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Name *smiley facey*
Age 21
Webcam? yes
Taken? Already has a sexy lover!
Country United States
State Arkansas
City ermm..yeah.
About Me
This is my me. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Your me may vary. Terms and conditions apply.

(Color and texture may differ from illustration. No purchase necessary. Warning: may spout poetry. In case of accidental ingestion, consult a physician even if you feel well. Manufacturer's warranty does not include sanity. Accessories sold separately. This profile does not represent a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Not recommended for children under 12 months. Danger: objects on screen may appear funnier than they actually are. E&OE.)

By all means send me a message, instant or otherwise, actually you can send me a message for any reason you like, and you don't even have to explain why you did it. - I'll reply to just about anything. There is absolutely no obligation, and no salesperson will call. I'd have sent you a message myself already, but I probably just didn't want to intrude. I tend not to message or IM people out of the blue very often. I spend most of my time reading and writing journals.

Also, I don't get enough IMs from creepy weirdos. Everyone else on this site is constantly complaining about this, and I'm starting to feel left out.

I am, in fact, happily in love with Michael Banda, thus, I'm only here looking for friends and conversation. So please don't send me requests for badly-spelled, badly-punctuated cybersex. (As I only do it in complete, syntactically correct sentences, obviously.)

(If you are a scammer/spammer, then I will string you along just long enough to obtain concrete proof of your guilt and then cut you off and inform the authorities. Call it a hobby.)

What am I doing here? I don't know, I'm an idiot grinlol
My Apps
I try very hard to be inconspicuous in every way. Best case, no-one notices anything about me at all. Living as I do in Arkansas, I guess the first thing most people spot is that I have a bit of an accent. I'm also very often, but by no means always, overdressed. Or sometimes underdressed. Definitely the wrong amount of dressed. People treat you better if you're dressed smartly, I discovered. (Suckers!)

Like a linguistic MacGyver, I can fashion a fully-functional analogy out of just about anything that happens to be lying around.
Turn Ons
NEWS FLASH - We interrupt your profile browsing to alert you to a member you might be interested!

Now accepting reservations for make-outs. (Just kidding.) (Kinda.)

Pretty words with no meaning other than the moment they were spawned from.

Shifting people's consciousness so they experience greater fulfillment in their lives, including multiple orgasms.

I spend most of my time thinking about the world works, and why, and how things are connected, and whether those connections are things in their own right. Whether it's possible to make an actual joke from the concept of Plato spinning in his grave. (Update: I don't think it is.) Why so many people on this site waste an adjective describing themselves as "hungry" instead of just going and making a sandwich. Whether there exist three words or short phrases A, B and C in the English language such that all six pairwise combinations A-B, B-C, C-A, B-A, C-B and A-C are also words or short phrases in the English language (answers on a postcard). How ornate a 5"x3" piece of paper has to be before someone in California will start using it as currency. A girl with a bird on her head. Why I know what typewriter ribbon tastes like. Whether stack-based computer architectures might make a comeback in low-power embedded systems. Whether I turned the oven off. Why "extrospective" is not a word. Why so many of my best matches on this site are ten years older than me. How the Church of Scientology could be dismantled.Why otherwise intelligent and rational people fail to comprehend thermostats. Whether I should wear a hat. Turning people's names into cryptic crossword clues. And doodling plots and characters and incidents and trivia for the novels I'm never going to get around to writing. (Actually, I did get around to starting one of them. It's going better than I expected.)

And yes, I am naked in my default picture.

Turn Offs
Want bang bucks? I don't need them.

I don't sell crack, I'm a prostitute.

I came here to chat, not get HIV.

Your face is a bit too Myspace for my taste.

Nothing spoils the taste of peanut butter like unrequited love.

Faith without doubt leads to moral arrogance, the eternal pratfall of the religiously convinced.

Here's to forever and never, the two stupidest words in existence.

Attention is never a good thing, as any other accident-prone klutz would agree. No one wants a spotlight when they're likely to fall on their face.

Basically, if your idea of a good time is sitting around on your beanbag chair and watching Law and Order SVU repeats. then you might want to move your hand slowly away from the "send mail" button. Otherwise, give it your best shot! Let's see what you're made of.

And dont even get me started on cell phones.... I have the worst one known to man. Its soul purpose is to torment me with illogical things that only a phone i own would do.
What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?

