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☆Im Tish

☆ April 20th ( remember it !)

☆5'9 ( yea im tall bitches ! )

☆tan, dark hair and dark eyes wink

☆fun-loving, crazy-hyper girl wink


☆ some say im a lil violent in a cute way

☆ i do have a lil temper, but i rarely show it


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♦bad breath



♦fake ppl

♦bad hygiene

♦girls who hate me b4 they get to kno me
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anthony23: sexyy
Miami15C: Certified Dime Piece! Amazingly hot! Should be in movies or in magazines.
OutxHurrxGrindin: ♦girls who hate me b4 they get to kno me♦ I know what you mean but who cares what haters say, ignore them till they fade away smile
bigmonkeysandwich: wave2
linkinparknx: so beautiful.
linkinparknx: I have come across this picture at least 10 times now and every time I have to stop and appreciate your beauty....... your eyes are gorgeous.
SteveO27: damn very nice
DoWoP: hello beautiful!
xRawrrxBabiiix: Omg yur gorgeous.!!!!(:
hitthis28: gorgeous!!
hitthis28: gorgeous!!
codea: You're welcome flowers
jblaze42084: yo whats good to do tonight we're bored
Deltagamma20111: do you paint your eyebrows on?
that trashy
Zara: stunning. x
J4CKTHER1PPER: Pretty. VERY pretty. flowers
rchkd1: how come I don't get an add?
DallasCowboys09: very welcum babe wink
DallasCowboys09: very welcum babe wink
DallasCowboys09: sexc
dds1043: I'm my you're hott!
surfstud07: thanks you too smile
lylmissy89: ehh welcome to my world lol Samee, just watching music videoss, about to TRY to get some sleep aha
lylmissy89: thank you for the pic comment : ))
So, whatsupp?
CrombIEboY17: heyy there smile whats up?
DontWorryBoutITNigga: damn girl u are sexy as hell i wish u was from chicago girl a nigga like me would wife your ass
HaRDHouSeiNC: Love the new picture... gorgeous smile
ChelseaFC: thanks for the yes hun
Baseball247: so sexy
THISsALEXSwonderland: Thanks for the yes...your really cute!
bigmonkeysandwich: HI Tish wave
CR25: hey there sexi! lookin great, just had to remind ya.. look, this girl got on here and is sayin some bad shit to me, sayin all this stuff like i dont look good, i was wondering if ya didnt mind to leave somethin on my picture comments but only if ya dont m
CR25: hey there sexi! lookin great, just had to remind ya.. look, this girl got on here and is sayin some bad shit to me, sayin all this stuff like i dont look good, i was wondering if ya didnt mind to leave somethin on my picture comments but only if ya dont m
Tremedy: its cool, ive been doing well, just working, the usual smile how is school going?
Tremedy: i miss talking to you :/
Tremedy: remember me? :P
HardcoreSteve79: hey there cutie wave
streetracer2117: Hey sexii :P
texasfbal: nice pf dam ur fine
sOsweetsOnice: thank you smile
jakybaby: Hey hottie, thanks for the yes!
bigmonkeysandwich: Hi Tish wave
TyFighter: definitely my pleasure
murf2007: thanks whats up
peterpiper6969: How are you beautiful? smile
nascarmaine: clearlyy a yes wink
carlito1982hbk: wow you're gorgeous and how are you doing?
TyFighter: You make pink look good
MILFCollector: I bet it has been crazy, that's why you have to make sure to come on here and blow off steam!
Lazaros: whatcha up to tonight gorgeous?
Lazaros: heyyyy sexy wink
BattousaiX20: yes back at you =)
HardcoreSteve79: hope all is good with you sweetie
tufgi88: what's in it for me?
tufgi88: good morning Oh Gorgeous One
Matt71DRD: Sorry, 116 was all I had haha
deadaim02: gorgeous
bigmonkeysandwich: pretty good mostly workin. just wanted to stop by and say hi.
MILFCollector: It's busy, but going good, how's it going with you?
bigmonkeysandwich: how you been?
diddy43: Hey Hey cutie I sent ya some BB's for your group hope they can help a bit ttyl hun :-)
bigmonkeysandwich: HI tish wave
PENisPUPPET: I'm pretty good how are you doing? grinlol
PENisPUPPET: howdy tiphat
tufgi88: get all of your HW done?
streetracer2117: dance wave
tufgi88: yay! what r u gonna do for that bad boy?
tufgi88: aww, poor baby. why dont you do something fun>
tufgi88: i know you is
working, you?
tufgi88: u don't have to
tufgi88: thanks for being comment worthy
PENisPUPPET: :hugs:
tiffanieex33: yeah i stopped my classes this semester & restarting in the summer. which in reality is going to suck so much but i need to do it.
tiffanieex33: good smile been working a lot & stuff how's school and stuff?
CapitalD: hi there what is going on in your world......would you like to chat...add me
CapitalD: hi there what is going on in your world......would you like to chat...add me
GabrielGrim: Rawr you could corrupt me anyday wink
tiffanieex33: hiiiiiiiiiiii wave2
theonly420: very cute...
TrentonM: so where is the in a heart beat vote?
penIspupPET: yeah grinlol
trancee: can you vote for me again please,
i reset my rating.
thanks smile
penIspupPET: hey smile
phillychad: very hot!!
mtschmidt: thanks for the yes gorgeous
mtschmidt: you have beautiful eyes
Ry0nBeck84: yes for sure
HardcoreSteve79: hey there bella wave
penIspupPET: Tish! <3
peterpiper6969: :(
Pernicious88: beautiful eyes!!!!!
nhra347: Hey! Wow, You are cute!
peterpiper6969: Good! So why are you always ignoring me nowadays beautiful??
peterpiper6969: why do you hate me my dear??? :(
GSU08: hey gorgeous
Pernicious88: OMG!!!! SOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!
peacefrogs: ah, i'm hard to beat up though
lylmissy89: That's cool, what are you studying? I am going to college soon.. Either for marine biology or some type of computer technology type of thing.
Yeah, I want to start having a family around that age too ! Idk why but it seems like a good age to start lol
lylmissy89: Ohhh haha well you never know there's a lot of younger people starting families and getting married so ya just never know who is and who isn't anymore lol . Well that is awesome though !
lylmissy89: Well that's good lol Awwwh how long have you's been married?
lylmissy89: Lol it's not even bad! At least you're not showing off all of your goodiess wink lol
lylmissy89: Thank yaa smile Idk how you're not up there!!! Just to say, I really respect you bc you're a really pretty girl that doesn't have pictures showing off your body and everything like most of these girls on here.
peacefrogs: ah, tell me its not with a pool cue, cause thats just mean
peacefrogs: i could try? well if this is a bet what happens if i lose?
peacefrogs: oh, and i bet i could beat you in pool
peacefrogs: ah ur so cute.
abbeyyy18: No problem grinlol
lylmissy89: You're welcome, and thank you
How about an add4add ? =)
StNr: thanks for the add gorgeous
StNr: anytime sweetie
EnchantedKiwi: Thanx for the happy Bday Chik
J4CKTHER1PPER: Nice profile. Very nice.
livingthedream18: thanks =]
AyDee: oh hi lol
AntoineLewis: you are beautiful and should contact me =]
wolferdan7: very adorable
keadyjames1991: thanx for the yes ur nice looking
SONofAheyWATCHit: hey thanks for the yes smile I think i already said that before to you from my old profile, but my stupid roommate went on my old profile and change all the pics and stuff and pretended it was him and basically ruined it lol... thats what i get for staying l
TdashDUB: insaaaaanely beautiful =-0
crazyccrypt3: rawr
GeneralFJ: you're unbelievable
BigAC88: Hey there, how are you?
GSU08: wave2
crazyboy1990: thanks for the add smile
GeneralFJ: I'm doing well, glad you are too hug
GeneralFJ: you are so amazing, hope you've been doing well
crazyboy1990: heyy , thanks for giving me a yes back smile
MILFCollector: Def no prob, thx for asking
MILFCollector: yea, that's about wut my motivation is 2day

MILFCollector: not 2 much, just hangin out, what about u?
MILFCollector: smile I thoroughly enjoyed yessing you, too. wink
MILFCollector: Thanks for the YES
StNr: aww anytime
jordanb87: good god your beautiful
zackkybizzle111: whats cute girl
murdrctydevl: thanks for the yes back=)
yourfriend: i just saw you put bb's on the suns too! lol!
thediggydoc: thanks for the yes gal :-)
ericsmithh: Do you have yahoo gorgeous?
peterpiper6969: :P
KumpleteHottie: omg ur not a virgin?!?!!
manoucho: Better late than never : thank you for my b-day !
KumpleteHottie: ur not tlkin 2 me... :(
Mobbaffiliated: the places i would kisss youuuu
Mobbaffiliated: the places i would kisss youuuu
SapphireRomance: beyond beautiful. smile
PieceOfWork: Thank you for the yes
DuffmanDan: hope you had a good weekend. how have you been?
Gedaechtnis: i love sexy scientists. :P
Gedaechtnis: i love sexy scientists. :P
paragon223: hope you had a great valentines day
tiffanieex33: what's your msn love?
BewareTheHunter: well I'm definitely glad to get it from you, gorgeous
BewareTheHunter: thanks for that yes
RakeCasanova: happy valentines to you too
RakeCasanova: thanks for the yes!
Mikey508: i heartthrob my VERY SEXY lover smile
xIcarusx: i want new tish pics!!!
aheroicrevolt: You have gorgeous eyes. How are you doing?
medoc: oh, sounds like tons of fun.and i dont know too much about biochemistry, so i defintely wouldnt be a help...i d take msn too, lol
medoc: oh it s fine, tho it s already 4 pm here and the light begins to fade. tho for a sunday it was quite productivesmile how are your plans for today? and, got yahoo?

