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Name Mona
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Colorado
City Not Given
About Me
-i'm about 5'6
-i am taken, for well over a year now. i love him with all my heart but i don't mind meeting new people and making new friends.
-i like to burp...loud, i like to have burping contests, yes i know its not very ladylike but oh well, i also know when it is an appropriate time to not burp so i'm not totally unladylike
-one of the sad things is i try not to expect much from other people because if i do and they don't do what i expect i get disappointed. then i blame myself for believing them and gettin disappointed.
-i have a very dirty mind
-i absolutly love Disney Movies like the Lion King and Little Mermaid
-i am very funny. my humor may be mean but atleast its funny
-i can be really mean at times but its ok bc ppl think i'm cute
-i love coffee
-i play softball and sometimes basketball
-i like to hang out with friends
-i love attenion from guys(most guys anyways)
-if i can't get what or who i want i usually don't want anything/anyone else, yes i can be that stubborn
-sadly another thing about me is that i fall very easily and always get hurt bc the guys i like don't feel the same about me
-doesn't matter what u rate me i will rate u on my own opinion
-i'm only into guys but if any girls wanna add me go ahead i don't care but if u start to try and flirt with me don't expect me to flirt back
-i love to flirt but only with certain ppl, if i don't flirt with u then its prolly bc i don't like u and u might creep me out
-anything else u wanna know just ask

i don't really use them much any more. i won't charge u for an add. but if u wanna send bbs to me just for the hell of it i'll take them and prolly send it to a friend who wants them myspace. but i have it blocked to where u have to know my last name to add me. if u wanna add me message and ask me for it
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and hang out with my older sis Gina she's preefunny. but she'd be nothin w/o me! lol jk

oh yea i like comments and messages...
i like to comment sometimes too

Stnr upgraded me and i'm so happy he did. thanks again!
Turn Ons

J is so great

i want Kayla's peepee!

Jamie Lee makes me wanna jilloff
Turn Offs
1.guys way older than me, ew loose skin and old balls! yes i am talkin about u old guys that r 39 tryin to hit on me and whatnot!
2.ugly guys that think they're hot
4. i also hate it when a guy says he misses me, and he has my number so he is able to talk to me when he 'misses' me but i never get a call, i will not believe u if u tell me that but won't call. if u want me to believe u prove me wrong, call me!
J is one of the sweetest guy i've ever met.
Favorite Things
TV Show south park
family guy
and other stuff like that
Movies super troopers
lion king
kill bill vol. 1 & 2
all the nightmare on elm street movies
american history x
any kind of "horror" movie
and so much more
Music anything but country or gosple
Book mystery type
Quote Women R Born With Something Men Will Never Possess...A Clue.
haha and my friend Evan's quote "i have 3 knees: a right knee, a left knee, and a weenie!"
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tommyjohn99: will you rate my pic please
Actongue: You're Gorgeous
AdventWrath: Hey there cutiesmile
CptAwesome22: Psh, I think it could be smile But you can still have similar feelings to losing it again I think if you continue to wait for the next person though. The first time it's with another person you care about will feel brand new all over again!
CptAwesome22: Don't be sad about your v-card smile Just know that someone else's LIFE was made by you. And they'll never have better!
lostdrifter: wowie
Bmxer459: Well Shit i got both lip and tounge ring
PAguy: hey hows it hangin? up to anything fun tonight?
ladiezmanMARKyo: lol ty
ladiezmanMARKyo: grinlol
ladiezmanMARKyo: yeah i know smile
ladiezmanMARKyo: oh you know smile
ladiezmanMARKyo: lol screw you smile
ladiezmanMARKyo: same here smile
jonnycowboy: Do you like Aladdin?
ladiezmanMARKyo: supppppppp
PAguy: hey hows it hangin?
ladiezmanMARKyo: wave
enderkensenbender: this one girl, i just bit the ring and yanked it out of her face with my teeth. she started crying and stuff and wouldnt let me kiss her anymore :(
enderkensenbender: i like making out with girls who have lip rings
Matts01ES: Hi how r u?
bcballer1408: what's your msn again baby?
monkey78: amazing eyes!
Matts01ES: Def a yes!
bcballer1408: IM me on msn
mannamedchris: what is your MSN, message me.
mannamedchris: what is your MSN, message me.
brianb89: you are so beautiful
BigAC88: Hey there, how ya doin? :-)
ladiezmanMARKyo: lol hi hi!
Mandos: You are very beautiful and you have an awesome profile smile
Nasiello: i could beat you in a burping contest grinlol
Steven311: heyyy
boilergolf: you are very pretty, got a yes from me
Nomilus: hey hey babe :] whats up?
JJizzle48: sexy hun!
mikeb12345: hey whats your name on msn??
NJEric05: hey cutie how are u very beauitful smile
raider1: you look great was wondering if you wanted to talk on messengers
mikeb12345: hey how are you doing today??
BigOutdoorsMan: I just uploaded some new pix. Check them out and leave a comment. For every pic you comment, I will comment yours. smile
leftyhefty: hey gorgeous how are you?
armyairborne01: hey whats up
Westicles: Hey, how was your day?
Westicles: Hey, how was your day?
Westicles: So I'm doing as said and asking for your MSN, I would like to get to know you, let me know if the feeling is mutual! I'm Wes btw.
Henrikku: o/ Hi~
CHEVYMAN05: my # is on my pro give me a text sometime beautiful
angeldesigner: <3
soccer1794: heyyy hunsmile wats up im mikkesmile
foshonigga: your sexy smile
bigtony84: I've made a new video like always rate comment and subscribe
nhra347: Hey! Wow! You are Beautiful!
cycloneman33: i love to help u mon more
Ambrose2: very beautiful.
LionsFan10: wow you are beautiful!! def a yes from me!
Matts01ES: Def a yes
Matts01ES: Def a yes
Matts01ES: Def a yes
Ronyd: looking good!
nhra347: hey, whats up? i gave you a yes; wana chat?
johnnybagthem22: you're so beautiful babe
tmoney82: so i can stalk u. lol...i go to boulder, denver and aurora alot when im ther
tmoney82: where at in col
eyooitschico: hey your cute : )

