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Name Devon
Age 27
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Tennessee
City Not Given
About Me
Message me on myspace Thank you so much, kbbunner for upgrading me...Okay first things first people on here never cease to amaze me asking me dumb questions and saying the cheesiest attempt of pick up lines I won't do nudes so don't ask...I love my daughter she is my heart and soul! I really really really want to meet Dane Cook he is just so fucking hot and funny and Chuck Norris gotta love Chuck Norris...I have an awesome sense of humor I'll joke around with you all the time I'm very sarcastic and I will play some fucking halirous pratical jokes so watch out! I'm very down to earth and I consider myself to be a good friend I'm always there for that pretty much wraps it up if you wanna know more just ask!

Can you imagine what it'd be like if fish ruled the world? Would they go to the people store, buy a bag of people, put us in a tank of air, sprinkle slices of pizza down on us, then watch us from their water filled houses?

My Apps
I'm interested in one thing and one thing only having hot wild rough dirty sex with everyone all at once the world to have on big GIANT orgy hahahahahaha lol jk...I love to swim hang out with my friends dance blah blah blah...

Okay so to ne one who reads this which wont be many but ne ways my question to you is if you could do meet ne one dead, alive, famous, just ne one who would you like to meet?

So theres a blond, brunette and a redhead. They're walking and they come across a magic dog. The dog then says "What thing in the world would surprise you most and you will get it." The brunnette goes first and says "A trillion dollars". And BOOM she gets it. The redhead says "Brad Pitt is my husband" and BOOM she gets it. The blond says "Woah, a talking dog!"

Turn Ons
pee wee herman... OHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH, personality, body, no STDs, DANE FUCKING COOK...

but seriously I found my guy who calls me beautiful instead of hot. Who calls me back when I hang up on him. Who will lie under the stars and listen to my heartbeat or will stay awake just to watch me sleep. I'm waiting for the boy who pursues me, who kisses my forehead, who wants to show me off to the world when I'm in sweats. Who holds my hand in front of his friends. Who thinks that I'm the prettiest when I have no make up on and insists on holding me around the waist. The one who is constantly reminding me of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have me. The one who turns to his friends and says that's her,
Turn Offs
HERPES, hairy asses, long mustaches, crusty toes, femininity all very true but on a more serious matter guys who think too highly of themselves and treat women like shit and use them I can't stand lying or selfishness and insecurity...I can't stand judgmental people!
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show Family Guy, I Love comedies, DANE COOK
Movies My all time favorite movie Donnie Darko comedies, action, horror, and dirty ronchy porn lol....ohhh yeahh
Music A Perfect Circle, Queen, and of course whatever im in the mood for
Book Not Given
Quote Some words to live by ... For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. For beautiful hair, let a child run his fingers through it once a day. For poise, walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone ... People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed and redeemed and redeemed. Never throw out anybody. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others..... Audrey Hepburn
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lovethepuff: my penis really needs to be in you..
Beachstud99: haha stripper in the houseeee LOL grinlol
automech7053: Hey... so hows Tn? lol Whats your name on MSN cutie?
automech7053: Hey you.... were only a state away! How was your bday??
sh3sg0ne: congrats beautiful on the top 10*smilewink
l3ulletProof: Youre so sexy
betterman: OMG!!! you're so beautiful!!
tmoney82: qt
papajohn: mmm hell ass body and pretty face
ncman83: i would like to meet george washington.....ur very pretty by the way. how are u
Mandos: You are very beautiful. I like your profile. It was actually interesting to read. smile
DallasPimp: Damn! This Is Gonna Sound Rude/Obnoxious But Damn' U Hav An Amazing Body!! smile
JunkieDego: You Tennessee girls are gorgeous
gruveninmyvw: wow.
SlAcKeR1986: simply sexy
dan182: hey sexy im gonna tickle u tickle tickle
tru4youjrock: veri sexi in my blue eyes
DJFREAK311: Your more than welcome beautiful wink
DJFREAK311: Stunning!
dan182: hey wanna chat i got aim and msn meseenger
dan182: hey sexy can i tickle u
Atlas: gd
spyderx72: In answer to your question.. it's a toss up, Either Rob Zombie or Kurt Cobain.. tough call,
mortuus: Operation ground and pound.
ImNaked5757: hey wats your aim or msn?
MILFCollector: Well, I hope you're feeling better. I will look for ya on there.
FSUTrickMan: dizzam, can i put it in your butt
ood115: Damn, this chick is smoking hot!
wukillerbeez: so fine
MILFCollector: I'm great, how are you?
Bigstick6: hey sexy check out my new pics and leave me some comments and ill b sure to return the favor!!
FSUTrickMan: get on yahoo
fooz25: your welcome hun i meant it....whats ur aim name i'd love to talk
skaterboy11: Dam baby sex me up now smile
acynic: you're so gorgeous
leftyhefty: hey you are so beautiful, not sure if i said it but thanks for the add! whats ur msn we should chat sometime
leftyhefty: your welcome for the comments, can i get an add please!
tufgi88: i see you have a boyfriend.