medoc: hehe, how could i resist?wink how is your morning beauty?
medoc: indeed totally loveable!
dannyboy1987: Thanks for the yes grinlol
nhra347: hey whats up babe? you are cute! I gave you a yes;want to chat?
ToxicAmore: you very sexi
Mikey508: i miss you already pum grinlol
Mikey508: lol you get offline silly...youre the one who has to study lol...heartthrob
hotsauce32786: Thank you! Right back at ya!!
smoothmove8: goood...why u so happy
smoothmove8: goood...why u so happy
smoothmove8: hey thx cutie!! ive been doin good..i jus got a new pc for my bday, cuz the shit one got fried a few weeks ago, so i wasnt on here for like 3 u been
xIcarusx: boooooo!!! I hate ice storms. We had one just like that last year. It was not fun at all!
xIcarusx: hi gorgeous! hope you are doing good! did the ice storm get you?
soldado559: hey girl lookin fine
soldado559: hey girl lookin fine
soldado559: hey girl lookin fine
IputIN: thanks for the yes smile
TwiztedWickedness: thats a good thing though, but it's funny cause it says on my profile that i celebrate your birthday tongue
Mikey508: Happy 2 week SL anniversary hun smile Hope you have a great day today and I will talk to you later heartthrob
TwiztedWickedness: your b-day is on 4-20? lol that's awesome
xoxsexycrysxox: Thanks hun grinlol
Logan20: Your so pretty can we be friends smile
Logan20: Your so pretty can we be friends smile
penIspupPET: Tish! =] hope you have a great day!
hardhouseinc: hey hun, thanks for the yes smile You look amazing. Its too bad I cant compete with your SL or hottest guy ever...... Happy Chinese New Year. Do you have any friends from the Caribbean?? grinlol
YouCantHaveMe: inlove
wheelman420: i do thats funny... lol
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: definitely cool!!! its a good birthday xcept 4 when it falls on easter sunday, then not soo good lol otherwise its perfect timeing 4 presents haha not to close to any other holiday smile
latinoheat20: hey ma ur fine as hell
DuffmanDan: heyyy. whats up with you??
ArthurIzzo: youre amazingly beautiful =)
krausxindaxhouse: greeeeeeeeeeeeeen
carbjenk: hey whats up?
ErockMMA: you are gorgeous...very nice body...
BeamerGuy90: hey thanks for the yes
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: you didnt say y 4/20 was so special n y to remeber it...
but thats a strange coincidence because my birthday also falls on the 20th of april.... wierd... thats y i asked in the first place
gemerest: thank you and you too smile
gemerest: sorry, i just had to, i am sooo jealous, your very pretty smile
Babygirl6925: thanx for the yes wanna be friends
JVSocclax: I am quite well, and how are you!? smile
JVSocclax: I just thought I would say hello smile
Danielle000: Gorgeous!
joshua1983: Thanks for the yes beautiful
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: Why is that tho?
sexximama0101: congrats on the top 10 sexxi!
crxer: finally some minorities in the top 10
streetracer2117: you.. are pretty gay too :P
HaToscore: very pretty =]
HaToscore: very pretty =]
HaToscore: very pretty =]
SleepsJr: Gorgeous!!!
OpEn4BuSiNeSs: APRIL 20TH?
xIcarusx: hey gorgeous what are you upto? Im boooooreeeddd and need someone to talk to!
Mikey508: just been relaxing all day watching this inauguration on tv...been kinda bored smile
Mikey508: good afternoon hun... how are you doing today?
gemerest: thanks for the yes, you are very beautiful
shweebop96: thats good to know smile you have msn by chance darling?
shweebop96: Damn girl your a cutie wink. Hows it going?
Mobbaffiliated: super hott hott hott mikeyy
Mikey508: you dont have to try that hard wink
Mikey508: you are more than just hot hot smile
tiffanieex33: wellll you do & wtf look at your body lol
whats your background i know your from the caribbean but is that like your nationality
Mikey508: hells yeah we are a hot looking coupleeee smile
Mikey508: YAY i have a hot and loverrrr smile
tiffanieex33: MEEEE too hot for YOU?! you must be joking lol
tiffanieex33: boo. i was totally going to ask you to be my sl but mikey beat me to it. :(
Mikey508: ready for whatttttt?
DuffmanDan: heyyyy tishhh, how r u?
bowchicawowwow: what are you up to??
bbbrook: very pretty smile
streetracer2117: sure sure wink
CanadianCurt: hug miss you!
streetracer2117: yes huhhhhhh PUNK :P
ARMYboy3142: thx for the yes
SETHAPEX: ? did i bore you?
xobellalova4yaxo: Heya girlie! Thanks for the yes. I returned the vote. =]
Mobbaffiliated: =)
manoucho: I need a girl to ride, ride, ride
xIcarusx: well hello lovely. hope you are having a good night
cheezyboy33: You are gorgeous! Some of the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen!
MagicStCk83: Well, unlike you, I'm stuck in Iowa right now...and the weather is blizzard like, I'm just happy I got my work out in today, I wont be going anywhere until tomorrow :(
What are you doing tonight? Do you have a really cute southern accent btw?
MagicStCk83: You're welcome smile
MagicStCk83: Beautiful girl smile
banko1: Kentucky huh ? how is that workin out for u ?
BloodDiamond78: how the hell is my favorite Kentucky transplant doing? wink
c3white: hilarious turn offs :P, I guess the rapists would want ya huh, gimme a shout sometime to talk smile
asexseebaybeegurl: Wow ur gorgeous girl!
dshrop07: Thanks for the yes beautiful.........
nhra347: hey baby, I gave you a yes, you're cute, wana chat?
xIcarusx: thank you doll! send presents to my box k! lol
xIcarusx: its my bday! come to OK and party!
GuitarPlaya27: Hey thanks for the yes! You're pretty cute and i def had to return the favor smile Whats up?
GeneralFJ: hehe, yes'm
GeneralFJ: you're just you
GeneralFJ: you're a sweetheart
smoothmove8: thats was real good, except 2 days later my grandpa was killed in a car accident, so it was a rough week after that.....
TheManDotCom2: Hey whats up
TheManDotCom2: Hey whats up
shener18: you have wonderful looking wanna chat? do you have msn or yahoo?
smoothmove8: thx...happy new year to you too!! not much...jus chillin...wut have u been up too
Mikey508: Thank you very much smile
CreamerJay: I sent you them bang bucks just for being beautiful an a friend of mine. Well if i could get your yahoo messenger srceen name i would really like to talk with you more please thanks alot Jason
Mephistis: sup beautiful?
CanadianCurt: haven't heard from ya in a while! miss you! hug
Billabong13: wow your absoutly beautiful
lilmamma: ur gorgeous! hope u had a good new years.. haven't heard from u in a while.. just checkin' in wink
CanadianCurt: moon
rocski: haha thanks. cute face :P
xIcarusx: sexy pics girl! keep 'em coming!!
GeneralFJ: flowers
Dmont0446: wow gorgeouse ;-)
Duffmandan: are you still on vacation?
carlito1982hbk: wa wa weeee waaaa am in love lol how are you gorgeous
imsofakinghigh: :P
GeneralFJ: you're awesome on so many levels biggrin
Duffmandan: hey gorgeous, how was ur christmas?
LyouSeeKy: hey im from the carribean too..what part r u from?
enzo4re2005: merry christmas tish!!!
AK00: Heyyy, merry christmas....... i know it's a bit late, but better late than never right lol
paragon223: hope you had a great Christmas
KJ27: Merry christmas tish! smile
smoothmove8: sneakin off???? to where u lil nasty
smoothmove8: oh jus chillin inside away from the snow...wut u doin stranger
CYREAL: nice pic ma i love your eyes and smile in this pic nice
TalibKweli: you're are so fucking sexy it's stupid
Otter: Ohh Dont You Know You're My Sweet Thinggg
mikedizzle21: thanks for the yes, MWAH
carlito1982hbk: wow i read your your profile and i would love to know more about you
Austin182: redface I'm sorry I wanted to upgrade :p

I can't help it if the fall in love with me I am so charmful and sweet nana
BSimpson: well hello there beautiful.. dam u got my yes for sure.. an sum more.. ha.. but hit me up sumtime if u want to talk an shit..
xlikeabadstarx: im just laying around being a bum
xlikeabadstarx: hey smile whats up?
xIcarusx: the pics arent deleted, the thread is just messed up
smoothmove8: who are you
MikeRocksYouHardcore: No answer?ahh
supgermanchris: you look good
Mobbaffiliated: i was reeading ur profile and it talks alot about kisses and how u want a boy to kiss u in certain times and situations.. Nothing wrong with millions of kisses though =)
Mobbaffiliated: you really like kisses don't you =)
smoothmove8: whos this?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: No I've unfortunately had this account for over 2 years. We were friends before, until you decided to delete me for reasons that are unknown to me.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Or you can just ignore me, whatever...
lockportgsoldier: wow you are very pretty! que pasa? lol you look like you have some rican in ya there hun!
imsofakinghigh: im bored
smoothmove8: yepp.....candles, lube, and a bottle of moet
smoothmove8: already packed!!!!
JMurrda: wow.Gorgeous
CanadianCurt: hug
smoothmove8: oh u flyin to see me?
azazel88: Perfect smile
DouglasDANK: biggrin u tryin to say somethin? That's not the ONLY way, btw shrug
DouglasDANK: haha Yeah I think I DID do that lol You're right about the fakes, too. LAME
DouglasDANK: wank
smoothmove8: bout to go get lined u been
smoothmove8: wuts up kitten
Curator: lol whaddya talkin' bout :o
Curator: lol i did but i dont think it worked lol

