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Profile for chokeonthefizz (offline- last on: Dec 13, 12)
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Name Ashley
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Florida
City Not Given
About Me
If you wouldn't bang me, then you're probably racist.
My Apps
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Turn Ons
Turn Offs
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Not Given
Movies Not Given
Music Not Given
Book Not Given
Quote "Harvie had lost a testicle, but gained a wife"
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BrandoMonium: If someone wouldnt bang you theyd not only be racist but gay lol
sXAngelXe: WOW! You are amazing!
YourLuckyClover: Haha. Your turn ons are "Vagina". I have a vagina. Do I turn you on wink
J3rryGarcia: if you wouldn't bang me, you're probably sexist...just saying
armymedic022377: i am pretty sure u r right... anyone who likes chicks would bang u.. if u let em
swizzd: Ain't nothing wrong at all with some brown sugar. It tastes good hehe
swizzd: Ain't nothing wrong at all with some brown sugar. It tastes good hehe
swizzd: Honestly. I don't think Billie Bob from Kentucky would say no lol. Even with his Confederate flag lol
swizzd: Honestly. I don't think Billie Bob from Kentucky would say no lol. Even with his Confederate flag lol
ChrisM3: what chu talkin bout
ChrisM3: .....ahhhhh......ah
ChrisM3: dance
ChrisM3: ahh
brewcrew1982: thank you for the yes, you have amazing taste in music!
CptAwesome22: You could totally be gay and not want to bang you too. Although... actually on second though, if I was hypothetically gay, I'd probably go straight again if I had the chance to sleep with you :P
Jsully7445: wow u are drop dead gorgeous whats up
TK85: Very hot miss! Luv the tan skin and dark hair! So Sexy!!! Hope all is well, do drop by. Enjoy.
Deaner17: You have my yes for sure. You are very pretty. And your eyes are quiet amazing. An easy yes :-)
Nomilus: I've been good just went a little vacation recently :] what about you?
dannyray469: amazingly sexy veryyy beautiful and plays guitar as well works for me smile
enderkensenbender: i hate fast people
enderkensenbender: im racist and i'd bang you
circa123: wow! Impressive music list!
CptAwesome22: Thank you for the yes! You're... well you're indescribably gorgeous to say the least lol. And your taste in music is what I would describe as perfect haha.
uh420enoughsaid: very cute!
Nomilus: wave grinlol hey!
AaardTard: You're funny.
soccer1794: hey hun wats up?? how r u? im mike nice to meet yasmile
Kensei: you're very sexy
murf2007: thanks cutie
nic71: wow ur gorgeous!
Pernicious88: beautiful!!
Nomilus: whatchu been up to
Nomilus: long time no talk wave
arrogantbastard: You're a cutie!!
RAILHER: ily we will always be a couple in my heart
MandieLovesBradford: Gorgeous.
tarheelsunc: Hey Ashley,

I'm DEFINITELY not a racist. Which means, I would bang you. grinlol You're very pretty.
IputIN: thanks for the yes smile
papagimpz: hey, thanks for the yes smile
DoYaThang: pretty lady
sergeantcracker: lol @ "If you wouldn't bang me, then you're probably racist." how is your weekend going miss?
carlito1982hbk: hello there WOW YOUR GORGEOUS!!!!!! and how are you doing today
expoken: Thanks for the yes!! ^_^
nhra347: hey whats up? your cute! I gave you a yes, wana chat?
B3AN: hey cupcake
jasonregardless: grr you look too hawt
PinoyPartyBoy05: that's obvious.awesome variety.just mad caddies stuck out because i've seen it on maybe 4 other people's lists.hah.
PinoyPartyBoy05: holy crap someone who listens to Mad Caddies.
shin00bi76: well I'm a loser who listens to jazz and 80s music, so I might not win that >_< heh
shin00bi76: damm right ha :p and thankyou for the yes smile
shin00bi76:'re realy cute smile
eleventy5: Well color me not racist cuz you're the smokinest gal I've seen so far on this website! Even if I am an ugly-guy pity yes =P
annaxdarling: thank you for the "yes" hun. you are positively gorgeous! =] how was your day?
annaxdarling: you have AMAZING taste in music, and here comes the obvious... youre so amazingly beautiful. =] hope you dont get bored of hearing that.
carbjenk: hey whats up cutie?
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: <center><b>
Any Questi0ns..L0L<b>