Your life will return after these messages.

Screwing my life up, one idiotic sentence at a time.

The most private thing I'm willing to admit is...My family, while they are unquestionably an odd bunch of people, they do not mean the world to me. I do not particularly enjoy spending time with them. I rarely know where in the world they are. And this doesn't bother me in the slightest.

If you even bothered reading this far, please let me know.

Favorite Things
TV Show Not fanatical about film nowadays. Or TV, apart from Family Guy and the occasional cartoon. I'll watch whatever, on the proviso that I can tear it to shreds afterwards.
Movies On a typical Friday night I'm in bed by 12pm.

(People seem to think this is supposed to be a flippant conversation-starter. It's not. It's the truth.)

I am, for want of a better word, domesticated.
Music I enjoy (i.e. non-popular) music. I play the piano awfully, the guitar badly, and the violin like a five-year-old wearing rubber gloves.

I think I took this section too literally.
Book Foods... macaroni. Particularly the kind that involves cheese. (I eat other stuff as well, naturally. Most of it includes garlic in some form. I only noticed this one day because I ran out of garlic, and discovered I couldn't cook anything. (It was horrible.)
Quote "So I just got out of rehab."
So maybe you have some personal problems you've been working on. Perhaps you've been in therapy since you were 13 years old. Whatever the case may be, it's probably best not to introduce your new romantic interest to your BIG, SCARY ISSUES, at least not yet. Everybody has problems big and small, but the first date is more about showing off your personality, not painting yourself as a psychotic addict (even if you are, just a smidge). Note: If you are seriously in the midst of a personal crisis, and that includes excessive drug use and/or major psychological treatment, not to be all judgey, but you probably shouldn't be on a date right now.
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CrombIEboY17: heyy there smile whats up?
livingthedream18: youre welcome! smile
DSGB69: jeez...beautiful
ashlingrose902: My goodness, you're hilarious. I'm not into chicks (that way) but yours is absolutely one of the funniest profiles I've ever encountered. You don't write like you're sixteen; you've got better humor and style than many published authors! Good job- funny s
dl657737: thank YOU for the yes wink
dave5172: hey
oldskool55: no problem smile
Don3Ski3s: any time hows it going
baumfrey69: hello there beautiful!
Nikolai20: my pleasure, its well desurved
Krazie4life: You are very Welcome thnak you! your gorgeous love the glasses!
moochie3004: thanks baby doll smile
moochie3004: sure baby doll! smile
umbaseball15: no problem
fullstress: anytime beautiful wink
Nazzy: anytime cutie!
kaythizz: and thank you girly wink
MikeI: Haha no, thank YOU for the yes!
gemerest: good thanks, what are you up to today?
gemerest: your very welcome, thank you too smile how are you?
IputIN: you're welcome
Amandax3Scull: very welcome
brazey: Well I don't bang girls that look SO much younger than myself
imnsideu6995: SUPER CUTE
nhra347: hey, I gave you a yes! Wana chat?
kcinick: welllll do you wanna talk to me on yahoo? :P or leave me hangin pffft:P
kcinick: I'd come warm you up.. But you've already got a Mr. Michael who *SHOULD* be there warmin you up.=] Well.. you should talk to me on yahoo maybe then? :P
kcinick: Same.. I was DEAD Freezing a few ago, so I put the heater in my room :] nobody is on yahoo im soo bored;[
kcinick: Welll.. Bummer, I guess :P how are you?
kcinick: and no, you are not naked in your default pic. :P
iamshane88: little bit ghey.
so whats the plan for tonight?
iamshane88: Just got back from the beach... i think i'm sunburnt damn it! now i'm just sitting in my bedroom... bored.
you got msn?
iamshane88: hot! it's 40 Deg in sydney today.
I have my A/c on full blast ha ha.
What are you doing today?
iamshane88: no worries =]
Thanks for your yes.
how are ya?
Beaner12983: no problem for the yes, i'll say yes agian