i'm a newbie ;s
Curator: haha its true

i'm adding ya to friends btw
Curator: awe,you're cuter
Austin182: yeah grinlol I know thanks
Austin182: anytime wink
bamaboi82: smile
laythepipe89: very sexy
kcballer11: thanks for the yes cutie! how you doing?
DBaker23: Hey, what part of this great state are you from?
godiegodson: Would you marry me? love your eyes
penispuppet: wave
smoothmove8: wut up g
datyunghustla: thanks but what pic was cute could you point me to it
penispuppet: oo your profile is all fancy now! ;D
Duffmandan: hey tish, how are you doin? your week goin well?
xIcarusx: im sooooo booorrredd. bring me drinky!!!
smoothmove8: some time u should show me the tishes secret fashion show
smoothmove8: yeah i gay
smoothmove8: i would love to give you my fluids...come on, u set yurself up for that one!!!
smoothmove8: ok i makin it right now!!!
smoothmove8: haha, ok u got me..u dick
smoothmove8: yur such a "boob"
smoothmove8: id like to damage your
giddy...u homo!!! lol
smoothmove8: poor thing..jus drop out...jk...ive been goin to bed early lately...lifes been good though..same ol shit ya dig!! i hope u feel better
smoothmove8: lol, im jus messin..i hope i dont get sick..i havent yet, but im sure its comin how have u been..u never "have time for me anymore" familiar
smoothmove8: awww poor it AIDS
smoothmove8: hey loser
CanadianCurt: whatcha up to today? aim?
smoothmove8: lol..u lil singer u
CanadianCurt: good morning T'shura! hug
Duffmandan: what did you do today, babe?
DoYaThang: my jaw dropped. absolutely beautiful
smoothmove8: id love to cum into your party
smoothmove8: oh yeah, i ate all weekend..i feel like a fat piece of shit!!
smoothmove8: it wasnt bad...jus boring..u?
smoothmove8: yeah i wasnt on much over the weekend
smoothmove8: wutev...i havent even seen u on here in a few days
smoothmove8: neverrrr!!!!!!!!
CanadianCurt: that's good sweetie! you seemed kind of down before. hug
CanadianCurt: i'm great! what's your cute ass up to tonight?
CanadianCurt: hey girly! i misses ya! *bites*
xIcarusx: rraawwrrr hello lovely, what are you upto?
imsofakinghigh: whats up beautiful, still hate me?
xlikeabadstarx: sweet il be waiting for u in bed then...and that does not sound like glad i dont have ur classes haha
xlikeabadstarx: yes i do need one...u free to come cuddle? hw is no fun...what do u have to do?
xlikeabadstarx: not just laying in bed bored watching it snow and wishing it wasnt haha
xlikeabadstarx: hi gorgeous, whats up?
CanadianCurt: well T'shura didn't want me nana
i've known Rachael forever! wink i still love ya to bits sweetheart! heartthrob
CanadianCurt: whatcha up to sweetie? <3
nhra347: hey whats up cutie? i gave you a yes!
LovinSocal: heya, hope your night is going well.. and you have had a wonderful HOliday weekend!! <3 Brett ps- message sent
enzo4re2005: gah, you are too adorable! smile
CanadianCurt: oh good! i miss talkin to ya! heartthrob
CanadianCurt: you back at school yet? <3
LionsFan10: wow you are beautiful!! def a yes from me!
xlikeabadstarx: hi smile hows it going?
ktm125: bang me plzzz:P
nhra347: hey, your cute, gave you a yes!
CanadianCurt: still have the bad connection?
CanadianCurt: a sexy thief that steals my heart! haha *cheeeeeeeeeese*
brenhinengymraeg: thank you for the yes
Trackstar10: Happy Thanksgiving Gorgeous! I hope it is good to you!
smoothmove8: happy thanksgiving
CanadianCurt: hahaha. i liked the idea of you being a sexy thief! wink
CanadianCurt: hi cutie! did you find some better interweb? or are you still a thief? <3
sonic09: very hot smile
CanadianCurt: i miss you already <333
penispuppet: too good to be true =]
penispuppet: allo mate
smoothmove8: hey, u acted like a "boob" the other night
whisperingeye: damn, hot as shit

smoothmove8: oh it do nasty things girl!!! haah
CanadianCurt: why the eff aren't you on?
smoothmove8: wut up my ninja
smoothmove8: lol
smoothmove8: well, i.....played bedtime in my boxers
smoothmove8: uhh ohhh...u lil nasty u!!! high five on that!!
smoothmove8: jus got back....u better of got some dick then!!!!
CanadianCurt: awww! thanks T'shura! dance
TiMmAh: Tish = cutie ahh
smoothmove8: TISH!!!! if u dont stop postin n tellin people how ugly u are n shit, and yur not pretty and blah blah gonna kick your ass hole!!!!
xIcarusx: hiiiiiii drool
smoothmove8: you get of me
smoothmove8: haha, i know u would..well im bout to get off here for a while, ill be on later 2nite..u know how i do..ill tlk to u then
RoXyByTCh19: Oh! Okay! Well I'm at work to... I never leave my job... lol... I take care of a lady who has break downs. I just started thats why I had to move. I'm going to be moving to Alabama I hope In March![
smoothmove8: hey i used to drink like that...for 5 years...wut u tryin to
RoXyByTCh19: I moved to Waldo ohio. What do you do at your job?
smoothmove8: nice...u ol drunk you!!!
RoXyByTCh19: Hey Tish!. I'm good a little bored but good. Been busy with this move an shit... How are you?
smoothmove8: good...jus been bout yurs
smoothmove8: yes i had fun..u should show me yurs now..jk
smoothmove8: BOOBS
smoothmove8: guess what i seen last night?
CanadianCurt: you're LATE!!! haha. want me to watch you get ready? rofl
CanadianCurt: hey! are you sneaking on at work? eek
CanadianCurt: ok Ms.Gorgeous! I'll ttyl! heartthrob
CanadianCurt: i gotta run out for a bit
back in about an hour
CanadianCurt: what time are you done class today?
CanadianCurt: lmao! yep. pinky swear, qt! i still really, really like you. wink if you change your mind, let me know! heartthrob
CanadianCurt: not at all! i was just.....curious! wink hug
CanadianCurt: no worries. i wanna talk about your 'status'
CanadianCurt: i guess its not really fair for me to demand that you get on aim, is it?
AK00: wave
paleshadow: stunning, an easy yes off me grinlol
SapphireRomance: Still so Beautiful. smile
CanadianCurt: still watchin football & hockey...just wanted to say hi again...
CanadianCurt: whatcha up to babe? <3
smoothmove8: ohhh jus stressin..ill be r u
CanadianCurt: i still friggin miss you! <333
smoothmove8: miss!!!!!
ktm125: gorgurs girlsmile
CanadianCurt: for realz! i hope you had a good weekend! sure looks like you did! wink
CanadianCurt: so i friggin miss you. like a lot!!!
tmoney82: haha but i did see u naked on cam, score!
wish i had my old phone that isnt in a lake, so i could show the boys the pics i took of u lol
imamachine: hey hot stuff!
DouglasDANK: NP, likewise about being 2nd smile
DouglasDANK: lol Nice post quoting me in the "5 hottest" nana Thanks though, that works for me biggrin
DouglasDANK: haha Tish...she might want to watch, too tongue Now that I think about it, biggrin the 2 of you should hook up drool
smoothmove8: it means wasted...same
DouglasDANK: lol I know he's fucking with you...but you guys did have sex when you were passed out. Anyways, next time you decide to turn that cam on and start strippin down, let a brotha know grinlol
smoothmove8: lol, it was was fun..u were faded!!!
smoothmove8: u did get down to yur bra n panties though
smoothmove8: stfu!!!! u r u were wasted though...u looked all messed up n was hot..
smoothmove8: we had sex
DouglasDANK: how the fuck did I miss that? Tony is one lucky SOB
smoothmove8: u got naked on cam
smoothmove8: ohhh if it isnt miss drunkie
DJFREAK311: Well your on my friends list...thought I'd be a friend and drop by and say hi...sorry lol

And thanks
hesonfire: Hey what's up?
DJFREAK311: Hey hon just dropping by to say Hi! Still looking sexy!

DJFreak311 wink
HardcoreSteve79: tish heartthrob
yoursecretadmirer125: oh thats cool
where do you go to school at??

you remind me of a friend of mine daniela she's from columbia
yoursecretadmirer125: i know you said something about being here on a student visa.. is that true? and if so where are you from?
URtwixFIX: Theres no way i cant, take sometime too let you know how perfect you are!!
Billabong13: you look absolutly amazing
noodle328: i'm going to be completely honest.... you are gorgeous.......
imamachine: would you "hit" this?
CanadianCurt: miss ya blusher! wink <3
smoothmove8: hey!! so i won you in the auction
smoothmove8: hey
imamachine: you're hot... i'd like to explore your body! wink hahahahahah
CanadianCurt: alright qt! i'll catch you later today! <3
CanadianCurt: o0o0o0o....i heartthrob physics! *geek*
smoothmove8: ohhh jus chillin as well...bored...pry goto bed early was yur day
smoothmove8: wut it do baby boo
A140mphcamaro: So much more than just sexy! Angel on earth and more!
smoothmove8: hiii
CanadianCurt: just got home from seeing a really great singer/songwriter. checking messages then off to bed! you?
CanadianCurt: missed ya today gorgeous!
kbbunner: amazing beautiful woman..definite yes.. if ur as smart as u are beautiful then us guys are in trouble =P
smoothmove8: well send me a msg
smoothmove8: raped!!!
smoothmove8: wow, thats a lot to do at once!! no not was a long weekend of
smoothmove8: not much, jus writin to some beats..wut r u doin?
smoothmove8: hi
bigmonkeysandwich: smile Morning
CanadianCurt: glad to hear it! now you can get busy showing Curt those boyshorts! wink
CanadianCurt: still alive today? wink
CharlestonArtboy: you gotta be the all-time leader on the top 10 list - and deservedly so. ;-)
fuckit978: wuts up? just droppin in to tell u ur beautiful
moochie3004: thanks baby doll! biggrin
CanadianCurt: i'm bored now. you should be here to alleviate that... wink
CanadianCurt: atta girl! i'd say i was taking control of your box....but that sounds dirty! tongue
CanadianCurt: hahaha. you're more than welcome! wink
i'm doing a good job of running rampant on yours! tongue
CanadianCurt: hehehe. no doubt! fuck you're a qt! hug
CanadianCurt: hahaha. how fun would THAT be? hotstuff
CanadianCurt: thanks hun wink i'll hafta take you up on that sometime! maybe i'll catch you on cam later when you're plastered. LOL
CanadianCurt: fun fun fun. can i come? wink
CanadianCurt: how about you?
CanadianCurt: [color=#000099][/color]

