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Profile for VolcomStones17 (offline- last on: Jan 16, 14)
Rating (go rate me)
Name D
Age 28
Webcam? no
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Not Given
City Send Me Bang Bucks for add
About Me
If you want to be added you must send me a message and have something nice to say. You will also have to send me bang bucks. Why?? Because I said so.

Send me some credits so I can gift. Thanks.

So here's a little bit about me.....

*My name is, Darlene.
*I love music.....
*I'm laid back and easy to get along with
*I HATE drama.....a lot.
*I cannot hold a grudge.
*I twirl my hair around my finger when i'm tired or bored...
*I'm not a very confident person at all...
*I <3 rainy days
*road trips are the best.
*Winnie the pooh makes me smile
*I can get along with just about long as you're not a jerk or a bitch...I will let you know if you are too.
*I love rings and braceltes
*underground bands make some of the best music.
*juice boxes are a grrreat invention.

Anything else you wanna know about me...just ask!

Also, I don't give anyone a "no", I either give a "yes" or I just skip! I will only give you a no if you seem like a yeah that will be your hint

My Apps
*I love sports.
*I love outdoor activities.
*I am very active and I love to be out and about.
*Shopping is the greatest thing in the world also.
*I also love to play softball and volleyball.
*I love football.
*I love Elvis!!!
*Clue is the best board game ever.
Turn Ons
*Hot Bodies
*Funny people
*Clean people
*Likes to have a good time
Turn Offs
*Dirty un-clean cretins. Most of the guys i've met so far.
*Kelly - The 100% most amazing person on the planet.

*Ashley - The greatest girl i've met in forever. She is an amazing person and everyone would be lucky to know her.

*Roxy - The bestest person I could ever you girl.

Favorite Things
TV Show *Greys Anatomy
*American Gladiators
*The Simpsons
*WWE wrestling
*Eli Stone
*Dancing With The Stars
Movies *Love the Pirates of the Carribean. Johnny Depp is so dreamy.
I also like Will Ferrell movies.
*Old School
*night at the roxbury

Umm, There are tons more just ask.
Music *All kinds.
*simple plan
*I just love Daughtry. He is so hot.
*3 doors down
*Maroon 5
Book The dictionary is a handy book to have around.
The thesaurus is another good one too.
Quote lmao @ enthusiasm and dedication! that's a polite way to say I'm being a perverted creep! ~Canadiancurt

