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Profile for xFamouschickx (offline- last on: Feb 12, 14)
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Name Kelly
Age 23
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Illinois
City Not Given
About Me
I haven't been on this site in a very long time. So here is my update. I'm Kelly. I'm 23 years old. I am a single Mother to the most precious little girl. Currently in College becoming an RN. I'm a pretty determined person. I am very outdoorsy. I hate being cooped up inside. I'm quiet when you first meet me, but after that you can never shut me up. I've been through hell and back, and it has made me who I am today. I'm a really good hearted person. I put others before myself. I'm really layed back. I love to laugh and have fun. Unfortunately, this "about me" section cannot describe exactly who I am, Add me and get to know me. =)
My Apps
My Daughter
Bon fires
4 wheeling

Turn Ons
Guys, who are TRUSTWORTHY, RESPECTFUL, HONEST. Those 3 things are most important. Guys who can take care of them-self and not let them self go after i start dating them. Someone who loves to spend time with me, take me out, TREAT ME RIGHT. Guys that always find a way to keep a spark in the relationship.
Turn Offs
I'm not too picky really but, I dont like guys who are really needy and clingy, i like my space sometimes. I like when guys have independence. I never depend on a guy. Guys who are really immature and just act like a little kid all the time. I mean you need to have humor but if its out of hand, grow up. I also hate - - Whores. Attention Freaks. Two-faced people PPL WH0 TALK TYPE LiKE DiS Self-centered people. People who friend request me and dont even rate me.
Ally [Zabzilka] I loveee herr!!! <33 Blair [Sugartootz34] nn i love herr too!!! =)
Favorite Things
TV Show Real World, Gossip Girl, The Hills, The City, Family Guy
Movies The Notebook, Grandma's Boy, A Walk To Remember
Music I like everything.
Book Dont read that much..

There comes a time in your life where you have to let go of the pointless drama && the people who create it && surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget about the bad and focus solely on the good ;; After all life is too short to be anything but happy.
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ripoutmyheart: Hey there! smile
sugartootz34: MISSSSS YOU!
brianb89: So gorgeous
demigod: Hiiii smile
BillyJ2005: You are very beautiful, what a nice smile smile
Dango: U OWN smile)))))
Nasiello: if you're famous can I have your autograph? grinlol I promise I won't ebay it for at least 2 years.
Nasiello: you have the cutest smile
blazedinak: sssssooooooooooo sexy
enderkensenbender: wanna see the main vein in my schlong?
curtythestudman: Im good, Living life to the fullest. Add me if you'd like to talk. addys on my page.
Thanks hope u have a good day beautiful!
smblkcj7: so very beautiful
curtythestudman: Hey! hows it goin?
enderkensenbender: i get messages from ghengis sometimes...jealous?
Brendan87: You're a beautiful girl!
ManOfSteel4105: Illinois love! :]
sharkmaninohio: dam , you are one amazing lady , any man would be lucky to have you
drknockboootzz: ur eyes r a pretty blue smile
TommyChs06: Thanks for the add- Very cute btw.
enderkensenbender: asshole lol
ZigxZagxZach: hey you!!!
kenny81: you're ridiculously cute! :P
XxRedDragoNxX: you're gorg, just sayin smile
davidSPITTLE: Check messages
davidSPITTLE: I can't send you messages :(
davidSPITTLE: [color=#0000CC][/color]

Drago44: more than welcome babeh..
Parker87: your sexy girl...hit me up
dan182: hey i love your hair
davidbrandi05: You are very beautiful smile
sugartootz34: I love you. I love you. I love you.

oh and incase you were wondering...I love you.
RXBandit: It was my pleasure sweetie! It was the least I can do for a fellow Illinois resident! Thanks for the add.
JDubbs33: yeah for sure, where should I send it, I don't like putting it up on wyht, for everyone to see.
JDubbs33: Hey I made you a sign, did u wanna see it?
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me! do you have msn?
curtisblow: il make u famous
bamaboi82: cute
sugartootz34: Silly girl. Im excited to know youll be close to me =]
JDubbs33: Oh also, would you mind if i get one of your messenger names, cuz im thinking about deleting my wyht as well.
JDubbs33: Dont you love this cold weather were having in illinois?
Takeover: Thanks for the YES =D
JDubbs33: i would have to agree, you are very beautiful...:-)
freeze31688: HEYYY whats your aim yahoo and msn so we can chat?
ACsore: Hope yer doin good n everything:]] even though u probably hate my guts
deadaim02: damn u r gorgeous wow
svendust99: hey there! I hope u had a good holiday : )
circa123: ILY!!
Rec: Hey there. You're really pretty. Nice profile too! smile
suffocate24: yeah I usually use yahoo thoughs
suffocate24: ha as fun as a boring day can be I guess :P
suffocate24: same just sitting around killing the time
suffocate24: hows it going?
suffocate24: hey there you :P
shawn1981: you got my yes i wouldnt have thought you were fake
automech7053: hey! Whats your MSN or yahoo? smile
shaggy72401: hey whats up
model: Awwww....