CanadianCurt: watching football for a while. maybe going to the new Bond movie....wanna go on a date? smile
CanadianCurt: i totally like a little softness! <333
CanadianCurt: yeah right! =P
CanadianCurt: lmao. getting my hands on those is worth a few teeth-marks! wink
CanadianCurt: not for long! haha rawrrrrrrr!
CanadianCurt: is that ALL? or is that under the pants? either way, i'm pleased! smile
CanadianCurt: i'm SO ready to rumble. here's a heads up: pantsing is my signature move! wink
CanadianCurt: lmao. that's ok. my booty is big enough to take a few kicks. i might have returned the favor. except substitute squeezes for kicks. wink
CanadianCurt: my night was pretty chill. had a few beers with some buddies and watched Casino Royale
CanadianCurt: holy fuck. sounds like a crazy night. wish i was there! haha
CanadianCurt: EMS? not for YOU i hope!
CanadianCurt: i LOVES it! good god! musta been a GOOD night! haha
CanadianCurt: did T'shura get her drink on last night? oh hey! i see me on your profile! smile
jag1973: If I got a nickel for every time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have…five cents =) very lovely
smoothmove8: ohhh...sounds fun...thx, i think ill be alright..jus got a lot of shit to figure out now.
smoothmove8: lol..its been a rough u doin up
smoothmove8: too..good nite
smoothmove8: i always got time..when im on
smoothmove8: k..u2...u always leave me
smoothmove8: bad...not bad jus chillin...well ill let u goto bed then..
smoothmove8: hiii
GQstylze: SOOOOO SEXY wink
smoothmove8: its pry the same one i jus glad...i love it!!
smoothmove8: i jus now watched wasnt that great i thought..iw was ok...the breast cancer 1 was funny as
smoothmove8: lol..i might be the reason
smoothmove8: haha, hell yes...thats my boy!!! im bout to watch south park..i missed it earlier
smoothmove8: gangsta tish, wuts up my sexy..wut u up too, hows teddy tonz
smoothmove8: hii
xIcarusx: hey there gorgeous. Im bored and need somebody to talk to, say hi to me!
chillinvilln: hey whats up sexy?
Mitch50505: Thanks for the yes beautiful wink
smoothmove8: yesssss that is my son!!!!
CanadianCurt: oh don't have TOO much fun. tongue
CanadianCurt: not a lot. taking care of some errands and stuff. you?
imamachine: hey beautiful.. how are you tonight?
AnonymouslyInLove: aww not friends anymore?
MrNobody: lol its like you dont talk to me anymore :( lol am i not good enough for ya anymore? got too many hotter guys oogling your goodies lol.
MrNobody: tish is sexy and her voice turns me on!
smoothmove8: when u takin that pic
smoothmove8: lol......wut r u doin? i agree with troy take some nudes
smoothmove8: well u should take one with teddy tonz!!!!!!!!
smoothmove8: guess u will have to tak a special pic jus for me to put there then!!
tmoney82: take some damn nudes for this site.
smoothmove8: lol...neva that my nigga!!!
smoothmove8: wuttttss up
AnonymouslyInLove: smile thanks for the add. always a pleasure to get new friends
smoothmove8: well u can for a lil bit now, till she gets home
smoothmove8: well if it isnt the love of my life!!!! hey
PrepCookJay: Thank you for the Yes
Lazaros: heyyyy when are you gonna message me so we can chat! wink
smoothmove8: ay u know how i do!!!
smoothmove8: yeah me chattin away tonight
smoothmove8: im sober..i ate a couple vics i feel chill!! how bout u?
smoothmove8: nothin jus sittin around...wonderin where u been all my
smoothmove8: ay bay bay!!!
smoothmove8: same ol shit...jus chillin..been home alone all day..wheeeew
smoothmove8: same thing..u know u know...aint got no homework tonight
smoothmove8: wut it is
ColoradoKing: Hey honey,
Thank you 4 tha yes!hugflowers
smoothmove8: thats sexy!!!
smoothmove8: me? never!!! ill just picture u!
smoothmove8: teddy tonz!!!!
smoothmove8: hey im gong to do it too! so i wont tell....and i would not have looked...hehe
smoothmove8: well there is still coulda jus did it then..i wounta looked
smoothmove8: takin care of some things?
smoothmove8: so wut lyin ass mofo pissed u kick their ass
sundance: wow
LyouSeeKy: Hey, just wanted to let you know how gorgeous you are! Im sure you get that all the time more time wont hurt! Im Drew by the way, thanks for the add.
smoothmove8: haha, have been locked up your whole life
smoothmove8: oh i u smoked weed for the first time this weekend?
smoothmove8: he jus turned 21...hes a short dude too..but when it comes to my lil bro, im always protective...but most peoiple dont fuck with him if they know who i am...i gotta was your night
smoothmove8: ehh, there wasnt much goin 7 of us hung out n drink n played poker at my boys crib...then my lil bro called me from the bar cause some dude spit at his gf and was tryin to fight him..but when i got there the dude was gone..
smoothmove8: hey sexy thang
paragon223: hope you had a good weekend
CanadianCurt: i'm just dandy! had a good day at the football game. now I'm drinking wine and watching V For Vendetta smile
CanadianCurt: how are you tonight, gorgeous?
HardcoreSteve79: na. i def am not. i really freaking love shay, but i am just having faith that if me and her meant to be, God will have our paths cross again
HardcoreSteve79: hope you are having a good weekend so far bella
HardcoreSteve79: just saying hi cutie heartthrob
CanadianCurt: hotstuff
smoothmove8: ahhh bout to go have sex in the shower in a lil bit....then get some food...not sure wut the plans r for tonight..wuts yours?
smoothmove8: haha, yeah...hes my why are u in such an awsome fucking mood
smoothmove8: hows my sexy today
jjohnson00866: so damn gorgeous
MikeyMouse: Thanks for the add and the yes. You are beautiful!
smoothmove8: mmmm...mmmm
smoothmove8: ok, goodnight...sweat dreams about me i hope...if u get lonely n graba toy, think of me....jk jk...nice talkin to u too...goodnite
smoothmove8: lol, well then, i guess my hands might move a lil!!!
smoothmove8: hmmmm...lemme think...well i guess i could..n dont worry, i wont touch u
smoothmove8: haha, u need some sleep sounds for 2?
smoothmove8: i thought i did last night
sageapalooza: thanx for the yes cutie
smoothmove8: haha, shit i didnt even do my homework in school girl!!!
smoothmove8: thanks...i hope he made it not sure if he was much of a believer..hes had a rough life too..i pray he made it though...thx...what r u still doin up tish?
smoothmove8: oh i went to my dads hockey game, n grocery shoppin after...jus chillin...found out my uncle died tonight from an OD : (
smoothmove8: yeah...i hope u do too
carlito1982hbk: well hello there wow your gorgeous how are u
xIcarusx: goodnight you
Henrikku: hotness! grinlol
xIcarusx: wave hey there tish!
smoothmove8: i know alot of girls who get attached after sex...guess its a girl or not
smoothmove8: ehhh, i dont know..i know alot girls who arent virgins but get attached easily..i mean theres alot of guys who wanna fuck a virgin jus to say they took it...i mean, i know that sex is a lot different with girls who have been around compared to girls who h
smoothmove8: ohhhh yeah, i wouldnt even tell alotta guys u are a V..that will make em want it more...every guy wants the v card...i dont know
smoothmove8: thats crazy, i bet its a big change...and thats good..i know every girl says they wish they woulda waited, so id keep to it if i were u..
smoothmove8: that does suck...i mean dont u have your own room, or do u stay in a dorm
smoothmove8: i bet u are always turned on...u need to have sex, n release some of that...haha....i bet u masterbate alot..
smoothmove8: are u always horny? i noticed your mood is always set as horny...jus wonderin
smoothmove8: i said somethin bout u in the lyrics forum
smoothmove8: why r u so sexy
smoothmove8: not sure, hopefully theres somethin goin on...michigan sucks...n its supposed to be cold this weekend..which blows
smoothmove8: thats too least 2morrows friday!! what r u doin this weekend?
smoothmove8: haha..nahhhh...n thank you, im glad u like them...i love your pics too!! how was your day today
smoothmove8: oh hush, u coulda said hi, i talk to everyone at once!! i was waitn for u, but thought u were to cool to say hi
smoothmove8: hey sexy
smoothmove8: jus got lined up, bout to go get somethin to eat wit my boy
smoothmove8: sup
KrazyJust: thanks for the yes
xIcarusx: you can talk to me outside of the group anytime that you would like smile just say hi
peterpiper6969: MUAH! wink
smoothmove8: u2!!! the pleasure was all mine!!! hehe..ttyl
smoothmove8: i am tired, im bout to goto sleep..have a good day 2morrow..goodnight
smoothmove8: no...i partied hard...i was only 16 at the time, it was still a blast...i wanna go again
smoothmove8: ive been on a cruise onnce, it was the funnest thing ever!!
smoothmove8: haha, when u retire..jk...i get bored not working though...but id like to be rich and never have to work again
smoothmove8: i stay up late every niight..its weird not working..its nice though..ive had a job since i was like 15...its nice not worryin about anything for a while..haha
smoothmove8: ohhh i see!!!! im bored as shit! lol
smoothmove8: ohh, cause u said u were wearing black top n undies..n looks like u had them on in the pic...mmmm
smoothmove8: haha, r u takin those pics right now, in the sexy forum?
smoothmove8: oh no, i dont want a skanky one, i love when people make me signs...only a couple have though...jus a regular one!
smoothmove8: so if i won u in the auction, would u make me a sign?
smoothmove8: yeah, dudes on here are pervs..i mean im a perv, but i dont have to go here to see a naked girl..some guys on here are straight up losers!! i dont even wanna see u naked.....i swear!! lol...guys on here need to go out n get some!! lol
penispuppet: <3
smoothmove8: well i dont know about that have too much clothing on..jk jk...yeah its great..ill bid on u!!! i mean dont trust people, as in this is your first time gettin crazy, people will take advantage of that...
penispuppet: Tishy!
smoothmove8: do u have a myspace?
smoothmove8: oh i sounds like you really missed out on a lot of things...thats why i think its bad for parents to be too strict..mine tried, but realized i was gonna do what i wanted anyways...i was outta control as a youngster..haha..jus be safe, n dont trust
smoothmove8: wrong, i still love to party, jus not as hardcore as i used i sent u a long ass msg too!! lol
smoothmove8: oh no your fine..thats good, we americans take partyin to the extreme..haha..well at least your having fun...i got my crazyness out of me a while ago..i had a crazy 6 yeasr or so, but im good i need to think about a career..haha..but dont get me
smoothmove8: wow, thats crazy.. good for you, and good luck...i used to goto college........parties all the think im gonna get into nursing
smoothmove8: no not right now...i worked at a shop that shut down a couple months ago..n they gave us a nice severance package and im jus relaxing and enjoying not workin for a lil bit longer..i got like 4500 from them, on top of getting unemployment.
smoothmove8: ahh, yeah me too, jus chillin on wyht...wheeew
smoothmove8: hey u, what u up too?
bigtoetony: Tish is amazing
FecalCatastrophe: d joo is d luvly joo i very much like talk to and make
flirt with
FecalCatastrophe: i like very much to make out with joo
xIcarusx: hi tish! hope you are having a good night smile
moveyobody00: just beautiful, hun
FecalCatastrophe: hahaha sexy and she speaks broken english.....
will you marry me? rofl
dedalus86: extremely sexy!
bigDforYouGirl: wow your beautiful
paragon223: i remember before on here you had that you were a bio major of some kind are you pre-med? if so when are you planning on taking the mcat? i have this much to say, i wish the girls in my med school class were half as beautiful as you.
lilmamma: Hey just wanted to let u know that i think you are absolutely gorgeous!
I would love to chat w/ u sometime if you want..
Just let me know whats up pls..
FecalCatastrophe: rofl wat the ass? what the ass kinda comment is that?
and yes sweetie i am in canada
Billabong13: your absoutly beautiful
FecalCatastrophe: you name the time and the place i'm soooo there wink
peterpiper6969: MMMMUUUUUAAAHHH!
AnonymouslyInLove: haha I second the last guy's motion. handcuffs would be fantastic!
FecalCatastrophe: wave i thought you had to stop flirtting with me.....
btw wanna make out?
FecalCatastrophe: you in handcuffs = dream come true
Duffmandan: i liked your halloween costume! =)
Lazaros: wow babe youre so gorgeous!
circa123: absolutely beautiful!!
Whisper209: id hit ur fuckin sexy
raidber20: hi
cardsfan22: hey hun, hows it going?
J420S: well i got on here to talk to you...duh haha
J420S: what u laughing for
Mmmm Whatz Up With Ya Shawtyy..?? H0lla At Ya B0i S0metime...:p...