<center><a href="http://www.myhotc"><im
g src="
f" border="0" alt=""
jamesdeen: i swear to god i get the same things on the voting i mean i know im not all that but these girls are nasty wtf
raidber20: wow
can i have ur msn/?
JmanFromtheEast: LMAO "If you wouldn't bang me, then your probably a racist."
Ramiel76: thanks for the yes grinlol
keeler: alright

that is NOT going down
therealandywascool: he makes it nice =]
cougarcat25: hey im down in west palm, if u know the place, i could use some direction to some fun smile
DBeck: good talk.
DBeck: smile
DBeck: but your love for golden showers will shine through. you can't hide something like that.
DBeck: that's more like it. deep down inside i still know you're getting excited though frown
DBeck: well that backfired a little.
DBeck: what if i pee on u first? huh? then what?
ShutUpSean: :(
ShutUpSean: hey are you rly into chicks or do i have a chance
RAILHER: inlove My sunshine girl.
eliminat0r85: heyyy gorgeous!
murdrctydevl: thanks for the yes back smile
Nomilus: hi hi grinlol
ItsDipSeth24: mmmm well hello there miss gorgeous!
sjohnson: smokin drool
RAILHER: Gettin' big. Kickin' and punchin'. grinlol
beastlybeast: Hey there, you're stupidly hot, plus I liked your profile grinlol x
RAILHER: My lil wifey. Imma take care of you.
RAILHER: LOL, no Idea.
It looks like a tumor. ugh
Ay where is my picture like zis?!
K1LLaKaN3: thanx 4 da yes smile
Nomilus: wave
RAILHER: You are the cheese to my macaronni. inlove
MaineEack: hey hey hey how you doin schexy?
Hollister2217: Fuckable
Nick25: hey...whats up
RAILHER: ily where you at? frown
BringHerDownBoy: =]
you are too
RAILHER: grinlolgrinlolgrinlolgrinlol IMMITATE MY PREGNANTNESS
RAILHER: YOU NEED TO SEND ME MORE PIX PLZ. I needs one for my profile.
BringHerDownBoy: thankyou =] i think?
RAILHER: It's hella cute, the black one is like "what nigga what?!" and then BAM, tko.
MrSteven: Wow, you're so hot! Can I have you? haha jk wink

How are you?

circa123: wow!! I love your taste in music! What instruments do you play?
NAUGHTYBITCH4007: rated u a yes rate me bak???
i reset thats u cant see my vote
BlankGeneration: ouch. i got dumped :(
Carrot: i like your face
Amiwhatuwant: i ur type?
RAILHER: That fat one is how I irl feel. ugh
RAILHER: They are killar huh?
menace2006: hot pick u look amazing
kandykane420: you are BEAUTIFUL!!
RAILHER: You can like grind on the bump grinlol
My bby will fox you too. wink
jamesdeen: i hope i aint 1 of the ugly ones thst ur bein nice 2 U R STUNNING
Ghostly4auras: smile
Ghostly4auras: i was listening to them when i posted that lol
and norma rules
Ghostly4auras: Atreyu WOOT!!!
Ghostly4auras: Thank you *(Blush)*
TommyGun08: Thanks for the yes cutie smile
vivicabooty69: thanks so very much 8)
your very cute yourself
chilifreak88: what is the name of the girl in your about me section?
raILHER: Yeah, I see some hot ass chick wearing what looks like home made underware.
raILHER: I LOVE that guys shirt from that band that I can'tt hink of their name.

