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Profile for toxiicbarbiedawl (offline- last on: Jan 18, 09)
Rating (go rate me)
Name Ashlee♥ (you can't handle me)
Age 24
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Ohio
City athens
About Me
or maybe Cancun..where i can lay out in my bikini all day smile

ummm about me...
my name's ashlee.
middle name=jade.
my favorite season is summer.
i love the beach, but im afraid to go in the ocean.
i have an unhealthy fear of sharks and spiders.
i eat too much junk food.
i'll give you my heart, but it'll be in pieces :/
i love my best friend. without her, i'd be fucked.
i go to school at ohio university.
yes, we do party harder than you.
i drink until i cant walk or talk.
i smoke too much weed.
i dont follow rules.
i'm failing my math class..oops.
i hate being told what to do.
i laugh a lot.
i cry easily..i'm kind of an emotional mess sometimes.
i have no idea where i want to go in life.
i hate my mother. and no im not being dramatic.
i'm a daddy's girl.
i have sunflower eyes.
my favorite colors are pink, black, and silver.
i HATE the color purple. but i wear it sometimes.
i wish my life had a soundtrack.
respect me and we wont have a problem.
dont talk shit about me. dont get in my face.
i dont do drama, i'll knock a bitch out.
i'm a baller.

uhhh i dunno what else.
if you message me..make it worth my time please.
kthanks smile

now that we got that out of the way..lets smoke a bowl smile

peeeeeeace bitches.

FUPA FOR LIFE! hahahahaha

i know exactly what i want.
and i know exactly how to get it wink

i love my life.
My Apps
no i will not meet you somewhere.
for all i know you are 40 and living in your moms basement.

im interested in...
world peace smile

Turn Ons

tannnnnnnn built athletic guys.

you have to make me laugh
and you have to be able to take a joke.

can hold a conversation..and can actually spell instead of writing : wazzup mami? get at me!
get off your ghetto ass and go learn proper vocab. smile
confidence does not mean cockiness. you are not gods gift to the earth just because you look good without a shirt on. I on the other hand am wink

Turn Offs
controlling guys
shy guys
no confidence
dont work out
old...please dont talk to me if you're over 25..unless you look like george clooney smile
no sense of humor
i want a boy to prove me wrong.

to all the jealous bitches...tell your boyfriend i said hi wink

Favorite Things
TV Show FUCK OBAMA! (yea i fucking said it)
Movies the devils rejects

Music i wanted to hold on to the things you never say to me.

cause you said you cant change the way you feel.
but you cant tell me this ain't real.
Book vogue.
Quote better to be an open sinner than a false saint.

im not DEMANDING for respect.
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getpumped87: if you ever come back to this site, hit me up :-p
shaqinmiami: I miss you.
irishfarmer82: hottie but im sure u here that all the time
ILikeMusic: outspoken and gorgeous
Confuzed1134: hey sexy wats goin on
imsowasted: your pics make me just wanna comment them all day long, hah
gomo: ouch its been a longgggg
tricky05: "DID OBAMA JUST BECOME PRESIDENT? i come!" wow when I saw this I almost shed a tear. That is the sexiest thing I have ever heard
xJobey: wave
ACsore: Wow checked out yer profile .Alot about u we have in Common grinlol im Zach
Marty0Mcfly: Hahaha ohh wow I wish I knew you. Your profile makes you sound like you're made up of 100% pure awesome.
KingFreshChristian: How classes going for you?
tDUB2486: you are so sexy!
you go to OU, i take it??
i go to OSU grinlol
capt1eye: You are a very beautiful girl and seem like a kick ass chick! Got my yes smile Love the scandalous top......
aFakeJamaican: your beautifull :]]

&& Shame on you!

40 year old dudes living in mommy's [aka their room mate's] basement are funni xD
badddboy69: wow, u are fuckin gorgeousssss
streetracer2117: RE OPENED! lmao
WatsonsHere: Hey there beautiful!!
TalibKweli: hottest thing out of ohio
shin00bi76: hey cutie grinlol what's up?
dinodork: yeah, pregame before the flight lol
shin00bi76: borrrrred, and you?
Longhorn769: dayum girl....very sexxxi
dinodork: lol alright, sounds like a deal, they will have alcohol on the plane and in cancun tho =)
shaqinmiami: I'm your favorite too!
shaqinmiami: You're my favorite.
Just saying :]
KingFreshChristian: not really lol the cops were out heavy maybe i am lucky i didnt get caught..i miss ou its so easy to get away with a lot down there
dinodork: lol yeah, better weather down there, plus i was born in canada, 8 years is enough
dinodork: take me with u to canada lol
jjohnson00866: damn lets play!
KingFreshChristian: Getting shitty in columbus without parents hahaha i m coming back down there next weekend to visit
KingFreshChristian: hows it going?
charlietheunicorn: Hi sweetheart, thank you for adding me and for the yes!! You are so absolutely gorgeous!!! How are you doing?
P0rnSt4r: hey there cutie, hope you're havin' a good day. TGIF! =D Jus thought I'd show some love.

