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Name Not Given
Age 30
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Texas
City from TX but stationed in Germany
About Me
i dont ever use bang bucks...want'em?

anyways, i never know wut to put in these stoopid things so if you really wanna know something just send me a message. u can see wut i look like from the pix...i have a few more but you gotta be really NICE to see'em hahaha. im am in the military so i move around a bit.
My Apps
im down for just about anything, whether its sitt'n back and watch'n movies (which i do alot of), head'n to the bar for a few drinks (which i dont do a whole lot of anymore hahahah), hang'n out w/ my boys from work, or just cruise'n around check'n out differents spots in the country im currently residing in.
Turn Ons
not too picky...different things get me worked up. i def. love a girl w/ a tattoos. piercings are a plus aswell. somebody who's not afraid to be themselves..........theres more so just ask, i dont feel like finishing this hahahahhaha
Turn Offs
being the center of attention EVERYWHERE they go..i hate that crap!
girls who look like skeletons
Knock Knock..
Whos there?
Favorite Things
TV Show 80's Cartoons all the way!!
The Office
Movies Transformers (original and the newer)
Boondock Saints
Old School
Donnie Darko
Stand By Me
Toy Story

im a total movieholic so i could go on and on w/ this section so ill just stop right there.....
Music August Burns Red
As I Lay Dying
Haste The Day
All That Remains
Slim Thug
Without Tomorrow
Bullet For My Valentine
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Notorious B.I.G.
Thousand Foot Krutch
Fallout Boy
Dry Kill Logic
30 Seconds To Mars
3 6 Mafia
Linkin Park
Finger Eleven
Swisha House

Notice theres no country....
Book dont really read as much as i should
Quote "Honey? You think KFC's still open?" Old School