+++You're hot, sup? grinlol
MaineEack: hows life these days gorgeous?
yourstouse: so damn sexy
Mobbaffiliated: hiiiii so what do i gotta do to be your frieeend?
ArmyBoyCali4699: wow girl u skinny
Umbaseball15: damn girl... just...damn.
Nomilus: wave
CTM77: Thanks for the yes smile Damn sexy! lick
Dirtyguy33: wow so hott *lick* :P
lswisaun: You are so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
theletdownx: i think i'm in love with you.
Chldrnofbodm: Best show ever created. LOL srsly inlove

Have 25gigs of it on my computer atm
Chldrnofbodm: Add Scrubs to your tv shows

Lamont7650: Thanks for the vote hun!
naptownbabyboy: your beautiful
steph8808: hey beautiful
AmericanCyanide: Hi.
Nomilus: hug
Nomilus: of course they do but its always nice to hear different peoples grinlol
King: Salute.
Nomilus: so how was the movie!
courtneycharlize: mmm ;]
pavloviandog55025: as an ugly person, i'd gladly take a pity "yes" from you...anyone who'd give you a no isn't racist, they're mentally deficient smile
jonnygros: very sexy
svendust99: hi there cutie : )
AEGuy82: Thanks for the YES! smile
RamiMah: sexyyyyyyyyyy
ryguy69420: You are simply gorgeous.
Bravo (to your creators) Bravo.
BlankGeneration: aww haha thanx darling grinlol
how incredibly sweet of you!
SPE657: TY for the yes!
ShadowsEve: hey gorgeous, can I get your MSN?
armyguy08: very cute lookin girl wink
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: Awwww you are 2 damn cute...I love your Style...:p
redfinzz: ...ur CUTE!!!
trublu05: well you already got my yes so if you still got some room in your heart for one more ugly personwink lol ill take a yes lol ttyl
DELOVS: ur gorgeous
TwOKaNSkAm01: SEXY! gotta webcam?
BomberBen: ashley... no number rhymes wit yo name girl. ;(
champ72397: thanx for the yes, ur a cutie
CharlestonArtboy: FYI: not racist, would DEFINITELY bang you. repeatedly. :-)
Adam0504: your super hot and im not racist wink
KidInfamous32: just leavin some love.
yairt2: have you ever been with an EXTREMELY dominant guy
Chldrnofbodm: I think you should be all naked on cam first.

Chldrnofbodm: You're pretty badass, no joke.
yairt2: have you been with an EXTREMELY sexually dominant guy before?
irishdave: Gorgeous !!!!
King: I fucking love you.
amandalicious: youre gorgeous!
MattDizLegend: Me saying i wanted to bang you or saying you're pretty nice?
MattDizLegend: You're pretty nice.
blameproof: Your username got Sloan stuck in my head.
BFEkid: drop dead sexy
BlankGeneration: really? haha sweetness! <3
BomberBen: turn str8.

or bi.

or just give me a go. ;o
Deshlock010101: your just so cute, i couldnt help but say yes.
crm: thanks for the yes
PolishBagel: "if you wouldnt bang me you're probably racist" hahahahaha good thing I'm no racist =)
Laguna: Lol okey hun have fun ;3
Laguna: hah awsome grinlol U up to something? :3
Laguna: love ur boobs and ur guitar :p What you up to? :P
Hard2handle3177: YOU SHOULD HAVE A RATEING OF A 100, yOU ARE AWESOME, VERY PRETTY!!!!. I would give you a YES anytime.
RedneckGreek: im doing pretty good just getting ready for work ... wht you doing?
RedneckGreek: hi gorgeous how are you
dsm007: ill add ya too if its kool
dsm007: Thanks alot for the yes....we should chat....add me,my yahoo is singleflg and my msn is
dsm007: def a yes for you!
MeGziX1127: your hottt
UC209: still online?
UC209: hi, ur hott... yes'd wanna chat? (not looking for nudes, just can't sleep)
jamesdeen: stunner
MaGiCalMisSy18: thanks for the yes sexy smilesmile
Nomilus: well arent you cute smile
maytown84: hey gurl i know u dont kno me but it has me and u as a match on my profile so get at me we can c wuts poppin beautiful
ca86: Very pretty
raidber20: im good thnaks for asking,yeah i just got home
i saw Norton hears a who,
what u up 2?
raidber20: how is it going?
my name eric
raidber20: hello ashely
ItIsFinished: The true golden age of toothpaste was when Crest's Sparkle Motion commercial ruled the airwaves. While it's no longer with us, its spirit lives on in all our sunglasses-emphasized cool smiles.

ItIsFinished: Must be all that minty toothpaste. Stimulates my synapses as well as my gums. What kind do you use? I'm an Aquafresh man at the moment.
ItIsFinished: You know what's awesome?