D: rrriiiggghhhttt .... i bet you have peen in hand already
curt: always
curt: as soon as I started chatting with you
D: sure to wash
curt: my peen actually is antibacterial
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MSN ##Must be a Member to View##
ICQ ##Must be a Member to View##
Yahoo ##Must be a Member to View##
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armymedic022377: Hey beautiful how are you
bigkat270: You are a striking beauty! WOW!!!!!
lauxyonthecouchy: Hey smile message me?
BrandoMonium: Hey whats up? How are you? smile
Hazey: so sexy
babemagnet: beautiful AND sexy
tommyjohn99: you are def get my yes if you will rate me...but rate me honest though
babemagnet: heyy cutie
SweetLew: !!! hi smile
fergal: helloooo
fergal: hellllo
manoucho: <3 from a french guy who's waiting for you wink
BrandoMonium: Hey.... your pics look great. I sent you some more bbs again but still never got an add :( lol
tommyjohn99: you are very pretty.
tommyjohn99: will you rate my pic please
babemagnet: very cute
TwinTurboed: YO!
ca86: Very pretty.
CanadianCurt: omigosh! wave
angelbody: hi How are you?
QueenofCarrotFlowers: <3
QueenofCarrotFlowers: <3
imXsoXugly: very sexy!
tooinnocent4you: you are going to have to send me bbs to get added
lovethepuff: cock stiffening natural
Bozzniac: hey sexy... whats up? long time no talk smile i didnt even know this site existed still
brock23: ur very CUTE
add me to ur list
puntteam2002: you're right. juice boxes are great
Numark: iLike
agent1: hey beautiful smile got my yes & my bb smile
add me pls
agent1: hey beautiful smile got my yes & my bb smile
add me pls
Nasiello: holy shit, I haven't talked to you in forever. how have you been?
LETSgoWHITEY: hey whats up?
shener18: lookin so sexy babe (:
optimusfyne: hi hi honey! just dropping by to say hi. hope you have a great weekend grinlol
PAguy: heyy sexy butt how are you thismorning?
WelcomehoME11: What's up? Long time no talk...I just remembered that you still "own" me on here lol
PAguy: hey is one of my pics of you?
optimusfyne: Heyagrinlol How're you doing?
PAguy: hey you interested in a naughty sign for you?
optimusfyne: wwe wrestling? ugh, really? just teasing hun haha grinlol so how are things going hmm?
Deaner17: You are super cute babe! Your eyes are to die for. I could stare into them for days! Hit me back. Lets chat?
giterdone2: Hey there beautiful so how many credits would be worth an add and I'd like to chat sumtime if your interested
RandomDad: hey hottie
lollysuckingirl: always top 10, proud of you girlie!
recklessabandon84: Gorgeous
Eric420: hey beautiful whats good
ScoBu5: DAMN, What's up Beautiful? I'd definitely hit that, again and again!
mortuus: You know me. You know me all too well.
Chuck8303: Hey, bored on wyht? try out the forums.
Scamwow: hey cutie whats up?
mattdevils: fuck bangbucks and fuck you smile
recklessabandon84: Beautiful
Mandos: Hey there. You are absolutely beautiful smile
Eric420: hey beautiful how r u ?
Matts01ES: Def a yes
sydneyguy1982: WOW you look amazing Darlene smile
makeUwannaBnaughty: sexxxy
smblkcj7: your very pretty
brianb89: those are some amazing lips
lollysuckingirl: Congrats BB on top 1
Irocmysnowboard: adorable kissy face... yes yes yes yessssss
