you.
eckogurlie12: psst.
I like your face, it's super gorgeous. =] haha
jonathandb: What present?
jonathandb: jilloff
CanadianCurt: Happy Valentines Day to you, gorgeous! <333
AngeLfire2: just wanted to wish you a happy valentines day< 3
Mic66588: Thanks so much Andrea!! grinlol Happy Valentine's!! heartthrob
LiLTiTo: we been trying to get you too and you wont
LiLTiTo: hey sup lets get naked
BoondockSaint: it looks alot worse than it felt... my shoulder took most of the pain and still has a scar
AngeLfire2: ugh sure
AngeLfire2: wheres my things ugh
SLAMMEDcivic07: Eh..not too bad...about an hour or so.
SLAMMEDcivic07: So 30 min or so from Los Angeles.
SLAMMEDcivic07: pays the bills.
SLAMMEDcivic07: I work with a company that manufactures electronic hardware for the military and aerospace industry.
SLAMMEDcivic07: Well right now i am working in the warehouse so i am checking the shipping computer every so often.
SLAMMEDcivic07: So what are you up to today?
SLAMMEDcivic07: The machine could call me an ugly tool over a loud speaker for all i long as i ma
SLAMMEDcivic07: yeah i am pretty much a blackjack dude....slots are meh.
SLAMMEDcivic07: dude you are missing out on a lot then...for sure wink
SLAMMEDcivic07: If we end up out there at the same time we should meet up for a drink and some BJ (blackjack that is)
SLAMMEDcivic07: It is roughly like a 3 to 4 hour drive. i usually stay at the Paris or Bally's. I go quite a few times a's like my second home.
SLAMMEDcivic07: Any idea which dates..i will know whats dates for me in the next month or so.
SLAMMEDcivic07: Haha..with the weather we are having right now...Cali is the place to be..but Vegas in either June or July
SLAMMEDcivic07: I think it is dope that you travel a lot. I only ever go to Vegas..maybe in a few years i will venture out further =P
SLAMMEDcivic07: you even have to here is exciting...everything is freeway close wink
SLAMMEDcivic07: Nebraska is life over there?
tHExjadedxSpAWn: Well you both would be above me, and I would have an umbrella to prevent both your drippings lol

And yes it would melt tongue
tHExjadedxSpAWn: You two are so wet, you melt umbrellas.....true story wink grinlol
tHExjadedxSpAWn: Well hopefully the bush is the absorbent kind, after all just like kayla, you two are naturally wet wink lol
tHExjadedxSpAWn: You still get an afro bush...good luck on those Aussie beaches now nana
tHExjadedxSpAWn: I'm not in your shoutouts....thats it, you now have an afro bush nana
AngeLfire2: get ur fatass off here and get on msn
AngelFire2: i still love ya
AngelFire2: :(
AngelFire2: ugh u have to be so complicatedugh
AngelFire2: so say it, smile
AngelFire2: you honestly do, ur just a puss to say it
AngelFire2: hahah, so what are you trying to say miss andrea?
AngelFire2: ????????????????
AngelFire2: you never know wut?
AngelFire2: not rly, but ya, u gots ma qt hopes up andreaaaaaa
AngelFire2: nobody i find is like youugh
AngelFire2: u still got my hopes upemo sucks, cuz i wish i could have a girl like u, never could happen though
AngelFire2: way to get my hope up
AngelFire2: lol there is no way andrea
AngelFire2: me? bs lol
AngelFire2: what it is the big deal tho haha, i wouldnt get mad
AngelFire2: but why ;/
AngelFire2: good, so then you dont have a problem telling me now, right ;]
AngelFire2: [bgcolor=#0099FF][color
=#FFFF00]no honestly andrea you said it before you left that night, and then never came back.... you were like ok so maybe I have a crush, then when i asked who you said i will be right back in a second i have to go downstairs, S
AngelFire2: yes you do, tell me smile
AngelFire2: nah, you're the sweet one my dear!!!

and yes yes you wwere, so I am thinking you should tell me smile
AngelFire2: aww I adore you srslyredface

and by the way, you still didnt tell me who your crush waswave
AngelFire2: redface did you releredface
AngelFire2: good morning to you toosmile
alwayzlooknatme: u suck cock :p
AngelFire2: u so ditched meughughughughughughughugh
beastlybeast: No problem, I thought you were gorgeous and there's nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation of beauty lol x
phatmatt690: heartthrobheartthrobheartthrobheartthrobheartthrobANDREA YOUR SO BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE YOU MY WIFEYheartthrobheartthrobheartthrobheartthrobheartthrob
Brakoo: Good morning there, could you make it so I don't have to go work 12 hours now ? :-o
AngelFire2: andrea is beyond amazing, any guy would be very lucky to have hersmile
AngelFire2: i heard she was quite awesomesmile
AngelFire2: oh hell yeah, u might know her, her names andrea, she gives good secks
AngelFire2: these rele uber cool chick gave it to me, eek
KrAzYgUy: Well i really wanna see your car, so how about this...sending now!
KrAzYgUy: have a beautiful smile...jus many bang bucks do you require to be added?
Brakoo: GNOC PLEASE ! wink Have a good day pretty girl with a sexy voice !
tHExjadedxSpAWn: Nuh that card is good for conjugals grinlol
tHExjadedxSpAWn: I got a get out of jail free card...
tHExjadedxSpAWn: gnoc
tHExjadedxSpAWn: ok now I can't move....well not without getting one bad cramp lol
tHExjadedxSpAWn: Great now I gotta go to work with much I owe ya lol
tHExjadedxSpAWn: what if I call you loosy and juicy tongue
tHExjadedxSpAWn: jackoff call me sometime grinlol
Shane211985: nope shes not so dont worry about it its all good
Shane211985: i already talked to her about it so dont worry at all shes just a jealous girl thats all
Hellraiser24: yes, hockey kicks ass. That pic was taken on the way to a Stars game in Dallas. It was a good time. Thanks for the comment!
MasterOfTheUniverse: I need to get some stuff done first plus sleeping alone sucks, come join me
MasterOfTheUniverse: I'm a little tired to be honest, then again I have't slept for awhile.
MasterOfTheUniverse: so how's your day going so far?
MasterOfTheUniverse: you better!
MasterOfTheUniverse: you always are silly!
MasterOfTheUniverse: lol should have waited and joined me in mine tongue
XFactor56: jackoff oh it feels so good! wink
MasterOfTheUniverse: I'm alright, about to hop in the shower
MasterOfTheUniverse: How are you doing?
MasterOfTheUniverse: Andrea <33
MiChelley88566: Thanks grinlol
MiChelley88566: Awww thanks. heartthrob And I still love your cowgirl. grinlol
MiChelley88566: I know! It sure was amazing... you're just too hot for me. grinlol
AngelFire2: get the hell off wyht already, OBSESSED MUCH? LOL
MiChelley88566: I'm sorry we couldn't be lovers any longer. frown lmao But inlove you still!
MiChelley88566: Hey sexy lover grinlol
MiChelley88566: Hey sweetie!! Thanks hug
AngelFire2: just saying hey to your beautiful selfbiggrin
AngelFire2: mmm andrea
jonathandb: Hahaha that's hilarious! yeah, Louisville is much better.thumbsup
WoLfMaN1981: gtf into sinners!
kort2005: you predator you!!!!!
Misunderstood: me i dunno yet not too sure im still feeling like crap so i might just stay home and watch movies tonight :(
Misunderstood: thank its friday what are your plans for tonight
AngelFire2: wheres my fuckin signsmad2
xobellalova4yaxo: oh yes..but hey its def. not a bad thing =]
Misunderstood: im doing pretty good my self just bored and i feel like crap hows the weather over there
Misunderstood: ya welcome so whats up how ya doing today?
Misunderstood: i think your absolutely gorgeous grinlol
Misunderstood: can i tell you a lil secret smile
Shane211985: where did u go hun??
WoLfMaN1981: wave
jonathandb: I need a damn secretary!rage

i am, a little :]
SwankyTuna: Classy.
Wilikerz: So beautiful
So charming
So gentle
So Unique
So I <3 you
AngelFire2: </3

