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Name Joe
Age 30
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Florida
City Wellington
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It's hard for me to really describe myself completely. to really put it simple, I'm one of a kind. I am a friendly person and won't really be fully open with someone if I just met them. I've got a random sense of humor which consists of every kind there is, so it might make me seem out there sometimes.
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EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. BEST kisser. Always get what they want. Very Attractive. Easy going. RARE Find. GOOD when found. Loves being in long relationship. Talkative. Romantic. Caring.

if you want some more info, either ask me or check out my page,
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I love to chill and relax, so I'll do things like go see a movie, work out, play basketball or football, come online and check my mail. it's not the most exciting life but I do what I can to keep myself busy
Turn Ons

Turn Offs
fake attitudes, complete airheads, "daddy's little girl" acts, materialistic, too shy and quiet, bitchy attitudes, I can tolerate things in small doses, but be in full and I snap back
R.I.P. DJ Uncle Al

my bestest friend Amber

one of the coolest chicks I know, Mindi

my newly adopted sister, Nicole

this girl always makes me laugh grinlol Ashley

Cassie!!this girl is the best! I heartthrob her

this is Erin. she is the most awesome girl in the world!

this adorable thing right here is one of my bestest friends, Jesse inlove
Favorite Things
TV Show Criminal Minds
CSI: Miami
Fairly Oddparents
Falling Skies
Family Guy
Franklin & Bash
Hannah Montana(that's right, I said it!!!!)
Happy Tree Friends
How I Met Your Mother
Law & Order: SVU
My Name Is Earl
River Monsters
Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Will & Grace
I can't think of anything else just yet tongue
Movies 40 Year Old Virgin
Above the Rim
Aladdin & the King of Thieves
American History X
Bad Boys II
Be Cool
Beverly Hills Ninja
Billy Madison
Black Sheep
Blood In, Blood Out
Boat Trip
Boondock Saints
Boyz N The Hood
Clerks 1 & 2
Coach Carter
Dinner For Schmucks
Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
Dorm Daze
Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Fat Albert
Finding Nemo
From Dusk Til Dawn
Full Metal Jacket
Gangs of New York
Good Burger
Grandma's Boy
Half Baked
History of Violence
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Hot Fuzz
Hot Tub Time Machine
House Party
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
Just Friends
Last Samurai
Light It Up
Longest Yard
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Matrix Trilogy
Mighty Ducks
Mr. Deeds
Nacho Libre
Naked Gun
The New Guy
New Jack City
Old School
Ong Bak
Over the Hedge
Passion of the Christ
Pink Panther
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
The Protector
Road Trip
Robin Hood: Men In Tights
Running Scared
Saving Private Ryan
Scary Movie 1 & 2
Schindler's List
Sex Drive
Tai Hong(Thai movie)
Talladega Nights
Tears of the Sun
Tommy Boy
Toy Story
Tristan & Isolde
V For Vendetta
Varsity Blues
West Side Story
Wrongfully Accused
You Got Served

R.I.P. Garnett Silk

2 Live Crew
69 Boyz
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Aaron Hall
Ace Hood
Al Green
Anthony B
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Hamilton
Ayumi Hamasaki
Baby Cham
Barry White (R.I.P.)
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Bitty McLean
Black Dada
Black Rhyno
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classic freestyle

Book Lord of the Rings Trilogy, My Bloody Life, Kiss The Girls, Along Came A Spider, a lot of James Patterson books.
Quote "there's a nigga on the rise and dey hating, got dem thinking, yo I got dem contemplating, if I'm gonna be a big thing in this industry, or am I good topic that it must be, why?, don't be talking bout my paper, who?, be gone, disappear like vapor, yo they tryin to test me, but I'm the best see, I'm the newborn founding savior" - Nicky B

"Can you spread those legs for mi darling, now get di vaseline, let mi push it all in, your phone a ring, a yuh man dat calling, tell him you nah reach home till the morining" - Kunley McCarthy of Ward 21

"I get high, so high, smoking weed, yes indeed, feeling down, smoke a pound, of kiki, that's all I need" - Nicky B