whats up?
teejhot: very sexy.
TheDevilsDemon: you got my yes
nymark1025: so do you moan a lot?
redfinzz: ...ur CUTE!!!
shawn1981: thanks for the add beautiful
ttdog00: i thot ur name was moanalot for the longest time. i think that's why i added u. LOL. i love that u like the lion king, tho. anyways, LOl. ciao <3!
Ramiel76: so cute! definately get a yes grinlol
ladiezmanmarkyo: smile
ladiezmanmarkyo: yay you moveddd
angeldesigner: you i think.
or a stranger.
you were there.
angeldesigner: sex
alot of sex
angeldesigner: i had a dream bout you.
ladiezmanmarkyo: dude that comment was like weeks ago and cuz it pissed me off i still dont have a phone
ladiezmanmarkyo: i smashed my phone :(
ladiezmanmarkyo: /leaves comment
automech7053: Hey babe! how have ya been? Can i have your msn name? smile
nhra347: wow, you get a yes!
hockeyguy1919: nothign at all, just hanging out inside right now...its so hot out!
hockeyguy1919: haha you have a very dirty mind and love disney movies :P whats up gorgeous?
penispuppet: oki i added you I don't see you on though =o
penispuppet: aw boo hugs? =] hug i'm alright
penispuppet: hey Mona how are you?
jphillips2008: damn what a hottie!
TaDdYpOlE: i wanna make ya monalot :-P
DutchMasta420: hey cutie, wuts goin on
penispuppet: kewl we should have a burping contest. haha
penispuppet: oo sweet I went to the 6 flags in Denver too, its pretty nice I Loved looking at the mountains smile
penispuppet: hehe i like your username =D i've been to colorado springs before grinlol
karldiddy: So sexy!! drool
angeldesigner: ikr! =[
angeldesigner: ily.

i had you in my profile. then matt tookover, and it got messed upugh
jayson643: absolutely gorgeous...beautiful face and great body smile
karldiddy: SEXY!! hitit
scotty80100: wow stunning
Acrimony: Thx for the add sexy how are ya?
countrycutie528: Hiya! You seem very cool! Love the profile! Gave you a yes!
MAGICALmissy18: thanks im good
i rated you yes..rate me back when u can.. smile
KennyDavidson: Working...thats bout it...I totaled my car like 3 weeks ago....
MAGICALmissy18: cute profile and pics!!!

hows your day?
KennyDavidson: MONA!
ihitgspots: exceptional looking
bradstoner: Thanks for the no. It seems thick girls aren't into me
ihitgspots: totally awesome looking
Trackstar10: That's good. Do you get much snow in the part of CO that you live in?
Trackstar10: well that sucks. It's been snowing off and on here the last few days. Nothing has stuck, but we hardly get any snow here. My track meet on friday got cancelled cuz of it. Stupid weather. Doesn't it know it's spring? haha
Trackstar10: lol, yeah. I dont get to do that a whole lot. Whatcha up to this week?
Trackstar10: Mine has been alright. Just been relaxing and watching some college basketball. It's been nice to relax.
Trackstar10: Hey there Purdy Lady! How's your weekend going so far?
kng229: I'm doing alright, bummed spring break ended today for me. Do you have any messengers? I'd like to chat with ya sometime ;-)
kng229: Hey hottie thanks for the add! How are ya?
scotty80100: hello
matthew69: hey thanks for the add...fine as hell
Chldrnofbodm: hi
Buddhapwnz: you have very beautiful eyes i gave you a *yes*
TwOKaNSkAm01: your on here quite often, just curious what do you do on here? im just horny alot and thats why im on here from time to time
bballer102005: oh wow!! def a yes from me!!
Rage21: lick
JonnyBoy235: iwanna make u moan alot!!!
TwiztedWickedness: i have a lip ring and a toung ring :P
dmr086: damn u look good
JP2C: hollaaaaaaaaaa
Morbidoddangel: Hey put some new pics up you should check them out....James
nuckerman: uuuber pretty, and I love the play on words in ur name, very cute lol
ldrship420: you look sexy
PV1Headley06: Hi there =]
sexy as hell all i can think
Molsonmike95: Heey Mona Merry Christmas smile
UcantCme350: woohoo!!! hah do you happen to have msn?
UcantCme350: awww that's cute! you should keep me company then! you are gorgeous btw!
UcantCme350: I'm in chicago for an xmas present... its' been fun but I'm ready to go home... i get to leave tomorrow... what you doin still up? lookin for santa?
UcantCme350: im kinda bored.... stuck in ahotel over xmas eve.. but ya know... doin allright... what you up to?
UcantCme350: wow... you got my yes! you should add me too! how you doin tonight lil lady?
barlow11: Merry Christmas smile
degenerate108: gorgous.
Kayne985: You're beautiful!
Kayne985: Beautiful!
You are The behind door Number 18 for TRENDwhore Advent Calender.
i3luechaos: lemme see your nipples
automech7053: Hey! thanks for the add! hows your night goin?
MaineEack: wow you're very pretty
racerboy: your so beautiful
jameson88: hey sexy you wanna chat?
stfuAnt: well it's not that i lost it. i just kinda..forgot my password lol. so i spent a long time figuring it out but it's alright now.
stfuAnt: hmm uber lots! and uber lots more since the last time i logged on here haha
Shuaz: Ohhh, thanks for brightening up my night with such a gorgeous photo! You're beautiful!! =D
phillycheesesteak03: hey whats up?
bballer102005: very pretty yes from me!!
babeilldoitall4u: I think you are the sexy one
barlow11: Happy Thanksgiving day sweetie
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
jameson88: hey listen sweetie, im tired of girls ignoreing my comments i send out on here so please write me back and be a little different than those other bitches.