/stops commenting
Shane211985: i wonder what ur thinking when u have a smile on ur face!!
CanadianCurt:'re such a sweetheart! <333 & you're STUNNING!
Shane211985: ur sweet to hun u make me happy and put a smile on my face!!
kort2005: hug
AngelFire2: ur not on msnugh
Goody317: well well heloooo there
AngelFire2: ok, be on msn so we can seckslaugh
AngelFire2: haha nah i just like giving your big ass a hard timeeek

you like itsmile
AngelFire2: p.s.- the weekend is way over, wheres my qt signs huh huheek
AngelFire2: OHHH SO U CANT RESPOND TO THAT HUH HUH HUH, are u to good to respond to my tingly comment, what a sloot
AngelFire2: this chick makes me tingly irl :O
AngelFire2: andrea is hotahh
AngelFire2: mktiphat
AngelFire2: its all good kiddo
AngelFire2: you better be, since im not even in urs or anything.....
AngelFire2: no response? tisk tisk
AngelFire2: u mean the profile? no i put ur name in there im making a collage with everyone in it, and i knew i was gonna get msgs from people bitching which is why i put peoples names there for the time being.
inEVItabLeawry: hey doll. Ive been sick. :( I refuse to miss work so, Im pretty much sleeping otherwise. Sorry ive been lax on calling ya. How have you been, love?
Wilikerz: To California!
HardCoreMisery: wank
AngelFire2: put you in my shoutoutssmile
Wilikerz: No, Thank you wink
Chuck8303: thanks for the random letters on my pic?
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: yopu def are one sexy lady!
AngelFire2: inlove
AngelFire2: well i think ur adorablegrinlol
AngelFire2: why must you lie andrea dear smile
AngelFire2: sureeeemo
AngelFire2: ur not even into chicks gooflaugh
AngelFire2: YOU LIE!!! hahaha
AngelFire2: amihot
skandaluzrob: mhm smile
CanadianCurt: thanks sexy! <3
MasterOfTheUniverse: you're quite welcome beautiful =]
MasterOfTheUniverse: lol well I'm very glad that you haven't!
MasterOfTheUniverse: So I see you haven't died yet tongue
jonathandb: Mine's ok. I can't really complain. I'm ready to get off tho. Basketball tonight.biggrin
What about you sweetie?
jonathandb: wave2
kort2005: bringit
kort2005: lick rofl
jonathandb: hey you...Get over here!
Boivin16: I'd hit itsmile Gimme a rate
Shane211985: thanks for the yes hun!!
MasterOfTheUniverse: lol pretty sure I'm doing it right now
MasterOfTheUniverse: I can deny it all I want! tongue
MasterOfTheUniverse: hahahahahahahahahahahah

you're a funny girl lol
MasterOfTheUniverse: lol you wish you were right
XFactor56: you know you liked it, lmao!
MasterOfTheUniverse: pffft no, don't wanna shush tongue
MasterOfTheUniverse: See you're so sick you've gone delirious with fever lol
MasterOfTheUniverse: I said cute boy, that definitely doesn't include me
MasterOfTheUniverse: well awe!! you should find some cute boy to come take care of you and make you feel all better
MasterOfTheUniverse: Hey, you feeling better yet?
CanadianCurt: bahhahaha...cutie!
CanadianCurt: woohoo! get your sexy butt up here!
CanadianCurt: you should! its part of my job to recruit more triathletes!
paleshadow: ji jow are you?
CanadianCurt: sure ya can! they're not that hard!
CanadianCurt: hahaha...yeah i guess. I'm the president of our triathlon club this that keeps me busy too
CanadianCurt: yeah.....workin a lot I
nelly043: always hangin up on me!!
CanadianCurt: hey sexy! what's new?
nelly043: i just gave your number to everyone on my friends list.
nelly043: you started it!
MasterOfTheUniverse: awe well get better already damn it!!
jonathandb: Lips would get tired.
jonathandb: You don't get paid any extra for that tho.ugh Sorry.
jonathandb: Naughty secretary.
jonathandb: We shall see.
jonathandb: You're a minutewoman. That was too fast.
footballplayer0890: all i have to say is DAMN girl!!!!!!!!
jonathandb: Sex me now. K. Thanks.
MasterOfTheUniverse: Hope you're feeling better today!!
westcott79dh: wink
inEVItabLeawry: hey sexy!! heartthrob Aww! I hope you can still talk a little when I call you later! Hope your day was great love!
jonathandb: for sure.
jonathandb: Get in my bed! And wear your normal bedtime attire.
dedalus86: damn your fuckin sexy!
travisty: heya gorgeous grinlol
kort2005: Im bringin it Nukka!!!!
kort2005: were gonna end up fighting again lol
dedalus86: fucking beautiful!
jonathandb: u2 babe
kort2005: beatdown finger rofl
fungus11x3: k, slight delay on the reply, I went out last night and didn't get home until the early hours of the morning. I'll definitely do that today though. Hope you're good. grinlol
inEVItabLeawry: hey love! I hope you had a great night!!! heartthrob
speedy36: i have to have some for an auction!
speedy36: nvm!
speedy36: thks can you add me to ur friends on here! i have bbs but idk how mnay to send you?
speedy36: sounds cool! so dou have yahoo?
speedy36: that is cool i guess! but ne ways what do u do?
speedy36: pretty good so what is up?
speedy36: hey how are you today?
kort2005: bring it on bitch!! lol
jonathandb: Thanks for the comments sweetie.
CanadianCurt: thanks for the comment cutie! <3
DjPyro: U Look Fucking Gorgeous

Happy New Year
Hard2handle3177: Whats up? Your profile is awesome. The best way to comment on your profile would be " WELL SAID "
CoffinDancer: Happy New Years hun smile
kort2005: yeah its definitely got my intrest back lol
kort2005: we've got it hooked up to a 65" TV, so its awesome.. When I box i look like a goob lol
kort2005: I cant do the tennis thing... I suck at it!
kort2005: Im the White Tiger Woods on Wii Golf winner
kort2005: we are thinking of having a drunken wii getogeather at my place after me and my girl to out to dinner tonight lol
kort2005: the Wii is awesome isnt it??
kort2005: go you! lol you rock sweetie!
kort2005: i can honestly say nobodys ever called me that before lol
kort2005: Miss ya Gorgeous!!!
kort2005: hug
Goody317: hiya sexy
ThexJadedxSpawn: It was good talking with you luv, glad your Xmas was well and all the best for 2008.
Brakoo: Merry Christmas Andrea !!! I hope you got the chance to spend some time with your family and loved one and that you had a great time. Hope the holidays are nice for you and that we'll get to talk again soon.