i'd talk to my grandfather who died about 5 years ago.
CptAwesome22: grinlol I've had the chance to meet Dane Cook. He's really nice in person so hopefully you get the chance to too! You're also really beautiful too! I hope your enjoying your summer!
Jewbacca: Where u at in TN? My brother just moved to Knoxville and Imma be up there taking some stuff to his place pretty soon.
mortuus: I'd talk to Hitler.
BillyJ2005: You have my yes
CHAOSisFUNNY: Thank you Devon grinlol
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a gorgeous lady smile
dan182: tickle tickle
TwinTurboed: i want your cock
BlAzEoNe18: thanks gorgeous
BoatsAndHoes: i have no fucking clue lol...maybe its cause we like the same kind of music.
BoatsAndHoes: thanks for the yes babe
waxurss: hello
asthepalacesburnx: hitit
DallasCowboys09: sexc grr
DallasCowboys09: yum ur sexc
thundoor69: so how was your weekend? what did u do?
stangstreet: you are badass
wannabaseball: i read ur profile and i respect ur rules and fine lines its good values and of course ur hot
vanz09: beautiful miss dreamerz....
JoeXballs: you're a lil hottie grinlol
cbecks4: sup gorgeous!
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!!!
peacefrogs: if i could meet one person dead or alive i think i'd go with john lennon
Longhorn769: damn sexxxi
tDUB2486: wow you are gorgeous!
amazing body wave
Whenworldzcollide: Yummeh!
XxXJay69XxX: whats yup?
slaqr: fish cant rule the world all they do is go gurgle gurgle!
model:'re adorable!