Take care =]
nelly043: ashlee you're fuckin amazing!
jewbacca: well if it wasnt adderall, what would put me over the edge, in your opinion?
jewbacca: I forgot what Im even doing to get you naked. did I have to do something or was my charm enough?
jewbacca: If you do it naked it may well be worth it, don't you think so?
jewbacca: You could always make me dinner, also. Im a sucker for a good cook. Naked chef, perhaps?
shin00bi76: hey thanks for the yes cutie grinlol
KrazyJust: thanks for the yes
jewbacca: Which personally I think can be much more valuable than money, if used correctly. You got something mighty dangerous over there, Ashlee.
ndfootball84: we all know im the best conversation starter smile
jewbacca: Hell, Im gonna need some of that myself to get through this shit. But Ill see what I can do. I can get a pretty penny for those things though, what do you have to offer?
shaqinmiami: I like you.

P.S. don't lave ur aim in ur profile, dummy!
Keenon: looks like we go fucked, Ohio and Virginia killed him. Americas fucked, but dont worry no matter what he does u will still be hot as shit lol
KingFreshChristian: ouch obama aint taking your money girl haha but what up tho?
jewbacca: Doin some online assignment before I go back to class at 5:30. It's a lot of work to become a legal drug dealer, lemme tell ya.
jewbacca: Girls are nuts like that sometimes, what can ya do? Glad I found the one cool non skanky one. What are you up to today.
jewbacca: Nah, youre not one of them. Not sayin you have the right to be bitchy, Im glad youre cool, but some of these girls act like their shit don't stink.
jamesdeen: aint nothing toxic ab0ut that, total knockout
jewbacca: I believe it, but theres a lot of girls who act like the shit when theyre ugly as hell. Ppl give em compliments all the time just to see em naked and it goes to their heads.
drknockboootzz: met dolly parton in tennesse, her titties were filled with hennessy!!
rofl fat blunts to that track foreverlaugh

i wish u could send files here there's this other awesome blazer anthem u should hear u would dig itsmile
jewbacca: Thats about the only reason I come on here at all anymore, something to keep me entertained while I do my hw. And when i run into the few good looking girls like yourself, always a plus.
jewbacca: No prob, you on here much? I talk in the forums sometimes, haven't seen you around. and I think Id rememeber you if I did.
KingFreshChristian: haha it will be alright simmer down anything at this point is better than bush give it a chance before you just run to canada lol
bigjoed: wow you are so hot so i am going to give you $50 bang bucks !
RobbMaggs: Unfortunatly Obama won, Canada is more Liberal... I'm thinking Bermuda.
KingFreshChristian: i see someones pissed obama won haha
jewbacca: Damn, you musta been on tonight, already updated with the Obama thing. looking good though, gave you a yes, comment me back.
gomac: oh well..let em talk shit..they'll make you famous.
gomac: fuck bitches. haha
thesprout4: you are so cute
gomac: haha thanks :]

you are absolutely deserving of your argument there..
gomac: What you're saying I'm not worthy of more than a 60? haha :]
Mobbaffiliated: hootttieee comee back byeeee =P
drknockboootzz: i believe it goes,,,,,,,,, ohio U can suck MY ballssmile

lol where u been cutie dont tell me i have to write dick comments to get ur lovin comegetsome
GlendaleBear34: Heyy Cutiee
Tomorrow: just hanging out, i had to study all night for a huge exam so no fun for me.. i like how all your comments have to do with smoking lol.. no other interests?
gomac: Yeah..I wonder the same thing..

I actually had this site when I was like 15 and scrawny..haha..had the 60 back then..

