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Profile for lOvex3 (offline- last on: Apr 15, 12)
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Name ♥amanda♥ or ♥SharkBait♥
Age 23
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Missouri
City Independence
About Me
My name is amanda, but i go by SharkBait or Sharkyyy. I live in independence missouri. I am seventeen years young and i enjoy life day by day. I don't let my past bring me down.

I no longer live with my parents, i live on my own and pay my own bills. I may be only seventeen but i take care of myself. I"m more mature than most girls my age but i do have my wild moments juss like everyone else. I have a roommate and her name is lacey. She's my best friend and prolly the only female i could ever live with.

I like to party and throw parties. Me and my roommate have a party here almost every weekend, but we never pay for alcohol. Oh the joys of bein a girl. Lol!

I'm a very outspoken person and if you don't like what i have to say then fxck you! (: I may be small but don't let my size fool you. I can fxck someone up. Haha! I'm a crazy lil shit head who knows how to have a good time.
My Apps
I like to party and throw parties and have a good time with my friends. Yes i drink and i smoke, got a problem with that, then don't talk to me. Simple as that.

I am almost always with a friend. I am a very sociable person and i enjoy hangin out with all my friends.

I am the type of person who actually likes spending time with the family. Unlike friends, family always has been and always will be around.
Turn Ons
I like a guy with a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants in life. Someone who isn't too cocky but yet a little cocky. Juss not too much. A guy who cares more about whats on my mind rather than whats on my body. Someone with a good sense of humor and knows how to take a joke. I like it when a guy says and does sweet little things. Like telling me i'm beautiful out of nowhere. Or kissin my cheeks and forhead juss cause he wants to. I also like a strong man who can make me feel safe in his arms. I also like a guy who isn't afraid to show his sweet side. Oh and can also hold a conversation

I love a guy with piercings and/or tattoo's. Muscles can be nice, but too much is not that hot. Blue eyes and blonde hair are uh-may-zing. But i like all colors of hair and eyes. Some facial hair is okay. I prefer no facial hair. but on some guys its sexy.
Turn Offs
Guys who are rude and don't give a fxck about a girls feelings. Someone who only talks about themself. I hate when a guy is soooo sure they can get in your pants. Someone who don't know how to have fun or when to be serious. Someone who can't take a joke. I hate when a guy can't talk about anything but whats on my body. I don't like a guy who can't keep a conversation. Also, its really annoying when a guy says what chicks are hot and what chick have no chance. I don't care about the other chicks. I hate man whores. Don't waste my time please.

Bad teeth and bad breath are a no no. Can't kiss a dirty mouth. Too much body hair is gross too. I don't wanna have to chop down a bush juss to be confortable layin with someone. And keep yourself groomed please. Which includes owning a hairbrush or something.
This beezy right here would be nicole My big sister fo sho Lol! She is gorgeous inside and out And if anyone fxcks with her they're gonna ahve to deal with me And you don't want that to happen Trust me

Cutie face brandon My ex sexy lover who is completely amazing He always makes me laugh He is completely amazing Too bad he lives in canada Haha

Favorite Things
TV Show angel
chris angel
so you think you can dance
real world
Movies Twilight and New moon are my all time favorite movies!
Music punk rock
some rap
some r&b

i've seen the bands emery, red and our hearts gero in concert cause they came and played for the camp i went to in iowa after the our hearts hero concert they hungout at the camp for awhile and i got to meet them all and it was fun there really cool and there not like any other bands on myspace cause they actually reply back to my messages and they remember who i am so thats pretty cool
Book Twilight
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Confessions of a not it girl
my heartbeat
I love to read so ima juss stop there lol
Fxck the bitch

I don't need the shit

I'm gonna live my life to the fullest

And not have no regrets
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