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Profile for nine9inch (offline- last on: Apr 13, 14)
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Name Im 25!
Age 32
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Illinois
City Not Given
About Me
Ask me-I'm not shy = )


Before I lay me down to sleep,

I pray for a man, who's not a creep,

One who's handsome, smart and strong

One who loves to listen long,

One who thinks before he speaks,

One who'll call, not wait for weeks.

I pray he's gainfully employed,

When I spend his cash, won't be annoyed.

Pulls out my chair and opens my door,

Massages my back and begs to do more.

Oh! Send me a man who'll make love to my mind,

Knows what to answer to 'how big is my behind?'

I pray that this man will love me to no end,

And always be my very best friend.


I pray for a deaf-mute nymphomaniac with

huge boobs who owns a bar on a golf course,

and loves to send me fishing and to baseball games. This

doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.

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Comment my pics, esp if I'm adding you

Turn Offs
Is it that hard to respond to a message or maybe even return a comment??

I love when I read a profile and it says something along the lines of 'if you say anything sexual to me you'll be blocked or deleted' etc..LOL this IS isn't it? Just checking, thought maybe I was on

Oh and the other gem I love, 'just cause I said YES doesn't mean I would.' Huh? So what did you say yes to exactly? Yes you'd punch me in the face?
Guys Im flattered but um, not interested!!!

Favorite Things
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Have something to say? Leave a comment.
jodielynn470: Hows that big dick doimg comment on all my pics smile
KarmaDoll: haha smile u kno i try itz hard bringin sexy back in those things
KarmaDoll: thx smile haha they r kinda me ;P
jvic: It's the only way to do it wink
jvic: Please do
jvic: ;D
swallowyourtimber: Would what, swallowyourtimber? Lol
swallowyourtimber: smile thx for the comments love em
milfornot: smile
sexibichick11: a tribute..are you dumb? print out my picture know wink
sexibichick11: you going to make me a tribute??
vermont1: Come kiss me then baby wink
vermont1: I cant wait to ride your face baby wink
xXxTinkxXx: All I can say every time I look at your pics is YUMMY!!
swallowyourtimber: Love te comments hun
swallowyourtimber: I'd so let you!
ScottsSlut: Well cum here and gag me with it mister
liveharmony: thanks!
nooneslove: cutie smile
mulacravnhussy: Beeeeeears!! smile
pixiegal07: thank you wink
bubblecup1: yes its me you like it?
bubblecup1: hi how are you?
WickedLinz: Lets play hide && go get some ;P
&& you name the time && down lol
milfornot: :-)
ScottsSlut: do you?
swallowyourtimber: well come get it!
ButtOfPerfection: And u can wheb ever
nooneslove: hot
ScottsSlut: hotty
kgellar: i bet you would
XxHaLeYBoOxX: Yea & you would know what sexy bodies look like since you llook at one in the mirror every day....*let me lick you up & down till you say stop*xoxo
XxHaLeYBoOxX: Not as yummy as you babe xoxo
ButtOfPerfection: Hello lover boy
stormalicious: *blushes* awe thanks smile
ButtOfPerfection: Have you missed me
bttaflichc: hey hun...its been a while since i've talked to you but you are still looking sexy! smile
vbarbiee: ahah interesting wink
vbarbiee: ahahah ohh yeah? wink
and what would you do if you were with mee?
vbarbiee: hey thank you!
you look hott, I love your kind of bodd ;] ahah
what are you up too sexy??
vbarbiee: hey sup sexyyy ;]
danity7: hey sexy I have missed you!
bytchgyrl: mmmm....u are sexy
ohhaiitsjulie: thanks for the pic comment grinlol
purplelipstick53: thank you for the sweet comments =)
ThePerfectSin2: your*
ThePerfectSin2: Thank you!! yuor sexy
MeCHELL: with your big toy I will def use both hands such a turn on!
casssie94: LMAO youre bad !
MissLeahxx: Thank you hun
casssie94: thanks !! :]
Dee2202: are you a model? :p
xobabeox: awe thanks for the comment =]=]
CassieB00: Hey Sexy.<3
wickedlovely: thanks for the yes
jvic: okay, if you want to wink
bulbolnisam: hi! whats up?
nice pic... if you have time to chat, just hit me up,,
blondestuff: And I thought you were going to ask me to be your sexy lover. Hmmmmm, I pegged that wrong.
iwantcandy: my pleasure mr. G.Q. smile
alwaysbegood: Hi gorgeous!
Sloppykisses69: hiiii! still looking fine i see smile
alwaysbegood: You make my heart beat really fast ;~
XXgelbateXX: look good yourself
allikat: Your funny. ha.
carmenzum: lol well its back!
SexyXxXSasha: heyy whats ur aim sexyyy
cheXang: u have a nice body too smile thank u
SexyXxXSasha: i want youuuu
kth: What's up, lover?
LivingDeadGirl07: your profile made me laugh....i'd rather have the deaf-mute nymphomaniac though rofl oh and the way, you're pretty sexy too wink
Sloppykisses69: ahhhhh my first sl. hotter then ever boo
BuffaloTONKA: definite A++++
kth: What's up, mister lover? I missed you!
sexcimama69: thanks smile
lillianrose17: Anything for you smile
KimberlyMatthews: Are you up for it?
KimberlyMatthews: Thanks for the sweet comments. I work out a lot too smile
KimberlyMatthews: lots O muscles smile
SexXxyDianna: Thanks For Tha Comment!! grinlol
mshottie: wow
EcstacyInDecay: well well well, you're just fantastic. :]
KriissyLynn: yes hun thx for the photo comment
janapierce2003: MINE
Babykillakellz: heyyy baby.
babygurl0809: hey sexy
Crater: Thank you. smile
sweetie87: Thanks for the comment!!! smile
Leilalaz858: sorry bout tha no, i got my votes mixed up. Nice bod! I would have voted a yes!