Chaddy Chad
Rec: Nice body, beautiful girl. A+ in my book. thumbsup
dedalus86: gorgeous!
menace2006: absolute bombshell
IRISHMAN10: I love you. Simple as that. Nothing has changed. Just want to let the world know that I am still in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Plenty of people might call me crazy but I don't care. I want to marry you and I don't c
imamachine: thanks for the bb's... you're gorgeous! send me a msg sometime if ya ever wanna chat!
l0stang3l: yummyyy
firefox: the answer to your question would probably have to be jeff dunham or dane cook =]
outfielder11: u are very welcome!! wink
inthecloudsboy9: thanks for the pic comment....thanks a lot actually cause I totally forgot to update my pic captions....that was one of my but I like you pics you are very pretty
Chaosnake: You are impossibly sexy
countrycutie528: Hiya! You are pretty, yes from me!
kaumanaboy: hey wanna chat sometime?
menace2006: sexxxxy pic u look outstanding
jjohnson00866: mmmmmmmmmm
BuckeyesFan83: if you ever decide to choose a new sexy lover i hope you pick me
CR25: u know u r fine, girl.. if that camera had a mouth its lips would be on the floor smile
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: Wow is all I can say..You are Absolutely Beautiful...Lol..Sorry To Be so blunt but, I had to let you know & Def A Yes From Me....You Should Hit Me Up Sometime..I'd Love To Chat...Ryan
Slickpimp: CUM****
Wilson1111: I wouldnt just hit that, a girl as beautiful as you i'd want to keep :-)
justin2384: nice pics,nice ass too,sexy...
gomo: sexyyyyy how are uuuuu..
lookb4ujump: wow girl u r fine!!!! definitely a yes
GSU08: hey there cutie. long time no talk. how u been?
jr42nd: See there is a reason you're on the top ten. Very beautiful. And I would like to meet the woman who I can make happy and spend my days smiling and laughing with...
JRock3001: I would like to meet Einstein or Alan Turing. Who would you meet if you could?
IRISHMAN10: Can't wait to be with you smile
finster50: hey no prob smile You are very beautiful smile
bigboybarney: nice body sweetheart u got muh vote hit me up
Mandos: Absolutely gorgeous and sexy smile
DallasPimp: WOW!! Sorry to be rude! But Your Gorgeous!! smile
xIcarusx: you are beautiful and dane cook is the best
motocrossracer45: hey hows it goin
XxXJay69XxX: hey whats up?
menace2006: hot pic and nice smile
gruveninmyvw: great pic!
Trackstar10: Hey there SEXY! Long time no talk. How've you been doing?
JustBeingJustin: Sexy
Longhorn769: damn cute
pokerstar0: damn gurl, ur more beautiful then ever
circa123: cuteness!!!
NaughtyMe: Jeeee Ur sexy!!! smile smile
HowieLiktersnatch: hey there beautiful.. just droppin by some much heart felt love.. to answer your question.. if not my wife.. it would have to be Jessica Alba.. those would be the only 2 women i my life.. but for you.. the thought.. of many yesses goes out to you.. xoxo D
dedalus86: beautiful!
Meah: WOW you are just um WOW
RandomOck: I happen to love STDs. that's just where you and i differ.
iwannabeamer: just wanted to say you are really good lookingsmile
scotty80100: howdy
Williamhb89: Your beautiful! message me if you want to talk smile
nakeddrummer: hey whats up?
Mitchell69: Fucking sexy pic wink I would hit you anyday
HungAndThick4You: Very Sexy
concertspaz3: i had a good laugh while reading your profile.
now i do indeed wonder what life would be like if fish ruled the world and sprinkled pizza down the tank.
nelly043: beautiful
BFEkid: no problem wink
BFEkid: god u are sexy
kbbunner: i upgraded you cause you wanted to be and i think i'd like to talk to you sometime. Plus your really cute ! My name is Kenny, Nice to meet you !
kbbunner: thanks for the yes, it will be returned and enjoy your upgrade
sweetdaddyjason: no problem hun your welcome love the pictures you look great
CHENZOOOOO: omg girl look at you will you marry me
LoNeWuLf: hey hey.. added u to myspace =D
sweetdaddyjason: yeah you belong in the top ten you are gorgeous you got my yes hun
CHENZOOOOO: omg girl your lookin sexy baby
joecivic: wow, incerdibly sexy. smile
foshizzle0099: Deecent. I know a dude that plays on there, from my home town. Mike Richards. One of the top players on that team, for sure. I played a couple years of hockey with him growing up. He was obviously better then me. wtf is herpie dude talking about? LOL
ThatGuy253: so umm, i see that you don't like herpes.. are you cool with genital warts?
lookb4ujump: naw definitely not crazy, your sexy enough for it
lookb4ujump: so do i, i definitely would drive up there for it
lookb4ujump: definitely sexy!!! anytime
lookb4ujump: thanks hun, anytime u want a ride just ask
foshizzle0099: um pretty sweet. nice interests there, giant orgy. even if you were just kidden. thats halarious. You cheering for those Flyers?
foshizzle0099: Hey devon, Whats up?
nhra347: wow, yes!
justin7: girl you are very beautiful..... leave me a message sometime
thalastd0n: you are absolutely your profile
natasftw: stupidity should be punishable.
demigod: WoWzA OmGoShhh BaBssss You're SoOoOoO Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3
FSUTrickMan: you are so sexy
TGRDeSiGN: HUm....would you married me?
Broylsie: beautiful. smile
flexican77: haha, i was like "yes! im not the only one who would participate in a world wide orgy!" lol
baughman9112000: so really when you gonna come see me?
wakeboarder01: absolutely gorgeous
demigod: yeah i knooo im just really good at getting peoples attention smile
demigod: zomgosh!!
Mobbaffiliated: wow babY! u leave me speechless... come say hi!
hollyny: your beautiful
nelly043: you're absolutely gorgeous and have some great pictures!
schmevie: herpes is a TOTAL turn off
Prettywhiteboy87: you have a very pretty body
FallenInnocence: Chick that did my back tat's name is Virginia. She's at Southern Star in Ft. Smith, AR.
daverulz22: from not clicking to see your profile at all.. but you are so great looking from these pics hun.. .you are BEAUTIFUL!!!
gruveninmyvw: hey there cutiesmile
JustMike69: Wow, looking at you makes me want to cum.
MaGiCalMisSy18: Stunning girl!
ill give you a yes... please comment my pics
ill return the favor... who knows we can add4add?!?!

firefox: before you say no read about the first three lines on my profile smile

and if i could meet anyone in the world dead or alive it would have to be dane cook or avril lavigne
Thedrizzlebell: You need a better joke... lol
badddboy69: can i come to the world orgy?! smile
Umbaseball15: hellllo. thx for the add wave
tom2323: e mail me yoru msn baby!
RyanRosemeck: You are easily the cutest girl Ive ever seen.
TEXASBALLER: wow ur gorgeous!!!...YES YES YES!!wink
MichiganFootball1: absolutly gorgeous!!!!! smile
crazyccrypt3: i think upgrades are down and your gorgeous lol
chiwoj85: damn u gorgeous!
Dancer4u2watch90: so like yea, i think you're way cute and i miss you :(
lilTank: Marry me
SwankyTuna: I'd like to meet Bach so he can teach me how to play the organ :[
westcott79dh: beautiful...wink
DjFrEaK311: Damn what a bang'n hot body! Simply Amazing
KrazyKa0s: haha, you look so innocent and cute. smile
Adidaswithyou: So very hot and so very very sexy!!!!
PolishBagel: You PA girls are gorgeous and need to migrate to Maryland =)
drummer420UW: o my..
fukkiin hott girl
DallasPimp: WOW ur gorgeous!.
what part of PA are u from,.
ive lived in the Moscow/Scranton area.. wen i lived there,.. goin back up soon!
paleshadow: hi how are you?
NdwnVup: hey there sexy! wats up babe?
emirceric: Shes the BEST!
JustALilCrazy: damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn girl!!! you are SMOKING HOT!!!
DjPyro: U Look Fucking Gorgeous
Necro99: You're so beautiful. You definitely got my yes. =D
Trackstar10: Happy New Years GORGEOUS! I hope it is good to you!
MichiganFootball1: Gorgeous!!! got my yes vote! smile
KingFreshChristian: your are cute
jsha: I totally fucking agree with you Dane Cook is awesome, and to anwser you question of who I's like to meet alive or dead. Alive... James Hetfield (lead singer of Metallica, just in case you didn't know) he's my idol.
garythefirst: loved your profile and your pics, humm, who would i like to meet, gonna keep thinging about that one, I'll get back with you!! lol, Oh yea, you get my yesss, I wish I could vote for you a dozen times!!!
tuckoma: wow...very beautiful
devils6thhand: well it makes it alot easier on guys wen u tell them what u like.. one problem..wen u see it..ur gonna wonder if its just them doing what u said u like to get sumwhere..or wheather its truely their feelings..just thought i'd point that out..^-^ srry .but
Demon77: one person dead or alive I wish I could meet: Stevie Ray Vaughan.
mortuus: Holy wow.
ncplaytoy: ok well damn!!!!!
nhra347: wow, very pretty, yes!
LoNeWuLf: wewt.. finally 21 :-p congrats.