Deaner17: PERFECT... That is only the real way to describe you. Absolutely amazing. I dont know if i could stop staring into those eyes long enough to be able to pay attention to that beautiful smile!
FireGuy66211: Hey, how are you!
TheBaddestBitchh: D make me a sign love, and I'll make you one back <3
Goody317: ur friend ashley looks whoaaaaaaaaa
LordAwesome: I forgot all about juice boxes! I need to go get some!
EnchtedKiwi: I am good yaself?
beautifulgirl: i sent ya my aim... did you get it?
Willndowed: Hey there gorgeous how are you doing today?
gotillskills: Thanks for the add. Would u mind commenting on some of my photos, and ill return the favor?
CanadianCurt: <333
Tulsadude84: sexy grr
jevannlov: what have you been up to lately gorgeous?
CanadianCurt: wave
CanadianCurt: hug
Nasiello: hello here smile
CanadianCurt: heart choo! smile
beautifulgirl: you are pretty!!
Nightfall: hey there, how's it goin? got aim,yahoo, or msn? smile
TwinTurboed: how did you get so pretty, can you give me some tips
Imtonice11: youre just too hott wink
Nasiello: hm, I swear we've talked before... you look really familiar.
seduceme316: another girl that likes WWE!!! WOOOO you're beautiful too!
Jasonc12379: happy thanksgiving smile
suthernqtpie: Miss u girl!!
IM4U2TEASE: how are you today darlene?
TK85: Hey miss, Very hot and pretty. Love the profile!!!
CalebsMama127: Thank you
AdventWrath: sexyness
nic333: u r so beautiful
YouAreDumbY: get better soon!
JJizzle48: very sexy
PAguy: heyyy hows it hangin stranger?
baseballfreak30: HOT!!
MarlonMonroe: what can i do to make you fall in love with me? or is that just impossible from a physical standpoint?
xlovelyduckx: but not nearly as sexy as you.
Eric420: whats good sexy
pledgeleadsinger: hey want to chat?
mizzArroyo: sorry i thought i left my sn for you.. its rubberduck978
CanadianCurt: moon
amplify: why would i be upset! you are as well! i remember you from a lonnnnnnnng time ago! my old old username is creampuff007, idk if you remember it.
Nikky4Babii: im signing out rite now cuz i gotta be somewhere. but i mite get back on latur nd talk wit u
Nikky4Babii: umm..i have yahoo but im bout to leave.
Nikky4Babii: aw thankx for the comment(: yur gorgeous!
btownprincess69: thanks girl! that pic was like 6 years ago!! aha
jonnyeo: id love to be a friend of yours hun!....doesnt say how much for an add but you got the yes!
ShannaBoo: Well thanks you too smile!
ShannaBoo: Thanks! Not sure you ment the girl in the pic(me) or not smile but either way thanks aha
milfornot: autumn.jenson on yahoo
milfornot: Fraternal. They are the cutest!!!
milfornot: They are twins!
milfornot: 4 and 4, twins!
drdeath: Eww.
crzybtch69: thanks sweetie!
Loochie: sure if you want to
Loochie: sure if you want to
ForTheLoveOfGonzo: I am now!
Loochie: I sure do!!
ForTheLoveOfGonzo: E-mailed. Subject is AIM
volcomsurfer111: Hey, i like your name!!!!!!!
Dixiesweetheart88: Thanks girl for the pic comment ur sooooo pretty! Dont take this the wrong way at all but ur face is kinda simliar to Bella! BEAUTIFUL! lol
ForTheLoveOfGonzo: Definitely! I just don't know how you want to do the screen name exchange. Haha.
ForTheLoveOfGonzo: Aw, thank you! I have a thing for the 1930's and artsy crap. =)
chantelle1987: hey! is my msn. talk soon smile
amazemee: mhmm.