Jalia: hey, thanks for the photo comment! smile
lillianrose17: Ooooh haha pop away!!!
sweetie87: Thank you for the photo comments!!! smile
kace1121: id let u be lesbian with me grinlol
kth: Yummy, of course!
But you can just call me kinkykatie...
kth: I'd be happy with my ruler picture...
Or maybe you can just email me some.
I'm sure you will make it up to me.
It's just gonna take some asshole licking, that's all.
KaTienicole: your profile is funny and ty for the photo comment

btw you're hot just thought i'd let ya know
Michelle62526: I missed you baby!
lilkinkyymaura: thanks for the coommentt cutie. wat were u thinking? haha :]
amber212: thanks 4 the pic comment wats upp?
amber212: thanks 4 the pic comment wats upp?
LadyLara: hey, thanks for the comment!... as for your rating.. it's from non-member votes...
Carly12: lol
thanks for the comment
BaristaBaby70286: haha. yeah new profile. yet again... how you doin sexy?
x7a5l0e1xx: lol thanks =]
Sloppykisses69: That kid is fucking crazy. No lie.
amber12: you are pretty damn cute urself hun, well i guess cute isn't queit the right work for it... umm can u say SEXY!!... definate yes
Sloppykisses69: Where have you been all my life? Haha, how are you love?
xobubblebuttxo: thank you for the picture comment babydoll biggrin
xobubblebuttxo: soo fine (:
LvGrahamcrackers: thanks for the picture commentt =]
The1uLuv2h8isFAKE: hahaha i have no pie! :P LOL How you been love?
LilBSiLk: hey how r things??
SABRINAMANGO: thanks for the comment
your gorgeous <3
xoxoLaCeYxoxo: whats your msnsmile
BellaGurl08: thanks smile
alyssahysteria: yes, sadly.
im 15.
RMC2004: I'd love to give you some tips with your 9 wood, wink
kth: I'm out to sea, and I STILL haven't recieved an email from you. :( Sob... But take care back stateside, and I'll talk at you when I can.
debbie28: damnn baby u are sooo sexyy baby u have my yes
kth: A girl's going out to sea and she can't even get a letter from her hot stud to tell her all the thing's he wants from her?
I'm out here defending you and I can't even be appreciated?! But how HAVE you been?
The1uLuv2h8isFAKE: HAHAHAHAHA!!!! NO!!! LoL I didn't make either, I made PIES! :P LoL
gabriella69: I agree with you on that one =]
gabriella69: haha.
I know.
Radiumeyes: It is the chronic(!), not many people recognize that :]
Radiumeyes: Thanks love, you're a hotty =]
The womens/mens poems are hilarious
kth: Did you get my email?
I'm SO sorry to have left you unfilfilled...
kaylakickass: lol, the poems in your about me made me giggle :]
kth: I got email if your interested, you know...
xsweetyx514: and this is my baby smile his dicks all mine
straightupcrunkyo: thank youuu.
SandySexyPants: I have another pic that shows me flexing my boobs in that shirt from the same
Xswtxtasyx: wassup?
kth: If your sending messages to me on here, I'm not getting them.
SandySexyPants: I added new pics just for you love...grinlol
SandySexyPants: It's incredibly hard to comment on your pics love, they all look the same. Please do something about that.
SandySexyPants: Of coarse I'm wearing a shirt, I'm in a bar silly. It's a corsette, you know... strapless. duh!
SandySexyPants: I was just returning the favor wink hater! So then am I to assume that you go to bed with ur camera? OH!!
Tlaf8729: Thanks smile
SandySexyPants: Of coarse that's not my toe silly...Although, that'd be pretty tricky eh?
SandySexyPants: Touche'
CountryRocker: wow you are totally friggin sexy!
dramonikita: thanX..yOur yummy toO hahaA=)
JessyReigh: womens isnt a weird
gabrielle3254: thanks for the pic commenttt nice bod haha
kth: I've been out to sea, How have you been?
itsj3nnybich: yur fuckin sexyyyyyyyy!!! DAMN
waFAKaYUku: ummm hi =]