do you have msn or yahoo?

if so i would love to chat with you.

jts420socal: mona...................
stfuAnt: oh snap
happy belated b-day! smile
no, i don't know how much you miss me
you can always enlighten me tho
stfuAnt: i miss a youuuuu too
i been real busy though and it sucks
what you been up to?
thebluemongoose: you like that?
thebluemongoose: buttsmack
thebluemongoose: buttsmack
BecauseImInABand: Hey, what's up?
LastWaltz: thebobdylanshow@yahoo.c
om add my msn im on webcam
LastWaltz: thebobdylanshow@yahoo.c
om add my msn im on webcam
JonnyBoy235: so u think u can make me moan alot!?!?
codysmith1: about the same... just doing some homework before class.
codysmith1: no problem. you're pretty cute yourself. how are you?
basswolf456: hey wats up?
your really pretty
camelass: hey there
Deaner17: ok babe, i dont usually leave comments, but for you babe, i would do anyting...i just got done reading your profile and looking at some of your pics, and babe, your beautiful, better yet, your got my yes for sure...i hope i get yours, and pl
bamaboi82: yeah you can say that ahaha.
bamaboi82: lol alrite then you cool in my book
bamaboi82: haha well ur cool you have a pic of my home girl kayla so u cool
bamaboi82: hah guess huh i see how it is lol
bamaboi82: just showing yah page some luv
Ratta0000: hawt
bigXbangXtheory: when are you going to post more??
waxurss: send me some bang bucks stranger
matt89: i added ya!
matt89: not too much
just chattin on msn, dancin to music haha
cammin a bit 8-)

how was yo day sexy girl?
matt89: hey whats going on sexy?

i def. wanan get to know you better! smile
johnnybagthem22: hey baby sorry i havent been on much i've been at camp and just got home lil tired so im going to lay down i will talk to you tommorow promise love ya hun bye
MrMaltese: So damn cute!! hotstuff
joshfuckingparsons: hey hun u look gorgeous! wana chat on msn? mines if u wana add me, whats urs?
misskayla907: you = amazing
craig1394: hmm i'm sorry well hmm my phone hasnt' been working right lol i think its cause i leave it on when i charge it lol but idk hmm sorry....well haha how was it girl...
XXWetPantsXX: Yummy, Very Sexy!
craig1394: hey beautiful havent talked to u in a while wat have u been up to..o and i noticed ur not a virgin anymore lol hmm when and who..
misskayla907: <333
prettyboy87: hey there sweet thing
bigXbangXtheory: how you never around???
theBLACCsuperman: curvey, sexy, and cute!
CurtisCurtisCurtis: hi. how are you? love the pics. care to chat sometime? msn?
needsumthing2do: hey where u been hiding i dont see u on msn i am not sure if i fucked up my msn or not
misskayla907: mona! i havent commented yu in a while.. i miss you.. sex me please?
mobbster2: how much is alot?
Daavid: grinlol everyone does
Daavid: haha

tackles and pokes I win!
Daavid: yes I can I am superman

finds and pokes

giggles like a school boy nana
Daavid: duh of course want to have a poking party me and you grinlol
Daavid: only if your the one poking me wink
Daavid: duh I love it jackoff
Shyguymason: You are perfect!!! i doubt the great shakesphere himself could conjour up a few words that will do your true beauty justice for it is on a far higher platau that a mans word means nothing!
likexwhoaxlove: whats uppp
likexwhoaxlove: <333
PAguy: hey hows it goin? wanna chat sumtime? i was just checkin out your profile n you sounded fun haha
needsumthing2do: mona whats up?
trav279: hehe for what?
JonnyBoy235: i'd love to make u moan alot sexy thang!!!!
chickmagnet618201: well u too so long to decide..
DutchMasta420: hey wuts u doin
dedalus86: gorgeous!
needsumthing2do: hi cutie patutie lol
hows shit with u mona?
Whiteandnerdy: Not much just hanging around town and the beaches you?
Whiteandnerdy: I know it is :-P

I messaged you this time winner
Whiteandnerdy: great
Whiteandnerdy: hows it going?
Whiteandnerdy: Mona hug I miss you :(
Middleton86: hey gorgeous hows it going? well just wondering if i could get your msn so we can chat some more gorgeous?
needsumthing2do: i got my grades not good
needsumthing2do: hey how are u me pissed grumble grumble
vatoz35: so big
knightsA: thanks for the yes gorgeous!
Krystar: i didnt care much for that make up. but it was done for a fashion show. but thank you nontheless smile
FLGuy2005: thanks for the add. you look great smile
akvolleystudd: MONA! good luck on your audition!! you will do GREAT!
love you!
Whiteandnerdy: I <3 you too
ballin6969: hey baby...whats up tonight??
nymphoJUGGALO: daaaaaamn....hello....h
ow r u??
hotone4fems1: BEAUTIFUL
johnnybagthem22: that sucks im happy you're okay
VANQUISH: So pretty damn wish you could really be here to get on my lap and fuck me now that's for sure! Have a good weekend! <3
johnnybagthem22: ily u 2 mona
Whiteandnerdy: Miss you too I will be on Friday dance
Scarface20072008: damn UR SEXY msg me back or add me to msn life_time_stoner@hotmai
dedalus86: gorgeous!
pauly34: ur so beautiful
likexwhoaxlove: im not on ur page!
Scottman00: You are way pretty! Id love to chat sometime if thats ok with you
Middleton86: your very welcome
Middleton86: GOD YOUR GORGEOUS WOW!!!!!!!!!!
mezabasha: hii how r u?
r u on msn now?
likexwhoaxlove: MONA!!!ILY222222hotstuff
Whiteandnerdy: score dance
Whiteandnerdy: lol I know it was cute I had to show it off Love you too hug
ballin6969: looking really hot!
Daavid: Yes I am redface ily
Daavid: grinlol I'm to lazy
Daavid: Yeah I never go on it
Daavid: Hey I'm good you?
MadMonkeyBananaPants: You are delicious! drool
seven007: damn gurl u r soo goregous and ..your eye's ...freak'in seeexy...
kcinick: Uh.. Well.. Game on?= ]
kcinick: So. I'll take you in a beltching competition. as long as you come prepaired to lose, that is.
Whiteandnerdy: hug
Whiteandnerdy: Pretty good you?
Whiteandnerdy: aww thank you redface
misskayla907: i lub you
Whiteandnerdy: Mona <3333333
misskayla907: mona = love.
Whiteandnerdy: We will see
Whiteandnerdy: Oh sure thats what you say nowgrinlol you rock Mona <3 for real
Whiteandnerdy: Hmm.. To accept or deny