ThexJadedxSpawn: wank
kort2005: hug
TiburonX23: Srsly. I want to fuck you.
inEVItabLeawry: ok love, have a great rest of the day at work!
inEVItabLeawry: Thank you love! I think it will go splendidly! I origanally had the interview set for today, but it got rescheduled. I send my resume yesterday, and he sent me an email asking for an interview a couple hours later lol
inEVItabLeawry: [color=#CC0000]Hey Love!! Sorry about last night, i have a hard time staying up past 9 :( I got an interview on Tuesday somewhere else cuz my dads work is taking there sweet time telling me when I can start, so bah. lol Hope your day is GREAT! :inlo
xohalicia: We're Nebraskans who didn't die in the crossfire. High five!
TruePunkskater: very pretty you get a yes for sure, rate me back please.
rickrick1: sup vanilla face
kort2005: Just thought id drop by and Bask in your pimpness laugh have a good day sweetie smile
ThexJadedxSpawn: Nuh-uh they are sweet and tender....nana
FUNGUS: eek OMG! It's Andrea, the perv! lol

Hey you. How's it going? Got your chicken suit ready yet? Dance andrea dance. dance
ThexJadedxSpawn: You have a sweaty cooch lol
FUNGUS: Alright. I was about to get off the net & watch a movie. I'll sign onto MSN to chat afterwards if you like? =]
FUNGUS: I signed onto MSN to talk but no you. frown Are you at work right now? How long until you're home? ahh
GiovanniBoss1976: you're welcome Andrea flowers
GiovanniBoss1976: Happy turkey day Andrea toast I hope your day was good smile
kort2005: Whatup PIMP????? Miss ya!
rickrick1: miss you
phillycheesesteak03: Hey whats up?
bigdaddy68: Your very pretty...*W*
Nektarios69: i use to be the head bouncer up there
Hard2handle3177: awesome
Hard2handle3177: awesome
SexyIckleBaby: Thank you Hunni - but im too angry to talk and its better kept quiet
but i appreciate the offer smile
SexyIckleBaby: Hey gorjuz... how are you?
yeah sorry i was going to message you last night but forgot had alot on my mind
Nektarios69: i think it was billy frogs out west. i use to be the head bouncer
Nektarios69: i could swear ive seen u at the bar lol
inEVItabLeawry: andrea! inlove!
NewYorkFinest20s: u already knoe u get my Yes 4 being so damn gorgeouz mama wink
dedalus86: so sexy!
Dippmann: You're hot.
MadMonkeyBananaPants: You are a hottie
AngelFire2: yes'd ya girly, ur really pretty [:
Meah: hello person that dont talk to James
travisty: thank you hug
Mic66588: Awe... thanks so much for that comment! Made my night, that's for sure. You're so sweet! grinlol
Brakoo: You're welcome, now I guess is the time to go take care of the laundry and eat something so I will be back later and hopefully I can catch you on MSN. smile
Brakoo: Well thank you, I always think you're gorgeous just for the record. wink
Brakoo: Look at my halloween pics, I looked nothing like fine at that point. wink
Brakoo: Sounds like a good deal to me then, hopefully sometime soon I don't look too bad and can make you some good signs. wink
Brakoo: Haha, I will try my best and I hope to get lots from you as well. smile
Brakoo: Crap it seems like I'll have to redo it then since I'm not one to keep the salutes I make for some reason. Well I'm glad to know you had a blast there and I hope you took a bunch of good pictures.

I miss talking to you too, I'm pretty sure we'll c
Brakoo: Hey you ! I'm glad to see that you're back around so tell me, how was your trip ?

PS : How come my sign is not in there. :-P
inEVItabLeawry: Hey Lover! heartthrob
Brakoo: That's great, I hope you're having fun over there and taking some good pictures too. smile I'll talk to you whenever you come back around. wink
Brakoo: Andrea ! I just wanted to drop by to say hello, it's been a while since we got to talk and I hope you've been doing good. I should talk to you again soon buddy, take care of yourself. smile
thinisin2723: All I can say is WOW!!!!!
inEVItabLeawry: ugh I had all of yours in a folder on the computer and my roomate came through "cleaning" up the computer, and he deleted my folder.... I lost all the ones I had, but its my fault I procrastinated about uploading them :sad:
ballsofsteel: hey chicky!! thanks for the yes!!! you should ADD me id like to see ya around sometime..:-) Thanks again!:-)
IM4U2TEASE: shannon. leave her alone. she not worth it
A1aHockeyDeviL: cutie wink
aaCUBSGIRLaa: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww puke
Meah: then no magic meah penor 4 u
Meah: u wont do it
aaCUBSGIRLaa: someone has too. noone else does.
Meah: same time
aaCUBSGIRLaa: you are a fucking worthless CUNT. go slit your throat and fucking die!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meah: gnoc
IM4U2TEASE: what happened to your sl?
inEVItabLeawry: you make me smile so much, my cheeks are always hurting! but I love it! heartthrob
TravisJ: I Look At You, You look At Me, U Cant Tell me Ur Not Feeling Butterflies
Bdunc4u: montes are the best, hot car for one hott babewink
dedalus86: gorgeous!
LetsBangBB: Hey how are you doing
Meah: goto bed
Brakoo: ANDREAAAAAAAAAA !! I hope you have a nice weekend and that we'll catch each other very soon. smile

Meah: kk
Meah: good night beautiful

sweet dreams
Meah: your not kidding we all know this
Meah: goto bed woman
Meah: send me nudes



your nudes

HXCSteven: simply gorgeous love...
xBADKittenx: aww thanks andrea!!!!!!!<333 hug
paleshadow: morning you
novacancy: haha no prob hun.
ryetoast5: amazing..beautiful..lov
e the lips love a comment back
penispuppet: yay thanks Andrea grinlol
CoffinDancer: You shush your sexxxy mouth. You could NEVER look ugly, even if you tried to. I happen to LOVE that pic, well, all of your pics heartthrob
kozak: hey do you have msn or yahoo lets chat?
Locksmithoflove: i have a 2007 ss imnpala
Locksmithoflove: do you have a ss
Locksmithoflove: chiln sexy see you you like monte ss or no
Locksmithoflove: whats up sexy
Locksmithoflove: whats up sexy
Locksmithoflove: whats up sexy
ThexJadedxSpawn: I think you should get a career in phone boning dance
Brakoo: work time for me now... I hope you're having a good one on your side of things. Catch you later miss Andrea ! wink
Brakoo: ok I just tried it and that shirt is just not working. :-P
Brakoo: Yeah well I am the frenchie with the flash shirt so maybe that will make me run faster.
Brakoo: Haha, yeah so the option of whoring myself is out of the question then. You want a clean frenchie rather than a dirty one.
Brakoo: Haha, well now I'm not so sure anymore. I don't want to get dirty you know.
Brakoo: Haha, are you saying I need to whore myself to get a ride there ?
Brakoo: I was gonna try it by walking but if you say it's gonna take me a while I'll try to find myself a plane.
Brakoo: I will !! I just have to find my way there now, wish me luck. wink
Brakoo: HAha, yeah or I could just sneak you out of there without them noticing.
Brakoo: Well I could come and drag you out of there then, would that work ?
Brakoo: Glad to know I can be of some use around here. I hope you have some nice weather over there cuz here I sure as hell got a crappy day of rain which means I'm staying home ! wink
Brakoo: Hello to you my friend, I hope work isn't being too hard on you right now and if you need entertainment I'll do my best to provide that. smile
Locksmithoflove: you dont want a side kick
Locksmithoflove: your to sexy for that job i should be your side kick
Locksmithoflove: thats cool what is ur job sexy
Locksmithoflove: hey sexy whats up
ThexJadedxSpawn: lick that's my comment for you feeling..."just fine" lol
WVSEXYGUY4U19: im jamie babe im from wv we talk a coupel x b4 but i havent been on bc my pc fuked up n also if u will ad dme on yahoo plz n msn or u got a cell hit me up n also u got myspace add me plz
Brakoo: You're gone :-o Hopefully you'll be back later. wink
WVSEXYGUY4U19: hey babe hit em up with ur yahoo n msn we tlak n cam n also hit me up with ur cell u never talk 2 me n we cna phone bone haha miss ya sweetie holla back MRWHITE0401_NJ_WV YAHOO N MY MSN IS SEXYNAUGHTYJAMES23@HOTM
ThexJadedxSpawn: Don't you mean, fuck her, fuck her, fuck her
mmkay grinlol
SexyIckleBaby: smile im doing good thanx hun... hope your weekend is going well too
Deaner17: are beautiful...i just got done reading your profile and looking at some of your pics and are perfect...any man would be lucky to be with have my yes for sure, i hope i get yours...and please comment back
CoffinDancer: That I am, but I'm your dorknana
CoffinDancer: danceThat's def a win-win situation for me thengrinlol
CoffinDancer: P.S. You are always welcome hunhug
CoffinDancer: And if I do? Then what? lol
CoffinDancer: Did you see that babe?! Look!*points*