hotchick200616: gorgeous girly!
J420S: you pry wouldnt wanna hang out tho u a busy girl
J420S: thats acutally not to far grinlol
J420S: ohio lol the states that sux all the cool chicks are far away
J420S: oh yeah thats cool.. so wear u from if u dont mind me asking
J420S: i dont got neplans for halloween..never been to a halloween party either haha ... well hopefully someday ill have my own car customizing shop
J420S: damn you a busy girl but sounds like you gonna be makin the big bucks someday .... itll al be worth it
J420S: not shit just got off work nothin to do around here what about u got ne plans?
J420S: damn girl you got it goin on for real hit me up somtime
MrNobody: tish has a kick ass trinidadian accent and its hot!
canadianrugby: Hehe.. thanks! And wow, girl you are pretty.. you need more photos.
RoughRyder: thanks for the vote
TheProphecy12890: hey ma whats good with it?
SingleShawnInCols: What state are you in? You can answer that privately
FecalCatastrophe: errr i should say "ugliest" haha in typing that i almost made the same typo
FecalCatastrophe: lol well lucky for you the "uliest" pic still makes you look absolutly gorgeous :P
MikeRocksYouHardcore: heartthrob
skidnucka22: hey sexy whats goin on?
raidber20: hello there smile
how is it going?
names eric grinlol
cardsfan22: You are such a beautiful girl.

So what are you up to?
xIcarusx: you are welcome and thank you. Ugh I have to go back to work now, lunch is over. Talk later I hope!
xIcarusx: you are gorgeous <3
xIcarusx: yyaaayyyyyy!!!
xIcarusx: we should be friends k? smile
CanadianCurt: tokbox?
sergeantcracker: thanks for the vote. how was your weekend?
penispuppet: mwah!
ICE05: ohhh grr... i think i hit the yes button 6 times..
haydenthehorse: thanks for the yes vote, i'm very flattered. i gave you one back of course, you deserve it!
canadianrugby: sexy sexy
biltmore1977: Thanks for the "yes". You're a perfect 10!
penispuppet: ahh
penispuppet: who's that creepy guy bellow me? lol
MrNobody: u went to bed, but i cant stop thinking about you so im stalking your page and commenting your profile lol.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hey kid. How's it go?
imsofakinghigh: hey gorgious, what you up to
goodapollo: thanx for the yes beautiful girl
tr1117: Hey Tish how are you doing
YouCantHaveMe: oh hello. whats up?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: So why is it that you're still not living in NY with me?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I was WAY off!! Sorry
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Thought Tish was short for Trish which is short for Trisha which I thought I saw someone call youshrug
MikeRocksYouHardcore: TRISHA!!!!!!!hug
zeppelin391: preciate the yes back, looking good over there. mind if i add you to msn?
xIcarusx: thanks for the yes smile
hard2tame: Hot!!
hippykid: You are absolutely incredible
xIcarusx: lovely smile
circa123: too hot for words!!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Oh you heard!
Originally posted by MikeRocksYouHardcore
Come on, who's my cream puff?
hballz: alls i can say is wow!!!!
dawgsfan33: damn you look good
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Yeah I don't ever lie either, which is amazing because the genius' of this site think I lie about everythinglol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: LIAH!!!!!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Should've said something!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Seefrown
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Well yeah only because I made a comment about your boots!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Oh, nice. So why do you never talk to me anymore?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hey beautiful! How are you this morning?
YouCantHaveMe: wave
paragon223: hope you had a good columbus day
MikeRocksYouHardcore: It's ok loveheartthrob
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Nevermind, lol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: The Naughty Pics
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Wanted you to join the group I'm in but you're already in there
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ahhYou're already a memberserve
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Should join the group I'm insmile
whitesoxfan1982: thanks for the yes :-)
bigpimpinak: thanks for the yes! smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Do you not like me?
RoXyByTCh19: You are in the Top Ten Sweetness!
TenFeetAndFalling: well if you think being completely perfect is good then its a good thing. i just don't get how you can look sooo good in every picture. you must be amazing in person
MikeRocksYouHardcore: hug
nhra347: hey, gave u a yes, wana chat?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: dance
GQstylze: hey beautiful! heartthrob Long time no talk!! how have u been smile
imsofakinghigh: hey whats up, u actualy here tonight?
justin2384: wow ur gorgeous,very nice!!!
ThAPhENoM35: damn u are sexy
RyanAsploded: thanks for the yes :]
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ahh
JoeNycStyle: you need to stop strop escaping my dreams at night :P lol
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Now why would you think I would hate on you? That's just silly!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Just stupid things that don't matter soooo I'm sorry for bringing it up
MikeRocksYouHardcore: I know, I didn't say you were mean to me. Just in other ways.
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Well you were acting it!!
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Are you sure?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: ahhWhy must you hate on meahh
baughman9112000: im also on its like myspace just sign in im baughman9112000 like my videos?
redcorn71: you're beautiful!
BLoNdeXXSkater: how are you?
MikeRocksYouHardcore: dance
tr1117: Whatsup Tish how are you doing
P3T3: gorgeous
joeypage: You are just absolutely stunningly Beautiful smile
tmoney82: hey foo
Winkeypass5169: hey girl what it do
BLoNdeXXSkater: good just a lil bit tired but cant sleep
BLoNdeXXSkater: so how are you pretty lady?
BLoNdeXXSkater: oh your more then welcome :-D
BLoNdeXXSkater: I like the sparkly pictures of you
BLoNdeXXSkater: same here, except im not prettyfying my profile lol :-P
BLoNdeXXSkater: what are you up too tonight?
imsofakinghigh: ay cutie, whats ur yahoo, lets chat im bored
shener18: you look gorgeous honey do u have got msn?
shener18: brought_bybayonetxx3@ho
haskins: thanks for the yes...
K1LLaKaN3: beautiful girl
imsofakinghigh: nothing just in a blah mood, u should check ur messages n msg me on msn or ill giv eu my yahoo if u want. im bored
imsofakinghigh: whats up where u at, you never respond
cocainxbluez: ;-)
mikecross: enjoy your pie, fatty! :P
halfviethalfwhite: you, are too sexy =)
penispuppet: okay i'll unlock it for you
LP1681: You are Stunning!
legendkiller26: hey sexy :]
peterpiper6969: ;-) hola beautiful
BLoNdeXXSkater: hiya
jamesdeen: do u go to u of l , seriously it is not very often u meet a girl;as gorgeous as u and as friendly u are truly unique at best
jamesdeen: nothin but purrrre beauty, for real one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen
djs23: Thanks for the yes . you are beautiful...
hotscorp: baby missing u
carlito1982hbk: wow ur so gorgeous
AwesomeEan: U KNOW.... MY BDAY IS 420 TOO !@!!!!!!!
penispuppet: oh I am on msnz but haven't seen you on =D
Billabong13: wow your beautiful
Trackstar10: Hey there GORGEOUS! How're you doing tonight?
Hard2handle3177: Who could possibly not like what they see when they look at you. Your awesome, I will give you a YES anytime
ryetoast5: sexy..amazing...gorgeou
s...stunning...lost for a comment back
penispuppet: Tish Tish! smile
penispuppet: lol throw your hands up in the AYER! dance
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hey Tish, thanks for the yes and the addsmile
tr1117: A beautiful and yet modest girl what a rare exceptional girl.
BreakStone: thank you for the yes, gorgeous
repoman42003: Damn you are just beautiful and sexy. You definately have my yes. Comment or picture comment me back sometime
malgagirl: You are beautiful smile
jerzy567: aww thank u comen from a fine lady like ur self that means somethin =]
wikk3dmind: very niiice eyez
penispuppet: Tish you're a smarty pants =]
aceswildtru: Biochem and molecular bio? Woah, that's heavy stuff, and you're a hottie! grinlol
hotscorp: i know u r totally loveable...thts y im fukin dieing to talk to u :P
sledgeham: your welcome sweetie!
thenameisscot: And thanks for the add too. You are stunning!
thenameisscot: Thanks for the yes beautiful!
DOCTOR: i burp in girls faces
frenchfrog: http://www.wouldyouhitt
no noodz but i wouldnt expect that from u anyway. good luck
frenchfrog: Hey dollface, though I'd give you a heads up. I made a contest to win 250 bang bucks.
Best "back dimple" pics contest. Not sure if you have back dimples but if you do it's in....
Forums > Dirty Pictures > Win 250 Bang Bucks. Best "back dimples" p
ufhottboy: so we both r always on ur def a yes but we never talk...whats up with that?
arrogantbastard: Hottie!!!
sh3sg0ne: beautiful muneca how u doing.
kanrac42: you are georgeous.
NiGeL76: Thanks for the yes... "BEAUTIFUL"!!! =)
n3bs: omg! wow ur so pretty!
xRyan87x: Hey would you make me a sign if I made you one in return?
bobisit: u r like a Angel wow your beautifull!
teejster: thanks.
nhra347: wow, you get a yes!
Shep412: you're very beautiful
jerryg81: hottie
thefabpersian: thanks for the compliment on my pic smile
I'd give you one back, but it would take me so long to leave a comment on all of your pics wink
Hollister2217: Fuckable
xRyan87x: Anytime. Just being honest. smile
xRyan87x: Thanks for the add. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen on this site in a long time.
xRyan87x: wave Hey there how are you?
ufhottboy: so we both give other a yes a while back n both of us r always on but we never talk.... i think we need to fix that wink
Speed6Chris: thanks for the yes
kap1style68: thanx for the add
foreverasoldier: I'll pull your hair anytime
DoodleHead: redface
DoodleHead: Thanks wink
crxracerhonda: ur one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen grinlol and thanx for the yes smile..can I add u?
paragon223: i know you must be tired of hearing this but you are beautiful and from your major you seem very smart as well. i hope you are having a good summer and good luck with your school. out of curiosity are you pre-med? only reason i ask is because i was bioc
Canadianguy01: HEY!! Corruptedchic? Meet might recognize her....since its you.... smile Awww...your first fake...
Winkeypass5169: hey girl whats going on im bored
mhm08: yes from me!
crzyblondee: Pretty Girl!!! =)
crzyblondee: Pretty Girl!!! =)
bleedingxx: You're sooooooo gorgeouse! omg omg omg