you better not dump me this time =P
Whiteandnerdy: bahaha owned

But atleast we can still talk <3
Whiteandnerdy: See what happend I am on alot now and we talk emo

Whiteandnerdy: Next time I will tell you eek
Whiteandnerdy: Oh darn I forgot to
Whiteandnerdy: I just took one now I feel amazing
Whiteandnerdy: No not really you?
Whiteandnerdy: I know right :(
Whiteandnerdy: Oh yeah I live far away :( darn
Whiteandnerdy: wait till i get there grinlol!
Whiteandnerdy: Not alot just kicking back for a few you?
Whiteandnerdy: Yes you do!

no you don't not really sorry I am just a jerk
Whiteandnerdy: :( sorry hug
Whiteandnerdy: I am no longer talking to you emo

Just kidding =-P wave
Whiteandnerdy: Great you?
Whiteandnerdy: Mona hug
Whiteandnerdy: They are going great grinlol how bout over thier?
Chldrnofbodm: sorry i havn't been on lately been busy
Whiteandnerdy: School its sucks emo2
Whiteandnerdy: Yes alot thanks for asking hug
Whiteandnerdy: Miss you too
bigddiper5: sooooooooooo gorgeous! hit me bac!
AECutiePie: I love you baby I will tty in morning enjoy your signs I miss ya hold ya hug ya kiss ya lick ya cuddle hehe bye baby love ya!
sergeantcracker: *waves* morning smile happy holidays what are you up to miss?
agent1: wow your so cutegrinlolgrinlol pretty.. sexy toogrinlolgrinlol hehe got my yeswink
Whiteandnerdy: Great
AECutiePie: You should put me on your to do list Mona babe smile!
Whiteandnerdy: aww hug
Whiteandnerdy: No not really I'm sick :(
Whiteandnerdy: Not much you?
Whiteandnerdy: Miss you too
prettyboy87: damm girl your georgous ... very beautiful eyes too
hit me upp
needsumthing2do: okay enough of this gay shit ia m cool i guess lol
needsumthing2do: Just chillling hanging in there u know. But its always good when a woman who is beautiful as you remembers you so that kindo f made my day
needsumthing2do: and how is the ever so nice cutie patutie doing? its been a while wahts up mona?
Whiteandnerdy: Ily2 and miss you I will try to be on later today
waxurss: can u message me a screenname gorgeous?
waxurss: care to chat cutie? if u want bbs, i have plenty. that i dont want. hope we can chat too.
Whiteandnerdy: :(
angelDesignER: eek you dumped dalton?!
Whiteandnerdy: Yeah its good so far just got back from the beach
how was yours iloveyou! hug
bobbybiggs: very seXXXy
Whiteandnerdy: um a cat wow I never did anything my teacher didnt belive in it
Whiteandnerdy: yeah with school but I get to stay home tommorw dance
Whiteandnerdy: Going good here and how bout you how you doing?
Whiteandnerdy: Well hopefully we will both be on at the same time soon <3
Whiteandnerdy: Aww I'm sorry I will be on more soon spring break is comming up hug
thelightguy: one of my favorite bands track 3 is the best
nametakenc2: OMG your sooo cute!
i would love to talk to you sometime....
your so preety
add me if you want
also check out my bands website www.thetakeovers.funtig sign it if u can hope u like it
KennyDavidson: if you and your SL ever break up...i'm your man...
Whiteandnerdy: No you dont he is ugly and smells like cheese :-P mine is adorable nana
Whiteandnerdy: Good and yours?
Whiteandnerdy: She wont talk to me and wants to take a break :(
Loveis4losers: Thanks smile
Whiteandnerdy: My girlfrined is being a meanie how was yours?
Whiteandnerdy: OK i guess
Whiteandnerdy: Mona <3
biker69: fucking right doggy so fucking hot and you have a nice rack and you are a fucking foxs too hoty do you have a msn number or can you add me to your frieneds sexy
prouditalian2006: you are cute wink
pauly34: ur very welcome hun
pauly34: ur so beautiful
Monalot3494: gah!
Whiteandnerdy: Me too but no one is picking up when I call
Whiteandnerdy: Nothing now just got home from school tired you?
ZOMGimKEZ: i have a lip piercing.kiss me :P
Whiteandnerdy: Oh and I thought it was because of my good looks :-P

