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Name Jennifer
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Louisiana
City oh you would love to know.
About Me
I will add you if i find you to be cool, other than that dont bother.

I can be a bitch, but you'll live.
Dont send me retarded messages.
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Nothting that you would care about.
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carbjenk: miss you babe!
waxurss: u r absolute perfection..... 100% flawless...
Jsully7445: wow u are drop dead gorgeous whats up
jdueke: baby get on yahoooooooooooo i havent talked to you in foreverrr
CptAwesome22: Oh oh oh! I'm cool, I'm cool! smile I swear!!! Haha. Or at least I am willing to make a fool of myself for attention right? And that has to be worth SOMETHING! Or not? But hey... I wanted to try a unique approach :P
Necro99: you're really cute, you got my yes grinlol
DARKnessWITHIN: look who it is

whats new
DeRomeo: hey babe! how you been girl?
YounginDee: hey you!!!
JVSocclax: You need to text me I lost your number along with my phone a while ago ;(
mtymouse: yeah this is the first time i have been on here in like 5 years i just use face book thats bout it
JVSocclax: hi
letsgocavs23: no haha. pretty sure someone stole that. wow
letsgocavs23: no way! you're beautiful smile
SULLMAN5: want to have phone sex?
carbjenk: miss you!
petmysnake5: fucking sexy as fuck! =D what's up
No9: skeezer
TK85: Hey Miss, Very lovely smile. How r ya? oh all is well. hit me back. happy holidays.
DeRomeo: Hey babe long time no talk! call me wink
carbjenk: hey gorgeous
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hey i miss u.... :(
RoughNeckF14: Thats great to hear long time no talk. How was your halloween?
RoughNeckF14: hey how have you been?
Mobbaffiliated: so when we bout to bone really... lol
AiNoKea: Heyyy, what's up?
SETHAPEX: so....
peterpiper6969: wink wink wink wink
dbaier27: heyoo watcha up to? boreeddd over here
No9: bendover touch your toes
CptAwesome22: So... what will it take to convince you I'm cool? If there's anything you really like, let me know so I can lie about it and at least pretend! grinlol
jbone2212: u probably dont remember me but we used to talk on here all the time i hope u send me somethin back
ABrad45: god you're pretty wink
ChrisM3: hey jenwave2 what are you up to today?
carbjenk: miss you sexy
Trackstar10: Dont worry, I wont ask for any IM's or any phone numbers. I just thought I'd say, "Blatheringblatherskite
". Have a nice night!
RainbowWarriors: hi.
TrentonM: damn i want you badly!
DSGB69: thanks dear u got msn or yahoo
carbjenk: hey beautiful.
carbjenk: hey i miss ya!
ghengis: okay cool
ghengis: i was typing to you but you are saying you cant even see what im typing on yahoo, so you dont have to be a jerk about it

i can see what you type fine so i dont know what the problem is

i dont have a problem with anyone else not seeing what i type so
ghengis: copy cat wave you are the jerk wave
ghengis: jerk wave
carbjenk: you are so beautiful.
crash0999: hey darlin whats up?
FuckLifeAway: you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life!!!
carbjenk: how is it going? i miss you.
ghengis: mad
kangfbplaya: wow ur booty is amazing haha
kangfbplaya: hey sexy how you doin?

carbjenk: hey sexy!
weeo: id be perfectly fine w/ thatwink ha
jdueke: thanks for the comment sexy girl
NYsMostWanted: i hit it
GorgeousGangsta: lookin good hun showin sum luv
ChrisM3: hey jenwave
teejhot: u have an awesome smile
carbjenk: miss ya babe!
petmysnake5: Lmao, I was looking through my comments and this was the funniest, it was from you.
ohitsjen: omg fuck me sideways grinlol