TommyGun08: Thanks for the yes babe
you are stunningly gorgeous smile
af32hero: hey gorgeous, thanks for the add =]
ttpzjackson: you are very cute..
dan182: hey cutie i love your hair i just wanna hug and tickle you
MCC011: OMG<3 Im ALL turned on, love<3 You are amazingly, unbelievably GORGEOUSLY....BEAUTIFUL
benji6955: Very sexy!!! You get my yes!
hockeyguy1919: ooo wow youre so gorgeous...whatcha up to?
a11quatrocky11a: lol mine sucks compared to yours! You look great though!
therightstuff: LOL u made a funny, i doubt the girl of my dreams could be any more beautiful than u!
therightstuff: Yeah I am sure she is, and I bet she is a lot like u!
therightstuff: Well dont feel alone, thats exactly what I am looking for, but I feel like it is never going to happen! And I have been witing a long time!
therightstuff: Nope dont have anyone, noone knows how to treat me like i treat them, and OMG ru kidding me ur not the type of girl that will be kept a secret for long!
therightstuff: Aww, i am so sorry sweetie, if i was there i would show you how a real man treats a woman and that there still is hope, thats if you would let me!
therightstuff: What!!! No way a gorgeous woman like u doesnt have a man! Are these guys retarded or what that live by u?
therightstuff: Well its the truth ur man is very lucky to have someone like u!
therightstuff: Ur so welcome and so desrving, any man would be soooo lucky to have you!
armyguy08: you got my yes wink
laughingman0426: hey beautiful! havnt heard from you in forever.. what you doing for the 4th? anything fun?
penispuppet: wave2
Nasiello: well hello there gorgeous
xRyan87x: Hey how are you beautiful?
Zenos: stunning
aaronjames: you are absolutely gorgeous!!!!
AHunkForYou: hey thanks for the yes vote. I gave you one too. How are you?
wtfmate: wow...
Brot2Ubyaflnbmb: then what on earth is your ethnic background? you truly have a unique beauty that shines above the rest.
Brot2Ubyaflnbmb: do you have any middle eastern blood in you?
Dmac1135: ohh my god! wow! big yes from me!
Winkeypass5169: hey whats going on girl
ChaoticBrew32: yes,yes,yes,yes,yes stunning!!
daddymac903: DAMN....thanks for posting your hot pics; it made it easy for me to jack off! Mind if I download your pics to jack off to again later? thanks!
HungAndThick4You: Very Very Very Sexy
solo36: wuts good ma?
DaDonJuan9: how u doin tish?
lilfox: very beautiful
koSETHko: gorgeous ;]
arux: cute little girl smile
ItIsFinished: Ooo, biochem. What do you like about that particular field?
JordanAK: Totally "lovable" Indeeeeeeed
Sxcsportsgirl03: Woww...You are stunning. Really, absolutely exotic and beautiful.
DXN987: Hey there how are you?
URtwixFIX: Your absolutely the most spectacular women ive seen. Everything about you screams beauty
Photographer: Thanx 4 Yes!!!
ILikeMusic: great profile, gorgeous, your major/minor is quite impressive, and now ill go leave pic comments to make ya smile lol
BecauseImInABand: Oh damn!
Decible: smile your welcome!
dedalus86: sexy as hell
metalheadrocker: Thanks for the yes. You are very sexy.
You Are F'ing SEXY!!!!...wink..

DXN987: hey how are you?
mhbrokendreams: your so fricken sex
crazywake: umm hell yah u are
TiMmAh: you are too gorgeous Tish
msnide: hey whats up, hope your havin a great night your beyond beautiful
penispuppet: give me coooookie
BboiELIte: wow thx for the yes, i do not deserve it! U are absolutely beautiful! very sexy! yes for u
Dirtyguy33: sexc
dapapi08: gorgeous
SapphireRomance: You're beyond beautiful
penispuppet: aw sponge bob ! grinlol
Abercrombiehockey: your a def you have msn or yahoo
ChuGotItMeing: damn! someone's getting a yes wink
DueCezbabii: ummm esta nena si q estas hermosa wink lolz
a lil spanish 4 u mama smile...... naa but u knoe i gota stop by ur page n show a pretty lil thing like ur self some luv well u should now by now how absolutly gorgeous u truly r wink
well stay bless

