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Profile for lOvex3 (offline- last on: Apr 15, 12)
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Name ♥amanda♥ or ♥SharkBait♥
Age 22
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Missouri
City Independence
About Me
My name is amanda, but i go by SharkBait or Sharkyyy. I live in independence missouri. I am seventeen years young and i enjoy life day by day. I don't let my past bring me down.

I no longer live with my parents, i live on my own and pay my own bills. I may be only seventeen but i take care of myself. I"m more mature than most girls my age but i do have my wild moments juss like everyone else. I have a roommate and her name is lacey. She's my best friend and prolly the only female i could ever live with.

I like to party and throw parties. Me and my roommate have a party here almost every weekend, but we never pay for alcohol. Oh the joys of bein a girl. Lol!

I'm a very outspoken person and if you don't like what i have to say then fxck you! (: I may be small but don't let my size fool you. I can fxck someone up. Haha! I'm a crazy lil shit head who knows how to have a good time.
My Apps
I like to party and throw parties and have a good time with my friends. Yes i drink and i smoke, got a problem with that, then don't talk to me. Simple as that.

I am almost always with a friend. I am a very sociable person and i enjoy hangin out with all my friends.

I am the type of person who actually likes spending time with the family. Unlike friends, family always has been and always will be around.
Turn Ons
I like a guy with a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants in life. Someone who isn't too cocky but yet a little cocky. Juss not too much. A guy who cares more about whats on my mind rather than whats on my body. Someone with a good sense of humor and knows how to take a joke. I like it when a guy says and does sweet little things. Like telling me i'm beautiful out of nowhere. Or kissin my cheeks and forhead juss cause he wants to. I also like a strong man who can make me feel safe in his arms. I also like a guy who isn't afraid to show his sweet side. Oh and can also hold a conversation

I love a guy with piercings and/or tattoo's. Muscles can be nice, but too much is not that hot. Blue eyes and blonde hair are uh-may-zing. But i like all colors of hair and eyes. Some facial hair is okay. I prefer no facial hair. but on some guys its sexy.
Turn Offs
Guys who are rude and don't give a fxck about a girls feelings. Someone who only talks about themself. I hate when a guy is soooo sure they can get in your pants. Someone who don't know how to have fun or when to be serious. Someone who can't take a joke. I hate when a guy can't talk about anything but whats on my body. I don't like a guy who can't keep a conversation. Also, its really annoying when a guy says what chicks are hot and what chick have no chance. I don't care about the other chicks. I hate man whores. Don't waste my time please.

Bad teeth and bad breath are a no no. Can't kiss a dirty mouth. Too much body hair is gross too. I don't wanna have to chop down a bush juss to be confortable layin with someone. And keep yourself groomed please. Which includes owning a hairbrush or something.
This beezy right here would be nicole My big sister fo sho Lol! She is gorgeous inside and out And if anyone fxcks with her they're gonna ahve to deal with me And you don't want that to happen Trust me

Cutie face brandon My ex sexy lover who is completely amazing He always makes me laugh He is completely amazing Too bad he lives in canada Haha

Favorite Things
TV Show angel
chris angel
so you think you can dance
real world
Movies Twilight and New moon are my all time favorite movies!
Music punk rock
some rap
some r&b

i've seen the bands emery, red and our hearts gero in concert cause they came and played for the camp i went to in iowa after the our hearts hero concert they hungout at the camp for awhile and i got to meet them all and it was fun there really cool and there not like any other bands on myspace cause they actually reply back to my messages and they remember who i am so thats pretty cool
Book Twilight
New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Confessions of a not it girl
my heartbeat
I love to read so ima juss stop there lol
Fxck the bitch

