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Profile for Qris (offline- last on: Sep 22, 13)
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Name Qris
Age 27
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State California
City corona
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I challenge anyone to beat this.

Yeah, that's right. Good fucking luck.
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I fucking hate this bitch.
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Music Streetlight Manifesto recently caught my attention.
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Bushnellparty: Stop saying you use my profile assclown
s3cantofx: omg hi!
n95: hey! whats up?
nice pic..
if u have time to chat, just hit me up in my messenger
FragileFlower: Heya. So I stumbled upon your profile in the attempt of trying to join 10XBetter, only to find out it was by invitation only, and saw your uh, "Presidential Candidate Bash, 08" flash thingy, and nearly pissed myself. Props. :o)
sarahooty: YOU SUCK.
drappedup: YOUR* would be nice, too
drappedup: i want to be your friend so i can see you friends only albums mad2
drappedup: LOL ily. we'll see redface and ya we're on the same page. im going to bed, goodnight!
drappedup: yah fuck that shit i remember seeing that and she's all evil and mean and im all bitch needs to learn her PLACE. needs a good spanking. idk how i like the process but i will let you know when i find out
drappedup: yah like..serena and darien are like a queen and king in some other world and shes a really well mannered kid there so we can just be a king and queen no big. and ya well idk we will make sure i take some bc
drappedup: ya its the pink haired bitch :( thanks qris
drappedup: ya tuxedo mask and sailor moon have a kid
drappedup: redfaceinlove HEY i forgot we have a kid together
drappedup: too bad for them
drappedup: everyone wants me to leave you :(
brocha15: hello! whats up?
nice pic.. smile
if u have time to chat, just add me in my messenger babe..

sexysheena4you at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
s3cantofx: cutiecake
flip: demitra for perry is NOT a fair trade

not even close
flip: he'd be stupid to make it now frown

rip brenden morrow's knee
flip: franzen only has 10 points
flip: ledd wants pims

morrow's a pim machine
flip: morrow + biron for lundqvist and franzen

flip: [url]
ilikepigtails: http://e.wouldyouhitthi

s3cantofx: i am alarmed at what you said about me, honestly LOL
ShdwScrp: fuck you, and the horse you rode in on...
lemonfrump: stupid sabres losing in a shootout, fucking vanek

fucking kotalik

go bills.
Carrot: i did for a while (i was there this summer) but now i live in nj
Carrot: its in my profile!
convalescentx: college. still in ohio. couldn't afford to leave
convalescentx: the unfortunate state of ohio.
convalescentx: LOL.
convalescentx: i always wanted to learn to play hockey. i think it'd be fantastic
convalescentx: really now?
ilikepigtails: sure man, that works. I most likely won't have power for the draft anyway because that fucking hurricane is coming right at me wink
flip: edit: five
flip: i figured fulfilling the mission one time was too easy, so i got four signs instead
pixeltastic: i'll bring a scrabble board.

delux scrabble. two Qs pleases me.

you'll slaughter me for i'm terrible at math.
pixeltastic: well, maybe.
blameproof is going to be in nanaimo at the end of next week. he's one of my oldest e-friends so i may meet him. if so, i'll track you down. just remember i'm fat and ugly lol
pixeltastic: ..i didn't say anything close to that. again, it's my nerves. i don't like being seen irl by irl people. oti is even worse.
pixeltastic: no, it's a fact. i'm fat and ugly irl and no one believes me until they meet me and then act shocked. it does wonders for my ego lol
and i don't know how to play poker.
pixeltastic: i don't meet people from the internet anymore. it gives me a nervous breakdown.
pixeltastic: i pity you aha.
pixeltastic: again.. why? nanaimo is a hole. what the devil would land you there?
pixeltastic: why?
MilfAhoyMatey: rofl

What can I say? I'm an accommodating gal!
MilfAhoyMatey: I live in sin!
flip: i wonder if the leafs will try to draft brayden schenn next year. two schenns as their first pairing. scared

they'll definitely be in the mix.
pinkwink: LOL QRIS!!! where was that posted... lol nice
skaownsurbeat: Streetlight Manifesto = heartthrob
SPUNKKK: Oh great, I've displeased you already.
SPUNKKK: Rats. inlove*
SPUNKKK: Squinting like :inlove? Or squinting like... glaring squinting?
SPUNKKK: I know a lot of people who don't like him. Too boring, too scary, too weird... always a lame reason.