Teethbrushing pleasure. It's like handwashing, but with more mint.
Locksmithoflove: what's up sexy
AiNoKea: heyyyyyyyy beautiful, whats your msn?
dmr086: damn u look good
akaben: your sexy
bigman4u2plz: Hey Ashely, what instruments do you play, and i agree with 2 things you say lol "If you wouldn't bang me, then you're probably racist." and Everytime I give an ugly person a yes out of the kindness of my heart, they give me a no. I'm so sick of that
Finchizzle: You like Tegan and Sara? I saw them on Saturday :]
a74Krayzie: THANKS FOR THE YES !!!!!!!!!!
jon1984m: cute and sexy!
RedneckGreek: youre so sexy ... im danny how are you
howysrye: beautiful
countrycutie528: Awe! So pretty! Just thought I'd say! lolz!
jennyibe: me too!! so jealous is one of my fave albums!
cDubb2099: Damn your gorgeous!!! add me to msn :P
jennyibe: hey love the tegan and sara pic! And you are pretty cute yourself wink Thanks for the yes.
fugazibabe: you are soooooo gorgeous
cocaina: damn mami got it goin on =]
motocrossracer45: so sexy, why do all the hottest girls gotta be from florida?wink
lostinyourdream420: thanks for the yes hun smile
Dirtyguy33: oo sexc :P
nine9inch: mmm its not would i hit this, its when can i..
BlankGeneration: haha gee thanx for the photo comment :P
you may be on to somthing there!
cantbursuprman69: Damn your beautiful!
zomgwtfbbq: i'm going to sure the excuse that it was pretty late when i wrote that and that's why i thought that. =P
so congrats on confusing me and thanks for saying you'd bang me ;D so how have you been?
soghetto05: thanks for the yes smile any chance i could get your msn?
zomgwtfbbq: thanks for the yes back, even though you give them to everyone. =p you like a lot of good movies and music though, especially paramore. =]
soghetto05: looking beautiful. u got my yes... whatsup?
Kellyisonfirexx: love tegan and sara.
and paramore
good choice.
MrNiceGuy85: Thanks for the yes!
pablo11: its a shame you are already in love, but thanks for the yes
Nektarios69: lmao
Nektarios69: oh and btw i love titties to wink
Nektarios69: damn lol :P it's ok i'd be willing to share ya wink
Nektarios69: So when are you gonna turn straight for me smile
xBRQx: you're gorgeous girl.
applejuice: hahah

no family luv huh
applejuice: haha

that's my sister tho :/
Dirtyangelboy: sexc
pknitty: You look gorgious sweetheart
BeautifulDisaster69: aaw why thank you.. your very beautiful your self if i do say
chilifreak88: if you like games with guns you would love it
chilifreak88: you said you like video games. Is halo one that you like?
darkxilluminati: lets bang smile)
stabbedbygrace: nice profile. so you been up to anything fun this weekend?
kingz4: thanks for the yes bebe
goldengod: haha thank you yes my name is denver and if i have gorgeous written all over me then you have beautiful in bold and underlined font on you
babeilldoitall4u: yes? how are you?
i miss you like woah.
goldengod: thank you... i think your cuter
goldengod: soooo your like super pretty
darkxilluminati: lol well thank you baby girl.. haha and well ...maybe.
darkxilluminati: haha and hows that?
darkxilluminati: hey hows it goin gorgeous

*inserts picture of small dick here*

UcantCme350: wow... you got my yes! you should add me too! how you doin tonight lil lady?
babeilldoitall4u: This is alright =]
babeilldoitall4u: why? I don't really like them lol
babeilldoitall4u: Hi Ashley <3