I don't need the shit

I'm gonna live my life to the fullest

And not have no regrets
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JimmyC: hello beautiful
Jdizzlenmo: hey, hit me gorgeous btw :-)
JimmyC: hey foxy lady
BLinc: just wanted to thank you for being honest and giving me a no hope you have a good one
singleservingfriend7: smile i do what i can, you make it easy to compliment, bein so beautiful and all
singleservingfriend7: you like fell out of my dreams and started walking around this world
BSimpson: so whats good.. where tha party at tonite then..... shit ill drive up there.. haha only rite dwn the st pre much
BSimpson: so whats good.. where tha party at tonite then..... shit ill drive up there.. haha only rite dwn the st pre much
uselessfaith: Hey cutie thanks for the add I love your pics ;-)
Willndowed: Uhm WOW you are GORGEOUS and SENSATIONAL!
trav279: heyy are you my dear??
BigOutdoorsMan: I just uploaded some new pix. Check them out and leave a comment. For every pic you comment, I will comment yours. smile
ILikeMusic: hey gorgeous. haven't seen ya in awhile. hope you're doing well.
shieldsisback: hey wats up gurl ur sexy as hell
DXN987: hey
Mandos: wow you are very pretty
Mandos: wow you are very pretty smile
DaDonJuan9: pretty =)
JBPoker: I meant to say thanks for the add, but you should give me a yes too
JBPoker: hey, thanks for the yes
yeahoksure: Thank you for the add ! smile
jdes06: heyyy. its been awhile. how've you been
Dajesone: Thanks for the No B*tch
endlesslies: just good attitude smile
endlesslies: Pro attitude. I LIKE IT
waxurss: care to chat on msn? you have some gorgeous eyes btw
ACsore: stunninggrinlol
EveryBUDDYLies: hey thanks...ur hott too..we shuld talk sometime
svendust99: U are a cutie! Just hope u are having a good day as well! : )
livingthedream18: thanks wink
SONofAheyWATCHit: lol yep, thats much better smile my allergies aren't kickin anymore either so that helps that i can see better heh
SONofAheyWATCHit: and its hard to see lol
SONofAheyWATCHit: lol i think im colorblind , i couldnt read what you wrote at first, i thought you said "you're not welcome " i was like *jaw drop gaspy gasp* lol, i read it again and saw what you really wrote smile ... (i have allergies so my eyes are all watery and its ha
SONofAheyWATCHit: thanks for the yes back =]
sexyscuba68: You have some amaizing pictures. You have a great body
Henrikku: Cool smile any plans for this weeekend?
bigmonkeysandwich: Hi Amanda wave
Henrikku: Whats up? :d
Henrikku: whoa grinlol
MrNobody: this girl is crazy insane hot on cam! and she does alright in the personality department too :p
circa123: <3
circa123: oh are insanely attractive!
penIspupPET: Rawr =]
Balo48: when u gonna post new privs?
Raphaelx: Hello there Amanda =)
How are you today??
BreakStone: Thanks for the yes!
tmoney82: <?3 THATS SAD.
tmoney82: why havent u ever talked to me before?
bamaboi82: how you been sweetheart
bamaboi82: wow ur alive
penispuppet: *poke* =]
shin00bi76: you're realy cute smile
shener18: wats up? you look wonderful wanna chat? do u have msn or yahoo? kiss XX)
britishjay: hey. i was in independence last summer!
penispuppet: Amanda! <3
tmoney82: sup hottface
Mandos: very pretty
BabeeKakes: Juss so you kno! I FXCKIN MISS YOU! && I LOVE YOU! =D
I talked to you today!
I hope we get to Hang out again Soon!

Love ur Favorite Cuzin! Rd! <33
penispuppet: woo sweet grinlol
DXN987: hey there
penispuppet: omg you said penis! rofl
penispuppet: mahnahmahnah!
bamaboi82: just saying whats up with yah gurl
brandoncrooms: that would be frikin awesome!!!!
penispuppet: aw well i'm glad you're having fun =] miss talking to you though =] I can always add you backwink
brandoncrooms: i know that would just make my day haha
penispuppet: aw that's cute! you should get online mmore =]
brandoncrooms: ive been pretty good...i would be better if i got to talk to u lol. i miss the crazyness haha
penispuppet: oh wow things going okay at the new place? =o
penispuppet: hey where you been? :O
brandoncrooms: gurl i havent talked to u in forever!!!!
bamaboi82: mean ass
frankthetank87: thanks for the add, hows it going?
stlmike5: what up saw u were from MO!!! hit me up!
hendrix8811: Wanna chat sometime? My msn and aim are on my profile
hendrix8811: Wow. You are amazing! You have a rockin body along with your awesome personality! Want to chat sometime?
hendrix8811: Amazing! Wanna chat?
JakBennett: thanks for the yes smile
DXN987: hello
wolferdan7: Hey Cutie, just thought I would stop by and see how things were going. Get at me sometime on Aim (if you have it) fsudwolfe. Peace
penispuppet: tiphat
TreeTopLover: Juss so you know, you're pretty amazing... smile
DXN987: not too much, just chillen and really bored haha
DXN987: hey there sharkbait what yup?
NoahNoahNoah: i like you're hair smile
haha you're pretty grinlol
UrEvryDaySin: cuteness
Becca777: hey there... where have you been ive tried to send you messages lol
rebelscguy20: hey good lookin, what's goin on? ready for the weekend? can you msg me with your msn name?
Drew2004: Hey Sharkbait, how are you??
Schneids: hey Amanda...what's goin down?
penispuppet: what's up Sharkbait? ;P
Drew2004: hello wave
penispuppet: heartthrob
lailai1104: lol ok. u can use any of the 1s that r in my avatar.
lailai1104: lol k u pick 1 n ill put it up. i think u look gorgeous in that 1 but w.e lol. u need to put a new 1 of me up lol
lailai1104: i miss u!!!
Brokenbokken: anytime muffin
Brokenbokken: you're adorable
ColoradoKing: Aw a nofrownthanks anyways thoughhug
ThatGuy253: Well, nice talkin to ya wink

Have a good night
LILplayer0001: Whats up pretty face?
ThatGuy253: Salute is not a problem. I've got a webcam if you wanna see that it's really me. I just won't make a salute for the site.
ThatGuy253: I just had surgery on my mouth. I've got an abundance of percocet 10/325.. how about a trade? lol