.. yodudeexx
amazemee: hey there! Thanks for the picture comment smile .. you're way pretty!!
xlovelyduckx: thanks hun, and i do.. my myspace link is on my profile.
ChrisM3: hey darlenewave
agannon9310: Missed you too. Why cant we message here anymore?
agannon9310: Hey missed ya too. Why can't we message here no more?
YouAreDumbY: happy late birthday!
YouAreDumbY: happy late birthday!
LevisGuy569: !muy belleza!
uwishyoucouldhaveme: you are so pretty
JesseZ: Thank you. So do you smile
PrettyBritty: Thank you very much!! Although I think you have me blown away.
Ad0rableMaXi88: nope i can't send any, it just keeps logging me out!
acynic: you're gorgeous!
acynic: you're gorgeous. loved your profile
shamrockin: you still look as hott as ever, babe!
CptAwesome22: You're freakinnggg beautiful =) Plus underground bands ARE the best. Any good ones you've been into lately? Plus... I'd totally pay you e-moniez to be your friend! So... you should just name the price!
CptAwesome22: I was going to try to think of something clever to say to try and make you think I was cool. But I'm unfortunately uncreative haha. However... You're freaking hot? I'd totally give you e-moniez for an add!
KaTiEhEaRtS: hey girl u have yahoo or msn?
palax919: hello beautiful! how are you?
uwishyoucouldhaveme: your sooooo beautiful
kenny81: hey good lookin!
xVballer17x: haha thanks (:
your gorgeous!!
Westicles: music = agreed
Nasiello: i swear we used to talk =O
sofastSTI: wow....very beautiful!
sofastSTI: wow....very beautiful!
snow052480: you are gorgeous!
Zargo1z: sexy
dirrtybaby: Congrats on making top ten girl smile
BobbyDick469: Your hott I can't think of any word to describe you other than incredible a definite yes
kenny81: hi, you're really gorgeous, i hope you are having a great weekend smile
Hazey: you have gorgeous eyes
sparkee49464: u r a cuty..may i get an add???i dont get bb sorry..
Glissenz: You would love Indiana on my days off if you love rainy days, Winnie the Pooh also makes me smile, Elvis was the king (and the prince, I loved him too) you are beautiful, and THANK YOU. smile
SunshineMania1986: frown
SunshineMania1986: Do you not want to talk anymore?
PAguy: hey howve you been? long time no see :P
arrogantbastard: You're amazingly beautiful!!
Kensei: you're very pretty
u22001: Sexy
kiwiboi1976: BB are over rated ... where is the love
kiwiboi1976: BB are over rated ... where is the love
kiwiboi1976: BB are over rated ... where is the love
Acestevenson: fucking sexy!
tru4youjrock: veri sexi mwah
WelcomehoME11: What's up?
daverulz22: happy birthday!
Adam222: Hey what's just thought i'd see what you were up too bored
Don3Ski3s: Volcom is the shit grinlol
SteveO27: very cute
dan182: hey i like your eyes
ICE05: my god you have such a sexy look gurl.. wow
boricualex: i am hotter than gilles and can dance better than him too
boricualex: who do you want to win this season of dancing with the stars? are you a gilles marini fan?
debbie28: SEND IT TO YOU...