Thank you cutie *kisses*
babeilldoitall4u: Thank you =] That was sweet!
babeilldoitall4u: hi buddy <3
Nektarios69: i could turn ya straight :P lol
AlphaNOmega: gorgeous!
destrto: Thanks for the yes!! Youre really cute!!
ANiceGuy4You: You are such a hottie! Would you like to chat sometime?
chinaski: thank you for the yes and the add!hotstuff
goodtimesbigfun: Your lips are amazing wink
A1aHockeyDeviL: hey cutie smile whats up?
adamvollans: so sexy!!!
BreakStone: Thanks for the yes
darkxilluminati: you're hot and i like your boobs.
aprilkd: Thanks for the add! You have lovely pictures. smile
Necro99: Wow. =)
init2winit187: damn i think u beautiful
akzgerman: whats the deal, i added you to msn
icekool: god i want you
xxPASSIONxx: hello beautiful :-]
chrismar02: Just wanted to say you are very sexy and anyone who wouldn'd bang you is GAY, because even a racist person couldn't resist you!
akzgerman: had to come give you a yes gorgeoussmile
GiovanniBoss1976: very pretty smile
jXj: hey
caomhinex: wow! thankyou for the yes. you are absolutely stunning. i though for sure there would be a no when i went back to my stats. thanks again. xxx
iwasamistake: you like A Change of Pace... +some points for you
Bowlaboii216: aw thanks sweetie!! smile
MotoX331: thanks grinlol how are you? Can we talk on msn please grinlol
GrandmasterHokge: Thanks for the yes
Ostateballa: you are gorgeous by the way
tredfurious: A Def Beauty!! ;-)
ReyGamberroSalvador: Having my vacation time- ie, weed and showers.
ReyGamberroSalvador: I got your add request. What's going on?
Broylsie: you are
Burtonarmy85: Sweet! I added you.
Burtonarmy85: Well do you have aim or msn? That might help.
Burtonarmy85: Aw damn that stinks : \
bukethead48: ok cool
bukethead48: sure.. but dont you already have one?
bukethead48: thanks! you are too... so did you go on your date yet?
Burtonarmy85: Hey there sexy. Oh nothing much...just enjoying the three day weekend. How are you?
bukethead48: because im new to this and i havent figured it all out yet
bukethead48: no prob... thank you... how are you?
alleyezonme911: thanks for the yes babe smile
BadeWaxter: I love how you have poptarts right up there next to sex on interests wink thanks for the vote babe!
getpumped87: thanks, you're not so bad yourself
DutchMasta420: hey gorgeous, how r ya
usafman: You're really cute hun, thanks for the yes. How are you?
xXxander: haha.
oh boy.
xXxander: im alex.
im not to bad. just getting over a cold..
and you are?
xXxander: haha yeah.
but they are amazing live. <3 no joke
xXxander: paramore is amazing live <3
infiction1: you are gorgeous!!
YoungBlood7: thanks for the yes smile
Gabriel210: Wow you are absolutely stunning, definitely a YES!!
Bullmastif73: You are simply beautiful!!!
footyfella2: iu turn me on.. id bang u more than once!
Brokenbokken: *Slaps your ass*
thenameisscot: Thanks for the yes beautiful!
bradles: very nice u got my yes take care
adioguy: dang girl your very cute
Gabriel210: Wow you are absolutely stunning, definitely a YES!!
jXj: hey
westcott79dh: beautiful...wink
derailed: you're incredibly sexy
waxurss: got some poprocks?
Atomosphere: I haven't listened to much of the music on you list. I'll have to check it all out in the future. Jeez I'm hungry... What is your name? Messages are cooler you know
Atomosphere: I'm awesome now? What could possibly be next? Just call me Zeus...forget my real name.
Atomosphere: Ah you like to poop, fart, and burp.... That's soooo freaking crazy... ME TOO! Nice interest section... Yes...OMG...I'm from Mississippi and I can read. Woot
Atomosphere: Being on my friends list means seeing a lot more of me than you see in the public photos. I don't let just anyone on it so you might want to actually talk to me first. Just a thought.

awesome19: Nice pictures, Ashley.
bballer102005: such a cutie thanks for the yes!!!
HXCSteven: simply gorgeous love...
Knoxman: You are Strikingly Beautiful....
chuckinny: stunning!!! you are a goddess!!!!
h011ister24: very sexy... definantly a yes!!
fandaluc: Wow!...very sexy!
packsdeseis: i've got something for you to choke on grinlol jk
Adam16: Sure
Adam16: Nope...I don't have myspace...Sorry
CR25: u r gorgeous, honey
catchsome2s: damn you look really good
KilLaNYc91: your fucken beutiful
davidbrandi05: WOW! hotstuff You are extremely beautiful!!
paulyoishot: whats ur msn?
brock23: hey there
ur a cutie pie
add me to ur friends list
i would love to make love to u someday
BastionDaeva: Hello there hot stuff
CoconutS: hey cutie, what's up? smile
BastionDaeva: Hello
jtc111887: very sexy baby
charlestonartboy: so when are you coming up to visit me again?? ;-)
Kyle7: you by the way are verry good looking if I may say so myself.....hit me up sometime talk to you later...