"Di gal dem a ring off mi phone and, seh dem want di bone and, dem seh they never got it like dis before, from di bed to di floor and, caw rudeboy nuh bore and, they said they never got it like dis before" - Nicky B

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angeldesigner: ily just thought i'd let you know.
lailai1104: [bgcolor=#66FF99][color
=#717171]omg ive missed u! how r u? im doing amazing.... i met a guy. ud absolutely love him. he makes me sooo happy. were living together, but he unfortunately leaves in a month. but ill be sending him packages and waiting ti
ShesLethal: confirmed lol
ShesLethal: haha ya im in the same boat ive been using my sisters laptop
ShesLethal: lookin forward to it wink lol
ShesLethal: ive been pretty good. cant complain. just been workin a lot
ShesLethal: well thats awsome.
maybe ill here from u more often now :P lol
ShesLethal: yes it definitely has been awhile!

how are u hun?
angeldesigner: joeeeeeeee
swtpea938x: JOE!! heartthrob
stephanielaugh: You made me a sign, I'm not deleting it
RADri0tsconfessions: ahh!!!!
swtpea938x: i miss you joe!!! heartthrob
akvolleystudd: LOVE YOU
angeldesigner: LOVE YOU
radri0tsconfessions: I'm not in Alabama anymore. :(
radri0tsconfessions: I've missed you too! grinlol I just got tired of it.
radri0tsconfessions: JOEEE!!!! hug
noliezxjuslove: aw well arent you a sweetheart biggrin pizza is good so i can see why you are feelin so nice tongue lol any plans for the weekend?
noliezxjuslove: oh i feel u on that one. its sooo hot. i have a pool tho so i cant complain too much lol ive been good. just enjoying summergrinlol
noliezxjuslove: how ya doing? smile
akvolleystudd: encoreeee
angeldesigner: im splendid! how are youu
and yes post with me and amberrrbbylove
akvolleystudd: now i want some pizzza ugh
come post with me and erin inlove
angeldesigner: hiiiii bby
akvolleystudd: oh man guitar hero and pizza sound like fun!
akvolleystudd: i've been great grinlol how have you been?
akvolleystudd: haaiii joe!
noliezxjuslove: wave
stephanielaugh: June 5th: we've been sexy lovers for a year! heartthrob
akvolleystudd: joeee! I lovesss you

im glad you back i missed you bestie!
angeldesigner: lol talk to you later<3
angeldesigner: awww.
i usually get off after 9 or ten because that is when my cell phone minutes kick in, so i just talk on the phone until i go to bed
angeldesigner: omg i missed you tooo.
oh my oh my
are you back for sure/

ive been goooood. how have you been?
zomgImKez: JOE!
ive missed uuuu
stephanielaugh: I love you too! why don't you ever call me! frown
akvolleystudd: joe your back!
awwww i missed you lots! love you smile
swtpea938x: aww YAY!! your back!! hug MISSED YOU!!!!!!! seems like it was forever ago!
noliezxjuslove: awww lame! i missssed you because I was sleeeepy lol hope to talk to you sooon ! hug
angeldesigner: amazing nowwww

