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Profile for crazyfunnycool (offline- last on: May 13, 14)
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Name crazy funny cool
Age 28
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country Not Given
State Not Given
City Not Given
About Me
I am just a "normal"...what ever that is...kind of girl. Did the college thing, got a hunk of paper that I don't use in my career. Funny how that works like WTF did I get so far in debt for an education and it isnt paying me back? I bought my self my first bike when I was 18 ( let me clarify doesn't have peddles boys) and picked up a 2009 GSXR1000 this past spring. By the way please don't tell me how "hot" it is that a "chick rides a bike", what is it with guys that just can't accept that girls like riding bikes too and let it at that. It just gets old hearing it and frankly is kind of a turn off.

"experimented" a lil bit in college with girls and liked it...LOL...there is so much that a girl can do that a guy just doesn't understand that they will never be able to do better. Still like guys but just sometimes enjoy the touch of a girl.

I LOVE applejacks cereal! Peanut-butter and Nutella sandwiches ....OMG that combination should be its own food group!

I also HATE when I am playing video games on line ( Right now it is BF3.. .Xbox live.. and no you can not have my gamer tag) but anyway.. when I hear " oh... your a chick?... yeah douche bag I am a chick. Why cant they just accept that girls like games too?

Working on getting more pictures up here, kinda new here and not sure what i am in for so keep checking, I will get some "private" ones up!
My Apps
I do like to shop and pamper myself. I have a few purses from Coach that i consider to be my other "luxury". I love my bike.
Starbucks...LOVE my Starbucks!
Turn Ons
Ok, I am losing interest in filling this thing out already...Lots of stuff turns me on.. mostly... REAL people.
Turn Offs
Hearing how " hot" it is that I ride...actually it does get kind of hot wearing the helmet, gloves and jacket when it is 90 degrees outside.

Reading over some of the comments that guys leave...really... do those lines actually work in your world? Do you think many women will jump on the "I want to fuck you with my huge cock" line? Like we are supposed to say " LIKE OMG... I was hoping you would... here is my address... please come over and do that!!!"

Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show One Tree Hill, House, Paranormal Activity, Family Guy and Simpsons still make me laugh like a kid, NCIS, all of the Law and Order shows, now for a geek quirky one...and something that many will say WTF? Little House on the Prairie... I like the innocence of it. Ever see the cartoon Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends it is so damn cute.. I love it! Maury Povich...Who da baby daddy? Intervention, Hoarders... OMG... how do you let your home get THAT bad?
Movies Not Given
Music I love 80's music, the really cheesy stuff that I can dance too with my girls after a 'cheap bottle of wine'
I have an eclectic variety in musical taste.
Book Not Given
Quote "Show me a successful man... and I will point out the Woman responsible for getting him there."

A leader leads not by words.... but by action
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