I've never heard of that Author.
SPUNKKK: I LOVE Stephen King. ALas:lsA;slA:;s.
SPUNKKK: 1) Do you always listen to Dray?
2) You're paying attention to me RIGHT NOW.

aand 3) How do you not see a reason?
SPUNKKK: I'm flattered, really.
dancetoit: steak yum.
eh my had hurts from replying to your ass. therefore im gonna masturbate and snooze.
dancetoit: haha.. how was your day ?
dancetoit: smile nm you ??
dancetoit: wave
flip: canucks preparing an offer sheet for valtteri flippula ahh

that's the thing about the scandanavians on the wings, though: none of them want to play anywhere else.
flip: i was looking at the first round of the 97 entry draft. significant picks, in order: thornton, marleau, jokinen, luongo, brewer, hossa, cleary, and morrow. talk about stacked.

flip: more hopelessness north of the border*
flip: and hossa proves that eastern europeans aren't all about the money. detroit will be scary. ps: your three selke candidates could very well play on the same line.

toronto's new rallying cry: "prepare to be fingered." lol

more hopelessness nor
flip: $10m is waaay too much. hossa's down to pittsburgh and edmonton with eklund listing minnesota as a dark horse. winter met with lowe and the other guy tonight. sure, it's more money, but edmonton is nowhere near being a contender.
flip: ryder to boston. 3 years at $4m per. boston doesn't have the cash for hossa unless they take advantage of the 10% buffer you get and move some personnel.
flip: oh shit, the bruins are having a press conference RIGHT NOW. chiarelli posted on his blog that the one elite player they were pursuing didn't have boston very high on his list.
flip: sundin's hamstrung the habs and canucks. the hossa sweepstakes are down to pittsburgh and boston.

i thought it was all over when i saw "canuck" on a license plate this morning. that's a pretty shitty omen.
zilFTW: That's alot of pressure. I don't think I can handle it.
Hoss18: staying in pitt (e4)
flip: montreal: sundin + tanguay
new york: campbell
phoenix: jokinen
boston: can't offer more than pittsburgh for hossa
flip: fuck it cut me off mad
flip: [color=#003300]ya i think the pens' first pick is in the fourth round. gave up the first for hossa, the second for gill, and the third for laraque. i still think hossa will stay in pittsburgh. montreal will add sundin along with tanguay (even though t
flip: [color=#003300][/color]
Curiouss: in fuckin' deed
Curiouss: Of course! Priceless quote.
Curiouss: This is true.
Curiouss: O me too only it DOES NOT make me sad. ily for saying that though.
flip: ya i saw that. does canada not require a more stringent/additional driving test for a motorcycle license?

he was kris letang's best friend. that's partially why letang sat out game 3.
feces: you remind me of david archuleta
prefuse: [url]
HeartRubberDucks: eek muahz
snit: probably. and I AM A PHILOSOPHICAL SPONGE.
snit: lol, i'd call it being young and human more than emo :] and thank you
xPurple: you look fucking sexy in that smile pic. i'd do you so hard there. mreow best sl ever. <3 we need to talk more though :( sorry i've been busy. i so wouldve gone to that hockey game with you too btw!

miss you muchhlyyy. <33333333333
MaGiCalMisSy18: sexy
chrstinabx: sort of.
xPurple: i didn't, but meh to xmas haha. i miss you too. ;( got back from my vacation today.
xPurple: hopefully you are on tomorrow <3
xPurple: miss you. :(
xPurple: <3333
fetuseater: Kay.
fetuseater: Both Caeser and Augustus were before Caligula's time.
Caeser > Augustus > Tiberius > Caligula.
fetuseater: What does that have to do with Roman history?
fetuseater: You must know nothing of ancient Roman history.
STDSROCK: ya my aim thingo is in my profile, ultrafag
lemOnfrump: Whatevvaaaa
STDSROCK: then i think we'll be good friends
i love criticism
STDSROCK: of course it does
but what would life be w/out bastards
but it may also be a great thing
maybe we won't get along

i made it like, last week!
freakxSHOW420: i made you a sign and you ignored it :[
freakxSHOW420: i dont like you anymore :[
IDIOTEQUE: endearingwiththesoundtu smile
freakxSHOW420: i was gonna make you a forehead sign.
but then i didnt.
snit: I'd say so.
snit: Nope. Alaska has its liberal niche.
snit: cool cool. you never have to if you don't want to. liberty is liberty. more politics.
snit: nah. I have no problem with you at all :]
snit: no big deal. i respect that. it's the internet. everyone is fake in one way or another.
snit: oh, you're one of those people who thinks everyone's fake?

fun. guilty until proven innocent.
sphincterrible: I can't be bothered opening it, so I guess you could say I currently do.
trina69: pft! they always come back
Smog: I am probably trying too hard.
hospitalbed: your brain is currently needed
FPOON: something like that, surely. tiphat
FPOON: i like the way you think. but, i need kfc first.
bleedar: that too.
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