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Profile for Brett69 (offline- last on: May 2, 12)
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Name $BRETT$
Age 25
Webcam? no
Taken? Single! Request some lovin'.
Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Potosi
About Me
well im 20, 6ft tall, black hair...i like sports and hanging out w/ friends i really dont know what else to say but check myspace...
My Apps
I'm interested in what kind of person u r and if u know how to have a good time...sports, cars, partyin', things like that
Turn Ons
Well a good looking gurl is always nice, but its not the most important thing. -know how to have a good time..

-Leaving private pic comments
Turn Offs
Stuck up gurls that think they're all that and smokers i dont seem to like that much...i hate people that r all into themselves
Not Given
Favorite Things
TV Show simpsons, south park, pimp my ride, That 70's show, Viva La Bam, punk'd, chappelle's show, Room raiders, and boiling point....
Movies anything really...action/comedy/horror
Music Rap and some rock
Book none
Quote ~When someone pisses u off it takes 42 muscles to frown but it only takes 5 to fully extend ur arm and b*tch slap that mother f*cker
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msninaa: thank you (:
lavenderlindsey: that waz tha requirement at 1st but idiot guyz kept addin me n wuldnt comment nothin until i blocked addz then all of a sudden EVERY1 started commentin my shit
Elevate: thanks for the comments cutiee grinlol
lavenderlindsey: cuz i dont add ppl who do nothin but comment my picz, n i dont add ppl who ask 4 an invite
lavenderlindsey: nopesmile
Saamaanthaa: thanks for the photo comments (:
sexualbunny: nothing just being lazy today
sexualbunny: hey whats up
reapergirllol: nice pic lol... you seem like a cool guy care to chat sweety?
addmeup ok... hope you could addme up.. if you dont well its ok i don't care lol... this is mine jessy_scott88 at yawh0 n0r h0tmaL d0t c0m see yeah
ashley241624: oh ok.. sure.. smile
ashley241624: hi there.. how are you doin..? hmm.. you got yahoo messenger so we can chat..? if you want you can hit me up at
so we can know each other..
profstokes2004: im on aim right now if u want to chat! wink
hazella: Wow you're hot. A very big yes, to you too! :-)
avengedsweethrt: Helllo smile
BonitaMamiixxx: Hey there handsome!
DollyVicious: hey darlin smile how are you?
hillbillymeg: wink will do
AngermAnAgement: aahh yeah, like a lot people i know haha
AngermAnAgement: Not much you?
keeper4life57: oh wow that is crazy! yeah i have a lot of test and papers with due dates coming up soon. its all getting crammed in before thanksgiving lol
keeper4life57: oh i have been doing good! Just lots of school. how about yourself?
keeper4life57: hey cutie pie smile
keeper4life57: How come we have never really talked before but you always leave me picture commentssmile
simplyxosarah: oh thats always fun lol butt im not up to much i have my cousins party which will be pretty chill but other than that just workingg.
simplyxosarah: not muchh youuu?
XosexiblondieoX: Yes, i am very happy. I just hope i get a job when i do get done, it would suck if i finished and then had to be a server for the rest of my life.
XosexiblondieoX: Hey, thanks for all the comments :]

Your a sweetheart!
Christina927: haha no i cant say i did, just saw it as i was writing you a comment! smile
danica44240: get on msn!!
BellaVita81: You're welcome and thank you =] Just chillin, how about you??
Christina927: aw thanks honey smile btw i love how your album name is just 'dick' hahahaha too funny
lovingvette: <3
Christina927: smile
Christina927: yeahhh i make it a point not to go into private albums haha. dont know why, just dont do it
Christina927: yeahh smile me on the otherhand; loving college haha dont want to graduate. and weekend will consist of hw, work, and going out smile
fredO777: The owner is working with a developer now to iron out all of the wrinkles, so to speak.

Thx for being patient while we fix the situation,

- Fredo
fredO777: Sorry, Brett, but for some reason, members of the site have been experiencing lots of glitches (including that one) since they switched the site from its old server to a new one.
Christina927: so basically the same amount of time haha. cuz usually you would have to get the 4yr undergrad then the 1yr masters and 1yr doctorate... haha. i only need masters, so on the 5yr program
Christina927: oh funnnn smile long long time!