Care to chat on AIM or MSN?
ThatGuy253: you're pretty good lookin yourself. i'm just chillin in bed watching south park. prolly to go sleep soon.

how's that aterol? care to share? smile
ThatGuy253: Hey, what's up?
MaGiCalMisSy18: manhattan kansas...
im from denton texas though
MaGiCalMisSy18: ehhee well i am in kansas.........
ur in missouri?? what part?
MaGiCalMisSy18: i would love to dance with ya smile
Brot2Ubyaflnbmb: awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MaGiCalMisSy18: good
hahaha your fucked up?
Brot2Ubyaflnbmb: YYYYEEEESSSS!!!! Coca-Cola is delicious!!!
MaGiCalMisSy18: well i think you are babez

hows your night???
MaGiCalMisSy18: no need to be...your sexy
MaGiCalMisSy18: you are so freakin cute
penispuppet: love the new profile look! and your hair grinlol
niceguysinc: hey. thanks for the comment the other day sorry i didnt get back to you sooner i just have been busy. how are you doing
MJT1990: hey hows it going tonight?
jdes06: perfect! if you could... would you delete that last comment, with my msn... so weirdos dont add me?
jdes06: we have too much in common.
teddies. plug in cams.
cozy and lazy in bed. hahaha
jdes06: oh yeah! i love my laptop. i wish it had a webcam on it... i had to buy one and plug it into my USB, it kinda sucks. but it works.
does your teddy have a name?
jdes06: right on. im just cuddled up in bed. with my teddy. just talking to a new friend before i go to bed.
jdes06: oh you. your friends arent that creative! hahaha. but yes. your a cutie! i like ya! smile what you up to tonight?
jdes06: your 16 amanda? damn... it should be jailbait! your fuckin gorgeous!
how's your night going?
argylekid87: hii
ufhottboy: def a yes!
TommyGun88: thanks for the yes smile
penispuppet: sooo tell me whatcha want what ya really really want tongue
penispuppet: rawr
Dirtyguy33: sexc
Desiresgurl6969: Thanks anyway i voted you a yes!!
penispuppet: hey smiley! <3
nplx6767: hey whats up? thanks for the yessmile
penispuppet: hello favourite =]
lisabelly: very beauitfulsmile
mikevtrash: hey watsup?
Schneids: hey amanda, hope you're doin well! happy 16th!
Sampson333: hey plz message me with your msn i'd love to talk to you.
nuckerman: rawr, awsome grinlol pierced sexy girls are even better then regular sexy girls grinlol
lailai1104: happy birthday sis!! i hope u have a GREAT day and get everything ur lil heart desiressmile
Ramiel76: amazing grinlol definately get a yes
xobellalova4yaxo: Happy Birthday!
<3Beyond Sexyyy
nuckerman: so uber pretty smile may i ask what the 9 piercings arE?
dedalus86: beautiful!
theeaftermath: your pretty wink
Goody317: ey fancy a chat ?
DSGB69: the tat
speedy36: hey how are yout oday?./ merry chirstmas!
jeffmt: you're really pretty. got msn or aim?
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
drknockboootzz: conclusion:

just so you kno, hitit
packsdeseis: hey sexy grinlol
packsdeseis: hey sexy grinlol
automech7053: Mine was good.... a lil boring tho! lol. Do you talk on MSN any?
jeffmt: you're gorgeous! got msn or aim or yahoo?
automech7053: Hey! Thanks for the add!!! Hows your night goin?
speedy36: hey can i get your msn sn?
bamaboi82: just saying hey sexi
destrto: sorry if you get some random email address. i wasnt paying attention to what i had on there.

I meant to say. thanks for the yes, and your really cute!
Prettywhiteboy87: hey wats good wanna chat if so i have aol we can chat there
BabeeKakes: Hey Bitch!!! lol I Love Yooh!!! =]]
extentunknown: or my msn doesn't work.
aim its the same sn.
extentunknown: add me on msn, my addy is
eXtenTuNknoWn: You're pretty damn cute...
whats up?
sterlingsccr05: very hott!!! thanx for the yes!
gotillskills: i want a sign!
uvulum: hey hit me back!
TheBusinessGBH: I have a knee cap fetish. Will you give me pictures of them?
simsonseinfeld: well there's plenty of room on my bed! jk jk i'm not one of those creeps on here i swear!
JoeNycStyle: mother nature called, and she wants sexy back smile
jimmyd9389: hey cutie, how goes things? :-]
lunk: hey whats goin on?

do you have a messenger we can chat on?