PS. (let ur
DueCezbabii: Stoppin by ur page 2 show a pretty lil thing like ur self some luv wink well keep beautiful ma m stay bless
Laguna: hey! Whats up? =D
shaun247: eat something womansmile
Ronyd: Oh man shit damn lookin good
penispuppet: redface ty, how are you Tish?
daSani: thanks, absolutely gorgeous yourself...
paragon223: hi i hope you had a good weekend
michobec: wow
woody7486: Absolutely gorgeous, definite yes for you.
dignam: cool Major, what do you want to do? smart+hot=holy shit
MrNiceGuy85: Thanks for the yes!
trionian: so gorgeous wink
AFJeff19: Gorgeous.....definite YES
jaydot: WHAT UP!
ItsDipSeth24: Wow ma u sure r lookin pretty damn gorgeous. wow love ur pics. u r stunning.
CreamerJay: hey there beautiful I want to get to know you alot more heres my yahoo screen name so we can talk to each other im online right now also im me at please im me so we can talk thank you Jason
BornLikeThis: you can't be THAT haven't met me yet wink A BIG yes! xx
Djlarose: Aww thanks smile
DutchMasta420: hey cutie, wuts up
natemish: sweet
zeppelin420: preciate the yes back. whats going on over there, anything good?
cuteboyisshy: You look to pretty
Amanda900: wanna add??
Dangerous10K: A ten in my book Mos Def
blondebombshell8907: thx!
CHENZOOOOO: thats right girl you been in top ten for mad long them how to do it girl
s7e7v7e7n: step aside it looks like we have a profesional here people haha, nice pics woot woot
Mobbaffiliated: wanna earn some bang bucksssss
rebelscguy20: hey, how did all your studying go last night? what class was it for?
rebelscguy20: you are sooo cute, when can we chat tish?
bears4life17: hey sexy! thanks for the yes smile
rebelscguy20: why aren't you off on a date right now cutie?
rebelscguy20: you gettin on yahoo tonight tish?
joecivic: you are just amazingly BEAUTIFUL. HOTT. SEXY. smile
rebelscguy20: i loove your pics, i'll go comment them in a minute. do you have a new yahoo screenname?
CRISTIAN23: hey sexy!! take my yess =)
Shinobi: hey there, how are you?
sweetdaddyjason: Hey gorgeous how are you doing?
ru83: Back in the top 10 where you belong!
jrrd5200: pretty eyes and beautiful smile!!!!!!!
Umbaseball15: no problem- i told u i was going to win u remember? tongue
Umbaseball15: yeep i hear you on that. stress is definitely setting in lol.
Umbaseball15: about the same, bored. tryin to study for an exam tomorrow but its not goin too well haha.
Umbaseball15: thanks for the pic comment smile whats up?!
FlexLowKey: gorgeous!
ihitgspots: looking totally awesome
JPbrother: give me a holla sometime if you want chat
ihitgspots: looking awesome
dravid01: baby no u jus wear ur heart on ur sleeve. which isnt the best thing to do, but who ever that guy is im sure he likes u a whole bunch sweety so dont worry abt it, some guys are like that
However i wish u liked me, i wud never give u a reason to feel that
jrrd5200: pretty eyes and beaitiful smile!!
dravid01: aww baby wats wrong u cud talk to me
dravid01: damn baby im kinda scared to look at that bikini album i mite jus get too excited ur so fine!
dravid01: cars, motocross off road trucks parties, football, basketball, beach well not in ky but fl yea thts it basically it and ofcourse girls
dravid01: awww..:( i was kinda hoping u say no. so maybe i could have a chance , but ofcourse look at u , well he's one lucky bastard , but im sure i would treat u 100 times better grinlol
dravid01: yea i moved here a couple of years ago with family i was born in Lebanon. btw u do have boyfriend well not the sl like outside wyht ?
dravid01: im jus being honest baby where r u from sweety ?
garythefirst: yessss!!! you're beautiful!!
dravid01: U should be my sexy lover babe we fit perfectly togther .Plus im sure we got more in common than u n ur current sl haha take care sweety ur the best.
dravid01: wow girl!!! Ur really beautiful .You fit my perfect girl..gorgeous smart and funny....Kisses..xoxoxo
darkxilluminati: hey hows it goin girl, whatchu up to?
CHENZOOOOO: hey cutie i knew youd say yes but y is that kid given me probs. he knows i dont really mean it when i say sexy BITCH i just mean that your smokin hot
Mobbaffiliated: but im sure you get that a million times a day, i gotta do something that sticks out! something to generate conversation well at the same time express to you how tight that little body is!
smoke101: thanks your pretty yourself
Mobbaffiliated: do what witty thing do i have to say to you to get your attention misssy!
RoughNeckF14: well i wasnt all that tired you either fell asleep talking to me or ignored me the rest of the night...
thisfucker: there isnt enough words in the world to tell how gorgeous u are. left u some love with ones i could fine tho.
soghetto05: hey how have u been?? how was ur weekend?
RoughNeckF14: Hey my Sexy Sexy Lover!!! Ok so i know im texting you but i thought i would comment you to tell you that i think you are absolutely beautiful!!! You are more beatiful than anything Micheal Angelo ever thought about painting!!! MUAH I miss you!
CHENZOOOOO: eyah mama your in the top ten and u deserve it sexy bitch
CHENZOOOOO: hey baby your lookin fine as can be baby
RoughNeckF14: I'm missing you like crazy baby!!!!!!
UGAfratastic: hey how was your weekend? did you get a new yahoo screenname?
ThisEdiot: You're beautiful smile
loopasars: you look so nice! like you give to charities!!! lol
RoughNeckF14: You are the best and most beautiful sexy lover anyone could ever want!!! Now I'm just gonna have to come make you my sexy lover in real life and ill be the most happy man in the world!!! BTW, I bet I make a lot of guys jealous, having you all to myself!
RoughNeckF14: Can you keep me? Hmmm let's see.... YEAH!!! That would be the most amazing thing in the world!!! Not only are you the most beautiful person I've ever seen, you are the sweetest in the world!!! And baby I want you too! So you know when I come to Kentucky
Dilly1: Your not bad at all yourself
UC209: hi cutie
cfnmfunanr2442: hey. what's up?
milos78: hiiiiii gorgeoussmile
JonnyBoy235: you are so gorgeous darlin..hit me up sometime i'd love to get to knnow you!!!
RoughNeckF14: Hey baby my phone went all retarded and I had to do a system reboot on it and I lost everything on it! That's why I haven't talked to you all day! And its killing me! So txt me so I can store your number back into it!!! MUAH!!!!!!!!
MustangMark: damn u r hot
sweetdaddyjason: hey hun this is my new profile add me wink im getting rid of the old one
RoughNeckF14: Youre the most beautiful thing ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tricks77: Good choice on the name. "Totally Lovable" fits any woman that looks that good! Thanks for the 'yes', sweetie.
SeanAndrew12: wanna talk on yahoo or msn sometime?
a1rizzo: all i can say is wow !!!!!!!
dedalus86: gorgeous!
SeanAndrew12: hey whastt going on?
UC209: Im bioengineering major!
microminipimp69: damn girl u fine as hell
UC209: I love ur tan!... its hott... hitit yes'd
dogtermax2: definitely
captainhowdy: You have a very beautiful smile. Send me a message sometime, i would love to create a good conversation with you

Bye tiphat
delirious88: thnx babe, you're super sexy..
deejayrancid: thank you... you look damn good. whats up?
matt89: your really fucking hot!
we should definitely cam
sometime ;]
ThatsNumberOne: I was thinking the same about you =)...and oddly enough my family might me moving to Kentucky ...and If we do and near you I hope you can make me some friends lol
BornLikeThis: well..if you have a boyfriend then he's very lucky! If not, I think It's time to emigrate wink
Lanceisthaman: u dumped me?
firefighter1640: Very Sexy!
JFede007: hey you how are u doing
RachelluvsU: if you are on can you get on yahoo
BigLOS: beautiful
adioguy: wow.. you are hella gorgeous
XXWetPantsXX: CUTE!!!
StrongIGuy: With those eyes I don't think I could ever say no to anything you said hahaha =]
Kingofthecourt: get on yahoo...
StrongIGuy: My birthday is the day after yours by the way woo April 21! lol
StrongIGuy: Wow you're BEAUTIFUL! I love your pretty brown eyes and long brown hair wink you're like a dream girl in my eyes haha smile
Kingofthecourt: let's cam sometime love...wink
HOMEGROWNCOWBOY: damn what a beautiful smile
kng229: Hey hottie how are ya tonight?
RachelluvsU: miss you
adamisorad: wink
Dirtyguy33: sexc
Idulnavi: you remind me of Mila Kunis
abarchet: you really are amazing!! id love to talk to you sometime!!
mhbrokendreams: Damn your beautiful thats for sure!
Jewett925: your gorgeous! deff a yes smile
odani327: amazin. simply amazin.
soghetto05: hey whatsup. i miss talking to u
SunsetxShootout: ah, you're so cute =D
thanks for the yes girl
MannyH2187: I just wanted to say thanks for the "Yes" and also that you have really pretty eyes and the smile to go with them. I'm sure you've heard that before but, one more wont hurt right?
magnum22: how u doin baby? jus wantd 2 come n show u a lil love n c how u liven. get at me wen u get sum time. ttyl
nky1finest0517: and you live in kentucky.. good state smile
nky1finest0517: you are sooo pretty just thought ill tell ya that
Kingjr: Gorgeous
HardcoreSteve79: thanks for the add cutie pie
waxurss: wanna talk tonight?
FLGuy2005: thanks for the add. you're great!
CountryRocker: glad you're in the top 10 cause you're so gorgeous
reddogg24: you are very beautiful!!
kvnmkz7: yea w/e ne way u got a myspace if so hit me up on there
ProjectX: haha thanks, you look like a very friendly girl.
kvnmkz7: im cute? lol well u sexy wink
DSGB69: damn so sexy..i jus added u on yahoo
ru83: Gorgeous love those legs, hot boots
speedy36: hey how are you?
Brett69: your so gorgeous! hit me up sometime..
manoucho: you want ton marry me?!
hollister32: So what do you think about guys in the army?
hollister32: hey can i keep ya lol
therightstuff: Well ty gorgeous for the comment! Ur simply breathtaking!
RoughNeckF14: awe i loved my comment you sent me sweety!!!! you are amazing
drifter4life: Yummy. How are you not at 100%? What's wrong with people?
SapphireRomance: Just though id let you know, youre simply stunning.
Tremedy: thanks beautiful smile
RoughNeckF14: You are the most beautiful person i have ever seen and you dont even realize it!!!!!
peteyshot: soo gorgeous love your smile
Gr8Pal: Thanks for being so sweet and for being my first friend in WYHT
mrhumpy: flowers
sllakota85: sooooo pretty ;-)
bballer102005: why hello!!
soghetto05: wow. simply beautiful a yes from me
peteyshot: hey thanks for accpeting the request, your like absolutely gorgeous by the way lol
demigod: StiZzaH Sexyyyynesssssss!
coheed98: hey hey. how's it going
hard2tame: there are some more contests up in case ur interested
creedcarter: thank you for the yess
joec2010: holy shit youre gorgeous
tmoney82: youre so effin cute.
cowboyu: wow very sexy!! you got my yes! loved the profile!
abarchet: you are by far the most beautiful girl i have ever seen!! every single picture you have takes my breath away!!
abarchet: thanks for the add beautiful!! id love to talk to you sometime...... hope to hear from you soon!!
play424: whatsup girl what are you doing up so late?
ubominalsnowman: you are gorgeous...omg
PoolBoy: get on yahoo
chitownsfinest13: thanks you got lots of niceones urself lol
Kingofthecourt: I want tish...she is "totally lovable" wink
hard2tame: i started the voting for that contest u entered.. Good luck, I hope u post more in the group smile
jonathandb: Just relaxin....Ready for the weekend to get here!
jonathandb: Hey stranger...Haven't talked to you in a while. What's up?
hard2tame: please join my group and get in the contests please smile
Ramiel76: much thanks for the yes grinlol
Ramiel76: very cute grinlol definately get a yes
s7e7v7e7n: may i have you for one night?smile
tacos4all: is there any way to further corrupt you?
massoud: smile
harley03: whats up cutie
quest78: Yes and are really reaally beautiful !!
HomieTim: You too baby. You got a man?
a74Krayzie: thanx 4 tha yes smile
antoniothatchulo: hey how are you? I just wanted to say you are very beautyful!!! I Love your smile!!
XFactor56: thanks for the yes! you are stunning!
PRESSURE: your are seriously really pretty and i dont even swing that way Lol.
CaliBlues79: Like you've ever been skipped. your beyond beautiful!
HoustonRican: hey u wanna talk on yahoo???
CharlestonArtboy: Still in the Top 10 after all this time...amazing! You deserve it, gorgeous. :-)
Franchize88: You're gorgeous! Wow....very beautiful!
Kingjr: Sexy...
oooplayanumber1ooo: oh i like that
oooplayanumber1ooo: how do i wake up next to you
Brokenbokken: very pretty smile
demigod: zomgosh!!
Ronyd: very cute
Schneids: wow you're beautiful! have a great evening smile
milos78: wowwwwwwww
dageneral: hey whats goin on how r u
justin7: you are a very beautiful woman
Dirtyguy33: sexc grr
thebigappel: just had to let u know your one of the most beautiful girls ive seen on here you have like this natural unique sexiness about thats really hard to explain
Kingofthecourt: when did you get a cam gorgeous? msn?
PoolBoy: Please
waxurss: damn it girl you are so beautiful.... so perfect from head to toe....
oughtabea: what a lil dime!!!! lol very pretty
waxurss: thanx you are beautiful yourself
Nasiello: if you've already been corrupted, wanna corrupt me too? wink
HollabackFL: Very hot pics! Thanx for the Yes, write me back if ya wanna chat
johnsons259: new pics look great
sweetxbabyxgirl: You're pretty. smile
Lanceisthaman: This Girl is amazing..
miss you baby
Mobbaffiliated: how can any guy look at you and not like what they see, unless there gay
nitsuj: sup good lookin
tae1986: you are so sexy wink
hardcoresweetie: Honestly... hun.. with your height and your looks... you should totally do some modelling on the side to help pay for school or for leisure spending...whatever, but I cant see how you wouldnt be very successful! Anyways, awesome major in school... hope yo
cantstoprockin420: How corrupted? smile
Mobbaffiliated: well so obviously it must have been fate for me to run into your profile... So what do i gotta do to be your friend...? Haha
HiGhRiSk: damn u beautiful shawty
HoustonRican: damn...u lookkin good!!!!!!!!
fUktHaT: sleep tight (L)
tacos4all: I love your elegance!
Nasiello: wow, well someone here is absolutely gorgeous =O
MaGiCalMisSy18: Stunning girl!
ill give you a yes... please comment my pics
ill return the favor... who knows we can add4add?!?!