Midds2005: your gorgeous of course i have 2 give you a yes hun
musikman2k2: You're welcome - thankyou more! smile xx
britishjay: Did you get or give any good gifts? I got guitar hero world tour.
britishjay: sweet! well happy new year smart girl. did you do anything interesting over the holidays?
britishjay: Probably one of the most well thought out, interesting, and intelligent profile I've ever read on this site. You're cool....or something like that. Did you write the profile?
bigman4u2plz: np you deserved it :P, whats keeping u up so late?!? xoxo Kris
HXCSteven: It was good,even better now that im talking to you smile
HXCSteven: your welcome sweetheart,how could i say no smile how are you?
LetsGIP: you deserve a HELL YES but theres no button loll
AiNoKea: mmmm hmmmmm... i'm a fan grinlol
AiNoKea: no problem cutie wink
Thejohnnystomp: Anytime baby girl, thanks for the yes back.
smoothmove8: you r welcome!!
TommyGun08: Your welcome cutie ;]
mattk088: np cutie, id love 2 wink hahah
xlikeabadstarx: ur welcome smile i hope ur weekend is going well
pavloviandog55025: thats ok, i was only kidding, i'm actually a considerably older excellent spellersmile
Maxxy: holy heck you are cute!
pavloviandog55025: oh, and would a request for badly spelled, yet correctly punctuated cyber sex be a possibility?
pavloviandog55025: i just wanted you to know i did bother to read down as far as your shout outs...well, ok, i did kinda skim over some of the other parts, but i really read most, almost, kinda all of it.
metalmatt888: Anytime. smile
cycloneman33: nice pics u r very sexy
pavloviandog55025: hey nik...we used to talk, a little bit...i miss it, we should talk more. smile if you agree send me a comment back
xxoosexygrlooxx: your welcome....thanks for the yes back!!
rstar08: Same to you cutie wink
paleshadow: smile thanks you too smile
how are you?
Menandwomen: welcome!
babigirl18: your welcome sexy!!!! wish i could see more of that pic in your profile that you are naked lol
BlackWolf: my pleasure
marksthespot88: Anytime! Thank you for the yes too.
aceoforbs: your very welcome smile
wufwufwuf: likewise darling =]]
PUNISHER3262: without my me i am useless, without me my me is useless.
PUNISHER3262: no problem cutie
circa123: I'm sure you could live up to it! You seem to be an intelligent young woman!
circa123: sure did! You don't write like you're impressed!
circa123: LOl you're profile's awesome! You're quite the character!
circa123: hehe..i love them..twice!! smile
thoughtlessdestiny: your welcome..ur very cute : ]
BlahBloo: :p you too
shin00bi76: freaking cute smile
ACDCRocks: your welcome. how ya been?
bamaboi82: np
yaddayaddablah: Thank you too. I read your are absolutely hilarious!!! You should be a comedy writer or doing stand-up. I actually laughed out loud when reading it. Have a nice nite.
mazxed: Thank you for the yes in return sweetie.
Ramiel76: thank you as well cutie grinlol
cougarcat25: ur welcome
Raphaelx: hey there lovely =]
tenthoufists: you're welcome cool
babybrunette3888: youre welcome! whats up?
murdrctydevl: you're welcomesmile
deathdevil: ur welcome and ur pretty!
Raphaelx: Im almost there =]
Raphaelx: okay I'm on my way smile
Raphaelx: well get your ass over here lol
Raphaelx: hehe well we will have to see wont we??
The1cutewifey4u: hange yours and i will mines too
Raphaelx: haha you silly girl you :-P.
Now its time for me take off your belt :-P
Raphaelx: haha ok thats it im taking off my belt lmao
The1cutewifey4u: i can change mine can you change yours
Raphaelx: pshhh dont you know its not polite to argue with your elders lmao
Raphaelx: Pshhh I bet you have more fun then me
Raphaelx: Oh trust me i thought the same thing hun and i miss HS more then ever. Hmm so far all i did was run around and made a few bucks thats about it..I live a boring life right now lol
Raphaelx: True it does but when you get outta school and shit you'll wish you were still in it for many reasons
Raphaelx: Nothing really wrong with school or is there?? :-P
Raphaelx: my day was good..pretty much just doing alot of running around and working out today.