please write back.
siaho: i like that you don't yes for yes, and that you are willing to click no. i mean, that IS the point of the site, right? i'm at, what, 43%? i'm not upset, because i expect the no's.
what bothers me is "fake" yes's. besides, if i wanted yes's, i'd
dedalus86: gorgeous!
usafman: Thanks for the yes back hun, what's goin on?
speedy36: good luck!
speedy36: long! so what is up with you?
speedy36: it is ok! i understand how it is!
speedy36: ok i will leave you alone!
speedy36: oh i am sorry! that must suck!
speedy36: i am good! y dont u have a sl? ur to gorgeous not to have one
speedy36: hey how are you today?
Mandos: very cute
Dilly1: hey wats up how you doing?
ANightToRemember: mmm i love your tattoo, you are beautiful hun ^_^
lunk: hey you got any kinda messenger we can chat on?
mrpickle: no need to be alarmed. i'm not giving you a YES because i wanna hit it. i'm just giving you a YES because you're pretty. chill
Pyr0Pr0: so gorgeous!! have a wonderful day beautiful!!
Nick1986: cos i was thinkin of getting a latin phrase tatooed on me, just trying to decide where
NdwnVup: wow, pretty gorgious babe!! how are ya?
Nick1986: thanks for the yes . . . and nice tat by the way . . . i'm thinking of getting one myself, where do you reckon is the hottest spot for a guy to get a tat?
watsfur91: i love ur lip ring we'd make a cute couple lol
deadcorpse6: your a fucking cutie
deepsubmergence: only the cool kids wear royals shirts... lol
captainzero: Hey there! It's too bad I got a no, especially from a cutie like you grinlol but I always like meeting new people so hit me up some time if u are bored and want to get to know me grinlol
jeffmt: you're gorgeous!! got msn or aim or yahoo?
JimmyC: sweet are you on it? or on aim? you live and were close to joplen
JimmyC: whats up cutie? can i get your msn?
JimmyC: hey cutie! whats up? jwing if you might want to chat? write me comment back if you want to! and i can only get commets... not messages for some reason
Alexcam: hey there what's going on? looking so sexy...
LvRiot: its okay!! you ARE 15!
StNr: thanks for being honest, I appreciate it, not much of that on these sites anymore
NKstudd966: your gorgeous baby!!! luv yas wink
jimmyd9389: cutie :-]
brandoncrooms: goodnite
Etav: haha fuckin awesome i so rocked that bandana today and that was our flag that we used for our bike stunt team haha
studrock112: you gotta give credit where credit is due!
studrock112: Absolutely perfect in my book! You got my yes!
sk8r323: you have amazing eyes
pomon87: hey wats up beautiful ? waanna chat maybe?
xXx4CyLofFuRyxXx: amazing eyes
NdwnVup: hey there sexy! wats up babe?
jameson88: wish i could be there.