howysrye: so beautiful
gomo: i want uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !! u are so hot !!!!!!!!!
hawks52: what a thoughtful thing to do!!!! lol so hello,my names brian =)
hawks52: psh,bunnies!!!!!! think of it...they'd carry humans feet for good luck or something! =P
hawks52: fish will never rule the world....the bunny's but that is pretty funny haha =P
JustBeingJustin: hey beautiful
westcott79dh: Beautiful...wink
baughman9112000: need booty call me
Brokenbokken: you're a cutie grinlol
baughman9112000: so you live near me we should chat more hun
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of there mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
baughman9112000: HEY
XTheNewCancerX: You're so cute
yourhomeslice: oh wow i missed that... i love donnie darko too!!
yourhomeslice: haha what kind of mind do you have that you think about fish ruling the world? i would definitely want to meet mitch hedberg, he's my favorite stand up comedian, he died not so long ago. but yea it'd be cool to meet him and maybe get some tips for my
Trackstar10: I'm doing pretty good. Thanks! Just been busy as ever. Trying to get past the holidays. lol
Trackstar10: Hey there Stranger! How've you been doing?
ILikeMusic: sooo youre gorgeous, dane cook is hilarious, and one of my favorite thing to do is drive around with friends n make up chuck norris jokes.
NdwnVup: hey there sexy!! wats up babe?
Dancer4u2watch90: so like i really totally miss you hun. love you!!!! talk to me sometime!
dedalus86: gorgeous!
Azriel21: I love you so much baby
ChuGotItMeing: hey you look pretty cute, got my yes smile
Imnothere: Any girl that loves Queen gets a yes from me, regardless of what they look like. The fact that you have an awesome body and a gorgeous face makes it a hell of a lot more worth it hahah I love how you are taking a really sexy picture but still have a damn
ci17boarder: ok youre sexy! i'd def. fuck you!
CVballer2423: hey whats up, your a cutie. a definent yes from me, hit me up sometime.
Velvetjones: Hey gorgeous girl smile Just wanted to say hi!!
ILikeMusic: i would meet hunter s thompson RIP. he wrote fear n loathing in las vegas, hells angels, etc. chuck norris is the man did you know he doesnt do push up he just pushes the earth down. oh you're really pretty.
Necro99: You're more than welcome. Thanks for making my jaw drop the second I saw you. Lol.

What's up?
Necro99: Absolutely flawless. =D
brandoncrooms: cutie! grinlol
CVballer2423: hey whats up, your a cutie. a definent yes from me, hit me up sometime.
lostsoulby: thanks for the add cutie!!!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: hmmmm bored tired frisky disentertained u name it prob am... lol haha how about urself lil lady???
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: it should be.... if its not... u missed out!!! haha lol
insonix2002: Hey you, whats up stranger?
Trackstar10: I'm good thanks! Whatcha been doing lately?
tfayeee: gag me your not pretty so stop trying to
Trackstar10: Hey you!
sammyb2006: no probz ur really cute
sammyb2006: no probz ur really cute
Canadianguy01: Wow..heartthrob
ChuGotItMeing: hey you're pretty cute, definitly get my yes
phillycheesesteak03: why what did you do?
phillycheesesteak03: it was good yours?
phillycheesesteak03: im good how are you
MegaMiketkd: i would like to meet walt Disney im an aspirng animator in college and it would be a dream come true to a guy like me to hear how it all started instead of just reading the books also i would like to hear what he has to say about the corporation now as i
jayfromjersey: Can you say "In a heartbeat"!
sltchrissyxx: totally love ur profile hun ......
u have to be the most gorgeous girl on this site
jeremiahlost: very beautiful love
gruveninmyvw: damn!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: well u could wait til it comes out on dvd, but i wouldnt if i were u lol
Shuaz: This photo brightened my mood right up =), you're really beautiful!
CrzyMustangDude: slammin body!
Shuaz: Oh this is awesome, thanks for brightening up my day with this photo =D
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Dane Cook is fucking hilarious i wont lie, so then i take it u saw Mr. Brooks, it was really really good, n the part where dc pisses himself, wow i never saw it comming but it was fucking hilarious, really good movie if u didnt see it yet, so if u didnt i
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: one person dead or alive, well id make it 4 ppl, my grand parents since i nver got a chance to meet them... adn nonsense im not that big of a sweathear (blushes) hhehe

