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Name T*Licious
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State California
City Not Given
About Me
hmm about me.. well lets see.. people say i'm always full of energy and that i always seem happy. i love being outside and out of the house!
My favorite color is GREEN.. well actually my favorite color is more of a Turquoise. but green is a good color too!

not enough... still wanna know more?
send me a message and
Just ask!!! =P
My Apps
*wakeboarding and snowboarding
*anything to do with the beach
*listening to music
*the open waters.. (like the ocean in the Florida Keys)
Turn Ons
~when a guy is outgoing
~has nice eyes and cute smile
~a good personality with a sense of humor!
~ good kissers smile
~ and a nice body never hurts!!!!

Turn Offs
-B.O. and bad breath
-being overly obsessive

when people request to be my friend with out even saying a word to me first...
send a message THEN request to be a friend... tongue
Squirt- You're the LOUD of my life too! wink
........ and you know what Freud would say!!!...
Favorite Things
TV Show That 70's show,
Family Guy,
thats it i guess i don't watch a whole lot of TV
Movies the newer version of..
it's a good movie, if you've never seen it, WATCH IT
Music i listen to a wide variety of music.. if you're that curious about what I listen to send me a message.. and ask.
Book eh..
Quote " don't be too open minded, you're brains will fall out" =)
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