Did you do anything exciting??
Raphaelx: Definatly got my yes cutie.
Having a good day??
bdawg30301: you're very welcome
bigkahuna113: well yes ma'am same to you!
pavloviandog55025: heh its ok, glad to hear from you...hope you've been busy having fun grinlol
pavloviandog55025: you never send me messages any more...whats up with that? lol. Just saying hi, seeing how yer doin
bourbonguy: You're welcome cutie smile
C8936: your welcome! whats up?
pavloviandog55025: hah, I'm a silly guy smile
C8936: your welcome! whats up?
pavloviandog55025: lol of course you are, i get excited every time i see you sent me a comment grinlol
britishjay: me! lol. it's after 130 here but i'll prob be up for another hour. come on over. lol. I'm just listening to music and messing around online. i was on cam earlier but you werent on here then.
britishjay: you staying with them for the summer or something?
britishjay: no prob beautiful. what you up to?
rockintothenight: Heyyyy sweet heart good to see you on again! missed ya xoxo
pavloviandog55025: heh, well thats good, you're fun to talk to, even if i am too old for you lol
pavloviandog55025: lol, including me...just be careful, don't fall for one of their smooth lines to try and hook up or something :P
pavloviandog55025: lol, i try to have fun...your ratings kick ass, over 97% of the people who see your pic would bang that flattering, or kinda creepy? lol
pavloviandog55025: anytime? good to know, i may need a few more votes from you lol
pavloviandog55025: you're welcome...and thanks for the yes back
sLAmmedcivic07: not a problem =)
pavloviandog55025: aww, what do you mean? yer all kinds of cute smile
pavloviandog55025: well, be thankful for your gift, you're blessed to have both talent and beauty
pervyray: you're welcome...thank u smile
pavloviandog55025: well, i think so too...i'm jealous, i've tried to be poetic but i have only come up with one thing i'd call an actual poem, and that was a long time ago, sad to say
pavloviandog55025: wow cool're kind of a poet at heart aren't you?
Buddhapwnz: yep :P
Buddhapwnz: same about to go see my girl.
Buddhapwnz: Anytime smile how are you?
maxell753: Thanks for the yes! grinlol
Jasonc12379: youre welcome..thanks to you too ;-)
lisabelly: your very prettysmile
Maggot87: No problem, sweetie.
hellboundslayer5150: anytime babe smile
homeslicer: no problem girl, and back at you!!!
TheSenator: I do what I can babe!
TheSenator: Your georgous, how could I NOT give you a yes?
xxjuliexxbrevickxx: I Like how Open you are about who you are!Seems like you're not hiding anything thats kool!!!=]] I gave you a yes!
derailed: you're veyr welcome for the yes, sexy wink
Lead6uitar77: I know it's confusing, but its like, I hate those kids that just are so Scene and Trendy and emo but the girls usually just dress the look but dont act like it you know?