CoffinDancer: [bgcolor=#919191][/b
luap20: thnx for the add andrea, you are one very beautiful girl
inEvitablEawry: Oh, I will. All in due time luver. biggrin
inEvitablEawry: i dunno what your talking about wink
Mic66588: Hey Andrea! Thanks for stoppin' by... Helllooooo to you too! smile
inEvitablEawry: biggrin funny, cuz those are all the things I think of when I think of you....
kort2005: ur so pimp Andrea!
inEvitablEawry: i did it on purpose! biggrin
inEvitablEawry: I :heartthrob You!! biggrin
GiovanniBoss1976: Thanks Andrea for all the comments <3 your are amazing and HOTT grinlol
PoWeRxHoUsE: thank you for the yes
KaylasKeyMaster: That's good to hear.*blushes*
KaylasKeyMaster: just thought i'd drop by and say hey. Thanks for the yes and the add and also for being you. I take back everything i said. You're a sweetheart. oops..did it againlol
CoffinDancer: Have a good night babe...tty when I get homeheartthrob
travisty: [bgcolor=#006600]raymon
d james (bucs home stadium) lol so i here dave said you were coming to st pete then, thats where my aunt lives im over there quite often wink have to find time to go do something while you are around
travisty: o really now when you coming to ray j and taking me to a game?
travisty: o really now why is that since you live in nebraska?
travisty: really for what game?
travisty: yah i know the feeling .. bucs lost and i worked all day ugh
travisty: wink yep yep .. so how was your day?
travisty: meh .. not said .. just frustrated really.. thanks tho hug
travisty: same ... i got no license to go anywhere .. and all my money is accounted for atm. ugh
travisty: meh im alive and breathing ... so im doing good i suppose! whats new, anything exciting?
CoffinDancer: Only because of you babydollheartthrob
travisty: heh thanks for the comments doll .. how you doing wink grinlol
inEvitablEawry: close! heartthrob
silentweapon: hey sexy!!! how wasx ur day?
dlicious1060: U r the only 1 for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TiMmAh: ok <3
TiMmAh: i will haha dont worry smile
TiMmAh: im making signs tonight smile and im good how are you hun?
TiMmAh: hey gorgeous
Nick13Fury: I really like your eyes wink
dlicious1060: I mish u like a crack fiend misses his rock
silentweapon: ok, but you gotta promise to cuddle though!!!
travisty: gorgeous drool
GiovanniBoss1976: Hey there seXxXy lady <3
ca86: Very pretty
bamaboi82: sexi
ThexJadedxSpawn: nana wanted on my shoutouts did ya....
frederik999: so pretty gorgeous!!YES
GiovanniBoss1976: your welcome Andrea <3 twisted
raidber20: hey andrea
gotillskills: hey thanks alot for the add. what are you getting into this weekend?
hospitalbed: aww, i miss you and well, YOU! since i still talk to lub constantly! hope you're doing well!!!!
dlicious1060: Why are my comments not showing up?
gotillskills: Thanks for the add. If your bored and not doing anything feel free to comment some of my pics and ill return the favor. Or send bbs if u want.
dlicious1060: You are sooooooooo amazing!!!!!!
joshfuckingparsons: hey hun u look gorgeous! wanna add me on msn? my name is
add me lets chat!
ThexJadedxSpawn: Oh no she's pimpin up next to a is the end of the world lol
MadMonkeyBananaPants: Of course I'd hit it hitit
dlicious1060: Your phone was beeping? lol How come?
dlicious1060: Hey beautiful--How's your day going?
Dalejrlookalike: i see uve become a bit popular huh??lol
kort2005: all over the world? that makes sense then why i saw you pimpin down the road by the gas station smile
kort2005: so, you think of big italy often? lmfao!
kort2005: Andreas such a Pimp! lol
GiovanniBoss1976: special delivery to Andrea <3
Reg29ster: that pic comment was really sweet. Coming from you I can't help but blush a bitsmile Thanks for dropping by.
ChuGotItMeing: hey you look pretty cute, got my yes smile
dlicious1060: Hey qt

How ya doing today?
dlicious1060: lol Wanna get married?
xBADKittenx: surprise me...jus include amandas ha lol ty!!!! hug
SuperStaticAddict: hey, you are welcome. i voted you a yes in case you were wondering (i know it usually leaves a big question mark face from what some people have told me) but it was a yes!!
GiovanniBoss1976: Thanks for the yes Andrea flowers
Tanner73Nova: damn ur gorgeous
xJesusx: I dont have your messangers anymore.
you should messge me wink
xJesusx: For sure.

Did you enjoy oregon state cockslapping UNC yet again? wink
ducky23: yea get my yes sexy
UcantCme350: hey there lil lady... how you doin today?
Hockeyobsessed7: nice pic
R3AZON: no u came back at me with bitchyness lol
R3AZON: none have to but most do ya stuckup mut
R3AZON: lol WTF kinda party is a paty without drugs :P
fireguy63: [bgcolor=#00FF00][color
=#3333FF]well duh...of course you were the first to get the always wanted gage sign. truck...i think i have a pic of it in my pics...i think...uhm..lets see...dreamin about you.....dreamin about you.....etc
freshprincejoel: Just wanted to say you pretty
fireguy63: ive been good..i cant remember if i told you about my new job or a new truck....spending alot of time with dreaming about know...the same olwink
ItalianTXman4u: sexxxxxxxxyyyy
fireguy63: my darling love poodleinlove

you TOTALY left me on my lonesome in minnesota...i froze my gnardies offugh
wh0redervs: you look great smile
KLOTIM: Hey Happy New Year! How's the year treating you so far hun? Hope all is well!
chilangocity: hey i added you on msn. mine is xzxwild..
spitfire324: I bet you're quite cute when you're angry.
chickmagnet618201: veryyy sexy!!
markus8585: smile great pics your beautiful......nice profile too...i only read like half of it so far but its good stuff
elnino: Youre very, very pretty! smile
JungEFungFung: My profile sucks :O
JungEFungFung: Nice quote. I like it.
NYTOMMYNY: It was a lot fun talkin to you too!!!! Hope your having a fantastic night!!!!!! sweet dreamin bout me wink
bdt: u said i would be lucky if i got a response so does that mean iam lucky and i have that same car
bdt: i think ur trying to be some one that u r not dont play ur self
AllThingsGreek: The question is, do you think you should apologize if you told a young girl that she was ugly (making her cry) if you were thinking it?
AllThingsGreek: Perhaps saying what you feel isn't always the right thing to say. Don't you agree?
Surely you wouldn't want to tell a 3 yearold girl she's ugly if you think she is..
AllThingsGreek: "i never apologize for saying wat i feel
that would be like apologizen just for being real"