Whiteandnerdy: Thanks for asking I feel special now because your so gorgeous and you picked me redface
Whiteandnerdy: Why thank you your cute yourself
needsumthing2do: hey what is with all the pervs commenting on how i wanna slide my dick in ur ass or what not? don't they know ur my cutie patutie? seriously tho some guys do need to get a life shit
onehotbitch69: hi hun would u make signs 4 bbs
kikbak: Beautiful! Stacked n hot!!!
nhra347: wow, ur hot, yes!
needsumthing2do: thanks i love the fact that iam mean - u really know how to compliment a guy
needsumthing2do: I just read your profile and i never knew that you of all people could be (cough) stubborn. Nor did i know that you like to flirt with people when am i gonna feel the love my lil cutie patutie. and speaking of love wheres the pigtails? lol - i am so dead
needsumthing2do: hey cutie patutie - am i still so "mean"?
lOvex3: hmmm that sucks that he never gets on anymore....cause he is HOTT!!! lOl but bOred sO ttyl
lOvex3: damn that sucks whens the last time he was on?
lOvex3: lOl thanx =]] sO dO yOoh dOes that one guy that i left a pic cOmment on have a wyht?
Raver1111: Hey I'm new to this whole wyht, but wow you hot. Add me if you want.
Degenerated: mmm. fucking yummy :]
Daavid: aww sorry it sucked hug
Daavid: Ok but school was lame and yours?
Daavid: Good so far
Daavid: Hey love how are you?
craig1394: haha hey sexy wats going on......u havent commented my page yet lol....
dsm007: def a yes for you! message me on yahoo singleflg if ya want
ryetoast5: a comment back
Deaner17: are beatiful....if i had to describe you in one word it would be....Perfect smile....well you obviously got my yes, i hope i got your too...when you get a chance check out my pro and tell me what you think...well have a good day babe, Cya, Jason
JoeNycStyle: Mother nature called and she said she wants sexy back smile
chickmagnet618201: im great are u
BallSweat: anytime hun. <33
BallSweat: thanks hun. =]]
ur def. a cutie too. <33
stfuAnt: hey Peachsmile
I'm bout to go to work but I thought i'd come on and say hey and I miss ya.
wingdynasty623: EWWWWWW!!!!! how can u say no to anyone
alyssadanger: your one sexi momma wink
stabbedbygrace: no problem good lookin. i hope u have a fun weekend
stabbedbygrace: really beautiful!!
stfuAnt: <3 ya Peach
wish you were onlinesmile
stfuAnt: been goin good. no complaints..other than wishing spring was here already lol
hope you've been doin good. I gotta jet now but I'll talk to you later ok. much love. hug
stfuAnt: and I missed you toosmile
I'll try to be on more this weekend
stfuAnt: so-so
I'm goin over to my friends to work on some new songssmile
stfuAnt: hey I missed you too
just came on to check messages real quick
I gotta leave in half an hour. :(
imxUrxluckyxstar: Hey Mona! You're PRINCESS of the Week IN ENCORE!! YAY heartthrob
itsmagick2007: ur really pretty
CRISTIAN23: hey sexy!! =P
CRISTIAN23: hey sexy!! =P
stfuAnt: as do I! hug
riddleout: sex me? lol
thebluemongoose: buttsmack
DesireEternally: Hey, you're kinda cute, drop me a message sometime.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Yes, WYHT is weird, wtf!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: WYHT fucked up on I don't know if you got my last comment but can I have your MSN sweetie?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You know it's true bby, can I get your MSN?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: You know it's true bby, can I get your MSN?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I see you windin, grindin, up on that pole, I know you see me lookin at you and you already know, I wanna fuck
stfuAnt: aww
I miss ya peach smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I want you in more ways than just missionarysmile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Thanks for the yes hunnyinlove
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Cause I don't look and I dun have a good bodyshrug
discountdavid: hey its fine
discountdavid: hey its fine
discountdavid: u dont remeber me do u im n the army well yeah
discountdavid: hey how u doin im good bk from SC it was hellyea fun
stfuAnt: lol
funny..I was gonna tell you the same thing lol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Sorry Mona frown
stfuAnt: amen to thatsmile
stfuAnt: aww shanks
I heartthrob you too
stfuAnt: i would never wear either of those lol
so it's coolsmile anyways, I need sleep
I've been up for way too long now :P So goodnight.
stfuAnt: green!!! rofl
stfuAnt: purple?huh
I better get a reward for that!
stfuAnt: lol what? rofl
bows are pretty :P
stfuAnt: mine are like old fashioned. they suck!! lol
they don't trust messengers as they think it's virus prone.
my mom calls the internet the devil. she doesn't use it. they're both computer illiterate sadly lol
stfuAnt: oh it bites the big one.
I'm still in the middle of convincing them to let me have some sort of messenger on this hunk of crap lol
stfuAnt: well that's real nice of yousmile
but my parents are freaks and would never let me do that lol. which is why I'll be kinda glad once I'm out on my own.
stfuAnt: yeh I'll be ok
I vented so I'm good lol
stfuAnt: lol I'm just talking to my friend
I don't know when I'll be going to bed
stfuAnt: shankssmile
stfuAnt: misspelled!! eh!! lol j/j. I can't spell it either.
well me and my g/f broke up and I never did a damn thing to cause it to happen so I'm quite upset about that.
but I'll live I guess.
stfuAnt: I've just been real down since yesterday
working on cheering up
Mary Poppins!!! and that long ass word lol chyea!
stfuAnt: not swell
but I'm doin alright
what are you up to now?
stfuAnt: lol I'm watchin tv too :P
nothing like the tube to pass the time
stfuAnt: hey theresmile
what's up?
wakeboarder01: gorgeous!!!
stfuAnt: of course. maybe i'll think about it before I drift off to sleep
which I'm going to bed now so you have a great nightsmile
stfuAnt: "and stuff" being the makeout part rofl
yessss *takes mental note*
I'd be happy to come over and learn to dance. Cuddle...and stuff :P
stfuAnt: a lot of guys would be slap happy to hear that
so when can I come over? grinlolgrinlolgrinlol
stfuAnt: yeh
sure beats being alone
stfuAnt: well duh, you're talkin to me! biggrin
lol j/j
that's very random. well i feel like cuddling so that's random too :P
stfuAnt: lol nice
sounds like a plan
making out can be very entertaining :P
stfuAnt: lol really? awesome
I'm over here debating when I should go to bed
stfuAnt: I'm not sure yet. thinking about a tongue piercing.
stfuAnt: that takes a lot of courage. more power to ya.
at this time, all I have is my lip lol
stfuAnt: nose would probably look good.