capt1eye: You are a very beautiful and sexy girl! smile
FastFuriousRider: tiphat Just wanted to say thanks for the vote! Your very beautiful and nice page.. Have my vote as well! hug
HiGhRiSk: damn u beautiful shawty
fawkuredge: wow
Rockyohips69: thanks for the yes.
fUktHaT: hey hun!!! i just wanted to say that im still here grinlol i was just busy !!! grrr and now we have a winter storm so im gonna spend my day at home in the warm!
stam18: Thank you sooooooo for your YES beautyfull! You earned mine too smile How are you doing????
digitalcamguy: u are so hawtttttttttttt smile yummers smile hee hee
AznRunsAlot: thanks for the yes, cutie grinlol
PolishBagel: ha yea... words really cannot fully describe you.
fUktHaT: <3333333
paragon223: thank you for the add and the yes
PoWeRxHoUsE: thank you for the yes
guitarzan1143: thank you for the yes, you are absolutely stunning.
prankerking: Your Sexier! :P
os418: hey, you're banging
Dirtyangelboy: sexc mm
fUktHaT: *hugs* and *kisses* for the sweetest girl in the world grinlol
TyKing: sweetie, ur just so pretty... dam!
CreamerJay: your to die for! Jason
drknockboootzz: waaattup tish how u doin
ixplayxguitar: the hottest chick that gave me a yes
TyKing: wow, luv those big eyes hun.. how r ya miss? thanks for the yes!
goodtimesbigfun: You're adorable!!!! smile
ixplayxguitar: gorgeous
FlOrIdAbOi: hey whats up where u from?
CR25: very pretty face.. i love your dark eyes!
Maximilli0n: lookin good yourself.
BuRtOnSnOw: pretty :]
devildogjesster: Thank you sweetie. grinlol
zerf: wow, you are soo gorgeous, thanks a lot for the yes!
kipleshteint: thanks for the yes, you are absolutely beautiful smile
PinoyPartyBoy05: so just does someone from the Caribbean wind up in Kentucky?biggrin
pablo11: i like your screenname choice, thanks for the yes
NcScGuy05: a 3.91 in bio and chem? i think that's the most impressive thing i've seen on this site
slingwood: Thanks for the yes, you're a sweetie!!!
robxb: merci for the yes =]
RoughNeckF14: Thanks for the comment babe your pretty damn beautiful yourself,, actually i think i might be in love!!!LOL
DontMatter: hey beautiful how r u doin?
milos78: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiismile
AiNoKea: you are b-e-a-u-tiful!!!!!
Easy2Find: well thank you,how's your night
wahappen: Thanks for the yes, beautiful
jride24: thanks a lot for the yes. you look GREAT!
MaGiCalMisSy18: You are so pretty
lokojoe: You are an exotic beauty that deserves worldwide recognition!! You are very, very hot!!!
ItalianTXman4u: thanx for the add doll, holla atcha Italian man sometime, ttyl.
ryan7088: cutie =)
boilergolf: very pretty, got a yes from me
bigdaddy68: Very impressive profile...well educated..
BadeWaxter: wow, gorgeous! I'd love to chat sometime smile
jonathandb: wave2
alex131214: Hey we have the same Major, and i'm minoring in chem too.
Agnoeo: I don't often comment, but I had to take the time to just say you are very Beautiful!
dustmystar: totally awesome that you grew up in the Caribbean.. I would love to live in St. Martin
ariesguy: very welcome sweetie!!
Hardy22: thanks for the yes beautiful!!
mikeyman: thanks for the yes gorgeous
ariesguy: wow, very beautiful!!!
cbecks4: hey cutie! luv ur smile!
JoeB: thanks for the yes you damn fine lil thing!
JFede007: u want to make some conversation with me
izze: are u a UK fan?
TalibKweli: wow, ma'am you in that dress... I'm spechless
tribrad: I am a cutie?!?! well if thats true than your absolutely gorgeous...wanna know whats weird, the sexiest thing about you...haha your bio major wink haha i like smart girls ESPECIALLY when it comes to bio/biochem
jonathandb: You are the one that is too cute!
It's not even fair that a girl this pretty lives in the same city as me and I don't know her.nono
DewTheAce: gorgeous.
chinaski: thank you for the yes!hotstuff
collegeguy84: you are so damn gorgeous
xveignx: Thanks for the yes! smile
usafman: Hey gorgeous, thanks for the vote back. How are you doing?
sexywhitegangsta85: thanks for the yes i hope its ok that i sent you a friends request
Aarleegs: Wow!! Your eyes are amazing!! I could look at them all day =]
xoeurobaebe: Where in the Caribbean are you from? I could make a wild guess, but I don't want to be FAR off, lol.
DjPyro: U Look Fucking Gorgeous

Happy New Year
CrImsoNIdoL: You are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
milos78: buongiornosmilenot sleeping?
Necro99: You're so beautiful. You definitely got my yes. =D
champ72397: thanx for the yes, ur a cutie
GiovanniBoss1976: you're beautiful smile <3
drknockboootzz: hey gorgeous you have got the best smileheartthrob
NdwnVup: hey there sexy!! wats up?
JoeNycStyle: couple of things:

1- your face and eyes are to die for smile

2- mother nature called and she wants sexy back lol

ttomlin85: thanks for the yes you are very beautiful
i love your eyes and your smile
jonathandb: you should salute sweetie.
destrto: Thanks for the yes!! Youre really cute!!
PapaDill: im speechless, you are the most beautiful girl i've ever seen
PapaDill: wow, OMG i'm speechless. you are VERY beautiful if you ever want to talk feel free to message me or ask for my screennames. again you are absolutely GORGEOUS! hope to hear from you soon...xoxo

yesiam: I wanna lick every inch of your body, and eat your pussy until you cum all over me.
ballerdawg: your really pretty
SPE657: TY for the yes!!!!
siCkyle: you adorable!!!!
skorp2k3: wanna b my sexi lova?
themachine: hey beautiful mami
qarton: PRETTY.................
chilifreak88: corrupted? hehe smile
stradivari: Thank you very much for the add, very beautiful smile
BaseballIsLife24: WOW!! wink
LAYNFRAME: thanks for the yes.
Travdog5: Very Beautiful, anyways if you care to chat sometime hit me up on Msn Messenger at
Travis R. Phillips
yesiam: I'm jacking off right now to your pic! Thanks!
debbie6901: thanks for the yes cutie hope to chat with you soon MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!
MoshXCore: how how are you cutie
derailed: you're very, very sexy
drknockboootzz: so what kinda men do you likesmile
aaronjames: you are absolutly gorgeous!!!!!
barlow11: Merry Christmas beautiful
dolphins345499: Love at first site? haha I'm startin to believe
simsonseinfeld: thanks for the yes, gorgeous wink
curtythestudman: Hey Gorgeous! Thanks for the yes!!! Luv your smile!
Mitchell69: god damn !!
ChrisVibe6: Very hot smile
sargeftb: gorgeous and very smart thats amazing
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
davidbrandi05: You are stunning hotstuff Welcome to the site!
BobbyDick469: Your hott I can't think of any word to describe you other than incredible a definite yes
CharlestonArtboy: STUNNING. Absolutely beautiful! grinlol
westcott79dh: Beautiful...wink
sterlingsccr05: damn sexy!!! thanx for the yes!
lilbubba04: your perfect ...thanks for the vote!!!
SexAppeal12887: Such a beautiful lady!
caliguy6969: wow you sexi
B2kappie1: You can easily fall in love with Taureans born between 20 April and 29 April they are romantic at heart and tend to stimulate your own passion and need for love.

Any Taurus born between 30 April and 10 May will also be reasonably compatible. The pro
dolrshrt: 100% gorgeous. Absolutely love your eyes.... cant complain about anything else either.
WolfPack: I like the words of strength about the Bull....I take it that's your sign? On a slight side note, you are stunning. Just thought I'd share that with you. Hope you're having a great night!
megalynn8217: You're pretty. Gave you a yes. smile
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