"You NEVER fuck on a winning streak!" Bull Durham

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gertrudehot09: hey sweetie! wanna chat sometimes? u look good on that that ok if u add me to your messenger? sexygertrude09 or my msn > gertrudehot09@hotmail.c
om hope to hear you soon! thanks...
SugarCunt: isnt that what the point of this site is? (:
degeboilunor: hi how are u doing? wanna chat? lol.. cause its boring here at my crib, i have nothing to do.. can we chat? btw here is my addy,
. hope to see u
michielicious4u: hi how are u? nice pic.
u got a nice appeal.. :P
btw im so bored now.. would u mind
if i ask u to chat? if u dont mind
here is my addy.. michielicious4u and my msn is
thats my screen name on yahoo and msn..
seeya there.
thebiggesteast: Cutie pie!
MzGorgeous: Thank you.
ashley2008: Your welcome hottie = )
suburbangangsta: me too... and I don't want to get dressed
suburbangangsta: ugh lazy you come here..
suburbangangsta: yeah... i really don't want to
suburbangangsta: I'm about to go to bed... I'm wiped out
suburbangangsta: Not a probllem how you doing?
suburbangangsta: Not a probllem how you doing?
monay69: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
babysgotblues: why thank you
puritaniaxox: Your areee prettysexii :P
LylMiSsy89: thank youu smile
tamralynn: nothin waiting for my friends to arrive so we can go out
tamralynn: hey hey hey
atxnyatx: no problemo grinlol hows it going
monay69: hi! whats up?
nice pic
if u have time to chat, just add me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
moco0822: No problem wink
B0MBshellx0x0: you're a looker too grinlol
jules06ann: wow, very hot!
Motherof2: So your in Korea wow! how long have you been in the Army?Well I would like to chat more so feel free to anytime!
Motherof2: Thats Definatly not a bad thing!!
Motherof2: Oh I so wish that I was!
Motherof2: Thats a big fat yes for me!! VERY SEXY!Thank you for the yes as well!!
liz2004: your welcome handsome.
thanks for the yes
plus the add smile
your looking really good in your pictures.
PeaceLove31: just got off work lol... tired you?
PeaceLove31: just got off work lol... tired you?
PeaceLove31: sup yo lol
brittbeibyxo: >.< lol
hows you?
PeaceLove31: np lol =] u military?
badassbytch1: thanks hun GO LONGHORNS!!! theyre my fav college football team (next to u of m of course)
badassbytch1: thanks hun GO LONGHORNS!!! theyre my fav college football team (next to u of m of course)
xxalleycatxx: thank you
ShesLethal: thanks again hun
Desireeisnaughty: =]
Katrell: haha
well, im glad you like it
thats about all i can say. lol
Katrell: my god what? lol
sexylizzie30: no i don't mind wink
NYzLiLMaMa: thanx =]
SexiiNSingle: your welcome babe
KJ27: Your welcome, thank you smile
xOxNessa06: Thank You! :]]
bitemefool: o my.... haven't read ur vote yet but i dont really care...i could always rape ur ass,,,actually im kinda good at that lol
Longhorn769: hahahah understandable
yaperstar: ohhh shh lol. i'm just trying to be a good daughter lol.
yaperstar: exactly. well i came home for thanksgiving. i go to school in indiana but i came home to michigan to see my mom.
yaperstar: haha yuuup. family holidays kinda blow.
yaperstar: thats cool, just hanging out trying to avoid the family. haha.
how was your thanksgiving.
yaperstar: hey hottie, whats going on?
cherryfloatlol2: thanks
SouthernGirl918: thank you!!!
TheOtherSitesAreDown: There's no crying in wyht. Oh wait.
RRaceGirl: mmm hot boy the things i would do to u! cumm get me
xOctobersHurtx: haha i love alf smile
distraction: thank you
toxiicbarbiedawl: i try wink
ch3vygurlsr0ck: cute!
DMIgirl143: thanks for the comment...not to bad yourself!
Thatswhatyouthink22: umm if it makes you feel any better you busted me too lol
Thatswhatyouthink22: So do yours hahahaha lol
Thatswhatyouthink22: hahaha I'll never tell nana lol
Deelici0us: Lol thank you honey, much appreciated. :p
jts: for some reason it wont let me vote u back right now i will try again later tho!
ShesLethal: thank u sexy
kystah: Luv the sunnies hunny! wink
kinkybiatch000: Thanks smile
angeleyes4200: thank you wink
Barbalicious: thanks for the comments
OxSoKiSsAbLeOx: so do you have aim?
OxSoKiSsAbLeOx: aww thanks. not so bad yourself
CrypticWays: well thank you handsome smile likewise. thanks for the yes wink
imjustangela: you are a very sexy man wink
Danielle0702: YOU ARE VERY SEXY!! smile
tara805: Hahahaha well same here dear!
NikkiStarlight: thank u for the YES
uncgirl: thank you
lakken1020: hehe awww well thank you sexy
lakken1020: =D wut u starin for
shippgirl8: you're cuuute yourself!
shybutsweet: your cute you totally got my yes
tahesianfox55: lol smile
tahesianfox55: aw thankx cutie pie smile
armyangel: !!!H@WT!!!
kace1121: oh ic u wouldnt think that they would b mean bout it tho cuz ur the ones who make the damn jets work better so i dont c why they would problem smile
mizzArroyo: well my god your pretty effing hot your self
kace1121: oh that sucks why they treat u like crap?? dont mean to change the subject but u have nice pics grinlol
kace1121: oh thats awesome
kace1121: oh we all know work sucks. what do u do like whats ur job
kace1121: nothing much just got done swimming thinkin bout goin again....what are u up to
kace1121: grinlol grinlol
kace1121: thats good hehe
kace1121: YUMMY grinlol
PerfectEyez: I have no idea, when i figure it out, ill let ya know. hehe
PerfectEyez: Anytime u want one, ill be more than willing to help ya out. ;-)
PerfectEyez: Ty very much babe.
bebexjekka: thanks !
Carly12: thank you XD
biitchkid: anyytimme. ;]
biitchkid: awhh thanks you.. yer hot yourself.
CoUNTerfeit: thanks! smile
NAUGHTYBITCH4007: Rate me bak???
please qt!!!
Alysha69: lol... : ) no big deal lol
lillianrose17: Haha thanks! Damn! to you too :P
beautifulbrit: haha welll thank you
beautifulbrit: hmm?
bkrys84: =) thanks cutie!
hsuballerjpprj: thanks for the comment

you should hit me up on aim
bkrys84: Thanks for the compliment =)
Loreli: why thank you =]
uhhuh05: thank you sexy. you are totally gorgeous.. one of the hottest guys ive seen on here.
lilkinkyymaura: haha thankss ur cute too
carolinababy2002: haha ok ok ok wink
carolinababy2002: ok... im lost....
Neva4getdisperson: thanks! =]
naughty2006princess: thanks wanna add 4 add sexy
toxiicbarbiedawl: haha
texxas: ty hottie ureself
SweetSexyMaillady: Damn cute yourself!! ;-)
bbrashxhopeful: aw thank you handsome :]
AshleyAnnxoxo: your very welcome! wink
krazygirl: ty sir smile
kln21: ur a cutie!!
HHanes07: ur pretty sexy
laura53: nah its all good stare away i dont mind if you do it hell it would be nice
Sloppykisses69: well ... the way i see it, all yankees fans are assholes, and ... wow! would you look at that
Sloppykisses69: you must be a yankees fan, all that nastiness ... hahahaha, dont be mad, alot of people are from texas, they all feel ur pain
Sloppykisses69: jealousy? of what? hahahah, dont make me laugh, please, i hurt already, lol
Sloppykisses69: Thats ok, u arent used to girls with game like mine ... pussies :-D
Sloppykisses69: Haha, u like that right? pretty fuckin slick, lol
lilyanna: thanks for the yes
AmaroDolce: Pretty handsome
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