hollisterbabii17: hey thanks for the pic comment! you're pretty cute too! lol wink
cassy0789: thanx for the pic comment!
SweetSexyMaillady: Thanks hunny!! Your not so bad yourself! ;-)
girlygirl2412: thanks hun
Kaymee: aw thank you. you too!
DewAlisha: Aw, thanks.. you too. Will you send me a sign... puhpuhpuhplease?
Sloppykisses69: it must have been the best dream u ever had, haha
kth: I've been awful lonely, but I've been worse...
ANIA77: you`re very nice toowink
shybutsweet: awww thanks so are you.
redeash: Thanks for the yes smile
kth: How's my favorite well hung stud doing?
Kim69: haha nice one
xjanedoe: hey, thanks for the yes and the picture comment =]
kindathick: Ty for returning the vote...Have a great day!
Sloppykisses69: damn boo, where u been?
il0v3shawn: GOD ur sexy wink
sexylizzie30: long time no speak :O:O
c0urtn3ylynn3: =]
thanks hun.
you're adorable.
freakofgreenandpink: hiya hunk how are you this evening?
angela14152: Yes that picture of Vanessa and I is BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!!! grinlol
bubbleme55: hey, your pretty cute:P
Kalistia: Thanks, you're not too bad yourself.
Vanessa04: i bet they would
randomgirl71: thanks, so are you
imaFREAK: heyy sexy <33
im not going anywhere
freakofgreenandpink: hey cutie how are you today?
JMMSexiBabe: for you maybe I can make an exception.....
BaristaBabyLV702: you can be in anytime you want ;-)
BaristaBabyLV702: definitely a hottie ;-)
Foresee22: Hey thanks for the sweet message how are you
irockthe40oz: cuuute
sexylizzie30: your so hot! .. i want a bit of you =D
wisconsingirl11: thanks... u aint a meathead are you?
ItsxLindseyxBaby: umm i dun member wat was said to you so never...
ohosoofabulous: lol thank you gorgeous =)
Liviexohmy: what?
queenlayna: thank you very much for the comments! you are quite sexy boo
Ttomlin07: ah your welcome smile
gymnast4life: thnx for the comment! wink
babeycakes89: hey! thanx for the comment! you are pretty hott too!
gymnast4life: hello there sexxy!!
hititorquitit: Thanks for the comment! how have you been sexy?
kellivicious: if that 1 more thing is u
AshleyMegan: thsnkd smile
kellivicious: yes you are
TheonetheonlyCHUPA: Hey, thanks for the photo comment. It's always nice to hear "beauty" or rather than hot... I noticed that especially. You're a good looking guy! (And it's not just because you have your stomach showing either. lol)
rockyourheart0ut: THANK YOU! haha
JenBen401: thanks for the comment...i'd def. hit that
KissMeOutOfDesire: thanks for the comment sexy!
LoveHeart: smile
XxAlaskaFinestxX: then lets play wink
sweetcharm: aw thanks for the pic comment babe!
MissMaryEllen: Sexyy!!!!
sweettink88: i miss you lot's muah your baby girl nicole
sweettink88: sexy man yummy i would eat you all up smile
innocentkt: u need more pics loser :-p
alwaysmile24: thanks back atcha :-)
sweettink88: you are so sexy god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are you from ? i'm from south carolina we should def. chat some time do you have myspace?
ILmilf: smooches! missin u..
imcutex3: hope you had a good day hun!!!!!!
sexyamazon09: hey thx for the comment cutiesmile
audly27: hot...
princessemily21: soo where in IL are you from? smile
innocentkt: hey babe, someone misses u
lovefromkatie: smile
xsoftxkissesx: thanks for the comment your gorgoeus <3
gabriella69: Oh really.
Feel free to wear me all you want.
innocentkt: cutie smile
sweetcatastrophe54: i am VERY jealous of you Sexy Lover..
redhot: damn girls give him lots of love he is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!1
ILmilf: hotttttttttttttttttttie
!!!! ;o)
innocentkt: haha new pics just for u babe
angela0689: i miss my sexy lover!
