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Name Mona
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Colorado
City Not Given
About Me
-i'm about 5'6
-i am taken, for well over a year now. i love him with all my heart but i don't mind meeting new people and making new friends.
-i like to burp...loud, i like to have burping contests, yes i know its not very ladylike but oh well, i also know when it is an appropriate time to not burp so i'm not totally unladylike
-one of the sad things is i try not to expect much from other people because if i do and they don't do what i expect i get disappointed. then i blame myself for believing them and gettin disappointed.
-i have a very dirty mind
-i absolutly love Disney Movies like the Lion King and Little Mermaid
-i am very funny. my humor may be mean but atleast its funny
-i can be really mean at times but its ok bc ppl think i'm cute
-i love coffee
-i play softball and sometimes basketball
-i like to hang out with friends
-i love attenion from guys(most guys anyways)
-if i can't get what or who i want i usually don't want anything/anyone else, yes i can be that stubborn
-sadly another thing about me is that i fall very easily and always get hurt bc the guys i like don't feel the same about me
-doesn't matter what u rate me i will rate u on my own opinion
-i'm only into guys but if any girls wanna add me go ahead i don't care but if u start to try and flirt with me don't expect me to flirt back
-i love to flirt but only with certain ppl, if i don't flirt with u then its prolly bc i don't like u and u might creep me out
-anything else u wanna know just ask

i don't really use them much any more. i won't charge u for an add. but if u wanna send bbs to me just for the hell of it i'll take them and prolly send it to a friend who wants them myspace. but i have it blocked to where u have to know my last name to add me. if u wanna add me message and ask me for it
My Apps
and hang out with my older sis Gina she's preefunny. but she'd be nothin w/o me! lol jk

oh yea i like comments and messages...
i like to comment sometimes too

Stnr upgraded me and i'm so happy he did. thanks again!
Turn Ons

J is so great

i want Kayla's peepee!

Jamie Lee makes me wanna jilloff
Turn Offs
1.guys way older than me, ew loose skin and old balls! yes i am talkin about u old guys that r 39 tryin to hit on me and whatnot!
2.ugly guys that think they're hot
4. i also hate it when a guy says he misses me, and he has my number so he is able to talk to me when he 'misses' me but i never get a call, i will not believe u if u tell me that but won't call. if u want me to believe u prove me wrong, call me!
J is one of the sweetest guy i've ever met.
Favorite Things
TV Show south park
family guy
and other stuff like that
Movies super troopers
lion king
kill bill vol. 1 & 2
all the nightmare on elm street movies
american history x
any kind of "horror" movie
and so much more
Music anything but country or gosple
Book mystery type
Quote Women R Born With Something Men Will Never Possess...A Clue.
haha and my friend Evan's quote "i have 3 knees: a right knee, a left knee, and a weenie!"
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