Started using it again..and it's gone up slowly..but I don't feel like paying to restart it.. haha
XJUSTANOTHERGUYX: stunning..that is all i have to
avenged52: oh you know it son
avenged52: haha i've been smoking way too much lately. cuz i need to get a job haha
but i did too i was wasted from like friday till sunday haha. friday was crazy, we just went to 3 frats in Boulder i fucked myself up hopin some fences though haha
avenged52: same! haha friday i was soooo friend has like a giant jar full of fat nug's like...30 nugs at least was amazing. i was totally fried
avenged52: haha you're welcome! but i'm just telling you stuff you already know! smile so you have a good halloween weekend?
OsageThug187: well, considering that regardless the candidate, both have the same intentions of finishing the completion of the one world government.. and power/control with the RFID chip.
avenged52: haha idk, you're gorgeous, you seem like you know how to thrown down, and you're voting republican...those are symptoms of perfection to me hahaha
OsageThug187: Barack HObama and John McLame, damned if you do and damned if you don't.
harp84: you drink Milwaukee best ice and like McCain now that sexy..
dipschit: Hot baby girl..just hot..and hells fucking yes on rockin the vote!
avenged52: hahaha when i saw that on your profile i was like oh my this girl is perfect hahahahahahaha
avenged52: MCCAIN & PALIN 08!!!!
Billabong13: your absoutly beautiful
Tomorrow: haha this is true wink so what are you up to this evening? just hangin out?
B0MBshellx0x0: lol we all have our moments. i mean, we ARE females.

you have AIM?
B0MBshellx0x0: sorry about all the shit i gave you in that thread. i was just being a bitch. but you seem cool as hell so hope everying is chill :]
B0MBshellx0x0: well fuck when youre in this area let me know...i used to promote from alot of the clubs in dallas/ft worth so i'll take you out on the town and we wont have to pay for a dime. :]
B0MBshellx0x0: LOL agreeeeed. lets get stoned sometime together. tx has some goooood bud.
Tomorrow: not too much, you're gorgeous and you seem interesting but McCain is a stinker.. sorry i have to say it
B0MBshellx0x0: you are a pretty girl. and i'm glad youre not stuck up like your profile once was. and YES GO FUCKING MCCAIN!
Keenon: so hot and ur for John McCain, i think im in love. lol
pray tonight because were going to need a lot of lucky!!
mercedes7207: fuck yeah... McCain '08
Tomorrow: hey there smile whats up?
theonlycolin: damn your fucking hot!
CarManiac: You are WAY to hot, holy crap!!! Nice pics, and a big Yes for you!
youreverything: your eyes are gorgeous!!
aftrdrknss53: ps your eyes are gorgeous
cfizzle10: hey wutsup? do u have yahoo or msn?
KingFreshChristian: yea i am a junior was halloween down there i had to miss it something important came up
StacyFreedom: i can wish... sorry btw, i'm not meaning to flirt with you like that.... you're just really pretty and I wanted to tell you
avenged52: hey how was your halloween?
Curiouss: Haha you deleted it. Nice.
drknockboootzz: fuck bitches i fuckin sweat youredface

ur profile is so NEGative but u r totally a sweetheart i see thru uwink
xOctobersHurtx: thanx for the comment about my make up!! everyone seems to love the yellow smile.. your gorgeous hun!! hope u are having a great day..and have a awesome weekend!!
Swickster: Oh yea baby smile My shit on here is ooooolllllddd schoool.
outawack6969: well u do look worth my time but sometimes looks can be deceiving
AngelinKs: i'll promise Missouri if you promise Ohio?
AngelinKs: I already voted for McCain! I did my part smile
AngelinKs: Most welcome, love your comment on Obama, lol
UKAndy: Brunette or Blonde damm your Gorgeous!! x
hard2tame: Happy Halloween!!!
outawack6969: that sounds very tempting would u make it worth my time
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: Damnnnn whats up Sexy...:p....I finally got a lot of new pix uploaded....u should check em out...:p
gr8t1ne: Vote for me for moderator

we need change on this site

lokojoe: You probably have the sexiest profile on WYHT!! A definite Yes in my book!!
odani327: wow i think you are magen fox lol
nelly043: not a problem! my pleasure wink have some plans for tomorrow night?
Missliv04: thanks hun!! you are too!! smile
avenged52: well right now i'm just workin out.
KingFreshChristian: what year are you?
KingFreshChristian: thanks haha and yea i do go there
sayhellotojake: congrats on ur #1 gangsta...
nelly043: yes yes yes wink a definite yes.
kimpl0xible: you're trying to see shit that isn't there.

I really do feel bad for you.
stevehallny: omg your pics just keep turning me on love that black bra girl
kimpl0xible: oh yes, i have looked in the mirror, and I'm pretty damn thankful that I don't look like you.
I don't have to take my clothes off for guys to think I'm hot. smile
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: Yeah I Wont hardly talk to anyone without almost a full many fake people on here...but you are def a lil hottie...i like your tat 2..
joecivic: damn you are hott. love your eyes too wink
kimpl0xible: did you google that diss?
I know you aren't even close to smart enough to come up with that on your own.

