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Name T*Licious
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State California
City Not Given
About Me
hmm about me.. well lets see.. people say i'm always full of energy and that i always seem happy. i love being outside and out of the house!
My favorite color is GREEN.. well actually my favorite color is more of a Turquoise. but green is a good color too!

not enough... still wanna know more?
send me a message and
Just ask!!! =P
My Apps
*wakeboarding and snowboarding
*anything to do with the beach
*listening to music
*the open waters.. (like the ocean in the Florida Keys)
Turn Ons
~when a guy is outgoing
~has nice eyes and cute smile
~a good personality with a sense of humor!
~ good kissers smile
~ and a nice body never hurts!!!!

Turn Offs
-B.O. and bad breath
-being overly obsessive

when people request to be my friend with out even saying a word to me first...
send a message THEN request to be a friend... tongue
Squirt- You're the LOUD of my life too! wink
........ and you know what Freud would say!!!...
Favorite Things
TV Show That 70's show,
Family Guy,
thats it i guess i don't watch a whole lot of TV
Movies the newer version of..
it's a good movie, if you've never seen it, WATCH IT
Music i listen to a wide variety of music.. if you're that curious about what I listen to send me a message.. and ask.
Book eh..
Quote " don't be too open minded, you're brains will fall out" =)
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brianb89: you are so pretty
monkey78: WOW!
bowchicawowwow: hii cutie! how are you??
heath6903: you are very sexy what you looking for on here
kook85: you hav aim wanna chat some time?
archaic11: my wiener quivers for tifftifftliscious haha
junior132: u have realy boutiful eyes
jginth1210: im actually doing. is it to much to ask for comments lol. i would really appreciate it. and do you make signs =] cuz i give bang bucks for themmm
jginth1210: hey hun, thanks for the yesss =].. how are you??
surshmachine: lol, which part of Cali do you reside in?
Kensei: very cute
surshmachine: pretty crazy huh......i made it up, damn i'm sucha good story teller. I know you were spooked too.
Baseball247: oh HELL yes!
surshmachine: they heard the noises coming from inside the they open the wall up and they find a brittle skeleton.
surshmachine: cats/rodents...well as the days passed, the scratched were louder, eventually turning into thud one believed her at 1st until they could hear it too, "what are you doing, stop hitting the walls, we're sleeping.."
surshmachine: well this took place in oregon.
what happened was, this chick and her family moved into this house, and everynight when everyone would be asleep, there were slight scratch noises coming from the inside of her walls.