Christina927: Well thank youu smile Had a great relaxing weekend, and got to eat maryland crabs today!!!! Occupational therapy is major
Christina927: Havent been up to much at all smile just school and work, going out when i can. Weekend was relaxingg. yours?
Christina927: hey smile
tarantado: hey! whats up?
nice pic..
if u have time to chat, just hit me up in my messenger

sweetsheena15 at yah00 dot com
sheena4you at live dot com
kasrey: so cute!!
lillianrose17: Thank you gorgeous! heartthrob
tinsleyy08: thanksss
keeper4life57: why thank you smile
xToxicaX: oo nm hbu?
Countrygrl7733: awe thank you soo much!
sexinikka: thx hun u too
milfornot: Thanks for the comments!
keeper4life57: thanks for the picture comments smile
youarestupiiid: Thank you.
missamandax3: yes, like 2.5 years.
missamandax3: early elementary ed.
missamandax3: pretty much the same. school sucks right now.
missamandax3: hey, what's up? (:
keeper4life57: its so busy with school work but i have to get through tomorrow and my weekend starts! thank goodness.
keeper4life57: hows your week been so far?

keeper4life57: no i came home from school for the just hanging with the rents for the weekend i think. yourself?
keeper4life57: aww well thank you! smile how are you?
jamiebabby: thanks.
you are really cute yourself (:
xxsouljagirlxx: hey babes how are you?
snoopkitten: hey punk wats up
snoopkitten: cool. i added u. my sn is ooandbytheway.
snoopkitten: nothing much about to go to work. do u have any messangers?
snoopkitten: hey. wats up?
laceyxo: thanks thanks!
ItsJustLaceyMae: its going. what about with you?
abbers: thanks for the picture comment.
sexiGirl01: thanks you too smile
ItsJustLaceyMae: hello =)
SexyIckleBaby: Many years of study to go if you are going to medical school... I know a few that are doing that
SexyIckleBaby: Thats great - how long have you got left?
SexyIckleBaby: smile thank you for the compliment
Hope you are having a great week
Kaymee: thank you =) just taking break rom school ... reading week you>
simplyxosarah: thankss =]
cupidsluv7983: awww thanxx
Xawakenxxbelowx: hey handsome,
i gots new pictures check em out!
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hey loverrr!
LaniSparkle: HELLO HELLO. i haven't talked to you in a very long time. This is the first time is i cant remember how long that i have logged on to this site. How have things been?
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hey handsome, im gunna add u on myspace =]
Xawakenxxbelowx: Heyy ummm i havent been up to much just been partying and hanging with the friends!
bacardixXx: hey!!thankssmile
Xawakenxxbelowx: o0o0o0 ic what college?
candystar: thanks, you're quite the looker yourself. wink
theconx: haha i'm far from gorgeous, but thank you.
kellivicious: aww thanks. what are you up 2?
Xawakenxxbelowx: hahaha o0ok good!! haha so what u up to?!?!
Xawakenxxbelowx: hey sexay lover!! haha thats good that u remember me lol i kinda thought that u forgot?!?
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hey brett ionno if u remember me but we used to talk all the time u were mah sexy luver lol thats what i am seeing when i talk to ya just wanted to say hey ans ee whats sup
xcomplexwishesx: Thanks for the yes =]
elliottsmith: thanks love. your quite sexy (:
EroticSultry: u are hot too
NoOneToBlame: YOU'RE SEXXXY! :]] muahh
HottieDaisy: TY smile
MimerzzZ: thanks sweetie wink
SexyIckleBaby: Thank you Brett... you are a qutie
Hope you are having a good day / night
OMGSTFUFagGirrl: Like your pics. Very nice <3
Elevate: thnx for the comment cutiee
xnoxlovexherex: thanks
oOoMeganoOo: smile thank you
Jamie1129: hye wuts up?
binamarie: ps-- i totally just went to ur my space, down with the sickness came on, and now i pretty much adore you! lol
binamarie: Gorgeous! a most definate yes!
tiffycole: you're definitely gorgeous yourself<3
HottieDaisy: TY smile
laceyxo: Thanks babe!
laceyxo: lol :P
LaniSparkle: YUMMY
AshleyAnnxoxo: thanks for the comment cutie!!
desireexjean: woah ur hot
armygirlonthego: awwwww thanks.