Anyhow, if anyone doesnt need food, its you smile
Mobbaffiliated: so u saying u can take it liek a champ!
BackAgain3rdtime: Thanks for the ye :-D
Mobbaffiliated: ha you think soo!? maybbe depends if u take it like a champ or not
Mobbaffiliated: those hipps are soo damn sexyyy... i bet you can take a workout!

Mobbaffiliated: damn ashleee pretty much after eading that profile there ain't one thing about u i dislike... come and sayy hi!
CR25: gorgeous smile lovin those eyes, hun
avenged52: so what are you up to right now
avenged52: haha wink
avenged52: haha w/e! don't judge me! what would jesus do, can't help but creep on a girl like yourself! j/k but thanks for the comment's back!
AbErCrMbPlAyA082: lol yeah thats her..Im in love with her 2...hAha..Its very rare that u find people on here that actually make good profiles and reead yeah u def should hit me back up sometime..Your absolutely gorgeous....and plus u got one hell of a bod
singlebrunette: welcomeeee (:
KingFreshChristian: Athens Ohio?!!! do you happen to go to ou?
singlebrunette: [color = deeppink ] type ♥ [/ color ] just w/ no spaces (:
kenny81: excellent, we are in agreement :P
markcarll77: im just seem like a rad enough girl to get toasted with and enjoy some burritos with some day
kenny81: you're irresistible! i think you'd be fun to have around :P
audiospace: Thanks for the add ;D You've got a bangin' body!
avenged52: haha any time! what you up to tonight?
carlito1982hbk: damn your gorgeous
crash0999: your welcome darlin
avenged52: hey just leavin a sexy gorgeous gal like yourself some love! smile
crash0999: hey darlin love the new pics grinlol
BrZ80AeRo: SOO HOTT!!!
xJobey: nothing much... listening to music.. you?
xJobey: wave
raidber20: my aim is the same as my id
but a 16 instead of a 20
raidber20: so whats up?
raidber20: i wouldnt mind doing that with u
raidber20: good thanks
watching basketball and u?
raidber20: nooo you're hott
how are u?
raidber20: hello there, im eric
how is it going?smile
hi grinlol
JRP01980: tiphat Thank you for the yes vote. You are very beautiful, I hope you are having a great night.
TaDdYpOlE: im alright just tired getting ready for bed.
nine9inch: it's not? lol
TaDdYpOlE: Hey there how are you doing?
getpumped87: i know, isn't it awesome!!
moonfirez: Hi, hows your week going?
SETHAPEX: Ya its my birthday! Come over and let me give ya a mustache ride
getpumped87: i'm alright, just enjoying this awesome weather lol
getpumped87: hey, how are you?
YoungPrince: What's up sexy?
stevehallny: you are gorgeous god i love this pic
streetracer2117: i know smile
DeadManOnCampus: not bad, bored! just got home from a relatives wedding. Trying to stay awake lol
streetracer2117: yes yes, I'm a horrible liar. But hmm I don't want you :P
streetracer2117: I'm sorry it doesn't work that way :P hahaha to think that might be true. Nah, That's like you being a virgin :O
Drakedrg: Yah.

So sup, how you doin'?
Jer33: when are we going to hook up?
DeadManOnCampus: Hey thanks for the match, what's up with you??
drknockboootzz: aw u changed ur main pic to a bruNette very nicegrinlol leopard print is especially sexy cuz it makes me want to get all animalistic wink
Mandos: You are very sexy and amazingly beautiful smile
cycloneman33: wow wat a hottie
just wow
drknockboootzz: u look hot as a brumette!!
skip43224: Hah, you say you don't care, however you sure took the time to reply. <smile> I sucked you in to lowering yourself... Nah,'re still cute...It's just that someone being so FULL OF THEMSELVES is not attractive at all whether it's a male
streetracer2117: babe, the only time i'd need viagra would be IF i was with you, since well guys just can't seem to get it up when they see you I guess.
streetracer2117: shame... do you always make guys turn gay?
Piranha: Youre pretty sweet, so I have to give you a YES
streetracer2117: lol you wish i did ya skeet !
gomo: ahahah u look so sure !!! how can u say that:p come in france i want see u in real
gomo: i want uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
streetracer2117: ah haha you just wish you could have it, but i'm sorry I dunno if i'd be up to catching one of your STDs now smile
den6325: your a dream come true
ryan915: what can i say, there are some dirty ones out there!
skip43224: I don't bow down to anyone! - your profile makes it sound like you think you're the shit!.. You're cute sure, 98% of the girls on here are!.. So don't be so full of yourself!
Joshfurrow13: Oh not much chillin doin some homework just wanted to let you know that you are gorgeous
hard2tame: You's a sexy bitch!!! smile
Joshfurrow13: Whats good hun how you doin
gomo: u should go sleep sweety
Drakedrg: If i punched women, i'd keep it a secret.
Drakedrg: What can i say? Threats of genital mutilation get me going.
Drakedrg: wow this s getting hot.
Drakedrg: how bout i shut you the fuck up with my fists
Drakedrg: gosh you SO had my hopes up!
Drakedrg: well i didnt mean i wanted to shit on you or anything, but i mean im flexible if thats what you want.
Drakedrg: It would be an honor and a privilege to be an asshole to you redface
Drakedrg: OH and there's another side to that pic. I was mimicking someone. Observe:

Drakedrg: Not at all. It's fucking brutal and gruesome. Doesn't make it any less awesome though.
Drakedrg: Would it be too forward if i told you my dick could choke a moose?
Drakedrg: I needed to say something, that seemed good enough.
Drakedrg: Oh fuckin sup.
drknockboootzz: oh yea, u make lots of people want to suck your dick? laugh
ahah that sounds like an invite if i ever heard one, can i be this table you are talking about ?? drool
drknockboootzz: haha a) we party so hard, we prolly would if you had a dick, and b) that made me hella laughtiphat
drknockboootzz: i believe it goes, "playboy no longer chooses to include the University of Arizona among its top 10 party schools because its not fair to rank professionals among amateurs."
drknockboootzz: lol + she drinks the beast and humps street cones tongue
your interests and mine coincide. (i hope thats how u spell it)
except tanning. im already tan. natural.
and as for partying sweetie, University of Arizona. Check it.wink
drknockboootzz: drinking blazing && world peace?? i love the herbal heart thats a awesome jpeg LOL way to be hot and hella down tootiphat
come say hi i am dope wink
mikecross: sorry about the generic message, but i appreicate you accepting the add smile
ca86: So Beautiful
LeandroVega: hah, well i wouldn't call that a pick-up line, because i'm not looking to pick up girls on the net... it was just a compliment, sexy
LeandroVega: stay fit... your body is a beautiful work of art
sirpumkinman: i used to as well until i got to college. i only drank hard shit in hs. now im not really a fan of it anymore. beer me!
sirpumkinman: wow, milwaukees best.. most like milwaukees worst! that stuff is worse than keystone light.. which i have grown to appreciate haha shows that im a college student
DouglasDANK: Like that pic of "Baby" from "House of 1,000 Corpses" and "Devil's Rejects" - she is freakin have good taste lol
AlyssaFerShure: vote her a no "xotamralynn"
Belgarth: you are a hottie
cardsfan22: You are absolutely stunning hun, so gorgoues
CR25: fine as fuck! damn girl got it goin on
ryetoast5: you have really beautiful pics..your a really gorgeous girl
BreakStone: damn, thanks for the yes!
noodle328: well you know you will probably remember my name now. and i like to think they are too
kaoticone: you look great. but i'm sure you've heard that before. how's it going up in dayton?
raccoonsmith: well thank you.. and you are hot as well
hard2tame: :(
Expiate86: damn you are sooooo hott
streetracer2117: ya , you are the only one who stalks me :(
recklessabandon84: Thanks for the comment hun
Isaac829: absolutely beautiful ty for the add!
Shuaz: you're very welcome!
Shuaz: Woah, you are STUNNING! Thanks for brightening up my crummy Friday with your profile pic <3
ScarletandGray09: OU? OH NO! if u ever come to columbus let me know...i will show you how a real college parties!
StraightEdge23: It was my pleasure, you're welcome smile
StraightEdge23: I don't even care. You're f'n gorgeous haha.
StraightEdge23: Smokin' hot. Amazing body. smile
ScarletandGray09: fuck yeah college in the country baby!
ScarletandGray09: smokin!
streetracer2117: you are the cocksucker... hmm like MINE :P
WAwakeboarder: pretty cute...
MagicalMissy18: so sexy
cockybalboa2: All I wanna know is...can your body BE any hotter?
hockedude15: Awesome pictures, you could pose for playboy any day! Any cute photos of you in a sexy sweater by chance?
streetracer2117: biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
hhhhhhhhhh!!! smile
syxx2183: hey sweetheart, thanks for the add, I love your pics, I can't wait to get to know you better!!!
imsowasted: i love your profile.