you got msn or yahoo?
jameson88: hey cutie whats up?
unfortunate18: cheers..
banksb420: just had to say your very very verrrrry cute!!!!
canuck512: jaaaaaiiillll bait
Deaner17: are beautiful...i just got done reading your profile and looking at some of your pics and are perfect...any man would be lucky to be with have my yes for sure, i hope i get yours...and please comment back
sydneyguy1982: Hello there beautiful Amanda I thought I would say hello and see how you are? smile
NdwnVup: mmm wow ur sexy babe!!
zztop: I wantta stay up and chat but I work in the morning :( how about tomorrow?
zztop: ....i wish
gotillskills: how much for a sign?
tmoney82: its true
tmoney82: perfect <3
zztop: im right here!
penispuppet: heartthrob
penispuppet: p-p-p-party like a rock staaar!
KrAzYgUy: thanks for the add amanda....if you ever get a chance and have free time, we should chat on msn!
waxurss: u r too cute, why ya gotta be 15?
eXtenTuNknoWn: saturn vue.
its pretty sweet. I wanted a pickup though.
eXtenTuNknoWn: lol, that blows.
I got a car last night.
thats whats new here. lol.
eXtenTuNknoWn: nadda... I went away for like 11 and 1/2 weeks working at a sleepaway camp.
so thats where' my summer's been.
anything else new?
jason6288: Hey! Whats your email address for msn?
eXtenTuNknoWn: Hey cutie.
whats up?
long time no talk.
rickrick1: your cute smile
RyanAsploded: ugh i worked all weekend!
RyanAsploded: since july 8th haha and yeah shes deffinately a cutie
McLovin: McLovin is sad
RyanAsploded: lol this is true :]
RyanAsploded: lol sittin around bored not talking to anyone ><
RyanAsploded: so whats up? :]
RyanAsploded: thanks for the yes cutie :]
RyanAsploded: thanks for the yes cutie :]
penispuppet: lova face=]
xSnowboardeRxo: you're so pretty and sounded cool as hell from what you wrote to.
xBrycex: Hey beautiful. I seen that you were looking
for an SL in Encore. You're amazingly
beautiful, and I'd love for us to be SL's. <3
waxurss: any chance of me getting your msn screenname gorgeous?
bigpenfold: Cute
SoldiersRUs: can i get those around my head
jeffmt: you're so hot. got msn or aim or yahoo?
Deigo: Hey there gorgeous if ya ever come to Columbia... you should msg me sometime and we could hangout ... hit me up sometime if ya wanna talk
babyboopers: sexyyyyy
brandoncrooms: thanx for the pic comments cutie!
endlesslies: hey liking the new DP hair smile
shadowfire240: DAMN UR HOT!!! i am single and 19 would love to chat with u hunny
hard2tame: u r fucking sexy!! Whats ur aim name?
MegaMiketkd: gorgeous
ryetoast5: gorgeous..amazing..beau a comment back
speedy36: np it is true! you really are gorgeous!
speedy36: your really gorgeous!
CasualFriday: your really beautiful
penispuppet: brap
penispuppet: how's your weekend?
penispuppet: hey sl =) <3 sup ?
penispuppet: ♥
penispuppet: sl! =O
FrikkinHott32: well my aim s/n is frikkinhott if that works
skittlekisses28: [bgcolor=#339999]thanks
dollface, its nice to hear because alot of girls online are like OH CRADLE ROBBER because....theyre jealous. lolz
&im not even a cocky person, but hes gorj. so im aware girls like him, but again thankyou.
skittlekisses28: [bgcolor=#339999]hahaha
his name is shane & his wyht is chldrnofbdm or something close to it? idk look for something close to it in my favourites lol it should be the full band name but hes complicated so its only parts of it lol
rolltide2005: Thanks for the yes sexy....
HollisterBaseball: Wow you are gorgeous!
Definitely a YES!
Gclipsed: damn....your gorgeous
penispuppet: aw yeah i miss it too :andhearts;
MegaMiketkd: your gorgeous i love your pics
ufhottboy: hottie wink
capt1eye: You are a very beautiful girl, you got my yes smile
n3bs: great smile and eyes
waxurss: no way u r 15...... too damn cute.
penispuppet: hope ur partaay is fun <3
needsumthing2do: whatsup gurl? haven't seen u online in a while how u been?
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very sweet beautiful Amanda how are you? How are you feeling I hope alot better smile
jeffmt: you're so hot. got msn or aim?
chuckinny: so gorgeous, so beautiful!!
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very beautiful Amanda how are you? How are you feeling i hope alot better smile
muscleman250: hey whats up?? ur a hottie... u wana chat on aim or yahoo... whats ur s/n?? get back with me!!
guitarzan1143: incredibly sexy, definitely got my yes anyday.
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very beautiful Amanda I am so sorry to hear you hurt yourself trying to save someone :( I hope you feel so much better soon :hugs:
turtlefur: hey, i jsut wanted to let ya know that you are friggin gorgeous!! you defintley have my yes :-)
neonrider: you are gorgeous
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very sweet beautiful Amanda how are you? How was your weekend did you do anything fun? smile
penispuppet: okies deal :P <3
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very sweet beautiful Amanda I just thought i would say hello and see how you are and ask if you would like to chat on aim or msn sometime?
penispuppet: hehe ya me too i gotta new guitar i gotta show ya
penispuppet: what's up hun? =o workin hard? <3
penispuppet: hi hun good=) i saw pirates! =O how r u?
eXtenTuNknoWn: hah, yeah same.. I got home like 2 hours ago from a party.
still bombed though. lol.