That's funny haha. What's up?
carbjenk: hey cutie.. hope mardi gras was fun.. did you show your tots to a lot of random people? lol
kayceemarie4: can you rate me please before i add you smile
please && thank you!
carbjenk: happy valentines day babe
FiddyNut281: yesss i will im sorry uhg
tufgi88: id love to do you
crash0999: hey darlin whats up?
FiddyNut281: no i really am sorry and you will here it verbally soon. i miss you!
carbjenk: hey i hope that voice is getting better!
FiddyNut281: for being a dick to you
FiddyNut281: ok im sorry
FiddyNut281: dont pass, i will talk to you. its just when you went and told her that stuff, that was kinda rude. but i do miss you, come on jen
FiddyNut281: be my sl lover again please
rocker2084: hey ur a cutie : )
circa123: sexy!!
DeRomeo: hey baby! missed ya! comment back:P and call me up sumtime:P I'llc ome
carbjenk: i hope your roommate leaves for the weekend soon haha
FiddyNut281: well duh
FiddyNut281: do you miss me?
carbjenk: mine, all mine.
MaineEack: wow you're fucking gorgeous!
carbjenk: hey just thinking about you wink
theneutralzone: yahoo msn?
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: well is my fault if you're absolutely beautiful on the inside and out and have the voice of an angel??? and are perfec in every way shape and form????
tufgi88: your smile is amazinggg
LionsFan10: wow you are very pretty!! def a yes from me!!
BRough: well
any other ideas
BRough: sexy sexy girl
i wish i had a sign from you
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hey gorgeous, do you remember me now? lol
tufgi88: nice smile hot stuff
UcantCme350: well that sounds wonderful! lol
carbjenk: hey i have been good! how have you been?
Mobbaffiliated: what do u consider a retarded message LOL damn girl come sayy hi!
carbjenk: merry christmas sexy lover.
carbjenk: hey baby looking good in the new picture! get ahold of me soon!
Shadow229: Hey thanks for the add, how are ya sexy?
carbjenk: i updated smile
tictok: had to put your comment here cause there was to many sexy pics to just pic one ... wink damn your sexy...
crash0999: hey whats up?
countryguy43088: Hey! n/m, what about you?
shin00bi76: you're realy freaking cute :p
carbjenk: Yeah, just can't wait for a break. Any big plans?
carbjenk: I am good! Just busy with finals week. Are you in school anywhere?
FPOON: i'm good, how about you?
carbjenk: hey hows it going sexy lover? smile
xlikeabadstarx: hi =]

whats up? how was ur thanksgiving?
jayson643: jen you are unbelievably beautiful smile
bigjoed: you are gorgeous
thegoonies61: buttsmack wave
tredfurious: Thanks beautiful :-)
circa123: oh're Sexy!!
Ryan4221: and might as well make use of it since its out ;-)
MaineEack: Wow you're just so gorgeous!!
dedalus86: extremely sexy!
Bryan21: what's up homie, long time no talk! wink
flexican77: i was like who is this?! then i saw it... "ohitsjen!" wanna trade pix?! via cell? 760 580 6054 ^_^
DeRomeo: hey babe havent seen ya for a long time! hit me back up or call me up sumtime!
crash0999: hey darlin whats up?
secretagentman: wave
sexybaskettballlover: Hey Cutie.. i voted you a yes.. i would love to get to know u . wish u had a messenger so we can talk..
Mobbaffiliated: so where the hell have u been hiding ym whole life
MrSnookums: hey sexy wats up
UcantCme350: hey there lil lady... whatcha up to tonight?
ghengis: :(
avenged52: hey thanks for all the pic comments! you're hella sexy! smile
avenged52: hey thanks for all the pic comments! you're hella sexy! smile
crash0999: hey darlin whats up?
FiddyNut281: so you better come stay with me at my new house on campus!
ghengis: i h8 u
FiddyNut281: i love you way much more than you love me!!!!!!!!!!! heartthrob
FiddyNut281: I LOVE YOU!
JVSocclax: hi!
crash0999: hey whats up darlin?
TyKing: hmm so dam hot and ya... dam gurl... lol
Necro99: Definitely got my yes. =D
SapphireRomance: so damn beautiful
themoon: hottest girl on this site
stevehallny: your beautiful
EcStolee: you are beautiful!!!
YounginDee: hey baby gurl
FiddyNut281: i love you to so much! sorry i havent called, my phone is in my friends car and he is on vaca!! so gay but he comes home tomorrow so hopefullly i can talk to you tomrrow!
JellyBean42: You should be on the top 5 best butt contest, sign up.. i'll vote for yawink
JellyBean42: daaaaamn gotta love that sexy sexywink
Bryan21: I'm goin to cowboys next weekend
Bryan21: underage drinking lol. I bet you did, you shoulda called me, I wouldve went out there, I went to a party and watched my longhorns kick ass and got so drunk I ended up passing out in my car in someones driveway!
Bryan21: coon ass, j/k.
alwayzlooknatme: HOPE I MADE U SMILE smile
Umbaseball15: im jealous youre in louisiana, miss.
BaMaStUnNa20: Thanks for the add cutie smile
crash0999: hey darlin whats up? thanks for adding me smile

