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Profile for rachelskanks (offline- last on: May 7, 07)
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Name rachel.
Age 26
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Illinois
City Elwood
My Apps
i like to have fun..
Turn Ons
dark hair, funny, skinny, nicee teettthhh!, pretty eyes, doesn't take everything so serious, hoesnt..
Turn Offs
liars, cheaters, stuck up people, really bad acne..
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show family guy, still standing, america's next model..
Movies grind, dazed and confused, half-baked, mr. and mrs. smith.. anything funny.
Music rap mostly.
Book Not Given
Quote Not Given
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aggieman24: damn so cute
Baddapple415: hey cutie hit me back sometime!
allgloryfaded: rachel is alllll mine :-D <33
thesoundof3am: You're gorgeous
allgloryfaded: yeah hun sexy lover :-)
allgloryfaded: rachel i cant wait to come see itll be fun and you are an amazing sl
amonsterstail: OMG, Fuck, your are super fine girl. You get a yes from me for sure. Nothing sexier than a girl that looks like you. If I had the world to give, you would get it. Damn girl, you are to fine.
guitarfreak956: you better not be cuz that was bullshit lol
guitarfreak956: hey do you still like hate me for some odd reason?
BuRtOnSnOw: wow your really really pretty and really beautiful comment me back if you would like <3 <3
MikeRotch: What, on my belly?
MikeRotch: I like...make sexy time!
TheProphesy: your hott
limabean: no! my kittie!
RobsterAF: Thanks for the yes!
MaximaMike: gorgeous!!!
JonnyBoy235: you are absolutely gorgeous darlin just wonderin if ur sexy ass wants to chat sometime so hit me up!!!!
tromboner: thank you smile
ryetoast5: gorgeous..amazing...bea a comment back
tommyw: Thanks For The No! I returned the Favor :-p
RakeCasanova: thanks for the yes!!
allgloryfaded: best fuckin sexy lover ever
beingme7: hahaha you said no to me. LOOK in the mirror dumb blonde.
DSCx: thhhhanksss doll
NetTrash: Thank you grinlol
NetTrash: Hey cute stuffs
sdvidauri: thanks lol you're beautiful! smile
aaclubber: u are cute too baby wink
tmoney82: what a qt!
FEARanLOATHINGsf: you are beautiful!!!!!!
MikeRotch: Congrats on your top 10age Rach.

Let's hang out, btw.
aggies5448: beautiful
afuckintease: Hottie winkheartthrob
emodisaster: youre really pretty =]
NaughtyAndNice: gorgeous
menace2006: wow very stuning absolutly gorgouse nice pic you are a very beutiful girl drool
guitarfreak956: rachel fucking skanks go check out my sweet pics lol and you need to put more up so i can comment them lmao
guitarfreak956: hey there beautiful
aceswildtru: Very...very...HOT. grinlol
alaskajenna: mmm such a hottie
caliguy6969: ur a cutie
linzo: hellooo

you have beautiful hairsmile
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