do you have aim? I'd rather talk there.
eXtenTuNknoWn: hey... whats up?
eXtenTuNknoWn: Hey cutie... Look'n good.
whats up?
MrTea: This is a STUNNING picture! I love it! You are beautiful!
sydneyguy1982: Hello there very beautiful Amanda how are you? smile
Mustang2244: youre gorgeous
ChuGotItMeing: definitly get my yes
XxATouteLeMondexX: Wow...ur hot
penispuppet: hi sweet boo <3
sydneyguy1982: Im glad to hear you are doing well other then feeling tired .What do you do for work? I am fine myself just a little tired and cold
sydneyguy1982: Aww thank you very beautiful Amanda smile How are you?
BigMs: hey amanda ... whats going on ... haven't talked to you in so long ... i miss you
sydneyguy1982: Aww thank you very much for the yes very beautiful Amanda flowers
seven007: 6'1
seven007: lol dang i love short gurl idk why something about them is sexy to me i guess cuz most of em have booty lol
seven007: my ex was 19 and 5'3
seven007: lucky lucky u
u look much older than 15 btw
seven007: bout tha same just ready to graduate tomorrow and party all weekend..
seven007: ur welcome hun so how'z tha night treatin ya?
seven007: damn I saw ur pic couldnt help but to stop and tell u just how gorgeous you are even if ya already kno lol.. ur very sexy smile
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a sweet beautiful lady Amanda smile
Mandos: very pretty
raidber20: so what you up 2?
raidber20: man, ur such a tiny cutie.
bsmithi: thanks for the vote, darling.
Adam222: So sexy whats up
Billyboy3644: very cute
penispuppet: nope i def. miss u more! <3 hehe well good chattin with u have a good day ttyl wink
penispuppet: miss u more! grinlol <3
penispuppet: miss u hun <3
greenalkaline: holy shit wow you're beautiful
penispuppet: hey smile have a good day at skewl if u go..aha :P <3
alakalaboo: you know, im totally going to sleep. hxc. but, if you have aim, you can catch me sometime on that, my screen name is sheepcow2
alakalaboo: oh its fine, i do the same thing. hell you might be lying. but i dont care. im lying too grinlol
alakalaboo: heh i dont get hung up on that type of thing anyways, i was just kidding. just cause you dont want to be fuck buddies doesnt mean you cant be friends grinlol (not saying fuck buddies cant be friends) ha just kidding. i had to throw something like that in.
alakalaboo: well, my self esteem is dead, but i like your red hair grinlol
penispuppet: you're my life saver! =]
penispuppet: aw i've missed talking with u! smile hope all is well <3
MadMonkeyBananaPants: You are a hottie! hotstuff
seven007: damn u r sexy and your eye'z they are goregous..
jeffmt: you're cute. got msn or aim or yahoo?
KatieNicole: just wanted to say you have a cute profile and i agree about being friends with mainly guys cause lots of girls do start drama and it's so annoying
penispuppet: aw that sucks hun hope it gets fixed soon miss u <3x
SDBOI: Thank's 4 the yes cutie!
JBenavides: Fuckin beautiful smile
penispuppet: aw that sucks =O well hopefully ttly hun <3
penispuppet: aw sweet :P <3
BecauseImInABand: 4'8"... wow
imsofakinghigh: hey ya sexy whats happening
penispuppet: hey smile I miss u hope u had a great weekend! <3
JDBTeen: baby you're neverrr online anymore. it makes me sad. you're so beauitful too
MEDIC20: you are very beautiful
JVSocclax: Of course. Say hello sometime!
penispuppet: aw thanks sweetests dreams for u hun <3 ttyl have a good day!
luckygurl17: awwww I wanna see ur new Hair color!!!!
imsofakinghigh: thanks for the add beautiful
imsofakinghigh: your a friggen cutie, whats up
luckygurl17: hey,whats up?
GiovanniBoss1976: wave2
luckygurl17: hey thanks 4 the add!!!!! Hope you are having a great Night!!!
MaximaMike: I like your gorgeous!
penispuppet: aw that sucks well he probably deserved a wack in the face lol <3 hope the rest of your day is better
penispuppet: oo well its great so far! <3 miss u lots =] *hugs*
penispuppet: hey Amanda =] hope u have a good day at school sweet stuff <3
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
JDBTeen: mmmmWAY cute. it was nice talkin to you tonight baby, there will be many more 2 come
rebelscguy20: can you msg me w/ your new msn name please?
JDBTeen: mmmm...... goodgirlsmile lol i'm an amazing kisser :p oh and you're addified
rebelscguy20: hey how was your weekend? do you remember me at all? i had your msn but never see you go on, did you get a new screenname?
JDBTeen: awwww i'm sorry baby. well come get that kiss. you're beautiful, i'd love to give it to you smile
JDBTeen: awww cutie i'm sorrrryy, he doesn't know what he's missing. has he seen how cute you are?! anything i can do to help? should i go break his legs or anything? come kiss me, i'll fix it :p
JDBTeen: why're you sad? whats going on? i'm an excellente listener. and i can fix anything lol. i'm up late cuz i never sleep lol not before 3 or 4 anywayss
JDBTeen: i'm great how are you
and what are you doing up this late babeh! lol
JDBTeen: Ahh amanda, you're waaay beautiful. and 4'8? Geez, thats like as freaking cute as it gets lol. i'm Josh, care to talk?
mAxiMILLI0N: bye
mAxiMILLI0N: Lol. He called me an asshole, I was just like.. uhm okay?

I'm hella bored too. Its 4:20n in the morning and Im still cleaning. Damn, Im pathetic.
mAxiMILLI0N: shrug I don't talk to her much and her bf called me an asshole or something for it.