btw your such a hottie
Umbaseball15: oh its jen, hi jen. wave
haysguy78610: you are gorgeous
Bryan21: dont be scared, I dont bite and I'm normal lol.
Bryan21: maybe I'll see you out there sometime, THAT would be nice, you can be my little cajun party buddy.
Bryan21: you know what that means, now we have to party together! j/k, would be nice though. I go out there all the time, mainly to the casino or cowboys.
Bryan21: oh shit, you live right down the road from me, I live in Port Neches, small town by Beaumont, you know where that is?
Bryan21: where is Yukon?
JVSocclax: wow, you're pretty cute....May I have your number? :p
URtwixFIX: Its not fair that your soo cute. It makes other look so much worse.
jonathandb: of course
jonathandb: Yeah, lol I found my love.biggrin
kng229: Hey how're you doing? Do you have any messengers? I'd like to chat with ya sometime ;-)
Mobbaffiliated: hay! thanks. a funny thing just happened. When i seen your pic before i opened your profile, i thought to myself, i bet this girl gets alot of attention from girls, I i bet she hates it. Then i open your profile and your about me says what it says! Ironic
StrongIGuy: Just wanted to say you have one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen! grinlol
MaGiCalMisSy18: hey, just stoppin by to say ur really prettysmile
SapphireRomance: so damn sexy
enyce284: youre flawless babe
DXN987: hola there
CincinnatiTalent: daydreaming............
LSUbaseball006: just thought id say heyy. your pics are absolutely stunning btw.
badfish0855: oh yes it is =]
abarchet: Thanks for the add! You are soo amazing!! Id love to talk to you anytime you wanted!! smile
Thedrizzlebell: I just think its funny that you were so smug about your argument, then I shat on it, and you backed off. Just so we're clear.
Thedrizzlebell: You're not going to respond, are you?
FiddyNut281: jen i still love you and think about you everyday. i know i keep saying im going to call you. but this time i am for real. i miss you way to much! you are to beautiful and perfect to lose. i want me and you to be like we used to be. i think about you ever
Markus0069: wow u r very gorgeous
gbvt: marry me
moonfirez: hi, how are you today?
texskimo: so i gotta say, i am smitten by you
texskimo: so i gotta say, i am smitten by you
TheDarknessPimp: Thanks for the pic commment beautiful smile.
Necro99: Thanks for the yes. You definitely got mine. =D
Darklove: Hello. Thank you for the yes. smile
secretagentman: hello wave
lcstud09: ever time i see that your online i can't help but leave you a comment