...wouldn't that mean you think you're always right?
TiburonX23: I heartthrob you!
AAAarmyAAA: beauty makes for an easy vote
ozbok: the pleasures all mine
ozbok: wow hot and interesting!
ramblinwreck3: definate hottie
WhtMage84: why thank you for the add smile
theman1973: Looking hot! hitit
dkkustoms: Very cute and "knows a lot about sports cars" too. A yes for you but of course.
Raphael: haha you know me hun you can always count on Raph for a good laugh lol
Raphael: I'd hit it for sure :-P hehe hey Andrea
SexyBlondie254: yes for usmile
LilDawg: Thanks for the comment and its the truth u are hoT!
LilDawg: very cute def a yes!
funguy4unu: Beautiful!
dkkustoms: Very cute. A yes for you.
Raphael: Yeah its a different number hun i will just mail it to you
adamf123: wait...yes there is clap WOOHOO!
adamf123: long ass profile, interesting read though, i applaud smiley for clapping...damn
Raphael: Well should i just give you my number again?
Raphael: Well duh <333 and we should start talking like we used to i missed you
hotchik69: Hey, no
Dalejrlookalike: like ur pic comments?
Dalejrlookalike: yup i sure do! rolleyes
Raphael: lol yeah well i plan on quitting my job soon because i am signing up for college So i can get the job i really want.
hotchik69: Hey, your really pretty (( yes I'm straight ))
And u seem pretty
Dalejrlookalike: my southern accent makes u wet,i know!!<33
Raphael: yeah i make good money but i need a life you know
Raphael: Oh not much at all just been working alot and i pretty much have no time to do anything else :(
Raphael: hey hey its andrea whats up darling?
elnino: yvw :-D
elnino: You seem like a really kewl person. Eres bien hermosa! You're very beautiful! VERY!
davidbrandi05: Beautiful!
tcmeiss: absolutely beautiful!
underURwindow: you're so pretty! i gave you a yes!
Hopkins: it's been a super long time. how've you been?
koebel69: wow ur a fucking fox ur deff gonna make the top ten for bangability ur such a fucking hottie i wanna pounce on u so bad add me baby i would love to talk to u more add me at
Dalejrlookalike: ur response is not to respond??i know u seen it already!
Dalejrlookalike: u seemed to have failed to tell me u had a bf rolleyes
Dalejrlookalike: ahaha,fuckin little kids^^^^u aint man enough for her little boy!!lol

i <33 u! inlove
daltonwblast: thats where i'll be fucking you in your fat juicy pink pussy than i'll cum all over your face the fuck your titties with my 8" dick and then i'll lick your fucking as damn bitching whore
daltonwblast: i wanna let me cum all in your pussy
Dalejrlookalike: <333 10x
Shafty: you get a yes for keeping it real!!!
Intellect: chillin bringin my old group bqack to life lol
Intellect: thanks so what is up?
Tayfun5: wow you have killer eyes
Intellect: hottie
AmrZaki: i think ure very pretty!
hospitalbed: ooh i'm in the sexii club? anything with 2 eyes, i'm there! which, oddly enough, are also my gf requirements!
fireguy63: the will be aweness....i promise...with a pic o gage possibly
fireguy63: gotta find you a good one to send back to you
fireguy63: woot got your card
fireguy63: eek and it hasheartthrob
fireguy63: its been known to happen
fireguy63: true story
fireguy63: omg i love you
dkkustoms: Nice to see someone on here with looks and a brain. Nice package.
klogmonster: 3 words: mmm mmm mmm
Dalejrlookalike: merry xmas to u my love! inlove
teero50: merry Christmas to you to, send nudes okthxlol
marthawashington: what are you up to tonight?
marthawashington: yeah.. it really impresses the ladies.... lol

i like your hair.
marthawashington: i suck at baseball... so you could kick my ass at it even if you were taking it easy on me.

but i am good at soccer.
and i am really good at twister and the limbo.
mvis: You have to be the finest girl on this shit !
mvis: You have to be the finest girl on this shit !
Dalejrlookalike: shrug
Dalejrlookalike: i could have said something else but it wouldnt have been funny,it would have been something u really could do!! tongue inlove
Dalejrlookalike: eat me!! lick
Dalejrlookalike: i dont think i have either of those!!i do now tho<3
xJeNJeNzx: netime =] and kewl profile
xJeNJeNzx: ur pretty =]
DjErik: You are absolutely gorgeous
BBtenone87: defffinatly very pretty.... keep it up babe wink
salaso: hello pretty girl, how r usmile
possshhhito: hey!! grinlol i see u always in the msn but u never answer me.. whatever u r so perfect wink take care
ILcuntryboy: you're a hottie! got my yes!
AcesDoubled: Cutie.
bballer102005: so hot i would def hit that
Boricua05: damn u lookin good
DjPyro: ur fuckin gorgeous
mad fuckin cute 2
hit me up sum time
u difinatly got my yes
partyfreak: your gorgeous babe !
Dalejrlookalike: i fucking love you!!

hospitalbed: i'm not wearing any pants. i split my pants and now i'm not wearing any pants.
zachrob6: no problem and thanks. so what u up to this weekend?
zachrob6: what a total beauty.
aborby: god. YOU are a hotty. :O
hospitalbed: haha, I was gonna say keep it real! people keep taking my clever comment ideas. how's about....

Dalejrlookalike: nothin u just said surprises me!same excuse u use all the time!u have def changed,again!

Dalejrlookalike: yea,i see a big change in u!!some things bother me more than others!!!

be good!!love ya always....
Dalejrlookalike: sucks that u cant talk to me but its ur choice!!its cool!!
Dalejrlookalike: i see ur doin good!!thats nice!
TheBigShow: woo keep it real gurl smile
mrspanky2001: yes from me
iNeverNeededYou: Andrea smile
Dalejrlookalike: yep thats u in my shoutouts!!

i still love ya!!!always
Dalejrlookalike: doesnt really matter anymore now does it!
Dalejrlookalike: frown
Dalejrlookalike: nevermind,dont worry about it!
Dalejrlookalike: ummm,wow....ok!
mrspanky2001: gorgeous, i'd hit it
schlepter: wow super cute
hmmmm: Very Pretty smile
zhver: super girl smile
MiDdLeEaStBeAsT: Heyy wuts up? haha Juss wanted to say that your absoluetly BEAUTIFUL!!! smile Hope your havin a chill day too! Get back at me if you can :P Peace! Nice profile bu the way :P
cman20: thank you darling, Ur gorgeous too! =)
Aliester666Crowley: i added you to yahoo and msn bigballlerr
Aliester666Crowley: Now your in mine... Why aint i in your?
SexAppeal12887: thanx 4 da comment...u look good also!!!
Raphael: andrea darling <3
Jeff4094: thanks for the comment, you're very easy on the eyes yourself wink
Bl4ckBr4ndon: beautiful... sexy ass eyes styll.. holla back
Bl4ckBr4ndon: beautiful... sexy ass eyes styll.. hola back
voodoochickness: your STUNNING XOXOXO
baseballer25: wow, u r absolutely BEAutiful!!! u def get my yes!!! message me back soemtimewink
baseballer25: wow, u r absolutely BEAutiful!!! u def get my yes!!! message me back soemtimewink
aussiesexgod: very beautiful.
Aliester666Crowley: hee he <33 Andrea... MUWAH
Dalejrlookalike: iloveyou
MikesFantasy: Great pictures
phillycheesesteak03: hey whats up? your beautiful wanna c2c sometime? hit me up
baseballer25: wow, ur hott as hell, u get my yes!!! message me sometime!
trubouncerlah23: hey there sexy. you got a yes from me. who ever would give someone as hot as you a no. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. hit me back.
Arruda85: when I think you I think
Dalejrlookalike: l
its true,oh yes
TheEnemy: I added the xkrucial one..
TheEnemy: so let's talk more

i'll add you to AIM
TheEnemy: i'm greattttt.