notahunk: pretty definite yes
lokojoe: Your looks can seduce even the most stubborn of men! You are hot!
demigod: sexys
MILFCollector: any time. my pleasure
MILFCollector: gorgeous
rchkd1: your flawless!!!!
Henrikku: Hello cutie!
boredmatt: happy birthday for 3 weeks time smile pretty pic x
trav279: heyy there.
xSnowboardeRxo: you're very pretty
xSnowboardeRxo: you're looking very pretty
taz33: hmm, sexy skater chic
Deltagamma20111: yuck.
ufhottboy: hey whats up babe
hat1nn1cwhy: thanks for the yes that was nice of u
kenny81: you have amazing eyes
XxBlueEyedSuicidexX: do you use your bb's? ive got them, and i dont use them. want em?
REC: Damn you look really pretty! My name is Ryan, nice to meet you!
hillbillymeg: good, and yourself?
WelcomehoME11: What's up? How have you been?
xxjaninexx: thank you smile
debbie28: yw im good and you
debbie28: __________, .-'Y _^-, <-----------THIS PERSON Thinks ur
LionsFan10: oh wow you are super attractive!! def a yes from me!
MrNobody: hey hunny, sayen hi to the cutest girl on wyht! smile
wondersofthc: Hey whats ur aim or yahoo
CanadianCurt: hug
TheDevilsDemon: got my yes
eMByson: hawt.
IrishHoney15: heyyy!
thanks for the add. =]
what's up?
xcheer4kellyx: i have just been busy with school and work
i missed you too
gomo: hey sexy its been a long time i havent see u on messengeR... do u have change?
xcheer4kellyx: i am good u?
xcheer4kellyx: i am good u?
xcheer4kellyx: hey
RoXyByTCh19: DAR!!! I MISS YOU!!!!
CanadianCurt: moon
MrNobody: lol u should come to chicago.... im single and well lol ya, use ur imagination lol wink
CanadianCurt: well hey there cutie! what's new?
MrNobody: i should be higher on ur profile like 1st lol.
MrNobody: lol i never whip u anymore lol awww poor baby lol u goen to survive lol.
MrNobody: lol were still fuked up lol she wont prove shes real... same old story.
MrNobody: well i would be with ya but im still on and off or w.e with chelsea lol. were on a break but still together, its weird, but ya i asked her why she broke up with you, she said u stoped commen on. i know shes looken now, so she might want ya back.
MrNobody: lol i dont mean to get an attitude, its just i wanna talk to ya lol ur a kool friend and i feel liek i never get ur time or attention.redface
MrNobody: am i on the damn pay no mind list now? lol talk to me.
MrNobody: i thought u died lol where have you ben!??
RoxyBytch19: i've been living with my now current ex but I'm back home now so expect me more!! grinlol
RoxyBytch19: i've been living with my now current ex but I'm back home now so expect me more!! grinlol
MrNobody: d thinks i'm sexy, you know who i know, lol she made an album of my sexyness lol! smile your awesome D!
MrNobody: u should know by now im a very impatient person lol its ben like a year.... lol get on or imma go do something else.
MrNobody: well i gotta lot of im on yahoo. and imma wait for YOU thats right, take a picture, imma wait for you.... so take advantage of it before the offer is gone.
MrNobody: lol wow u got attitude lol smile
MrNobody: grrr you tell me when you wanna talk then lol cuz everytime your on here i get on yahoo and your never on. Now im goen to get my drink on and my tan on.... drive 5 hours and you can join me. lol wink
RoxyBytch19: Roxy Is Back In Person Babii ... Missed You My Sexy Owner!!
MrNobody: and you know what else.... give me your number, im sick of waiten till ur online, i wanna text ya and call ya and shyt.
MrNobody: u get your signs tonight,i'm maken um now with all my other pix and stuff for contests, should i check my e-mail? did i get something?
xJeNJeNzx: how are you today? =)
MrNobody: im on now so ur the one thats never on.
xJeNJeNzx: Hiiiiiiii smile
MrNobody: we need to talk more.
dan182: hey cutie i love your hair i just wanna hug and tickle u
MrNobody: hey get on yahoo plz.
gomo: i remember some of ur old dirty pics.... why dont u are sexy anymore ? :(
MrNobody: get on yahoo baby girl D lol
ZummiBear: thanks for bidding on me smile
hendrix8811: You are gorgeous, and I totally agree with you about underground bands
sweetshaun: you are just adorable!
cockybalboa2: You have a beautiful smile smile
lisabelly: your very pretty
MrNobody: so why dont ya talk to me anymore?
AnGelfire2: ya i was forgotten, oh well
MrNobody: lol r u goen to talk to me woman? lol were sl's and ur not talken to me lol.
Tomdrury: not much basically really bored.
Tomdrury: whats up gorgoeus
MrNobody: lol how was i a jerk face darlene?
AnGelfire2: sup bby
AnGelfire2: betch
MrNobody: i know this girl and shes really sexy but thats just the outside. shes so smart and amazing and awesome and i just wanna squeeze her up and hold her tight. I wanna kiss ever inch of her body and show her to everyone i know. Can u help me find this girl?
ghengis: lick
MrNobody: who is that sexy mike guy? dont u just wanna tear his clothes off and mount him?
sweetie87: Thanks for the add!!! wink
MagicalMissy18: awh thanks hunny
taintedbeauty88: you're really pretty
virginvicki: your very welcome smile
PAguy: hey did u get my email with the signs ?
virginvicki: your a lil cutie smile
AnGelfire2: / waits for them redface
AnGelfire2: i love it ur so gorgeoussmile