major props for that lol
stfuAnt: let's see. intelligent..check. good head on your shoulders..check. funny..check. confident..obviously. not afraid to act silly..check. definately have nice lips. no piercings that I can see but that's cool. yeh..I'd say so:P
stfuAnt: hmm. personality wise: intelligence, good head on their shoulders, funny, confident, and not afraid to act silly. also loves music. other than that..I like piercings and nice lips
stfuAnt: lol
whatever you want me to admit about whatever
I need prompting though rofl
stfuAnt: lol I can freely admit that I use to know chunks of the Lion King by heart lol
stfuAnt: disney movies are cool
pixar too :P
stfuAnt: I like most comedies
wedding crashers was some funny shit
so was anchorman...I also like see no evil right now
stfuAnt: lol yeh
18's better than 32! :P
I'd be like bolt
stfuAnt: eek
say hell no!
old men can be very scary
stfuAnt: aww
you don't have to be scared
donuts are awesome
stfuAnt: rofl rofl rofl
that is classic!
stfuAnt: I'm thinkin about donuts lol
I just had one but I want another
yes, I'm a pig :P
stfuAnt: of course
and then you'd do the dance with me
and afterwards you could teach me how to actually dance
lol great fun biggrin
stfuAnt: well I'd get to hang out with you
sounds pretty worth it to me :P
stfuAnt: oh and I bet you have a good singing voicesmile
stfuAnt: lol
you'll be waiting a good 13 hours :P
but it'll be worth it! grinlol
stfuAnt: I don't sing.
I tried screaming a few times.
I couldn't do that without going hoarse lol
whip out the popcorn! I'm comin over :P lol
stfuAnt: home alone!!!headbang
oh god..I can't dance LOL
you'll have to teach me
stfuAnt: ummm..................
I don't know. Whatever ya wanted to do lol
stfuAnt: yeh we'd have to record it and show it to people
to monument how silly it was :P
stfuAnt: lol
and I could do my chicken dance and you could tell me what an idiot I look likegrinlol
stfuAnt: yeh for real
I got offline late last night but not too late
but I was fallin over lol. goin out is fun..depending on who you're goin out with and w/e you're doing
stfuAnt: I don't know what I'm gonna do tonight.
I just feel like being lazy lol
stfuAnt: that's coolsmile
your comment got cut off lol
I didn't catch that last part
stfuAnt: spent all day tryin to figure out if I was goin to the Staind show lol
at the moment of letdown I went over to my friends and jammed out for a while. what'd you do?
stfuAnt: hung out with some friends for a bit
then came home and did stuff
and got online lol
stfuAnt: hey theresmile
I'm sitting here being mad b/c I couldn't go to the Staind show tonight lol
what are you up to?
Defhead: wow you are beautiful and cool *yes*
stfuAnt: lol
I was just gonna go too :P
have a good onesmile
stfuAnt: yeh
keeps the boredom away for sure
and it's entertaining talking to someone as nice as yourselfsmile
stfuAnt: lol nice
yeh this is pretty addicting
commenting eachother back and forth lol
stfuAnt: you're tellin me lol
it's 2 in the mornin here now
I'll probably be goin to bed soon but I'm quite distracted right now :P
stfuAnt: eek
you saw my turtleness??
damn it!! lol
stfuAnt: lol
he must like you :P
stfuAnt: I got two!! lmao
I got the cyber babies one and the would you hook up with ^ one
stfuAnt: I realize that
you post after me more than I do you
which sucks b/c I'd say some really witty things rofl
stfuAnt: yeh
unless I develop more fans before then
stfuAnt: lol
I doubt it
I'm not real popular lol
stfuAnt: lol
bodyparts...that's new to me
I feel like entering for the hell of it
but I wouldn't know what to put either lol
stfuAnt: I always forget about timezones
stfuAnt: oh I forgot! lol
it's 11:38 here
stfuAnt: at this time of night?
yeh, everyone's sleeping
stfuAnt: right now
I'm worrying about shit
but I'm tryin not to think about it
stfuAnt: I don't stay at home if I can help it. yesterday, I went to school, hung out with friends afterwards, came home, proceeded to call my g/f who couldn't talk so then I ate, watched some tv, then got online. great funsmile
stfuAnt: oh! thank god tomorrow's Friday
lol I might go hang with my cuz..
go out and do something
don't know what though
stfuAnt: winnerI'm the ultimate cheerer...upper
lol if that makes sense
stfuAnt: was alright
how was yours?
stfuAnt: well I imagine if you don't miss your SL
something's very wrong lol
youth group? not too lame
stfuAnt: yeh
where the hell were ya last night?!
stfuAnt: hey, I speak the truth
I dare to find anyone who says differently :P
well, I have to go to bed. talk later though.
stfuAnt: eek lol
can't say no to a pretty face grinlol
stfuAnt: coolsmile
I'm thinkin of ways to deal with my mom when she yells at me. lol
stfuAnt: I procrastinate when it comes to homework.
stfuAnt: well that bites.
lucky for me I don't stay sick long.
I'm not bored yet which is good. But it's a school night so my mom will be bitching here in about 15-20 minutes lol
stfuAnt: long, really really long
I woke up, got out of bed, then fell right back on it. I didn't wanna get out of bed. I'm not a morning person. how was yours?
stfuAnt: lol
sounds like fun :P
mine's goin so so. could be better.
stfuAnt: my pleasuresmile
hope you're having a good week
chaseface: hey hun, whats your msn? or you can add me or whatever. your beautiful i cant believe your 17.
HollabackFL: Very hot pics! Thanks for the Yes, write me back if ya wanna chat!
chaseface: your beautiful
stfuAnt: it's been going alright so far
hope yours was good
I have school tomorrow though
so I have to get to bed lol. talk to you latersmile
stfuAnt: no problemsmile
sergeantcracker: nite nite miss sleep well
sergeantcracker: yeah i might do that in a few hours seeing how its 626am..i dunno but cookies are good
sergeantcracker: i'm good..just tired and sittin around making a nuesance of myself
sergeantcracker: *waves hiya*
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: WOW SEXY....
LovinSocal: yeah, boredom sucks..... im chattin with a friend, and that is about all..... msn?
LovinSocal: notta mucho, just chillin at home tonight....... didnt feel like headin out.. whatcha up to?
LovinSocal: hug hey mona
brett8403: sexc
trip247: will u be my e-wifey smile??
menace2006: absolutely gorgous
Rockstar171: can you say GORGEOUS yup yup cause thats what you are
LilDawg: PIG TAILS!!!
surfnskibum: sooo gorgeous and sexy.. wow
add me on yahoo if you want to chat sometime
yahoo sn: surfnskibum
hope to hear from you soon
brad1688: damn your hot
Chuck8303: Hey youre a QT, Yes'd you!
LilDawg: just making sure cause i am being me in the forums below u
LilDawg: hey dont kill me for my comment
droolWoW! Your Fucking HOTdrool
Cum Join US