we hardly talk, and we're SL's. lol
TheEnemy: how you doin'? <3
TheEnemy: how you doin'? <3
TheEnemy: hiiiii
punkboiclam: haha nice...yeah i can see how that would be a pretty lame peice of work lol..dont think i could do it n still be is that all oyu gotta do then is man the front counter?
punkboiclam: where do you work where you can play around on-line? lol
punkboiclam: lol thanks! glad you like it! i think you're sexy too(even though your pro said not to put me a rebel) hehe so what's up?
Mystory: madd sexyy keep it up
ShadowVexter: Love the profile by the way too...
ShadowVexter: You're a little hottie for sure :-)
collegenutz: teen angst is funny lol
Dalejrlookalike: dont worry,i want say anything else so i wont keep u from whoever ur talkin to!i do love u tho!!<3

to bad ur scared!! goodbye
Dalejrlookalike: that didnt make sense??dont accuse me of being one,i dont do what u do!
Dalejrlookalike: ^^^^^lol

e-whores that choose that over love=pathetic!
TheEnemy: aww, thank you, mi amor.

so are you <3
TheEnemy: it was a good thing, lovely <3
TheEnemy: oh me oh my!
beachboy22: WoW...killer pics hun.....ur such a hottie!!..u definatly got my yes wink
zachrob6: no prob at all. just being honest.
zachrob6: yum. you gotta love this smokin hot beauty.
TexasTakeover: You look amazing, id definately hit it, i gave you a yes
Arruda85: Thanks so much for the comment hun... you're a damned hotty yourself
Dalejrlookalike: i hate u,i hope u enjoyed urself!!!*heartbreakes*
ghengis: hey thanks for the picture comment and the happy belated b-day < are beautiful smile ...ttyl
fireguy63: make e love to me....ready go....oh and have fun at schooltiphat

What will you find there?
Instant Messaging
Battle Points
A store to spend your battle points in
And for your profile you can use Myspace layouts smile
sk8rkris: we 1 thing is for sho... ur more then just a pritty face.
most guys just see the pritty face. the "would hit it" factor of it all. i like to know ppl better b4 things like that. to most ur profile would scare them away. has a guy hurt u?
if so i feel
sk8rkris: i dont think any of these guys read ur profile. oh well.
after all that i cant say i understand u but its still so intreging... well to some.
confederatepride08: your very beautiful.. I was gonna ask you to add me to your friends list.. if you dont mind, I would appreciate it very much.. thank you... wink
DavidSaintHubbins: you are really cute..we are in a shockwaves together...was just hoping to talk to you sometime...have a good one!!
RainMan903: Very sexy, I would definitely hit it.
Dalejrlookalike: nice little chat!!finger
derailed: sounds like a plan...have a good one
derailed: lol, so you come with a warning label, hmm?
derailed: lol, you're welcome...and of course i read the profile...and i must say, you're a bit intimidating, aren't you? wink oh well, you and i share a problem--we bore far too easily. anyway...yep, i've gone and bored myself now...
derailed: i like the pictures and're a very attractive person. you've got a very distinct look,'s hard to explain...but yeah, basically, this is a roundabout way of saying you're a beautiful woman lol
speedy5110: your welcome
MooreCherryz: hiya i hit ya with a yes
Dalejrlookalike: ugh
speedy5110: WOW!!!
dwhitrow: grinlolgrinlolgrinlol beautiful smile
DeRomeo: wow amazing...
CallieC: Thank you sweetie, as are you! =]
davidbrandi05: Wow! Beautiful!
Dalejrlookalike: *shouts to the world*im in love the Andrea!!!she is mine....yes that includes her undies,just look up,u ll see it!!my baby is the bestest and i love her......even when im mad!!!
SULLMAN5: you're beautiful, don't have sex until you're married
SULLMAN5: you're gorgeous, wait until marriage
AFIGENE: Of course I'd vote yes for you! You're amazing! Check my pics and profile out and I'd hope you'd vote the same! *kiss*
WhtMage84: ok maybe once I get some bbs Ill ask again.
WhtMage84: you are a cutie and you definetely get a yes. I was wondering if I could add you as a friend. I would be honored if I could.
Dalejrlookalike: im the boy who doesnt know!!!

iloveyou always!!! inlove
jonnymarvellous: Hey absolutly loved your profile! I think your the first girl i met that i belived was honest and outspoken. You seem to know what you want and how to get it. Thats really kool and really attractive. Good luck witht the "boy who doesnt even know"
EightBallManager: How Are You Sweeetie?
EightBallManager: Andrea:wave!
EightBallManager: Andrea:wave!
cwayne86: absolutely intoxicating... brains and beauty! dont change a thing!
salaso: hellosmile
just wanted to say that i'd love much more than just hit youwink
kitten36: god your beautiful
edlokien: me likey
LovinSocal: Andreahug
look who wakes up at the same time as me.......LOL
hope you slept well, and how come we arent friends on herefrown oh and you wanna chat sometime?
<3 Brett
LovinSocal: thanks, oh and i love your new default. you look Beautiful!! so whatcha up to today?
and how come we never chat?
LovinSocal: Good Morning Andrea........hug
hope you have a great day!!
Asylamer: Very cute yourself, however, make your move, express you feelings, see what happens! Nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!! biggrin
Asylamer: Profile smile
Asylamer: Well I have to say, that statement in your interest section about the boy who doesn't know, is pretty frown.... poem, lol. If a girl was interested in me and never told me, but I found out to late.... that would be bothersome, lol, either way, nice Pro
whippedcream710: ~lol..if u like those pink hearts you can take them and put them in your profile if you want it dont matter!~
MuffinKing: I said you're very interesting. I think you gave very nice eyes. See ya later. That's about it.
MuffinKing: Tih ochen' interesno. Dumayu u tebya ochen' slavnaya glazam. Do skorogo svidanya. Yes, I speak English.
armygirlonthego: hey there, you are really pretty i was wondering if you would like to add for add and yes for yes? let me know

YourWifesfuckfreind: wow you are amazing... you have got to be the most beautiful grl ive ever saw hit me up also could u put me on your freinds list
Dalejrlookalike: frown
Dalejrlookalike: inlove
Dalejrlookalike: she is mine!!Andrea i love u and i dont give a fuck who knows it!!u know it!
SLIM123: hey your smart
OwenKinslayer: k well whats ur yahooo
OwenKinslayer: hey just wonderin if u were gona let me have ur msn or not
s3xmuscle: thanks!
s3xmuscle: yes for ya, sexy
RhEaCoReDnEcK7: you gotz an ass like BAM and a face like WOAH <3
Dalejrlookalike: i love my baby!!!!she means the world to me

pimpin4eva9: sexy
clinto21: very pretty smile
NickAKnight: uh oh you said if ya reply with a "thanks" thats a bad sign haha.
NickAKnight: pretty AND intelligent(a quality not often found anymore specially here)
OHxEMxGee: i love your new dispaly you are uber gorgeous andrea<333333