So, I found some one else. thumbsup
mAxiMILLI0N: Rating random people. Im suprised I saw your profile, your cousin used to be my SL. wave
mAxiMILLI0N: hey qt, whats up?
sk8erjer17: Can we chat on msn?
ungertaker: no for no
bigddiper5: soo gorgeous do u have msn hun?
fcknyourfriendz: HAPPY EASTER
penispuppet: oo i did have sweet dreams smile more tonight! <3
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
TeslaRawksss: Chill if ya cant tell im kidding around
TeslaRawksss: So uh ya sayin I got a chance.. you took the time to vote =0P Happy Easter from the Easter Turdle
penispuppet: oo thanks loove! <3 you're the hott stuff! grinlol
dedalus86: gorgeous!
CVballer2423: hey whats up, you a cutie hit me back sometime.
fLyAzDaSkY: this is the best page on the whole site
penispuppet: rawr@chu <33
penispuppet: hope u had a grrreat day.. no more gettin kicked out m'kay :P <333
mrplayer6996: Yeah but You could always work and save up Money,and maybe a nice Guy will send you Money to help u get started
mrplayer6996: Ur welcome and You shouldnt say that bc You can be or do anything you set Your Mind too!!
mrplayer6996: hey,You are very Sexy and Hott!!! YOu Will Be A Big Time Model one day!!!
penispuppet: hey there tigerrrr <3
eagles75: oh i will have an awsome night!
eagles75: well i guess im a liar then ha
eagles75: what i don't think it's a big deal i give everyone a yes so why would i give ya yes if you gave me a no. no hard feeling though lata
penispuppet: aha not really i'm not like u..u lil devil! aha smile
penispuppet: we do both have hot profiles! wooo:P <3 happy 1st day of april! aha i slept through april fools without doing any pranks damn!
penispuppet: u make my profile hott!
penispuppet: woops my bad! <3 ur profile is rockin! <3
penispuppet: made u yawn! smile
penispuppet: *yawn*
penispuppet: my vary own paparrazi. lol <3
penispuppet: ooo Amanda ur the bestest <3
penispuppet: i missed u x 2359032590235092 +infinity =D <3
penispuppet: well i'm glad ur home i missed u ! <3
HardcoreSteve79: hey i updated my profile and added new pics if you care to check it out. and i still say i'd play doctor with you anyday
penispuppet: heya <3 missin u! hope u have fun at your friends smile
penispuppet: lol sweet! <3 yay i heart my butt toucher :P
penispuppet: aw that's soo cute butt toucher! <3 hehe thanks grinlol
penispuppet: i think you're the hott and spicey one! kk keep me foreva! <3
penispuppet: thanks for the sexi sign! you're the bestest! <3 RAWR@chu =)
mrloverbunny: can i have your msn?
penispuppet: hey smile hope you're not too sleepy today! <3 have a good one luv <3
penispuppet: hey there sexy lover! <3
prettyboy87: Hottie!! Absolutly gorgeous hit me sometimes if u wanna chat
Hiddensparxx: your sexy!!
amiy0urman: sexy baby!! msg me sometime!
ryetoast5: a comment back
Christriple6: incredible
shadowfire240: Very sexy!!! love to chat with u on MSN sometime sweetie!!
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
digitalcamguy: aweeeeeee that's not nice lol i gotted no'd lol
prettyboy87: hey there hottie can i get the msn sn?
MegaMiketkd: wow you are gorgeous its rare when i see beauty like yours on a website Love the pics hun!
vampiro: thanx for the invite your cute
vampiro: thanx for the invite your cute
StronginScene: No love for the scene kids =(
FAGxWHORE: thank you smile
mouthybitch: thanks fo r the no i changed my vote to a no
CRISTIAN23: hey there! =)
sublime666: your eyes are gorgeous smile
fuzzeedyse105: hey, i got aim yahoo and msn, and a, whats yur screen names on those??
BlueNovember: hey whats up? dont care about the vote. how ya doing anyways?
CR25: lovin the eyes and the ring!
Degenerated: mmm. you = yummy :]
Monalot3494: like 2 weeks ago.
needsumthing2do: hey gorgeous its been a bitg? whats going on? hit me back
nhra347: wow, ur hot, yes!
Monalot3494: yea but he's hardly ever on anymore. since he stopped bein SL's with me and is now with his friends sis. he's like going out with her now.frown
Monalot3494: u have some pretty hot guys on ur profile.
JamesRoss: sexy as hell/////I'd hit that wink

sk8erjer17: hey, thanks for the add! you're effin gorgeous. wanna chat on msn?
Raver1111: Hey I'm new to this whole wyht thing, but damn ure pretty hot add me if u want.
needsumthing2do: hey just watned to say whtats up and see how u been? its been a while since we spoke i hope all is well with u. I been alright just starting to concentrate on schoolwork as it kciks into high gear gotta get my shit straight u know- hope to talk too o u s
nhra347: wow, ur hot, yes!
UncleDustoff: Love all the pics couldn't just pic one so here is a comment for all of them

mlt11x: Thanks for the yes hope you have a wonderful weekend
Mobbaffiliated: grooss
needsumthing2do: holy shit sorry to hear in that case what up girl? lol if u want hit me up on msn imma be up for a lil bit
needsumthing2do: hey gorgeous what u been up to? hows ur man? how u been? its een a while hit me back
lilfucker: lol oh ok its cute, and you real preaty btwsmile
gomo: very sexy.... how are you ?
lilfucker: nice body, and cute baby, is it yours?
Mobbaffiliated: groooosss
scenekid804: make me a timid timmy sign and i'll give you bang bucks
endlesslies: aw ur poor little head
needsumthing2do: just wanted to say whats up and hope that everything is cool with you- hit me back if u want
ShadowOfMyself: hahaha ok
ShadowOfMyself: It doesn't bother me, I don't even notice
ShadowOfMyself: hahahah ahh ok tongue
ShadowOfMyself: lol thanks