u should send me the rest since u love me smile

AnGelfire2: least i got those :P

ooooo more? grinlol
AnGelfire2: u already sent me those ones shrug
AnGelfire2: way to come on yahoo then sign off when u see me, its ok, dont worry about the pics since ur avoiding me at all cost

AnGelfire2: ughugh
AnGelfire2: didnt get a thing ugh
AnGelfire2: YOU BROKED UR PROMISEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnGelfire2: ;hug:
aaronjames: such gorgeous eyes i love them
ufhottboy: hey babe whats up?
URtwixFIX: Your nothing less than spectacular. Your too beautiful
URtwixFIX: Your nothing less than spectacular. Your too beautiful
aceswildtru:'re hot, hot, HOT! smile
Angelfire2: yep you too
Demon77: not accepting new votes? shame
Angelfire2: get on messenger
Angelfire2: that was a retarded excuse
Angelfire2: too busy? how am i too busy... confused
Angelfire2: i see how it is, ditch me on msn then ignore my comments

Angelfire2: tisk tisk
shaun247: u look like a cock teasewink
gomo: @hello sweet heart... do u have a messenger now ? its been too long
Angelfire2: ugh
Angelfire2: im on messenger
LiLBlondeDemon: yr very pretty =]
Angelfire2: darlene ariel inlove
Angelfire2: lick you baby
dedalus86: gorgeous!
Angelfire2: pretty obvious huh stranger
Angelfire2: : (
shaun247: stop makin those boys hard
DueCezbabii: really cute mama wink
stay bless
kindathick: You are very welcome!
yairt2: thanks perty
ihitgspots: looking awesome
slutboy832: If I could vote for you, it would definitely be YES!!!!!
shaun247: u want more?
shaun247: snob
Angelfire2: ughhope u feel better

yairt2: have you ever been with an EXTREMELY sexually dominant guy before?
Angelfire2: i would like to collect my things u owe me now plz
Angelfire2: wow the dude below me a total kiss ass, why wont guys come up with better pick up linesnono
TruBouncerlah23: hey there sexy. there is no way that i could give you a no. and who ever would say no to someone as hot as you. has to be totally and completely out of their mind. cause you are sexy as hell. hit me back
kindathick: Lol!!! I have added you as agreed in the auction but cant seem to rate you so i will put my YES here!!! Have a good one!
aaronjames: you are gorgeous
Angelfire2: I knoew you would like my forum titlesmile
TalibKweli: so what have you picked up shopping lately
TalibKweli: so how's your day going
winkeypass5169: hey whats good today girl
Hollisterhope07: you're gorgeous =]
TalibKweli: morning
Angelfire2: sheesh i come on early for you yesterday and today and ur not even on ugh
FuckBuddy: did I mention you are fucktastic? wink
TalibKweli: yes ma'am :0 I have I'm up to about 85-90 %
CanadianCurt:'d like that too much.
CanadianCurt: bahahaha. so you want proof? eek
kenny81: you're gorgeous smile
CanadianCurt: did you ditch me? nana
MikeRocksYouHardcore: flowers
justforfunAARON: well, i cant vote it, but you definetely got my YES!

shaun247: u have nice hair
pablo11: id add you, but its impossible
LovinSocal: hey Darlene, just wanted to pop in and say Hello and see how you were doing. hope you had a great weekend hug Brett
Beebop2: Thanks for the add wink
TyKing: dam so sexy!
ThatGuy253: Hey gorgeous.. thanks for the add.. and of course I gave you a big fat yes! smile
Angelfire2: i miss you :(
grndthftatum18: i just cant put into words how beautiful you are!
joecivic: absolutely beautiful. love your eyes too smile
Raphaelx: you have always been one of the most beautiful girls on the site. Got my yes for sure
Deshlock010101: you have such a sexy face, you have my vote
SweetAngelLips: i posted your sign in the group
jacklondon97: let me get some of that lovin sweethart
CanadianCurt: you fuckin heartthrob me!
TalibKweli: so it's D now smile well hello d
HungAndThick4You: Very Sexy
shay1933: hey cutie!!!
shay1933: hey cutie!!!
nhra347: wow, yes!
scotty80100: very cute hun
TalibKweli: so when did you start collecting body parts.... I guess it's cool, I mean just don't start eatting people smile