your pics arent bad either smile
sh3sg0ne: smoking body an beautiful eyes, how u doing
littledevildog: thanks for the yes doll
briannnnnnnnnn: where have you been!?
briannnnnnnnnn: jeez.. went nuts with the page today haha :P
streetracer2117: haha :P
streetracer2117: fucker :P
i know what else is....... :O
streetracer2117: ha, pfft.
my ego doesn't need boosting tyvm.
but yours needs to come down! :P jk
and kick my ass
i'll kick yours back
hard2tame: There's trouble!!! smile Muah!!
streetracer2117: pfft those pics arn't as sexy as they could be LMAO wink
indridcold: well since u appear to b bad ass i suppose i may have to add u to my myspace friends....*sigh* one of "the" most highly coveted social positions on the planetwink
af32hero: wow i dont know how someone could be so self centerd and shallow and hott at the same time. thanks for the add. u look really good, but im sure ur head is big enuff to where u cant appreciate those kinda compliments??
SETHAPEX: yes please
SETHAPEX: next time I will type slower for ya
af32hero: Just showin some love! Hope u havin a good night :P
SETHAPEX: indeed I got the sarcasm. that is why I was sarcastic back
SETHAPEX: same here drinkin rum.. lol it was all said in good fun... had to get your attention besides the token compliment. glad u enjoyed
SETHAPEX: what up
bamaboi82: still gorgeous
indridcold: every barbie needz her ken! wink add me up to friends
cardsfan22: When are we going to talk on aim again?
frankthetank87: thanks for the add. check out my page and pix and leave me a comment.
AliVe4PlEaSuRe: U ARE Fukin Gorgeous babe ; ]~
K1NgXofXSp4deS: hey whatup
LovinSocal: Hey Ash!! all i had to read was you rarely take anything seriously, that is awesome and i feel the same way. Life is short, enjoy it always...xoxo, Brett
kriptonic505: nothin jus chillen got home from work. u?
kriptonic505: hey hun how are u? i miss u!!!!
kriptonic505: i jus hadda stop n say hi to u beautiful :P
hard2tame: read ur mail u dork!! haha j/k smile
johnnynack: oiooooooooo so sexy!
lisabelly: your very beautiful
SPE657: TY for the YES!
NdwnVup: damn your gorgious babe! whatta you up to?
MagicalMISSY18: thanks for the add
did u rate me?
kingfisher420: you are amazingly beautiful.
SDBOI: Hottie! :P
Mandos: wow you are absolutely gorgeous smile
Ace1351: well all i have to say is ur pics ask for those types of msgs babe
RustyDawg: Wow! I'm honored by your "yes", when a stunning beauty like yourself could have whatever her heart desired. Thank you. You are truly amazing...
MagicalMISSY18: You're So FreakiN PrettY!!!! How Are You?
Lets Be Friends..I RATED YES So Feel FreE To Return IT!
ChuGotItMeing: mmm you're cute dawl! I'd hit that!
waxurss: Ashlee is a mothafuckin BARBIE
Ashlee is a mothafuckin PERFECT!
crash0999: your welcome darlin...whatcha up to?
crash0999: hey whats up? love the eyes grinlol
Umbaseball15: yeah i love it. what part were you in? i bet your spring break was a blast
westcott79dh: gorgeous...wink
cfizzle10: get at me mami damn sexi!
Umbaseball15: oh that sucks..why are you in KY?
i just moved to florida last month and i loove it grinlol
Umbaseball15: nm chilllin- whatup w. you?
Umbaseball15: welll hello miss! long time no talk
gomo: hey miss TEASE , how are u ? lol
eyeheartmusic: pretty in pink smile
getpumped87: wow, love the new pic, you look great
SolidSnake23: hey gorgeous been a while sense i seen u on here, how u been
Longhorn769: wut can i say? lol
Longhorn769: good lord! sorry if i stare
AmericanMuscle13: no prob sweety, hows everything goin with you?
AmericanMuscle13: very beautiful sweety, hit me up if you wanna chat sometime..
ikeepsitreal: ha thanks <3
dinava13: No way you are!