Scotydosntknow: : P
lcstud09: i seriously think you are so close to perfect that it is crazy!
Scotydosntknow: ; )
Scotydosntknow: wow!
Scotydosntknow: wow!
jonathandb: Seriously. I have great parents, but I've never had much given to me. I'm glad I grew up that way. When you have to do things for yourself, you grow up faster.
jonathandb: 19 hours?!?...And you work. That's rough! I definitely commend you for that. There are so many people that just take like 12 hours and don't work and think they have it bad. Psshhh
jonathandb: That's good. I wish I could say the same. My job is stressful as ever. lol
I'm doing alright tho. Just busy as hell.
jonathandb: Hey beautiful. Where you been?
jonathandb: Hey beautiful. Where you been?
westcott79dh: beautiful...wink
haysguy78610: you are gorgeous not much else can be said
PricelessAmazing: So gorgeous! how're you?
cowboyu: cute pic! you got my YES , I'd love to see the other ones too!!
Thedrizzlebell: Oh, and another better comic:
moonfirez: hi, how are you on this lovely sunday?
Thedrizzlebell: Like what? I'd love to hear your response
Thedrizzlebell: You know I'm an atheist, right? Are you messing with me? Lol.
Thedrizzlebell: Not your average WYHT, I am
Necro99: You're so beautiful. You definitely got my yes. =D
MichiganFootball1: GORGEOUS!!!!!! wowzers!!! smile you got some amazing eyes!!!
HitchHiker3: still one of my faves on here!
Thedrizzlebell: Yukon isn't in the USA
secretagentman: hows it going?
secretagentman: wave
nuckerman: rawr, uber pretty
DChill: me sl never talks to me? u do better then that?
RainbowWarriors: lol hey =]
SapphireRomance: perfect. and thats an understatement.
bbsplz: you.... are gorgeoussmile
DSGB69: yummmm
jonathandb: pretty well. busy, busy. lol
jonathandb: Hey qt! How have you been?
jonathandb: How are you today gorgeous?
SkateEmerica: Very attractive.
jonathandb: Thanks for the picture comments sweetie!
prettyprncss87: hey hun wats up?
ABrad45: to the sexiest girl on this whole freaking site, I miss you darling!
TXTech6605: iam speachless... you are absolutly gorgeous!!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: dammit im missing out!!!! im sad we never talk nemore!!! really sad :(:(
Iwearclothes: O_O
debbie6901: hey gorgeous thanks for the yes hope to chat with you soon
NdwnVup: hey there sexy!! wats up babe?
HitchHiker3: come to jersey NOW!
keys66: thanx...umm your the cutiest one out of my friends lol
bamaboi82: gorgeous
No9: lol..
okay okay.. i forgive, maybe.
No9: uh hu..
Whisper209: damn ur hella sexy mami id hit it 4 sure
LiLBlondeDemon: BEAUTIFUL <3
ryetoast5: gorgeous..amazing..beau a comment back
drknockboootzz: nice hat & pretty face<3
jameson88: hey cutie whats up?
RunningErrands: *unbelievably
RunningErrands: You are so unbelievable sexy
hollisterhotboy6985: What's up Gorgeoussmile
westcott79dh: sexy as hell
RainbowWarriors: Till feburary yes. =]
UcantCme350: hey there! How you doin tonight lil lady?
HmmTasty1: thanks 4 the yes
FiddyNut281: i love you jennifer lynn! heartthrob
discfreak: you legs pics from HOT SHIT make me cream! you are so hot!
yankeeboy22: god you are beautiful
FiddyNut281: i love you!!!
ABrad45: you're sweet love. sorry I missed you last night. I got the message and couldn't understand it _at all_. What was it?