how about u who would u meet?
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: of course!!!! y wouldnt i ur quite attractve and liek ur profile smile
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: THANX 4 THE YES!!! wink smile grinlol
steelerjoe: i think you're beautiful and I've voted yes
KrazyKa0s: pink string! haha, my board shorts are black with hot pink string and stitching
Gabriel210: wow u look beautiful.....yes!!!
Fearandloathingss: Hello beautiful!!!!!!
mrskills: lol, yeah im 18.
TheProphecy12890: he is sweet and your very welcome =]
TheProphecy12890: well i was washing a dish and i came fuck shoes.....look at this guy with shoes......tell him what you told me.not thats not what you told me lol i love dane cook
TheProphecy12890: your very welcome and you are gorgeous btw
Gabriel210: wow ur beautiful!!!.......yes!
KrazyKa0s: cuuute, i like your smile
tiacovone: was wondering if u really r 20?
MegaMiketkd: you are so gorgeous im kinda curious if you would be up for chatting on sn sometime cause i would love to know more about you
gruveninmyvw: damn!
wcfinest61444: def would hit it
KrazyKa0s: you have a waaaay cute smile, and a nice body
sofou: Very Pretty!! XoXo
caffeineboy1111: I would meet John Lennon. And you're a cutiepie.
CVballer2423: hey whats up, your a cutie. a definent yes from me, hit me up sometime.
knightsA: thanks for the yes gorgeous!
raidber20: if u say so i guess,lol
just a lil burn is ok, i guess.

u doing well today?
prouditalian2006: Hey smile You are cute! wink
raidber20: im doing well thanks for asking smile
how are you devon?
raidber20: hello
FEARanLOATHINGsf: Hello beautiful!!!!!!
NcScGuy05: that's def a good idea, though after captain planet i'm leaning away from anything that requires that much body paint. I'm thinking about going as woody from toy story, but i'd need to find someone to go as buzzlightyear to make it really good, and t
NcScGuy05: yeah, that was my best idea ever for a costume, think it'll be awhile till i'm creative enough to beat it. Glad it impressed a girl as cute as you ;-)
Alinta: s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g
VanDam: Hallo there wink
dclarke: heyyou, whats up?
FEARanLOATHINGsf: weed! its a joint..beautiful lady
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
gotillskills: Yeah i would absolutely love for you to make me one. When you think you could.
gotillskills: your quite welcome. your beautiful. you ever make signs
EffeN: I would want to meet Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, and Will Ferrell
MegaMiketkd: you are so gorgeous its a crime you dont have a sexy lover but i can tell ya one thing..... id love to i fill that position ;-)
dclarke: ill have to try that
dclarke: ok lol wellll then nevermind jager
dclarke: lol nahh i think....