Ace1351: P.S. ur loss not mine... let me know how many guys you meet that actually care about you...
Ace1351: yet ur the one still talking, good job
Umbaseball15: chilllin- just woke up actually haha. u?
nhra347: wow, you are hot! yes!
JohnBoY23: you are so so sexy you take very good pictures too you light the room up
AceEnd22: Thank You.
JoeXballs: DAMN girl! thanks much for the yes! Definitely a yes for you wink
Ace1351: smile damn straight bitch
clevdatfire: i'll buy you a monkey lol
hard2tame: Wassup bay bay!!!
URtwixFIX: Your too beautiful for words, Im speechless
Ace1351: so do you not like having butterflies in ur stomach or a smile on ur face or being happy and laughing?
af32hero: hey lovely thank you for the yes!! holla back wink
Eastsid3er: hey juss wanted to say thkz for da add!!! if ya wanna chat sumtime let me kno if its str8?
socalsurfr: new work pics... how are you?
automech7053: Im ok.... its been a long night tho!
jdes06: not too much. just had my last college class cancelled and work said go home, so i did! now im home the rest of the day. how bout you?
jdes06: Lovin that sexi can i song by ray j! How are ya?
automech7053: Hey cutie! Thanks for the add wink How are ya tonight?
sandwichman: how could anyone in their right mind say no to you? =] haha
magnum22: whats good wit cha? yeah-yeah, u know ur bangin n by tha sound of it u wanna make it B.I.G........... with that attitude u gon be right where u wanna be! holla at cha boy when u get a lil time n let me kno how u liven
SunsetxShootout: hey cutie...thanks for the yes! feel free to talk to me anytime =]
EHSCheer: you're super pretty
ncman83: ur gorgeous....u have my vote
seantdot: a truly beautiful womansmile
stunning and gorgeous
orangedrink: thanks for the vote very beautiful
AznRunsAlot: thanks for the yes, gorgeous grinlol
DaSchnozz: ohhh hamburgers
massoud: smile
expoken: Thanks for the yes! smile
Umbaseball15: but not saying that i dont like it- cuz i do
joecivic: mmm mm soo sexy wink
Umbaseball15: no i dont think you have mentioned it..until now smile. but im glad it could make someone smile.

did i mention your profile is about the longest ive ever seen? lol
TiMmAh: but of course smile <3
TiMmAh: awhhh lol adorable smile totally getting one haha
TiMmAh: since you dont really reply to messages lol you have the best pics on your page....i so want that monkey too lol....:P
Ace1351: umm ur still there... so i dunno what ur talkin about
streetracer2117: I'll think about it if you talk to me more often :P
bigcdn85: so what are you up to babe?
do you have msn or aol?
taintedbeauty88: [color=#0066FF]In the group: Sex, Drugs, & Alcohol. You posted to be entered in the sexiest Lingirie Contest. I wanted to inform you before hand to let you know that you'll need about 24 more posts before you're guarenteed a spot smile

Thank you.[/co
overhere: wow thanx for the yes
massoud: sry hun.. i explained it to u .. check ur messages
Fatality238: hey, im ken. I added you on myspace so if you want we can talk on there.
bballer102005: oh wow you are a total hottie!! def a yes from me!!
F1GUR3: are yousmile
hard2tame: You r fuckin hot!! Marry me? smile
creedcarter: thanks for the yess
Ace1351: put some clothes on woman jebus! either that or come the hell over here and take some off, jebus! drool
rutherkj: im hot lookat u wink
MustangMark: so damn sexy
Maxxy: Hey Barbie lets go party
crazycajun03: Hey beautiful pics. Thanks for yes
whatyoulookingat: hey sweetheart how are you doing today, you are so beautiful!!
Ace1351: if u were here i would so fuck you
imsowasted: youregorgeous!
romancer: thamx 4 tha yes qt
Ace1351: HAHA ttyl hun

P.S. shes mine bitches so take yo shit somewhere else scrubbs
Ace1351: hey babe, u look good in ur 5 yr old costume wink hahaha, jk u should kno i like it way to much for my own good, lookin forward to seein ya soon, hope u have fun tonight, n ya ill call ya jeese, im kinda obligated too because u called me like what 10 times
Grantc: god girl u look soo good id hit it anytime girl do u have msn add me grant_chief_rock@hotmai or grant_cronier@hotmail.c
SweetLew: hah...thank you but i believe you are the one that is sexy
senorniceguy: no you ah.

i mean look at you : )
enyce284: hitit
Tomdrury: you sure your barbie? usually she has nude pictures too./
fiend138: Hey, I'm a freak, but the good kind. Can I have your AIM sn? You are unbelievably cute stuffwink
Ace1351: man am i glad ur my sexy lover, sorry if u step in my drool i cant help it babe drool
MaGiCalMisSy18: you are sooooooooooo flippin PRETTY! smile
Flake: damn .. you're stunning!
Baseball2006: thanks babe you are gorgeous! message me id love to chat sometime!
socalsurfr: what did you go that was so crazy? i was at work all weekend
mattjdean89: damn your really sexy... you definetly got my yes smile
socalsurfr: i forgot too... how was your weekend?
tae1986: you are so sexy wink
usillybitch: aww thanx hunny
jdaddy0223: Not only a yes, but a hell yes! HAHAHA..
usillybitch: yes yes yes!
Trancee: thank you
so are you
DustiD25: it is its sucks here 2
Umbaseball15: welll thank you- you are extremely cute yourself.
and i also like smile
tmoney82: wow
DustiD25: Thanks for the yes.
the1bastard: Gorgeous young lady making the guys go crazy wave
PhillyBillE: Beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful smile