xkrucialx: lol whatever our whole conversation was insulting the other person! but thanks for the compliment
toonacidhead: i Love'd our chat last night and this morning. You're HOTT.....yeah. I Like you..... smile
zhver: so cute!..
Dalejrlookalike: frownyep i did take u out of everything!didnt mean nothin to u so i had no reason to keep any of it!im not #1 to u anymore so ur not gonna be to me if thats how u want it!<3
Hypnotica: Andrea makes me touch myself! eek biggrin tongue Just stoppin by to say HI!!!!! heartthrob
jonnymarvellous: You have a very interesting profile. You sound like a quite unique girl. Message me sometime. ~PS the Goonies rock!
eduardo83: Hey Sexy!!
U get my "'"yes""
Dalejrlookalike: kissass rolleyes
Dalejrlookalike: bye
regentave2003: mmm sexy girl
Hypnotica: andrea is even moreeeeeee beautiful!!!!!
Dalejrlookalike: nono
RockBassist: smile whats up?
RockBassist: hi wink
DarkManX: Hell yeah girl! U r fine!
RhEaCoReDnEcK7: You're beautiful, and your voice is sexy......<333
WAwakeboarder: So whats going on?? oh hey i got a cell now.. so if ur never busy i could try to give u a call or u could call me!
eduardo83: heyhey..
ur beautiful!!!
take care baby girl =)
WAwakeboarder: hey hottie remember me?
hesmyobsession: ur gorgeous
freestylesz609: your sexyer
clinto21: Hello, your very pretty smile i yes'd u.
Dalejrlookalike: thats funny,i thought she was mine!!!
Dalejrlookalike: lame
fireguy63: back off fucker....she is mine....when noone is lookin.....comegetsome
Hopkins: anyone that gives Andrea a no...gets my NumChuck right upside their face nunchaku
Hopkins: heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob :heartth
Hopkins: cant wait for the late night crazy illegal sexins tonight wink
Hopkins: la-de-effin-da...Andrea
r0x0rs my s0x0rs
Hopkins: i'll be driving a large red blimp w/ barn stormers!!! in yellow letters
hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug flowers hug
Hopkins: alright so...i'm kidnapping you sometime in the next uhhhhhhh, get some stuff together and be ready

Hopkins: u hella fine sweet mama heartthrob
Hopkins: this guy took the words right outta my mouth
Nono926: damn girl, u sexy as hell. holla at me if u get a chance
Hopkins: hmmmmmmmm...need to whore your comment box now

what to say?
xXxMissIndyxXx: yeah i changed the password on the old one and can't remember it! hahaha. wanna add4add?
xXxMissIndyxXx: your hair is a nice colour
Dalejrlookalike: heya:(
phillipcraig: You are very Sexy!!!
Nono926: damn girl, u sexy as hell. holla at me if u get a chance
sockerwiz: NICCE
Hopkins: When are you coming to get me and take me away to Florida with you?
Hopkins: BETTER EFFIN GIVE HER AN EFFIN YES! OR ELSE! rage wantsome beatdown stab bomb comegetsome bringit rage wantsome beatdown stab bomb comegetsome bringit rage wantsome beatdown stab bomb comegetsome bringit
Hopkins: Love your signs! hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff hotstuff
Hopkins: My fellow Barn Stormer! heartthrob you!
Hopkins: hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug
Hopkins: ANDREA! so so HOTT heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob heartthrob :h
fireguy63: and if ne more guys treat my lil hottness like shit....i will send your next of kin a message on what lake to dredge for you ingrinlol k thanks.....
billyboy18: lol u like the goooooonies!!!!!!!!!!!!
!1 hey i thought i was the only one. how coooool r u
billyboy18: thanks for your rating. i would love you to hit it aswel
bouncer1rlah: hey there beautiful. i'd hit that and not think twice about it.
shub: very pretty and incredible eyes! big kisses
fireguy63: andrea andrea andrea andrea andrea andrea andrea
fireguy63: bwahahahaha...told give me mah back rub
punkmonk3y: well my dear your msn addy failed lol
TiburonX23: Omgzer Waking me Up at 5:45am Damn you!!
yax78: very cute, can you please add me?
NickDoc: your very sexy grinlol i love the body hotstuff
Dalejrlookalike: uh yea,i beleive ya!!!
talk 2 u later,have fun with.....*roles eyes*
Dalejrlookalike: she better not be doin anything with ur cock!!!i ll choke u and her out!!!
TiburonX23: Haha I rock I know - Rock Out with the Cock Out. Wow Wrong to say to a chick but Will kept me Up Blame him for me not having sleep. Anyway Keep it Real Andrea you Rox0rs!
hollistersa1003: sexy
heylookitsash: Rawr <3
thanks sweetie <3<3

everyone heartthrob's you too <3 rawr <3

heylookitsash: hug
heylookitsash: Rawr <3 yeah. i closed my other one..then about an hour later i missed i made another account. rawr <3 hehe. u guys were to awesome to give up <3

<3 Ash <3 heartthrob ur awesome. MUAH
txcutie1507: you're sexii yourself...and maybe you can give me tips...i like yours and i do mine too lol...<3333
txcutie1507: very hott...and a very cool person..and i have a you draw your eyebrows?
ihavenousername: wowwie! very sexy! you got my yes hun! and added! smile
Prettypimpinperez: Thanks for the comment babe. Your to die for. Hit me back up some time.
youwish: hey stranger, how have you been?
dwhitrow: Beautiful grinlol
Dalejrlookalike: correct answer!!!

who loves me???:(nobody...i know!!
Dalejrlookalike: who loves ya???smile
xJesusx: Rwar Damn straight i do! :hearttthrob:
judyishott: softball chicks are God's gift to guys!
xobellalova4yaxo: Ur welcome problem...ur gorgeous!
MUD: I love hot girls who hate Pop Music inlove
AGaitan68: Nice pics, hit me up sometime!

hittman12: very cute. chat with me anytime!
codysmith1: yessum... what are you doing? i'm just bored out of my mind...
codysmith1: heyy your gorgeous... and i like your boobs.
haha :P
Rich: oh and you too. ;D
Rich: thanks hon.♥
hospitalbed: hey thanks for the comment. you're quite sexy yourself. i added you too. see ya around.
Dalejrlookalike: just now actually lookin at all ur pics!!!ur tummy...yummm....i <3 ur hair!!!hottie for sure babe!!smile
Mike42069: Yea ty... but im taken!!!
TaPMyAsS: ur hot as hell.. why live so far!!!
PLAYA2PLAYA: And HELL NO, I am not cute lol YOU ARE! tongue
PLAYA2PLAYA: You're very Beautiful. heartthrobsigned
chris75014: you are absolutely gorgeous!
MGezzy: Damn nice and pretty a lethal combo...So hot the huskers would be huskin Popcorn u step inna cornfield
freestylesz609: you are madd banging