xobgurl26ox: HELLS YES LOL
skateboy918: thanks for the yes beautiful!
xobgurl26ox: were such loozers haha
xobgurl26ox: again!!! i used protection this time
fullstress: you are so beautiful
jdauph04: damn I wanna go to Florida. You are fine!
SingleBladedRonin: wow, wow, wow, you are so beautiful
azndragon022: thank you cutie...if u want to talk sometimes...sent me some messages n ill get back to would be better if u give me ur
AufWiedersehen: damn. im on like three different thing right now.
assenvy: i'm fine, how about yourself wink
bcflex: If I didn't know any better I would say I am doing fine...then ask you out!!
charlestonartboy: WOW. you're 16? that's a crime...or it would be, if i could do what i'm now thinking about. lol. WOW (again). very steamy. ;-)
ApolloCreed: why hello
AufWiedersehen: nothing too much. waiting for tonight so i can get wild.
bcflex: Hey gurl...aren't you the sweetest thing!
Beav44445: Very very just WOW !!!
xobgurl26ox: id hit that so quick lol hey girly
Atomosphere: You need more photos...haha.....So whats up?
Atomosphere: My day is now a lot better because of you.........haha....
abirthdayrobot: heeey, thanks for the comment. you have amazing taste in everything.

aaand it doesn't hurt that you're cute, too smile
captaincoitus: im just checking my stats, hope i got a yes from you, cuz you got mine
agent1: alright sweetiesmile how u doing? u sexy girl wink
naughtyboy198550: not a lot whats up with you
bsksl: hey hottie...Im fine ...!! ghehe And you?!
larryloverod: very pretty, great body, nice pics
a32154: The Sexiest
CrazySkater: hey what up nk you ur lookin pretty hot urself
TexasTakeover: You look amazing, id definately hit it, i gave you a yes
andywascool: i loooovee sleeep
andywascool: im doing pretty ok, im about to head to bed.
andywascool: hey...not much, just watching some tv. how about you?
TheAnimall: Not much hun, hittin out to a party i wish u were here so u can party with the animalsmile
abercrombeguy13: wow.. amazingly beautiful!!!!
silentpsycho: hahaha..... i like a girl with out as many clothes as possible..... plus us men in uniform are not all that great and some of us dont look that good in them...hahaha i hope i at least look good in uniform well talk to you later shawn
chodeh: what a hottie
MMDiortsa: LOL.. nothing.
alear1981: hmmm sexy lovers?? i dont know what can u offer to me?? haha
alear1981: well yes ill hit u all night long lol
badboy9934: yea same here aim?
kendrickv: Damn ur fine!!!
badboy9934: nice nice i love skiing, wake boarding
badboy9934: nm u beautifull?
saintjimmy924: ooooo wow....very sexy....o yea....nuthin much
AlexAt: lol
AlexAt: atreyu and my chemical romance
AlexAt: sorry i didn't get to finish it thanks for leaving me a comment nothin much here just joined your hot
AlexAt: beautiful thanks
silentpsycho: its ok..... i love the weekends though, spending the entire weekends out in bars and clubs thats alot of fun
capndumbazz2000: well look pretty damn good yourself.....very beautiful
silentpsycho: nothing much gurl.....just trying to live it up in japan, how about you?.........oooo yea damn you are fine
mike2184: Damn! Wow girl you look great! very prety!
LordH: darkness is up.
tcmeiss: wow... absolutley beautiful...
AFIGENE: Of course I'd vote yes for you and would have sex with you! You're amazing! Check me out and I'd hope you'd vote the same! *kiss*
babyboomerrang: Wow. you are absolutely beautiful, and rules of attraction is one of my favorite movies as well. <3
digitalcamguy: mmmmmmmmmmmm very yummy.....yes'd ya! smile
AEhOtTeH: not a whole lot getting ready to move i have to start tomorrow:( and i love yousmile