noliezxjuslove: eek where the hell have ya been?! & of course you were missed...silly question! hotstuff
stephanielaugh: I love you inlove
akvolleystudd: IM GONNA MISS YOU TOO!!
lailai1104: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BRO!!! i hope u have the best bday ever and i hope u party ur lil butt offsmile. i heartthrob you!!!
ShesLethal: happy bday joe!
nOliezxjuslOve: wave happy birthday!
xobellalova4yaxo: you're welcome..sorry i was late but i didnt get a chance to sign in early today..but i didn't miss it =]
PinkSlippers: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! dance
xobellalova4yaxo: Happy Birthday!
<3Beyond Sexyyyy
swtpea938x: you should be online ALL the time biggrin
swtpea938x: aww. how exciting! up in the cold! haha
swtpea938x: aww.. really?? that came fast!! how long will you be gone?? & where are ya going?
swtpea938x: just been working & waiting for my niece to be born ahh you?
swtpea938x: miss you too smile hug
stephanielaugh: I love you!
stephanielaugh: I love you babe! Veryyyy much!
mixtapel0ve: unhappiness? lol
mixtapel0ve: awe, its cute. idk why people like that picture!
swtpea938x: [color=#00CCFF]yeah i got over my cold, but now im just stressing out.. frown my life has had too many complications & now my internet doesn't work, so i'm stuck using my parents so we probably won't talk for a while unless you call me. miss yo
mixtapel0ve: of course i'll forgive you! have a good nights
miss ya
mixtapel0ve: idk why you didn't either!
mixtapel0ve: oh baby!
i think i belong in your shoutouts. :p
mixtapel0ve: lol! i always spell it wrong.
wooo we're good in bed. whipum
mixtapel0ve: i <3 you!
we're both pieces!
radri0tsconfessions: ok. heartthrob hug
radri0tsconfessions: that's good. smile
radri0tsconfessions: that's not cool. :(
i'm glad your new years celebration was better, though. smile
swtpea938x: hopefully he's ok smile
radri0tsconfessions: oh.
i got to hangout with my friends, and my brother, and my grandparents, and my cousins. and my boyfriend. it was so much fun. how were your holidays?
swtpea938x: yeah possibly its getting a little better hahah i dont sound like a guy, just a girl that smokes a lot lol
radri0tsconfessions: Yeah, I'm at Auburn! lol.
And that's right. I forgot. grinlol
radri0tsconfessions: oh man, i loved every minute of it. this is my last semester at auburn hopefully. did you enjoy yours?
swtpea938x: yeah.. my nose isn't really running, and my voice is really deep hahah so other than that yeah its improved smile
swtpea938x: other than really sick .. its been ok smile any plans for the rest of the day?
radri0tsconfessions: Nice, congrats!!!
radri0tsconfessions: Just taking a little break.
I've missed you too!
How are you?
swtpea938x: well thats no fun lol but im glad you passed babe smile
swtpea938x: aww.. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!! hug dance
radri0tsconfessions: HI!
swtpea938x: aww.. k.. luv ya too hug heartthrob
swtpea938x: that you are hug thanks for making me feel better!
swtpea938x: yeah yeah! wink
swtpea938x: haha i feel better already! thank you! tongue hug
swtpea938x: aww.. your sweet! THANKS! biggrin
swtpea938x: ahh don't tease me like that!!
swtpea938x: well start making your kool-aid haha cuz im not getting any better anytime soon! tongue
swtpea938x: YAY!! apple juice!! dance
swtpea938x: well.. come take care of me! I need soup!
swtpea938x: haha.. yeah just sick frown got a really bad cold!! i hope thats all it is, my co-worker has mono.. other than that .. just tired lol how are you?
swtpea938x: oh.. well thats ok than wink
swtpea938x: eek who seeeeeeeeeees me!?
effinrawrr: imy
you should
ZOMGIMKEZ: i miss you too love.
stephanielaugh: http://c.wouldyouhitthi
stephanielaugh: You have been selected for Member of the week for 12-30/1-6. Thank you for being an active part of Trendwhore! Your bang bucks will be sent shortly.
swtpea938x: aww.. ok smile luv ya too bud! smile
swtpea938x: your welcome hug
swtpea938x: your not stupid
swtpea938x: your not being stupid. its just a site.
swtpea938x: well.. thats no fun.. im sorry that i ruined the site frown
swtpea938x: no, dont do that.
swtpea938x: eh. its ok.
swtpea938x: pretty good, you?
swtpea938x: wave hug
swtpea938x: well im more of a hands on person though.. this is going to be difficult
swtpea938x: whatever you wanted to teach me tongue
swtpea938x: teach me huh!? like what!?
swtpea938x: oh ok than.
swtpea938x: lol so you just agree.. no "no you aren't stupid" just "you can't be smarter than me"
swtpea938x: its ok.. i know im dumb
swtpea938x: no. i dont think so. tongue
swtpea938x: what?? me being smarter than you? lol
swtpea938x: hahah.. nope.. NOT AT ALL! tongue
swtpea938x: oooooooooo gotcha wink
swtpea938x: wow under 7 minutes!? haha GOOD LUCK!
swtpea938x: you should relax more often wink
swtpea938x: i've been better, hanging in there hahah.. work is extra stressful now ugh how have you been?
swtpea938x: i've missed ya like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
swtpea938x: aww.. thats sweet of you to think about me wink
swtpea938x: aww.. its ok smile i forgive ya! but i hate to cut it short but im tired.. i need to head to bed, gotta work tomorrow morning, so i'll chat with ya later.. hopefully soon! hug heartthrob
swtpea938x: i've been here tongue your the one that never comes online to "see" me frown hahahah how's life?
EFFINrAWrr: lmfao
you do<3
EFFINrAWrr: lmfao
wanna see a peice of my past
look at the picture
in my profile
in about me
thats my past
EFFINrAWrr: before Augest 10th
i had long hair in it
EFFINrAWrr: aw you have
a sign from me
i had
long hairrrr
i miss itugh
girlfriendxo: Not on here often enough....YOus
swtpea938x: oh nothing, just e-drama, im tired of it. im trying to stay away from it. how's life?
swtpea938x: i'm glad someone does frown i've missed ya too!! inlove
stephanielaugh: Hi baby!
mixtapel0ve: thats good! okay is better than horrible. :p
you better miss me, mister.
mixtapel0ve: good, you? miss me yet?! :p
swtpea938x: thanks for the bday wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
stephanielaugh: Honey!