lilhoeser: very cute hit me up sometime
Tanner73Nova: damn now thats sexy, nice hat
ttpzjackson: you are very cute..
supersteve14: you are sooo gorgreous.
ABrad45: hey gorgeous! I'm sorry I didn't catch you the other night. Give me a call tonight and I should be able to help you out, okay?!
hollisterhotboy6985: gorgeoushotstuff how've you been ms new bootywink
B1gboi87: wow ur beautiful
demonicwolf: hotstuff
Drakedrg: wtf have you been?
Drakedrg: hay u
KrazyKa0s: mmm, yep, pretty much gorgeous
FiddyNut281: jen is all mine and never will be anyone elses but mine!
brianhol: Wow your amazing!
bronxbadboy27: hititjackoff
mystyboarder910: ~Beautiful~
whiskeytown: Oh. Hi. I want you.
Baller4life13: hey thx for the yes vote
Iwearclothes: I couldn't agree more
westcott79dh: beautiful
foxracin23: iam bored lol
ASutphin: wow you are very beautiful!
orangecoral9: wow ur gorgeous
xxxplayboy87xxx: same here ... gunna go party 2nite gunna go drink some good texas beer ..i went and visited friends/fam in norman and drank the okla waterd down beer ..
TrentonM: oh i have been since you left comments! you should add me on yahoo and we will chat it up sometime!
TrentonM: sigh.... hahaha
xxxplayboy87xxx: heyy whats up
TrentonM: I say move to seattle!
TrentonM: i would date you too ;-)
acousticvibes: Wow...I would LOVE to make out with you... Ever make it to Chicago? smile
DfeqTT: hahah grinlol i wish! lol your cute
callmeurdaddy: dang baby ur fucking hott
lol thanks for the yess
ChuGotItMeing: definitly get my yes
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: what r ur plans 4 summer????
mpower1506: thanks for the yes hottie grinlol
SamDaStripper: Wow... completely gorgeous!! would love to chat sometime.... comment or add me if ur interested...defiently cute can't wait to here from you
firemansully: wow you have an amazing smile and your eyes are just plain hypnotizing!
jameson88: damn you hot.
DeRomeo: hey gorgeoussmile miss talking to u!
optim00: are you doing beautiful smile
derailed: you are gorgeous
YounginDee: hey sexy...
PansyMan: you are so gorgeous... and thank you for the pic comment...
raidber20: i shall be looking ahead then