SarahCanRockafella: your really cute hun =]
budgirl: ur a hottie
xxpinay: thanks <3
ilyou: Thanks.
xHypnotiic: Thanks cutie =]
jessybaby37: you are soooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooo effing sexyyy!!!!!!
xMaDexInxCaLix: Aw, thanks.
alaskanh0ttie69: thanks.. so are you
nickinick12: very hot! smile
lonestarwaltzin: thanks for the comment
your so cute
aaaaaaabbbadc: aww thanks i love you too hun smile im gonna come see ya dont worry haha
Keriannxox: hey hun
its been such a long time
just wanted to see how you are
<3 Keriann
Kyl33Dawn13: o0oo you are pretty hott..<33
shawna2286: thanks for the comment...i'd love to chat sometime...ur very cute
afigirl29: you got some real pretty eyes =] . too bad you're not more into rock =P
greeneyes222: sexy!!
leesha19: HeY...your pretty hott too..thanks for the comment =)
lilxOxprincesz: aww thankx huni for the yes .. id deff let u hit it . get at me sumtime

abbers: cutie
ashleyblair08: aw thanks for the comment, you are too sweet!
Browneyedgirly: not much yourself?
achick18: hey damn your fine hit me up sometime!
oXBeachGirlXo17: SmOkIn HoTt .. <3
mulacravnhussy: what is a platinum playa exactly?
Browneyedgirly: so my yes baby
oXBeachGirlXo17: Hey Hottie.. hit me up sum time.. <3
Hollyhock407: Hey cutie, what's up?
LyfLess: a bmx bike?!!? thats terrible! why on earth would anyone want a fricking bmx bike?! what you need to do is buy...maybe a nice kona. yeah...its all about the mountain bikes:P lol. anyways...aside from that horrible bike...your pretty cute. i guess i can gi
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hey mah sexy lover, i WUV you too hehe! i hope your summer is going better than mine!! ttyl hopefully buh bye hunny!
**Amanda Sue**
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hey there mah sexy lover, i havent heard from you i miss you much love!
**Amanda Sue**
kinkykc: gorjus!!
kinkykc: Ur gorgeous! Id hit it! xx
TheSexyCowgirl: HELLO HOTTIE.......... hit me back
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hey there mah SeXyLoVeR, well i just thought i would tell u i am gunna be gone for 3 weeks, i am gunna miss u, e-mail me ok u have it buh byes hun! much love!!
**Amanda Sue**
nAkiEwiTuBoO: well babe yah u are right this is going to be the best time!!
horsiemama2: lol i like your quote! lol i think you are a total cutie!!!
Xawakenxxbelowx: Hola, whats sup? not to much here just SUPER tired lol! well if u want to e-mail me sometime mah e-mail is mrsbluemonkey@hotmail.c
om yupperz!well i am gunna go i w ill ttyl cutie!
:*:Amanda Sue:*:
Babiix3Girl: Hey hun.. Thanks for the comment- your really cute- Hit me up- xoxo- pCe muah - Baby*Girl
Xawakenxxbelowx: hey hey, ur welcome for the comment anytime hehe! ya well i g2g i am off the the club with some friends so i will ttyl hope to hear from yousoon!
:*:Amanda Sue:*:
OxDAxSwEeTesTxKisSxO: thankk you. u are really cute yourselff. my aim name is --
ToRn xx LOvE
Xawakenxxbelowx: AwWwWwWw ur so cute! comment me sometime!
**Amanda Sue**
scrprincess21: Wowe your totally cutesmile
GreenTears: Wow, very nice, Stunning. You commented me awhile ago, I'm returning the favor. We should talk sometime!
ghettogurl667: not 2 bad urself baby wink
SeXiLiLtHiNg8669: awww haha thanx sugah , ur a cutie smile
secludedbutterfly: Damn your fine hotstuff message me sometime sex~c wink
cierra: u have a biggg butt lol
anXa: hotstuff
purplekaos10683: thanx for the vote grinlol
KaityTheLady: hi hi
Keriannxox: AWW ur so sweet. thanks <3 <3
Keriannxox: hehe thanks babe <3
angelbby69: thanx hun ur a cutie
MissNaturalBella: aww thank you u r really cute... of course u have aol?
