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Profile for toxiicbarbiedawl (offline- last on: Jan 18, 09)
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Name Ashlee♥ (you can't handle me)
Age 26
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Ohio
City athens
About Me
or maybe Cancun..where i can lay out in my bikini all day smile

ummm about me...
my name's ashlee.
middle name=jade.
my favorite season is summer.
i love the beach, but im afraid to go in the ocean.
i have an unhealthy fear of sharks and spiders.
i eat too much junk food.
i'll give you my heart, but it'll be in pieces :/
i love my best friend. without her, i'd be fucked.
i go to school at ohio university.
yes, we do party harder than you.
i drink until i cant walk or talk.
i smoke too much weed.
i dont follow rules.
i'm failing my math class..oops.
i hate being told what to do.
i laugh a lot.
i cry easily..i'm kind of an emotional mess sometimes.
i have no idea where i want to go in life.
i hate my mother. and no im not being dramatic.
i'm a daddy's girl.
i have sunflower eyes.
my favorite colors are pink, black, and silver.
i HATE the color purple. but i wear it sometimes.
i wish my life had a soundtrack.
respect me and we wont have a problem.
dont talk shit about me. dont get in my face.
i dont do drama, i'll knock a bitch out.
i'm a baller.

uhhh i dunno what else.
if you message me..make it worth my time please.
kthanks smile

now that we got that out of the way..lets smoke a bowl smile

peeeeeeace bitches.

FUPA FOR LIFE! hahahahaha

i know exactly what i want.
and i know exactly how to get it wink

i love my life.
My Apps
no i will not meet you somewhere.
for all i know you are 40 and living in your moms basement.

im interested in...
world peace smile

Turn Ons

tannnnnnnn built athletic guys.

you have to make me laugh
and you have to be able to take a joke.

can hold a conversation..and can actually spell instead of writing : wazzup mami? get at me!
get off your ghetto ass and go learn proper vocab. smile
confidence does not mean cockiness. you are not gods gift to the earth just because you look good without a shirt on. I on the other hand am wink

Turn Offs
controlling guys
shy guys
no confidence
dont work out
old...please dont talk to me if you're over 25..unless you look like george clooney smile
no sense of humor
i want a boy to prove me wrong.

to all the jealous bitches...tell your boyfriend i said hi wink

Favorite Things
TV Show FUCK OBAMA! (yea i fucking said it)
Movies the devils rejects

Music i wanted to hold on to the things you never say to me.

cause you said you cant change the way you feel.
but you cant tell me this ain't real.
Book vogue.
Quote better to be an open sinner than a false saint.

im not DEMANDING for respect.
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