just let me know
raidber20: are u on right now?
raidber20: hey there cutie
is that still your yahoo there cutie?
bige3702: your very beautiful
brett8403: sexc
kenrick: hi... grinlol
Pyrochaos: I wasn't whining, I was just, uh, whining.
Kingofthecourt: This girl is it
badfish0855: you love me
badfish0855: you love me
badfish0855: so what
badfish0855: whatever you say
Pyrochaos: You voted me a no, therefore, you are a terrorist.
crash0999: hey whats up? love the eyes grinlol
Rockinmomma: You are incredibly gorgeous, I'm not a lesbian or anything, haha...but you are!!! Thanks for the yes!
chrisva84: so whats up gorgeous?
DeRomeo: Hey gorgeousness love talking to yawink you're the best:P hit me up backwink!!!
NewBlack: god!!!!!!!!!!!! come to ga
NewBlack: all day long
joeballs: Thanks for the yes! how are you?
mitchaw: hey girl, thanks for the yes. I'm new to this site, but you're very pretty!
shad0wsfall: beautiful
lcmfootball66: AirForce_OnTheWater@hot
TheNo1Patrick: You're very attractive too wink
sundance: are totally adorable...add me as a friend and hit me up on myspace if you have an account there...i'm in vegas right now but will be back home and online this weekend....
YounginDee: Hey Sexy!!!
eric13462: lol hot pics i would add u too yahoo but idk if that sn is legit lol , so how have u ben lately
tlewis2006: damn you're hot. hot hot hot.
Suspence87: thnx for the yes, but i guess you dont need anymore friends huh? lol ill give it one more shot to see if i deserve to be a friend lol
TheNo1Patrick: You're pretty.
DeRomeo: god baby you're amazingwink
YounginDee: hey baby gurl!!! whats up??
LEGACY777: thanks for the no
DJTiesto: damn...first thing to come to mind when i saw ur pic...u are gorgeous.
YounginDee: you don't have to thank me i'm jus bein honest
YounginDee: i jus wanted you to know, Your fuckin sexy!!!
Richiethe1: np
Richiethe1: your really pretty =)
milos78: You are more than welcome Jennifer(damn i like your name lol)!
photoflo: you=totally, unbelievably, hot. Yeah.
Hardy22: thanks for the yes beautiful!!
milos78: Hey Jennifer i can't remeber now but when i see her online i send you link i have good memory im sure that i saw your picks before
YounginDee: hey baby gurl how you doin??? i'm bout to hit you up on yahoo kk??
YounginDee: Thanks for the add baby gurl!!!
AmrZaki: nice smile looking great
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: mmmhmmm its true n i dont liek when u hang up on me1!!!!! grrrrr makes me sad, but i do miss u... :(
Anubis: thanks for the vote beautiful!!
mkUltra: yum..... ;D
twin: thnx your pretty hott wink
willferelladdict: hey gorgeous thanks for the vote....
robxb: heyy thanks for the yes =]. you look sooo much like this girl i know, its weird!
FEARanLOATHINGsf: Hello beautiful!!!!!!How ya doin?
SULLMAN5: you are so sexy!
crazyccrypt3: your a vary beautiful lady
CVballer2423: Hey Whats Up, Your A Cutie. Hit Me Back Sometime.
boilergolf: you are very pretty, got a yes from me
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hey guess who called u last nite!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah that was me... n idk what happend if u answered but jsut didnt say nething or waht but then it hung up.... so explain cuz i wanted to ehar ur voice!!!!
randompornstar: great lips, so gorgeousinlove
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hey did u call me the other nite... ?
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
mkUltra: whats a SL?
ProblyHOTT48: Jen! You're in the top 10 next to my SL :O
Rage21: thats good grinlol what did you do this weekend?
Rage21: hows it been?
Rage21: nothin :( just chillen watchin some thing on mtv. what about you?
Rage21: hey jen grinlol
sdvidauri: thanks for the yes... you are extremely prettiful...and me well im cheesy to the extreme haha smile
pauly34: ur so beautiful
jucketjam2k7: absolutely gorgeous smile
fishcp2: so cute ;]
DXN987: well hello cutie
ryetoast5: amazin..beautiful..gorg
eous love a comment back
SeanAndrew12: jeenn is soo hot haha
Andr0m3da: hello beautiful
prouditalian2006: you are cute smile
nanananasuperman89: thanks for the yes, so hows it goin?
nanananasuperman89: wow your are gorgeoushotstuff you make me feel all funny like how i felt when i had to climb the rope in gym class
Rage21: hey new friend <3
BlindBlinds: msn?
Raver1111: Hey I'm new to this whole wyht thing, but ure pretty hot add me if u want.
JVSocclax: Buon giorno smile
JVSocclax: Just saying hello smile
flybmxer19: heyy wow, are absolutly gorgeous and i would love to talksometime to get to know you,so ttys,later
Renix: Vurry nice. Diggin the smile.
MightyMikeDeezy: Heh, I want to nibble that earlobe.