Chaddy Chad
sugartootz34: This really sexy girl I know is sorta in the top 10...I wonder who that might be.
cod4makesmeswear: no problem smile
circa123: smile
curtythestudman: Aww well I would have put money on it, cuz i surely dropped just seeing your pic, I bet your a million times better in person too.... Im good just got up about hr ago... getting ready for the long nite at work, im soo not ready. how about you? do you work
curtythestudman: Wow didnt expect a yes from the 8th wonder of the world, How are you Gorgeous? btw you have a killer smile, i bet the guys drop like flys for ya.
xJobey: wave
model: Thank you...I will add ya. Ha Ha Ha Happy Thanksgiving!

Chaddy Chad
model: Good morning! Thank you for the yes. You are adorable! What's your MSN or Yahoo Im so we can chat...

Have a ROCKIN' day!

Chaddy Chad
model: Good morning! Thank you for the yes. You are adorable! What's your MSN or Yahoo Im so we can chat...

Have a ROCKIN' day!

Chaddy Chad
sugartootz34: I miss you ♥
MrNobody: why cant i message u?
GANJAGUY420: Pretty bored u got msn,yahoo,aimgrinlol?
bdawg30301: isnt she ugly?
GANJAGUY420: Right on im from the IL to grinlol
ryetoast5: glistening eyes..they gorgeous
tonyyoung: I'm doing good, just kind of bored too. You should add me on yahoo or msn. Or give me your sn's so I can add you lol
tonyyoung: you're welcome. how are you doing today?
circa123: yuup...Lokoboy84
hotguy6687: just added u on there
circa123: hey Kelly! I dunno dude...i miss you!!
hotguy6687: are u on both of those?
hotguy6687: can i get yahoo and msn?
hotguy6687: your welcome hun....why thank you....i have all three...
hotguy6687: awww i'm sry... i hope you get better.
hotguy6687: i'm good bout yourself?
armpittis: no i only got msn
armpittis: im good just doin somehomework bein bored how r u
sugartootz34: Miss you babygirl
nikkiluv69: hey hun youa re super gorgeous how are you doing? would you wanna chat? do you have aim i do if you wanna chat there
ca86: very pretty
Markzilla: thanks for the yes =]
tDUB2486: hottie
gh7mysterio: definitely hot and cute!
l0stang3l: fucking hot
pigwigstud: hey gorgeous!!! you are the sweeetest prettiest girl ever!!!! u rock hunsmile
singleservingfriend7: whats good sweetheart, hit me up on msn
automech7053: Thanks for the add btw wink
automech7053: Hey babe! How are you? Talk on MSN much? smile
sergeantcracker: *waves* hiya...happy friday
bear23232000: wuts your msn
xRyan87x: Hey sup?
BlackSpider: Ty Kelly smile heartthrob
ssaugagoalie: hey sexy. thanks for the rate.
redfinzz: ...ur CUTE!!!
Dmac1135: beautiful!smile
boilergolf: thanks for the add
BTownSwimmer: im bored whats up?
Ttomlin07: baby you can have me smile xoxo
ca86: Very pretty
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a sweet very beautiful lady Kelly smile
kingfisher420: ty for the add
MagicalMISSY18: y thanks. i like urs too! smile
MagicalMISSY18: You're sooOoo pretty...I'm sure you get that all the time
Lets Be Friends....?!!!?? Rated yes so return it babez
kingfisher420: wow, you are beautiful.
collegeguy84: you are so gorgeous
ashtonville: kelly. seriously im bored if you can tell can i add you on msn please?
if not dont worry about it, there are plenty of pervs here
ashtonville: haha im sorry im just terribly wasted and you looked cute. well your already know how that ended up.

anyway if i havent scared you off with my first comment. i think the second one has done it!
ashtonville: aww your so cute!
your like a puppy. but without all the hair and well all other puppy traits!
haha x
BTownSwimmer: Yea my AIM. Aceofspadesxxo
BTownSwimmer: Nothing it seems plans got I'm just sitting here.
BTownSwimmer: So what are you up to today?
BTownSwimmer: Hey whats up..would love to talk to you sometime smile
JonnyBoy235: lets be famous together!!
Mandos: wow you are very gorgeous
DutchMasta420: hey gorgeous, how r ya?
usillybitch: qt
xspeedrcrx: you're very welcome!!! oh im just sitting at work.. what are you up to? do you have aim or yahoo?
derailed: you're very sexy
MaGicaLMiSSy18: your very pretty
JonnyBoy235: how are you doin gorgeous??
R2Nugga57: You, miss, are damn sexy. =]
WAwakeboarder: very cute
funkyb20: wow ur sexy
sh3sg0ne: welcome 2 wyht gorgeous* hot pic an beautiful eyes
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