its tasty, u should mix it with red bull
dclarke: lol turns out i didnt even drink any, just some miller and some molson
dclarke: lol maybe cuz u drink an assload of it since it is so tasty =)
dclarke: hehe good plan, im about to go get wasted at my buddies bbq lol, lots of jager
fcknyourfriendz: very sexy
Blandin21: oh yeah well take that moon LOL
Anonnymous: you are a very beautiful girl
Gclipsed: HOTNESS!!!!
suckmewhereip: Thanks Sweetie ... your very cute too
pinkprincess87: hey whats going on hun? hows evcerything
Nasiello: holy mother of god, well aren't you beautiful?
nine9inch: YES i would! what a beauty, you look incredible baby xox
davidbrandi05: You are stunning smile
lswisaun: you are GORGEOUS!!!!
Trackstar10: Well, hope it gets better for ya. wink Mine has been CRAZY CRAZY busy lately. I am so ready for June to be here. lol
Kakazn: Of course smile despite his damned superior intellect wink
Kakazn: Lol "wasted" but unusually productive smile seeing as about 5 minutes ago I was having a staring contest with a goldfish >.>
Trackstar10: What's the matter?
Trackstar10: Heya SEXINESS! How've you been doing?
RakeCasanova: lol
RakeCasanova: thanks for the yes
gruveninmyvw: WOW!
turtlefur: hi, i just wanted to tell ya that i think you are gorgeous, you definitely have my yes :-)
singleservingfriend7: i know, aim or msn???either or
singleservingfriend7: you deserve more than a yes
JustALilCrazy: oh my lord wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i have to say about that!
pokerstar0: hey baby whats up? just wanted to say hello and good night get on tommorrow!! 2 tickets and 1 call away babe!
Brokenbokken: goregous
pokerstar0: hey babe thanks so much for the long ass talk we had today it meant alot and remember!! 2 tickets 1 call = happiness 4ever smile
gomo: MSN ask me please.... so i do... smile but only if you like chat... smile if you are not talkative.. no way smile
skaterboy11: can i have your msn sexy
jayluck82: Very Pretty! smile
pokerstar0: looking smoking, that top dont do you justice!
KidInfamous32: very beautiful CHUCK NORRIS FOR LIFE
CVballer2423: hey whats up, your a cutie. hit me back sometime.
TopherChris: Yup, i is in college for sure! oh and yeah, i got msn...i think it is on my page somewhere
TopherChris: sweeeet! lol. can i come??? i am going to do hw...i am in college ya know, and i got a math competition next studying is what i got going....oh well. lol
TopherChris: lol, sweetness, so what you been up to?
TopherChris: I am good :-) how about yourself?
Lizzle: your welcome hun any time!
TopherChris: hey cuteness ;-)
pauly34: ur very welcome hun
Azriel21: i love you with all my heart baby, you are the best thing that has happened to me. YOu are beautiful.
capitaltrevor: hey addd me to your friends
capitaltrevor: go to and look up borat movie trailers.. youll see if ya wanna watch it... who was in that movie? anyone famous?
capitaltrevor: did you figure out what movie it was??
i watched borat with the deleted scenes last night that guy is so fuckin warped man,
capitaltrevor: hey i read your profile. you are beautiful, thats for sure. and funny,

i would meet king solomon, haha he was the smartest man that ever lived
CrombIEboY17: oh ur welcome.. ur one beautiful girl so theres no way i could say no to you lol.. im pretty good i guess.. just kinda bored.. i have a friend over.. what about you?
CrombIEboY17: heyy there thanks for the yes vote!!
BattousaiX20: thanks =)
vanspronsenjohn: could be better... how about you???
BathtubGin30: but keepin them up...thats no fun is it?? and r u gonna come put em on me? or at least try? ya kno u could use sum urself i saw ur undies in a few of ur pics too! smile
BathtubGin30: classic rock rocks! good choice...and i can be a huge smart ass too...its highly arousing ya kno!
BathtubGin30: haha ur too cute...well since i was working out it was prob sumthing like metallica or some sort of heavy rock to get the blood
Rage21: thanks :red: you are pretty beautiful yourself <3
BathtubGin30: ur profile cracks me up! funny and gorgeous...drools...hit
me up sumtime if u like...
Trackstar10: It's cool. I figured that's what happened. You seemed to be out of it(drunk) that night. lol
vanspronsenjohn: thanks for the eye candy smile
vanspronsenjohn: i would in a heartbeat!
Trackstar10: Hey Babe! I'm doing good. Just really tired. You dissapeared on me the other night when we were talkin.
BlueNovember: well thats good.

and haha you cant get taco bell til later.... i win. im about to head out a bit early. want to text? i know ill be bored at work
BlueNovember: haha... yeah, i got taco bell... mmmm.

it was good.

hows babygirl?
BlueNovember: nothing much, im on lunch about to head back in 20 minutes
BlueNovember: hey devon, whats up?
baughman9112000: i was just lookin ... very nice pics hun! luvthem
you like me?
BenFo: <33
BlueNovember: hey non-STD liking soccer star... sup?
CRISTIAN23: hello hun! =)
BlueNovember: lol.... my favorite sport by far... it really is a way of life for me.
BlueNovember: hmmm.... ive played since i was 3... and im 21 now.... so about 18 years.
BlueNovember: meh... doing alright... bit sleepy but alright... going to go play football later. [soccer]
TheProphesy: so basically im just gonna say you have a cute bum =]
TheProphesy: hey it sai dthey could be alive too, if i had to meet a dead person it wouldnt be someone famous it would bve a family member
TheProphesy: if there was one dead person i would want to meet it would have to be michael jordan
BlueNovember: haha... im thinking theyre a turn off.... for hmmm... EVERYONE!!!