I'm talking to you...I should be asleep! ahahhaha

I love you!!!!!!!!
You are The behind door Number TWO for TRENDwhore Advent Calender.
swtpea938x: well.. im single now frown
swtpea938x: aww.. thanks joe, that means a lot. i think him & i are going to take a break.. its too much for me to handle. i've had a long distance relationship before, but him &i just aren't working
swtpea938x: [bgcolor=#C7C7C7][color
=#FF0099]yeah the distance was a killer lol but he's hinting at signs that he's cheating on me, and all my friends keep saying he's cheating. but we never talk, & im not used to it. even BFs i see everyday i would talk to them
swtpea938x: i've been ok, been better. been fighting with the BF the last couple of days.. its going down hill.. FAST lol how have you been?
swtpea938x: JOE hug I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! frown
stephanielaugh: Hellor darling, I called, I love you!
stephanielaugh: Hi honey smile
angeldesigner: ROFL
i cant help you:P
mixtapel0ve: its been too long!
mixtapel0ve: miss you! frown
xobellalova4yaxo: aww thanks for the comment <3 it was right before i found me some dolphins at sea =] heh
lailai1104: bye bro... have a great day! i love u 2smile
lailai1104: there were 3 within 30mins of me... i just had to breathe in the ash 4 a good week. im sure thats healthy lol
lailai1104: awe that sux... u should move to cali. were going thru a drought lol
lailai1104: yea i believe that. at least i get paid... i need money cuz my ticket and i serviced my car and it ended up being $450. so the more money the better.
lailai1104: well i only work 4 5hrs so im hoping its not gonna be 2 bad. i know the floor is gonna be a mess tho so hopefully im on register so i dont have to pick up after all those messy ppl lol
lailai1104: oh i know... i work black friday. we already have a bunch of holiday sales so ppl r coming in like crazy, but i think were getting a bunch of new ppl next week so thatd be good.
lailai1104: [bgcolor=#006666][color
=#99FFCC]its been really nice here. it was in the 80s yesterday so i went to the beach w my niece and nephew. ive been wearing skirts 4 the past 4 days lol. macys is going ok. getting pretty busy but it makes the day go by qui
lailai1104: oh cool. how has ur day been?
lailai1104: lol ur cute. that sounded like a quote from grandmas boy.
lailai1104: [bgcolor=#006666]hey big bro... ive been ok. just been working a lot and babysitting my niece and nephew so im tired. plus all of my hmwk:(... ill ttyl tho cuz i have to go to work :-p. take care brosmile. love and miss ya![/bgco
smoothmove8: wut up joe!
yeah i havent been on lately
n it seems like when i am, no one is ya know
mixtapel0ve: hey darling, i've been okay. this week hasn't been the best but i'm hoping for it to get better. hope to talk toya soon<3 let me know how you're doing.
stephanielaugh: I love you!!!
swtpea938x: joeeeeeeeee hug
akvolleystudd: wave
akvolleystudd: LOVE YAH TOO JOE grinlol
ohERIN: i dont think ash did. as far as i know.
i know amber did
ohERIN: i made a new account lol
swtpea938x: that stinks frown i miss you...
swtpea938x: hello friend. wave2
lailai1104: [bgcolor=#99FFCC][color
=#515151]i had a cyst removed from my neck last fri. i couldnt move my neck 4 the 1st 2 days but im doing better now. just a lil swollen and bruised still. they took out 2 ins but couldnt get the rest cuz it went 2 deep and it
lailai1104: hey big bro.... im just recovering from my surgery and goin to school. i start my new job next week so im pretty excited. what have u been up to? tell steph hi! smile
swtpea938x: ps: but that doesn't mean you still dont have to bring me any!!! hahaha wink tongue
swtpea938x: hey my long lost buddy!! just wanted to share some great news!! no i didnt save money on my car insurance i actually found out i have to pay more hahah but i FINALLY had BK hahahah YAY!
akvolleystudd: hey best friend wave
swtpea938x: well than fine. i dont want anymore BK!
swtpea938x: get moving!!
swtpea938x: yeah it would.. where's my BK!?
swtpea938x: my hawks lost mad
swtpea938x: pretty good. my hawks are losing right now frown how are you?
swtpea938x: hello friend.
ZOMGIMKEZ: Hai bby wave
lailai1104: yea i hope so 2.... i wanna hang out w my big brosmile
swtpea938x: yeah thats for sure!!
swtpea938x: it was boring haha but at least it gave me something to do for a little bit
swtpea938x: hello friend ( :
swtpea938x: yeah.. hopefully!!
swtpea938x: OMG NO WAY!! IS SHE HERE.. WHERE!? HAHAHAHAH Glad to see we're finally online at the same time!! AMAZING!
swtpea938x: OR your never on when I am wink hahah
swtpea938x: i miss you.. frown we don't talk like we use to. how have you been?
ZOMGIMKEZ: Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe
ZOMGIMKEZ: Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Make me a sign please Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe
KatieNicole: hey i made a group on myspace if you're on there for our group on here