innocentkt: dont u even tease me :p
LittleMissAttitude: yea u really aint my type
ILmilf: hottie. hope all is well!! have a great wknd. xo
loveangel: thanks for the yes gorgeous! smile
SteffanieLouise7: THANX!! :-D
Curious4Love: you can do whatever you want to me daddy:P
katie1430: Thanks babes
jess10000: gawjuss yu xxx
xlovemehalwaiyzx: why thank you! =]
lxlbabybellalxl: thanks cutie
bkrys84: Thanks for the pic comment =)
Bridgetthinksurhottx: Thanks. smile
xxnicerack: thank you sweety yes for me too
TwirlPleasure: thanx hun lol
Christina927: thank you smile as are you hunni
Bamagrl19: Haha no im too short to be a model! But thanks lol.
refaisdannk: thanks sexy boy.
innocentkt: haha yes that is what i call a smirk smile
innocentkt: lol i'm not smirking smile and i love my freckles too. thanks for the sweet picture comments <3
kindall: aw thanks hun smile your so cute
emergencyx: thanks.
kelseababy99: thanks smile
ChanelprincessAngie: yeahhh! im only 98 lbs!
sexymissy84: SEXY.......
beckabee: i miss you.
linic01: thanks! you look pretty good too!
hana420: Thank you!! Ur hotttt.
disastrousLOVE: i greatly appriciate that. =)
mariak09: thanx!
KneadingShannon: thanx good lookin smile
hotvballchicky: don't forget warm & wet ! wink
mdxgrl: thanx sexy
LittleMissVixen84: Mmmmm, you can be my QB anytime you want. wink
kuntface08: thanks =]
heids420: why thank you
greenjo: help you what?
ABigFatBitch: thanks
CougGirl: gorgeous!
nOliezxjuslOve: thx grinlol
SweetBrunetteBabie07: Yes you are =)
Swtstff08: thanks for the yes
crazyme: Thanks for the add sweetie...grinlol
LittleMissVixen84: Thanks hun. smile
aewebbunny: hey thankyou! smile
jessie09: thanks your a cutie also!
Curious4Love: i just added you (stayin_free_13) IM me grinlol
Curious4Love: mmm you're making my pussy tingle already! what's your MSN? maybe you can make me squeal wink
akvolleystudd: thanks hun your sexy smile
ThIsOnEAlBaNiAnGiRl: thanks for the pic comment baby..i miss you!!!
Bridgetthinksurhottx: Thank youu. You're such a hottie. smile
Monkey315: lol thanks
jadoretiffanie: hiii.
zyv: Thanks for the comment babe....
heavner13xox: thanks for the pic comment!. your really cute!
heavner13xox: thanks for the comment. your absolutely gorgeous!! ;]
ThIsOnEAlBaNiAnGiRl: hey gorgeous...ur such a sweetie...ur sexy as hell too hunny
x0xaShtoNx0x: mm thankss !
xBADKittenx: aww ty
cutetokillfor: yeah, i really am.
hotvballchicky: mmm
hotvballchicky: i'm just a sweet lil girl... be gentle wink
hotvballchicky: take me awayyy
Eulalia2Samantha: thanks for the comment!! not bad yourself =o)
jll: i missed you too haha
babiigurlluv32: Hahaha i dunno when can you??
huggabunchable: mmm and I know your hot lol
southerngirl1: ty sweetie
katyisshady: Thanks
hockeybb16: haha yupp tits real--fake tat
thankss cutie
hotvballchicky: its getting hot in hurrr
hotvballchicky: bet you're yummy too......
youknowyouwanna: thanks gorgeous.
LilMissMegan: hey cutie
thanks for the yes<3333
xxalleycatxx: wow thank you, a lot. I give you a yes too!
babigurl007: awe thanks hun. wow u have a really nice bodywink
OBSESSiON06: thanks for the comment hun. hope u have a great day! =)
x0xaShtoNx0x: mmm theres not going to be any upgrading.. i have EVERYTHING i wannt.. my boyfrienndd<3
xxTanyaxx: You are really hot babe smile xx the last pic u commented on was my twin sis though lol x
P0etess: <3 smile
Kaybee2169: Aww, hehe well thank you =)
lilsexyjeffgirl07: Wat's up?
How r ya?
kth: I'm glad I could make you throb like that...
jll: well thanks ... so are you heartthrob
Beckei: Thanks! smile
PinkSlippers: Thank you. (:
You're pretty cute yourself.
IceBlondie: So, those are some sexy abs. I MUST say . mmm