AEhOtTeH: hey its gonna be alright no need to fret darling lol
AEhOtTeH: really holy shit are you ok?
AEhOtTeH: hey lover wuts happeninsmile
babyboomerrang: not too much. how bout you?
xobgurl26ox: your such a hottie lol
LilChels: Mah bad given u a yes lol don't worry i'm straighttt mah internet Effed up.
dOwnFaLL: very cute...and a guitar player also! Sexy!
AxPerfectxGoodbye: boring urs?
AxPerfectxGoodbye: thanks, ur very hot
ckypnksktr: damn..thats a sexy mix im a mutt lol but 1/4 russian...
zooyorkdork16: damn babe ur hella fine, hit me up sometime
banksb420: lookin good, n u got a good taste in music goin by ur posts in the music thread u made my faves list grinlol
EightBallManager: My Lord You Get My Yes Mos Def Yous A Lil Cutiehugflowers
ckypnksktr: damn your gorgeous what nationalites are you??
atomicfetus6: wow! gorgeous! you definatly get a yes from me
AEhOtTeH: i loveyou the mostest love youuu!!!
AEhOtTeH: i love you
AEhOtTeH: haha great sounds goodwink
AEhOtTeH: i love you LOVEE
AEhOtTeH: samee i missed you
AEhOtTeH: heey lover what's up?
lilElton64: Ashley! hey =D..not to much here..your really pretty, and awesome...whats goin on with youu? smile
paratrooper1: would love to be your sexy lover but i guess thats up to are yessed and message me!
nbkBlueFire22XX: Your hot id hit it anyday.
Timmy1985: Hey hottie! I'm extremely bored as usual... you should PM me if you want to talk, I hate doing so through the comments, heh smile You are SO hot!!!
Freerider540: very attractive pics
zoolander: woooah! your seexy! grinlol
tmoney82: fuck ur hawt
baseballstud4: yeah id def hit that all day!
Asylamer: Very sexy!!
Wayy2muchpsi: wwwwwwwow lookin damn sexy!! love to take you out for a good time =o]
markus8585: woot masturbate headbang
baseballstud4: damn babe!!! HOT!!!!
charlestonartboy: Thanks for the YES vote, Ash! You are absolutely delicious. grinlol
NCPlayBoy84: Hey... you are a real cutie... very hott!!! I'm definitely giving you my yes... hit me back sometime
sstteeaalltthhrt: nice ass pics!!!msg me your SN's if ya want...later babe!!!!
AEhOtTeH: why aren't we sexi lovers?
ABZofsteel: Lol sounds like a rush in the pants. But you put me in my place. So hot, you make me look like trailer trash haha
ABZofsteel: My day was very good grinlol What did yours consist of?
hozie: yw.good .kinda boring how about urs??do u ahve messenger?
guitaristgotskillz: nm beautiful....u?
ABZofsteel: WOW very beautiful! I love your eyes
hozie: hey ty 4 calline me sexy but ur sexier. nm what about u?
bsebalplayer14: aww not much bout to go watch my son what are you up to cutie
canicuminu: thanks!
canicuminu: Wowee so hot - gotta love cute girls like u!!
adallvll: hey cutie thanx for the comment..... i'm inlove with your eyes...... very beautiful
AEhOtTeH: nothingg what about you gorgeous
cwzbabyboy17: wad up gilr i jus stop bye to tell u that uz sexy ass hell and u got my vote
Easy2Find: hey,nm,yourself?
dmr086: damn u look good
Mathew444: 100% Sexy
anirishlad17: any time
anirishlad17: wow you are very beautiful
catchsome2s: you look amazing, i would have sex with you
xxxmanwhorexxx: sexy sexy!
xxxmanwhorexxx: sexy sexy!
humdeedum: either a celebrity or someone I know.. ugh.
humdeedum: you look like some celebrity... I don't know who though.
humdeedum: haha, thanks
humdeedum: nothing much. you?
kustomgirl6: very sexy!!!
Elementinc18: probly am rawr wats up
eminem0200: hot damn!
noodles62: incredibly beautiful! i'd def hit it hitit
AnyMajrDude: hit ya up with a 10...very cute!
Asylamer: Cool, it's a pretty fun website!
Asylamer: Thank ya, you're very cute yourself!
Asylamer: Not Much Sexy!! How are you!!
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