lostseahawk05: I would be cliche and tell you how hot you are, but you already know that. I just wanted to say thanks for the yes. :-)
bballer29: That pic with the hat is my fav. on the site wink if u ever wanna chat sexy
CincinnatiTalent: so you're awesome
Swik6ft7: Thanks for the yes... ur definatley gorgeous
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: i miss jen....
xplatinumxguitarx: yea lol
danXcore: since im already straight what happens?! humps?!
danXcore: im pretty sure you can turn gay men straight
bballer29: ok maybe three'm lying i'd hit it til i drop
onecrazymoefoe: your so cute.. wink
onecrazymoefoe: you are soo beautiful.. wink
bballer29: Damn, yea i would def. "hit it".... twice lol
baseballstud4: swimbackstrk4 <-----AIM better get at me beautiful!!!
CreamerJay: wow iI havent seen a such a beautiful lady in awhile.. hey now I'm Jason
SupaFlyBlueEyes: thank you baby.. your damn sexy yourself!
dixielnddelight: yew shouldnt have to
dixielnddelight: wow yew realy know how to look good in front of a camra, i like that =)
Billay: I absolutely loved EVERY comment you left me! Thank you!
chiwoj85: damn you o so beautiful! yes for you!
ABrad45: Miss you lovely!
adrunksconfessions: im good. doing homework. and you?
adrunksconfessions: hey cutie <3
xSuicidexSlutx: I was going to give you a yes but It'd probably send off the message that I'm hitting on you. So I guess I just wont rate you.
robxb: so...ok first of course you're beautiful, and seriously look like one of my friend's twin....its weird. =|
caliguy6969: ur a cutie
buffdaddyy20: so thanks for the yes :P your gorgeous hun.
Dapimpin989: Your beautiful!
Blaackwire: looking very sexy beautiful
thehotbrother: well, get on aim or something so I can make you feel like a slut.
thehotbrother: why don't you just get naked for me?
ken9776: you have beautiful eyes
vinceman182: hey there. i havent talked to you in awhile. i hope all is well smile and you still are looking as beautiful as ever
jeffd07: u r absolutly gorgeous!
SUPERMAN06: Damn girl, You are Gorgeous!! You definatly got my vote!!!
VanDam: yes ma'm wink
dothedew777: wow
tommyboy1465: well it seems to be working
tommyboy1465: haha ur quite the looker urself
tommyboy1465: hey whats going on?
beachboy4444: lets talk;]
milos78: Here is the yes beautiful and all the best in 2007heartthrob
h011ister24: Wow you are absolutely stunning, definitely a YES!! I hope you have a good day.
dOnTgEtItTwIsTeD: lookin hella fine ma.... holla back!
Gravedigger: not mucha nothin
Gravedigger: not mutcha nothin
bigballinpucker: girl you have the sexiest eyes i've ever seen, hit me back sometime
bricktop24: Hey! Thanks for the comments. Don't get too many of those. Especially from a beautiful girl. Keep in touch.
ABrad45: I have the greatest SexyLover every sweetie. I love you so much Jen smile
Gravedigger: hey hey gorgeous
DeRomeo: gorgeous. thanks for the comment .
xboomx: haha alottaa guys.
xboomx: ^^^^^
haha do u tell every one that?
bennyboy1223: ok come to florida and i will wink
Latin20: ha,well thank u. Did i mention I'm latin also,ha. Write bck-adios
Latin20: ha..well thank u...did i ever mention im Latin also,ha write me bck-adios
spitnshook: hotstuff
tbrown28: yeah im pretty bored to just myspaceing haha
tbrown28: hey whats up... your a cutie yourslef
FiddyNut281: aol instant messanger hahaha
FiddyNut281: i dont lie. i know a beautiful girl when i see one! and im seeing one right now! (im me at braaaaap125)
SexAppeal12887: jen ur breath takin! leavin me speechless!
FiddyNut281: um your pretty much MORE ADORABLE!
matsticles04: hey girl, wow u are simply gorgeous!!!, id love to chat more if uwanted, hit me up some time, cya gorgeous!
FiddyNut281: your welcome smile
FiddyNut281: hey your pretty much gorgeous!!!
xShowStopperx: your hot<3
joshfuckingparsons: hey, any chance of being on your friends list?
LyouSeeKy: are you greek boo?
sxyazngrly: gorgeous hun wink
allnightlong105: very pretty definately a yes!
nikkisixx21: omfg...u r the hottest chick i have ever seen! thanx for the yes smile xoxo
ABrad45: I have the greatest SexyLover EVER!