thanks for the comment also
fashizzlemynizzle69: hey thanks for the comment, you're a hottie!
Easy2Find: def. sexy
uconnhotti07: hmmm. ok. then maybe someone faked ur pictures on there. its just a website like wyht. sorry about the confusion.
uconnhotti07: were you a facerave head?
theman1973: Looking good there!! hitit
Dalejrlookalike: thank ya beautiful!!!smile
lilj104: naw u da sexi one
chitwnzfynest69: hey thanx..ur really pretty
sixpack101: thanx baby ur sexy 2 u should hit me up some time on aim or yahoo my yahoo sn is james_miller381 and my aim sn is thuglife19019
DarkestChocolate: thx, gurl, ur lookin good 2
blackgotti4thasouth: damn babygirl you sexy yourself, wish i was omaha for awhile
shadowboy: your hott, youre car's hott too, but not as hot as you tho
shadowboy: hey hottie
NateRW21: you should be 100%
NateRW21: so so cute
NateRW21: yup, you look top notch!
proraceingboy420: your sexy lol
lilj104: so wut have u been up 2
lilj104: thanks 4 da comment ma u r pretty sexy ya self well keep ya head up and keep in touch
HollisterChick656: thanks for agreeing with me! ill give u a unlesbo or bi yes!!
Bdunc4u: w/e the white is gorgeous, monte carlos are one of my favs! ur luckysmile
Bdunc4u: thank you, sweetie, if u have msn u can message me if u want, u have the sickest car!wink
Bdunc4u: hey sweetie ur very cutegrinlol
ks311: ur freakin hott
hotornot: omg!!! straight beautiful no doubt a yes hope i get the same thanks and if you dont mind can you add me 2 your friends list thanks smile if you have msn or yahoo you can add me 2 that 2
JA2shady: hey ur a cutie holla at me
MikeyFeuling: very beautiful
WAwakeboarder: wow cute!@
ks311: hey whats up ur really hott. i'm from omaha check me out i gave u a yes
wickedpelf: hit it!
emorevolution: very cute hit me up some
Mg862kfu: Hey yea ur extremly pretty in the hit ya anytime..check me out tell me what u think..
CrimsonC: you are gorgeous.....message me sometime
hotguy1984: ur a very pretty gurl, really down to earth i'd hit ya
repoman42003: Damn your pretty hott!!!! Love the tattoo I have seven tattoos and four piercings. You got my yes for sure. Comment me back or hit me up on yahoo messenger sometime gorgeous.
pedroelrock: hey whats up i am from omaha u should drop me a line
triponthatt: ooooooo. sexy.
triponthatt: ooooooo. sexy.
jman365: hot baby, id tap tha shit out of u, hit me up
antihero: thats hott
wickedpelf: you are pretty damned sexy!!! check me out
CassiusClay: Hey, I live in Omaha too! Im me sometime, maybe we could get together! smile
joshrstevens: wow ur hott as hell
meckinick: yes yes and a thousand times yes
MrAnderson69: nice foosball table
Zakii: very pretty n cute...hit me up sumtime
lucky37: Ohhh my, what a hottie ... you should look me up sometime
theshoota: alright cool sounds good ttyl
theshoota: oh you are so welcome ha want to chat on msn or somethin?
XtReMeHoCkEyPLaYaX: OH WOW major CUTIE DANGG!!!!! check me ok sexy..message me back kk cutie!!!
theshoota: hey really cute check me out
kreeves: Hotttttie. Hit me back smile
kingodahill: really cute, check me out sometime.!
PuNkRoCkGiRl69: andie!!!!! wuuudd up!?! its paige haha i miss u! we need to hang out more!!!!! call me sometime! you're so pretty *jealous*
branbran5823: nice
Wheezy0321: Your extremely cute love the eyes and the style.
rebelredraider1: wow, could i see your private pics?
rebelredraider1: yes ma'am. could i see your private pics?
Cueball2002: Hey girl its David from yahoo chat whats up i finally found ur profile, nice pics!
advocareshane: i am in omaha---you are hot
elphantasmo2002: ahhhhh im not that mean :-p
allitalian146: ur hot as hell damn id slam u check me out
ebens311: Damn you fine!
plaiboibunii69: purdyysmile
footballstud86: got a great body and seems hella coo
hollister016: sexy
canttouchthis17: your are so hott!!
skyttlz: Yeah gurl, you can get totally buck naked for me anytime. So go ahead and get naked.
peabrain: Hey...Thanks for the yes vote. I like your TAT. You are soooo hot. So when do I get to see the Private pics.?
I'm adding you to my friends list.
joshmiller111: bada bing, bada babe all the way
peabrain: Yes...Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.....WOW WOW WOW.

joeweav: ...very HOTT... hit me up sometime if ya'd like?
millerliteguy1023: ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
Euph0ria: Hey there cutie. Cool to see ya again. smile
pocketchange: Y9u are incredible looking. hit me up sometime.
Dan25104: if ur interested u could put me under ur friend and ill do the same
Lanesastud96: Hey Andrea! YOUR REAL HOT! All I need is 15 mins ok? HAHA Hit me upsmile~
becks11057: super hot
Nineinches: thnx for the love mama. preciate it. sign me up for the privates. ;-o
nebraskaz71: i so thought they would be more haha
semperfi: fuckin hot wish i was on ur friends list look me up sometime
joshadam84: wow.. you're soo gorgeous! definite yes.. smile
nebraskaz71: finally got it to work so add me smile
Dan25104: hey u r very hott
skyshark: dam babe lets get naked i would love to give you a sensual massage let me know if your interested
Flipskip: I dunno if you'd let me hit it, but i'm afraid if u didn't, i'd have to rape u
BrentRS1985: You are too beautiful for words, so hot it hurts! If I could vote yes more than once, I would be here all night. You can IM me anytime you want.
liljason19: your such a hottie andrea.. thanks for the vote and keep lookin hott
Honda9304: wow your a real hottie!!! hit me up sometime.
wildcat355: Hey, your cute!
jerowe81: hey there,
you sound very interesting and i'd like to get to know you better. you take care, and check your messages. you got one comin smile

SublimeDMB17: If you dont say yes to this girl, im'a kick ur ass! Shes beautiful and her voice is so sexy! Umm the plane ticket is in the mail, I bought you a ONE WAY ticket here... We're totally meetin up and IM havin UR baby hahaha.... Hit me Up!
stoneyjb15: you fucking rock
fireftr82: damn cute, ur bangin, id hit it, check me out
maverick82: thanks u...ur extremely hott, toowink very lovely eyeswink
youwish: look at you with all these comments...your not that hott just kidding you know i want you bye Andrea hitit
Simplebutcute: you're very prettysmile (im not bi the way lol)
byronbyronbyron: You cute as hell girl..thanks for the message...My IM is Blackpwr4...Hit me up sometime
Calisto: thats a sweet tattoo
daman: nice tattoo.. ur pretty cute
blackrainbows: aww well thank you hunni.. you're really pretty! i love your hair.
SublimeDMB17: You're hot as sh*t!!! Im gonna come pick you up and we're gettin married fa sho cuz You and I would be the sh*t!!Vote Yes For This Girl!
biskit001: damn hun ur hott, get back to me if u wanna chat
slick1330: excellent pics...such a hottie
vox: hey thanxs ...youre hella cute.....
rebelredraider1: thank you ma'am. you aint too shabby yourself
psychsalike: you look like a bitch, id treat you like a queen. smile sweetheart! =+)
williamsrdan: here's a yes from this account. the other is the DWBasin.
Thanks, and IM me if you want, and maybe check out my website and sign my guestbook.
DWBasin: oops...was afraid it would get cut off...oh, it's on my other comment.
hey, you could put a yes to my other account. it's williamsrdan.
DWBasin: Ah, thanks! I understand what it's like having a friend using your login. Thanks for the compliment! And I'd say the feeling is mutual. Bet you have a beautiful smile! Too bad there's no way to change votes, oh well.
burtonsnow69: very hot, but smile damnit.
DWBasin: thanks for the no. hope you enjoyed the yes I gave you. W/E.
tomii: you are very pretty
apstein: Wow, you are amazingly beautiful! Stunning, Cute, Hot, and SEXY!!! I don't know what else to say. I'd love to chat sometime, message me!
youwish: you are sooo hottt hitit
keraziesk8er: hotness! rate me and tell me what u think!
youwish: ty for the yes and if i had a chance with you i would sure take it... your hott
mrlaban: damn ur beautiful... check me out babe ;o)
pimpin0351: damn you look fucked up in this pic but id still hit it little hottie
AFBoi69: DAMN!!!
sean: ill take u up on that
sean: u look better wink
hokies212: I just tell it like it is wink
hokies212: Wow...def one of the best i have seen...Beautiful
sean: damn your hot yourselve. YES
daffyduck22: oh definately damn
z32royale13: nice
robertoguy: thanks for leaving me a message, but do you think you could rate me please? thanks hun! :-)
wdfbos: I really like your lips. And you look like you really take care of yourself. Definite yes!
coolcollegeguy83: You're extremely gorgeous... check me out sometime
robertoguy: you are very cute! I love your pic! your face is very hot and your hair is perfect! i wish you were mine! check me out babe! :-)
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