SoSugarSweet: I'm from Encore.

You're adorable.

I gave you a yes.
brett8403: sexc
soghetto05: looking pretty. a yes from me smile
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
LilDawg: hey mona dont forget my pic lol
firefighterpa280: well i have too say that you are very sexy. you look amazing... so i voted yes for you and hope for one in return
HateRabbit: pretty smile thanks for the yes
sofou: Very prety1
clinto21: lol@old balls in you're turn offs!
wvufreek: delicious
LilDawg: hey cutie patutie lol been a while since i called u that anyway jsut wanted to apologize for earlier didn'dt mean to be rude just had a hard time concentrating still studying believe it or not took a break tot alkt o girly and thats it
usmcbrian: such a total beauty!!
LilDawg: whats up jr evil?
theemericaman: dang ur hott defenit yes
turtlefur: i just wanted to say that i think you are gorgeous!! and you seem like youd be a really cool girl. id love to talk more. you definitely have my yes :-)
chickmagnet618201: nothing planned yet...what about u?
chickmagnet618201: i've been pretty bout u?
mikeasaurusrex: boored.

you're real cute
mikeasaurusrex: Whats up cutie ;D
LilDawg: yeah yeah yeah i am soft
LilDawg: Just want to check up on u and make sure ur okay - u know need to get my daily update on u
Mytheus: yeah thats what i call beauty
LilDawg: okay so what would u prefer to be over a cute little puppy? How are u today? i been doing schoolwork all day well since i woke up at four
Volcomskater43: Send me your noodz grinlol
LilDawg: well what do u want to be?
LilDawg: hey its me the old softie just checking in on you- how u feeling u sick little puppy?
LilDawg: softie my ass
LilDawg: sorry to hear if u want i'd come over and take care of my apprentice and feed her some good ol' chicken soup
LilDawg: Called on when? In school? Today I raised my hand in one class - the ever so interesting (can u feel the sarcasm) legal process. I am doing my reading that was due for today's class right now so yeah. I hope u dont get sick and have a good weekend
LilDawg: Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well or had allergies last night. Yes i was bad and i am going to pay for it today if i am called upon. I am going to school early to startsome of the reading.
LilDawg: growl didn't do all my home work going to class without doing 56 pages of reading bad me- i am going to make it up this weekend though
LilDawg: how is my cutie patutie doing tonight?
is she alright?
LilDawg: yeah i kinda must sorry there is no choice here
LilDawg: sorry to hear that i gotta get going i got a lot of reading to do sorry dear
LilDawg: not sure thats why i asked
LilDawg: y not? do u not qualify for a shoutout?
LilDawg: hey cutie patutie u like my special section to u?
LilDawg: Not sure I was sure I DID!!! I messaged you one day asking for a pic when i started the section, you never responded
LilDawg: i was gonna ask you what pic u want me steal and put up there or if u want to give me a special pic for it
LilDawg: Cant' complaining knowing that you still remember me- sigh my day was made! I mean we both know how big my soft spot is for you so yeah talk to u soon i hope
LilDawg: and how is my "cutie patutie" doing today?
LilDawg: hey not gonna stay on as I have some reading to do but wanted to apologize for last night didn't mean to interupt your phone call i hope ur doing well thats all thats important
youngbuck21984: hello can you add me to your friends list ty
LilDawg: been reading school shit not doing nothing tonight might check up on this chick i know who lives in colorado - care to tell me how she is doing?
menace2006: very beutiful pics look awsome in all of them
LilDawg: whats goign on my cutie patutie?
LilDawg: heya cutie!
cobrajet489: been doin good, and ur self
givethemropeshesaid: yeah. miss me?
givethemropeshesaid: aw. that's no good.
givethemropeshesaid: hey cutie, what's up?
LilDawg: hey cutie patutie! sorry i haven't called u. u haven'et called me either. Hey who is this nate guy in ur signs section and how come his sign shows cleavage and mine dont?
LilDawg: creampuff? i prefer cutie patutie for u okay sugar?
sinfulEsiren: [color=#111111][/color]