good afterrnoon btw
AkimboAlogo: Wow. Looking ohenomenal love! I love the new pics.. Two thumbs! WAY UP! hahahaa! Lottsa love.. xo's Michael
AngeLfire2: yes, redface now may i get into ur qt pants plz redface
AngeLfire2: LMAO, that made me laugh my dear, nah i just think u are like beyond a sweetheart smile
AngeLfire2: You so are, and you know it!!!!!!!!!
AngeLfire2: inloveinlove darlene is a total sweetheartredface
ch3vygurlsr0ck: Your absolutely gorgeous grinlol
TalibKweli: you gotta pick up the slack then
danigirl216: I think I want you wink
TalibKweli: an shame on you it's Freaking Will Ferrell
TalibKweli: yessssssssssss
TalibKweli: you see semi pro or walk hard yet
AngeLfire2: inlove!
AngeLfire2: oh man, darlene is a qt ahh
AFJeff19: Gorgeous
danigirl216: thanks hun! You're absolutely gorgeous. So pretty!
AngeLfire2: you should add yourself in an auction smile
AngeLfire2: duh, of course I would [:
AngeLfire2: Same with you!!!!! It would be nice to have a friend like you around here myself. DO you have msn or something ?
AngeLfire2: are you serious? that is quite surprising because you are like so beautiful and you seem like a total sweetheart. People must be missing out where you live then!
AngeLfire2: Nothing compared to you though, someone has to be very lucky to have you. You seem quite awesome too!
AngeLfire2: you are beyond gorgeous my dead smile
wilstemptation: Thanks for bidding on me in the auction biggrin
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Hello cutiehug
TalibKweli: smile give u a redbull
MikeRocksYouHardcore: winner
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Nahh definately not. Mike always smells good and refreshed!! Classes are now over, they sucked but oh well! Miss me? ^_^
FuckBuddy: I am so glad you are are stunning
TalibKweli: hope the honestly didn't run you off smile
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Borrrred. About to head to the weight room to get a little work out before my first class. So I guess I'll ttyl after my classes are done for the day, about 1:30. Bye sweetie!!hug
MikeRocksYouHardcore: Good morning D!! How are you this fine, briskly cold morning?
Kayne985: Lovely!
PJsweets: wink
milos78: Come over tonight, bring candles I'll supply the heattttt lolllllllll!!
Dirtyguy33: sexc
naughtybitch4007: THNX HUN
xobellalova4yaxo: hey thanks for the request..i added&yessed you =]
lubodaube: hey thanks for the add beautiful
Misunderstood: well no prob you really are pretty thoughsmile hows your day going so far
CanadianCurt: is that so? maybe we should be talking exchange here....wink
Misunderstood: did you know your gorgeous grinlol
CanadianCurt: well...maybe if you're good wink
crazyccrypt3: Your a vary beautiful looking lady
milos78: Ciaooooooooooooooooooo Dsmile!!
Burns19D: hey hey, thanks for the add... how you been? You remember me from before? I remember talking with you a few times way way back...
mudkipling: welcome back
kolbslaw: great smile!
margman505: absolutely stunning....
howysrye: beautiful
crazyrob: thanks for the yes sweetie
WoLfMaN1981:'s nice to see one of the sexiest girls ever to join this site coming back...i look forward to seeing what u post in the near future...any chance of getting some signs pics for old times sake?
WoLfMaN1981: well u have a salute so maybe it really is you...if so welcome back u sexy bia smile
derailed: you're very sexy
GiovanniBoss1976: thanks for the yes flowers
sydneyguy1982: a YES for a very beautiful lady who loves to have fun smile
Thedrizzlebell: Man, if there were a really kick ass-song playing right now, I just might ask you to dance with me.
Mitchell69: definitly a yes for you hun .. wink
Boivin16: I'd hit itsmile Gimme a rate
caliguy6969: wow your hot
Aimtoplease: my god you are breath taking!
Londre19: Cutie!
JuiceBox420: hey there, welcome to the site. your a cutie.
davidbrandi05: Welcome to the site gorgeous biggrin
circasurvivejoe: very prettyyyyy. :o)
westcott79dh: beautiful...wink
Rob26: absolutely incredible smile I love your eyes
staylor29: You're beautiful. Welcome to the site.
GiovanniBoss1976: your're beautiful .. you got my yes for sure smile
baughman9112000: your a doll
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