But anyways, yeah it's just something about your eyes that are great, maybe you
Lead6uitar77: no problem, it was the eyes
ungertaker: you are very welcome, thank you!
jimijames: your welcome sweetie...and sush ..your pretty as hell ! i read your profile
Brokenbokken: anytime cupcake
GrandmasterHokge: go for it
Kardii: your welcome hun smile
VibeRaider6: Oh no problem...thank you as well smile
ComitThs2Memry: hey no problem whats up
SunsetxShootout: Hey pretty thanks for the yes!
SunsetxShootout: No problem girl
budrinker88: yeah anytime
noodle328: lol thanks
TheDarknessPimp: Your welcome beautiful smile
noodle328: and thank yooooouuuu for the yes too
ufhottboy: youre welcome
DanielK: you're welcome, thank you too
UKAndy: Thanks for the comment ma dear smile
Yes, Little ol' England. Thank you for the add too.
How are you princess? xx
UKAndy: Ditto princess smile x
GeneralFJ: no problem, really
GeneralFJ: my pleasure, you know... I hate telling women they're wrong (cuz usually that's REALLY bad) but you are pretty
u22001: Thanks for the yes as well cutie,
firefox: your welcome smile
no problem
iathens123: hey there
CrombIEboY17: no problem!
dave5172: whats up
adsander22: thanks you for the yes as well smile
adsander22: you are very beautifulsmile
nypunxny: yw there thanks also
Kayne985: Hey, and you're welcome. Add me as a friend? grinlol
xvanitease: i noticed
xvanitease: you're welcome : )
ricin: not a lot, what's going on?
fleckjim: LOL A whole 'lotta boredom on this end too! Other than work and class, life is BORINGGGGGGG as hell! How was the weekend?
orangedrink: just got home from work
beefmalone: hey whasup?
IronHorseRider: Thank You for the YES. You are way too hard on yourself. You are indeed pretty. xoxo
jhomie21688: hey, whats going on...kicking ass and taking names? haha
MrNiceGuy85: You're welcome. wink
fleckjim: And a special hey there to you as well! How are you doing?
solastyear03: welcome.
orangedrink: you are very welcome cutie
bsfan4u: I would always give you a yes :-)
fleckjim: Likewise! I hope everything is going well! Have a great weekend and try to stay outta trouble! :-)
ColoradoKing: You're welcomehug anyything you need, i'mma there 4 you!!
Bwick: well thank you for repeating the favor smile
therightstuff: I am pretty good!
therightstuff: How ru sweetie
penispuppet: you're welcome Nikita =] that's awesome gotta love it! that's an awesome name btw=o is your floor nice and comfy? :O
marcsausage: HEY THERE YOURSELF.
Valentine666: Your welcome... XOXOX
superman489: no problem cutie. thanks for it back
GiovanniBoss1976: anytime Nikita . thank you to .
Flamesforlife: you're welcome and thank you for the yes as well smile
lilhotness: ur welcum cutie, add me plz?
Bowlaboii216: anytime darling smile
therightstuff: Yw cuite, and ty very much!
IamSoSeduct1vex2o: pretty wanna y4y
IamSoSeduct1vex2o: pretty wanna y4y
Furdabip: Hey THERE! :-p
Rob28: anytime
mzbaseball: no problem thank're absolutely gorgeous
destrto: NP, thanks for yours too! Youre pretty cute!
AshBaby: very welcome cutie
IrishBoy101: np cutie
bcflex: no problem gorgeous wink thanks for adding me
GrandmasterHokge: I get that a lot, lol
GrandmasterHokge: Welcome and thanks for the yes yourself ;]
FenixTX28182: you stopped talking to me :(
FenixTX28182: how could i not give you a yes? youre a cutie smile
im just bored and lonely tonight
what bout you?
phil5592003: lol thanks for the yes back
FenixTX28182: hey there back at ya smile
screamfukdafreeworld: Im not up to much right now actually lol How bout you?
theneutralzone: ya damn straight!
theneutralzone: lol....watching hockey
theneutralzone: heyyy whats up
screamfukdafreeworld: hey there ;-)
FsuLXStud: just laying around before work so tired. blah

and i know you may not think it, but i think you are really cute smile
FsuLXStud: hey yourself, whats up?
sexygirl202020: hi there smile how are you?
WoofyZ: I sent you a message, no response yet but do you respond to messages or just comments?
WoofyZ: no problem, you're cute and felt you should know it. Not to be annoying or anything, but would you wanna chat or something sometime? I don't care if it's on here either.
Nixtuh: alrighty then
Nixtuh: i can say the same for you
ca86: Very pretty
rockintothenight: I'd give you more then a yes sexy ;-) youre just to far away xoxo
Nixtuh: haha your funny, too bad you live so far away
TommyGun88: np cutie smile
robnj17: lol, thats ok, i dont think your boring- so far you have been funny and cute so we'll go with that as the first impression
ricin: you're welcome sexy
Nixtuh: its fine i can be a perve too sometimes so i forgive you
robnj17: usually its boredom and trying to find something to kill time, how bout you
robnj17: usually its boredom and trying to find something to kill time, how bout you
Nixtuh: haha didnt know that was a turn on of some sort
robnj17: lol, thank you
Nixtuh: lol flattering but i beg to differ
robnj17: no are really cute and deserve the yes
skater0117: anytime
Nixtuh: don't mention it cutie
MJT1990: thanks smile
MJT1990: you are very pretty
MJT1990: its my pleasure to be graced by your good looks smile
snowman113: heyy
JackDaniels83: thanks, i hope so but im sure i will
JackDaniels83: yah it sux, just had a death in the family so thats mainly why
XxDarkestHourxX: hiii

whats up grinlol
JackDaniels83: not alot right now, just chillin for a bit cause i couldnt sleep
JackDaniels83: hey, how are you doing?
Darklove: Im always up this late. Pretty much a night person. What about you?
Darklove: How is it going?
Darklove: Thank you again.
Darklove: Hello. Thank you for the yes. smile
Darklove: Hello. Thank you for the yes. smile
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