yes from me.
sxcbabyangel4real692: Thanks sexc mwah smile
xxdreamerzxx: Thank you for the comment moon
ILoveLucy: thanx but dont call me baby
P0etess: ty smile
hitonme: hey aww thanks you are too
christina927: heyyy there cutieee
christina927: well thank u very much smile`
slm31868: dayummm boy!! haha
love the body
Humingbird: haha hey baby how r u ?
Shely1017: Thanks babe smile
x07LiLStAcEy08x: wiLL what come true? x
MissChemical: aww thanks<3
CortAKnee: why thank you smile
Bravewolf: Nice body!!!
craziegurl228: awww thanks sexii
Andrea09: thanks :] you're pretty cute yourself.
xoxAmanda2789xox: hey thanx for the yes u deff got a yes from me =]
lilsexyjeffgirl07: umm maybe
MiSseXb0Mb: thank you<3
blueeyes040386: LoL very cute smile
chelseababy: haha your funny :]
SweetAngelDee: thanks for the yes hun
Jelous626: nine9inch ?? prove it
Chris3tina: nice abs
Allykat07: hahaha that was funny
pinksoftballgrly: thanks for the yes
ToxicityXxXx: smile
btownprincess69: haha!! Thanks!!
Kmill1967: Thanks for the complement
hawaiigurly: SO HOT!
stephee: If I click YES over and over, will it really happen?
kittysaysmeowmeow: thanks for your vote smile muah
pinksoftballgrly: thanks for the yes
ANNiieeeHOLLER: hahaha oh, i got it now.
aiimeee: I'M NOT ENGLISH!! xxxx
missy18: hey sexy id hit it...<3 missy
ashligh: id hit u more then once....
venus74500: yes for sure!!!
motoxbarbie: thnx for the yes sexy! you got mine too <3
princessbritt: thanks for the yes i gave u one back
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