BowlingAlleySlut: not bad very cute
swtswtdancer: hey sweetie, thanks for the comment smile you're lookin pretty good yourself. Feel free to message me back anytime! xoxo
Alycia: hey there, not much you?
lilsexydina: thanks hun
lilsexydina: thanks hun
HoTtPiMpEtTe16: cutie wink get at me sometime smile
WithoutYoux17: hott!
IcyHottBabie504: thnx.. u can im me on AIM if u wanna.. xhilaration504.. hope 2 tlk to u soon!
xsweetxbabeex: hey, thanks your a cutie yourself!
babyzoe: Hey sexx-ay hit me back!!smile
mel: Hay thanx for the comment cutie ....ur pretty cute yourself
ShayDee: Thank you for the comment.. smile
You're a cutie
KaityTheLady: muahzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz heartthrob
XomgitstinaX: Hey, you are hot!!! thanks for the comment. xoxo-tina
ILUVMYBABYSHAWN69: ur a cutie heartthrob hitit
MaryJane13: Hey cutie...thanks for the comment..Ur a cutie..~
ShOoTiNgStArZxX: hey brett ur an awesome person i hope we can get to know each other better heartthrob i would deff hit it hitit
KaityTheLady: hi brett.. you're so cute. muahzzz..
daniellereno: super cute! leave me a message if u want, lates!wink
cassie420: Hey thanks for that comment... Ur attractive ur self ... If u wanna talk ne time u can hit me up i'd love to get to know u i like ur profile but yeah if u want email me at ttyl bye !!
xobabymcgrathxo: wow ur so hott...check me out again i got new pics ... bye sweetie wink
BallPlaya15: haha thanks for the comment but i know it's cause my cousin told ya to..but thanks anyways hun!
inurdream27: thanks your a cutie
LiLgYpZy88: cutie
sexy2gurl6: thank you for the yes ^_^
sexyvixon84: your a little cutie but a little to young for me hit me up and we can just chat. wink
xdaniellex: Damn ur fit!! check me out sumtime if ya want to :o) luv xXx Dani xXx
crazimsgurl: thanx... ur cute
italianamore: ~*~Hey cutie thanks for the comment ur a hottie!~*~Loe the viper pic i use to have that!~*~Italiano Amore an Bacis!~*~
Fallen: aww thanks
PiNkIzPiMp: wave hey! your totally cute!wink you should im me on aim xoxbrenpinkxox heartthrob always *BrEz*
Alycia: hey thanks. you're really cute!
SeXiLiLtHiNg8669: thanx hun .. ur cute smile
dancrsdoitbeta: you are the absolute best baby!!! *smooches* <33 im gonna miss ya!
XxloveableXx21: hey i like the comment that was really are really sexi...hit me up on aim sometime babygrlpimp43!
im2sexa2touch: hahah thanks ur hott 2
ChocolateChip: ..very cute!
sexximomma: hey babe..i will talk to u tonite...*mwah*
JustSomeChick: dammn playa i would so hit that hitit
likehoney86: ur really hott
ShORtYSpEaRs: i'd love to talk w/ you cutie. i'm never really on yahoo or msn much though. do you have AIM...or email..?
becca: cute
sexximomma: awww babe i luv u sooooo much *mwah*
cottonkandi1212: thanks smile
sexximomma: aww babe thanx 4 tha comment....i luv u babe *mauh*
pinkdumbQT: hey sexy babe ... love talkn to ya letz talk some more!
Danca4youMS22: thanks for the message, give me your sn, then we can talk! cuz i wanna talk to ya too! lol
Tamis: Look, im going to say this once, and not again. I dont want to talk to you. And i dont want you to talk to me. Its very simple. Leave me a lone, erase me from msn, and forget about me. I want NOTHING to do with you.
EmmaDiscovery: Thank you for your comment! You're adorable. Sorry it took me so long to respond... I never come on this site anymore.
Tamis: do me a favor, and fuck off. kthxbye
chingysbooty: ur hot
bombassbooty: hey so ya wannna chat sometime cutie
sexximomma: ohh thanx....ur sexxi damn
rockmetohell07: Very Cute!!!!!!!!!!
LiLdvL0288: 'Especially Samantha' --> is that me??