LilDawg: Yeah thats messed up, what did this new chick say?
LilDawg: I always have fun when i get to torment you- but gonna go bed soon
LilDawg: Yup she is even coming by today in a few hours i took off from work to spend the day with her
LilDawg: can't sleep want to tuck me in?
LilDawg: just chilling here= srry bout last nighr
cobrajet489: no i havent, i dobt i will for a while, that sux, im sry
cobrajet489: goin out to my dock, goin on the boat and jet skis, u
cobrajet489: yah i never get on that thing, idk y tho
cobrajet489: just sittin on the comp. chillin
cobrajet489: yah no kidding, i still wish i was, it was the best!!!
cobrajet489: honestly, been tring to get laid for a couple of weeks, it sucks
cobrajet489: that sounds like about a regular day
cobrajet489: hey doll,
wut have u been up to lately
frank92: yes, anyday, great pics
TheManInBed: yes! from me gorgeous.
airframer61: thanx for the yes sexy
ca86: very pretty
cobrajet489: u could come on the plane, or if we dont to party on the jet then the hotel
cobrajet489: that sux,
im sry,
how about this,
if my and they guys feel like taken a the jet some where,
and if we take in down to colorado,
i hit u up
savethesalmon: you are seriously just way too damn sexy to handle!!!
cobrajet489: my parents know i go out, so they just say be carefull
cobrajet489: i havent had to sneak out since i was 14
cobrajet489: just sitten here, waiting to go out to the club
cobrajet489: no prb. thats wut i here 4, so wut r u doin on this night
cobrajet489: just had to stop by and say ur beautifull
networkflooder: Thanks for the vote
andywascool: aww i get on and you are offline :(
AECutiePie: [bgcolor=#660099][color
=#66CCFF]Hey baby yes indeed I am your boyfriend and I love every second I talk to you. I cant get online til 2morrow. But by then you will have gotten this hehe. Anyways I am so happy your my sexy lover/girlfriend hehe anyways I wi
AECutiePie: Hey I asked you to be my sexy lover I do hope you accept and decide to be the one you Wanna share time with :P I added you on msn!! WOOT Haha Anyways ttyl babe much love!!
embyson: mona is one hot chika
LilDawg: u trying to say ur not weird at all?
LilDawg: yeah cutie patutie- whats the matter u dont like that name? lol
andywascool: make_yourself182@hotmai
andywascool: im sure you will find some thing
andywascool: im working 1-4 and then ill no doubt go out at night.. what are your plans?
andywascool: sounds like even more fun!!
andywascool: im sitting around in my undies... not heaps of fun
andywascool: whats up cutie?
LilDawg: awww my lil cutie patutie is still on how sweet

whats up evil? lol
AECutiePie: Thanks how you been!?
AECutiePie: Your Cute
Brokenbokken: so now that i accepted your add you owe me pic comments or at least a good conversation smile
Brokenbokken: thanks doll smile
Brokenbokken: cute smile
JVSocclax: Hey hun i've been well. I see that you're looking as adorable as ever smile
sk8inforfood78: :-p
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: THANX 4 THE YES!!!! smile smile smile wink smile smile smile
LilDawg: sorry just had a bad day onlygood thing was the girlfriend came home today
LilDawg: dunno dont feel like it
glad ur doing good tho
LilDawg: hey looks like evil JR is back online lol how u doing?
LilDawg: lil evil one ur not here i almostmissed u lol
LilDawg: yeah u do remember that time in band camp....?
LilDawg: i hate to admit ur a wonderful evil pain in my sexy little ass lol
LilDawg: hey sorry for beign an asshole u areally are a cool girl and i had to show u some love in my own way thanks
LilDawg: Just wanted to say hello and show some love (so he bites her) bye
LilDawg: Just wanted to bug you and show some love and say hello iam gonna get some rest, you know us old people catch you later evil. (hope yoru day well good mine was ehh) - bye
LilDawg: thats right respect ur elders!!!
LilDawg: That was the thing though i said u can surprsie me and take them as far as u want so there! lol (sticks out tongue) sorry mona lol i will catch u later
bzeman: haha thanks for the ego boost.right back at's been a while, since it's been like 70 degrees i find it sinister to sit inside on the computer. Oh and not to make you jealous or anything but i got license back,which is mos def boss.well i hope you h
discodawg: you are so fuckin cute! :P
holisterboy311: hey whats up girl! your really beautiful! anyways do you think you could leave me comments on my pics and i will do the same thanks a lot!
LilDawg: hey evil one its been a while since i stopped by here to show some love so since i a gonna miss u the rest of the weekend i figured i can say hello, try not to miss me too much. I'd say i konw its hard but honestly we both know u dont like me- tear but
LilDawg: Hey Evil one just me, wanted to apologize if I upset you last night. I hope all is well with you and sis. Talk to u soon hopefully if u still want to be evil and mean to me- u know i am a glutton for punishment
LilDawg: There is the evil pain in the ass
oh my bad
LilDawg: alas if only she was here tear tear sniffle
LilDawg: So where is my little evil one now that I am here?
LilDawg: yeah yeah yeah sorry i missed you i had bowling tonight evil one. I also shoudl have taken ur number down but figured u only gave it to me in a moment of weakness and dont want me to have it becuase i am just me and not worthy of the direct line to hell-
LilDawg: Where O' Where is my favorite little evil person when I need someone to talk to? Lol Well i am online and ur not for once so i figured i can bug you here. And i think it goes both way's u like me cause i unbore u lol
LilDawg: Yeah I know, I left a similar comment on one of her pictures. Except I said I think I just commited suicide right underneath it- oops lol
bzeman: not much i'm just bored as there a way to actually chat on here besides sending comments back and forth
bzeman: Here there whats crackin
JVSocclax: I accepted your add babe! Stop by sometime and say hi!
tjwhockey: ohh ok..wats goin on??
unpopular71787: [bgcolor=#000000][color
=#FF0099]Hey hun... if you are not already in my group you should join! It's called the Ladies Lounge and it is one of the best new groups! Just copy and paste this link in your address bar!

vanessajade: very pretty, you get my yes vote <3
roryx: welcum sweet
TheTexasKid: You are beautfiful, and you seem cool, Hopefully i will get to talk to you sometime. You definately got a yes from me
LilDawg: No doubt, you deserve it- ur hot! message me sometime?
LilDawg: Very very pretty, definitely got my yes!
Volcomskater43: lol no kidding eh smile
forevereverlasting: oh i did do something naughty
MCRfan: thanks for the add yes4yes?
bcflex: hott!!
GaryVeryHot: thanks sweetie!! Ur pretty hot urself!! wink
Mathew4444: Thank you
BUDS: please rate pic and comment
LifeIn3D: thx for adding me your very hot
drmanleylove: so this is what they mean when they say 'sweet sixteen'. isnt she the most delicious girl....ur the kinda girl ppl write songs about
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