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Name Not Given
Age 31
Webcam? yes
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Texas
City from TX but stationed in Germany
About Me
i dont ever use bang bucks...want'em?

anyways, i never know wut to put in these stoopid things so if you really wanna know something just send me a message. u can see wut i look like from the pix...i have a few more but you gotta be really NICE to see'em hahaha. im am in the military so i move around a bit.
My Apps
im down for just about anything, whether its sitt'n back and watch'n movies (which i do alot of), head'n to the bar for a few drinks (which i dont do a whole lot of anymore hahahah), hang'n out w/ my boys from work, or just cruise'n around check'n out differents spots in the country im currently residing in.
Turn Ons
not too picky...different things get me worked up. i def. love a girl w/ a tattoos. piercings are a plus aswell. somebody who's not afraid to be themselves..........theres more so just ask, i dont feel like finishing this hahahahhaha
Turn Offs
being the center of attention EVERYWHERE they go..i hate that crap!
girls who look like skeletons
Knock Knock..
Whos there?
Favorite Things
TV Show 80's Cartoons all the way!!
The Office
Movies Transformers (original and the newer)
Boondock Saints
Old School
Donnie Darko
Stand By Me
Toy Story

im a total movieholic so i could go on and on w/ this section so ill just stop right there.....
Music August Burns Red
As I Lay Dying
Haste The Day
All That Remains
Slim Thug
Without Tomorrow
Bullet For My Valentine
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Notorious B.I.G.
Thousand Foot Krutch
Fallout Boy
Dry Kill Logic
30 Seconds To Mars
3 6 Mafia
Linkin Park
Finger Eleven
Swisha House

Notice theres no country....
Book dont really read as much as i should
Quote "Honey? You think KFC's still open?" Old School

"You NEVER fuck on a winning streak!" Bull Durham

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