Tamis: ShoutOuts hey to all thos ballers out there! Especially Samantha thats not me right haha
LickableSaRa: thanx hun...ur a qt..
barandilien5: thanks babe smile
annoyedbyyou: thanks
egyptianhunnie37: hey sry i havent been on this site in a lil while nd sure we can chat =) im me
g0ttalov3me: ur cuute wink
godessofdraco04: thank you feel free to talk to me too
Tamis: and that is an aweeeesome car
Tamis: thank you smile youre very cute
dawn: thanks fer the yes
liz2004: awwww you are sooo sweet and such a cutie....hitit
write back....wave
majicmandy: Adorable!! heartthrob
cyv: Well, sure. Thanks for the comment.
GotxSlut: sexy!
hvnsnt: Thanks. you seem like such a sweet heart, a cute one at that!
volcomgrl354: thanx 4 teh comment ur a sweetie!
LuciousLolliePop: i gave ya a yes you better give me
angelbaby3189: yes you are!!
LuciousLolliePop: Awww sweetie your a
angelbaby3189: and b/c she knows your a cutieheartthrob
LuciousLolliePop: Awww I'll give you a YES Brett cause you love Jesseheartthrob
LuciousLolliePop: No sweetie I didnt tell a bunch of people you did when you posted it in my's okay we all know you love Jesse now...wink
LuciousLolliePop: If your secretly in love with Jesse your secrets out
angelbaby3189: your too cute babe!! I LOVE YOU!! lol
Stoney: aww thanks!! I will mail ya sometime
LetMeKickYou: thnx for the comment <3 ttyl
milovened: ur pretty cute urself ;-)
Keena: Hey talk to me sometime on msn my sn is
SweetAzCountryGirl69: sup sexi?! holla back sometime
lilolme: hey! your a hottie n a half! hit me up sometime cutie!
lilcrystal: thanks
princessbritt831: hey hun youre really cute..thx for ur comment, i def want you =) hehe send me a msg sometime on here id love to talk to you *MUAH*
soccerplayersruleha: hey thanks for the comment, you are pretty cute smile
CelicaChic411: thanx for the comment cutie...send me a msg sometime
hotchick056: Aww, thanks Brett, u are so0o0o0 sweet m very hot! So0o0o0 if u ever need anyone to talk to u can talk to me too wink hitit RaWr
Lizzababy06: sexy!!
urfairyprincess: hey therewink ur very u have aol?
Oopsiez: kute
CalicoChick: bondage wink
toofine: ~cutie~xoxo~
KuHrazyKeemBaH: Thanks your cute smile send me a message some time :P
xXxLoNeLyGiRlxXx: thanks for my comment send me a message netime
bsktballchik444: thankya smile you're not so bad looking yourself. . i'd love to chat some time.
superfreak: aww thank you, you're pretty cute yourself smile
hopedamomo: thanks for the comment.. u think im good looking.. daaammn ur hot!
cindy: pretty hot to message me back xxxxx
simone: wow thanks, your super hot! wow, maybe we can talk sometime!
naughty4you: thanks and ur hot
angelbaby3189: hey your cute
napalmandsillyputty: You're effing adorable:-)Your comment was polite... and did not include the words "hot" "fine" or "sexy" in it. You have my respect. Much love to ya:-)
MissIllinois04: aww you are such a sweetheart, thank you for your comment, you are very cute, well you can write to me sometime if you like, ttyl, bye!
lovemeforeverx: aww thanks ur cute maybe we can talk sometime
LuvinLife0788: Thanks so much for the comment. heartthrob You seem like a wonderful guy. heartthrob A real cutie too. Anytime you wanna talk, you can IM or PM me hug Hope to talk to ya soon!
CaLiPiMpCeSs: thanks for the comment that was really sweet
LiLdvL0288: hitit19283791 times wink
chelsea769: lol..nice comment...well still totally hottwinkttyl
anXa: thanks for the comment sweetiewink msg me on yahoo sometimewink
LadyE06: hey ur a cutie... Thanx for the umm wierd comment lol including my email but ok
ashleyc88: thanks, i sure will wink...feel free to talk to me anytime too
ezsweetie321: aww thanks babe your such a sweet one*MWAHS* hopefully we'll get to chat sometime*
snuffelufagus: awww.. thanks.. you're pretty cute too.. =)
blondebabe03: thanx ur cute too
kinkymonkey: Hey Brett whats shaken... lol one of the last people i'd expect to see on here.. lol.. its cool... welcome to the sight u sexxy beastwink oh yea and since i'm ur first commenter.. im the best .. w00t w00t! :P lol heartthrob
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