ok well.... im sure there are som nasty freaks out there that might like it.... but ill say 99.9999999% of people know its a turn off
BlueNovember: hahahaha no STDs.... LMAO >.<
DutchMasta420: hey cutie.....i seen u were on n lookin real good..........get back to me sometime if u interested..........tty
burleson8121: ur the best beautiful
kenny81: of course :P i mean who could possibly give you a no!
burleson8121: u r soo beautiful

burleson8121: u r sooo beautiful, i dont think there is another word tat describes u as good as that one
izze: hey sweet cheeks..whats up!
pomon87: wat is ur aim sn or msn address maybe we can chat there:-p
ryetoast5: sexy..gorgeous...amazin a comment back
CircaSurvive: damnnn...cute as hell
izze: well u yes'd back.ur my ur gorgious!
izze: no thank you !
pomon87: hey hey netime... besides who wouldn't your beautiful:-) wanna chat maybe?
ScotttheMG: Not a problem. YOu're a cutie.
no1heretoday: You Have Beautiful Hair And One Hell Of A Body! Thanks For The Yes!
TopherChris: Lol, thanks for ACCEPTING my add!! you are quite good looking!!! well, ttul :-)
misfitslut: haha yeah
i practically stole it
misfitslut: its the only one ever made. EVER!

and its MIIINE.

naw, i don't remember. happy hat hunting tho ;P
misfitslut: ofcourse. and everyone wants my hat. i paid about 10$ for it.
Bawla44: You earned my yes gorgeous
zeke70: aww where's he at
zeke70: lol you get any action?
zeke70: well my friend i was gonna hang out with had to work and didn't tell me till late so i ended up just drinkin' at home alone :( how bout your's babe?
zeke70: do that to me and i'll smack it smile
zeke70: u got an oral fixation too? wink we should help each other out
zeke70: well i haven't gotten any lately so i am sexually frustrated :P
viper102588: no problem sexi
viper102588: i would hit this for sure
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
Hazey: if 3 x's are hot 4 x' must be just amazing
insonix2002: Happy Valentines day!! Wanna be my Valentine? hehe
playnwithfire3317: very sexy, def a yes
xxpskxxaol: you are absolutely gorgeous...
joefo53: well everone had to make a nice ass comment... and i figure you prolly already know that so i just had to switch things up a lol......
alanford: Sexxxxxy
joefo53: hey ur a cutee
turtlefur: you deeserved it baby. you are gorgeous
marduc: you look amazing, definate yes!
randysoldier: thanks for the yes sweety.........
crazyccrypt3: look at you sexy as can be
bontrager1: no offence. But you are a total MILF.
JohnnyH: Thank you for the add gorgeous!
kitkicker: wow... totally goregeous
h011ister24: Wow you are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a yes! You should message me sometime cutie wink
ryetoast5: a comment back
twin: all day smile
girlscallmedaddy3: very sexy momma!!
abrcrombefitch92: thanks for the yes...i love your pics smile
hckyrob: wow
XmynameisrobrobX: thanks,'re the best
GiovanniBoss1976: very pretty you have my yes , take care smile
shotbyapistolslug: no need for the thanks you deserved it =] xxx
very beautiful xxx
armybuff69: thanks for the yes.
senorniceguy: let's do it up big.
BestofDUBV: gorgeous
BvALkS: Thanks. So are you. Let's fornicate?
ariesguy: not much u?
johnboy954: Whenever your ready sweetie, I will give you a ride anytime.
CharlestonArtboy: lol...sorry about that. I meant to hit the YES right away, but i just noticed that I hadn't. There really should be NO, SKIP, YES and FUCK YES!'d get the good one. ;-)
BFEkid: no problem you deserve it for being beautiful and deffinately deserve it for being a beautiful mother
RainbowWarriors: wow
bbauerpimpin: dayum baby...u holla at me sho' u soo sexy
XmynameisrobrobX: oh yeah momma, i'd totally hit that. this site is waaaaay too much fun, devon. whose glasses are they?
ariesguy: ty sweetie your hot as hell!!
then00kiem0nster: no prob babe, bout damn time there is a hottie (besides me haha :P) reppin PA!
CraigB: Awe

Kids Are Great

..Well.. MOST Of Them


How Old Is She?
CraigB: So..

Just Wasting Time On here Or What?