can't decide on what colour you want your font?
ShadowOfMyself: hahaha because I'm weird and crazy like that!!
ShadowOfMyself: hahaha I'm so jealous, I wish I had a bruise like that lol
ShadowOfMyself: that bruise kicks total ass!!
Codaay: fuckin hot
trav279: good smile when the heck are u ganna give me ur msn addy sooo i can talk to you on there huh???? smile
trav279: hows the bump on your head treatin ya??
brett8403: sexc
EmoPassion: cute lol msn?
NdwnVup: hey babe whats up? your sexy as hell, def. msg me sumtime. . ttyl sexy!
needsumthing2do: did I tell you how hot that knot on your head is?
needsumthing2do: hey lil cutie hope u enjoyed the party and had a good time besides getting knocked in the head. in my estimation a dude should never raise his hands to a chick but what do i know ia m an old fuck
Swiggs: thanks 4 the yes
needsumthing2do: i dunno what to say
needsumthing2do: then thats all that matters
needsumthing2do: ok its not my place to comment so forgive me t he most important questin is are u hapy?
needsumthing2do: it took me a long time to realize this but u need to trust the other person a little jealousy is good though bu tnot too much. if u dont trust th em ad have that foundation in ur relationship t hen u dont have a solid realtionship or frameowkr to work on
needsumthing2do: so ulike beating up on men?lol so which one of those guys is ur boyfriend? i'd say if u want hit me up on yahoo or msn
needsumthing2do: Just wanted to pass by and say whats up. I hpe your weekend is going well talk to you soon i guess
XsNOWBoarDeRx: looking hot!
needsumthing2do: you should though if not you are dooming something before it starts. granted i shouldn't be talking because i rather prepare for the wrost and if somethign good happens its a bonus u know well talk to u later i am about to lay down taking anap
needsumthing2do: no problem and dont thank me for wishing you luck, your not gonna need it just think positive!
needsumthing2do: hey i think i am goign to bed thanks for the few min chat talk tou sooni guess night and good luck withthe boyfriend
stabbedbygrace: cool profile and you are really beautiful!!
xxpskxxaol: you are absolutely gorgeous...
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
SuaveAlex06: love ya future roommate!! haha your amazing babe
wasd: go to sleep
wvufreek: love those lips
NdwnVup: hey babe whats up? your sexy as hell, def. msg me sumtime. . ttyl sexy!
needsumthing2do: Hey just wanted to apologize for last night didnt mean to interupts anything. I just come on here for fun when bored - well talk tou some other time
needsumthing2do: young but very cute!
BecauseImInABand: Bored tonight? Let me know, I am too and I'd love to not be!
waxurss: too bad u r so young, cause u r sexy, ht me up if u wanna chat.
SuaveAlex06: why are you so amazing to me? cuz you make me smile and i wanna kiss you all over wink
supermalibu: your way pretty
SuaveAlex06: this purdy lil lady right here is amazing!! and we are gonna move in together wink
dbarry3167: wow ur very beautiful angel
MMMMM: You're qt.
UrEvryDaySin: damn hot
SuaveAlex06: you are an amazing lady and i cant wait to be roommates wink hehe we will have so much fun
sergeantcracker: thanks for the vote miss. how was your weekend?
mrgoodman: By genius i meant very very hot by the way :p thanks for the yes smile
mrgoodman: Genius grinlol
SuaveAlex06: my sexy future roomy wink
Just2Sexy: gotcha back smile
SuaveAlex06: this girl is sweet and sexy and i would let her hit me anyday wink
coerin: just in case you didnt realize it I love you
coerin: we definitely need to get married soon I want to start making love to you already... you never sent me my birthday gift :P
Shyguymason: yeah
Shyguymason: yeah
Shyguymason: Speachless, i doubt that if you shakesphere, casanova and cupid in one room they couldnt conjour a couple of words that will define your beuty and do it justice xxx
iwntyou: flowers








v3rysl0wbl0nd3: YAY!!! i think u'll like it
DaDonJuan9: preety smile
v3rysl0wbl0nd3: u shuld join whyspace smile
ca86: Very pretty.
hotone4fems1: VERY BEAUTIFUL
circa123: so pretty!!
itsmagick2007: your beautiful smile
Kennaayyy: Wow thanks for posting my picture on there lol
Means a lot babe
blueeyedbill: Thanks, glad you did, you're a cutie
DressedToKillYou: hi there, how are you? whats you ryahoo?
v3rysl0wbl0nd3: aww that dress is sooo cute smile
chuckinny: very pretty, beautiful eyes!
Kennaayyy: Well I frieken love you too!
ILikeMusic: awesome favorite things section. very pretty.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: finger
MadMonkeyBananaPants: You are a hottie! hitit
usmcbrian: you are just a total beauty!!
bigpenfold: Hot
shadowfire240: DAMN SEXY!!! love to chat with u on MSN or YAHOO!!! i am single and 19 not 23. i am on MSN and YAHOO
GANGSTAxxBiiTCH: amanda yOur
but i like yOur
gOofy pics betta
than yOur seriOus
Ones..but imma gOo
worst4now: Chat on yahoo?plz!
coerin: cause I am madly inlove with you and you are beautiful... y arent you talkin on yahoo to me ?
coerin: ok lets have babies or at least practice then
coerin: so when you wanna get married ?
Pieeeeeee: thx for the no :p
onehottguy: hehehe..nice! both of ur pros r awesome! (how come u made a new one though?)
NdwnVup: damn babe!! ur sexy as hell, you should def. msg me sumtime!!
somebody171: awww u do then y arent u here with me
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