Most excellent use of photography wink
corey38: thanks for the yes
KrazyKa0s: sometimes a little tease is too much. you're way gorgeous though.
TommyGun88: im great thanks, iv just been takin it easy these last few days recovering from the weekend having had 3 mates parties.
what have you been up too?
Baddapple415: hey yeah i doo need a girl like you youre fuking gorgeous! but look me up on myspace if u want hun... n thanks for the comment ...http://www.myspace.c
TommyGun88: thanks for the yes gorgeous smile
how are you?
MaGiCalMisSy18: Stunning girl!
ill give you a yes... please comment my pics
ill return the favor... who knows we can add4add?!?!

whatyoulookingat: i live in cincy in the summer im in detroit for school smile
socalsurfr: good. im happy you did. how was your weekend?
Agnoeo: Sorry I gave you a no, but honestly, someone who thinks they are a princess, desereves a no. You may be good looking, but there are a lot of good looking girls out thaere and thats not the only thing in life babe.
wyldeguy83: Hey would you like to talk on aim or yahoo?
PoWeRxHoUsE: thank you for the yes
PieceOfWork: def so hawt over here
adioguy: dang your cute and thanks for the yes
socalsurfr: yeah it has been... thought you left
brandoncrooms: lol thank for the comment grinlol
PieceOfWork: Thanks for the yes!
Broylsie: love the confidence i read from your profile. you're quite the cutie, too. wink
unknwonthug: HoTT!
getpumped87: i'm alright, gettin over a lil sickness
getpumped87: hey, how are you
CoffinDancer: that's a smilie for thinking hun
meaning i would think about yessing you
maybe once you did a salute smile
CoffinDancer: I think you have me mistaken w/someone else hunhuh
TruePunkskater: thank you... hows your morning been?
TruePunkskater: voted and you got a yes, how could i not you look amazing in every picture. rate me back please
slckrsven: Hey thanks for the yes...very cute
CoffinDancer: huh how did i insult you hun? confused
sterlingsccr05: very hot! thanx for the yes!
Brokenbokken: you're cute
wanderinghobo77: you = amazingly beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, cute, hot..whatever one you like the best, your that and more
Hardy22: thanks for the yes beautiful!
hollisterhotboy6985: haha like 1 roll you're silly smile And thanks...but I'm hard on myself, I need to quit partying so much and go to the gym tongue Your body > Mine x 100 smile
hollisterhotboy6985: Mine was good from the food aspect haha I hate a lot then partied all weekend.....probably gained like 5 lbs grinlol
thricerx7: damn someone's sexyyy<3
hollisterhotboy6985: What's up Ash? How was your Thanksgiving?
Aim2High21: thanks for your honesty, have a nice day! smile
socalsurfr: im all your now, huh?
chicagopimpin: i kno. 2 of the guys on there kept voting me no until i was off the list. fuckers
davidbrandi05: You are extremely beautiful hotstuff
eri1536onaim: damn your a hottie wink
skandaluzrob: heyyyy
chicagopimpin: are we on the top 10.....
chicagopimpin: welll if u change ur mind and wanna have a crazy time with a bunch of frat guys down here let me know. were a lot of fun
chicagopimpin: you go to OU?
chicagopimpin: so when are you gunna come party with me at UD?? hah
ChiTownMobster: Just wanted to stop and say hey! hope everything is great for you
boilergolf: you are pretty cute, got a yes from me
AllUrsGirls: only if u want me to be hunny....ill drive over to ohio with nothing but a bow on so u can unwrap me. lol
bballer: sexy girl!! come talkt o me babe
derailed: you are gorgeous...
usafman: Thanks for the yes, you're really beautiful hun. So what's up?
Division182: sexy girl =]
Dippmann: Beauty all over!
XNastyBoiJC: so let are a cuttie with sexy body......but do you have the personality to match that? smile
DominoAmsterdam: thanks for the yes, cutie :P
aceswildtru: You're quite the cutie! grinlol
AkimboAlogo: No reason to be jealous love! hahaa! Just make sure next event I'm covering, that she's attending, you be my date for! wink No worries right? LOL xo's MIchael
sydneyguy1982: WOW you are one very beautiful lady who loves to have fun and you definetly receive a YES from me Ashlee smile
Ginsengenigma: omg! your magnificent
howysrye: stunning
NdwnVup: so yea your def. gorgious babe!!! msg me back sumtime sexy!
chancenc: very pretty
juggaloco: gorgeous
ryetoast5: hey how u doin...ur gorgeous..very beautiful as well love a comment back
topper182: Hey there gorgeous wink
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