akvolleystudd: i know i cant either frown
CassieOdell22: I know i've been bumbed...i havent been able to talk to ANYBODY :( It better b fixed soon!
ZOMGIMKEZ: tell me when u know.
ZOMGIMKEZ: yeah i have
it sucks.
smoothmove8: hey bro, is it my computer, or r the posts not showin up in the groups for everyone on the site?
lailai1104: u r completely right bro... ur goin up right nowsmile. how have u been?
stephanielaugh: like that do you?
swtpea938x: i dk what i exactly wanna do, i kinda like what im doing now smile
swtpea938x: awww.. thanks!!! smile I need another job somewhere, just dont know where.. hmm..
swtpea938x: yep still doing the same thing :( i thought about going to work at petsmart smile hahah i think it'd be fun!
xhockeyhottyx: haha i never know what to say anymore just confusing
swtpea938x: ps: i missed you too!
swtpea938x: thanks i like my car, as long as it continues to work lol its already cost me WAY too much money. BUT than i bitched and the dealership paid for it all smile
swtpea938x: i'm online now!! sorry just been super busy working all the time!! its crazy!!!!! how are you?
xhockeyhottyx: ive been better...howve u been
akvolleystudd: really i better check them out smile
akvolleystudd: hey joe!! smile
stephanielaugh: booo where did you go?
stephanielaugh: I heartthrob you!
swtpea938x: awww... don't be sad!! be happy!!
swtpea938x: how have you been??
swtpea938x: [bgcolor=#FF0099][color
=#99FF00]no i haven't forgotten about you.. i've just been super busy this week between work & getting my new car. signing papers again and now its gotta go get fixed today and I work all day than tomorrow.. when i get on wyht
akvolleystudd: lol of course.
akvolleystudd: i love it smile
akvolleystudd: it has rained the last two days here. nono
akvolleystudd: lame.
akvolleystudd: eek and then go swimming!
akvolleystudd: hey buddy not much and you?
swtpea938x: [bgcolor=#FF0099]hahah yes i loved the dory song, i always sing that.. everybody is always like "wtf are you singing" hahah its great! cuz you are a nice guy, thats why you would do that to a poor 22 yr old lonely girl[/bgcolor
swtpea938x: haha.. well find a job that pays you tons.. so i can quit my job and you can pay for my stuff!! i definately need a vacation!!
swtpea938x: thats cool smile how about you buy my car for me than?
swtpea938x: yeah but im very picky lol im trying to find a grand prix without getting screwed over on the price but thats very hard lol
swtpea938x: 11000 is kinda my max, but even thats kinda high lol.. right now kinda looking about 8000-9000
swtpea938x: looking at grand prix... but just kinda looking in general i guess.. i want a 2003 grand prix or newer, but im poor so i cant afford much
swtpea938x: im doing pretty good, just being bored & tired.. still trying to decide on what car to get. how about you, how are you?
stephanielaugh: I love you so much! I hope you know that, sorry we havent talked as much as we'd like to lately, having two jobs can be a lot sometimes.. I love you honey, and I always willl... your the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I love you!
akvolleystudd: hey joesmile
i miss you too.
lailai1104: awe thats so sweet!! thanx joe<3
lailai1104: toe-pain-ga! lol
akvolleystudd: I LOVE BLACK SHEEP!
akvolleystudd: byee<33
swtpea938x: guess its frozen pizza!! haha
akvolleystudd: im bored too :(
swtpea938x: i like peperoni OR just sausage & mushroom, stuff crust does sound super good!!
swtpea938x: pizza sounds good!! what kind shall we get!? haha
swtpea938x: what aboute the McD's $1 menu!? hahaha
akvolleystudd: im great how is my my friend joe?
akvolleystudd: yayy
akvolleystudd: hey joesmile
sorry i left you :(
swtpea938x: OOOOOOOOOOooooo i see.. cool cool, i haven't been staying on much either..
swtpea938x: aww.. i get to be on your profile!!! smile YAY!! THANKS!! yeah we haven't chatted in a while, whats up with that, too good for me!? hahaha
akvolleystudd: your wife is the luckiest ever. /tear
akvolleystudd: aww im sorry frown
check my profile <33
akvolleystudd: omgg joe!
eww picture of me in your profile!