No biggie, she figured they were ju
surshmachine: you ever hear about that story with the chick and something in her walls?
surshmachine: What are you staring at in your default? lol
MILFCollector: definitely MY pleasure! Anytime. How's it going?
JameseyBoy101: yes i would defs tap youwink you fuckin hottie
sydneyguy1982: You are so welcome gorgeous flowers How are you? smile
HAMMYSAGE: thanks for the yes cutie smile
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a sweet very beautiful lady smile
check out my videos yea!
crystalvain: you have those classic,easy to fall for good lookssmile
gman99: So you doing anything good this weekend?
gman99: im doing great what you up to at the moment?
gman99: Hey there thanks for the yes smile
hows it going sweetie?
cycloneman33: u r a fuckin hottie
Mobbaffiliated: so why u a dummm blond?
Mobbaffiliated: nopeee thank uu... wow u seriously took my breath away... sooooo gorgeousss
Mobbaffiliated: like a little angel... Yesss =) <3
BalnAintEzy: oh yeah? yeah Im really looking forward to xmas and new year. I REEEALLY cant wait. Moving into a new house, getting a fresh start at the new year. gonna be great! what part of cali
Ronyd: looking good!
BalnAintEzy: hows it going lady? how was ur weekend???
Adam222: Thanks for the yes def babe
LILTITO: thanks for yes qt
beaner3: thanks for the yes!!
archaic11: i do moreish.. and you know what freud says lol
archaic11: yeyaahh negro.. my sexxi lover!! woot
A11Star: your pretty grinlol x
Hawkeyewrestler1: wink so how are you doing?
Hawkeyewrestler1: Hey, thanks for the yes!
shaun247: thanx for the yes sexy
id do u anydaywink
af1alfonso: thanks for yes
StraightEdge23: Of course, don't sweat it!
StraightEdge23: Very cute smile
putoface: Was a joke! Hellooo!! I can put it in your vag, too. No problem.
putoface: Hey bby can I put it in your butt?
IRISHMAN10: Hello cutie pie! Glad you found me smile
BboiELIte: thx for the yes, you have a very pretty face.
DumBlondie: hahah right on. my brother just finished his 4 year term in the marines a year ago now he's thinking of going back in
WAwakeboarder: probley to San Diego or the other Marine Base in Cali.. haha if u havent guessed im gonna be a Marine!
WAwakeboarder: hows cali treating you.. i might be down in cali around Feb and gonna be there for a longtime!
WAwakeboarder: haha yeah dont worrie i do it too sometimes. but yeah thats what makes it more exciting and fun, and i think harder than snowboarding.
WAwakeboarder: well thats pretty kool, im not no pro....... yet... haha but i love wakeboarding its my love of my life.. and snowboarding is my second tho all my snowboarding buddies a few that are actually sponsored make fun of me for being a wakeboarder..
WAwakeboarder: thats pretty kool u like wakeboarding and snowboarding!
Cggsalmp: thanks for the yes sexy wink how you doing?
dontbotherangel: you're super cute
stevehallny: your beautiful
eyeheartmusic: cute girl smile
TommyGun88: haha same here, im just surfing the net tryin to pass some time, lol it was bound to happen.
where abouts do you work? modeling by any chance :p
TommyGun88: im good thanks smile
what you up to?
TommyGun88: thanks for the yes smile
how are you?
TangarineSky: woo woo hot hot. thanks for the yes
RX8: Thanks for the yes babe
Dyingtolive7702: Thanks for the yes
chickmagnet618201: you're very pretty too
derailed: you're very, very sexy
chickmagnet618201: thanks for the yes hun
seven007: ur welcome hun...
seven007: damn girl u are goregous and your eye's are so freak'in sexy..
joeballs: Lookin good wink thanks for the yes! how ya doin?
xXxstevenxXx: nuthing much just hangin out
xXxstevenxXx: o wow ur beautifull wats up
Frizzey: omg you'r sexy
crazyccrypt3: sound good to me vary beautiful to
phaeton6: your my new SL and you are SEXY! smile
gomo: reallyyyyyyyyyyy cute
beatango2006: your really hot will you go out with me lol hehe
JohnnyH: Thank you beautiful... you're amazing!
hollisterkid10: ehe thank you smile whats your aim? smile
Olderman5: love our talks hun u def can put a smile on my face smile
hollisterkid10: hey you are gorgeous!!
ryetoast5: gorgeous..amazing..beau a comment back (going to cali for spring break any advice?)
Olderman5: ya i think im real good but im not cocky and one to like toot my own horn but ya id same im really good
Olderman5: how do u like living in cali? i plan on moving to so cal once i graduate college next yr.
wakeboarding, snowboarding
anything to do with the beach<-----I love that u have that under the same way
Olderman5: u have the hottest eyes ever and ur so beautiful...thanks for the yes
R2k: wow i love the color green too you r so pretty
datequilaking: Kbl Hggb vb bvb
toady: aw, you're cute too smile
Drizzle5488: Pretty Blonde
buffalotrace: your cute
nine9inch: YES i would! what a beauty, you look incredible baby xox
NdwnVup: babe! oh my! im speechless your gorgious, id love for you to msg me sumtime aight? ttyl sexy!
MrNiceGuy85: Thanks for the yes!
snowborder4life: mmm sexi
toady: You have beautiful eyes. You should have the picture of you in that green top as your default one, it's simply gorgeous smile
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
randysoldier: thanks for the yes sweety.........
PARTYBOYnumber2: hey thanks for the yes, u r incredibly attractive
shawn007sk: u look cute
firefighterpa280: this is robs wife he is a very caring and sensitive person he would give u the shirt off his back and he has a big heart u r very pretty what do u say we raise his ratings by voting him a yes he will vote yes for u to and pls right some comments for him h
Eric420: very beautiful babe rate me if its a yes thats what i gave u cutie
bigdawg923: hey babe, thanks for the yes, you're very sexy
HOTJacK: hott!
comeoniwannalayyou: very sexy
airframer61: hey thanx for the yes georgous
trubouncerlah23: hey there. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
birdcatcher01: aw well i still think your cute
emofreek11: Damn look at u WOW....! "Smokin"
Hollowman: Oh god you are so pretty :O. uhm, just wanted you to know.. heh contact me if you feel like it :P..
pauly34: thanks for the yes back beautiful
Mogley15: Cuteness ! :P
bballer102005: mmm such cutie
codea: very beautiful. your eyes are absolutely gorgeous! you definately have my yes sweetie. i couldnt say no to someone so Hott heartthrob well maybe ill talk to you later?
ThrowMeAGuitar: Hey thx... you have a AIM or MSN msger? We should talk sometime, we'll thanks again and your very beatiful by the way wink
DrivingTHEwrx: Thanks for the yes! WOW! Your sooo amazingly amazingly hot and beautiful smile
xDemolitionxLoverx: thank you for the yes love <3
BazX: wow...such a beautiful girl.
bsbllplay: such a hottie....wakeboarding/
snowboarding is def the shit
bsbllplay: such a hottie....wakeboarding/
snowboarding is def the shit
joerivers: thanks for the no...
jdreed77: damn girl ur hella hott, thanx for the yes babe
Junit207: hey nice!
Threeminutehapiness: soooooooooooooooooo cute!
itzistheman: very pretty
galfordx3: thanks for the yes =)
SULLMAN5: pretty
sprinter36: ....then maybe u should go to my room wink
bikerzbb: thnx ..your also georgeous yourself i really thought i knew you lol ...hit me up sometime
bikerzbb: hye sup i think i know you do u live near las vegas
guero789: gorgeous...
christhemoose: for a "very bad girl" you look rather melancholy. Cheer up!
Dedalus: So Fucking Sexy!
ViperG1: Hay baby! welcome to the site. I poped your cherry comment. Anyways, very stunning. Add some info Tiffany.
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