<3<3<3 smile Love ya baby smile
Southside23: thankz 4 the yes beautiful :-D
Anubis: beautiful!! truly a goddess amund unworthy men!!=D
holisterguy20: you have beautiful eyes, gorgeous lips, nice hair, your stunning.
ABrad45: I have the best Sexy Lover EVER <3
badfish0855: yeah, but things are better, and she's less weird.
greeklover23: extremely hot wink
JordanAK: Absolutely Adorable .... <3
AFJeff19: bow Definite YES
crash0999: hey whats up?
griff: you're beautiful wink
cwistofo: hi gorgeous
Ginastar6901: georgous
mandythesweetie: your just a ugly 17 yr old slut
statonj: WOW! well i dont think hott is the right word for you... but when i figure it out ill let ya know ;-)
OwenKinslayer: Ugh....duh...i love you...what more do i need to comment?
alroy88: cuter wink
LetUGo13: sure did how have you been
Scottman00: Awesome I have msn and yahoo...but I dunno msn hasnt let me sign in. Ive been trying for like a hour frown do you have msn cutie? and can we be on each others friends list?
spankmeladies: You are so beautiful hun!
Scottman00: wow you are amazingly beautiful! Im sure you get that everyday...anyways wanna chat sometime?
petmysnake5: hey whats going on sexxxy...your really cute, comment back
FPOON: bootycall me sometime kay? i'd like that. that or a normal phone call would be good too. ;D
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Hope my message wasn't what you'd classify as "Retarded"
Chuck8303: LOL. if you have over 70 why cant you salute then :(
Chuck8303: youre not saluted or i would!
Chuck8303: grinlol thanks grinlol
petmysnake5: hey babe whats up
joshfuckingparsons: hey, do you wana add me to your friends list and ill add you to mine? also do u have msn? mine is if u wana add me...thanks!@
Shuaz: wow, absolutely gorgeous
BrettyB69: Beautiful eyes girl!!
matty08: fucking hot
chrisva84: gorgeous!!!
petmysnake5: i dont have msn, i have aim though..petmysnake5

or you can add me on myspace

and my band :]
erg: nope it's the real me, no worries!
erg: just now! haha, I deleted my old account a while ago
erg: jen?
PolishSasquatch: damn hot!
chrisva84: wow just amazingly beautiful
addison69: oh baby would i !!! hottie wink
BreakStone: wow... just... wow. drool
Mark628: hey sexy whats up?
forevereverlasting: *lip ring kisses*
AEhOtTeH: i knoww lol what have you been up to??
forevereverlasting: just say the word and you've got it
SpeedRacer244: sounds good to me
forevereverlasting: jen smile
drinkdrankxxpunk: a cajun girl huh? I go to NO about 3-4 times a year to visit my freind who goes to's a bad ass place
thehotbrother: Jen.
drinkdrankxxpunk: well that is just hard to turn where exactly are you located?
drinkdrankxxpunk: well if you are willing to take it off...i guess it would be worth it...any other reasons why it would be worth might be a long trip
AEhOtTeH: heey are yah:P
drinkdrankxxpunk: um sure you can...and i shall try...but the toga is hard to get off
RainbowWarriors: kfine then
RainbowWarriors: lol, kgo.
RainbowWarriors: just say hey mum, i'm going to the store, then come, lol.
RainbowWarriors: & why not?
RainbowWarriors: why sad
RainbowWarriors: come out here, we can. lol
anthony23: wow.. um, your too good for words.. get at me sometime gorgeous
chrisva84: beautiful
demonicwolf: hey stranger i miss you <3
AFJeff19: bow Definite YES
chrisva84: damn you are gorgeous!!
forevereverlasting: aw bummer, i was wondering what happened to you
forevereverlasting: I have missed you as well, what happened to your profile?
forevereverlasting: good morning sunshine
taralee: your sooo pretty!
Mr2CooL: omg i dont know what to say...damn your hot as hell
mikecraphone81: wow you are gorgeous..
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