i miss talking to yoou too smile
love yah buddy!
swtpea938x: how sweet smile
stephanielaugh: Look at my profile! I know you'll like it smile
lailai1104: lol u r 2 cute joe. I :hearthrob: u!
swtpea938x: you're in there now
swtpea938x: pic to go into my awesome ppl
swtpea938x: sorry i just cant decide which pic i think its the best wink thats why!
swtpea938x: WHOA YOU SCARED ME!! ...phew... just browsing on wyht, you?
swtpea938x: im ok, just babysitting.. again... except this one is 2 months old.. how are you?
swtpea938x: hey bud!!
girlfriendxo: Haha Yeah I would minus the kids tho lmao
akvolleystudd: hey joe. im still alive. smile
im in michigan . at my aunts house seeing my gpa who is dying:( so i wont be able to get on all that much.
but ily <3
& i will talk to you later.
swtpea938x: ooh i see.. miami.. huh!? interesting... well i'll "realize" you will be ruling the south, when it happens lol
swtpea938x: ATL!? of you burning the hat!? hahahha
swtpea938x: more of you.. huh!? thats cool smile i need to take more pictures off.. i have too many lol
swtpea938x: haha.. i aint no baby killer lol my other sister is here and i was cracking up laughing cuz my niece farted in her face.. haha.. it was priceless.. so i can relax a bit while she pays attention to her[/
swtpea938x: [bgcolor=#00FF00][color
=#FF3399]ya i love my niece to death, but this whole walking thing is crazy lol she'll take off and i cant find her, get in cupboards, but she's been super cranky the last couple of days.. & so have i.. so i snap pretty easily
swtpea938x: she's 13 months old
swtpea938x: im home alone... except my niece, but she's getting on my nerves, i have lost my patience... i just wanted to relax *sigh*
swtpea938x: i've been better, but i'm hanging in there. i have today off.. so i can somewhat relax.. not only if my niece would fall asleep.. i'd have it made!! yep i missed ya wink
stephanielaugh: Haa.. I'm sorry. I love you too!
stephanielaugh: whats wrong with that? It was a scary things... but I said it's the best thing ever... dur
stephanielaugh: I'm bored... and get to see you in four days! yay!
swtpea938x: i dont know, go to 50 && get married!? hahaha
swtpea938x: yeah its definately fun wink
swtpea938x: ALMOST!! IM EXCITED!!
akvolleystudd: hi joe smile
swtpea938x: haha yeah that is funny
swtpea938x: probably up to like 30
ReyGamberroSalvador: strait. reggae's my shit but my voice is mad too deep for it :( got to stick to rappin n producin
ReyGamberroSalvador: strait. reggae's my shit but my voice is mad too deep for it :( got to stick to rappin n producin
girlfriendxo: No..whats cute is thatfacewink
ThIsIsChElSeAjUnE: night
akvolleystudd: i think i need ur yahoo smile
ThIsIsChElSeAjUnE: k ttyl
akvolleystudd: your awesome joe smile
stephanielaugh: I love you
swtpea938x: have fun! don't miss me too much!! wink
swtpea938x: yeah way to go frown
swtpea938x: [color=#FF3399][/color]