CraigB: Bored And Freezing

But I'm Okay, Thanks

CraigB: =oP

So, How's It Going.. And Stuff?
CraigB: Thanks For The Addage


willman86: hey miss, thanks for the yes. yes for you as well! send me a message sometime, or add me on msn!
svendust99: just leaving u a comment! : ) you are very pretty : )
mrdouchebag: Fuck. You're drop dead gorgeous. Gimme a shout babe. wink
XmynameisrobrobX: yeah, i'd jump on you in a hot second, ma! i think you're the most bangable babe on this entire internet! even WITH your clothes on...or most of them for that matter.
g20mike03: haha i thought youd get a laugh out of doing good tireddd long ass day and i helped my friend move how are u hun
Abs227: Hey thanks for the yes and the friends add, talk to you soon
xoverratedx: thank you!
ArkansasMike: Thanks for the yes... you are both beautiful and hott. smile
g20mike03: do you think youd still like pee wee herman if he had crusty toes, a mustache, and a hairy ass? just curious lol
joeypage: Heey i just wanted to say i think your gorgeous!!and you diff get my yes!
live2blaze: sexiness
adamistheman: yea...but i run my city..j/k....i tried to be careful when i do stupid shit..
chevy54: ty for the comment your really hot
derailed: are incredible. absolutely gorgeous.
wildroz85: why wouldnt i give you a yes...
JustBeingJustin: hot
aguy4u: u can crash there anytime you want sexxy! wink
ducttapeman: no problem smile anytime wink
ducttapeman: hey cute pics smile i cant believe you've had a baby with how great you look smile
bballer102005: your such a cutie i would def hit that
BFEkid: no problem babe and thanks wink
SportsFan: hey sexy how u been
Criznittle: aw, cute
willferelladdict: how could someone spend an hour having u wait on them and not give u every cent they have...i would walk out broke
willferelladdict: alrite well it was good talking...have a good day at work
willferelladdict: well i hate to break it to u but i am a late nite guy...i dont usually get home till 4 or so and i dont get up til 1 or 2 in the the whole u getting up early may not work
willferelladdict: and if i couldnt sleep u would give me something gorgeous to stare at all nite...or u could just give me soemthing to do
willferelladdict: well my starfish pillow can get over it...hes just my partner until something better comes along and u would definitely be something better..altho the starfish doesnt have morning breath
willferelladdict: well i must offer was slightly selfish...i really just wanted to be able to cuddle with u..u are gorgeous.....but i understand if your bear cant be replaced...:(
willferelladdict: well good..i like making new friends..if we get to be really good friends i might even get u a new cuddly bear...or ill just give u myself
willferelladdict: i now have a squishy tie-dyed starfish looking pillow i sleep with now...its awesome cuz its always kinda cool so it feels good on my face
willferelladdict: when i was younger i had a pee wee herman doll i was in love with and when i wanted it i would call it my "spetty" but now the doll
Yaboybrianyahurd: oh yea, definitely, my seat feels like a piece of steel, and the passenger seat was a joke, girls always wanted a ride, but after the first ride, they know better, lol
Yaboybrianyahurd: also, you're definitely gorgeous:-D, id have to say crusty toes and herpes would pretty much turn me off as well..gotta draw the line somewhere right? :-p
Yaboybrianyahurd: lol yea gsx-r's are fine if you want to learn how to work on motorcycles (got an 04 gsx-r 600 in the garage and after about 10k miles, things started breaking left and right) i should probably stay with suxukis though, because every time mine breaks, an
MaxJMan: thanks for the yes cutie
chadyady: hey there hows it going?
a1ahockeydevil: lol thanks... well your pretty bangable yourself !!!
oughtabea: Great!
andysmith83: thanks for the yes and add
sickstereo: paperbag plz!
Stewcy99: wow you are really gorgeous smile you got my yes wink
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: you are too fine gurl!
eljon100: you are fucking beautiful smile
MaximaMike: wow...gorgeous!!!
randompornstar: congratulations, youve just won yourself an all expenses paid trip to... you guessed it... my dreams! enjoy your stay!inlove
bobbythepsycho: i would fuck the shit out of you
brentz: gorgeous
runninfool20: lookin good Devon
emofreek11: damb gurl u got a killer look.. real sweet and cute, thats what i ment hehe, be sure u give thanx to ur mom and dad...=)
AaaYGirl: hey baby waz goin on
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
SportsFan: hey baby waz good?
soregonmale: Very Cute!! Love the Pics!! Got My Vote!! Have a great Nite!! grinlol
ClevelandRocks2006: Thanks for the add... Stay HOTT......
BreakStone: totally amazing body
NizzleDude: your beautiful
CR25: hell yeah
SportsFan: hey cutie long time no talk how u been?
bigrick: damn
SportsFan: hey baby how u been havent talked to u in a while hope i get to hear from u soon love ya bye smile
Alexy123: Hottiesmile
baughman9112000: yo
totallyblonde: i see how it is im not good enuff to be ur sexy lover anymore u chose someone else i see how it is
firefighterpa280: hello i love ur pic, u are so prettyand of corse i voted a yes so you have a good day and i hope you can return the favor and vote on this firefighter thank u
AaaYGirl: ur on my fav baby
AaaYGirl: u got a sexy lover too
gruveninmyvw: very sexy!
XtremeLax027: very sexy
TangarineSky: no stds is a turn on.. just happened that i dont have stds. whats UP
GTRugby: you are the definition of cute
AbrcrombieGuy01: Damn girl you are sexy!!!!!!!!!!!
a74Krayzie: ur welcum
aanotherguy: You seem sweet smile
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha vote grinlolgrinlolgrinlol
PieceOfWork: god damn that's hot
a74Krayzie: grinlol smile
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha vote grinlolgrinlolgrinlol
hhhfan372: hottie
fullstress: very beautiful smile
Brokenbokken: grrr
dont fight
ill bite
Brokenbokken: maybe, but I think you're cuter
Brokenbokken: cute
xxdreamerzxx: awesome
totallyblonde: id totally fuck ur brains out baby!!!
totallyblond1020: ohh devie....
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