swtpea938x: haha sorry yeah i meant cold.. i just really wanna cuddle right now..
swtpea938x: i'll reheat it up.. or i'll eat it cuddle.. i just want BK now!
swtpea938x: they have a really good chicken sandwich, but i can't remember the name of it frown i absolutely LOVE their fries.. YUM!! now i want BK, wanna share?
swtpea938x: BK!!!!!!!
swtpea938x: yeah you probably dont wanna starve lol
swtpea938x: im doing pretty good, kinda bored.. nothing to do. just relaxing. how about you, how are you today?
swtpea938x: cosmo huh!? i've attempted at watching that show, but i just dont get it.. i can quote the whole finding nemo movie haha i just watched it the other day when it was on ABC.
swtpea938x: awww. haha.. i love that movie!!
stephanielaugh: I like your new picture cutie... I love you!
swtpea938x: my hearts in good hands!? really and whose are those, cuz i've had my heart broken a lot in the past 2 years.. so my hands wont protect me..
swtpea938x: haha.. thanks for the pic comment, you wanna race huh!? LETS GO! I'LL WIN!! So don't be afraid to lose!!
ReyGamberroSalvador: yo esť I saw you in Beyond Sexy. you said you do rap, but a diffrent form. wat form's that? I'd check your material out, but I'm up North right now, 56k joint hahaha. lemme know. 1, Amor De Rey.
PinkSlippers: Hey. [=
How's it goin'?
swtpea938x: hey handsome! how are you doing?
xxBrittanyAnnxx: alright, i'll remember that ;]
akvolleystudd: im here eek
akvolleystudd: thats what me and kayla call TACO BELL<
swtpea938x: well thats good, you do seem like a really great friend smile i try to be that way, but im usually called a drama queen or a bitch..
akvolleystudd: ahh thats soo cute smile
akvolleystudd: <33
stephanielaugh: I love you too sweetie! smile
akvolleystudd: no way! Chris farley is my idol!
akvolleystudd: my bubbles!
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes =]
stephanielaugh: Boo this website..
PinkSlippers: Alright, I'm on my way! lol
kgs05: ty for the yes smile
xEXSxANDxOHSx: Very cute!! <3
silverego: gorgeous smile smile
damian1: omg you're such a dork Joey!! I love yous!!!
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